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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - NFL Draft Edition - 5-8-14

May 8, 2014|

We tackle four topics all surrounding the 2014 NFL Draft....

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And Hollywood. They don't often. Draft -- of my friends. -- corner brought to my AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. I didn't really care with force or Vonage but that was the -- -- you think. You think Robert. Robert. Roger Goodell continues his tradition of the long sold for hugs. With the draft you know he's Dahlia and then he goes there manhunt this is not one of those. Like hey I just I kind of note is your friend of a friend come over -- like half. This is. I haven't seen you went a long time. I'm so proud of -- dot com or. Any wraps them up and hold on. Who law and and while he's not going to be saying don't ever let me see you in my office one on one again -- -- on our idol doesn't against him. Let's go -- Well tonight is finally here. Along it long awaited much anticipated NFL draft kicks off tonight yes we have more questions about tonight's NFL draft. Question number one who will beat number one. -- -- -- Got to be absolutely. Then next. Lawrence Taylor I don't know Carl banks it probably has got upset when when people here are people comparing cloudy and Lawrence Taylor's about. How about pop up through submit. How about Neil -- You're skipping over some really got Michael Strahan is skipping over some really good player and go straight to help TV. Well -- -- of the -- played good but I know LT. What I've got to tell you at -- that what Roger Goodell stated if I ever hear you say anything like you know. North of action a Billy O'Brien coach of the year easy ten wins. He's got cloudy on one side he's got JJ watt on the other side I got TCU quarterback. Good day out yeah I don't I got -- -- those guys winter games he's. Yeah I I think world agreement that's got to be passed. Yes we are Michael -- -- sells the most talked about player in the draft. He's been linked to the Texans at number one on the browns later round one or even dropping out of the first round altogether. Will Johnny men's -- be drafted tonight is so. By home. Yes yes yes thoughts that parties that I'm pretty sure right where his first round tonight yes -- gobble. Number sixty Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- seventh. -- -- You're talking about those teams that need to kind of re energize the fan -- Dallas Cowboys don't need any help now. -- I Buccaneers sort of needs some help out Hillary's no way I see him not going to Dallas is that he's not available when Dallas that there's no way Jerry Jones. What's that they come and -- and -- still we audible. How does Roethlisberger told -- veterans. He was draft and -- 0304. Joking about it 2122. Nice to will not get into I know I don't know -- I'd. I just look at immediate 32 he started to. I'm distraught at an epic goes before the cowboys let -- go to the Steelers defense team not the bears a fourteen although I would do it for the fair. Rams go giants know apart from Blake portals going through titans. I'm very Johnny football. Goes to music city. I lucked out on yet when the tennis. They'll hate on it yes the ball. I mean if you think about it of the teams that need quarterbacks I -- -- I already -- I hate to tell -- Cleveland would be better. Cleveland's a good fit for Johnny mental I think it would be not why. You can go to Cleveland that late at night. That's an issue I'll act Cleveland a few places you can be in Nashville -- -- the show I'm betting Cleveland right now the net nationals fun. If you go out. If you like to go out here that kind of person you'll find something to do anywhere John -- -- will find something to do what Cleveland there's nothing to do help make -- competitive. February 9 another way if -- have started younger all the way through the girlfriend. -- popular supplement the recruitment and effective for its. On February 9 Michael Sam announced that he is gay is draft prospects have been questioned since his announcement. Some reported him as a third round talent and some suggest you won't be drafted at all. Will Michael -- hear his name called at some point during the NFL draft. Absolutely. I think Cuba I don't I do not think he will go on draft. Michael sands ominous. Don't worry about tonight got plans that go out tonight yeah I don't want to -- tomorrow but on Saturday. They've evolved. Somewhere between rounds five and six mr. Sam. You're going to be drafted by the National Football League team. But later he goes has nothing to do with what he announced at the beginning of the year -- he didn't albums over the top line I guess he's better in the -- it -- broad right. But he now so I mean everybody I read came away from the Columbine I wanted to find again but saying. That. Right right -- it and I thought that the -- -- if that's -- they get invited to the party. What it is hard to subsidize the -- that -- the departed for you I'm gonna go one step further not only is he gonna get draft history in the national football the draft right here. And now. I think patriots and draft. It's hard for me to picture -- and I don't care about the announcement or anything like that. But the SEC defensive player of the year -- can't find a place to play in the national football only. High heat I could see him easily being a special teams whiz for them for Bill Belichick in the way they operate down there I think he's gonna get drafted by the patriots. On. Saturday and maybe maybe this is just too much of a Hollywood script. Kansas City Saint Louis. You know kid went to the University of Missouri. And Atlanta one of those things obligatory he's going to be a -- is going to be -- It up and. Time now they AT&T question of the day the master of the trade down Bill Belichick might be added again tonight. That they eyes. Will be added again tonight I hear the patriots as of now have the 29. Pick. Will the patriots actually use the 29 pick on a player tonight. 29 pick no absolutely no. If if they pick in the first round at all it'll be higher than 29. If they if they are left with their pick at 29 they will not make it epic -- -- I told him what I said you know as Mike responded I know this thing throughout the day NFL draft -- -- -- time I every -- I I absolutely. And much else. The NFL draft they'll be using the boy died today. W that's what I think the slide down the 39 -- get it from Jacksonville -- get to fourth rounds maybe. Maybe the first round of judgment. If any of those on the board but that's a they would use that. We're movement on. Through the -- how far brought up. We're not to the -- won't let the big I don't like the late teens. Up ten spots they in nineteen wow at the jets in the gulf that's by the way so that everybody yeah. Yeah. 73 national credit. -- got a corporate use slot I don't know we're going to get. But I don't think there's been between nine they're going north. If they -- -- that they're making a first round pick I agree with -- there. Ball boy that's -- that's an awful long -- a repeat these -- real estate they got a -- get up that far that -- give up some that Bill Belichick would hold new frontier it was hard. The trouble is nobody there wants like -- right now you know I mean if you -- think Nevada a human being as opposed to picks like. Who was a player you'd be willing to trade along with some picks to move up I think becomes a little easier like we are -- before. There's no huge value in next year's first round pick Greg is if you're trading with the patriots you know. At first round pick next year earlier -- 184930. I'll wait. My second round and also if you're looking -- You're looking at trade possibilities. You guys need to know the friends. The friends of -- elegiac. Just in case. You know that particular Otellini president bill one of the friends of bill now this maybe this doesn't expect you you're 29. And you move up to 23 where the Kansas City Chiefs are friends of bill Andy Reid and that's brought up. I don't think you'll be moving all the way up to six negative after the first round maybe more for tomorrow when Saturday. Friend of bill Thomas the metro there -- number six. Tough -- and I don't buy it now and Scott Pioli felt just look for first guys around only DiLeo. Brian and that's pretty humid Atlanta that's the wide. Behind that's the one they slide down to -- you know that's more likely to happen I think is that you go pretty hot to get that deal -- -- Estimate is that a first round story but that second round third round when they start to make some trades in the last year other picks. We're looking at a earlier I mean yeah if you look at the sweet spot here for the patriots the second round so last year they trade out. 29. Missed their chance to get court -- Paterson. Still that black people -- a best names -- black people. Let me tell -- would -- what might tell you our -- I'm now. Michael boring on -- farewell characteristic Tom. A source tells me Ryan mallet to the Texans may be soon done OK what. Winning all of now number one pick me up before you guys get I'll crank up -- -- cloudy Ahmed it's not going to be for that. According to Tommy current Ryan mallet to the Texans may soon be done -- -- instincts and now if that's step line. Right now I got 2930. For. Right now can -- package those two to move out I mean you can get a second round pick for Ryan I don't I don't know. Unless you like these words are very like a third may be made it. There if they're thinking of -- to the Texans. That tells you there's there's. Absolutely no chance the Texans do anything crazy like take Johnny and I take they're gonna take to -- clown so take clowning. But what does that mean for the Texans in the second round the people of have to have them taken quarterback around to. They believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan mallet. That's enough and I got another court records to skip in my mind but is that enough. To. To get to -- in six and yes I think that's what you remember her. Think climate and Connie and JJ wants. And you have to tell you any of the popular while -- got area Foster come back they have some injuries last year but you know patriots around you. They trade out of 29 last year round to pick up Jamie Collins last year to pick up Aaron Dobson. And about it between 52. And 100 last year that picked up. -- Collins. Harmon. And Logan right. Now. I don't know how can -- going to be -- Ryan the -- going to be pretty good Collins looks like he's going to be pretty good. Jury's out on Dobson to -- I bet -- that the Bill Belichick type of at the Bill Belichick draft I think for good players there. In the fifteen to 100 range. And they can help us we're moving on. Truly factory. At the fish storefront in the kitchen toward human. I'm I'm curious if you think this action and do it. Our now on and on and on the dialogue are out not stay right ally is my first for all my support for making memorable for. And I got into -- the way it. Does this make it less likely that the patriots straight out of the first because -- if this happens they're presumably gonna add another draft pick. A third -- saw something along those lines right so they're getting an extra pick if this happens is Tommy current reports. Maybe they're not gonna move out of the first. Where he got an extra -- I can trade at 33 pick if you're looking to trade down out. Or you keep the 33 -- down 29 but you're still in that its first round pick technically. Dexter says would you be shocked -- -- trades up to get man's hell yes I would let trays up to get them straight -- I'd be shut out. If -- John men's L falls to and I still see that happening. Because then you have Cleveland again. At any strikes. Some people haven't taken it might may act hasn't taken Teddy Bridgewater 26. Those second time around now he's not gonna -- by Cleveland twice. They really do need a quarterback was it was it. Fish don't frantic. In the kitchen and being somber and -- correct took a whole lot of tours rise in just to give up that hill and come on all of us. Yeah. -- an article go. Yeah.

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