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SoccerCast: World Cup Preview USMNT

May 13, 2014|

Ben and Russ discuss Jurgen Klinsmanns roster decisions. We break who made the 30 man preliminary squad and who we project will be cut on June 2nd when the team is cut down to 23 players.

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Welcome into another edition of WU. You guys soccer cast I am. Well you know one of your co hosts of the soccer cast young Ben you can not hear me every afternoon on the down -- showed for -- four. And along with me right now is the new official co host of the World Cup edition of the soccer cast we're going to be doing this all through the World Cup. Of course and joined them frank here Russ Goldman Russ how are you. On the official co host almond -- that. I'm enjoying that title as the official -- thank you got. Absolutely no problem whatsoever to careful business real quick before we get going the soccer has is brought to you by the Connecticut school broadcasting's where I want schools where I got my start if you wanted to be in Sports Radio. Sports TV anything along those lines check out the candidates who broadcasting. Does it -- espn.com or just give McCall at 1800 TV radio. Again that's the Connecticut school of broadcasting go CSB. Dot com. Get your start just like me all right so the World Cup the preliminary roster has been announced. The thirty man -- And on June 2. Took cut the roster down to 23 and that is who he'll be traveling to Brazil wins but. Let's start with some of the names that are on the thirty man roster don't just run through -- real quick. Through goalkeepers he got Tim Howard obviously Brad resigned. Nick Armando. I don't know anything about that -- you know anything about them. I actually deal then it's via Los Angeles novelist all right moving on through -- -- no no way go ahead -- gonna say obviously I know a great -- about -- zone and Tim -- and to be honest -- It's not my decision but I would give Bragg resigned -- serious like in case. During Clinton wants to make a change Tim Howard's great goalkeeper Greg who's -- who's having a phenomenal season so so again. I understand the -- not really familiar -- neck. I'm okay -- that I don't own doesn't mean he's on in the good. Move -- to defenders. Got demarcus Beasley mainstay we all mode he can do he can still bring the pace if he needs to. Playing he's going to be playing in that left back role. Where he can just kind of bomb up the field if he needs to which is little bit newer for him. But he's still a quality player he's doing all right at Pueblo down in the Mexican League. EM Matt Nasser who I don't know much about. You know. About how is this in on that peace laureate is there is equality said Rebecca -- comments on the back and he'll be probably partnering up with the law. With Omar Gonzales and LA galaxy -- that's what I'm thinking. Ban on blood that is actually an up and coming. Quality center -- he he could quite possibly be your starting one of your students and about. The most I know about him is just watching him last season dominate the -- revolution this -- that John Brooks from Hertha Berlin. You're gonna notice a theme here with the defenders. -- you'll notice a really quick here. Geoff Cameron. Stoke City yes Timmy Chandler Nuremburg. Them to turn this intelligence in the -- Brad Evans Seattle sounder is Omar Gonzales LA galaxy. Clarence did -- San Jose earthquakes Libyan Johnson -- time. M turn continues Michael Parker's Columbus Crew. And DR Andre deadly. Seattle Sanders. Rose to -- The trend is that many of these defenders. Play and Germany. We're hearing rooms and from Germany so I guess we are -- that same here. It kind of makes sense you know it if you're playing in Germany you you're dealing with a very different. Brand of soccer football whatever -- -- A far more aggressive style. Heavier on the -- Far more physical play kind of like what he's doing there you have to be a top notch defender. To be getting looks in that -- in the Bundesliga. No listen I I actually agree with the approach I mean I know there's been some criticism of the fact that he's playing. So many of these players from Germany brought on their plan at a higher level -- so. I would be more apt to go with someone that has played at a higher level nothing against some of the players in the MLS. But I understand why he has so many of these players from Germany it it actually makes sense because you're playing. At a higher level in the World Cup you want you want players that have that type of experience. And lose in their group. Germany now hold it all works out well we don't know who of those will make its point three man squad but I'm assuming. Most of them well. In the midfield Kyle back -- real state of Salt Lake a hundred Victoria. Michael Bradley Joseph corona Brad Davis. -- I can never say his name right mix discovered. Murray said -- Julian green Jermaine Jones entrances. Too -- injured Childers hurting right now hasn't played for -- over a month now. Young eighteen year old Byron Munich. What can he mean he is the -- It was a surprise to get him to change his nationality correct. It was almost a coup to get him to do that what are we expecting from in this year's World Cup. I don't know abandon this is again that this has been a controversial pick he's barely played with the national team like he -- and also -- -- -- -- injury brought off. Again this goes disclosed to -- Klinsmann with the Germany connection like you said it's a -- I think that he almost feels like he needs to play him and and feature and because of the situation. And it's not that you know listen it's not that every day that. US men's national team get a player of this quality willing to play. Forward for them you know again from another country you know obviously with with connections to -- -- that's why he can play for the US. I think you know I think it's a little bit of a gamble because again you don't we don't know. We don't know he must know -- a lot more than we do you know again just play for Byron Munich tells me great deal in itself. That is part of that system. I'm actually excited I wanna see more younger players -- an hour ago brought a name that I wish had American citizenship I wish. Diego for goodness data yes and I will how to American citizenship that that could be included in this saw. -- this World Cup which we both know was not. So I think he would have an opportunity honestly. I think he'd have a very good up and -- this right -- and he's on he's nineteen years old and up. You know what if it if you're asking me I would like having young players I think part of the problem with the US men's national team were seeing it we're seeing. On the elite talent is all that you need to bring in younger talent. Or you're gonna get stagnant and again if you looking. You're looking at the team you're looking at players that go wrong that it wouldn't double players that are emitted light like a 100 dollars a young player. I wanna see some of these players be part of the US men's national team rather than be -- it all again. You know again we're going through the roster I'm looking at an -- experienced players I wanna see more younger players you know all over the pitch and you know Juan that's why I I agree with a move to to take a chance and someone like Julian green what if he is the real deal bad. We're just in that the beginning of someone's career -- team. And when I first saw his name. The first -- use coming over here and I figured it's automatic he's gonna make the squad arm injury and he is injured installments. How much of this move is day RA -- starting games are gonna come off the bench we're gonna utilized you. From the sixtieth minute onward. How much this is just to get him a couple of World Cup wraps. Thinking for yourself mark. It is Klinsmann thinking that far or is it I need someone that can bring it now. That's a very good question you know again on Nigerian Klinsmann notch -- exactly what you're not I'm not on the -- -- along fickle when stock prices if you're asking me I think it's combination of both I don't think you carries one to get them experience. And in the World Cup you wanna be able to progress. Urine Klinsmann has a lot of line then I mean I mean he you know again. On of of his stature if -- if he falls flat on his face in the World Cup and that could be an embarrassment and so I can imagine that he's gonna bring a player that he doesn't believe -- an impact now. But I think in the back of his mind he's thinking more long term with a player like that though so it's -- -- both pilots moved to the forwards now Jozy Altidore whose. Been terrible basically yes. Yes I'm just -- opened the board you'll elect me to say about about Jose Jose as a player. That I've been shipping for seven years when he was. When it was a Valerie now I wanted to in the come the fall Danica beyoncé -- -- question please come the fall in the end up and go and haul. And it falls on its face at all. And then he ends up going to go into armed. To the Dutch league and white lighting it up in -- actually. So now he hasn't had the chance he goes to Sunderland. He scored one goal was Sunderland and honestly looked horrible plane that's and I watched several matches was not impressed the the the biggest impression I got from -- Elton -- was diving -- -- to put it that way but he didn't impress me at all. The the interest in situation with -- hand he hasn't scoring goals for the US men's national team so if you're -- Klinsmann. You forget about all that he's done this year do you think about what he did last year the Dutch league. -- -- -- -- -- I mean how do you you know again describe what it's articles of the US men's national team where we abort what you do. You probably have to include them plus. He's his target man they don't have another target so so you know again he's someone that you can actually go up there by himself and you have to go them -- comfortable with them at this point. You know it's he's up and down I want consistent players. Jozy Altidore is not consistent. When you look at those eight goals with the humans -- US men's national team. And the familiarity with he has with his teammates. That could be. If I'm your Dinkins and I can look at and say -- new season at Sunderland new league unfamiliar with everything. Let's maybe give that a passed since he has been successful with our guys here. Let's see if you can celebrate it. Sure sure of that and and that's probably where where where his mindset is on this. And you know instead of taking a chance on someone like to discuss it 100 -- one night ago you know again just went over you know long. -- thinks that work out for him it's -- you know could could imported stuff and had to go to another week. And as I've been hearing he's been playing very well but again. You know had all the injuries last year with the without with a revolution didn't features as much as I'd hoped that it would. Probably hasn't shown Klinsmann enough so he's got to go with the with someone that has proven and that he -- like you said vehicles. And some of that has familiarity with the rest of the pars it makes sense I'm just not comfortable with them because I don't see the consistency I can go back to the last World Cup. You know again I just don't feel that. As your number one striker -- you know he just doesn't. I don't have the confidence in -- As as being that guy you need you need some and you can feel it's gonna score. Against Germany against Ghana do you feel comfortable that he's going to be able to do that or the goals gonna have to come from other places from a Clint Dempsey. From possibly a Landon Donovan. I feel that that they're gonna come from other places. But. This is -- -- -- -- without I'm not a big got a beyoncé I'm not a big fan of Josie but but -- but he's probably gonna be the choice. I think we can ultimately you're not a big fish juice you're right about now that the argument the forwards -- Terrence Boyd certain is that rapid Vienna. Don't really see much out of them I don't peg him as making the tortured man squad -- numbers. Clint Dempsey obviously gonna make the squad that is. He just hasn't been that great since he returned to the states ball but he's still one of these names we have right. Right what's funny Ben is that actually since he returned to an honest Clint Dempsey is played very well this season he did not play well when he originally came to Seattle. And it's funny because that you're gonna enjoy that just a quick story I was on Twitter and I noticed Taylor Twellman who who you -- you've had on the on the dale and Holley show. -- on and Don. -- over is actually tweeting about you know we didn't think that his move to law. To to fall was a good good move for him didn't think it was gonna help his game while I was in the plan and I got to tell you. The -- -- did not play well for form at all cannot make and I get off the bench of -- sometimes. I did not play at all yet but the thing about it was the time playing. We're you know working out -- -- with fallen you know training reform I think paid off and actually -- Clinton said that the exact same thing. Because when you train with the with a Premier League team I think that experience. And getting you look at his legs back his help out because he scored several calls of he looks like a different player now. So if you check out -- numbers since returning this season he's played very well Annette and I think on the phone you know and you know have to throw in my own team. I has paid off for him and hopefully it will pay off for the US men's national. We've got Landon Donovan who's moving up to being a forward deaths. I I don't really understand it but. Clinton's -- knowledgeable than me so. Let him have that makes sense because he Ken can coach can score goals he -- but he can score goes from anywhere on the field. So little curious but -- argument passes -- really wanna see it. Aaron Johansson. Don't know much about him. Yeah I cinema cinema few times to be honest -- and electricity is completely different type of striker then Jozy Altidore. And I I think he's got promised I don't think that he can do it on his own I think he's someone that kind of needs a partner. So nattering on what type of formation. Klinsmann decides to use that and that's going to be of. That he got he needs it Gary -- Gary Payton to dish on that Shawn Kemp drops I stumbled a lot harder. And I went in 1993. Seattle. I don't know why I went there but -- close my favorites like at the fifth and then finally running -- the thirty man preliminary squad is that Chris on the. Ski. -- -- on one of -- You know again I'm not against MLS players. Are being a part of the US men's national team and anyone that can score goals consistently whether it's ugly -- pretty down. I want to be part of of the US men's national that -- them on one part of my team. Because. That's always you know again. I don't know if you hear the script I hear this -- a great deal fall. While he's not you know he doesn't score pretty you know -- you know I don't care -- don't care it's about scoring goals you're striker. You need to score goals I don't care how you score. And -- was informed on this is an -- -- choir there Dan who's known that as a portrait he could score goals anyways this season didn't matter how we did it. Unfortunately he couldn't score goals I just want someone neck and consistently score goals that's why keep going back to Jozy. Joseph Joseph I want on the proved me wrong I really want the from -- scored on a consistent basis -- to show it to me one game show it to me consistently and then. And the new proof prove me wrong I want you approve it. He is. These template it look to go back to your point of ugly goals. Doesn't matter how you score because at the end of the day. The tally is on the scoreboards right and that's all that matters doesn't matter how you squirm. As long as you score the threat so. All right so that is the preliminary thirty man squad began on June 2. That squad will be cut down to 23 -- This thirty man squad has got a couple of friendlies. Coming up. On June 1 though host Turkey in at the rivalry in -- New Jersey. And then don't play Nigeria. And in Jackson reports in Jacksonville. On June 7. So they'll have their -- three man squad by that point out there also playing a -- -- wolf. Who cares about observation. Who resigned no limits is in the fifa game the -- So some of the players who were omitted from the squad -- we'll go over that. And obviously the big name that people are talking about the -- -- very different opinion about is Eddie Johnson deaths and Eddie Johnson was omitted. Com. And he he's been. Flat out that for DC united since he came over from Seattle. I think one goal. When in the last two years to putting Tony three for Seattle the very policy. He's very good player for them and look like he was earmarked to be one of the guys up for the US men's national team has been terrible and made some bad comments recently about the DC united squad. He's kind of an idiot. Why do you why are you not surprised that Eddie Johnson was left off the team. Why am I not surprised. Okay well before he went to the Seattle Saunders spent. He was a player for full football club did you think -- then and guess what then in his entire career with -- football club in the Barclays from rarely. And it Johnson scored zero goals. What does that tell you and he have plenty of opportunities to score goals. Different manages game sharp bright spots in game Russia. Mark Hughes gave Musharraf and I just remember all these opportunities he would be someone that would tease you with his potential. But never lived up to. Then he goes to Seattle and lights it up that Seattle and -- OK maybe maybe -- founders level maybe he can. -- can start his career over and be able to be part of the US men's national team. And that I saw him play I can remember what -- -- -- and I saw him miss the opportunities. That I saw fall and I said all here we go again. Because I know he scored goals without mullahs from watching him with the with the US men's national team and I saw all all the issues I have with a moron this life. So. You know again it's about scoring goals you can create all the opportunities that you want you can have all the shots -- Clint Dempsey is a perfect example someone -- can take a million shots and I liked the fact that he does he'll shoot from everywhere but eventually -- scores Eddie Johnson. Eddie Johnson you know can take several shots in and go through these huge drops a consumer DC united he did much better with the law. Legacy of the Seattle I'll never forget getting getting all the tweets from from Fulham supporters tell me after he's got one acid -- Patrick against revolution. And and they do look like an idiot and that's why you know its final -- looking like an idiot. But on its sports we don't mention liquidity yes eggs exactly but but if you're asking me. If I was to choose between Chris want a Wall Street. And Eddie Johnson and go with Chris one last. And if that's if -- -- between those two players can -- -- with someone that still -- you know and that's what wanderlust he does. And -- -- and acknowledges does -- score -- its current club team but he scored with the USMS national ticket he scored in front is I mean he I mean this guy. I've -- you know again he's not gonna. He's not -- Wally. But again -- go back to -- We need Stryker second to score goals that's all you want you wants I don't care how books you know. You know I I've heard the argument playing beautiful football and -- four -- -- will report will will tell you that that they don't wanna win ugly they don't like policy Chelsea. Beat them because it beat them ugly and I said -- you know what I'd rather Chelsea beat you ugly. Then you know that them loose -- -- I'd rather win a goalie and that means playing a defensive game. And getting someone had to score one goal you do it in the case -- US men's national team they play ugly. And someone can score a goal the end. Did take it -- you need someone that you know can do it at the end. And Eddie Johnson just -- doesn't do it for me you know just put it you know it's simply. I I've seen enough for him to know you have to know the difference between Madrid striker and and an average striker he's an average -- we need someone that that's better than average. So another of a -- big name who two years ago everyone would've thought he was. Definitely going to be not only on the US squad put. Potentially started that consistently on the US squad is -- shag. And that goes back to the point you made earlier about while the kind of about. Eighty -- and 100. Onto the Premier League and seriously seriously struggling. Was that was that the move that cost him did that cost him his two. In the world's top -- it it did you know he he went over there and I actually saw him play his first announced last season against fault he he came in off the bench. And he struggled and -- he just looked like he was just. Not on the -- I wanna say over the fitness issue ban on because that is that is it didn't seem like a physical thing -- to select a fitness thing someone that Clint Dempsey. Conduct of former justice and like he was -- apply. And then honestly from that point on it you know like and I heard about injuries and and it never really he never really caught on. Not at -- change -- managers I thought maybe he would have -- chance with Mark Hughes and it just hasn't worked out and this is when going to Europe can work against -- Sometimes to work for you. But if you don't produce. It to work against you in the case of traction and fortunately. They were to -- because honestly I thought. Two years -- you mentioned our members in score fantastical. The US men's national team. And -- and he's arrived and then it goes to stoke and falls off the face of the earth. So unfortunately for -- I think this is a situation where. Where it -- heard of. He's one of those players when you look at his in his body. And his size and his skill. He has that decides he's the type of guy you want especially in these international competitions. When you're going against a Germany squad you want a big strong player that can push some Germans around. The it and he has that does he he's been his forms and terrible. So moving on Tim -- bulletins player of the year. Might have just cost himself simply by the fact that his wife was pregnant at the wrong times. Do you buy that excuse. That since he had to withdraw his name from a friendly match a couple months ago to buy that as the reason why he's not a team. Don't know that such that that's that's. Agree conspiracy count of conspiracy and there's a fair bet that's a good one because actually I liked him in and I was I was surprised that he was not part of the roster but it but -- -- of -- Night purity and I don't know what he's looking at. You know again I'm -- We're going back we're talking about the -- -- all the German players some again. Navy he's looking at players' plan at a higher level you know nothing against Bolton they're playing in the championship championship as a roughly. So I would think that he would not hold that against them or or the situation with the with miss in the friendly boat off. But who knows I I think that your team made up his mind of a certain amount of players. Of what he was looking for and it's and defenders on that experience is something. I'm do you ever watch sports and are recommending. Early ninety's. I can go back to London so -- who check. During Craig Kilborn as host and sports that are absolutely I sometimes feel like him. When you're trying to hockey highlights and could never pronounce them and sometimes a terrible names I just cannot now you wanted to try this one -- slosh it he's he's. Sasha -- then I think that's a little bit better focused on the stunt cost the cost. I can't pronounces. I don't know anything about it. I really don't. Well -- and again I do we know I wanna say. Such a -- I believe played for a wanna say she busts -- I I again I could be wrong empress or receive us and now is it intellect and -- come again as like as I was watching. ESP NFC -- there talking about his own mission and they thought can -- -- form recently so maybe -- of doctor. Again that you know this'll you know I especially in -- feel that this economic competition he just might have been squeezed out. Because there's so many players and and there are those that he just had to compete against. All right we'll keep moving -- for her he surprised many problems. That is an interest in one. I -- I've always like Benny Benny I have liked him when he was with the revolution and also liked them. You know again what can we Kansas City. A little bit of a surprise but again there's so much competition there you know as someone's someone's going to be left out band and Danny -- And I ask some tough decisions to make still to get down to the 23. You know not that he's herb Brooks -- -- put but he does have some. -- a tough decisions come you know coming down from thirty -- -- and I've seen so many fans. On do you like the message boards in the in comments oh it's going to be easy pick it -- I don't think. It when you -- thirty players I think I think you expect all thirty to be part of it and getting down seven it might seem easy but I don't the cadets. I don't think so either. I'm a little surprises him because how well do you play. In South Africa four years ago that he he did he didn't I don't know I don't think he started a game. But he did come off the bench a lot and he played well coming off the bench a little bit surprised. Juan Eduardo. And we -- window. -- He got in a long it's funny hat for him miles -- injury related going back even monster. Because. I remember when he was with the rebels -- I I I thought he was going to be that the next big thing I did I -- thought that he was going to be our striker coming into this World Cup. And then he moved to achieve boss and he moved it held its likewise in moving then he moved to to the revolution he was injured -- play. On the revolution were different two very you know very good player huge future I'm a little surprised. By the fact that he's not included but I understand it and why was -- what with. One velocity instead of going back to Johnson and now. Now someone like I did well at a bargain -- didn't get injured as much as he did the last couple seasons I think he'd be going. I think to be part of its point three man team because I think his upside is huge and I think it's got a bright future I think that we announced with former years from him and it and then we'll sit. Actually he's been around forever he has his -- -- -- I want possesses it's funny when you results whose only going to be 25. News this. Goes back to my earlier point. When talking about Julian green. Which was how much do you want to bring in young players to kind of show them how how these have a World Cup really works and how the competition really is. Kind of surprises me that he's not there even though he's. Hasn't earned it he hasn't earned it by. Kind of some -- not they're just as a you're 21 you're gonna get two or three more opportunities at this hour show you how it's really done. And so by the time you're 25 and 2018 comes around you're the you're the man up front you aren't being -- up. -- a much burned when you're demand upfront inquiry bright. Surprised. We get young and I knew. That we kind of but that was actually pretty good. FF -- he's been a mainstay for awhile and possibly the most frustrating player of the last ten years. On the US men's national team. You know prizes are going to be around for 2014. I'm not surprised because of his inconsistency injuries and everything related. Remember when he made the big move Cuba Syria out that while this is disputes. And I don't I -- his build I wiped away when he is playing man he is he's a tough person to deal with and is body type you know for Centre back like that bodies in Holland. But around again it goes back to being a consistent players -- on a consistent player. Again I understand why he's he's been omitted you know again. -- go onto the slow spent an all these players there -- reasons why they're not they're not on the thirty man roster amid that they all have reasons. And I think I think a great deal of what they all have a common it's probably a bit of consistency even better. I think because about the consistency when he was with the revolution. -- you know he played OP play good he was hot and cold. And and I think his personality also -- hot and cold with the revolution to our boat but again I think I think there's a consistency here. -- of inconsistency. Notes some strengths an oxymoron. Consistently and consists consistently inconsistent. -- -- -- and -- his absence. It ensures that Tim Howard will be completely unfamiliar with his entire defense. That's that's correct. -- her strange strange to think that. Howard. Has never played behind. There are these guys are not the World Cup guys from 2010 that are playing in from what do not have the experience that those guys did well that's a little scary and it's funny because a little. Well the defense is something if if you're a fan of the US men's national -- -- should be you should be scared because again. When you when your goalkeeper white collar and you see him and he's screaming at his back four and consistently he's a leader from the back. And and and I liked that I do like that you know I wake his fiery personality. And trying to get everyone on on the same page in Scott has worked on a form but there's talent there. But can they get it all together for the World Cup it's you know again. Watching these matches on -- be thinking about the Centre backs I'm you know I'm not as word about the -- -- because that in the Marcus Beasley will will be okay. At left back -- right back again we can talk about that is Wally you know law. What they're going to do what what Clinton will do -- to put the senate backs from the -- if you don't have a partnership there that works together. You're in trouble and and from power and I'm going to be under the on those two guys as much as possible. Right Hercules Gomez. If you said 68 months ago that -- his -- -- not to travel to Brazil I think everyone would have slapped in the face and said you're a moron. But as of late -- just. Is he might be done. Aiming his career might be shortly over this he's not plan on any. Bright and you know -- bad for TO wants. Right and I think he's been doing too much drugs. I know I don't have any evidence I'm just making on a bank conspiracy theory again and considers it a secret conspiracy there Rick Brown -- -- not surprised by this move at all. On not on again I'm not I'm not surprised by. By any of these moves in electricity you know even gone back to the forwards that that -- crew -- talked about Jose I'm not surprised at -- Gonna be the guy because because again he has been and and you go you know -- was someone house proven experience and and also scores goals. You know again it's not consistent for me. But has done for the US men's national team and so again I conceive why. He's included are Hercules -- if you fall off the face of the earth. There are going to be included you don't deserve to be included again you have to have some kind of form going into the World Cup. Or your not gonna be included. I want to do I do -- the merit system. If you're not playing well for your club right. Why -- -- -- and while it's funny that you say that then because as a player that has not played ball for his team right now not scoring goals that's Landon Donovan. Guys but he's learned and companies Landon Donovan right. Still if you're only -- brought out -- out of him. I'm just kidding and just. Edgar Casilla again T wanna -- it. You know he's he's a very athletic guy. He may be just stuck because of Beasley. Eight these type of player he thought maybe you really couldn't could do some demo of this team but. Get Beasley from these guys better player right right -- -- again you're gonna go with a better player of the more from employer whether. You know even though. The Marcus -- not a left backed by trade still. The qualities is -- and dot -- vertical very comfortable when he place I just to have so he's not going to be them out. -- -- I don't. I don't think I ever earmarked him to make the team now I have a -- one of those players that don't know very much about and it's easy he's just stuck in the mid -- again as you mentioned a lot of -- Attention deficit that listen this too much going on there. And -- you're gonna have to stand out and like you said when we when we were going through it. That's that's what kind of excites me that if you're if you're looking. At the real strength of this US men's national team look at that midfield. And I -- and I've told you on prior shows. I think the key to this team this year the -- -- could talk about the captain been ten hours or being -- we've now it's Clint Dempsey. For me you make it Michael Bradley because for me Michael Bradley. Will will control the destiny of the US men's national team he sets everything up he will control the play for me -- The most valuable player going into the World Cup is Michael Bradley for the US men's council. If you mature box the box midfielder huge price beard. I'm gonna agree -- on the island. Would that have declared that. He is a very good polar tech slump for my -- -- that's let's listen I love Michael Bradley. I didn't always like him -- -- I had note was one of those irrational I don't like this guy. Jerk -- have no basis for it whatsoever and maybe -- because -- -- maybe maybe I just had that kind of it's one dares border. It's funny you say that because I think I have that. No I'm serious but then he went off went off he went off Aston Villa that work announced -- all right that he goes. It goes to Syria where he started the boss. And he did -- in without two different -- now he's you know now he's Toronto of all places which I find interest in that it conducted in the last. But I'm I'm telling you he's just in the -- talk about consistency. I like consistent pars you know what you get from Michael Bradley and that's why I think I think he's the best player on the squad that's as much and. And he works his butt off and I love hard workers and up. And it's basically our hate for him was completely irrational and worker exactly Michael Roscoe. Problem. Basically don't playing in Mexico. You wanna make you if you wanna get on the men's tennis and then go play in Germany are you gotta you gotta get to play in Germany America. Barclays premier horror or the other it's that ultimately the teeth. And it's basically you don't play in the don't play in the Netherlands. It's argument if it's there that are. I don't know why. But salute let's go back to the actual squad yours -- that the thirty man preliminary squad again it's got to be cut down to 23 by. June 2. And CAA three goalkeepers. They'll travel and I don't know nick Armando going to resolve. I don't know I don't know if he's gonna carry three goalkeepers but it you know I mean that's that's your question again. And be an honest and I'm not that familiar with their remind them I I and does not don't know -- On the wall but. I can't imagine him -- I don't know east. Clinton's weird like that movie I mean I just want the for him but we're here in New England if for some reason -- listening in Southern California thank you very much. So we're used to build ultra right and American football lives. I don't want the two quarterbacks right I don't really good third I get to win atom processor and look at this like pins are right to train. Timmy Chandler. And they hate to win gold takes them. It through and then just to go back to what I said before brag he's on planet -- very high level. Very bad and I think that he is you know again if you're asking me how to fifty to fifty per I don't I don't -- I say that and I don't care. Because goalkeepers complain for the I'd -- the fort. So Bragg -- is playing very well and I think -- plane this season Tim Howard which is part blasphemous to say. But that's how I feel. But there's no way that he's gonna he's gonna go with you know without crews on balance and if something happens. He wants to make a change I'm very comfortable with -- All right so. Began to get a cuts employer's office seems so this is just an exercise in futility of cutters were not your -- but we like to -- sure so. Do you think you'll carry very. I'm gonna say -- I'm gonna -- -- met analyses can be Bill Belichick and signal OK I I agree. -- I think we're being completely irrational because we don't know who this guy that. Good defenders Beasley. Yes I think that's a definite. -- -- -- John Brooks not sure. The question mark next to him Geoff Cameron yes. I got to that. -- bomb Timmy Chandler yes. Brad Evans yes. Omar Gonzales else. Clarence Goodson and question -- apparent. Davey Johnson question mark real yeah I I like -- on just on I'm looking at the defenders down. OK if you've convinced me. But that's not how -- and I don't don't really I was. I was going through the -- a lot because I'm looking at some of the players and and I'll say yes and David Johnson because. Because I don't think Michael -- even though he played. With the New England Revolution -- I don't think he mixes it and I don't think -- yet when Nixon either. -- So we've cut down three players account at midfield while there's an interest and just did this the really hard part Becker in its. Yes bank. -- Question mark go we're -- question are welcome back to him right back to have Bradley densely. Joseph corona I wanna say yes I really think he does. And I think he has. A car that's as wild like Brad Davis Cup like Brad Davis I wanna say yes we're gonna put a question are now. I wanna see us where it's just leave -- there is accurate. I don't know welcome back compact. Marie said yes. And I Julian green yes. Jermaine Jones yes and -- yes okay. Forwards Jozy. Yes. Boy you know the analytics. Dempsey yes yes somebody asks. -- yes. The one Nolasco yes okay so we've cut down what's coming every cut. We've cut down for them coming to condemn three players and we'll go back to some of our question marks -- -- John Brooks of Hertha Berlin. OK let's. Let's. Let's take him off gone is gone and taken off. Clarence -- -- I think effectively cut down the defenders ninety -- I was gonna say I was as -- I think he has to say. I think so I don't securing Klinsmann should be taken advice from us all but good -- RA. Back to midfield where we haven't -- anyone no we're gonna have to cut here. Brad Davis. -- to wanna cut and mark threat okay. -- keep Fred Davis Davis keep keep Brad Davis and I'm gonna change going get rid of -- do. Interest gonna change is that the only -- content from -- now now we're gonna have to cut someone else and I don't think is gonna cut this -- bottom. Boy that's a tough one. Better -- how many people that we we have five we've -- 1234561. -- Who it is mister -- He picks up maybe. All of us because I I think Pedroia mixes and I think honestly if you're asking me back -- has to be on that squad I. Again I liked players that are that are Workman like and I like -- back a unique play like -- So so we look at this squad. After we've cut players. For no reasons other than we can. Would you say you know Howard. Whose arm he got some good go go. Go very. Easily. Yeah I mean. -- I want us you know listen I like Beasley I mean I do too he brings you. Versatility right granted he's I think it's 32 million. I know I know and that's you know again at that position and if he plays a position that can be difficult and he's gonna have players coming out of but I think he still has legs and -- unique. When you -- when your fullback you've. Do need your head on us -- and you needed outpace. I think he still has the pace so and we have -- both have had for people lower back amnesty in the most of this argument back. Now when you look at the group there and Germany. Portugal Ghana. The biggest names obviously Christian and although play in that left wing type position that. Would you have it right back account and. It's very interesting question because I won't -- a player that has impressed me this year. Is Geoff Cameron Geoff Cameron has impressed me just cracked Cameron complacent about he complain right back you can even play midfield if you want to. So he won districts and doc I think I mentioned this -- ago I got an email from law. From on governor -- Starting Stoke City goalkeeper and dialogue was -- his thoughts on off. On Geoff Cameron and he said the one of the strengths is his versatility. So so again -- Andy thinks that that Jeff has really matured as a player. And he's played a great deal right not sure if Klinsmann would would make him his starting right back. But I think he's someone they could think about and off on telling I see the difference in him he's got the speed. The ability to bomb to go up the pitch but again I think he also has the ability to get you look at the F back to use that term get the F back. Think he has that ability. But I think he's more. Offensive and defensive. If you're asking me but I've liked to see it but you know again there could be other players examples of prompt when you're too. When you're too wide backs are. More offensive minded. Of course. -- leaves you wide open especially especially some of the players are -- and so so again Klinsmann might not go. Where is someone like Cameron direct -- because it might be too dangerous. And I would totally understand you want someone you know again there. There are two ways to look at it you know when your planet some and against Germany you're not going to be what and to to go jeopardy you don't. Probably what took to beat them on the Connor and and play more defensive so maybe. Geoff Cameron is not your rate picked -- that he might wanna look someplace else. Well we've got a squad down. Obviously we'll have to wait to -- and second -- were right we are but I will keep this piece of paper to see if our predictions were right. -- -- -- -- Something tells -- that it's fun -- -- look I'm looking at the -- them on working at this and the victim were perfect from Dubai and the few places but I thought it. I'm looking at this and like canola are probably Mickens and some bad calls but -- Well it will be actually we've got a three friendlies to check out one beef. Back to before the cut may 27 and June personal one after the -- on June 7 and I'll be the last game. Last friendly they play before they travel to Brazil. Obviously the World Cup is less than a month delayed starts June 12 -- Brazil at -- over Croatia. Sure things in Brazil with the amount of my friend of mine this morning. I'm really I'm pumped alliance so I'm pumped I cannot wait -- even know I have. -- really low hopes. For the US coming out. This group say I disagree with. I I disagree with and I happened you know listen if you're asking me Germany is that it is definitely and I've watched a good amount of Portugal because I was watching I was watching the playoff between Portugal and in Sweden. And porch of course. Portugal are talented they have other talented players besides -- known -- the difference maker -- the main difference in that game it was between Renault though. And on an agreement that -- arm slots on -- And it was a crazy match on and novel one basically Varnado one. But I think Klinsmann. -- how vol one of the race strategy to. It's slow him down you do not gonna stop Ronaldo does know what you're gonna -- -- novel. But -- assistant teams frustrate him and -- matches in my team full stop when it was a matches in a couple times you can pressure him and he gets all ticked if he gets opposite. Are you take him manage his game. He's a very different -- Wright comes now on average player but he's still obviously in the league player looking to that would Manchester United. If you if you get in that guy's head you can take him out of the match you so. That is my only thought my only thought is is I think I think the US men's national team is better than -- idea. Everyone's sort of bug out of because Ghana has a good track record against the US men's council to -- Ice look at that roster look at our roster and I think we got a better squad. So I do like our chances against -- it's gonna come for me it's gonna come down to two. On. To Portugal it'll come out of Portugal and can knocking Klinsmann come up. With a plan to slowdown and get him out of his game like you just that you can get -- -- I -- I've seen it he's the best player in the world right now Renault. Thought -- if what if you're asking me -- this message but but it are on the messy but other people are now the guy. I'd prefer someone that. That works all the time -- as he works his socks off and as the best player in the game less than -- -- the -- around a little -- I like felt want to let it. I don't think he's mustard I don't think it is either but I Angeles defender in the world and because as often versatility right. Right but I mean if you're if you're asking me if if there was one player that I could just put on the US men's national team and attitudes between Renaldo. And Don Nancy -- take a mess and I'd just I'd. That's just my preference I like a guy that just works. Works is sought socks off like it's -- -- proudly. That has all the talent -- has all of the natural abilities that you want and and you know again you know he's done nothing. To show me that he's not the best player in the world but. I've our -- in the other side of Christian or not. And you policies and others are -- this isn't too but what. Not really he's been hurt. He's been constantly dealing with nagging things. You know releasing the other side model thank. Right you know and obviously in the average side of him because he's been injured yeah he's fighting through it but. He's not popular it was two or three years ago but because of the injuries. Do you more obvious you'll get further will get more into this but -- it's on my mind NASCAR asked would -- see Argentina doing. -- -- -- -- I must say that there one mentioned the one to now the not a woman to. It's funny because I think you can ask for everything Brazil's credited because Brazil's. Brazil's. I didn't result is somewhat team I wake Argentina I wanna see Argentina. Back on top you bought and that region it's still Brazil saw. You know it's funny because because. With Nancy I think -- takes on too much responsibility that today. And it's different for hand I think it's reasonable bit differently what is with the Barcelona Barcelona. It's about the entire package and he's he's the -- because it's in the shiny hood ornament and he's more than a shiny shiny little ornament. But -- that. That that last piece of the puzzle and I and the most dangerous piece the puzzle. He's the most that it -- peace proposal for Argentina I just don't think that he has that type of relationship. That he house. I think he's got talent -- I don't think has all the pieces that he has with his club to. -- I'd like to see. How I want to see argent I'd rather see Argentina do better. And an Argentina guy instead of Brazil if you're. If you're asking the IR I like Argentina so I want to do well so but I don't think that there are I don't think that there are. World Cup contender to win it I don't -- -- blood. You know and I got to watch goes on that guy -- this but there's more talent that. Interest saying I won't get more into your take on Argentina and I will battle back. On your Argentina take. Tom so we're gonna do a couple of these if you've you're not familiar. We're going to be cranking out podcast covering the World Cup for the next month and a half two months. -- two months. We crank them out will keep you guys informed. We hope you keep listening and -- really get into this World Cup is going to be fun it's going to be exciting and if you. Are living here in Massachusetts say you're living in the new bad for foreign -- you're living in the Framingham area. You're gonna be inundated with a Brazilian flags you'll never seen so many in your life if you go to downtown premium or I'm from. That I grew out of let me have you didn't I'm from Framingham I didn't hear from -- friend in North High School band really. Yeah it did you know you -- is like. What if you don't -- if I know that and -- we went to south he went to south and I hold that against him but I -- either go to south I went to north. And and I know that you can cut this part out soared to sit just a quick story. That I -- who actually on my father. Course my league baseball team against after I moved on my father it's the -- he coached against lord that's whose claim to fame really a Little League Baseball. -- Maloney was my Brothers. Freshman basketball coach that cell phone after hitting him. -- you know his hat and I tell NL and I've told Lou I've told boo boos of Framingham legend that there are few. People that come from our town from from -- that aren't like the best. The best of the best I. Our premier north has built Brooks but he's not from Framingham is dramatic and but still you know Stewart -- tennis you know from from Framingham -- because he he went to -- -- school system. -- little lose at the top of the top of the heap along with -- crone and I was obviously about that did that the best athletes to come from frame him he might start with the -- Maloney there's there's. I've had to hockey players Croker Xenia and -- dolphins play golf sack up and we didn't. Carl. I don't remember when it there was some it's my brother I don't remember which one -- -- premium iron which one went to Europe but. -- that Tony Gonzales played football at BC was started by the Red Sox -- -- playing football and his hold him. Missed tennis player furtive tape and I don't know if you ever never ever ever been named birdied taken professional tennis player went to -- -- north that's that whole line and then. I could he was he was out of high school years before I even got to frame and also off so that's aussies it that but -- cut its missile. But yes a -- outlets for bite but Peter crone and as the one for for football. On the cannon's -- to get the Guinness and the and the Bertans yeah instant Bertans. Yep I was coach -- gains. In football I played football with Ron Burton. Number bond with -- you know -- and it's funny because Ron Burton. I think could have been like a pro but played in the NFL but he broke his leg was never the same placards it's a very sad I was -- when he broke his -- A couple going off from Framingham talk but. But yeah around it whatever you do you can lose to discern from British. Ron Ron Burton electricity bill bill Brooks. And again and I I you know. There was one really famous discipline and charge me crazy who is from Framingham. Besides little. Yeah hall of Famer Paul favorite yet but this was again mrs. A hundred years ago -- -- not so -- I'm not familiar with that I'm not gonna bother -- you guys while looking up in the -- now. But we'll sub saharan Africa so -- -- from -- premiums taken over this pitch I want us to him I love that you're nine Lou. Couple of people Tom Karen lives in Framingham I didn't know that Michael Smith lives in Framingham while there. While it's -- it -- and it's a great town it's not it's not the time I remember growing up but it's -- it's still it's still you know it's got history it's a great. It's a very good soccer. If it is it is it's funny because I remember all those games that. Add about Richfield -- On what we wasn't at that point that actually Steve -- Tripoli was coaching was the bulldogs I think the Boston bulldogs normal weight back but -- anxieties. Our bottom but on god fathers feel like I've I drove by their -- and not I didn't recognize the outage field. Very I drove by on Saturday December as -- my parents. And that's not about -- I played football. It's not about just on the -- I've played football and -- like what is this in my and that and that has its one that was that was wonderful NC potters field I miss the old. The old 1939. Stands that bill that are during you know fifty -- recruit -- It was awesome but lose the peace crap of the thing. Well well I remember the the clubhouse where we change for the games and the sixers think. A five minute walk through outage delegates in that clubhouse that the sucked at home the home field area socked. It looks much better and I. Now man it's nice in its first class that island it's Monica's again we'll go back to soccer but. Blood on the Brazilian. The Brazilian culture and -- him as it is incredible and I I remember when they wanna look up there mysteries of 94 up here I written I was -- no downtown Framingham. It was it was awesome it was that was my first real introduction I'd been playing soccer for a couple years by that point. And you know it's -- -- but that was my first real introduction to watching. Yeah watching top flight soccer was windows World Cup in 94 and it was so fascinating because I live downtown are very close to downtown at that time. -- stone's throw away and then you just want to leave your house and horns honking everywhere present in all I've never seen summoning your life and was so much fun and just to see the passion. 800 you wanna see that passion -- here in America. Actual end and what's funny than -- -- talked about it and that's why I think that this World Cup is going to -- so many people -- Because it was and there are so many doubters that. That's soccer isn't growing and and you know armed on shipping those Kazaa I want I want it to be bigger here in New England because I know that there's a huge market here. Warsaw RR I I I guess contacted by fans around known and not just in Massachusetts have talked about Providence. It is you know the sports growing the revolution you know it's funny -- hackers talk about the revolution kicked in the bottom. Of of the Seattle Saunders I mean I mean. I mean you know what's funny look what's going on there what would Jay heaps is is doing more than you know just the chances of still and he's -- -- -- quite a little program. With a knowing and revolution and -- some serious talent and it's funny because I know you've interviewed chip Jay heaps. Couple times 10 great one of one of his greatest talents is the ability to make adjustments. And I'll just tell is quick. Because you did this last year with the goodness he moved it and it's changed everything in -- reason this year. He moved Patrick -- -- -- -- two months made him a set of forward. And it's made all the difference in the world you know it's funny because someone says they'll -- like snapshots of all the goals against. Against the Saunders and he is right where is supposed to be in the middle of every single one of those goals and that just shows you that data. Positioning is perfect. He can hold up the ball and he can do with the best of them and I think you might see some special from the rest is here. I I. That's the first couple games I thought of crap they're reverting back. And now they're really -- just turned on and five nothing. Five nothing defeat of Seattle's -- And this is a very good team and though the -- you know it's funny because I've heard the argument from Sandra Smith. Did they controlled the play in this is -- true if you look at the stats they're all in favor of the sun is besides the goals and our country we sent them to that's who want to buy it. This goes back to you know hit it he's a Belichick term it's that's full loses right now because it is really about scoreboards both goals and they scored the goals and who cares if they're all on account. Doesn't matter doesn't matter. -- because the revolution's Connor is is killer right now and and respond to watch you know if you know in the get another we help I've -- off in the -- I apologize but I. I'm just really impressed with the job that -- is still a real and a he. Will be the future. National -- While you're going there I'm gone they're gone that site titled album told accident is action and added he's he's -- listen he's a very talented guy. He's got a plan and he's he's release in this thing through he's building something it's a program. You know and nothing and I was against the move to get rid of Steve -- aren't -- because I've really liked Steve -- on that and I think. Thought that he did a very nice job that I see what he is still in and he's he's too old -- and as and it's gonna be special and you know some of them was bringing in Bloomberg acknowledges was simply move that removed him out wide and and which -- to what it is -- tinkering that he's done. And they're doing this without consultants. -- rose just coming back there's Texas in which which is scary to think. And I'm excited I you know organize our I watched that match in a lot afterwards I had NC alive let's listen to on the radio and very impressed. I watch as much as it would that they could. Source hardened Taylor Twellman about Jay heaps and obviously you know I can interview on -- watch him. But I didn't know that. Keep sort of -- hardest working person. In the analysts while. He. Could tell there was Tony how much he's just rebel rebel rebel all day long as you just don't work he's insane. And that's obviously great quality coach also I think we're very lucky right now on the fact there were watching an upcoming squad hopefully they can keep. Then general corporate together. And while improving upon it. But this is going to be scary dangerous team moving through the summer. It is that is the net and -- and the one thing you know again as we've talked about the revolution in marketing. You know quote unquote designated player and I actually have an idea for a place that I love to see them bring in Damien Duff. Wants to come to -- -- I've been -- in this on Twitter you know from fall. You know -- -- you can send across better than anyone even at 30351. Hole but I amidst all. You know he's gonna be that we -- once you become them all -- trillion of on the -- jump on him. But on what's impressive about them down is on -- go out this academy that they're building. Is going to be key to their future it is -- no line tonight. -- back if there's one good thing to come out of the Clint Dempsey money that's at the clintons and money they've put in the academy. I'm telling you you're gonna San. Diego for -- doesn't Scott called -- not the last guys to come throw. I've actually had the privilege we're not talking with some of the guys that work. With the academy. They're actually caught on their -- coaching the coaches from from my son's youth and and I'll while Paul and I asked -- -- an up and coming. Player coming up in the academy the guy smiled this is this a fourteen year old kid. Who Barcelona wants to think about that. From the full from the New England Revolution academy a plan that Barcelona wants. I was like OK this academy is going in the right direction. So basically telling me -- fourteen so if -- -- -- that means he must be incredibly small. His smallpox are not to have to enjoy it it's funny you say he is tiny pit of course he has Barcelona wants them I've seen them and and he told me Byron Munich on them I'd say okay he's fourteen so is -- 63. It did giant. No it it's funny because you know on -- that like old Google -- like Google than Russert walked when I saw the studies are featured with the up. With the US team you don't like I was under fifteens and Andy -- make a name for itself and you and I saw all the stuff from Barcelona he went to turn in Barcelona that's what they saw. And and the revolution -- -- a hard time holding until it's yeah I think Barcelona Watson I think you're gonna have a hard time. Although -- have some fourteen year old kid -- personal announcements and idea Spain but the player what it is telling you this is that things are really going in the right direction for for all the revolution -- And we'll see if things are -- rejection for the US men's national team I hope so we hope so. And if you're gonna Klinsmann if you listen -- us. Dollars and our cuts doing you need to do you know what do we do all of you our listeners tell everyone you listen to this and how fantastically exactly but don't -- please don't listen to an -- the Framingham jerk yeah average -- until the listening that we're just in the adolescents. No but seriously listen to us. I -- -- first world competition. The 2014 World -- edition of the soccer cast brought to you by the Connecticut school broadcasting again that's what I did to get into the business and I know you wanna be in the business to. So visit goes he has -- dot com or call 1800 TV radio and get your start. In sports talk radio sports TV whatever way it might be whatever you want me they will train -- up really well that's from my interns come from their all to a great job and again does it go cius visit goes ESP dot com or call 100 TV radio as always I am your co host. Then kitchen you can follow me on Twitter at young -- WEEI. Belong with me is -- Goldman you can follow him at Twitter at. Russ underscore -- as very easy if you. So follow us on Twitter as always thank you guys very much for listening we'll be back very shortly with another. World Cup podcast. Season.

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