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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Where is Casey Kasem? 5-14-2014

May 14, 2014|

Where is Casey Kasem?

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No not with curtain and -- hand he's recovering nicely after weeping uncontrollably. At every hour -- it at the Springsteen concert in. Albany -- but New York -- -- yeah. Wake him up right now we went to sleep in his sleeveless shirt that's what does a Bandana genes into the chain on the wall in the band and as. You know and likes the look in the mirror these groups. The Jean jacket may do with these jags yeah well USC -- beyond that and the boots you know that the motorcycle boots is just as part of post Springsteen's sex is O Ralph I can drag this -- -- Ago. And he dragged her anyway a Albany because you know he's devoted man. You know this is 78. Innings he's seen are not as many as butch. But he he's gaining on them. -- the people who brag how many times they've seen the grateful -- how many times they've seen Springsteen. They think when they're telling you. The they've traveled all over the world to bring -- 74 times you're gonna say all the naturally cool now man makes you think Erik Cole when you think there holes like what you envy them. -- -- him three times I would love to be up -- -- new strategy I -- your own -- are important I'd love Springsteen hates the fans -- -- there. Everybody looks like you know Chris Christie. Sean McCann and -- he Kirk -- -- -- -- -- today saying. Everything every lewis' fifty year old you know -- guy in the gut and balding you know reliving their youth. Before most of my feet. Growing up there was no -- Springsteen in in the world to me and I saw arm I saw him at the height of -- powers I'd seen him since this arm at Fenway wasn't quite as good. I'm sort of like I've seen him and. Well I'm I'm almost 17100. Times that's the goal. Public life is just too short I. I have friends who who used to go seat buffet every single year without fail. Ice -- a couple times they'd be asking me in December. To buy tickets for the following Labor Day and a -- The casino you know I fumbled on I've moved on it it it's like you're you're a little kid. Who put Cinderella in the. Yeah this televisions every -- don't watch it and it's it's an adult version of that I'll watch it again with the change in operating. He didn't argue critic didn't read out the set list. And is that it is that usually only because -- phone died here is that Arianna leave them tickets to many cell feeds. I kinda you know would like roots and -- Bataan in the background whatever headlines as. Rock you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network by precision fitness equipment -- off. The pro shop is headline stories. Will prove to you that maybe being in show business. Isn't the best thing in the world isn't the easiest thing in the world -- -- at all it's cracked up to be like losers like this man has stock Q. Whose stories but that's not gonna begin. Why. Like Alec Baldwin I know he's been there and now it weird is it weird and yeah and it's -- weird. One of them is important rule book -- a bar stool you can help respect middle weird odd way I hate the guy but I have this range. Inexplicable this fit in respect and yes he's comfortable in his own crazy skin Alec Baldwin was busted in Manhattan Tuesday -- belligerent ran against police officers who caught him biking against traffic. Where their rules that govern cars that govern in the same -- licensing rules that'll always enforce them yet. And then got the arresting officers Hispanic name wrong when he lashed out at her on Twitter quote a storm -- well. That number 23388. Arrested and handcuffed me for going the wrong way on Fifth Avenue. The thirty rock star -- -- northbound 10:15 in the morning -- -- to fifteen. And 15 in the morning when the two cops spotted him from their patrol car they stopped him near east sixteenth street one -- sources said. He became belligerent yelling and screaming at officers I have a ID just get -- -- summons. Now I witnessed by the name of -- Dempsey. Said quote. He was angry. -- That MC -- advertising sales at that but because of bad attitude lack of ID. The cops took him into custody -- Warren check. You were charged with disorderly conduct and going the wrong way on -- one way street. That at least ending July 24 court appearance and I you know. They would let him go if you were respectful. I thought he said yes -- does not a big -- right you know I'm sorry I didn't know was and one ways for what they would have let him go they don't bust cycles they handcuffed him. Nolan they handcuffed in the handcuffed and with the fatty handcuffs all compared well no I did yeah -- they got to get to that he has now Oda -- that. That it would have been more restrictive they want him to be comfortable. And he did you see him he's like. I was wondering where he could be going shorts on in black hat. Our -- that angry look on his achieved in his face and coffee well we know we know he's not going to work. Since seized retired from movies he's he's he says he's not a showbiz -- as he's disgusted with the whole thing after he got the shaft from mine MS NB was an MSNBC was on at the end because you -- want to let -- via -- In here is my point when you aren't aren't. Operating a motor vehicle and why are you required. Carry any papers at all like. Like if they give you a summons what's the stop it from just prominent and and I wonder -- what we don't you get a ticket for weed in Boston right right Tony guys who can cut smoke and we whip out their idea here officer cardiologists say. They say what you name they say and Gerry Callahan into. I don't I don't. -- the end of that story is the real crime that he committed if it if you read. Threw it to the end he said to the cops the worst thing that can come out of the human beings -- He said. They don't even know Hawaii coach now -- and nothing goes up my spine more than someone who's well known -- but don't you know that's. -- that is low but is in -- hard to believe anyone in New York doesn't know we have. -- on a New York doesn't know Alec Baldwin is apparently office of Marino has has no idea. If you've ever seen a visor on you can in shorts and swept close if it. Was -- a regular -- -- -- of the chemical as of mistakes like these idiotic on every celebrity's who would be benefit more from like move in the Montana. And -- -- which -- do it now some slivers of idol Donald sterling and dolls and Bruce Willis doesn't like Idaho. Good idea Alec yet picked a young yoga teacher remarried. And his little baby and move to -- talent. If you know there was a missed opportunity here by the cops. And they really been paying attention to the the the body of Alex Baldwin's work shouldn't they have said. What's in your wallet and he said no I think that and that they should have that law that's a good one night. ABC always. Be complaining. Always be belligerent to cops now that's good advice there's Thursday com. Adam Carolla has this theory that we should change the terror threat level to that color coded system no one can understand. Two -- the Baldwin brother system like if heightened alert would be like Billy Baldwin who's pretty much out of his cotton picking mind -- like. Elevated level would be like Allen who's always ready. Exploded and he and secure even would be when the bombs actually go law -- -- mushroom clouds mushroomed into everything's a piece of be like is it is it. Stephen Baldwin as -- know Adam wallet Whitaker is -- does the second. She apparently couldn't -- Yeah -- everything's peaceful would be Amelio as they are correct exactly. All right show business item number two it's not that great of -- life necessarily the daughter missing longtime radio host to get some. In a public plea to her step mother Tuesday pulling Fox News credible ancestor. She will not contest any claim to her father's estate of Jean case and would just please give us our dad back. That refresh your memory a judge on Monday ordered an investigation into where about the case to case after an attorney for the -- radio personalities wife said. Former top forty post had been removed from Los Angeles with out his children's. Knowledge. -- report said he was taken to another country. This is -- -- with Greta Van Susteren. Mean we. We've had tips here and there. We had one of teens own family members say. They overheard a conversation saying she was gonna try and get it onto an Indian reservation. And possibly out of the country after backed. You really want him back. By all accounts he's a bigger than all. They want is will back you in their -- took whose -- You know you -- and this is like savings whether it is saying that there are motivated by money somehow so this is not binding if she said -- -- contestant claimed her father's estate that's not -- I'm so she's under oath. And Alex Caitlin fixes state -- we have been said is he. I didn't say much Casey case it was worth what you and get a chance. Instead got and time I want somebody uses and she cannot come on and a good. That is -- -- that I can't -- and I got a dog and hey -- at 80000080. Mil eighty million. I would. I have a a manhunt for a guy worth eighty million dollars loses where I was tracked him I would. Make you think that an Indian reservation would be a good play a good place you'd never think of looking -- -- -- by right plus they don't you've seen a more regional jurisdiction here -- -- -- warrant but plausible that going into a church Larry -- they are -- Casey in the back of some sweat lodge somewhere and this there's only one way to find Casey case and when he's missed an and that's a long distance indicate that the witness -- go and cookies and show business story number three in this is yes creepiest one disturbing actor Kevin Spacey. Once incarceration and quote intense psychiatric treatment. Frequencies cyber stalker. Who threatened to kill and not just kill this in -- him. During Chile -- session that's worse and killing. That lasted more than two years that's according to court documents the threats are from 55 year old Linda -- -- Culkin. He says what she did what she said and -- threats. What caused me to feel evident beer one I think that and he's called guns on numbers in the -- and pat pat Massey. Just will do they'll talk about that does symbolic. Based on years of threats of terrorism which he has inflicted on others and me. It was -- he says I am a court that the only way I'm going to achieve a true state of safety. Is for the -- to remain in custody and undertake intense psychiatric treatment. Now prosecution said the threats made to -- is business partners & Associates include a disturbing birthday cards and in July of 2009. Happy birthday -- you don't feel that old plus dead soon. There were bomb threats to his office in September 2009. -- flurry of terrifying Twitter message this sounds really. Usually I left the -- we get we get threats daily -- on text on Twitter and you know guys like that Barry Bonds -- death threats. I'll match my death threats against Barry Bonds any day. This sounds real yet and I gave Kevin Spacey a lot of credit when he came back here for the marathon -- and hung around and hung around the mayor and greeted all the runners and a daughter to -- rescue dogs column Boston strong and everything I think easily just essentially volunteering to help of a Marathon Monday yeah. He did this despite the fact that this loans lives right on the street right if he'd be a candidate for Livan in Idaho just the fact that this woman is walk in the earth. Those tweets that I mentioned include a warning quote that the person would put a bullet in Kevin -- -- and then commit suicide. Another said that Kevin Spacey was alive only because. Ratner have allowed him to be alive and still another tweet said warning. Spacey stalker would torture him and one indicated they would -- in bowel. Investigators in LA traced the car to call that was Quincy all. -- -- Yeah there were multiple cat pictures Spacey and crosses your get a read on the hasn't -- -- a picture of Spacey with his eyes -- my ally and his -- scribbled out and the name written repeatedly in the margin. Other evidence reference in space he was bound under rugs. Stuffed inside each air cushions and couches and hidden behind a credential and even inside -- -- And it. Yeah cat from a sure -- she passed out of a crazy plea what is in her basement. A well man. She's locked up since her January 2000 while rest. And -- stands. I I have to recuse myself from talking about -- stocking issue because of the unfortunate. -- Belichick episode involving myself -- that's -- I'm Linda how much has come under a gag order from from the quiet he keeps joking about this that he has of pipeline yet. I don't think as a joke anymore he doesn't wanna -- -- it before knows things there. Are two things they used to be true isms about some futile things we do here in the world of sports. The one. Would be. Predicting. What Bill Belichick will do on draft day virtually impossible. That's in exchange and the other is com. To ask. The New York Rangers in this case. Which team they would prefer to play in this in the Eastern Conference finals because that is even more futile no one -- says I prefer the Canadians or the Bruins. That would still remains in place not so sure about the futility. -- trying to predict what Bill Belichick was going to do on draft day explained that to -- Take your phone calls and look at game seven yet again.

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