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Behind Enemy Lines, Montreal: Bruins Win Pivotal Game 5 in Boston

May 12, 2014|

Mut and Merloni check in with TSN Sports Radio in Montreal and talk to Tony Marinaro about Game 5. Tony thinks the Bruins should CUT Shawn Thornton for his water-spraying antics. Tony provides us with 3 reasons why Montreal will win; None of them are actually on the roster.

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Let's go up to Montreal. Doctor a buddy Tony Maher RO 690 TSA and in Canada game six tonight at. The Bell -- Tony -- little -- It's fantastic. Knowing that things you know when -- -- hibernate. You welcome all you -- yet you temple area -- when the bear wakes up. Yeah you've got some issues in the unbearable up. On Saturday night and it -- the -- Canadians arms off. The way to understand that by Wednesday night that there will be put to sleep. For good. -- -- port number for you Tony this weekend and and the Canadians -- really tonight up this weekend and eyes 514. 663977. As the phone number for the royal Montreal golf club America's. And you wanna call there and book I would say how many -- time to think the Canadians -- for tomorrow morning before. The sixteen guys want to play day after an annual screen you are right that numbered out -- -- them up with tee times offered more more. Your water boy for tonight's game to be shot important here MI epic moment shall listen we approve cloture didn't approve. No. You don't like you'd like big 500. Boston never troops. But to keep on doing it all over and over and over again Andrew Ference. With the finger and Sean -- and spraying the water bottle. -- a -- Boston last week he came out -- issued a statement you wanna know why because of everything that happened with the Donald Sterling incidentally decided to issue esteemed wanna send the real message. Wanted to get rid of -- to want to get rid of the guys guys got a call -- -- a -- that statement a couple of idiots on Twitter -- -- important. Can't lie -- that guy the guys it is the brewery on this and if they wanna send a message one picture released this guy the guy's a mockery to your hockey team he's embarrass him. All -- people not maybe doesn't dress tonight put you you do very nice job of deflecting when the team loses is that the reason why the Montreal Canadians lost there was because Michael Terry for some unknown reason. Doesn't believe in speed once the match the Bruins power cross dissolve there and Murray is out there meanwhile -- -- -- -- Briere should be in that game. Michelle Terry and blew it last game he absolutely blew it to grow this hurt you should not have been in in that game. Briere this is the reason why they got him he should have been in the game Murray the Bruins on the last line change should not have been in the game ever and and you've got to change the logic got to get Thatcher right away from the draft. I'm Kara let's -- yeah that's yeah -- last change at Montreal and make a difference in under tonight Eric look I would change the lines. They hung on for dear life in game three in period number three didn't score a goal in game four why would you change the lines in game five. Because -- -- an Al coach in the series and he's overrated coach replied I don't now he's not being a coach he got out coached again I don't you'll Julien makes one move puts -- and Matt Frazier. That line scores three goals of the five -- goals in in two games at Joseph Perry has got -- finger up his nose in Douglas Murray back in the lineup. Did -- had a a tiny Tony thought. If he changes the lines tonight they're gonna win the hockey game now always spoke on Friday yes I did your prediction for game five that I don't. Your tears yes you didn't just and what was the prediction game five I said they were gonna lose the Canadians were correct yesterday it. And what I tell he was gonna happen in game six days ago wind and and and win again well then that's -- that's exactly the way I think it's gonna go now you know the whole show untoward thing I alluded to a before. But really we knew we understand we do. He hasn't been the same since this. -- John Ford this guy. Is about as close school -- -- and cousy and get through six say to send the data moves forward. Scott averages -- and. Every every -- every big but it's gonna go down it is great fighters gonna go down once in awhile. But you are under you like this entire series -- -- right now. And look at -- foot. Brooks or pick and then hammers him when he's down on the -- and then. He issues the apology. This -- my job August -- humans. That's -- this guy twice what it was an article -- -- exactly today what sports -- what works what -- Morton did which I don't think I agree with by the -- the coach got it right he can't like those actions but. You've got to tell me. Out of my visor really it takes about 12 the white water up my advisor and then -- clearly against so why the victim today which case you bonds. Loves to do. Hey look I don't know altered the commitment and perhaps that he can see straight right only he knows what I do now. Is that -- foreign intentionally did something and did you see the images of him -- -- And enduring a fan base not a fan -- Saturday -- is a grade as a Bruin he's a pretty. That's -- he's the kind of guy. But -- suckered orbit the way he did hear what issues the apology and then turns it looks at his buddies and probably says hey you know what the guy must've been embellish and other than him. I I -- I'm gonna have a tough time Moyer retired speech years of -- -- important fourth line guy may be sure way about the candy -- penalty the penalty Max patch ready shell went up in Weaver and Ariza or awful. Like not like you rarely hear about Sharon -- team to ensure the Bruins dominated them from the middle and was dropped literate and -- Important it's a worry it is because this article. -- They're getting calls -- scored on the play and that's other 66 penalties were called on the -- and sex is a word after it was. It's not going to coordinate our area Tony called the league your fans called I want one up there -- candidate total -- that you can five luxury the Bruins are the Bruins are so in them the Canadian heads right now mark now and they they are threatened not renting space they at least -- apartment. In the brains of Canadian fans today it up again that he. I mean the coach Perry can't make the right call the team looked out of sorts I've no fate tonight. In Montreal besides magic's Tony. What are you relying on -- from Montreal wins game he's missed his magical so but I magic what is it that I don't get it done from Montreal passion intensity. History. Don't dislike for the bulk of that -- -- -- like what quickness has cast replaced black gold. And it's packed into it and ordered that each and if history are better speed Douglas Murray yes that's a better speed than Douglas or anybody has better speed and -- Actor acknowledged that felt that the Yankee fans lived in the past but this is unbelievable you all the adrenaline always beat number history there there. Why they're -- document. The Montreal Canadians. I've detected a flaw in Tuukka Rask keen to him and that is if you put traffic in front of them and you shoot the puck high -- made up story you're gonna score. Do you really believe that the Bruins came out instead of Carey Price figured out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't Bruins audio -- Canadians aren't just an important job Scott and Tony you've got to have a few minutes ago boys or water here voicing your brain not overly inaudible Doug Campbell -- said that when winter prices green. Yeah it's low so I wanna try to go higher in those situations and you guys ran when it coach him up at all for our goal it's not. What he said get ready with every call we get screened at the level that's. That's 152. Kilometer bombs slap shots boom -- decent band. Air coming into angle and the -- bulls open only supposed lasers openly concede are there extra mounties are for the Canadians loose tonight around period. Now patrol one you have to bring I don't even wanna think. It makes me sick to my stomach to even just trying to and not just abroad well many in the Canadian I don't here's here's the I don't think they'll listen to man here's the positive yet last I want to see Jeanette are now. Tonight the president I doubt it. I -- they listen. When they went and it's my intention to make my way down the Boston game seven you guys -- some studious based on their use. I have a studio we have a studio right here. Would write little tour are visibly on the Stabile and right here next to -- -- they -- studio couple computers yes outboard their. -- put your right there won't get want to organize that I want for total currently North Atlantic area -- -- and actually we can and you're places in the dollar yeah no doubt it was -- -- comics of ravioli symbolic sauce to -- rule will welcome -- are are you in the north academic it would tell you what he -- a peek at. Is directed -- I don't we don't fix when they win the series in Boston -- picture that you're send me speaking you'll get an autograph. A picture or autograph all that Al gitmo water bottle halls that elsewhere the guy's basement has been the best player in the series there you go to squirting again you know listen to us -- It. And as really think the series or two incidences if you believe that the other Bruins finally found their mode joke and it went up to do with equities -- -- -- -- And brutally advocates up. Template and so we decide is one of you when you listen I want this into buffalo some special pleased objectives of the. It's. It'll okay. Next Tribune -- a -- nice Greenville. Beautiful land that sunk by a beautiful man. Yes. ROL Dracula yeah. Did not done on you guys that he found that dogs were reason. Jerry Rice said he found the dogs for -- I think he found the dogs. Apparently Jon -- Monaco. It did work or not they're gonna do a John. Johns are gonna do it John's going to be held tomorrow that you -- John. -- Loved -- Leno and Dave Montreal slugged a -- metropolitan on June. Yeah the cutting edge and that's there. Certainly some wiggle around it and it ought to get at the same results -- and next out of them guys. Some sort of bizarre isn't any any of the home tonight morning in Boston. We'll see you all Potlatch. We'll wrap up the season tomorrow morning will be good to say goodbye to go to Australia for waterfront. Thought -- play in this series -- greatly are subtle cast with Tony -- is brought to you by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in the threw eggs at 47 up 93 great people great experience always a great deal and by -- Windsor place. A Wilmington. -- let's get a reaction based what is reasonable to think about -- A my boy. What -- cute gave a Mulligan forgive -- when I'm not here you better still -- -- -- -- they had to Mason melodious voice better live on on the show. As ago sports 61777979837. Phone number AT&T text line is 3793. Several come -- -- I knew I knew it. I knew -- Walpole have -- a positive spin. On Jeanette. Jennings dropped below. The patriots taken her in the second -- will talked of possible in all your page Bruins goals next -- -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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