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Draft Show: Patriots Draft Dominique Easley 05-08-14

May 9, 2014|

Greg Dickerson, Christian Fauria, and Matt Chatham talk about Dominique Easley, a Defensive Tackle who the Patriots chose with the 29th pick in the first round. The guys talk about what kind of player Easley is, and who his size and style of play resembles.

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Patriots. Made their selection in the -- is it for the going on patriots. Saturday's match up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If this isn't now realizes that a sponsor of the NFL doesn't. Well that this is this is an upset capsule would because this car right. Again we now we have not mention his name what we want somebody here one thinks he's absolutely rated this level but he had -- injury last year mister big chunk of the season so he's one of the guys that. Is that the health guy so he's I mean it's coming in here to Vince is rehab and as we know Tommy Kelly I don't know if he's double the rehab but he's coming off an injury as we know. You are invited another guy in the room who. Is going to be an impact guy put this this to me -- were the upset that we talked earlier about Donald from Pittsburg and how he was an Atkins type. This is the same thing and I think this is why this is a bit of an upset this is not a Paul Longo I remind me on the that the -- guys about sixty to radiate. 61 to -- -- like that. He's definitely a 66. Mott street solicited the united -- college play a lot actually on the inside and normal why they call with the ending -- bounced all around line. But this is the motor -- this -- Molder is shall we incredible it's like no one else in in college football. But it was the injury did drop down and it is body type you know he's not he's not gonna play multiple positions across -- 234 it does mean how position at 34. This is a legit three technique like most of the teams the patriots don't draft. That they've now gone -- picked up so. You you roll the you know this is not like a future replacement for events that don't do anything nearly sent him. It's not a -- that's anything at all like Tommy Kelly. He's actually kind of you know I would promising a little more explosive and higher ceiling and all that but probably closer to -- to price experiments -- Chris preserve price don't. Yeah in order for them and yeah not my client who might who might think you know I don't think. I don't get it comes Jones Christian of the 29 pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The New England Patriots select. -- easily. -- fifth event Florida. To imagine these similar Chris Jones is no -- crucial as far as that he's a penetrator he's similar body type he's not a huge oversized. Patrons to love this guy storm oh sure exactly worries undefeated regular defense but. On third down this is a guy who is in the back so I'm blanking on the name out there review does come off the face paint not not a McChrystal -- but that's what I'm thinking more. Prior to that black guy. Interior defense a player. For the vikings years and years ago that would Phoenix John Randall John -- this is John -- this is the guy that's the only over the senator it's -- he's dancing between territory -- fights -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What this is not a huge dominating presence is a guided kids in the back field he showed disruptive falls bowlers sheds makes plays. He's a difference maker what you he's not Richard Seymour he's not -- he's not of the body type that we usually see them go after with my picks on the inside. But they went Florida got so I think that in of itself is is it shouldn't surprise us pressure which they can affect. It's funny it's as good as you you look through like my 144 pages of all these. Thinking guys have you got out of there ya know don't -- and Angola K can we had this discussion on -- -- over when we're getting ready for the show. And the history is always proven that regardless of what you think you're going to do and what a perfect patriot would be in the draft. It never is somebody that any reporter anybody ever like looking through all the -- the tackles like. That is -- definite need for them that is that is an area that. After what happened last year with Tommy Kelly go down Vince wolf for both those guys -- older you need to find other guy that area those guys who are in there Chris Jones. Us hustling -- all those guys is good as they they they did at a (%expletive) But they just not the same level OK as far as competency at deposition. And I -- a look at -- easy as it. Bruised over -- -- cynical this guy with that -- -- point. This guy it was part of a dominant defense at Florida I mean this is kept -- alive kept them alive because the offense most terrible yeah. Tackles for loss never let anybody get down field was great against the run great against the pass he does have a couple. Two great deals are to ACL and -- and that's the bit and that's why we're talking about here that they've spent a health care -- and a typical of the patriots go to take a guy at a spot like this with that kind of risk when it was -- -- -- -- low risk high reward -- if they come back and get met -- off his face -- -- that -- quarterback -- -- but to. That then it's you know all full circle all -- is there right now is seen as we know the guys there -- -- -- in the trader with a patriots die properly well. Apple's got to get another Hansel I mean it's going to be an important year -- of people a lot of people that the reliant upon heavily. Have got to get up to speed so when you -- when you look at him you look at just the just going through draft board. Draft projection third or fourth round. Based on the injury though would just based -- based on everything based on based on the whole speech on the table I don't want him anywhere other did you bottom anyway the first round of the actual bodily -- he was a guy that was. Was pre grade it is one of the top interior guys one year I don't know -- just now just just well he had fallen because the city's yellow right he's a guy that I write because. You know now -- -- York giants you were considering Donald and you were considering that's gonna think use the guy that would be that of the investment 8080 was more productive over. You know he was more explosive these vegetables are great all accounts of some we -- on. He's a guy that people really excited about -- has -- injuries so I think he's a guy that you feel lucky color -- high quality player. Provided he's the player remember Maria injury happened. Morning it's gonna have a he's gonna have some time to speaker output and it is doing a sort of erupt we know exactly when the injury happened what we like what is in their business. Sometimes -- members so that it was that was a big part of that these fishermen back now pretty. Away yelling for a lineup -- -- -- back. It's got to and a pair ball it was a parabolic chamber that the -- -- -- -- hyperbaric chamber of or her opponent -- in the fact that they're just it definitely is that they're not scared off. But something like that here's the guy they got hurt September 2 point thirteen of this is last year really. Did play. And they did not research bottom of the -- that it was your worth -- doing very obviously. Real zip you know -- capital something you feel pretty strongly that this guy use. Going to be back and that that help is not necessarily a concern on the fact that he set to open maybe Chris price of answered this I'm not sure maybe. So I don't know anyone out there knows. This court was easily one of the guys that came in for a visit. You know they are -- -- they give all the bodies and because I didn't sound from big name doesn't stick out to be like he had it is well if they didn't have him in personally maybe that's just a smokescreen but. I would -- today -- I visit I was there was a -- no it was not us he was not one -- you know would testify to it -- was the other -- and -- to tackle. And that was it. And tight ends couple oh as CJ harris' remarks on UCLA it was -- more outside linebacker that he has deepened the tackle that was that. Well here's the point do I mean no the guys coming off the UCLA and maybe they had expected him to fall here but I think a lot of people have put him in the second and third because. The ACL was too big things for us and was second one. He's a guy that if you. Had intended to potentially do this for writing music you know we didn't get taken priority of you would had to really investigate this guy you're gonna wanna see him his pro day and I don't know if they did that -- wanna see him up to come by the -- wasn't invited. And you what you do extensive medical history Jim Whelan Joba down all the great guys there. In the futures changed ever reward. -- call to discuss medical history because that's that's probably the only question that's what's out there that prevent them from being a much higher -- so what's your what's your best guess do you think you. Couldn't have gotten him. Middle of the second round and even -- even with the injury that you could have gotten him a later time in this draft well picked up up up literally from back. Leads to question. Of but there was anybody willing to have to deal I could feel the victory in probably not you know as -- were -- talking -- we leave the guy earlier the defense event from Missouri who was post -- got here. He was a guy thought people would lead for. We want to lethal -- for. If you think that Dominique Easley -- healthy he's got lots of people be -- before so I'd be curious to find -- some of the of the people behind you had believed him to be healthy as well. You know who else had he had visits with who -- had expressed interest in the you know with the agents drop the stuff for the GM weakened something in. She's there you know they may have if this is team we know what straight out they didn't. It took a guy that was a little bit of an obsessed which must which to me would be a bit of a signal that there was a consideration that some people. Relatively close or behind -- -- to drive themselves. Looking at -- picked -- he would guide based on the two surgeries. Whatever his 2122. Months is he a guy that you can legitimately look at and say -- I I think he can really help this team. This year that he can be a player this to absolute thousand you know 1000%. Signaled to me that this is telling you about this season. The -- pitcher tomorrow play much capital report defense. In the event to discuss heavily involved in the the reason I say that is that the emergence of Jamie Collins last year. And the opportunity he's got early in the year to play as -- hang over the line guy that didn't go over well he looked to me like. It's just so much better resolve the ball give him what do Romans bracelet to make plays he looks like he's made a -- -- result he's going to be part of that that -- backing crew. But none of the 34 what that would mean he was -- -- and I think that was where he was weakest. Let him -- let him play off the ball beautifully -- -- for three and what that means -- in the play a ton and nickel as a coverage guy and a part of the game. By virtue of a bringing it Dominique -- you've just been a first round pick up a guy who. 62 and two babies. There's really no position. On a 34 defense and base -- I would play. You know that's a little bit light a little short not nearly as long the guys journal please report defense event. And it certainly is and knows. I play with a guy named Dwayne Robertson was a was like us I think second or third overall pick by the jets years ago from Kentucky was he'd tear you to work with might try to play 34. If with a guy like Dwyane was more penetrating -- guy could do the great pressing defense doesn't. And all the guys that come before -- washing the kind of thing. And it doesn't coastal because of ruling makes the look -- behind the guys for the linebackers it's tough. Which -- you really need a true dude if you're gonna do that you know you need events or someone likes it. Like events. So this is a big signal to me you know they -- they go to Will Smith as well -- Smith was a guy that was. The most -- guy or about a risk gotten a hard drive so -- eighty came off the injury when new -- try to transition to 34 they'd asked him to stand up. He's never done that so he's a guy who I highly doubt gonna go back to play much standup -- with -- -- at -- -- I'm -- bodies are wrong were -- in a competitive situation Detroit or something but he's a guy that is. Much more suited to a 43 -- went outside him. And could funeral I take it out that as well and they just went early in the fourth round with a guy that's pretty definitively for three deep interior player may be at the end. So I gotta feeling and they're always gonna try to be multiple I don't love all -- contradicting myself well on this later in the year. But this is a pretty strong signal that they're gonna play to channel -- strike they don't want -- -- -- -- in it in the 34 he's not a he's he's best is a fourth reason they're gonna played -- -- college for extra played this new first round graphics tricks as well. And I think they're gonna migrate to more that kind of stuff like -- what's next. What's next for this football team over the next 48 to 72 hours what do they need to do what he wanted to see them. One -- you know it now I think you go back then you start re busy that tied imposition and you can there's a lot of value in the second round tied it and there was a kid it oh how we're chief Ronnie went to Detroit like ball would've been a great -- I am Detroit scoop them up. WIP MEUs starting about things that they needed. Tied it was one of the injured people to -- Because a lot of it was on me and offensive actually safety is still won a lot of safety on the draft is -- time. Of the high -- ones left there's still someone that they can work with but I think if you're gonna if -- the pats. I think you address the -- did next I think that's the next weapon that you you need to get. There some talk about what that Dustin Keller. Come over here another guy coming up on the ratios are you maybe that's the trend may we get everybody that's hurt and -- and the but you know I've had actually they start feeling better so -- I think tied and about the -- so they tied it would be an expense 61 correct is where I believe the rest of the back into the second round. What's what to these tapes if you're gonna go tardy and. It's sea ferry and Jenkins of elephants -- the right about the -- probably Washington get from Washington he's prototype this for size not terribly physical. What he's big -- like a 66 -- guys that's -- but he's still he's more -- -- still let them know we still more -- more -- tomorrow project -- he has he has the only truths that are left on the border CJ floor -- and Nicklaus to a Nicklaus the -- from Saturday those Jeter to. Could be how Brady could be Alge Crumpler could be even Jason Witten potentially. But they're not Vernon Davis -- not Antonio Gates and the forgot about that and I think those guys were viable my my my preference is a guy that. Is it just brutal when one part of the game you know like the -- light -- the formation and there's no run past declaration we can run right behind him every single part can do that would Jimmy Graham where Jimmy Graham one of the field was run it was boy from a so that said if you -- tight -- like like Christian thanks. I think it's 61 you'll probably lucky if it's a curse chickens or wherever falls to it's it's it's will likely. Jason -- weave them less likely source UT then I don't I don't I don't wanna go after him anyhow I don't know here actually I think that's the original -- stay at 61 is and that the option is -- if that is what they're looking for. There's bitter note. Who don't they could very easily move on -- -- I believe you you'd be pretty safe to catch the door where it's at that rate he's a Q3. It is so if you really believe that's going to be the guy now again if we we we have this conversation earlier in the program. That also. Generally I think it would -- from a quarterback because now on your -- of the third Graf was gonna come off the board it's applicable -- come off the board Bridgewater gone. And I think you start chipping away at those guys that are non flyers if you're gonna try to develop quarterback. So. It's doable but if you go tight -- you're not doing the other. Or wide receiver you guys like support -- -- a -- -- more third potentially fourth. Is. Jared Dudley was perceived effort theirs out of Wisconsin that was costly -- as Boston beat you wanted to. Because he's that he's -- -- element he's it is imminent overload I don't want your life I have -- I hit it in the slot that -- didn't have a scholarship there was constantly finally gave -- -- -- we're -- -- be a hard -- we're gonna we're -- -- -- -- -- -- we're -- play with these stereotypes -- that. Six Q. But you know his wife who must be -- Augusta if I don't let's slow the -- up and over here yeah. There were looking at him aboard. Look who's look -- we just got burned that's -- ever dearest birdied. Bradley Roby Bradley Roby is one of the guys folder work just got picked by like got number OK at the back -- The first round he's a -- it felt quite a bit abruptly Roby was. The -- within the year one of these top -- quarterbacks that dinner that or Denard or whatever Michigan State really passed him up. He's the movement skills -- all the pro -- stuff he's exceptional but he'll have bad games during the year we played a blow that Billy. And that worst game was -- ever terrorist who was spit one on one with a bowl ban -- -- -- ten yard receiving. Ever -- is not a slot receiver plays all the plays were most productive guys Wisconsin history. He could play all the positions I think that's what makes him a valuable he was extremely productive I think he's a perfect. Fourth round -- god you didn't hear it here's what you did you could actually take the entire Wisconsin team all the white guys can take -- It matters now Jacob uttered the they're tied and they could take Chris Borland a lot of bags and sit on the idea that you don't really. Gently pour a little -- -- can -- gold Borland whenever there's a door with all the all the way to my -- -- take bigger matters that are made about the evidence that's literature -- you have -- big enough proceeding with -- different kind of -- here's -- guy that actually. It's been an assistant what they force you to block the endless. What I thought that's -- -- so. There is so intriguing to me because he was not used at Iowa. Not a bit and he blocks he's big he's the guy that could be calvary hit it -- -- for the patriots down the rest of the way over the next few days. Sixty to 931314198206. And 240 force or second or third. 24 it's 226. And 17 round pick that is as of now at the end of the first round at the end of their number one of the NFL draft and over the patriots might guesses. One of those who -- those numbers are gonna end up changing. Are you amazed at all or just take quick -- right turn like. All the draft lawyers that you're seeing throughout the -- they're showing us yeah it'll right now just going crazy like it's a concert. And -- it's it's your trade LT I felt like to know I don't look at -- it's now -- cemetery right -- they Seattle street. I hate him so them -- -- Dallas the last pick of the but their training -- first round. It is go back to what you -- him sort of a business standpoint it's the brilliance of the National Football League. If this becomes big and every single city week. Kind of skated and talked about it earlier there was a story in the paper today about maybe the draft come at a Boston and they all that sort of a move -- back from Florida quarterback a couple of weeks which. John I hope they don't do that it would benefit and analytical -- is wait longer to further yet to rats was. Hi I'm -- by the way. If we're all here next year and they do do that. It's -- guide our draft choices one electric I acknowledge that we're actually gonna go earlier ankle later so is getting yourself prepared by what taken advantage. If -- honest people just to us OK -- had a I -- take a break we'll come back we'll wrap things up and a nice little ball will look ahead will look back obviously not just what the patriots just did. Late the first round but also what other teams did in the first round of the 2014. NFL draft the out winner of the loser of the draft. More Christian Fauria and Matt Chatham. It's WEEI. Draft day party here from. That's -- sports. I forgot we were at the blue dog cafe here and in Dover. It's been along the talk back at the right at all about.

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