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Johnny Manziel to Cleveland, the Bruins even the series

May 9, 2014|

Kirk and Gerry opened the show by discussing the NFL draft and the Bruins.

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I was right. I think we made lucid and all of my feel a little hope this is really deprived. Among a little Tennessee yet. But here's my -- -- -- the bad -- come if you agree with the schedule I spent my. 56 hours in front of the TV last night glued riveted. As I I end up. I didn't wanna I got a rhythm with a devious and two TVs go back and forth -- work that would. From -- kitchen to my office back and forth it'll TV and -- it's easy it's not that Libya campaign and anyway media and and it was so much -- with the draft that you could do that if you -- definitely accurate anyway. And it was a ritual we have on the computer -- -- held on the goal fashion and watch my TV to -- -- -- you know old school that is it's always been this is. A bizarre tactic but -- if you agree. We watched and any jail. Overtime playoff game between two original sixties you were that two original six teams. Perhaps the best rivalry in the sport. In perhaps the best venue in the sport. In the 22. Pick in the draft. Which was made by the Cleveland Browns was somehow. More exciting more intense that that that puck and -- Call me crazy that's I enjoyed the ball -- very suspenseful. But when the pressure built the moment approached for -- mentally get picked. I don't remember rate draft moment quite as crazy quite as intense or there were a couple of ten minutes spots where. Could you I was for the back with spastic could be could help every time as it was in the bruins' game at the last go back. When the cowboys were -- That was unbelievable -- -- the Bruins game and sat in front of my TV watching Ed werder from. Whenever it's called cowboy program Jonestown right. It's there mean is this really going to happen right and in a weird way I was kind of glad it didn't -- Policy you know almost imply yes yeah the other the other was jets and the that it used an usher. But I thought there's got to be a possibility. Men's Dale's going to be picture by the jets. And there's La plaza to -- about how they are making album and album sales and overkill. Why are we supposed to do last curious -- had only stories and I'm telling -- I don't know -- a good -- bad -- but he is what it's all on how mean he is you can't take your eyes off. As somebody once said the police would it doesn't matter what movie -- scene right eyes are drawn to him in a could be with the champ -- in anger could be Josie Wales. In recent scene with ten other people your eyes are drawn to one guy. When he swept right man Zell is one of those athletes. Whom your eyes are drawn charisma when he has. I call it it's Wednesday. Wendy when he ever came out of the green room. There was him in the and these are subject themselves this knowing they might -- that the trio is he knew we might. And he knew the cameraman and a -- camp on on the all time at but he can well. As much an -- program in the -- team goes. It would he ever gave them money signed the crowd gave that they. Because when you do this money is among things -- -- players. And that was perfect -- he give the money side and then he said this was all part of God's plan right well homeless guy told. God is watching them. And John -- though is Cleveland. Start from day one important. -- cells from the start he's going to be decent he's gonna beat amount increase is easily storied NFL and they obviously they had to. Toothpicks that it to make to Cleveland had a great day definitely did. -- -- Com because they not only they get the two picks in the corner and the quarterback but the first round pick from next year. And I've ever seen a team that doesn't have the first pick in the draft energize the fan base when they ever showed that scene from Cleveland. And that the what's it was like watching the scene from you know this place a year when you know the Red Sox were -- the -- Talk show hosts literally talk shows jumping out of their chairs right during live broadcasts yes. How close does -- those are actual local auction them children. Jumping out of their chairs because their team draft that. That's -- so sausage. The Philadelphia Eagles have traded the 22 pick to Cleveland Browns. With that when he second pick in the 2014. NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select -- men now. Quarterback next thing now. -- wrote the city erupts right. Right now -- a heart that the voice of the city's got rob. Are crazy -- from Cleveland put I was can be I don't. Think I didn't sense of what you Kirk that is since there was a similar reaction in New England to the year their ticket won in your big easily brought the summary of personal seem accurate -- help. I was I was I was up I'd just as a -- you know again you just won a seat but Belichick does. You and Dino who and you bolts and you'd trade though you're wrong you're -- trade up items that -- -- -- -- also -- equals around. There is nobody in the world who said that I will. We're putting our guys -- guys. What team with a team of like eight intern right. On you are in -- talking about what they're gonna do this weekend and sudden there's not a single mock draft that had Dominique -- -- -- the first stroke like as I have like 60 you already given up the search -- like I -- sausage before the show find intra marked draft that includes the third second third and fourth rounds. It was exist right sure. We'll have that by -- I'm weeks a month across so yeah August -- much time hours and watched her -- -- out of a public on the -- looking ahead if you take. If you to me if you think you want to dial -- folks are right in particular undersized defensive tackle who's on his -- twice. Protect I think what you're of them believe hosts a one that you do some some of them without his with the patriots to 1115. Is that time was that it was about eleven. 151120 he has predicted. Here yesterday 1120 they've made their panic right. The the place was still buzzing -- well. It was the story this Rendell sent men and Zell sent me a jolt electricity through radio city music call. All night. That's true he was the whatever it was it Albert if she called Ortiz the masters of the universe is the entire epicenter. They -- portals third anchor report. And salary. When when -- -- Cleveland past Arizona to Dallas Dallas past them when the jets past. -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't formally announces no hard feelings now extremely happy for. For the guy. Had no no control room that so. With all that being said I'm doing my situation worked out really well have a chip on my shoulder absolutely. We have not thought of like go too much time for anybody out there. When somewhere other than they thought they -- mobile chip on the shoulder so Tom Huntley didn't come to the process. You think you said yesterday it means -- goes to Cleveland it's over feel that way it they did a nice job of supporting him providing some support. Because. You know on the moves the enemy. Was exact move and met with the corner eighth overall but that made the deal with. Buffalo right buffalo moved up buffalo moved from eight to four to walk -- took Sammy Watkins and Cleveland dropped down to eight right. -- -- in order rounder for 2000 -- and they have a first round pick from buffalo which is a damn good pick should be. If you were in buffalo you're pretty psyched up to -- Sammy Watkins but. You happy -- no first round pick next you're not like a player away. From. Super Bowl you don't mean you're still rebuilding. And you have no first round pick next right now they might end up adding it's somehow someway or maybe Stevie Johnson. Who gets into the -- Stevie Johnson. And add some picks. But if you're buffalo you don't and I'm happy -- plan here but. We know first round pick next -- Cleveland has a quarterback the most exciting quarterback. Ever in the history of the world in the history of the sport and the cornerback. Which is vital. And they first really big next to you went to tour record acts now assuming this works out I mean they have a majority to add another guy yet through skilled offensive players. The receiver Cameron this it's gonna be got mental activities star a set yesterday stand by. Men's gonna be great quarterback in league east is a weekly I remotely believe I am kind. Here's the way I look at it I'm open he has I'm hope it be great for the sport to be a blast to watch. Give me -- his historically. At that pick when he two in the first round Cleveland has taken quarterbacks in the past most recently. Brandon Wheaton. Brady Quinn and Brady Quinn right. Who disasters both shall live -- only he can appoint either rooms -- yeah no it has no but that the end is up an area. The question vessels bought that is this a new -- now Scott rubble they'll know the owners. And whatever. Talks that -- a -- Groups is troubling which is -- life but anyway it works for the story large oval. -- -- -- -- -- almost got told the pick. Well first or sell I'll probably made union made that story. I I think somebody that has the story at some assemblyman -- -- that has on the owners and almost -- -- picture on humans -- Pictures to joining and so with the fourth pick. You'd be like that just sounds like an overreaction that sounds like a team trying to sell tickets. But the fact that they made a deal at a corner and having the first round pick doesn't sound like. There is at least some foundation for -- in a good football. Right rebuilding here good right sound football thinking. On the part of farmers and Patton. The coast Arabia's today the yes there's some between -- and if you don't like the coach who is waiting here to answer will be gone and you don't like -- coordinator -- Oregon. I say I disagree with it was a Curtis -- somebody says this morning you look. -- -- -- He looked pretty happy college scene he wanted to hear his name no matter where he was -- he wanted on -- first round here. Here's the here's the -- -- the -- -- that's all and he just give a little recap from under the main hosted that it -- your show at 29 is defined role patriots picked when he night they did not traded up -- in between. A trade out they made their first round pick which I think most people didn't think they were going to do. Now we've seen some other people now we -- nobody picked. This mock selection correctly it's not true we'll get to that the second. But they decide to go the defensive lineman Dominique -- the 29 pick who receipt. Played a Florida productive when healthy they -- is -- top ten top fifteen player in the draft. As porn both of his east -- -- secretly three games last year without September 2013. Practice Nicholas right. And missed the rest of that season so we take an injury risk and undersized guy. And a guy who. During the interview the Columbine said he doesn't watch football which recent concerns over love for the game. Well Chris garments at that story is Chris Berman as we know and -- muffin back right decent Belichick asked him you loved football when he's -- guess he said that's my guy on. -- Cutler said. Eight reach. Pattern going in the second or third round. Ray Lewis said. Well who. By the TO five. Ray Lewis said he gives a good effort that's good you want to. I watched a lot last -- zone between periods after the game. Whose idea was -- -- -- -- -- with Mel carper and a mystery grew juries is -- -- -- I -- -- good things could play in these black. All of that you know that there's other guys -- that I have made me feel a bit of a black there that's in two. Ray Lewis was agree Wheeler that's I mean that's it there's a its but it I I sort of feel bad for him because. I know I do much more. Homework and research that he does you do you know sausage to assess disclosed in the politics also from better Ray Lewis last absolutely but. Are you really. Put him in this position to succeed now you're now culprit is the ultimate walkie lives in this way I think is an -- group. I -- -- and studies on the the reason that -- and that does his homework I'm very impressive gruden he doesn't always when he does the -- those games. In his case he does he knows quarterbacks he knows these first round is Ray Lewis has no clue about anything -- about anyone and of course you know the usual suspects Richard DH in these. These critic guys say he's really doing a good job. Because that's what they wanna believe -- awful and why should not allow Obama brought a good question what even randomly not allowed on there. All he can't US side things where it was -- -- via an Ali who don't like Bristol every time it makes no sense that means that tightly he could tell you all about. Dominique Easley there's I would do -- and -- from -- never do it would remove that right side Berman and lows. Replace him with whoever keep the left side that's fine paper group must tell. Paper griddle like which is also right illegal yes but they both do their homework absolutely and they tell you things about every pick. -- reaction is always important in any hears the name -- easily. Your second or third round at best. I got here's where I brought one minute do we have a we have their reaction -- have the reaction of the ESP and crew. Let's get that full reaction here's the pick at 1115 last night most people. You know missed that watch the Bruins game at warrior went have been happy you can do is quicken up his what happened and Olympic team in the when Goodell took the podium. The New England Patriots -- and Dominique -- Defense event. -- Oh yeah. Really get inside when you know this kid. The ball it's great style. He just had some injuries well a big injury done to get better. Yeah I'll probably practice leading up to the 2011. Point eight million -- they could look at the three game that he played everything. Five tackle the backlog for. The ability to play the number wave hit that one and -- the reporter wondered -- stronger. You always -- Ability of the reason why -- body be. Round pick and that's not a first round pick home Roland nice -- by Bill Belichick and they did. That the system we would I want this creative person later this moment on you. -- -- Never let anyone tell you how -- Neither understand this in this league I promise you you're trying to be. Vehicle plus effort we'll keep you around what we'll -- -- -- -- -- -- Months of -- man and -- the -- Watson. -- look he's got. It's tough to get an -- Rayburn from the yeah yeah no objective is -- -- lineup. He'll love football. If the answer is -- their resounding yes. Okay well you're on this file over here you know you feel like football and you're on that pile there you know they're not alone. That event so that's question number 12 and three -- San Francisco Denver Seattle and you like. Berman and Berman and -- gibberish -- is there. I should say that. Like or dislike ever had always. You your -- -- the soft spot for. Yeah it's a nation that that's your analysis. A piper was good it was good -- was very good in riddles everybody but I was good he does not like this pick pissed away is what it feels like a lot of kids watching that Lewis was talking to less than 1130 this trial -- yeah. And I brought -- -- -- are better off trying hard figures better not to give just a gimmick when you have nothing to say say yeah he loves the game he tries hard against Altamont he has no way to get his alma. You know Lewis is good I'll be fair we can blast was holding looses good on -- -- -- is pretty clear Mac actually thought. He said a couple of things open -- note that was it other than that. Completely it's easy to know the first 45 guys all right anybody you can in sausage about the for -- first four or five guys right to say that the breakdown and analyzed again that nobody had in the first round find anybody yet. Let's go to Chicago hill nick underhill from math like Jerry sports Jerry Ford nails calls is perfect patriot -- office. Whom the patriots will draft even get sick dramatically correct these pro. Dominique Easley Jerusalem from bar stool. Nails that god bless them but. He looks like it sounds like one of those -- if so that some on the patriots would get in the second or third right they don't do you know the first. A Florida guy with issues. And -- that they're not Aaron Hernandez issues -- injury issues. But don't you think a lot of teams -- ago with two torn AC -- NC. We cannot take that kind of chance the first round -- yes. All all we have what we -- the -- take we thought we take a short guy could step in right away and help them. The suspect. Was. Not when it's certainly doesn't sound that -- a six he's not that tall 61 and whatever. Not that big two dollars undersized. So what is he's not an edge -- he's an interior Russia right. Interior rusher. With -- to the injuries to blown knees who doesn't watch football. You know coach in you know Burman thinks he went in the title for guys that love football yeah. And you know maybe. You know maybe bill that obviously Belichick while the -- -- Belichick sees something in him but. If they didn't pick and the patriots and taken years ago. Second or third round and obviously not -- and we've heard although Belichick resolutely talked after the jets he said he was ward -- teams after him. Taking him in the first round I think and it was -- presume them and Seattle or services cease trading. For for -- you do need an undersized guy with two a risk in the first -- can never take risks in the first. Chris first round pick for Belichick. A risky first Olympic. And normal credit cards are now analysts say at the time but it's a Florida guy and a guy that nobody else would -- on their in the when I'm on the board he does that. You know right -- yes you anyone thing -- Jackson was gonna go in the second round W eagle of the W ago well as current wrote today second round pick is usually were Belichick gets -- -- you would say. -- -- This is yeah Lucy -- in the second round -- Blue -- sort of look at thumbs down from ESPN breaks down everybody in this is Mike Reese. Is -- breaks down every pick and every by every team gives -- thumbs up and I'm Mike Reese he has Belichick and the patriots thumbs down. On Dominic he plans yet I my guess is on the Mike as well as human guesses on moment on an up it was a -- Today. And I would guess that he he did precisely as you can disagree thumbs up. Dreamlike state wouldn't be against the patriots threes that you did that that a good point I guess that's as. I says a top fifteen talent who could be difference maker. That comes with a risk. Almost people who think that the Dennis Seidenberg from the Berkeley announced Saturday night tomorrow night. They probably love risk that they can -- but I'd I think in DC a I think to these seals. Is a little scary and honestly 32 teams. I have no doubt that some don't have more on the board at all because of Lebanese. One different on the first couple rounds of the patriots haven't taken that spot and I don't understand it I don't get. Well we can tell you would -- life. Wonderful and thought this was -- suspect we can do that we could give him a cut this whole breakdown. Of hope Dominique Easley and what he thinks of my wife but he was a third rounder. He's on a couple of awards for tenacity. According entered the forty captain great leader. Was there an industry. -- Brandon Spikes in agreement it in the Florida player work -- for the patriots -- four players were. That's great beatings or writes with a straight -- to make -- Janet Jackson spikes. Is -- has -- county in the four point 144. It's not worked notes. The best Florida picked by the patriots so far is a guy who was police for the recently did you. Knowing that you don't don't shy away in Indochina but we as you visit a Florida guy I don't shy away but there is that is a part of a pile in the part of the factor is that something you look at. -- right yeah I mean does this is still feel like a pipe I mean is. It jumped -- Do pipelines. On those good things or maybe do you think you get. Get too familiar. To step four miles on its eggs is that a Nazi. Myers. Higher -- I've fallen in love guys. Well I think he gets reduced yeah. I think -- -- depicts I'm stunned you always wonder guy in the first round. They must've had no chance trio right nobody wanted it was trying but you always wonder winner -- ago they didn't take them and according to milk -- -- he wouldn't have been in the first round. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's walking around -- their last. It was it was weird to watch they ought to -- if you're a draft if you're Derek when you let cameras in your house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the beginning that their drink in their own in party and eat drink and by the images in the ago please go let someone take and they didn't do the cameras to that just -- and and the comeback today as against W we're in the -- are older than they did the invite all the same people want -- house -- -- again do it again and and food. We got to get through it looses analysis of their close sharp the thought Arizona should take them here why yes I guess there on the West Coast right. The on the -- she got to take your quarterback. What's wrong that if you play the West Coast should never quarterback. It -- They go to Cutler the go to group and they break -- -- and they would loved America all of them straight decision making quick feet. And -- -- Hillary Lucy as well on the West Coast they get a -- quarterback. Ray Lewis is big on the you know this is football. As a winner. Plays hard -- -- -- he doesn't know anything about any of it should just by accident -- stuff. No I mean not he's he's you know like watching -- -- -- books and I was thinking halfway through my -- many espionage is a group watching. That's a good point I was taken halfway -- had everything he set up that I was comfortable figure. That and I'm watching Ray Lewis when Mike Mayo doctors on the the channel but like so at least for a day. They -- to -- like Election Day even in tomorrow's lead to a Verizon. It's a way to watch that's no it's not one was busy at the Bruins -- one TB the draft on the other they would get to the do you agree with me. Yes yet that somehow someway the -- man sells weight. Was more exciting more intense or as exciting as intense as the Bruins game which. I thought was strange I think beyond that and it was an overtime game and I generally find these the most riveting thing in sports in overtime. One or or one goal. Right left in the NHL the most exciting thing in the world except for maybe -- final four game. Most exciting thing -- sports in an option that go on this is not that. Eventful I told you that was regular season -- by. His -- I wasn't that. Was that weren't there were a couple of great couple of great shots to rest just had a full facts that Russia right you think he's that I had used it. Dockery was good enough that he didn't he wasn't spectacular -- I'll ask -- this play -- Rick. I know what it was gonna say that Nancy Soderbergh because he was in April that the puck and use active -- it would have been my first. The the first second step. Two -- to go rescue you number wants to agree or disagree at a price was better. A totally disagree Doug Jones and like to get that at some point to Doug Jones and billboards but problems. Keith Jones that he was Doug Jones. Renders -- -- like when the original Beatles or Rolling Stones on them in action but that's right he -- with the tigers. Doug Jones. -- Jones and Milbury witches. And all of them let the bruised and show up. So what's different game but the thoughtless. They dominated they did not and to -- -- this was dead even yeah Ecstasy 5545. Maybe I don't think you know I thought this this was another game is the myth buster game you give me. Another myth buster game and we thought the Canadians couldn't play even with the Bruins for sixty minutes the -- They did a bad loss kid and it's a bad loss for the Canadians real about it in on the it's a three game series and the -- your they'll have to win a month ago because that's from -- that his -- just. In their third start last third star Matt ranger who. Was a tangent again after game article thirty times yeah I knew he'd be involved aberration that market. And that the Bruins no longer have to win in Montreal. Take care of business here and they go along and -- have -- appointment Hamilton and the ball very well he has definitely grownups seem group. I was I was better than China. They'll both sides of charm that one nice play last dueled across. Office -- branded -- -- thank you watch the game Chara played great. Now or the same assumed I was face not his highlight was the controller two appearances in the route to gonna win this consumer is going to be ago. -- think that there was it's the soup and was somehow gonna screw up it felt like that kind of game. Nor -- at a dumpster at the -- use the bigger surprise. Easley were for. One and you do blogs the second hour you're at the -- On third and you -- in the third 6177797937. Your phone call we'll talk about the draft but the Bruins win last night we've got to go on. Scott -- from mr. Cleveland was happy. He's not happy that he -- -- Cleveland fan -- gave -- -- felt since LeBron was there there'd be just like him Cleveland's hope there's life there's hope. And when you. Add that I was in the men's OPEC's success when you pick them. Fact that they traded down cut corners got a personal panic means somebody's thinking in the right and not just. The feeling it's not just emotions in disguise possible so -- -- the degree. Is meant no I think he's going to be great to be better than Brandon Sweden but -- is good news -- -- his -- you know. Easily -- have -- ban the patriots drafted stinker -- calls the more we get back.

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