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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday -- The Sox are back at .500 & the Taking Stock of the Pats Draft (5-11-14)

May 11, 2014|

The guys get into the Red Sox trying once again to get over .500 and Pedroia in the leadoff spot. They also discuss the Pats draft and their picking a QB leading to Belichick's assessment of how much time Brady has left.

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Let's touch on the Red Sox in the draft real quickly. We go to some calls the right center after that who the Red Sox and the patriots all Red Sox within eight to three when Jon Lester. The other good outing evened his record of foreign four. When he gets mark emperor has been one of -- prized baseball but being handled him well seven innings for its. Three earned runs eight strikeouts three walks the last 203 pitches I think the bigger story. The Red Sox three -- top three guys in their order Pedroia victory -- Ortiz. Were seven for eleven which six RBIs three walks no strikeouts and they -- 55 pitchers seven for eleven. The first three guys in the order they -- 55 pitches there walked. Three times they had six RBIs I mean that's. That's the Red Sox last year. Guarantees to any whining about extra hits aren't in this game was over -- was -- just from the night before the images from the outlawed by. Where you yet your asses handed to you and your -- no hit and you're pre game storm in the next days complaining about lost it yeah I even though -- right by the way. I don't we is that just like the day he walked in the Francona and the and his -- where he used to it as you that he was he was a big clot that day but it comes with the territory it's like him whining about my country and and and I go case by case that the amenities when he -- dramatic walk off homer in the ninth and when he visits little sick kids in the hospital and does the point being it to the test now let's not end in all of that that's great stuff is a wonderful guy. You know how much I also but does it -- the coin over pick it up turn it over. Big baby and -- it well but you know much I care about our obsess over 500 -- 500. For the second time they have a big rallied on government they're the senior -- and everything. All. 500 day he has -- John Lackey is a big -- on land and unlike back the federal bring the big flag out in left field and at the Boston Pops up there -- and a field. Patriots draft it would summon up they got a stork -- and a gallon they got more Thomas White and a Fleming. They got -- easily and they got to -- -- apple. So what sticks out to Youth League quarterback -- percent to get to the besides quarterback what sticks out -- patriots draft and much of the draft. -- You know and a series with the quarterback. -- -- It -- IE. Was shocked by that I was shocked by their apparent acknowledgment that the clock is ticking on break. And Irish shot by the fact that they've made a move that clearly has nothing to do with 2014. Season. Agree yeah that that has zero to do it next year with Brady. Where he can hurt with a season start heaven forbid. That that was all about. Eight future that obviously we can't determine. What you need to beat three in four or five years down the -- other than assay. That Brady's gonna be 37 years old and that he keys. What's he got led to three years while according to him three for a commie -- splitting here's what we're saying is the but I slice it. Not really because the contracts so the key that rookies assigned to a four year contract. -- option for a fifth year on the on the movement my point is we're splitting hairs on -- ever used Brady has slept in that. To what 33 of four contract no contract I mean if it were at the point now where the next injury he has. It could his left -- blow. It in his last injury but the injury to begin the downward spiral when he had the injury in. Clearly. After yet the undefeated season in a wait. And I was epic game is limping up the field and it kind of knew he was the way it was going up but you wouldn't be back -- but because of the nature of the injury in youth. He he was able to bounce right back the next year and clarity ensued. You know what when about the contract was that what's significant -- agree with -- to the controversy for the patriots. Is that you know here they signed Darrelle Revis in the offseason and start this. You know we're going forward mentality that Brady's window was closing while we're not saying that their actions speak louder than words then they take a second round pick. And draft the guy was probably not gonna see the field so as a fan -- -- I know you can't have it both ways but I want it both ways -- both excited but we got a guy who might be a future quarterback. Yet I'm not happy that they in this year when Brady's window closing that they passed on another guy who might have been able to help them this next year so. I -- both ways and why can't have it both ways to either one of the other. I wished he took a guy instead of a quarterback with a second round pick although history tells me that Belichick's second Olympics aren't the greatest in the world. Ron Brace -- Butler Chad Jackson he said has meant more misses than he said he gets in the second round so. Chris -- has managed. Article this morning. About Bill Belichick talking about what happened -- the out. Indianapolis Colts when they went from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck and Belichick says. I don't think we were put together a team the -- Indianapolis tip when they lost Peyton Manning and they go to and fourteen I don't think that's really what we're looking for. Unfortunately we lost Tom in 2008 when a player Matt Cassel could step in and we won eleven games. We wanna be competitive even if something happens to a player at any position. I think -- is always important you never know when you're gonna need it but I don't think would be happy going one and fifteen we had an injury at one position so. His comments compared to what happened with the colts. I don't know I think I think people are intrigued by the quarterback it in the hearing now what's what was gonna do for. As a patriots. You don't want this -- on the field at all you know. You want him in that Matt Cavanaugh role. When a baseball capitol and clipboard ya are you know -- Michael bishop in the pre season games. Well you -- he won't be Michael bishop for one reason because EE if you recall on I think you guys talked about this yesterday a Jerry Gordon did -- the atlas. You remember the clamoring to get Michael bishop on the field. Yes there aren't that -- the the equivalent so they're crazy and and and do in the big show gland and -- the crew and and you listen to you know dale and Jerry and only other shows. People calling on Matt's. Demanding not asking not suggesting the demanding Michael bishop getting in their play football. And nobody ever seen imply that we knew that he was like this sort of like three Michael Vick type that can run north south east west into all these great things. Except that he could do those things. And as is evidenced by the fact I think Jerry made the point that he went to -- FL on assumed sent home. Could play and the they have the right idea here in having that kind of a backup quarterback who might present an exciting alternative. To a heavyweight quarterback there was little fashion you know three step drop and aerial kind of quarterback. -- the difference here is that. Whatever this -- brings to the table next year the doable under no circumstances. I think you can safely agree with me on this point. That the will be under no circumstances -- clamoring to get him one of the field and it's a game of and then. It just CMP ox in the pre season but once the season starts people. Come into this season with the understanding that at all rides on Brady of -- it's hard it doesn't right. -- week we took one call yesterday so excited about to drop it two years and now he's expecting did you know trade Tom Brady. Two years from now because drop what was the next coming that's exciting. Called. We had taken on the -- are you give -- -- -- -- I don't know. I just my -- want to explode after Steve Buckley here I'm what Stearns sports Sunday WV.

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