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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, talks about Game 7: Bruins-Habs, 5-14-2014

May 14, 2014|

Pierre will be between the glass at TD Garden tonight and previews tonight's Game 7. Being in Boston will make a big difference for the younger players, but the B's need to ready right from the start. He was also at the game last night between Pittsburg and New York and breaks some news about some ownership meetings in Pittsburg that did NOT involve management. Expect a massive overhaul.

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Pierre McGuire NBC sports and he joins us. On the eighteenth the hotline Pierre my little happy game seven ideal -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pillow -- Pierre we were just talking about that first goal stat I think it's now 21 and won this round. -- Chicago the being the only team or Minnesota rather whatever nets series. I I was look at the first -- out -- more that second goal to meet to be that's important that change the style of both of these guys do you believe in the one bowl first goal wins. There's game seven -- do the last nineteen games 717. Times. First goal is one and the only time we had a deviation was in the first round for Colorado scored the first goal. Against. This sort in Los Angeles personal position to score the first score against Los Angeles in game seven that you want to deviations and cut. So if you look at the last 1917. Times in game seven the first -- one that's pretty generic. Get it's a big -- here and and I know tonight you know the the Montreal Canadians on the -- their success this year were fifth best in the NHL. When they score first time I go back and look at the end of game six in this things from game six we want talk about. What did you make of the end of that game where you had that the Bruins seemingly start. How to get in the face of the Canadians is that a message being sent by the Bruins was that trying to get in their heads for game seven tonight. -- you try to plant the seatbelt positional question about that I I was a little surprised didn't take place should the body -- ago. In fact you made mention to Kenny Albert that I -- In the last ten minutes she's there would be more shenanigans judge -- way it works its launch in Utah are accused. It's a rivalry series Boston has -- -- significant advantage over Montreal they're more robust they're bigger such as -- reality can't argue with Taylor that it. So played your advantage I'll give Montreal -- critical equated tremendous -- by the tremendous game number six. Boston did not have a lot of hockey Glock obviously missing open -- there you go policy -- Off topic so you move along and you can't have a long memory. But the one -- FR Bosnia that would take out of -- membership -- Is that I've got to be ready right from the start I can't wait five minutes -- got to be ready right from the start. And you gotta take a lot of -- happening game try to put into the ancient computer game five game was outstanding. Yeah you can game sevens we talk a lot -- experience and his team has been there before the core group but there's still. Some youth that we saw some youth mistakes there in game six the -- -- what what do you expect from this group here in game seven. While the fact their boss and makes a big difference Lou I have to tell you mean it's just a different environment in Montreal it's very hard young players make mistake it happened. Normal it's a very intimidating place to play -- -- -- chances are a lot of credit to do really good job but they're building. And their candidates as mobilize energize all the same thing you're told people about the assault on the phenomenon that happens when your -- in particular. Having done the Stanley Cup final here twice in the last four years. I can tell you these centers -- then as loud as intimidating day provisionally. So the Bruins played that -- and I really believe in action this a million valuation Jews believe it. There -- a lot of transitions that light thirteen they dislike that team could do it like thirteen. This fan base loved this team there's a big difference. They loved the character of this team they love the way this team plays it -- your identity is a group. And that they've loved their star players this -- -- loved this team I think the players love the chance -- real log in here that really matters and when they play here. They play hard and they want a key difference. -- I believe all of that you know I believe that Montreal fan bases embrace this team and a different look Montreal team right there -- a little bit tougher for the Bruins though I. Like there's some sort of -- to the safe haven of Boston but I feel like even more culpable. Playing physical Perry's why -- the Bruins win this game tonight because you look at their best games in the series they game two in game five. Both came at home they were out hit in either one of those games and you thought by the fan base in Montreal the way these home crowds play into it I don't why but the Bruins. Look more like the Bruins -- feel more comfortable hitting the Canadians -- the planet that the guards. But we totally agree but that you are talking about because I believe there's a whole lot lot larger. Between the fan base and again the players towards can't. -- -- travel and we should be initially got these games and every Billingsley. There are a lot of cities were the people late thirteen they do they like their team and they like the players -- -- Here they involved and I think the players love affair -- actually took it to really interesting thing to watch because he could feel a different energy different going to. As you go around the league in this more the most energetic going to nordic. A lot of belief that game sevens referees who put that whistle. Away in May be the more physical team and look at that game last night and even -- I know that try to get a holding penalty early on in their first period but then nearly connect -- -- seconds later almost even that thing out at the end there was and a matching so. Do you believe that the referees still though the whole this whistle that's advantage to more physical team. The terms of the officials are. But a little more time to not a toll would agree with that none of the officials that work. That game last night they also did -- number six in New York you know she got a lot where they do back to back six and seven. Actually kept the team together last night. Which I thought was very interesting. So they knew kind of what detail paid between the two teams. And put more times -- my you'd be right to refereed to it was -- but again. With the way things have gotten this play out she's rich and it'll be interesting she just who officiate and what they do that there was. If I tell you the officials can give us a fluffy I'm more -- to leave. Actually. Dave Stubbs the Montreal gazette reports the ref -- tonight will be Dave Jackson. And Dan O'Rourke linesmen Shane higher. Here and Brad. -- is that as coach rich analyst at electrical bachelor reject Jackson I don't -- the referees. Did objectionable blows roast whole lot. He is called by letter of the law not only are -- Stick infractions what are -- holding it matched up he'd -- to play physical chest chest shoulder to shoulder. Man who's giving it to handle Rourke as the other at a -- dental work should best skating official on the leader now and Kiki took over the play very well. She will not be a whistle blower. And I search start but that last night the idea of having one crew for the entire series. The mechanic it brought it's a sounds like a good idea with think they kind of have that feel from game to game what's -- or not. Correct that's a big thing that I think can really make a difference scored four with the the turnovers that straightforward from a lot of general manager of match. Hope at some point Lou that they do. Start to think about that the rules committee -- and then make -- -- on the board of governors. Yeah we're credible pressure in this game right the Bruins presidents cup. Best team their favorite to win this series does more pressure on them but. -- ticket Canada the Montreal Canadians you McCain team in the playoffs -- pressure on them to move on do you believe it's all on the Bruins. Our -- a lot of pressure on Montreal just because you organizational expectations so high in the sand beaches so energized and intuit that the players know. That they've got to win and did that turn by winning their last home game that you really important thing now let people on the road and steal one. But no there's a lot of pressure -- Montreal like in China now are they a little bit further ahead in their development and they thought it would be absolutely. The social pressure for them in the world -- gotten -- far there's a lot of pressure. Let's talk about the goaltenders in this one Carey Price -- had his Olympic Ron took Rask obviously. I had a pretty good running gets sick in one of the big games obviously for his team. But I look at these two goaltenders Pierre and I. I table had their ups and downs in this series in a game seven which have more faith and tonight raster Carey Price. Are the book with these virtual machine they just play a little bit different style that saw a news. You nailed it though I think mark when you think about it they both had some ups and -- commissioners should not to control cup prime breaking through Montreal. But he got shut out in game number four in Melbourne and over time which is really important. For the -- so he found a way to find. Some magic in game number one in double overtime period -- big reason why we're still playing. I really believe that blossomed when that double overtime game -- going to be knocked Belfast but because Kerry approached played so well kept their wrinkles. I think consistency in the whole series you probably a little bit of an inch towards cure depression not much that she's just secure the contingency factor. Took that into the alleged torture president of the it's hard to separate these. There were -- in -- a lot on the line for the Bruins tonight more of reputation you know guys that like Chara maybe. Have a tough series but that first line David -- got carried throughout the post season runs. Would you expect to see what did you see anything different from that first line in game six you think they're kind of starting to get that mode GO. And I really do lose they were getting a lot of chances she -- told me before the game I think every guy and are reported an -- German broadcaster showed up. Put me down for one goal try pure and good for one or maybe more. Yeah -- -- as -- -- find the back of the net Lucic it's so wide open that. Iginla you know had opportunities. To get parks wolf -- -- scoring errors just didn't happen twirled but I thought that they really started they charged. A way to respond to Milan Lucic so. After the game what -- really compulsive focus on what they had duke -- one thing you guys have touched on a bit. Go back to twelve elevenths you have to win three games silence the first round against Montreal. The third round against Tampa and in the fourth round on the road against Vancouver. I cannot even begin to tell you how much experience that is a well which strange for the programs compared. What the Canadians and I have to go to deny you virtually have no expert when it comes to those kind of moments so. Just experienced one or two on this huge night boxing terms of what -- prompter in the past. We know David traveling a lot peer offer up this post season you're their last night for DO Rangers. Well I think was pretty epic comeback down 31 in that series you've told us before hand. Earlier in the week that that team that rallied around Martins Saint Louis in the passing his mother. They win that game last night to one will get to the Rangers let's start with the penguins side of how. Or what's the fallout here is -- coach is it player is simple how much different the penguins the next year -- It's going to be a massive overall I think there's going to be a lot of collateral damage. -- think -- be reached. I'm for anybody to feel safe there right now I know and ownership and I know this has not been reported yet put. -- -- birdies started to have all their meetings last night in Pittsburgh following the game. That's never good sign especially when management is not invited to those ownership meeting shock. There's going to be huge collateral manager how deep it goes I don't know but it's going to be -- You a lot of people feel the level wins this game tonight. -- present the Easter comforts in the Stanley Cup finals and get ahead of ourselves given what you saw from Henrik Lundqvist nearly nets series. Yes and also the -- in -- factor in the galvanize the nation of this team because of Marty's mother passing away. And the lead the team has rallied around champ. It's been an amazing dynamic to watch a done a ton of Bruins games this year about on the penguins games got a flyer games -- capital gain the Power Rangers changed. You know play one -- the one team that has sought change so quickly. In terms of the galvanizing moment where the Rangers after what happened -- Marty's mother. And that you -- change it it's actually for game five when they won five warm you can really feel it for game six not only from the team but from the fan base in New York. Religious people which -- in game six and last night they were phenomenally competitive in the warm up to Pittsburgh was in trouble salt. And while I think I just put into the carpet for the course I think director going to be formidable fault or whomever they work. In eastern Contra trial just because a lot of questions were -- rallied around -- in north. Here we know you'll be there doc patio and yourself is that the broadcast group for tonight's game seven. Our knowledge -- stock and I -- Maybe outlast and wolf they're finished up now but its stock and I did great and then. At least she won't know what's happening we'll see what happens to feature comparable what's -- college while but. It's just -- and I. It's Camille thought it was good broadcast less than a hell of -- game eyes that rangers' comeback from three games to one down to win the Bruins. Try to meet them and hopefully I get to an Eastern Conference final one year old be there'll be watching it. Every single minute of appear as always appreciate the time enjoy game seven tonight and we'll talk if you win or lose later on nine in the series. Same -- did you general with the immediate favorite but yeah sure that only learned Arizona shortly shuttle wanna get into trouble in Boston now I got. I had so someone tweet me and say that back in the day EU and marinara one witness that this team team 990 -- was that the states you guys -- together up there Canada. Yeah -- I'm still on the -- still ultimately could become every Monday through Friday at five or eight in the afternoon but. I did it quick turnaround Tony perfect like -- but I got out of our coaching in god and the media. Good column and I do -- Bob Beers -- I -- the comedians. And there was a guy we had a cultural people of every game allergic -- -- kept column up all -- knew -- pretty shelling of origin was talking marinara. So he called me up when they usually do modify get your personal lumber and I have no problem -- a wanna get in the media site I help them out. And he eventually got a job at the united ninety. -- the reason we had to deal with this -- and -- aren't they implode but I'm telling you what -- the guy you saw -- he's in our starting out the year you -- I don't wanna -- -- what almost that down before the -- levels when added he's in the offense where he's where it is -- narrow -- Jersey with that the number 690 on the -- he took a Bruins. He took a Bruins rally towel and was wiping his bought with the general office earlier he's gonna come Hollywood Bob was very disrespectful and I'd -- -- That is unacceptable and I will help and -- that is wrong. There's a line be -- wanna have fun out there like Pierre always tells the guys there's a lot you don't want and don't -- aren't exactly. The ever bought that YouTube here enjoy the broadcast tonight that's Pierre McGuire our favorite.

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