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Big Bad Podcast: Bruins push Canadiens to brink

May 11, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and DJ Bean break down the Bruins' Game 5 win over the Canadiens and look ahead to Monday's Game 6.

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Welcome to TD garden everybody my name is Mike for -- joined as always by Bruins expert writer for WEEI dot com DJ being. DJ things could have gone really any better but the Bruins in game number five a pivotal game early. In this series as they all are won a series is tied 22 the groans come out and really. I thought exerted their will term though a lot of the Bruins used early in the series something they thought they really needed to do. And they did that thanks to the power play and getting on the board. Early in this game. Yeah I mean that they carried the play mean in some games especially early on this series mean you look at game one where they're getting a lot of chances just not finding ways past Carey Price. He's found ways to kind of carry the play. Tonight's. Lot of penalties lot more if for whatever reason the garden has turned the place for all the penalties are called on the bell Centre for whatever reason. You finally get the power play going to take away the chances generally from Montreal mean there and he had that chance -- -- had a partial break. They got some chances and they obviously got a couple goals but. To grass doesn't allow all five on five goal hasn't done it since I think dale we steam three. So. Things are trending in the right direction for the Bruins well things are trending in the wrong direction for the Canadians. With sixty minutes left to figure it out I said during the game I tweeted that. Took arrest has been big at big moments in the -- tonight in the game when he had to be he hasn't made a lot of huge saves. But when he has had to be big he has been that. In net and I know you're writing about this on WEEI dot com that I think -- Canadians might start to. Question themselves and just how many chances good chances good looks they're gonna get at -- Wanted that's what's when the Bruins are at their best. You don't notice how what a good goaltender Tuukka Rask is like again everyone liked to watch the Bruins games -- at the end results and you'll say it. Got a guy allow one or two goals may be -- a shut out didn't make too many sensational saves that's exactly what the Bruins want they want to be a tough team to play against. A team that takes away your chances and agents you do get. They happen to have one of the best two or three goaltenders in the world behind them so. That's the issue the Canadians face right now early on the sea -- earlier on the series who for seven periods of the series it's. Howard of the Bruins get past Carey Price they're getting chance after chance after chance but. They dig up the three Eagles in in game one stymied really throughout game two until they came back in the third there. They're getting chances just weren't very than some mist nets he saw a lot of hit posts. Not capitalizing. Canadians are now or try to figure how to beat to grouse but it's not a simple. We just got to put the puck about it you know we have the option we got to hit less post he had to this the idea that. You -- create against the guy first -- people firfer all the time what they've crutches on early on the series in just get on the ice and Europe's scoring chances they were working for those chances there are getting them. The Canadians are getting those chances and once they do we then they afterward it was too good. One area that the Bruins may have been questioning themselves and rightfully so is. One in the world were they gonna finally score a power play goal against the Canadians in the playoffs they were we did the calculation during the game. Oh for their last 37 against the -- against the Canadians. In the man advantage in the playoffs dating back to game number two I believe was of the 2009. Series against Montreal Michael Ryder scored. Again a goal late in the second period of that game. But they have really struggle over twenty in 2011 obviously they won the Stanley Cup that year they were both pretend before finally breaking through tonight. Two power play goals we saw Riley Smith get a good break in front a redirect in that goal. Really got the Bruins started got a -- actually up to a two nothing lead and then -- crew with a beautiful pass a funding to Rome again well all alone on the left side. Yeah I needed that first power play in the second period the one on which crew redirected I'm sorry Smith three directed. The other Doug Hamilton shot thousand sensational power play maybe it's because it was on a penalty taken late in the first period to come vote. Get a fresh seat she device and it's then you can -- do you want. That was a really good power play the type that you thought as the seconds were winding down and it. If they don't score on the power play and they go for three or four for five Snyder never. When they feed you the line of we don't we got some really good looks you actually have to buy it than say that yes they -- look good title like they did. In game one where they had a really good power -- on -- -- in the second period they just didn't manage to score. Tonight that second period early on very good power play. A 22 seconds later I believe the one on which they -- we'll scored. Some sort of defense a breakdown happens there for Montreal where -- got seemingly everyone in the corner proves able to send that pass out. And I know that the -- the biggest issue there with for the Canadians is the defense of coverage but. If Tom bride jumped in front of the net is that past is coming by me it was like two -- crew rifle that overdue you can't get through it can't get through you gotta get a stick on it so. A bit of -- missed misstep failed opportunity whatever you wanna call. On the on the part of John and you got bureau would give low wide open on the doorstep there we saw him miss other similar a chance in game one. Doesn't miss this time so yes. Generating some things in the power play. But again. If you're the Bruins as you go to Montreal. Do you want a scene of a game like this where they're calling that many penalties or do you wanna try to play the entire game five on five. It could Julien has his druthers there is no special teams happening at any time ever. In the brutal take that -- -- you they go back to Montreal you wonder if that'll happen again at the at what nine power plays they give the Canadians in the first two games. Two in the second two games want to move to Montreal -- by the second period they'd already given them for tonight so for whatever reason. It's the guard and were Montreal gets all the calls -- the -- power points. All right something else that's definitely going to be talked about heading into game six Monday night in Montreal is what happened in the final minute. Of game number five here tonight at TD garden it was -- case to bomb in the final minute the play in neutral zone skating around. And the video we've pretty much clearly shows somebody squirted him. And upon further review -- happen to be Shawn Thornton. Here's PK Sudan and Shawn Thornton having some words Thornton got a big kick out of that he was -- them. TV -- definitely showed that instant bond said after the game. It was a little upset by it how will this play out how all that dynamic play out is this just. Something that'll be glossed over is sick and growing growing growing the next 48 hours. Not to be a media member who does like rolls his -- that the media but. You can imagine that this will get talked about a lot I personally. No matter who would happen to. It's a pretty low character thing to do and if Shawn Thornton did it and shame on him slap on the wrist or whatever. I -- care of sir -- little it -- guy. Yeah that's a frustrating dumb thing of him to do. Nathan nor did the thing in 2011 or he squirted the fan it's a stupid dumb thing to do don't do it but. In civilian puts it out there and on the biggest. Somebody did it today it's it shouldn't be a big deal but just but this is exactly what happened and I know that -- did dubious story for three days and basically gave the Montreal media freer -- -- a lot of those guys Monroe media but it gives them for your raid. To. Get carried away with this and that's something that happens in the post season I guess from different needed different media. I just wish that everyone could be. Chill as the Boston media like us no one is more children teaching look at us just thrown out here just relaxed. No water squirting it no questions asked one thing Johnny boy -- will leave the viewers with this. DJ and that is boy -- said after game number five that he things game number six. Is a must win and he says that I think something to say it is a dumb thing to say perhaps and it's obviously not factually accurate. But the thing that obviously he is referencing his 2011 when the Bruins went up in a very similar situation had a chance to close out. Game number six and lost two to one and then escaped -- miraculous 43 win. In overtime in game number seven the Bruins obviously wanna avoid that. Yeah yeah I've I've yet to play my first NHL game so I can speak about this with too much perspective but. The whole idea of must win like when you're in games when you're an elimination game yes obviously you must win it. You have to give your best effort in nine times out of ten you're gonna give your best effort. The teams with the exception of what the twenty a lot of flyers usually don't come out illumination gay girl like you know what. It's all you right you'd you'd just take this -- seems like you've got some something in mind go -- -- that. I think that each playoff game. Every player takes immensely seriously. Whether it's game one of the series game to game three of 4567. I think that the Bruins have the wherewithal and have the experience to know. That it's a very bad idea to leave some -- seventh game in that sense yes it's a must win. But no factually it is indeed not to -- would we will see. What happens DJ -- and myself. Will be up that Bell Centre in Montreal on Monday night follow all of the coverage on WEEI dot com once again in game number five the Bruins. Take it by a score of fortitude they lead the best of seven series in the second around. Three games to two -- is DJ being -- Mike betrayal I have at TD garden WEEI dot com.

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