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Mustard and Larry take Bruins calls, and then one from Lyndon "LB" Byers, 5-17-2014

May 17, 2014|

"Shawn Thornton is a 'nothing' 'end-of-the-bench guy.'" Mike in Warwick struck a chord with former Bruin, Lyndon Byers, who called the studio to defend the current Bruins enforcer.

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Mustard and Johnson and hour or number two and I revised down all the calculations Larry you are correct there's only three hours left in the -- much you wanna stay around for solo flight beat tiger and I wanted to -- it again. It does happen once in awhile. So about scheduling. The snafus shall we say. So the Bruins obviously 72 hours out of there stunning. Loss in game number seven against Montreal -- I keep -- using all these words like shocking and stunning astonishing dumb founding perplexing and all that. But the evidence. Does indicate Larry over the last six playoff season the Bruins at home in game sevens. Do not fare very well they've dropped. Four home games -- In the last six years and think about even the -- then they were so close to doing -- at that time against Toronto so for some reason or another. And this is where you know how we start the show and you know we can't we throw a few things against the wall and we're talking mostly about the -- What went wrong what they need to do to fix that. I like clone a lot I -- took you'll long time to come around now. And what happens is once you get that championship then. They respect that he was not accorded suddenly. Is. Directed toward him. What you do wonder and I think believe and 61 of the more more Cogent calls. That he's made over the last several years yet have is up and now and he was quoting Lou Amarillo is a kind of a veiled allusion the fact that cold if you remember when he was the devils coach was fired. At the end of the regular season. And I think with Larry Robinson took over we was Larry Robinson in the -- wanna cup after quote was fired. So. You wonder cold steady. Good coach. Certainly doesn't bask in the spotlight. Not a feisty kind of guy. -- about a Mike Babcock you know celebrity coach. Certainly an. Of this franchise since Terry said it was put up the pastor let's face -- Harry. Flew off the handle he was an emotional general manager. He fired people left and right there was so many coaching change people you know every other year. Summary we get fired over there in the -- sure rally era. There has been stability. Yet all of this failure in game sevens the inability -- too emotionally. Respond. Two. The task in that game they did not calm emotionally. Prepared to play that game we do agree that yes. In at the end of any good -- The waiter comes with respect to growth vehicle a waiter comes to you this emotional logistic astronomical experience real well -- -- officers somebody's got to pay him and I think it. If it's not the coach if it's not -- rally at the trade deadline and I understand that weren't too many people out they -- free of the deal with. Somebody's gotta get an explanation -- -- vision of presidents cup team and you know -- team and come into the playoffs and I know they went to game sevens or is not like they went 40 like Pittsburgh did. There has to be explanations. I tell you the truth. I'm dying to get -- when he -- a rat's -- stark and I wanna get Michael Sam target -- all the stuff out a dark about but. We have to. You know and to our our our collars in this is that emphatic moment. And people have to get this out of this system why don't you find something. Overly compelling and necessary to talk about the reports tax write what I do think -- could you keep saying it's too early but I played about forty games at some point you can't keep you can't win games with six hitters. You need did not getting production from three of their guys at all. And it is killing them right killing them I have to get to that we have to get to Michael Sam who. I -- when I watched him we left the Gillette last week -- get drafted in the seventh round and after. Hearing this guy's life story but this guy has gone through in his life -- Brothers and a father and everything I admire the heck out AM. I'm very proud and throw but he got drafted. I thought it was a right decision that he made today it did dump the Oprah thing right now he's trying to make the team about what what will hopefully that. It's got to talk about it on that -- let's meanwhile it's mostly Bruins discussion all Bruins discussion 617. 7797937. Back to the phones and had them -- and pastor Larry is next Sports Radio. I am I can't wait the eight years service Sundays adjustment in policy it's I'm paying them on the phone -- -- co. -- -- -- -- get most ardent serial -- Now that's a very good friend of mine him in bad pass that there are young and Roddy Jones we get together -- a -- and have dinner. In -- people don't understand I keep trying to tell people sports is an escape from the real world and asked earlier attack -- He's is of Baltimore Ravens and I happen once the playoff game with the government patriot we go like you would not. -- -- rate. About. A lot of old testament stuff the oh. I want to highlight of my friends are doing great thank you repudiate it ever been awhile. But I am I OK wait a minute are -- paying. Am I want you pity. -- -- -- That's where we ever got gathers -- -- Dutch. And it is -- I. Don't know I would never call you boy that's like -- -- -- -- it was -- Sorry it's not. Living are getting to micro and okay. You know appear sometime in the sport and leadership. -- you actually bring up NAND realty. You keep in cap on the and I felt. That the current period number one -- became the main game seven -- my games and and that a concern about the first two minutes Larry. The -- to -- not -- what you're I'm sitting here going crazy. And -- want to elect an ideal. And at that time though that there are. The only one timeout or whatever but I'm not saying that I would -- what would I have done well what I've done differently if -- do then and I what are called a timeout and black. In light here a -- your home that the seventh game. And get it from me you have to do -- out of that hole. So I port O launch looking attitude on the player as well at the coaching you -- guys. Not a bad analysis. Because even now it's not you wanna say V timeout but the the but the point is. There was something wrong with that team in the first six minutes -- needed to be addressed them yet. Even though it's you know it's against -- tradition and or or you only get one timeout and I understand that but that's hockey game was lost. And that sort of limit and and then the twenty minute area that would make him a lot. But didn't you thinking even coming out for the second period I mean you know and -- -- it that's what they say what you want about -- for -- but I think he tried. Is best he could to get the guys motivated and I don't understand what was going on between. And area -- float on the top. -- and had to come from the coaching and had to come from on the captain on the ice and had a comparable to start you know I. I'm about to -- and there eEye. Guys -- you don't walk a guy who brought -- it. -- can't think around and I got rid of black and now yeah I'd like trouble. All of I have no idea what you're talking about he said weak link to modernize the Albanian. So already gone and I'm glad -- and -- act. And about a word right. Go where. Anyway what -- they. All talk and a lot of good point people one caller we really hit it. And you know there at that time went all the art after who who they are. They count -- I'm not a I'm not a pitcher a guy that joke but when I looked in the pac ten years -- Brady and that it ain't that simple all the way off. You see your star. Well. You know I just hit it to me. The Bruins needed Ray Lewis exactly you put it -- the words right as much as Asia and it got it right dark clouds right you know I you know you think about why the ravens. Managed to beat the -- -- they should have beaten him three times except for that -- -- -- -- as -- well now -- But the big guys step up Ray Lewis stepped up. The safety Ed Reed stepped up arms and stop at massaging Larry -- because let's face -- that that playoff Rama the ravens a couple of years ago again a little Lochte did redeem. Or the wrong route. Defending their all to a wild cart. Right and you know and what -- -- one thing I used to work before or after it -- managers are worked a couple of retail companies around the trainer and everything out. And where I would training manager or something that you have to teach. And leadership right to do what do they do -- managers and help him there are times in -- leadership. You have to show your. You have to show perky. Oh lead. So that everybody knows that you want right. That's your right does review arrogant like right on a hot. You have a good role model at all note -- The -- -- are very -- Larry it was a very very successful. Job. Business leader of a very lodge company and and he knows what he's -- yeah but you know what Larry I'm glad you brought leadership because it's all important generally I would said. And as much as you want in the moment in the short term criticize I think. On a macro level this is a pretty good leadership group over there cause -- but he saying yeah yeah. -- -- December issue of the teeth in Larry -- -- you in conclusion OSHA data via your opinion at a in the crowd gets the coach yeah. Echo absolutely called a timeout and -- you should -- our our leader it would utility that this -- out. Let you play at that garden baby that -- He and all of you get it in the best -- and at that particular time. -- cupid show in my opinion by leadership. Great point Larry that -- I -- -- servant I can't wait for that sermon he's Bruins based he's a great great great friend. And pastor now our radar so the Bruins failures Larry a metaphor for life some sort of a scripture and sermon based on that. When you think I'm trying to -- Is Farrell that got David oil great and now upgraded now to David Ortiz did that when they were in their quest for the World Series and there was that -- left logic and everything and they were 21 about Ortiz. But in the dugout he got everybody together in -- and ripped into want to get their attention again and a lot of the guys that that was the turning point for them. Well is that Belichick wearing about a handshake at. Maybe he should have stepped up a somebody should've stepped up -- -- come -- guys you know -- -- openness right that's a very good point 'cause I'm trying to for a hero. What they could've done and that's certainly could've been something it's not the norm right it's not something you usually do. But when your in game seven in your you know your season is on the line somebody's got to do something and I. Agree what Larry said Larry from -- madness. And he understands management and leadership is so important I think we -- in any organization is certainly in coaching it's more than just sending. War lines out there or or making. Or making blue line shifts you've got to do something up there has to be an emotional component to it. And I applaud. Claude. For his what 67 year run here because they are consistent winners in the regular season and in the post season. They did win a cup they were seventeen seconds away from a game seven last year in Chicago. I give him credit for all of that on the other hand it's a mixed record because of all the game seven losses in most recently 72 hours ago perfect example Indian. All of a sudden they hit the wall. Hibbert had their rural. Rumors float around that a marketing get into could you can't substantiate it but there will be long winning a terrific season and Hibbert was just a no show and well all of a sudden. Somebody did something you know what that somebody did what. They've managed to get the first seed they had a great draw they play Atlanta and Washington register ran it even adequate -- she probably can -- AB PLC but I'll see I'll be convinced that maybe I -- you and -- like Larry's point when you don't elected to -- some point. They're -- do you did you perceive that -- just pretty much stuck to the system. I do yeah and I like him. I didn't for a long time -- -- wanna cut it like Nikki haley's got to come crashing through the the doors and get these doc Cummings and that -- up IIQ low. Listen when you're down to the last game and you seasons on the line and you delegate. Roamed out of the air. I am so maybe they did I don't know but it doesn't eating get these stories like that you didn't get anybody and yet trying to. Gather the troops together and say come on guys I -- just never got that inmate art maybe we're being unrealistic I don't know go back to the phones Mike in Warwick your next that would mustard and Johnson. -- base yard just keep doing the perspective there was a time not too long ago when that's the only combat operations where. Having a rally at City Hall plaza for a guy who won. -- -- -- Oh yeah I remember well in Canada quite a bit silly you don't wanna parade for the -- presidents cup or trophy whatever it's called. I actually knew Adam and then that's it got there it is I still. You know Mike I understand what you're saying and so every so we can criticize in the moment what happened this week. At the same time I think what you're saying you gotta take a step back and look generally this is available pretty successful regime and our national ha -- Our Sean -- a quick. Larry I could not being merely disagree with you about this guy. He I think it's being totally on the plate BR. -- while mistakes and I'll play like it's not yeah it's a participant that would limit. And you remember -- you know what I can't quite do that they want a lot of -- when and everyone's base and much more important than not being added to the bench. If someone had done that the Chara and then to the -- Canadian it would be a bit. And shouldn't -- and committee. It's just a bit in that power game. -- got that one guy who I can't remember a guy who is done well athletically and that's such a high profile in the city. -- -- I'm really the key -- he contributed well I think -- we met again and OK I think. He. Certainly contributes hesitant for -- Now I will say this -- be nervous that if marry him because one of the reporters yesterday -- rally or borrow for play is that your rally at Saddam three -- remain secret remember who was the fourth when he says all four. And yeah he did say something that he got. He felt big game was changing. Well I don't quite a bit in here not -- tickets -- cap hit the road Jack you don't. Thank you what do you really think Mike's excellence at a 77 -- -- -- -- I just thank you need a guy like him I don't think you there I agree with him. 800000 dollars is not a lot of money at -- -- good character. Larry he has not care are on WS yeah I put Obama this -- -- on your show is brought the team Altamont but -- are relevant Larry. He has yet the only thing he did the series was get. That's all that's succeeded in doing that work out for. And work out too well that -- I was going Ericsson. Well I was a year ago and -- -- a lot of people -- Erickson at least is a rule vision secular or line players are important is it -- portion of that works in a in a regular season scenario were fighting. For some reason certainly not ready reasons I cannot -- he's -- works he's not a non productive Gordon what we've seen the greens. Are speaking. I have academic entrance and -- -- -- you know -- carefully let you know what LB just college you would not productive I don't know if you believe that not happen now be allies. Take from Larry Johnson I love I accuse you of being and not productive and to -- alone he knows about it that. Then there's nobody -- love thirty Q school in ten years more that I do. -- -- -- I can think even I can figure that average out a. You know I looked -- not -- you know I love you guys and good morning Larry yeah yeah Barack. I don't I don't. It should be saying LB I don't know what this does not the time you'd be saying first question. Why did they lose. I you know white. I looked -- -- -- -- an -- on -- -- it. Not -- Don't Wear a white people are practicing like. Since there's -- you know you hear that nature and not being worked salute in the Arctic and I hate them. I think the I'm happy you're happy -- two Tuesday beat their sights set right yeah and my girl local bill. Because like belief and so much so I'm getting creative that that -- the knee jerk reaction as. We knew that torture -- to worsening. On the planet there's an -- on their shoulder. The ought to run this this core is sold it and this man and the -- and -- -- is so good that it is so relevant. Who has the better team. They are a big way that when it went up the better team -- socket -- you're not better to. And he has seven game series if it's it's great the opera then at the monitor document -- -- bought it or that air and right I would like I was like you have to be a part of that team. Let Byron -- I'll finally remembered. An alien -- war edit the secret arteries work. It hurt our work hurting art. And art are blocked and current bad. But it yet you know and that I get that child Wear the black guy and I live I live in halt in my -- If you were sent to treat -- the -- that you have this act out but it by a picture up in my mind. -- important and after all that you're on a shot or your arm shot up shot born in the war line. -- see him at the much throughout Canadian and that and the NHL. Built. Everyone building they're organized in Iraq are actually weren't a rolling for a lot. More -- -- -- -- Any party eight -- you know all on board and -- -- line -- -- why anyone. We're all right LDL they hold up on second are now. Him much much more -- all right now holed out a second hole oh are out I can't really tell how they want us. All. Apple had planned to come down yet correct the actor parents say that. Rob it comes that is actually as we speak today. What do you say to the what do you okay -- they -- -- -- -- buddy -- out fired up about the game 172 hours ago. What do you say to those critics of load. Who wonder why it was about ten minutes left in the game Bruins trailing the goal. He goes to the fourth why you can't waste valuable time in the third period. With a fourth line checking why why why did he go to the fourth line in the third period and obviously liberal with these -- put the puck in the net. Blocked out a cigarette. You know authority on our show on Friday. An -- that supported. He now I. We're -- my why didn't want any new ground lease for a reason whatsoever and her spirit. Throttle on it kicked out of the game if you're an amendment conduct. Do whatever you know and he looked like you know you don't -- -- thought you know what BI and indeed all whatever. Do you think that was something there LL RB do you think that was something that was drilled in their mind before the playoffs that we don't want cheap penalties we don't want cheap penalties. So they didn't play the usual aggressive type game that they play. You know Larry -- and and it it's this year and at the end. Look at. He officiating -- strongly many many many many rules that they -- or run -- I think if this should all our fractured. The officiating in the perhaps not at the -- series. No you know -- -- crackberry. -- do you -- in Chicago. Into the dasher and at first they gotta -- minutemen -- reporting that's disgusting. I I think if any job at an issue issue in the period. You know they you know god bless -- much -- in a cork in it they they got it the only Orion. I just. You know. I don't know why don't watch -- bra and -- out. I voted yes you know we're rally -- -- -- let my muted back to back. 1 o'clock 1 o'clock sorry Sunday we we got hurt but it's not don't want him -- drop. And I remember that next morning. I -- story outside and you know online browsers out Amare you know the official ordering their double marvel. Any -- it and at the end of the game brought that elect is our government marvel at number five minutes the first period. And I think that's where the -- dropped the ball. I think games and I would start a support line power all the big. Crap but every. Kinda if they're like and marketer. Of -- a reality check on a lot and they smoke there. You wanna get your address out LB before we say good bye to so Mike and you can have your little Le set to. Upper body work. -- -- -- partly sponsored or paid -- a -- did -- make a -- -- six it's at his -- front with -- that this company and I'd say OpenId at teaching life's lessons -- of islands that congress is my right -- Warwick have changed back -- La -- Dropped a park for game seven in a brawl breaks out. --

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