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ESPN's Mike Reiss with Dale and Holley: 2014 Patriots Draft Preview

May 8, 2014|

We talk with the excellent Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston and preview the 2014 NFL Draft from a Patriots perspective.

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All of college Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold my colleague Bob -- -- -- passes in the houses well. Corset design NFL draft night tonight in addition the fact that Bruins Canadians at the bell center in Canada. Helping us take a look at the draft. My -- from ESPN boston.com hello Mike. -- bail him Michael hey Tom great to talk to you guys today. Director emeritus Bob brewer stated day who draft very -- gotta you gotta like -- -- broken through with this exciting you've been. A lot of fun it's fun now say. It's educational the patriots -- war room is educational. The Atlanta war room. It's fun and -- pioli was in Kansas City it was they kind of a hybrid of part New England part of Atlanta. They're very very serious money in the in the patriots world. Heavy security to get in there Michael I will not be critiquing the draft tonight from that war room as you would expect. You know what that's what they do buy you love this if they not only you -- think all scouts are allowed him back in Atlanta all the scouts here in New England. They wanna talk about a player -- ghosts and grocer and whether I thought I. And -- instead there are better the fired -- grab a bit about that. But that's OK you're dismissed rule and then they get down to the serious business but activists but canisters business you'd think. There's a high chance that the patriots they can pick or. Do you see any kind of trade scenarios percolating for the patriots. -- Mike I'd say -- higher likelihood that they would probably trade out and here's why at this draft step. He comma shape where it's pretty deep and I think the way they'll look at it is. And lesser players slides down unexpectedly. Bill probably look at whenever they can get at 29 would be. Almost the same thing that they might be able to get ten to fifteen spots later. And if they can pick up an additional -- Q in the middle of this draft where. You know scouts tell me and have pulled others a fourth round pick this year it probably more like a third round pick. Didn't in past years because of the depth to this draft so I think when -- factor all those things together. I'd I'd estimate you know good guess for -- trade down tonight. And it just seems to be the way that they kind of operate anyway and and we were talking about the possibility of moving up Mike. In my mind if they could move up because there's a guy they really want in the gut that that trade capital to do what. I could see them picking in the first round if they could move up if their pickets at 29 I just don't think they stay. Yeah an and that and then it just becomes which player you know do you do that for they've done it -- in two years ago with Chandler Jones and -- hi Terry did it twice. In the first round moving from you know the mid to low twenties into the upper to mid twenties for both those players like stink in this draft. There do you have to leave the door open. Because there is a lot of unpredictability. In this draft and maybe there is a player that slides and and Bill Belichick looks set and says look it's only gonna take us that. You know of fourth round pick to move up -- six spots to get a guy who really cut that. Like Chandler Jones you strike it I just don't. I don't necessarily think this year is the year -- think along those lines. Mike I was saying earlier thing -- -- be watching early on a sea of any quarterback start to slide and Derek -- was somebody else think about it he starts getting down towards the path spot. That almost becomes more valuable because is probably team that would make that five to -- jump up move like you were saying -- he be a couple of picks later in the draft is that. You know what at what point. Are the -- -- at this saying okay you know a couple of guys are falling here that probably have value to some other teams we think we can really strike -- and watching the same where we are in that respect. I think you're absolutely nailed it and and look -- they have a general feel for what's gonna happen but even they don't know that -- always surprises them when you're sitting. At -- 29 there's an element that I almost compare it to like a game plan when you're ready to play a game on Sunday you have your plan. But then based on the way things unfold you might have to make some Indian adjustments and I think. Specifically. They're going to be watching those quarterbacks closely and they want both quarterbacks to slide. The that would give that kick extra value whereas I was speaking with someone from Mateen the other day that's a little bit higher in the draft that. Doesn't have an interest in the quarterbacks they -- if he -- quarterbacks go early in the top ten so it pushes them better players down to them in that middle range of the draft so. I think you hit. Much money. Is there won't do this for a quarterback on and on. And when it happened it was that some people were surprised. And I ask you. I bring that up to ask you this. Because we were surprised by bill Belichick's moves in free agency specifically -- Revis. Could we be surprised. By something totally off the radar from Bilbao is heavy heavy change it's philosophy with free agency and the draft. Yet I think you always have to leave the door open I mean my god I'm gonna tell -- gonna have to -- it could take like a quarterback himself in the first round has to meet that would be the ultimate shocker. You know him going in that direction so look the one thing I've learned from from covering his draft is. Here's the Staten -- you guys have heard it's fourteen draft. 52 draft day trade. In the fourteen that he loves to move around and and so I think I always say when you're covering a Bill Belichick -- just got to buckle up and hang on for the ride because you should expect. The unexpected but in terms of philosophical change like what you wanna get like really specific like all the sudden he'd go for the undersized fat linebacker these traditionally you know may be downgraded because it's not. You know perfect program -- it for them. I tend to sort of go against baton and think that he'll stay true to sort of the core fundamental to the always hasn't turned up what they look foreign players. Talking to Mike -- ESPN boston.com has the NFL draft kicks off tonight with the first round. I know that the patriots traditionally don't quote on quote draft for need but if you look at the patriots roster as it stands right now Mike what's their area of greatest need. I would sleep tight and -- you know just because you you don't know which gonna happen gronkowski or when you're gonna have it. And really you're still trying to fill that. Void left by Aaron Hernandez it's just sort of amazing when you think about it a couple of years ago you'd figure that position with not only solidified in the short term. But also the long term in here you are back to the drawing board with. More questions than answers just a couple years later so that would be one that if they could get a guy that. Released its. And could contribute right away I think it could help on the problem for them is I I don't think that that that's a strong position in this year's strapped without being wanton. The other thing billion I would be surprised that this the meat and potatoes strapped for them sort of you know offensive and defensive -- I was look at. Patterns for them in the draft they haven't drafted. An offensive line in the last two years since that tells -- that they'll probably at least one a draft one at some point in this draft -- It may be focused on that interior offensive line I think that like to get at center. You know maybe to upgrade that's product they cater to at least create competition for Ryan window also look at either side of the the line of scrimmage offensive defensive lineman. And that tight -- Spot in my talking before as Michael was about quarterback and assuming they don't shocked the world with a first round quarterback picked. I'm AJ McCarron the -- sort of keep hearing as somebody who maybe slides in at what point do they actually. Debt to around where they say you know what this guy really could be the guy when Ryan mallet moves on to be the guy we start to develop. Under Brady or are they even there -- is that even on the radar screen. I think it's definitely on the radar because now that you know enters the final year of his contract Tom so I think this -- this would be true to their -- and -- -- -- this year just like they did with -- You know in 2011 we were a little bit surprised when they picked him in the third round. That's because they knew that Brian Hoyer the number two quarterback. The next year was gonna have a huge increase in salary. That quite honestly for a backup -- that they don't wanna pay it if they don't have to use so. Can answer the question I think at what point they start considering. Well they picked late in the second round of 62 I think that would probably be a little bit rich for a quarterback so I'd say probably. Anywhere between that pick and the late third I wouldn't be surprised that it would be consistent. But what we've seen from them in the past 2000 -- third round pick quarterback Kevin O'Connell 20113. Round pick. Ryan -- that the positions let's say and you knew you could started maybe a little bit early up that late second round pick but I think. Probably the late third would would be the way to the way to go there. They mallet is a bit of a disappointment based on. This talent level coming out of Arkansas he was there in the seventies I believe in the draft they have back to back picks it took him. And I think a lot of people thought he they can develop mallet and possibly get a second. Warm down the road -- has he disappointed in terms of his progression. Well to tell me Michael I think that's very fair they'd they'd say otherwise I think they were hoping. And I know maybe privately they would if they haven't said it publicly I think they were hoping. That it would be like a -- -- situation you remember when the falcons drafted him sort of develop them behind Michael Vick and then trade him. For a nice haul that sort of what you wanna do and you need that that priest he's been sort of explosion if you will you know where that's when he's gonna get it's time for him to really light it up. Open other -- size since. You know you never want your starter to get her in the patriots haven't had that situation but if that ever happened when Brady for mallet to come in and then basically do -- Matt Cassel did. I'm in 2008 that that hasn't happened in the limited opportunities that mallet. Has Adam and I I I think that's probably verify that the -- I think they probably are. -- -- bit disappointed just that the -- that they be invested in a third round pick you know didn't yield anything more than really an insurance policy. Conference for Tom Brady. Mike can you talk to anybody in the NFL coaches scouts players management anybody. Who likes the fact that the draft has been pushed back this far. I did -- I actually talked to one person you know and that it was someone who -- probably you know. Appreciated the extra time just to -- go through some more of the off field stuff you know who was responsible for. You know hey when when you get down -- picking this player. We're gonna look to you and is there anything we need to know character wise about this player. And I think that extra time and you know help just to investigate you know any other off field stuff but that that is very. Few and far between I think most people feel like the extra time here the two weeks extra they've had is excessive and could make it harder. But while these rookies to command with less time to make a difference with the eighteen. So my guess at the end of the day what's your feeling it's not a guy first say that the position what are they going after with their first pick whenever that is. So that the way this one breaks down with the top pick Tom I think you you know probably gonna see. Fortified quarterbacks in the first round 456. Receivers in the first round. 456. Offensive linemen so when you add those numbers up you know I would say it -- they -- talk about value -- the value well. If you take those positions off the board one of the one of the positions that wouldn't. Have been picked over at that point in the draft and to me it's that sort of big bodied long levered defensive lineman and so we had depicted guy. And tonight I think the one that you may -- -- scene and took a few mock draft to the good one. Notre Dame defensive end defensive tackle Stephon to it. Sort of fits their style of play half one -- who worked on them you know could defeat that fit. They think you know like I could see -- could see Belichick may be looking at his. Physical traits and thinking make more of -- Richard Seymour possibility there -- so. -- if they keep the -- that paper guy medias is when they look to but it. As we often say you know -- these patriots drafted it's a guessing game what you Michael -- you've been in that war criminals and view the draft board right Michael. All look at you look at Julia. -- -- -- -- pretty nicely to say that at the and I appreciated you can follow him on Twitter at Mike -- -- can read his stuff on ESPN boston.com one of the best. Football writers in the area we always appreciate time Mike thank you I thank -- yet I admire that I -- Mike race.

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