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Dale and Holley with Tom Caron: Crunch time in game four for the B's in Montreal

May 8, 2014|

Dale, Michael and TC break down the Bruins and Habs going in to game 4 in Montreal.

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So Bruins fan tight and today a nervous little anxious. Dropped the putt let's -- I mean you feel all right about things. It's funny I I just got done texting my good buddies in the NHL and his words to me was. I'd be shocked if the Bruins don't wind -- is -- I don't know people in the India the phone number for pickles you know -- your guy in Dorchester bit and we don't know might as. I've smoked two packs of cigarettes are ready. I've got them. I've been through a suburban. C'mon this is you've got to be a little. Got to be a little an easy little nervous. -- -- supporter well -- Boston room. -- com Karen all around good guy -- can do everything at NASA and one of my colleagues and compatriots nervous anxious all wait back into everything except told on the green room we'll get to that later. When I thought it went storming into the Greenberg Tuesday we did it community room and hall of Famer Dennis ugly ticket is right out of the car. Candidate acumen imagine that you imagine a lot why would you guys that that happened back again I can't believe act would let that happen. While we -- at Fenway Park by the time we get back to the studio we are set upshot it and ended hill you know you cannot cannot and I thought they are the -- setup it would be -- -- strictly you know the one on one now so this is your favorite -- it was that like god -- Augusta there's no popularity no -- -- -- -- no -- The order was that are -- well I did you guys notice that it -- -- -- at all not arts. The clock there when it's a bus lines were empty my friend not ours look disavowed -- -- all of this so it behind. The resounding. Yes Saturday the squabble out there and where to go to hear the guard now. You know it does and I don't baseball tonight we get that I did. -- settle that argument. Hard plus don't get the grass and I think -- well not everybody great I'd be lying if those words were uttered at somebody I don't know why I -- Not for an open but plus gets the great game that's fine. Because we always get bounced the plots when in doubt -- the hockey well we had a game mean. In the fall all that we greeted some World Series games on clause. And it was a lie and here's our regular -- Ottawa more nervous than his NHL friend because you know -- Frazier walking through -- -- -- exactly do. I'm wildly I am what I saw on the -- -- walks through the door tonight and I think he will you don't bring him up from -- that why haven't sit in the press box he's walking in the door replaced Jordan Iran. So it's like you know he's taking Karl soderbergh's place there -- again let's place. Now let the committees he better than Jordan core. I don't think Jordan grant brought anything. So far I'd I've seen nothing. You know it's funny I watched the first series the first round and as an -- that's what you gonna get from Jordan -- I can live with that. I agree with you and listeners are -- in the last couple he's just he's -- class is there aegis is taken up. 45 seconds and not productively he's not adding anything. So why not testimonials about maybe spoiler. Did you talk about speed apartment right sport would be guided they'd throw in there tonight so maybe it's -- who I honestly don't know a whole lot of cells might might. My guys down in Providence -- That actually this was based on merit. The Frazier playing very well on the Calder cup playoffs his plan online with that Coca-Cola KO CH I believe it's cause I believe it's called. -- he's playing in line with splintering cook playing very very well. So this ball first ball. Sports this -- don't like him. And people have got to get that part out of their they're thinking here and they don't animals -- to -- so supporters not gonna come up here unless you've you've got an issue at center. They wanted a wing base specifically when got a wing and they got the wing who based on merit deserve the call. -- media and I know your partner in Berkeley in the comfy confines of the green room was saying but not you know I love that word because that's what Dallas that was by nine. And Ed I don't know you know they'd they'd listen. Everybody read the reporters asking the nonstop after game two you know you can't. You can't fall into the trap right you can't let them go you win the stupid penalties and you can't overreact. How about a little reaction right that's my word ideal for one was my biggest concern that whole game -- for one of the -- Some penalties. I -- full circle one missed two games ago cause you can't take the penalty if I don't get to know what's gonna take penalties I want them to be the Bruins team that began this series because he went -- if there are penalties -- -- I got to sort out these other fireworks -- the action. So penalties -- the by product of a -- Aggressive play slightly of course I'm worried about the power play it's a good power -- you wanna stay off the the penalty kill. But I think they went too far the other and really do I think they came out worried that. The officials on the ice in the 20000 would be rep for -- in the stands at the bells. We're gonna call every possible infraction against them so they were tentative you know I veteran attorney not it was -- I was thinking about this conversation previous round and it didn't apply ultimately didn't apply. A team that is not better that you are dramatically. And therefore is able to hang around when they really shouldn't be able to I thought Detroit was going to be able to do that before the start that series they win game wanted to help make it. One zip is this going to be a long series with Detroit ultimately they didn't have enough. A brilliant coach but not enough pieces to it to pull off the job -- simulator dispatched in five games but when you look at Montreal. And this is what we're gonna determine. Tonight determines a lot I absolutely feel the Bruins have to win this game to win the series. I and I agree -- 31 they can still come back to win and well let's stop. I go back to my body comic these -- catch up hockey is losing hockey sooner or later it's gonna come back and bite -- in the -- I agree with you have to win so now they win tonight -- It's funny. For 44 hours we are like on the Tobin Bridge where are taken numbers on the Tobin. For 44 hours. All my god they're never good -- and again all night and they're gonna get swept out at all while those dug the Canadians are gonna get played up the Pittsburgh Penguins in the next round of the playoffs. You win tonight. You know it'll -- right right when. Every other bank chemical arsenal let us win an. Event together they'll -- back home and don't wanna see -- here. But I think we have to give Montreal a lot of credit get a lot of credit and it starts with coaching. -- Michelle has figured out the straight I think he's ordered all year long this straight the game but -- out. How that how of the Canadian strength. Strength. Can really give the Bruins some problems they've given them problems when. A lot of us government this series didn't really expected to this degree Sola I think bear their much better. They're much better than we thought they are not well not Montreal is not who we palace where they're better than you can't say that about because on the one led the Bruins in five and I'm wrong. -- since it -- so that means you stop the Bruins analyst two games -- to. So they're also but it ought not lose two games maybe the Bruins would be up three games to one. Losing game five and then wipe them out and it's. It happened goes into gains but two games on your -- so we -- Europe to zip you know our. Then they went whiners too that you went -- excellent 31 they went went up 32 got a couple opportunities -- -- close about. A close about six games it's funny if it think that they would be at some point 221. Watching these games unfold like I was OK with how they played being down to nothing after two periods in game one. You know again it was they were aggressive they were they were taking the -- to the Canadians and that you know the back and forth third period of losing double overtime that's fine. The second game I was even OK with how they trailed 321 again couple power play goals. You know a couple of shots from the point getting through but they're playing a dominating five on five they're gonna be okay you know they come back and it -- yeah they win that game. I just hated everything about what I saw Montreal and I am worried. That happens again tonight I really am I know that the consensus is they got that out of their system they're gonna show up ready to play tonight is a debate. I'm just what I am worried about the way they are approaching this whole thing up in Montreal like I you know. And fans really get -- -- still I mean it's a veteran team in the in new York and Chicago have been through this stuff even the young guys. Our -- TV gets back in the lineup he's been through -- I just I. So from the Canadians have done. On the ice and getting into their heads has made his Bruins team a different tee and it get back to who they are tonight of course pick -- -- -- better right out of the game. So my question for -- Newport. CTC pacing the night off my socks games on the that you -- needlessly -- -- -- agreement with us not adult again. -- says this all your fault by. -- playoff beard that's true it's well. I am a bit last year I was watching game six against the black a lot tonight a playoff beard I said at that moment. I'm never grow at this point blank they need has never been agent might face nonstop to get to this on dot that you don't without leadership and the wife like. Not -- my arm around the. And yeah if -- -- -- -- -- -- hated to have this much to do with the decision. The one thing I'll say and we were talking about this yesterday. Up and I want to go crazy at the Gong Show. I wanna see. Brad -- and lining up for the opening face off like I didn't game to. Where -- Gallagher cross check -- each other before the opening face off and it's like I'm going to be here all night. And I don't mean just him somebody right you know I'll I wanna see guys push and I want to seek somebody write that grill -- of you know -- -- been -- it right is grilling -- all night long I mean your face and company you mean your corner. You better have your head up I am the bearer I'd been poked -- they have -- about yes so we -- don't poke the maybe you can't Connecticut it is likely spoke about the. But you know you mentioned yesterday in case of and that does that. They they've done it not it well atom like they want you as you pointed out in game three I had one shot now one shot. Where everybody break everybody fell asleep everybody had the hacks treatment and it's very tired. Ahead here. Nobody out and -- -- you when you need to rotate let my yard run out thirteen year old girls immediately and don't you don't. And nobody. So that we -- one shot was it a devastating shot. They have control them I mean this we're talking -- yesterday. Dale and -- see or hear from saying. Where the cliches are cliches at least are comforting. If you look at a playoff series and hot goaltender shut you down and there's nothing you can do. Parents too bad we're better but this great goaltender. Has just stoned us and we don't know we're gonna do. Hasn't really happened with Carey Price it would Richard. So you look at these things and it doesn't add up by colleges colleges have. But I that the -- goal I was thinking about this at the time over a two talked about it. Over in that other room. It is I was equating it to like a Mike Napoli home run a against Verlander you know -- in the ALCS last year at Napoli had been over six with six strike. Have a horrible series. It's a home run they win that game one nothing they're up to one all of a sudden you're on your way to -- which I -- Superman wasn't great the other night. But he has to be here converted at the moment he -- Aid that's series is that you know you get moments sometimes you don't get dominance for sixty minutes nobody dot media -- like he's maybe a goalie gets a shut out. The game one against the red wings Abby Elliott stole game one of -- series I don't I don't Carey Price as of lately they had no business being down the Bruins should've been our right to duke players but because of Carey Price they want. But in this case -- and just yeah that's taken advantage of the opportunity the Bruins haven't. And as that game went on there were fewer and fewer opportunities and that's. Or looked -- case event's reputation in the NHL is still only -- if if if he's got a size advantage and they'll only -- yet if he's got an advantage you know position only. The Bruins would like to have -- he's very shifty he's very elusive he doesn't usually allow himself to get those positions -- -- his corner. If he doesn't feel he can get their first and get rid of the park before you arrive. Can't wait for you were -- and you know he people side saddle a little bit the Bruins if they could get a couple of physical shots on him early. It's amazing how quick he is releasing the puck in his own zone after he's been cracked a couple of time. Well but what was the concern before the game the other night if you do that if you play that way. What any 1004. As 11000 fans and for guys and strides on the outs are all throw their hands. Right for the penalty and that was the war right that's why you go up there and say all right let's be aggressive. But let's not go over the line because they're power plays crank it right now and what was it nine opportunities to four or five after two games -- added to the wind. More chances on the power play and were converting on the par. So I -- I really think that was subconsciously in the bruins' mind right going to be aggressive but make sure we don't get stupid penalties early or any penalties are real they. Yeah we were talking yesterday about your stars playing like stars. So the first line you think everybody in the first line we all agree it right on the first line needs to be better. I know what your opinion is of the third line because you're think about the Soderbergh line. In the Detroit series fantastic and you're able to take advantage of of of their opportunities some of the match -- How do you feel like the third line. Is playing in the. In the three Iceland are these the lines that Claudette out there this morning to -- what are these lines that he's gonna play so -- this morning the morning skate no -- sober. Now on the -- Hear your forward lines that the practice this morning the morning skate -- top line. Was mile Lucci each Patrice Bergeron. And -- -- or panic your second line was Brad marsh and David crate -- -- -- You're third line with Daniel -- eight Gregory Campbell Jarome Iginla. Your fourth line. Was -- Frazier Jordan Koran Shawn Thornton. Those 3 lines at the morning skate what do you think what do you think gold closed and he parties have it PRD admitted it right DEC eight settler -- ball reversed playing. He -- second of all. Which is having fun we just mess he's one of -- has -- right about Ethiopia was actually joking about it afterwards as fluid oceans our road. When he -- Apple's line combinations earlier today. He he he finished up the tweet with chances we see this tonight zero. To mess with people but but does that real there's some really good is there something you know a bit before -- is there going to be some sort of line -- I don't the only Frazier in the door and it treasures go play. I think Koran is going to be out and I think Frazier is going to be on that fourth line. With Campbell and pork that's what I think will happen I think he'll leave the top three lines alone for a couple reasons one they've been really good. Till that -- who won yeah. Let's not go nuts here and start shuffling all four line combinations and as I said in a 44 hour period. This whole town has taken the Bruins from the president's trophy to rack. Not they win tonight it's back to rent a parade get the duck boats ready. We we just react to the moment and it's whatever how. Happened mustering up the -- TC said yeah that's what a series trying to help my -- -- -- we do have a 162 games -- a baseball season I I don't think that's what's gonna happen by the if they win a game. I don't think I don't think the fans are gonna say oh yeah get the duck boat ready it is now -- the best of three series without home ice against an opponent. That has. That is probably a little tougher than many people expect. Finally got to hear from these callers they win tonight these callers are going to be our let's get ready for Pittsburgh. -- -- That's what -- gonna show let's talk about -- -- we got this one is there may have been to go to the finally shut up and down last year they'll shut him out again this year to get back to your question has -- -- run -- on doing the job why -- last -- hasn't has the third -- bit okay he -- Yeah sure I mean I'd like that's like grizzly Kelly that there are really well now you know. Is being lost and no I don't think it's been the other day it was couple bonehead mistakes and bad -- -- they're planning over the pot. Like the enemy we seen them do that failure to become what they're and -- you watch everyone. But I thought mid season they kind of went through that sort of hot potato -- on January you know but boy they seem to get that out of their system over the last night games. And they were fine for the most part the first series and all of a sudden that -- just bounce it off sticks and -- wrote it in areas where no one's around. You know that's not a wine issued those individual mental mistakes. And easily it's got politics doesn't. Need a new line combination he needs to play better right. Girardi went let me -- -- one of these instead of playing in mop up post they've hit seven post behind Carey Price I know this isn't the case but I swear to god again was it for them. It just feels that way enemy. Just played better. Just play like you played all season long that line as one band one of the best lines of the National Hockey League but the entire season. I'm not taking anything away especially Thomas mechanic to been kind of assigned David great -- they're doing a good job but stop with this all they shut this lying down about. I gotta tell you that this is this is tough to say you know and again -- -- like now right now in this series he's playing the way did against the Bruins. With the penguins last year. And and it can't argue. Dick radio Disney's plan like yeah army honored him with -- -- -- I -- so don't talk about my guy I'll always know you. I did admit they show ball like always to threaten them every day is that Yeltsin nights the night. -- and tonight tonight you're going to be happy they have yarder -- -- -- -- -- -- an idea actually passes without an unknown but nobody could all the puck in the corner for the dog. -- nothing hit you don't put the puck possession and he's just looking at the -- so literally I'm not gonna give it got three guys on what it means two guys were opened somewhere -- -- -- -- -- -- I think probably my -- the but the -- that you have -- -- -- beyond equity three guys in -- is not. Protect the the puck away from guys and lion mates were opened steady problem and it capped their sticks on the my you know that was right for the -- attack zones that all -- -- -- -- Jack Edwards are grown as a not it would put a minute apple metatags that does -- have a -- All -- Jack go crazy with -- that -- those guys look I think the Montreal Canadians have played really well. I don't think the Bruins played well all and part of that is the Canadians and do not wanna take credit away from them they played very well. -- just got to play better I don't wanna say it symbol does nothing simple but better on the draw win more face offs. Better with puck possession just take care of the pot be Smart with what you do. And ended the defense got to do a better job get the puck got again -- -- one in the zone with speed I'll add one to your list. There is no way on God's green -- -- the Montreal Canadians can be more physical the number one game ever. And they were in games where they initiated the contact they were the more physical team. Dairies there is absolutely zero chance that can happen I don't I don't wanna burst balloons against. Not flop. Now they're not well they have little bit what is almanac game always but that's that this is -- to say you know company a -- series -- -- this. It's done pretty good job I think I think it's been a well officiated at the other day one power play for each team let them play not an egregious -- Not egregious one they they probably screwed up once you -- -- via. Well I agree that I go -- it -- penalties on I didn't know that rule I knew what wise I thought you know you gotta have. Big brass ones if you're gonna call it not -- that are there doesn't know anyone around them there's there was no round -- skated right -- and -- but but let me just. I'll turn around -- -- given what you've seen from the Bruins all yearlong in the shoot -- was gonna take the penalty shot for. Tell me you're gonna but he tap on the shoulder. And say OK glad I mean little castle carried it -- back what I meant Riley Smith. Not much pressure on him and -- at the Reilly. I -- I was thinking about it and I agree it should have been a penalty shot that's the rule says I understand completely not calling in that situation I really do. But let's say he could call. Was gonna take the shot I like our -- right at the Billy -- that I thought as I I don't understand are calling. I don't understand not calling me he -- for reason my thought it was a it was a it was a veteran it was a veteran move -- don't know it really wasn't it was a bone headed move because his TC points out there was nobody around. He had zero reason to do you go to -- I don't go to -- -- -- behind that killed off some -- don't tell me why you can understand it and call it my my hockey guys -- and you know Billy champion Gary Peterson in court -- second -- they all say what they want from officials is some feel for the game. Have a meal for the game and and not just -- that's apparently I have to call it no matter what. They would say under those circumstances in that situation. The whistle which Tim peeling Chris Rooney did the entire night all of a sudden -- was a lot of your pocket with ten seconds left. You mean you would have to smuggle that I sent him to finally out of the out of the put -- -- there -- smoked meat sandwich contracted and whisking him away. Is there would have been at all they're really what it's like. I said at the moment in his second guessing as we managed to get a little black and white TV in a conference room for a week we don't have cable upfront with a deal to reform the law by. We -- as it happened I yelled penalty. So it's nothing to write what I saw him do that lot -- penalty. I didn't know the rule was the penalties when I heard that later I said OK I see what needed. In other words if I refereed and it was a penalty and not a penalty shot. I would've called but I'm not sure in order to let the game be decided by penalties on that when would -- when is the appropriate time -- Two minutes -- one seconds. Or -- -- -- -- here it is so I get it in that should know and to the red. To see I don't necessarily believe that either like a penalty is a penalty but in that situation right now there have been five or six guys in that area. And it's dislodged. He can't really prove that it's intentional or not but he he went by it just kind of get checked it. We did it on purpose. Did with intent -- -- -- -- -- contact -- snowed out and then and none of this so he just accidentally nudged it there was not a Bruins within. Thirty feet of in any direction you -- goalies that would Alter and that's what it looked Toronto goalie knock it off the -- that's being Smart. Item under siege of doctors often and it was yeah that's flat I don't give Sudan credit for the savvy veteran move it was idiotic. Under the circumstances. No brewing within thirty -- any direction it was the dumbest thing he could've did the Bruins get clean possession. At the end of that you know as it came around the boards didn't end up getting it out as the whistle -- and again right. Does everybody stops skating because the whistle blows and I don't know but the broad. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- Or Chris from your team -- and had to fight their way out of the -- there are not mine that's right what do we care right 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. I still -- com. Mike -- will join us from ESPN boston.com. We have not forgotten that this is draft night the National Football League real five for mr. we just forgot that I it should've happened months ago but he feels like I mean at least months ago and good news TC. Word on any orchestra commissioned with the pushed back two more weeks for next year. I guess who wants to go head to head with the Stanley Cup final if he can work we'll get it is -- The first drive and think about this that Mark Cuban was right. Mark Cuban was right about you know well nah I'm so I'm telling you. I'll tell -- will get that is like about how he came and take it shots at me now -- Erica I -- -- you know -- DC dale and -- and Tom -- Sports Radio W media. Tony Bennett here at fits into one and Charlie and I've been here enough for -- donated panic button and so we have a lot of really good leadership in news and a lot of before. They we'll lose wanna make sure that -- that I really vocal. Before this. Brad marsh and talking about tonight's game for the Bell Centre in Montreal Bruins trailed a best of seven series. Two games to 11 quick related Bruins hockey now. And I've kind of been expecting this was gonna happen at some time soon there have been little hints and sniffs it and then you know possibilities here. Daryn Prager -- out a few minutes ago hearing Boston's Jim Benning met with the -- yesterday he's considered the front runner for the GM job in Vancouver. You knew that. As the Bruins continued with their run of success here it was going to be very hard -- -- -- keep his. Is management group intact banning interviewed for the Buffalo Sabres GM job when it opened up during the season. According to Darren -- he's not considered the front runner for the job in Vancouver. They're gonna listen guys here. I don't know that that they'll lose Don Sweeney right away because I think he and his family -- so ensconced here in the Boston area. But he's a guy who's gonna get a GM -- no question about it. No question about I mean it's you know we talk about fox -- the summary -- right. If you put together that kind of front office. You've got to let those guys move on and that's going to be the downside of these guys -- -- resume is gonna get opportunities. -- a -- great chance for him and and you know then Don Sweeney would take on more responsibility. Essentially as you point out don't move once. Yeah I'm having given the competition especially immediate competition in the division. I use every year he he was up for the buffalo job and didn't get it. If -- buffalo. I really want our help I'm wanna help myself from her Boston. Well especially guidance of your former sabre mean here he was a buffalo center. Am one of the job wanted to go back and they went -- another guy and you see that you see that organizations start and started to build up something and -- well and they. They signed a right -- anything they have a pretty good system in place. And you -- in the same division of the same conference you want what they have and and I think it's it's important and knock it down early. As. Take an -- knock it gonna take everything after you've rowdy Regis free agency decided on anybody from the front office -- pilgrim taking them I mean that's what you got. And -- with the Bruins do I wanna create an awful. You mentioned arguments in Foxboro the draft is tonight and talk about the patriots. And in there their draft history Republican -- office. Of where guys because it's. -- two schools when it comes to the patriots some people look at it and say they've been they've been wildly successful since Bill Belichick and now on. The philosophy works whether it's trading back. On in picking up extra pick the first rounder for next year where -- trading up selectively get what you want it hightower and Chandler Jones. And and god Janet Jackson. So that's fine and that that's one school audit. How much time left. How much time Tom Brady 37 this year. Everything you do that demand. Earth Day at next week when you're 25 -- -- everyday that week he's felt when his -- Thirteen I don't quote a president. If nothing else. But Tom Brady 3712. Years -- And everything you do has got to be geared toward maximizing. Tom Brady's last year two years three years where it right now. Go get it right now. Future be damned. War. Which have been. Are you asking me when I do what they're going to know what they're going tonight and not pick in the first round. You don't you think I'd trade are gonna trade I do I don't think that any way to try it out and here's a final watching the NFL draft tonight and I'm not because the broad supply. But if I ought to have struggled a blog after the Augusta has sought and got a five -- the great doesn't. This is a great I don't know what kind of food gonna have a massive tiger off your a lot of where about what we need all this food incident. Yeah. He's a block is run I'm not let go a lot of fighting -- -- -- great pizza being here. Popcorn wings night you can have at all. I'll -- -- eighteen to 34 listeners is I know it's all about the young demographic it's a great second screen. It's a night to have the Bruins game on TV. And that your -- tablet at mobile device maybe multiple mobile vices fired up to see what people say about the draft that you watched the draft as it happens to the listen to meet. The draft is a great on line of I don't need to have it on the sixty huge piles and I love it you know I love what I love I -- outlets that I used to allow the plane went ahead of the argument I love that I I've yet I love it was that I you. -- with Cuban. You guys think that there's no chance that the patriots. Will pick at 29 right that's correct I don't agree that that's where it is though no chance of picking between aren't you don't buy that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the draft it's 181920. They see god they really like. -- -- -- Great name -- -- Clinton -- From from Alabama guy John Dennis wants just that and different and why they call -- what those those guys in the 2825. Range. And territory nine. It will ligament we want them we gotta go get them that you see -- move it up in -- situation I certainly can't. Yeah up is how I could see them taking a first round pick they stay if they're picking at 29 they won't -- they will not -- when -- agree with because that that. The value of the players in that group from you know 25 to fifty. They're probably all pretty much the same. So if they -- I thought yesterday the point that was made at the some -- some teams is look I gotta get up to that 29 spot I got a quarterback who -- but I really wanna get Adam. And not give -- an extra second round pick. And I'll give -- -- melts. And that's exactly the Bill Belichick played and that's what I see it to me if -- -- -- -- -- more -- -- -- -- -- -- when I'm watching is what quarterbacks of sliding. -- quarterbacks lied to 29. Teams below the pats start to celebrated that -- and you know likes it like Derek -- Fresno last night if he ends up like he could easily slide down to that late. First -- area. The jaguars are hoping to gonna pick a quarterback that early going. Not -- -- -- and they torture or use one according to my mail -- The Cleveland Browns are not picking Johnny Mac zealot for and Jake Glaser said the same thing last night. -- -- has the cowboys picking Johnny -- zealots sixteen out. And it's which -- laser hasn't gone Tampa may know somebody else somebody hasn't -- Santo and is here to talk about that -- is debit ten. Salaries and I haven't OK so so much. Court was everything the example though those guys go car starts to slide the jaguars are at 39 I think when you get to the second round. Writes another path to drop -- 1010 spots what else they get. Is what makes this deal good or or or or makes it happen or not are they getting next year's first round pick from the jaguars and I talk about a high -- Or at age and he they've got two in the fourth round the jags -- you can load up like the pats have in the past that's how I see you played up now if quarterbacks are flying off the board early that we expected. Then I think you get to the point where the pats are gonna have the market for that think that's what I think they start to say let's move up. Because weren't -- -- get enough to moved -- I think they move up to speakers. Of where they are right now I I thought before before Darrelle Revis was released by Tampa. My whole thought was go get them go get them because. You don't have that much time to take advantage of of them moment. Take advantage of who you are right now you are a team that is judged. Strictly. In within your organization and by your fans your rejects -- strictly by what you do. I in the postseason nobody cares about hats and T -- anymore and paper to do but they really don't. There are judged by some troubles. So if you're if you're 29 -- and you have an opportunity to get to 171819. And you have to give up something of significance. In the future door it. A -- right now with this draft pick. This is not a your typical let's develop some develop among my all on our own terms patriot Arctic. It's the guy -- got to be able to come in 2014. And play and help them win a super. Likely and if they -- 29. I think the expectation is that that person can do that but the -- -- their first round picks the commitment plan but the guy at seventeen is a lot more likely due out -- it's one that's the problem 29. You know you're in that is pretty much just an -- right close to a second round you'd find that. -- you know it's another rules but that would take money ultimately -- -- -- 77797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text minus 37937. Talk in Stanley Cup Playoffs Bruins and Canadians talking NFL draft we haven't even. Touched on the Red Sox TC was work in the game last night we'll get to all of that and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Have made coaching no. We'll tell you about a -- back. Don't make people the scar over and compact. Utah I'm just I'm just -- it -- cloudy -- a lot on where there is there is their intent there there where it was an expert Toronto -- yes it is deals but it was news about the tournament. I don't guys Adam proto local rights hockey for the hockey news has a great line he says if you own a restaurant. -- -- awful food. You fire the -- not the weights that. But the Toronto Maple Leafs are firing the wait staff and not the shaft according to multiple reports out of Toronto Randy Carlyle stay it's. His entire staff of assistant coaches to get gas today. So I mean I'm assuming this is one of those Randi you can stay. But the assistants have got to -- if you're gonna stay an apparently. -- and I'll share yeah that's good I'm fine most coaches by the most head coaches and that's an area Simon and if they go like. Most head coaches wouldn't do this. Or they -- -- try to get you don't even take it to that level this thing. I bring my guys back one year deals. One where you. -- -- -- -- Well it'll be interesting to see because date parishes one of his assistant coaches Ian Randy Carlyle are our quote unquote very tight. And I'll be curious to see if they flourish also gets fired along with the rest of the assistant coaching staff. And Carlyle allowed to keep his job but the word out of Toronto today is that Carlyle stays the assistant coach's goal. I'm I'm just gonna I'm gonna put out there if if god forbid the Bruins were in a similar situation of the Maple Leafs and Peter surely went to -- -- -- -- -- But they are gonna go Jarvis got to go who has got to go and they all got to go. On with Saddam -- I think -- Which is what most head coaches would you know. Most head coaches wouldn't say are let them all locked up like once I got a -- look at coaches. Overrated okay and that's one. Because you know most coaches can give them because they're confident that -- now I may be out of the game four year. I'll do something about another job that's fine I don't want I don't want a job where -- got to put this condition army so. There either -- on the call their bluff. There's gonna bring back -- assistants. Like I want them to weather five they'll fire me and I semifinal now. It's like when you -- head coach or manager does have its all time writes I don't want it endures a lame dot you either give me the extension now and early and nodded and -- -- nine out of ten times. That extension -- dot. Not sure who the guy can't remember the guy in com. Washington manager of the nationals up three years ago when he said that he got hurt I. After the game. And I don't mean he's at where we're road trip I'm not getting on that bus where you articulate -- it was a little. That is adamant that you aren't the attitude is I'm not on that bus after that it Andy we're in a -- game wherever it wants an aggregate. They beat Seattle in the afternoon and walked off. We get back to the hotel and he. -- at the box but that's -- Texas Instruments and of course there's another guy that -- -- variety yet another guy like that with the with the coaches the coat like its code. Now that's a different ways it -- don't think they're pitching coaches all of my guys you give me your guy. And they involve work with guys. Protector once that no this is what happened at the -- -- show a couple of years ago. I talk. FAA. And all of a sorry you don't get an extension better answers straight out right -- The pretty go. I did it. I liked it too much of a bit too well great -- Dan Shaughnessy has a tweet he's -- Montreal covering this series Shaughnessy tweeted out a few minutes ago CBC news is reporting. -- tabs sweat shirt day. Was canceled -- Montreal elementary school. Because a girl wanted to where her body or sweater. That elementary school I'll seriously what you've told us yesterday it's serious that there all ideas he's got all I've ever been their -- game all right through. -- in the form more than Beltzner. Have you been of their four. Yeah now it is it a little yeah look I'm not like I got a story -- don't go deep -- Steelers but I didn't enjoy yourself I I sort of started a beauty brawl once at the form as good as a young -- -- -- -- that does not it was a little older guys -- with what they swept the Canadians remember and they haven't won in the playoffs against the Canadians forever dollars and -- -- -- it's -- eighty late -- yeah. Out of college -- -- met anyone opted dub -- -- -- everybody went up and it was like second intermission redundant beard. I -- a little broom this kid at a bro and I took the -- -- these guys are bugging us tonight swept the guy's face. We're here for -- Just. I'm. The -- it does that you weren't sure are like guys look at the back into it. And then yeah yeah whatever few dozen people suddenly arrived -- ago a lot of -- It took a few -- to take down a little Tommy Karen don't just another front fans there are guys are seen as something. But it was so how are the jails -- now. Bicycle ride -- this guy like it. Often the bodies of those guys -- but to answer your question they are technically broke the legs de L blogs and we'll go there are crazy and -- in there and I don't -- When those people grow up the ones who called the cops on little Tommy Karen when they grew up they called the cops on little today and there's a giant 11 right now. You know I don't get too carried away with that but as you know dale. I mean the whole the French speaking Quebec you know that it's more than just cheering for a laundry up there really is it's. It's that it goes back to the separatist movement goes back to our team our culture our life. They wanted the breakaway from Canada there's a lot more in the passion of the fans when it comes to the Canadians. Then then then for the average listened to Maple Leafs -- the New York Yankees can I get all that their teams. Now we all know with a Red Sox mean -- but don't think -- and all its top woven into the fabric of the culture of Quebec. More than probably any other team in this modern air even more than the Maple Leafs and Toronto which is a huge deal as well. There there is not another professional sports team. That even comes close you could you could say in some places. College sports teams you know in in areas that don't have anything else the University of Oklahoma. You know always the entire state of Oklahoma -- to say the Red Sox were like this before they won. It was Abbott -- -- yes yes. Yes but still not at -- session not feed the national cultural pride and and in fact the only analogy I would -- -- is. You always have to go to soccer in Europe like where Edwards felt after. Is like the Catholic Ireland Irish Stephen Rangers -- the Protestant Irish team you know what it means more than just. The team you're cheering for it's our culture our life it's what we represent. And and you can take them for that but they really do believe that up there it's that you're the French speaking kept a lot. -- look at the whole thing differently. Let's see when you start talking like that our producer gonna watch -- is gonna last longer than four hours when you talk. -- -- -- -- So -- -- about then that's a crock an average of Sunday where they are big -- -- added a break here immensely and rarely ever that they got in the bag -- about it let's direct typical would you guys 61777979370. AT&T text line. It's 37937. Tom Karen my colleague from NASA is in the house. Whining about the green room it's like -- I didn't see it's dale and -- Sports Radio WB yeah.

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