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Shawn Thornton on the game 4 win

May 9, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss the overtime win in Montreal.

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As you imagine that was the bruins' playoff play the game presented by deposit valley construction. And one of -- members of the Bruins Jerry jones' big mysteries who. Always joins today after these games shop or is brought -- you by the city of Boston credit or for power equipment and Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram -- joints and ET -- shop hurry this morning. Good so we do all this week -- five million stores prepare for these games we've we've watched them talk about it for hours and hours and hours. And the guy was chipotle eating yogurt the day before shows up pucks so puck through the supporter previewing these games here or not is a reason it. Why would do us. -- any public capital I don't are you guys can reveal or talk about or not. -- there. The special art. It's true there were no you know one goal obviously nobles of regulation -- -- controversies. The refs aren't getting in the way -- is not a lot of penalties not a lot of power plays anything take you by surprise because while you don't talk about -- you live. Is this. Series approached did you think it would unfold this way. I really mean I thought that volatility that there are you more analysts both -- just it really disciplined bowling I think the last. You gain the rest but really. There's talk about all the oil supplement just let a player got sort of negate that and get ought to consult. I'm all for. Was up Murray who it was boring but last night right the hits you right -- there -- over yes I was a helmet shot now. -- -- -- It is -- -- the week. What -- on the -- -- at the -- result I was kind of week that you. Well actually you know -- record here I didn't. Hit. A veteran opera and opera -- and property editor when he was hitting it. An idea what lower oil well it but. That's partly -- they're trying to -- people. I was wondering in this and and you know be honest Sean you're not a kid anymore you're almost. 37. How does it feel today and -- you do you have. When you slice them up tomorrow you feel good you feel ready to play. Yeah I actually going India it is the -- input output fell in months. And haven't had never felt so good going into the game -- I absolutely topic well off. They're vicious circle like -- Williams. Do you remember team. As this happens idea because they're pretty answers that you remember a team hitting the post as many times you guys -- the post. The first our games. Like 89 -- because it gives them six. Happens. He's saying -- yourself an excellent and England and let -- go into and I guess now it. It has been. A lot of top bar -- -- but three -- and Carl that he Canadian. Couple -- before that hope the hope are out there Oakland where. It's simply a simple thing now three game series you don't have the one on the road you you just have them you know maintain a home on mice. He do you look at that way how -- divide up a seven game series and at this point is that it is a three game series. It is are you serious but. I think you look at it as ought to just moral I think he spoke public bought bank. Start looking at. You know again it's sort of threw. The ball at all race exists there over. I think all focus should be on the first period more on the record in the third period of how. I approach and I picked up our. Team approaches that not -- worry -- pretty good playoffs last year. Is there more to the first line struggles or is it just a small sample size of four games and you imagine they'll turn around here at some point. Thought sure well like -- it was it was for also and that we're not even possible assault. I mean they're delusional. Five but. The other. This should be the effort there our purpose coasting around the pocket and start all in all there is should do about it. You know we were talking about the soup and obviously in the middle of everything. In this series last night according to Kenny Albert he played a three minute and twelve seconds -- You played eight minutes the whole game. I often wonder of this we can't tell on TV or even in the arena how much of a factor is fatigue a lot of times last night guys were having trouble getting off particularly defenseman. And they were gassed. Do you sense that when -- on the ice and you looking. Cultures -- or may be sent a -- let's take advantage of that -- -- are gassed. I I didn't notice there's does that -- up and -- -- any. Sudan but lucky escape for days so people don't get out corporate ownership. Of a church so power player -- I don't Barack you know. We we talked about it Oxley as a group picture in the second period longer case do and actually get -- Both are all over the blues also brought over the red so RD pitcher because they're. They're changes that you don't want that part of -- where you know pre -- -- Why do you have such good stamina as a team is upload a a taskmaster I mean is it like. In the movie miracle where he makes and do those sprints. Are all night into the night. No actually we're. We're a team -- Bertrand you know the older guys that are. Attract a lot of work -- in the offseason. IV. Hard pressed to say that the note in Britain and hit a competent British paper up there Barbara it. You look -- Robert Rubin is he got it under Ian you're trading up I think they're kind of like well. There's really take care of them so well ticket. Yeah but look we're not Robert in the you know he's all the -- don't doubt about an actor Robert -- you're not look we. Straight -- in the -- recruit guys themselves as well. Take it upon themselves to make sure relationship. Which National Anthem do you like better I like I got them and I like the Canadian one -- OK except it's really it has feels weird I. I'm Canadian and I like Vietnam the better spot I -- that he has. -- particular that are. Shall I like an old man and when this here but would senior all these words and on this older guys sent -- have like a different word for everything on the latest pretty cool -- -- -- -- and emerge or or it will -- -- -- did you see your news speak French. No not at all and it's an alcoholic it. If you order breakfast -- -- amazes me how we can give an answer in English and -- for and I'll miss a beat speaking French right it's. Maybe in Canada. Is his club or that it would close like when when the cameras aren't around them is is close like it's funny as he can joke throughout the UK breaker ball well that is sort of. Viewed as -- -- yeah. Especially mine is and you're gonna be the coach. Really ruled anything out and well all alt crop up there as well. -- -- -- But I like what in the game. Well a lot of aspects of coaching and I. -- -- -- -- -- does the uncertainty -- -- Vietnam -- for a -- -- -- in the -- and dot org if you won't hear the Mexican. Literally Wear on him but. Well it maybe you know after. Your career than double click through more government. You wanna keep playing after issue. Oil output -- good luck Saturday show we'll talk Q I guess month that are. So what are what are. I would say -- when you play them all right. We'll talk we'll talk to two or I don't policy's coverage over again. John -- drugs at the AT&T hotline.

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