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Picard defends Shawn Thornton

May 17, 2014|

Danny Picard thinks the Bruins should bring back Shawn Thornton. He explained why after a caller said the B's need to dump him.

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Bill is in the -- what's up they'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No or -- bought at a baseball season my final thought Iran on the Golan and I watched. Also obligated to ideologue and when I would get -- get a good friend of -- What I wish that there is one glaring weakness on this scene that day it was gonna happen in the play option and that would -- about -- They'll -- gain him Gartner analyst season. But in the playoff when you do go up against better competition. That put the calm him. He possibly gain wider -- and get what you all they've really put public how to eat the fresh guys that -- got a -- and he -- I would you would you want them to do instead about -- At that I think -- what you wanted to get. I wanted to get -- great at. They tried to not -- -- you know -- -- tried to -- Alex at the Vancouver Knox and that actually was accepted by 'cause -- -- trade that moved and the right. Well I gonna think what I'm sure they recognize the -- act. -- -- that I first got an -- you'll allow me to and it paid to other players to got -- got -- okay. No but no. And I know we don't talk about abduction got a golf he'd need a lot. That I began with a fiery intensity about what you'd think it -- being a champ. That's the third I'm -- that the the playoffs. But I would regret sort of -- was this what you really commit to a Alex and have a lot of talent does not have to fight Indian champions. At the remote cardiac. I don't I completely disagree but did the best slimy guys and it wasn't a one man -- OK was it. Only -- him -- -- opportunities like the rest of the -- -- but don't. That he does not have the I didn't know that I ever admit they utilized Alan Moore now the way to go. And probably what I had to put my everybody -- ball and I thought I operates on hot -- -- because he'd let the people want India. But he got a golf why. Google. You did didn't -- reported any -- not to fight or ill walk. Stat the wins losses and rights bill. Although I didn't -- WB -- it -- any you know it can't be -- -- -- -- -- wanna be right back into the fact that the guy. A lot I don't want -- net. -- People they gained. A lot of bottle Ellen did. Yeah. I don't know watched that -- how you would think the Marleau picked it up but yeah. Canadians won that series because I've got -- at some bad -- it's. A break. -- national -- first of volatility that's where I agree with you right there. Is that he's got to got to break a lot of hot and his talent show on the. If he's not around next year where I disagree. Why. I think they I think the verge -- bringing back. Now you made point out of my mind I did -- admit I -- to bring -- back because. All those governments -- oh by men threatened -- -- don't doubt notes via the trek to go down. It's not going to be completely fun -- -- When the puck drops in October October. Got to be -- bill okay. And want like a regular season game and I'm not a Long Island or I should say they'll be playing in Brooklyn. The island on him. Like -- the Mets -- It's not. -- -- place for those guys a lot John -- guy. You'd sure want. And yes I'll say it -- -- honesty. Outside a ball that. Outside a ball that leadership that Sean what brings to his team and don't always not leaders squirted a lot of violence some. Please. And not. With a lot of violence and I'm sure he said I should Madonna was fine let's move on nobody got her. Instead -- took its it would -- -- is a leader in that role. Okay he is he's one of the biggest -- on this team and the organization. I get a you'll like it skill level a four month. But when I pull out my list. As to why the Bruins a golf but diet and not post and the New York -- the TD garden shrug towards level it's not the top of that list. It's not. John Wooden has multiple -- for different teams that no coincidence and the fact that he doesn't have breached and the ought. The fact he's not Stanley Cup abroad maybe even break up plan for third is not his fault. Bring him back -- that trend by his -- Donna. What about Trenton leadership on a championship team back on down to know what let's go let's go down that I won't bring important back. Don't say head shot you know what I don't feel like eleven -- thought you liked it but when not gonna bring you back. Don't look up her. Ask them if the trend and ship is going down in the national hockey and you do that. That -- want to -- but the trend in -- is going down Arnold's it all right Shawn Thornton we need to get more skill on the fourth line. Just breathe and remember to --

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