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The Bruins get blown out in game 6 5-13-14

May 13, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Bruins 4-0 loss in Montreal.

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It's insane it's absolutely insane will get the Donald Sterling in short order. But first things first I need an explanation on this Tuesday morning I need to understand. Do multiple scoring opportunities too as load and Michelle would say what -- -- in dot net. Cross bars. Posts misfires. Does that provide encouragement the Bruins are. -- close the braking out offensively or is it discouragement. That the Sox know. Sort of like batting route 29 with runners in scoring position. Seems to me that not being able to finish scoring chance after scoring chance game after game and by extension not be able to finish off the Canadians as they had a chance to do last night. Is not a aberration it is a trend. What about what. It doesn't matter what it is it's matter -- he had a you got to find a way to finish simple as that whether it's a little bit of potluck whether it's. Yes the non bearing her chances in the coming to bear down and it doesn't matter -- -- you -- gotta find -- -- -- So I guess if you're an optimist you say other so close they're just getting all these chances the control he placed second period it is dominant. Up minutes after minutes in the off offensive zone. But they're not get it done up like -- the bases loaded nobody got in you don't score is a good thing I know that second period. So they were down their problem too with Freeman yes that time Canadian booms -- let's just the way the series band that goes well from Montreal to get one chance. They strike the Bruins at seven -- They fail and now it's 33. This argument the Bruins are you significantly better team if you watched that game well nobody said -- if you can you tell him it's I sediment hotly did he pick and five which recommends six was. Like I said it would apartment five a deal can be mean to you that's kind of where I was leaning but let's face it could one in five. -- could happen -- with a few bounces here in a few. You know if you you write your folks that's right and cross partisan. If there's a lot of luck involved but not last night I don't -- -- -- last night is electing -- -- -- -- a desperate team. The home team play and harder. Wanting it more all that you fill in the cliche that was that was riveting. Entertainment. And it was provided by the Montreal Canadians who refused. To go home I mean that's not why we watch sports one look at the big picture. Wanna get philosophical. Isn't that what it's all about you know that team just the public roads are probably went tomorrow probably win here. Another home it matters. Home almost matters but what companies did last that was impressive as hell I think the better team lost again. But not the team that won it more not a team that tried. Harder but the team that fought harder. They are. Eight top I see one team I see that -- quicker right now wanting to expand opportunities and as you better -- and I feel maybe the Bruins a little better but not much at bay and that's what makes it -- and that only makes mistakes too. They do -- have so far in the -- thing is absolutely right price is coming through in the clutch and Tuukka Rask is not. -- What I'm gonna get to chart that really get started first before we get the charred the that he should take about workers. You gave called some advice and didn't take note that school first. And we heard from no less -- expert than the next with bags of pork pork joke -- -- -- and has buddy who says this is a bet you wanna analyze the series. I mean. This series. This whole. Round of the playoffs even. -- in the school's first always wins so why don't they just school record -- play -- adjustable disclaimer for him here to be fair. One of those thirteen year old girls turned fourteen yesterday well distract for the apparently shrinking -- -- sort of birthday party and -- today as it was at. You know fully into. Yeah nobody's right he's right on this one. It's a tough call every series I mean every game team that's one scored first this one in the whole round. Twenty of 21 games the team that scores first wins right -- writes a little simple message from why don't they just score first. Maggert. So much for the Bruins defense slowing down they have taken away that stretch past taken away that speed attacked it came back with a vengeance in this game six of that the Bell -- and you know we saw again Mike I think the Bruins young defenseman. Choked at the beginning of this game I think the -- the atmosphere the intimidation level of the bells that are the noise the frenzy everything else got into their heads. Kevin Miller horrible turnovers start things off after the Bruins couldn't convert on a 211. Gives to have the goalie side that you Hamilton following all of himself. The crew Miller pairing was a nightmare in the first period just a horrible start they couldn't get back from and as we saw in this series throughout. The team that scores first wins it's as simple as that. So cells that adult and out we can move on and dark Red Sox and Paul sterling -- wrap -- the referendum. About you know we never really -- we have experienced he's gonna open with tomorrow never really -- tonight and that really got into via the players championship which are probably at that as well five point artists as -- -- whoever you know -- why do we -- up to the goal -- -- go to bed at a time -- a game seven the sudden death. I I think first of cadets at the demand by name sent everybody home I think. Jerry Horton also known as Lugar QB fluent tomorrow for a while the pupil yeah yeah. Made a great point if hockey world like that second period every night. Wouldn't be America's pastime would be bigger than the NFL wouldn't be the greatest sport without debate without argument. On -- on our on our plate in game four was a it was yours or overtime game and this game last night was fifty times it was it was a -- a lot of drop it was Hagler who really cool it was hagel parents because. Stamina I was at the end over those yet like who's gonna. Brian again who am in the discus throw him makers and who is going to just fall down first and I know it's a little bit in the session to see who has. Their legs under them and -- is every shift -- -- who's run out of gas. And where it's -- -- defenseman the run out of gas to play like twice as much as the full strength and I don't know it's funny how that works for the year. And hope we gonna start mark this down as we watched beer for that sounds a bit tired can't help getting out of the home they think he says. These -- said the series. How many times in the -- Patrice Bergeron but when the -- you should be an investment investigation that's -- the third -- and what -- -- -- when he does the Blackhawks games he says Jonathan -- -- -- -- the -- of this to be an investigation is very into the juniors where these guys and yes he's a -- and a very good it juniors in medicine hat red -- read it here. And I think that's probably plant in the Canadian audience there are there more into that than Americans. And he's showing off it's an artistically on thing de Janeiro American equivalents I mean do we care that Jackie Bradley junior was. Georgia have you ever listen to this station and broadcast. The only here's what they didn't double it with a major in ecology -- -- I think a year like mystic known major -- does -- adult -- and -- said no with. Read the media got out purposes though. That's -- works as you do. Well. Let's -- media -- -- used. -- a point about the team that's more desperate not necessary to better team and I think -- or go the other way on that. I am not going to read quote for the one million time Bill Parcells favorite thing but one thing to and that is -- eight team. No they have two chances to get something done they are much less likely to get it done on the first opportunity by the I don't say. Nobody likes ladies hanging from their -- island Providence have -- to donuts center right there is a safety net there was a safety net right under the Boston -- and that is reflected in the intensity. And the emotion and the jump that they bring to the and this really wanna win this to mind what if we don't we seductive. Don't -- goes hand in hand with the with the road home yeah. The Bruins are now all went five in game sixes. Under quote it with a chance to close -- the other team so it's epidemic. And there are three and one in the game -- like that you know three and one of the game sevens this will be the fifth right. So they'll probably win at home in on the got the crowd the crowd matters. -- despite what he case -- says he says he loves it can't wait I think you'd prefer to be in this center bell. Like last night but -- here they earned this this is why you play this way when the president's -- you know. -- play game seven -- home I was the better goalie right now. Price is the most important position and I think that's the softest goal of the series was the pet pet turtle no question and and I I'm what you -- because I'm all for blame and Ciara. -- but that goal was soft as a sneak a full out. You know plate wreck that was that was bad right between electric between the legs on rolling puck with no. No traffic going in front of them -- kind of pushed it through Lex was bad does that play was for -- Chart was worse and he'd just stopped equipped and I Goldman hand on your for a minute -- are. You're actually bags there Hanks say first. -- -- -- -- on that was lost yet Torre crew opted Soledad not a -- would -- to recruit did. But they all buckled under the pressure they all let their teammates down and no mention no. Well where's the captain on that yeah tags and and I'm sure is not the only beat guy right and hand he's not the only beat guy who blame the young defensemen. Who are I and the justice guests who are young -- young defenseman by the young. Bruins young defenseman. -- at the beginning of this game I think the -- the atmosphere the intimidation level of the -- and the noise the frenzy everything else got into their heads every. I'm Kevin Miller is -- 26 year old rookie race who's just out there. -- now do what is best price just try to keep its head above water -- anything that moves get in the way you guys. Chatter is. 88 finalists for an arsenal if you heard the QB in said he should win that guy. That guy who stood there and watched -- pitcher ready pushed the goal put the park between breasts legs. That guy should win the award that goes to the best he -- -- the Citi stock lost it ought to turn overs he looks slow he suffered if you got a call charter all time great fine. Socked by his standard last night he was he's all right that is their last night that guy DJB think should be the Norris trophy watch it again watch who ran for game again last that it wasn't his best game but he was good. Watch are in -- the game seven -- dale. Tell me you would give the other -- guys and DJ DJIA had only Hagerty. Tell me these guys tell me you want -- on the Bruins over super and tomorrow night with delight to -- you know what's wrong they'll say these so much better defensively he gets its defensively I don't think this kind of look like a slouch offensively now. Does he look like Kevin Miller -- Miller. Probably better defensively portrait like crew defensively. Course not you. He's good he's strong. No he's tough he's was the best player on the ice he's the best forget -- -- -- simple -- -- the -- he's the best -- a better -- -- -- -- -- He's the best hockey player in this year. I would rather have it set about me if I were on the Boston Bruins as a young defenseman -- choked. In its beauty old defenseman that quit he quit on that play he stopped skating. I don't know whether it was in decision I don't know whether it's fatigue. I don't know whether it is an injury but watch that play again as bad as Rask was on that capture ready goal. -- was able I don't know if at all if you watch it yeah I mean these are trying to start companies like he's going for laughs in there all the way -- it's kind of what would call it. If again it is right there were accurate he's got to reach at this rate it could make a play the polls. Would not be -- Under the circumstances in and pierce added he doesn't wanna get a hook. It is wanna you know hook public just knock off the puck that I -- -- I expect -- ago. Hamilton. -- in the mean temperature chart knows how to make that play in that situation is probably that it. You 300 times which has been better than Hamilton. -- The better all around player -- improved -- for -- -- -- start and I don't know -- arts are strong tough enough on the defensive and are giving them ample reason offensive defenseman. -- -- -- I don't think he's as he compares to each other elements of on the ultimately close but. As it's been an inch or -- -- -- bad series. I don't stuff I don't there's no cheering in the press box is their another unwritten rule we are unaware of the there's no criticism of the iconic that in a charm. Again that's all seem to be in and -- I -- I know criticism but I mean they got beat back quotes obviously each is blamed. Your -- about courage and I mean I -- back at your pal -- just blamed. Miller. Hamilton -- and didn't mention. The captain the Bruins young defensemen choked. -- the old defenseman he quit which is worse than joking at least when you Joker try. -- Campbell to recruit the there were trying out there that was. I expected him. Apple's court was to grab the back of his spy in live off as he'd torn hamstring or some Kevin Miller. Was undrafted -- twenty sexual rookies played 46 games total in the NHL. And you're gonna leave this. Now at his feet. And not a at that generous this this loss is tired as Chara will condition -- never read a word about it and he can't he do anything physically and ship like he should metabolic assets Chicago last night Bigelow -- in a row -- the one I mean if the Bruins win this series -- going -- And they play and they play Pittsburgh in the next round and -- a better. You better after that if they play I don't what are we supposedly is great stamina does it look like this does he look like I got hold of this. Before the playoffs -- -- when it ends is not going to be pretty as he's gonna appear like he's skating in mud he's -- appears a ways off five years up those contract. I'm not saying he's done and to -- when -- that big and lumbering. And there are Vasquez go around you it's going to be you know Willie Mays issue it's gonna be uncomfortable to watch and it's going to be tough. For people to make the case that you're the best defensemen. In the NHL. East's finalists to ban is not for the -- he might win it. What team has the vezina trophy winner. And the presumptive. That isn't trophy winner of the silky and that was the -- trophy winner and perhaps the Norris trophies and that via and they got. Completely -- on that and the place. By the Canadian do you think if Bergeron doesn't win do you think yours right you think you'll actually -- -- -- -- the decision general topic professors issue globe's spotlight. And you mentioned Erica hunt -- that subcommittee and answer Anderson Cooper will look at -- sit down with the with him 617 sevenths at 793 sevenths so that brings us to game seven. -- -- -- You're below -- each on game seven looking ahead to coming back to Boston in their building can't dwell on anything going to a game seven this is there for. -- guys that have been around here for a couple years -- -- 12 since 2008 so. So we're looking forward to right now we're putting everything else behind us and we know low one game you know winner moves on. So Lucic. When he gets home. Boston will miss that open net. Is that we're to believe yes because yes -- -- -- these chances shirt to the city it's close to where his apartment it is forget when I comes to a Oregon Daria Dolan. Oh eight the the the defense that you squeeze in the you know you squeeze in the -- stick to tight. Figured there and you're trying too hard you buy that know that they do that game one I was in Boston. Yes I mean there's pressure on them right I mean the president's trophy winner that's apples to win so it's still an explanation. But I've acquired or question sessions beginning of this program. Is this encouraging or discouraging. That they are controlling the play. Long periods of time. And just not. Finishing the apply I'd be a from the Bruins and discovers this morning that's you know you're going game 71 game the old point flip thing you're facing Kerry price and yes that's to me discouraged I mean. Maybe the score five goals tomorrow but I would be really discolored race. Usually discard. It but just luck that I will -- coverage -- what are you could break that tied the you know what do you think. I think it's more than just an aberration I think it's a trend. I think there's a certain aspect to whatever the Bruins are doing out there obviously the -- and those are working to get those kinds of shots. They as eighteen. To use at work are choking on their opportunities are they not. As eighteen. They're choking on their opportunities. I guess. -- crossbar in the post is a music is. Suddenly taken from that I don't know I agree I was critical to replace Erickson a crisis. He has a lot of Katherine Harris and he doesn't carry -- right when when you hear the -- you say while. Good try try -- animals don't next time you. -- and I can see if this is just the opening lately which soup and you know from the point is always kept this little but with -- Ericsson in half the not. -- he would -- price brawling. We get back in the position he had room to bury that Andy get off the crossbar. Is that -- -- -- -- Less than. Like Tyler Aisha Campbell times answers -- right sometimes it's been bad luck but sometimes -- bad shots as you hit it doesn't mean it's it's a great shots if they're choking. If that's the case like x.s and they're choking. What changes in game seven is there more pressure and drop -- on your side. But the pressures on. Last year we saw them in game seven desperate against Toronto -- they were on the ropes then it was loss was over and we would have to sit there at the end of that seasons and -- much underachieving tag at west that they almost in the cup right. There and that's what again it's round to a -- out round one. But there and that's what again what if they don't we in the most bad season. -- -- it's -- Argentina failed not for them it's a failed season if they did presidents cup. Winners. Best team an -- agree all agree the best team knocking on the play lose to the media what do they give a second round a bunch of goals then it's legal it's. Jon Huntsman it's the sentence the young defenseman -- is the young defenseman the young diphtheria. How do you leave this at -- -- of Kevin Miller and I am not. Z not big Z word written anywhere about how bad urged ministers I would a look at me to do with game two's plus five obviously that's a great game OK I don't think so. It was a plus -- media hypocrisy plain bad game there. But he's looked old. He's looks slow -- hired. He's made some weird mistakes to put the puck movement result not deepens all yeah he says it terrible past behind that last night I mean he's looked really. Shaky and I appreciate apathetic from time -- it's the worst at Brooklyn you know what it's probably. In his defense. He's probably elect three broken -- What the -- some kind of like our John Lackey sucked for an entire season but he criticized him and then to find out that he needed Tommy Johnson is Zell was saying that threatened to generally with -- hockey guys and they kind of disappear. Find out a month later after the season's over that he would like as long betrayal broken sternum. That collapsing and he was bleeding internally between appeared to win in game. Like an IV that is. Bottom half his left leg amputated supporters find it really at local three toes removed between -- -- but -- but it's the which is -- you know relinquish in the guy's heart you're absolutely not. Notes I thought that naturally big news is that gonna find out he had. You know three broken ribs -- -- wake that chain as a -- yes right yeah another bad sign that debt is one big mistake we means I think we all underestimated how good trio that we look at the scope colors of the Bruins this is close. It's pretty close unit -- -- marked on Saturday at a price that's why I'm glad someone -- your house after division is a price that's why they're going to win the -- If much -- wins this game tomorrow night and I guess it depends on what it looks like when it happens are we then it's still going to say. The better team lost a seven game series or do we have to reassess and reevaluate who we think is the better team I say beat. It's a game like there was last night frighten me -- can't I think they say is what's gonna happen Bruins gonna win. And the Rangers -- gonna win and medals set all it will be like Toronto -- Just got to put -- and moved on. If they play either the ranges of Pittsburgh that -- favored a particular raids witnessed via the Durban two games in the last three. When did actually two games in Montreal were you look at the Bruins say. Would you pick that team against Pittsburgh I I think the most discouraging and obviously Chara look old and tired music is concerned. Your goalie looked shaky last night and it was the first time in the seers who returned to recount all the the goals in the weren't any soft these Detroit's two breakaway on Trevor -- is one marvelous. Just a great move by a great player that was soup and the other will stop one of those the other one. Was there. Stopped -- last night. -- looked shaky and when you look at him you wonder. Is it easy and too much use and you think that -- an eagle is its a solemn and you just stunned watching -- do enough. Many thought he looked at charts and that's maybe thought -- I was gonna knock my office correct. And set but that's still no excuse -- to let down. Means that maybe each are thought Prescott if they -- for thinking you -- I got it usually doesn't winner I don't think guys that -- -- -- let him handle that. And that your interests. Of the crack there and a and scored and that was the biggest goal the game when you say -- apple deputies and -- the Bruins score look at the same thing resilient chances there they scored it's 11. But the Bruins win at that point except -- scored first. -- true if you -- big birdies but you wind and they played on as we. Plano they didn't call a game played a team that scores first wins it's as simple as it is said it is we make such a big deal out of it. All he can do school for clears out wait it out that yeah artists whose column read all would be a terrible a -- -- that question I have about. Paragraph number three the first Claudette began. Well you know I'm not taking a way you'd think any credit away from the team played well tonight at -- you don't. When you look at the first Cole who missed the -- can and they don't let it. Second goal is a goal that probably heard some folks because of how weird you know spending a lot of the time winner and and then we had some great chances -- -- that kind of you don't turn the tide around and then them in there through Gore's power play goal. If he speaks at third language. -- well like the Latin Spanish for something. If you -- he's a third well -- seems like he's close animal is so fluid both here in Tennessee good pretty cool girls in the Stanley Cup finals there's some -- in Spanish broadcaster rushed the bank answered. Yeah pressed subsidies more into speaks French. Jewish. Yeah it's as simple as that -- -- -- 6777579837. -- four will join us at 930 phone calls fault lines are open -- calls are next and when we come back. We have to differentiate. And decide between drunk. Dementia. Or just plain old -- say the Bruins young defensemen choked.

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