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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, John Lackey will not pitch for league minimum in 2015, 5-9-14

May 9, 2014|

Kevin Millar joins the show to talk about Johnny Manziel, the confidence of Xander Bogaerts, the Orioles potent offense, and the John Lackey contract situation.

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They are back to 500 and they got a big series this weekend against the Rangers. The Red Sox not Alou 937 WEEI. The Johnny -- -- of MLB network Kevin Allard joins us he's brought to you by air rest restoration specialist and by -- smoke shop and he joins us. On the AT&T hotline Kevin -- Dario. Yeah. Lot of low low low road and unload either and -- big brown and all over the brow -- that it picked on optically when. That's big -- I know roses all the -- -- I love the Indians loves the Browns. I'm a law what -- cowboy different. No not not Cowboys fan I want it to be honest with you -- operator Fran and LA Raiders you know there and -- lots and but but then from that point on. Patriots I'm Patriots stand to pick your ball to remember Tom Brady's voice come over Troy -- Bruschi -- come over and hang out a little -- -- You don't actually start root for the hammer out here that run they had back who we -- they're both real oral five. So -- you know I rooted for the Patriots all the way through a little bit the Ravens also you know got you know are all out of Orioles. Great group of guys and Flacco so it's pretty funny cap. Rely on some stuff stuff stuff stuff -- -- if you're -- -- putt. You have grates on you your your sons are are you kids -- to get the looks and their mother they are allowed to be fans. Other Red Sox and the Orioles we know they are that you cannot be a fan is a grown adult. The two biggest rivals in the AFC the Patriots and Rey aren't you got to pick. That you've played for our ball Flacco Brady Belichick. I got relation to -- -- way hotter Flacco so I wrote the pitchers or. Picture question Harbaugh it public can't cooler Belichick actually I don't know you -- only -- -- -- hot. Speaking outright picking up BO I I loved I loved Belichick's cut out for sure so now there's an all I eat in the strike -- It was -- -- -- or telecheck here and back early -- wife Barbara on. Chicken I'm like I'm lingering earned that term right now I think that -- -- I can't stand much more this at some point I'll get to baseball but one more on Denzel I was watching the draft last night and I got Italian. I see man -- I see young Milan are you a little bit out there with a bit of a wild child. Is is a -- you will to mentor him guys -- to Texas connection there view gone golfing with bands delegate total told what to expect at the professional level. -- real quick comment election been different. You know being so quick it actually -- and you get down not long Larry all that crap like you. -- -- -- -- game yet the hot chick underneath his arm and the Raiders in April 1 pick out of pocket and give them -- party party universe it -- that that might lull. Who don't want that college given their promise I walks -- -- an apparent leader well he helped front. You know club box moral of the story -- He -- I. Am back on the map you look and you're bubble watch a lot wide like an M. But man that applicable -- your your remote stop but they change the color a little bit. Exciting you got art he reminds me but Doug Flutie. -- an undersized. -- -- -- in -- now blah blah blah blah but sometimes you just can't wait to get -- Am I wouldn't like twenty years and football while banana on it wherever he played Canada. You might be -- Flutie. Go to -- I'll watch the ball right now thickened it you guys right there on the golf together to present you play golf -- everybody is a bit eighteen holes would -- -- Not I'm on my cell yet not yet I know but -- -- and he's not. Red meat and but but but entree and I'm on the part of the restart looked. I hear you man I see that body gave it all made -- nickel guy. They. Are -- let me ask you about the Sox -- it is we we always talk. You know guys track record turnaround look at the guys this is that he's done it before and and I agree to it the patient sport with a -- patient impatient fans at times. About what -- young kids that don't have track record winnable you know Jackie Bradley did defensively in to gamble but it Brooks still trying to figure what he is the big league level. Guys like that in Bogart's we all know can be penal but still young guys the patients with them -- -- -- those guys and an expecting miniature. It's such a great course who wrote the toughest thing I think commander -- to do is just really. Rely and wait and be patient on a young man struggles when you have notre spikes would know back to baseball cardinal he's going to be around 280. And 28 right in. I think that's the biggest question the -- when you get called up and you gotta keep your feet wet in order to like the Boston Red Sox. Course that the won the World Series every year they sure open march. That's what makes up your you don't have a long groups. He beat you -- along under and Pittsburgh. Camp while you all the small market CL a lot of struggle longer. But not embarked and not with the Yankees not you know not what these big market and so that's that's the question how long and in -- -- -- you're the club. And you can kind of keep goal if you start all happening pretty quick acting gonna change going to be made right now. Right now but goodness here's the American League east everybody -- it bring out or game. And nobody really got caught the Red Sox the Yankees you oil light -- -- light Blue Jays an array of players Patrick White -- -- out so I I think. The Red Sox attribute that if -- -- it got some bats to get some found a -- but in particular yet but it I'm thinking it too hard to -- at least come in Tokyo. And one of the guys who. Addicts struggled defensively more than offensively Kevin Zander Bogart's and he was asked the question about a slump and his response I loved it it was slump. This is a slump on the get out of this tomatoes have done it before. You'll like when a young guy like that responds. With that that's sort of not not attitude but sort of turns it around and -- -- -- -- a -- out of this he doesn't -- wall when it. And as I've done this before I can do it again. Yes I love his work ethic. -- spoke to Bryan Bennett but still a lot about the young man he's good looking kid he's good looking player he's gonna go through growing -- eat sensibly. You know he's got a great great I have the strike zone. Yeah it's a matter I'd love the conference that he brings he gets your heart of the Italian bubbly young eager. The pick situation for him you watch and even when he settles -- at all racial or not coincide. We -- a little while and I player like getting tired we play the superstar that they fail and the shoulder shrug yet. -- it yet not demeanor and Aaron look at I want to struggle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I look at Daly City city to make a case for everybody and I still don't believe that Toronto's got the starting pitching the arms but. Well look at Baltimore for the your starters it to -- Ubaldo Jimenez the guy. If this guy comes out second half from from Cleveland then to the Baltimore can win this division if there are atop the division I he's been -- last two outings is that. Is that the team that you kind of look at maybe more than others -- still put the other teams their. No I think the Orioles are the best offensive club. In the east wind helping Chris Davis in the cattle back there but it's hurt now McDonald back but when they got a lot. If you're expecting that they're very athletic -- Adam Colin you've got we hear you got it is a shot all Nick Markakis has got to be better power wise any expand. We look around that squad. And recruit. Talk football at the club now that you once could Albert park -- most underrated starting pitcher in the east but. Although I don't know it to be as -- as you want but mostly. You're right picking I still lean on the guys like the Red Sox don't want you -- Well you'd you'd know that Baltimore organization are you with the people there that say they are counting on -- -- and Bundy at some point to come up. And will they be a big help to Baltimore pitching staff -- I think block well you know he's got that's why you -- you have expected to make that call I think right now they're Lama got its maybe better about other don't. But it -- Colts come July. Over almost like trait that you called young stud. So you if you got our system like they have with a couple guys you're like -- they can double that big league level you'll see him at the big league level. You can always talk Bubba did defensively this team Red Sox and and start off well then lately the last week so it's another things cropped up words it's been there but. Offensively situational hitting you know again we're looking at guys that have done it over their careers. And everything before it can be contagious right we saw that last year everybody's getting big hits. I just jumps up gets big hits is that what you'd chalk up as just in time this whole thing -- just even itself out. Yeah it is it's very very hard to explain but it's contagious but they're of that spectacle gonna call while guys are wrong on that slacker thought. He saw the Tigers got the only hit all year early on and also make a lot went. -- -- You know -- it I'm not gonna stay below the Mendoza line right you're gonna actually be what -- And I think the Red Sox it's it's hard to kind of come in late that night and the like they would Craig guide for the -- are going to be out like barbaric I -- it. But they need to figure out who they are this year you know they're different squad they were a lot here's what they are together. And right now the Red Sox have played a lot better -- -- -- timely hitting Pierzynski swing the bat well you know you're you start in L stamp from buckle up it's good -- Oh great this year if he would strike out support you plot seems. I Lackey venerable so they still got that want you richt wants to see how these guys. You come out it's just it's up because they are -- good dimension which slide continued. He said he talked about a feel about Bogart's you talked about Kevin this whole what I noticed that I've watched most of the Red Sox games. But the shifting by by the teams in baseball right now I feel like we're at a point where almost every batter or the year two -- hitter with two -- runs or your Dave Ortiz. Teams are shifting it do you believe in that do you believe -- look at the metric is there to get this guy hits it. Usually here -- shift for every guy is that a passing batteries that now the future in Major League Baseball defense. Saint Petersburg market grammar and all -- -- -- I'd like to put everybody. At a position does that make sense to me that you could prove to me that makes sense -- an example out playing third base and spent like. I'm in the bottom line watch out championship or you don't play shortstop all I'm not a good a player play -- level like. All of the what goes on you put a lot of acquisition. That weird I'm sure everybody I'd get an -- I'll -- it in or eat you know that on a homer but. Really -- every single player we shade but not yet. Piano but feels pretty good at that I don't like put their basements in position to turn a double play you know they let you talk about -- just the not accustomed to doing it but it is a nice job with that don't. I don't I've been asked this before and my memories go is I get older. What is your opinion do you imagine did you see John Lackey pitching for 500000 dollars next year. -- I'm not concede act on top you don't listen black black and you don't know John Lackey. Excitement immediately guy guys. These actually eat at first wondered why have art -- But he's a warrior I have always liked John Lackey certainly is packed with being. Called all the -- eight. Watch the baseball if you everything Patten got to start the reps out there every now he has -- -- -- -- it's hurt. Never heard anything from you never hear from got right. I don't see him ever picked a good partner now that he didn't deserve the pitcher on our thousand of them Howard you know the eighties again what did you call -- So you easy you'd expect them kind of ripped it up give Mike a two year deal whatever might be three whatever might be instead. I'm not good number yeah I would expect the cap figure that out. All and done kind of a personal questions that volume on Twitter you mentioned your what your wife's birthday was it forty or they cannot that right. Fortieth or repaired right now I saw your last week was out with sarcastic or -- that you fifth birthday dinner as in my wife's. Little bit younger but -- my got to deal with like four and five different. Birthday dinners once we get to that age is that is what we put up with his husband's at that birthday dinners and okay thank. I'll hop concert in my mom's cooking the dinner there and I'm like -- sparked -- you know like it -- celebrate -- cobble could have done separated -- when it gets the job. Like the Robert all dollar per year you know blow -- most -- more way to brighter and might not gonna go to ball right up. As -- -- by the way I think we have a parked it in and night part -- here in -- About a month -- like to get into book they're not. Gonna put my. But I get to camp we want it a happy life that like a lot respect my. It's remember it's Mother's Day this weekend don't look that up -- -- another we might get another week. All right you major -- twelve dollars for the tired yet this segment we'll talk next week. Our -- that that is a Kevin largest regular guy out there with on highlights in his hair and stories about Maynor -- In his crotch when non Kevin joins us he brought you by air rest restorations specials and -- --

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