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May 8, 2014|

NFL Draft Edition 2 features a conversation about one of the most talented areas of this years’ draft, the Wide Receivers. Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com has Ranked the Top 30 for you today and he and Jim Hackett breakdown the strengths of each and how they could project at the NFL level. Then Jim and Pete wrap it up with a look at the top talent at the Tight End position…

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. -- -- -- -- Presented by a Mohegan Sun -- and don't. Welcome back to the WEEI dot com fantasy football podcast the NFL draft. Three draft additional here along with Pete Davidson. The chief writer and editor for roto -- dot com on the fast track to fantasy football domination pizza and fast it work. All offseason long with scouting report -- scouting report. You may have just listen to our quarterback and running back NFL draft preview -- all the great players coming out of college today. We're gonna give you an update on receivers and tight ends really gonna hit that receiver position Pete and Hewitt I've been talking in the first four podcasts prior to today's. NFL draft extravaganza. About the receiver position a lot of the fun one. Yes it's it's sort of like. Bottomless pit. It would a -- of receivers and it never ends it's if it's been one frustrating thing about this year for me. It's we don't even know we've got at all. Because. He's thirty ranked right is what I'm saying I mean there's so many more out there that are viable that last year. In the amount of time it took to step out this year is receiving class we've already spent probably 50% more time last year. You know so it at their -- -- to have more. Scouting reports after the draft. You know spending we've already got some names that mean for example Brandon Coleman leading up to and we like critical omission of a scouting report we haven't gotten to yet. Arms only so many minutes a day in -- season's NFL having. You know twelve months a year and. And you can't fast forward the film you have to watch it yeah you know. Yeah like it. And let's -- IDS the end follows. A lot of kicks are identical. But having basically -- sixty scouting reports so let me think about the film work that was goes into each one -- like you say seven -- week and 24 hour day. And that's why these NFL teams have like you know scouting departments. Now makes sense now they sent them. Two guys in an added value in coach sitting their sirens through film and. I don't go to crucial gunfire today we -- watch a lot of film. Just you know what we're you know you get to -- -- like well these guys are so close. And -- felt that the vehicle will break the tie right now let's talk about it. Yeah well but the receivers. Oddly enough I think the running backs were a little tougher than the receivers in terms of ranking to 211 because they're so close and then you're looking at the different styles. And certainly to different styles applies to the receivers. But I tell you what wanted to start at the top and you use throughout the rank in the name of the school and a dubious skinny. Let's do it as gonna see I -- back to that the podcast that we did previously NFL draft special again it was quarterbacks running backs and but Pete was saying is that prom after college side. Running back -- team really compressed but they had differences about scouting takes a little bit longer. The receivers as -- such great numbers with great players starting with. The number one ranked receiver coming out of college as we head into the NFL draft later on I can't wait Sammy Watkins out of Clemson. Yes Jamie is the latter actually the second receiver we did we did Beckham's first right we wanted to we wanted to sort of make a statement on how could we photo dealt Beckham was. Good LSU was. Yet it's funny if you haven't noticed the whole world is coming around to our original position to Beckham has apparently in the top ten which I have to say I find to be a little bit amazing. You're talking about a sub six foot sub 200 pound receiver and I -- we think is great but while. In this size and in the size in this class to. We got. You know we felt strongly that you get into the first round and he did that pretty early but now I mean it just keeps climbing. I was curious to get taken while be judged to be actually looked up and and there are people that would say he can go ahead which is amazing but anyway you asked about Watkins. There's so much about Watkins about the like if you wanna get picky he's not. You know -- got to call it. MI compared to Roddy White. -- he felt exactly like that's an insult on billion a week I just felt like you know the one thing about Watkins is. I do think he's gonna have to deal a little bit with the jam more next year it wouldn't surprise me if he is the I don't know that he's going to be a superstar the moment he steps on the field right you've got superstar ability. But it's it's quite possible that he'll have a pro curve like any other you know receiver in the NFL and when you're 661 receiver. You can't dominate off the line of scrimmage some of these just like I had to do -- so you know -- -- My guess is that he does very well from the get go but it would shock us you know if you get a little bit of a ramp up like a lot of receivers to. Yeah and they're just a way into the NFL is a copycat league Seattle's us on the Super Bowl with really big defensive backs. That could be a trend to make our guy like that. It is inching nobody talks about how you have to have big receivers. It's sort of funny that the team or the Super Bowl went up there with three -- six foot receives -- death and you know itself. Probably worth pointing out there all the people who think they need to America's promise. Pretty clearly you can win you can win a football game and a number of ways you don't have to have these super receivers do. The point in fact if you look at. At and we need a problem due to be very quickly if you look at the top all the delete receivers. Not a lot of suitable ranks right finishing point I'm not saying that there's a connection yet but it's not like like we did get a W receiver and you win a suitable court that way. Of the extra lines would agree with the that's probably go to number two Mike Evans Texas sand. Yeah we're big fans Evans. We see him as a guy who's gonna make it. -- -- bulletin yep yep and a lot of people try to. Sid Evans was a recent article poster on football which we don't really -- put. He's a big time player we love specific polity we look to try to look the fact you ran a 453. You know that you know -- you know at his size that's just impressive. And -- Distraught and the receiver we like his ball skills and -- the way he attacks the football. So -- we're believers and Mike Evans we think everything that people are saying about him. Adds up in you know if we -- I'd -- and we needed a physical receiver. We take. Excellent number three O'Dell Beckham junior LSU talked about him a little bit early. Yeah we've covered Beckham yeah obviously this got a report that we wrote it's wrote about his -- people can check it out they wanna get really in depth into the into the film and all that but. Yeah we're we're big auto bill. He's just. You know except for the lack of size. You know they're really just isn't a weakness to his game. You know I mean the hands -- top notch the route. Top -- he's facts. He he can actually beat the -- did pretty well with the champ got it mixed take place. He can he compete complete inside he could play outside. Vicious almost like it's a big -- and make all kinda catches. It did surgeries and all these teams are starting to think about taking him that I got. It's not some type of you know random fluke he's big he's big time big time kid he was 63. He'd be in the top for next. Anti lock -- Evans back come are easily -- so easily first half of the first round picks. That's it that's our top tier yet. Those three guys are -- here. It's in the next year yet and by the way it is not -- -- drop off the next couple days after that blood. We do have Watkins Edinson Beckham. -- -- and the fourth once a guy I know you like as you've you've reached weeded out here at the scouting report quite a bit as branding coax out of Oregon State. Very engaging kid we really enjoyed. The time with -- to become mine. You know he's very powerful this press conference very cocky but it but in it awaited -- like him. Yeah I'll play it wasn't tough putting like I didn't give it acute security team knows that it is not afraid to say it but he dealt with a smile on Italy we really liked him and his tape is just. Great. The kid who makes plays all the police catch the ball well he jokes he's physical. It is this is there really isn't much to not like about -- -- other than the 185. But tell us. He just does everything well in the -- in the going to be an issue because. You know he's got strength and yet you know and he's got he's he can go like he wins contested ball even at his side. So and I mean obviously -- reinforced -- become so we can fly yeah. So you know you'd try to if you try to press and he's got strength quickness and if he gets around to run away from two point press coverage gets -- cooks you know. Good -- Nobody thought that the. And did you project him as a first -- to tee aria yeah actually there's no way critical for public. How deep did the the first -- to -- receivers go. To the numbers. Really accelerate I don't buy it. I actually think it could be excused 5% X. Okay and the cooks is in there. The opposite opinions at a camp that -- significant where. And I don't want to talk but the patriots beat writers to -- frankly. It's somebody who follows the -- writers of all 32 teams because I have the choice yeah pictured actually some of the better be writers out there I drink our own list price and there are certain price screen there but there are so would -- be writers that are just laggards. And you know I ever have a -- -- -- mention this guy's name but he's basically saying that the first round going to be defined by how many of these guys to take him. That's not how destructive can be defined as dry as can be defined to a three years from now people look at how many of these guys and the people really good. Yeah that's what matters yeah -- -- scouting on thirty of them. Well you get the thing is having to think about it realistically -- -- and supportive if you build its deepest draft in history. Are you could feel compelled to use -- for -- -- generous human are you gonna say the all right anyway so you do this it's it's quite they'll -- you may hear about guys go I don't know but it's quite possible the EC five or six go and that isn't. Seeing something negative about those guys who slipped into the second. They're not slipping into the second cousin like good enough to go first right there are slipping into the second -- to go wait a minute why am I taking the most key position for extra. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually I can get my -- right now I don't really love what I'm looking at two rounds from now being Lyle. I can get -- if you do well in the fourth or fifth for up. Yes yes let's hit that -- a few more of these guys yes they did -- with that mind. The fifth ranked receiver that you have out of Vanderbilt as Jordan Matthews. Yes we like Jordan Matthews very controversial guy he's got a serious detractors. I honestly don't really know what the problem is I don't really saying it will start to. You know what I did the basic. Routes hands -- -- that we can -- fans are great yeah media had some drops but -- 110 connections. So so a -- yes I mean obviously he can catch that -- -- Obama -- -- well you know. He did have some concentration drops publicity. Horrible quarterback play and that poor poor quarterback play I I didn't. I don't have a a piece of -- with every single target. And I don't have all eleven of his drops but I would almost guarantee a couple of more that's for sure so you know I I've seen this guy makes -- good natural catches with its so. Basically here's the deal are the people were questioning his hands we see if -- can't apply. -- one way or the other end of the spectrum. Meanwhile he's gonna pitch strikes people people go to the government to -- Jordan Matthews he's such strong bench twenty wanted to. -- at the top of the class. That's a lot sense for anyone who receive. Actually he he he wowed people on the bench people say about facts and what came in Iran for four. So you know he's just one of these guys where. Some people for whatever reason wanna bring him down I do think there's something to the complaint. You know he was sort of he was so far away that the focal point of that offense. Wish he you know we just stuck guy. Somebody's statue just that that's where the ball total yeah you know and he -- a lot of screens. And he got a lot of steps off the screens. And I think that's totally -- not to get those stats in the NFL right. Which he's not running that well. He's running a different -- Thank you can translate yet right you're so rookie -- If you -- run strategic catch three of four screens week in the NFL now conduct a run that many screens to be running something else so instead of the screen directly go deep. You know how we know that's going to be worse statistically. He also has great ball skills wants the ball is in the air. He is of very tough got to deal -- swim around you got any chance -- 63 you can get off the ground. He's got help from my adult ball mentality that we really like. What -- -- -- Jordan Matthews we think he's a very good player. And we think he should be in probably in the first round or early second round. Excellent the next guy number six is a guy that I I really like I got a chance to see a couple times is that Cody Latimer of Indiana. Latimer is a guy we really like we've had him up high along time now -- and he's moved up a lot of boards as people are stark watches settlements. -- is just a guy. Definitely it is that a guy could definitely see playing in New England. I could definitely see him playing in Philadelphia. San Francisco. Seattle. Did you resent him and you know it's very clearly Robertson. Certainly are certain teams out there that really emphasized perimeter blocking and I think he's gonna appeal to those teams could very big very strong. Very physical. But it doesn't end there is also good receivers got the speed he kept leaping ability he's got good hands. And there's really not a lot. To dislike about Cody -- little bit stiff and perhaps he's not perfect but tell us. -- you know problem we think he's a first -- we'll see where he goes may -- slips into the second but we think he's gonna get his name called fairly early. -- The next guy Alan Robinson is the seventh ranked an event. Anyway I don't mention we're we're getting to that point with the receivers out where these guys are just in saint Nicholas. Yes -- no I mean you know it. In any of these guys what you once once you get past. -- Anywhere from four. -- into our collective strength. Like sixteen. I doubt if -- that tent and they're very hard to separate -- and these guys are all good deal the total upside and I just wanna make that clear sir we we have. After rank them but the truth of the matter is this the big fact here and these guys are these guys are going to be drafted based on scheme to fit. And they're probably look at -- you are going through now just. Just be clear but Alan Robinson the guy. He's got a lot of detractors. I am not one of them I really like -- -- As another guy you like to retreat that's got a report on Leno is that I parks. -- in which graphically retrieval can. Struggled on that one acts and -- yes pat wrote about our aero on everybody you feel like book books. Just please we we don't speculative about Twitter tragic that we get these followers -- my personal. Now I've got sudden like -- following me and I could what are you doing. I -- so are you actually -- different shafts put two. But -- it. On our Robinson is -- mean nearly speedy big east to a 120 pound six between 62 and 63 he jumps 39 inches onto. It makes catches away from his frame extended. -- music is very good at catching the ball at its peak with the -- call high point the ball. We law is aggressive. Miss in the open field. For a big guy who -- -- six by the way to get a little faster than force -- but he could come by currently disabled short. But he makes outstanding open field -- tremendous size so we we think he's got a special abilities. He -- a guy that probably need to check our pride every now and then. You know he's an alpha receiver who when he's the primary focus you have a problem. I keep their. I -- seem -- -- -- a little bit of a kick in the -- the second and the third option when he's being asked to block doing something that's the product perhaps not a glamour part of the game. We've -- I don't know arcade got and he's competitive enough where he'll get it. You know it took despotic used to get it. Yeah and and where they land and I compares to -- The outlook is bright light is that she's mean violent impact periods but. You know where you land with the coaching staff was like and it is it's the right one. It's disciplined a good training camp can knock that out. Yeah I mean you know Billy O'Brien. Has his moments of you know friction yeah without Robinson. But it didn't make it didn't stop him from making out Roberts in the fall -- part of the passing game. You know I mean he's suspended him -- I think after game. First game of the year fire call and of course probably comes out to do what I -- was second half you know so it. We like him I think he's going to be good receiver. My gut says late for sure Apple's -- -- deeply that that have been about the -- he could go anywhere probably from the twentieth pick on but he could go to sixty. You know -- blasted into the second that's how close these receivers are and it's gonna have a lot to do with how these NFL teams choose to draft. Yeah and and also it in terms of fantasy football purposes where these guys lent. And who the quarterback he has some -- offenses like that's you know -- it it's it's important step forward and actually yet it's important to know. You know what we're Pete says that we with the compression how close these guys are. You know you well served to maybe take any of these guys and you Tennessee football dressed in -- depending upon where they are. And the NFL teams are starting to come down to you know obviously what they're gut feel our guys but also. What happened in the interview room whether they think they're you know personality it's the coaching staff yeah whether the style fits scheme and all that and so these guys are gonna move based on that stuff there's no doubt. All right let's get to the next one this that this is an interesting little class in of people that we're talking about the Marcus -- it's at USC is an interest in flaring in yet. Probably the most natural gas cheaper in this class. If you haven't Beckham. You just played the game effort flea -- in and out of -- putts just beautiful looks like tennis hours. Yeah I like him actually your mind million -- A slightly bigger version -- Santonio Holmes but I don't wanna. You know don't throw any negative stuff but that's about the positive aspects ceremonial halls. So you know I like marquis is actually a lot like more the coach does quite honestly -- thing is. And and we probably would have Hadley you're head of cooks were right behind Cox. But the thing about marquis leader that that coach I -- just can't quite get past is he's banged up. He'd been banged up. And when you watch these games he's always slipping back to -- -- holes. I think he just strikes me as one of these guys where every week he's going to be questionable probable and you know I think if it. And again I like this player and I think he's got a lot of heart he's good player but he just strikes me as one of these guys where. It's going to be is -- practicing this week -- England. Yes and I just. Danger danger danger Will Robinson the first round pick but I just -- are essential that a risk attempt and we pulled them down a little bit. But we're not trying to do its -- please -- -- -- Sure OK let's look at number nine is another interesting one is I can't just -- Yeah I will say this is is not Kelvin Benjamin Florida State is in ninth ranked receiver on your rankings let's. We call him mr. upside yeah fortunately he's also mr. downside. Why. Well because because he's. He doesn't give you what you want out of replay and you know. You know if Kelvin Benjamin was always balls out always -- 2%. You know if Kelvin Benjamin played the game. The way -- effort desperately seeking or the or the way. Paul Richardson Richardson again took in the right out of about a Quincy and and one if you played aggressively consistently like those guys. He could be. The first receiver taken -- but he doesn't. And the question is is -- is an amateur but here's the thing done Benjamin. He's older 123. Yeah so different the content -- haven't had time to mature. So I you know I only scoring a little bit of guys you know finding the fountain of maturity. You know in the end and we're gonna talk about -- -- or later -- -- -- -- mega talent out of Oregon but he's a complete match. And you know I don't think you know like all it's one thing NFL fans do and I've done it myself. But you you know you keep track when these guys -- -- -- We're gonna get -- straightened out that a million us a big mistakes I might yeah might get a straight right. You know you're gambling admitted yeah -- -- absolutely and it Kelvin Benjamin is of player where you'll. She 240. Pound receivers there exceedingly rare and he can run a little bit if he can jump in a big hand -- -- the potential to make out. Ending crazy I impact plays like 41 and help them win the national championship. I mean he made the critical play so I mean there's no doubt discuss got all kinds potential but he's also a potential nightmare. So I can be -- to see where egos. And I think when it comes to putting his -- value this fantasy value out there. Where he goes about land but where is gonna be huge. -- if he goes to a coaching staff feel like you know what. They -- -- to get him -- like I think Frisco would be a good spot for yeah. You know Qatar was a little bit of receiver whisper you know I don't know Belichick would be a good fit. This kind of I don't want to play for Belichick gave it to call -- on that -- and -- -- hotel -- -- bill that the kind of guys -- go. Give the words of encouragement. You know so -- he's a guy I definitely think needs to sort of find the right place it's could be a good spot for him -- -- You know I was sick actually -- I just think you don't do so with a guy who's got some wisdom and yeah -- as the guy has got a little bit of understanding. You know another -- Kubiak -- she got a lot of professionals but they're not. Task investors it's better not task masters or not they're not -- -- not -- basis. Beckett didn't you know they're not scream -- you and and and -- you down -- Keep the kind of player -- -- -- -- try to beat him down and you lose some -- it's possible so. He's an interesting -- the upside would -- to articulate -- -- perception that even more. In just. So they'll attend Fresno state Dovonte atoms not too familiar with them Tony about it. We liked about that it's good players the question it's you don't have been a divided adams' I see him as a typical growth curve receiver. So I I you know for people essentially this year they could provide fans go crazy he certainly could get the rights situation brought. He looks to me to be that typical one to three year curve he's got some routes stuff I'd like to see him improve his route technique. But when it comes to just hit the -- the ability to make catches and just -- -- -- has good hands. Go -- get the ball well that's your guy yeah. Lie -- -- go look at our scatter report look at the -- making in the picture big topic. He double or bad yeah probably -- I can go a political football and I mean the numbers he put approach surge. But they're playing in that you know -- -- -- spread offense you feel kind of decreased stats. But it DiMaggio -- is definitely a player we've got to the -- next year is not -- lower here we like him but. You know probably not up where you wake up but we like him as a dynasty. Especially -- miserably so quarterback. That I appreciate you clarifying that. Number eleven is a road -- -- -- that we -- Go back there we stuck we're way out on a limb here with but with. Quincy renewed loss from nowhere else question on what we just I think he's shorter guys well I put the film ends. And it is is like love at first place than it did you know I feel like you listen but have they sought to hog rule and the strength of sand shot. And stupid you know -- just one of those players and first of all he caught twelve touchdowns at Nebraska. And that's -- I don't play. It's slick hitting sixty home runs its Citi Field right now. You don't have to just did not gonna happen I can't really throw the ball twenty times you're -- protest a sons and they have -- and then yeah sure well he's just he's just a guy who makes plays. Any. It as it is if you read our scouting report on him. And up I I should put up with the number right but essentially he had three different quarterbacks that threw over a hundred passes last year. No improve more than I think 130. Now think about that. -- essentially you don't have a quarterback. Yet knows -- is you've got more than one -- and are looking cute quarterback -- Yes if you have one more if you have more than one quarterback you don't have a quarterback that's true. More than two steps to dry so yes he had a terrible quarterback situation yet he produced an all -- school record number of touchdowns. And let's get past that just stats. This -- the guy who blocks people. -- is huge and physical he can run and in fact that you don't run. And the guy we like compared to is being crumbled the I can be put his little it is possibly. You know the next in -- -- -- -- -- because it has -- Irving Fryer had an explosiveness. You know I don't know Anquan Boldin didn't mean it was already faster than it crumbled -- doesn't have. I don't know if you go to crumbled pants. Okay that's probably a little bit distressed he typically you're yep you're talking about a guy six to -- 2504. Or five. And veteran Dick you know in nineteen on the bench and you know. And we're not come by guys you know that -- Number like that you have to at least take -- sure but when you watch on the field it's all there at the speed destroying the blocking the ball skills this guy goes up traffic and that's my ball. You know what guys like that. Also has the ability to just not guys over once suspected to esteem up corners and not bring him down. So this is a great example of you know. Team acts you know has multiple needs such a strong receiver class I can sit back and -- get this guy and the second or third round maybe. But look at who is projected at seven pro player. While in fact I'd I'd simply stability -- and getting crap you just you know no real high on them. -- anybody who basically you know it was a senate for a player in my opinion has been smoking crack so it's definitely. There somewhere struck out but it I don't know what else the second suspect complex. Now we have a rank right. From what I consider real rank where Edwards and go but we're trying to make a point. We got a good we think it's and the next guy analyst -- similar we -- we don't debt to total disrespect. Kevin Norwood is the twelfth ranked receipt revenue in Alabama yeah. Similar story can to -- it to him good luck in that. People look at this back to go all the numbers are well well he -- in the SEC plans for a team that throws at -- they run it anyplace routine but generally had a big lead right. But that he's not gonna have big loud stats but if you watch Kevin Norwood play there are plenty of loud place. Well that's itchy eyes trying to jump informative for those everyone's listening if you or your frequent listener to a podcast you know but if your new listener you're Europe. Enthralled by the fact that this is -- NFL drafts. You know spectacular podcast but. You know what brought a bond doesn't what she does is actually watches the film on the newscasts -- exhausting level I mean. As much you mean you know harder work right now frankly than it is during the season with -- all the film -- that -- -- and the reporting -- the breaking down the re watching make sure you got a tight. And -- -- -- -- else does that you. The hard part of what we do in the off season is that you put players and have a lot of the time it's the first time we've ever seen them. You would know what we've seen in public times obviously -- Some of these guys you know object Janice -- a guy who's up on that the board right now I mean you're you're starting from scratch. And you have no anything to go on so yeah I was a little bit. You know you're working without a net you're naked you know but that's the front as well. -- you know. In -- we have sunshine -- of the diamond in the rough. Yeah I'm no look I carry. I think it's one thing I think. If you wanna give us some credit robot I think we're willing to take a chance -- willing to be different willing to say we don't care what the NFL but -- yet. This guy's going to be good enough still -- good example sure. You know how I got the ship around we'll never know. -- thankful. Let's tell them they are and so I think it's gonna I think this year again he's gonna produce more than people realize he's gonna produce but yeah we get a tiny things so let's keep going. S.'s the story behind no would be on the stats the thirteenth does that Mark Davis Bryant from Clemson. Get them back to Norwood really just incredibly solid technically high character guy. We be really surprised at Kevin what is in the NFL player and by the way Kevin Norwood. Be of great patriot just I know we get a pitcher audiences so it if the patriots take Kevin Norwood. And they given what the fourth round. To -- and steal our. Let's sit in a territory you know because of the glitzy stats and an Indian not hearing a lot of -- people at -- while they take him when you know when. This guy it was there that has a little bit more pedigree. Quote unquote like a charm well there's a great example writes people might see Jarvis slander from LSU on the list. Or the -- you know it's. I would complain about -- Landry who also would be a good patriots -- -- and have a lot podcast they say he could be like the next David -- except yeah. For more than a year yeah you know. The good fight a little. But those are the kind of guys tend to slip to the pats of that that'd be an interesting thing. Thirteen -- -- yet -- things up -- -- Bryant from Clemson. Yes when he got. Well this could be the case -- -- Which we believe in it's essentially because -- a little bit of discussion on Twitter the other night with some fairly well known Tennessee football jets. Talking about -- biased and they're saying that. You know others to be Smart guys up -- these rankings and -- -- by -- and my point is now I think. Those messages that good I do think that there -- sized ice in the rankings and should be I mean if you have two receivers that are the same. Same routes 159. Once 5916. Took it to this extent yes no question about it and I mean we would it we're willing to get by the small player. We walked Russell Wilson we screamed -- -- We will definitely want to duplicate. That by despite eleven quarterback is up fifty nights like let's let. Right and you don't like -- Bryant is a guy with a stats are not there to track record is not there he is a projection. People should understand that this is are saying. We like the way he closed the end of last year so much and he has so much explosion. And it is you know bodies. He can be so good that we're moving them up higher than -- actually says he should be. Catch it -- and that's a that's a trait when you're doing wrote about rankings get a read it carefully you know because. The projection of how they could perform is very much factored in. Yeah they'll look like this Bryant. As we said in the last podcast about -- he's got a blast factor but he also has a ridiculous. Ceiling. You know like Justin hunter last year -- Detroit this year is just an honor -- not quite just a runner but that's the kind of plea agreement. Was this -- -- I don't know there will be a Keenan Allen this year I mean if you wanted to pick quarterly injury could because he's getting summarily dismissed. But. That's seventy you know what Jimmy that's a question asked me after the draft multiple actually don't you I mean can't believe he can you Woolsey who slips but right now I was gonna slip. And Martina now with a guy last year the read that you can't -- sort of set up his own. It was sort of like the great Houdini. Yeah sets up a trick he knows he can do and I press is everybody can beat army can Allen was good to begin west's but he had terrible -- -- -- -- with a bad name. So loyal -- the blue suit with a limited cancerous questions about to ask. But by the time he got on the field and I know of course and and and you know can now with a perfect storm. Right yeah the guy who resisted the idea a little bit at a terrible time to come by which wasn't at all indicative of what can run yup you got healthy. When he comes into -- -- -- is no business getting anywhere near starting gig but what happens injuries Malcom Floyd back out for the year scenario Alexander. -- out for the year all of a sudden. You just moved to spot for the depth chart 45 minutes or so and then the case goes out please lights out all right so this is a great debt so -- you know. When we come back after the draft I think -- be able to play and we think parts you know this year. Direct let's keep Roland the fourteenth ranked at receiver knows when to really like I referenced him earlier Paul Richardson out of Colorado. That name great player. I don't know I could save as much as you do or not that's just look at insurance sales -- sounds like dubbed long reliever. Back to pay out like Dennis lamp anyway tolerance they're probably about ten pounds overweight. But anyway. Richardson is just a guy where we probably have have pushed up. Well you know what I've heard he could go in the second round so we'll see you I'm I have to say of all the players on our draft board. I would say he's in the top two or three in terms of I'm just really interest interest to see what the NFL is gonna say yeah sure you know what you know confuse people you don't 170 pounds soaking wet. So definitely the kind of player I think something you're going to be like no -- -- -- in this kid and a third -- fourth at that size but then again our opinion Billick -- This is this election on Jack's title is pretty good right hello this kid is more of a little bit more but outside guys that don't like to think. We will see me he can line up anywhere yet but but Richardson has an equally devastating double move. I'm a big fan of what the -- please plays hard every play blocks. And who will -- -- gotta -- little guys lulls that current yet so if he did to me Richardson -- -- where obviously we hope it's good situation and and we hope he can stay healthy. A lot of people don't know this protection was playing first year off any CO last year. So is the guy where if he would be better in 2014 was that thirteen. By the relic the next. Yet halfway through the halfway through that did the thirty ranked receivers gotta move faster and yet Robert -- From Wyoming. Another really good kid. We sat down with and that and did you copy that took a bite of the problem. But you could ever sat down with the to -- by pretty you know got a lot of self awareness really understood. What was going on any any sort of got the weaknesses in his own game and he was willing to talk about them and it would you know we we really. We like them and it's funny he went up the next day pretty much did everything he said he couldn't do. But it hit -- staying in -- a lot of the criticisms. That we heard about Iran. Are things we actually think bush correctly capability get off the line and we normally gets soft. So we think -- can defeat the -- because she has so much quickness edge trek. We actually think he can play outside. So a lot of people think it's a problem and you know or they just. -- you know what I can't get inside the people's -- put different people watched different teams there might have been accorded to get in trouble. It -- trouble that we didn't see typically it's possible that Eric. But we were I watched a lot of film on this kid and we watched a Senior Bowl stuff. He has explosive. And he's got a huge part this kid plays with a monster board kick -- why he reminds me of it is Laveranues Coles. What's -- He reminds me Laveranues cool little bit shorter but apart from that. Very very similar to Laveranues Coles and my opinions on and it's funny actually the traffic should you remind me Laveranues Coles never heard of them. Now -- and its impact that it. This happened and then ultimately he's gonna wait a minute he played for the -- -- like. That's the guy you're like wow look at the people are really community not like. I can take that it was always delivered -- and guess a perfect. You can you can imagine I can live with that. Laveranues Coles at the mention India. -- closure I don't know if you ever see liberty fiscal house but it literally has them vote. Brady's sold house of the -- Thirty -- -- David Robb as a bowling Alley a leak and it's ridiculous -- it's it's like -- -- and titles. Anyway so look at Iran is a guy we think. It is he's another -- like Richardson when I'm really changed it to see where the NFL's to take him I sort of seem in the first round but also. At moving on an M sixteen is Bruce Ellington from south. Carolina Ellington to guy we wanted to move up hire a guy could've been another notch to hire you right there with Ellington in Richardson excuse me the running Richard's yeah. He's the cousin. -- wrote about face from last year one of our whole month swings from last year. -- -- sure -- -- Padres are running back -- as a receiver they're built almost identically and once -- got the ball in the hands. It's just that it's another Ellington he looks a lot like his cousin. And it got the same kind of ability. Bruce Ellington is just. And he just -- police. You know because of because he you know he's he's small receiver but -- got a thirty inch vertical so he challenges bigger quarters. He's he's constantly playing the book -- side. Like it players like that he had any you know you know it's a question about it I guess is -- to be -- to play outside. To me he has the chance to be sort of a Randall -- kind of player. You don't know whether he can be that good. You know maybe he's not real complicated but that's the kind of he's got that are part and kind of skills that -- and you know when it's 44 or five. Say anything about this thing about Bruce Ellington is at 59897. Pounds so he's got some legitimate. -- -- -- -- -- Yet he's he's that kind of player. If you could get the ball in his hands and let him do the rest. Did he make a good -- Get a mall. It's easy -- slot yes you have we get the funniest person in the effort to this community could end up being more like a Welker where he can take -- Yeah and Nixon's and after the catch right whereas with the settlement every time he gets hit -- worried. -- -- gonna happen development but I don't know every -- it's -- it doesn't. Element hung up -- Lucy L look strong but thank -- -- -- cause for concern number seventeen is a guy really like we talked a little bit. Jarvis Landry LSU. He's one of those guys were I were bigger fan of him that I was able to rank. -- -- that we talk about you know and its people which you know to come by and other differences. It was sort of across the board I mean he was very on explosive ones vertical lines broad. I mean you really can't force 78 in the forty -- -- dead today. -- every -- -- a bad day and they said he had a hamstring so so that it was understandably did apparently -- for five days. As his pro day and -- -- quite honestly I think particularly big time because our film he doesn't look like he's that slow right. They don't fast feeder you look -- is probably about four fighting force extra I think that's where we're sort of settling in with -- -- What you look with Landry it's it's good to -- the and his team. Approach this guy loves the block for people. That's correct and that's a G a fact that in itself. He's just as happy making it but third down block it is making the third down catch. Keep it you know he'll be against brings the guy -- -- be the guy against one doesn't matter he's gonna make complex. We love that about him that's a -- in the in the -- -- -- the guy Eddie Scott. Just -- particular -- Ridiculous she makes taxes that are just absurd. And -- Beckham I mean the two of them paratroopers that had a chance on the team and -- -- has been mailed his if you go watch. And I appreciate it put it and it's got a report if you go watched the play go watch anybody elections go look at the scouting report. On Landry and watched the catch he makes on the play that Matt -- globalization go on yeah it is one of the best catches you ever seen her life school. It's ridiculous just would he catches it or rattled the defender with one hand. As they're both going into the ground that just -- anyway yeah I think it's just one of those things where a lot of guys wouldn't even try -- You know a lot of neglect and only a -- -- lipstick requirement. If you look at it means he's one of those guys were no problem making appointments find a way. And when he gets winning and that's a winning program needs you more apt to get -- take a chance share. But I didn't coach at both sort of agreed to guy we see in Landry is going to work. -- now we think he has a chance if he gets his -- side he can be like a Hines Ward kind of place Padres really came just hates him. But you global. -- -- the is that he's a guy he -- due to build a team around for sure and that. I don't know that that could affect I don't think he will be that good. But I think that's where he could go sit in -- Hines -- kind of direction. -- that and now. Eighteen is a guy we talked about in in previous recent podcast. My heart haven't put the -- thing we wanted to put them. I know you did manage it Jared ever terrorists from what's -- -- that would theirs and it and and I -- somewhere in this out cause there's so many good citizens trapped you -- I about a -- to -- patriots. There's got to be a patriots you know you -- talk about a guy who can read routes in defense is all the lord this guy can -- and defense is pretty would love. -- effort that's right now the question is would you still you know the -- -- the -- is still going to be alive we Kate is gonna make a three year. Can you play the way he plays in the NFL without ticking clock. Old. You know I don't learn that it's hard on the delicate -- you know he's got more more evidence of -- Should you know he should wanna get out of bounds but it's just ingrained in just try to get them that extra yardage. Whoever dresses yeah I mean he just -- you know. Just willing to hang in there and take hits you mean you have to respect that but it's the same time of his week. You know he's -- well under 200 pounds there's a little bit worried. There's no doubt in my mind that he can play in the NFL that he can get open that it makes the catch is we think is gonna be a really exciting player. For as long as he can stay healthy we do have some concerns about and in terms of longevity so that's what people. Fair enough. And number nineteen is Dante monk reasonableness. Is an old guy now on a normal draft I think -- my increased could sneak into the first round. Because it now would I take the first trend now. Basic kind of guy we're some team is gonna get sort intoxicated on what he does well because she is. All kinds of explosives and I mean he's fast he's a big got a little senator -- -- once that it might increase as a low esteem. Army defensive backs are going to be stop and the problem without democracy -- receiver to catch well. That is yes sort of advantage there we -- crates -- -- but none of it is in the strikes yet again. Yet to have -- commanding control -- right so that's where were out with my increased were desperately trying to buy into him. But he the body catcher. Doesn't seem to trust his hands and you know there's some other issues about him as well but when you're. Folks need to understand. For those who don't and some probably do but. Definitely and we hope somebody catching a lot. And -- actually are partly -- -- when you body catch everything where when you body catch more than you and catch. You're taking your capture radiance and shrinking it yeah making it hard to -- helping out the defense. Okay you're letting -- build your always gonna be catching the ball in on your chest. So they're -- They're going to be aggressive we're going to be trying to poke the ball away. You're also telling your quarterback you need to get it right in here I catch it in -- so quarterbacks are going to be hesitant. So maybe make certain throws with receivers. That they don't trust them to go up to go out. You know you'll see certain route and you hear the announcer say hey that was a good -- to put it only where the receiver could get it right that doesn't necessarily work the body capture. -- -- -- duly noted that that that's a major strike it's a that's the first that's the first. I don't wanna put but at the same time this but here's the trick with this player we like yeah but -- this just in this draft class. He just there's no way that you have taken him like at the top ten receiver and that's why I can't tell yet that's -- is ninety. Yet but I don't want to make people think we don't like my increase we think he's got all kind of upside and and that look I think there are certain FL teams who would take him over -- terrorist and if you. Depending on what I was looking for. I'd like capable record their first. You know depending again what is that you're looking for. Noticed it yet if you're looking for is for people looking for -- if we need we expect throws we don't have a guide. To complete third down to help us keep to the drive moving you wanna go to -- there yet if you got an offense. We've got to offer receiver running game I -- quarterback you have in the second receiver. And I need to be very uninteresting because if you were working against weak corners and you can get in the football yet. It -- deficit to do something. -- what the other thing that you need the that I should mention about -- if he does catch the deep ball fairly well. And what's interesting about it as well as the people do it forces you to catch with your hands in some ways right yet. Because you were first everything the ball coming down over your shall assert that any -- He handled those -- fairly well so. To me don't ask to catch. Yes and it is so he's he's a very -- -- player we want to rank him higher. But we're sort of making a point put them downloaded to let people know like this is not a this guy's not a guarantee don't don't get to hypnotized by -- sign it by the China. Yet wait wait cica. The twentieth is Jeremy gallon for Michigan. Cop always adjusted Michigan's list. Jeremy gallon I love this kid I mean I did I quite honestly I wanted to -- -- and hire -- -- but -- I accept and you know he's he definitely has some challenges -- the next level the thing is apart from the 57. There just isn't much not alike yeah -- -- everything in its hands on he makes for particulates open field cut. You know he's even after the -- nightmare for defense so quick he got to running -- -- that catch like good running back after the catch. And he runs good -- to get separation at the top system he can go anywhere and which agency if he gets -- quarters he doesn't have great -- speed but because of the routes are so good it's like at the desk. Guys have to come up and respect what he's doing at the top of the steps he can do the back shoulder you can do you any -- out. So these guys have to come up a little bit and then he gives that'll stop and go boat behind you. Yes sounds like Welker rademan Troy Brown that did all similar. Your -- straight line speed that Welker I mean I you know the question is I mean think about Welker was. I mean how -- nobody gets to -- take. This they accept that I think about what could always impressed me is that he can how can this guy is still being announced streets. You know so I mean that with you know there was there's some of the guys are gonna get too but you know if if I talked -- -- Robert terrorists. Has the ability to take. Up pounding like Wes Welker. We 56 spots and I seem to Allen kept. Or gallon and I have a little bit more faith but he has other hurdles to these biceps -- between Miguel and his first but we like him. But we don't have a video that it is an NFL team gonna decide they like them we don't know. We would. We'll find out and I got ranked that probably not in our people find out. Why anyone has would -- Washington out of Missouri. Another guy we seem to be a little bit higher on in the pack yeah a little bit of a body catcher. But he is a tenacious kids with long speed and a long body and I think he can be a really deep deep threat at the next level. So you know he's I think he's -- I love the idea of you know a team looking for deep threat fifth or sixth round applicants. The -- the third element -- you know. Yeah -- so many of 22 is a guy know he'll like Michael camp and borrow from wake Faris who talked about -- -- previous podcast. A hotel -- out this comment but boy could disc I -- was. And I -- child that sustainment of the day. If it would have to practice there are a lot of receivers in this class that they could be New England -- -- surges are. -- and this kid is definitely one of them incredibly Smart more long speed than people realize he'd actually explosive means. Good for you can't good vertical catches everything and deep the field incredibly well defeats zone coverage. With -- Separate from single coverage extremely well. Kevin -- terrorist probably the two most. -- where receivers in this draft just incredible awareness of where they are in the field when they need to work back to the quarterback. -- everything you look for. We really like this to -- small that's the issue. Yet great scouting report on limited sort of -- Dot com the 20s30s Josh -- from Oregon I'm always interested. But not one real one just really quick thing on go that I -- and arrow. If you went -- the right spot could be PP a monster. Good enough again we have this spending automobile league yet you league -- rules it's good to get that extra -- that's why need to read the scouting reports of road but. The twenty it's third receiver. Ranks of the draft of coming later on is Josh -- from more I'm always it just an Oregon players so. I like Josh -- -- coach likes Josh. You know we seem to have have ranked lower than most people know my personal we think he's definitely particularly the future. But we do think he's a kid that. You might need to work a little harder. I -- want to be too harsh on him but he looks like -- kid who maybe needs to up his intensity level little. I got the feel within these media accused he's such a good athlete. TP media because hosts mentally just a little bit and I'd like to see you know play a little bit more than -- But I'll tell you what he's the kind of kid where if you get to the right system. You know nor want to be great centrum you don't just a place that's got -- you know the total -- more creative with their routes. He'd get a little bit of everything for Oregon like at the tailback slot. H outside inside you really did everything they ran a model like what routes drag routes. All kinds of different stuff so it's it's if he was one of those Oregon specific players. Where we're not exactly sure. Well he's going to be in the NFL and it's you know it's the team that traps will certify what the roles in the big but he's a talented player and is it easy eagle location received we're gonna have to she -- he goes. In depth chart obviously going to be an issue and -- it's going to be an issue over the NFL -- all -- -- this receiver classes in the coveted and all the depth chart to just going to be stacked. NFL that charts -- at the receiver position I'm getting deeper and deeper because special teams and and a dual roles that. Coaches want -- to have you can go 89 receivers deep on some NFL rosters. Well yeah and now that it's you know NFL's become throw throw throw colleges slowly becoming more teams to throw throw throw and it's it's quite possible that. I have people -- is greatly but he -- running back to become devalued don't think it can't happen to receivers. I mean that the position won't. Become devalued. But it's possible. That receivers become plentiful to the point where. They're not getting the contracts people might think that -- because. Like for example Eric Decker this year look at what Eric Decker got off of thirty touchdowns over the last. Changes that they're going to I want Eric Decker but I was don't -- this. When you look at that well look at distract. -- do you do well to give twinkling guarantee -- record alleges wanna take. Could -- and 14 round yeah -- yeah that's that's the effect of having you know a huge talent pool coming -- way. And you know by next year it's going to be union. That. And it's. I've got to meet this year as receivers the receiving class there's going to be a sea change when all's said and done. I I think. That's again it's it's good it's good information we we're -- -- under ten minutes ago about seven minutes left the case so it's sort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we're we we Josh -- 23 you've got thirty ranked so let's pick a couple enough let's get some time in tight end. We we definitely like. Chandler Jones -- state we'd like it's got a report epidemic in Africa at the time we don't feel he's getting enough club caught a whole bunch of touchdowns last year David fails. We think he's an underrated receiver we think he can play in the NFL would also like at 25 Mike Dee -- at Texas a -- People -- down out of after last year. We spent a lot of time -- 2012 footage. We think he's a player where he gets in the right system grows a little bit could be a pretty good NFL receiver Jeff Janice soprano about right now that the prime article. You know well Saginaw Valley State this -- and athletic freak. You know 63 to twenty win a ridiculous forty time jumped about 38 inches very exciting player but. He's got. You know what I would call -- got my increased disease and drops a few too many. And he body catches committee and catches too many balls right up against his body so he's a player we think needs to develop a little bit if you don't develop. Could be pretty darn good player that perhaps even a special but he needs to make some improvements. Demonstrate a Pittsburgh based receiver we're still there was still work on and actually used propaganda -- the scouting report at some point. Inched its -- it's taken but he definitely into the trap that we think. Does he -- images main guy. Yeah definitely a 2% -- -- out of Rutgers. Here's a guy we like them much. A lot of people critical that the second round player -- I just don't see it. He's a little bit too large for us we don't like the hands were not look at the routes leading -- a good kid. We think he does play already blocks well he's definitely a developmental prospect. But in this draft. I you know -- -- -- -- can be tent and the coach just doesn't stand out that much. Got a disk data reported to -- -- huge target but we -- a little -- like Mike Jenkins and Jack kind of thing can. Can't you know. Solid patent out of Florida Geico which really likes John -- had picked Pittsburgh state one of our favorite sleepers who. And they were dug in deep -- here at tech but we like this John route to that Pittsburg State gets used. And we quick except their -- running out of time daily news and other guys and wrote Obama that and so as we really like like Cody osment. -- ground Albert Wilson. Ryan Lankford is sort of got a scouting report and wrote a bunch of -- out of Oklahoma and this is Kevin Chappelle has been pretty silly just keeps going this -- while you have it. It really is classes. People. Us one question we go to tight ends which is what it would do UN in coach like about Solomon patent from Florida. As we patriots fans. -- a great -- with Florida receivers it was -- in the state aren't. Thanks Soledad go to the patriots a lot of the kids were -- mostly just like -- -- like speed quickness and we like the way he goes -- the football you know I think he's been in another draft we think -- be getting a lot a little bit more pop -- very good -- -- He's the guy we just we will be talking about it it upon more. But still a five minute lightning round with tight ends and a critically important position in Tennessee football. It's evolves a year after year to year. I am sorry I got one guy yeah -- Eric Laura out of eastern Illinois OK -- -- stopped target. Ran pretty well as pro day. Might do -- keep an alliance you know I think he deserves a mention. It was an open at least but it. Got Eric Laura LO or day matches played a lot of heart any -- up running pretty well also he you know he -- I think he'll definitely be brought into camp somewhere. Cool now it's begun a four minute right lightning round and on the -- answer which is you know it's it's it's it's not as sexy as a position coming out politician. And and we definitely have sought the stay here yeah -- I -- I ever talked about yet North Carolina. We -- up as much as everybody else does but he's probably the best thing that prospect in the draft most upside. And I could Somalia Sheikh tomorrow to -- governor around the I think if I'm not mistaken I think except our first podcast I'd like yeah you know all about now well. And now I've watched every single game there is to watch. I was -- yeah I mean he not going to be a monster -- anything but if you into the right system I mean if he landed up in England where they love these statements. Yeah he could be a savvy and they needed tonight and he -- if -- structure and we think he's pretty good player I like -- -- little problem but I like. You -- as a size. But can predict -- pretty big kid -- except measurements -- 65 to 65. Well -- -- hands but I mean at his -- force 7440s. Pretty pretty good at 28 on the bench is gonna hurt so he. He's a better athlete than people think now the one thing it's -- what the past 742 with a 3COM. That a punch your ticket that it wouldn't happen apart from that he's pretty good looking player. Catch the third when you have -- does Austin's a -- and Jenkins is from Washington is a report on him on -- -- bond. Front page as -- you know last I looked. But he's off the front page is about five running backs off and but yeah idea. He got a nice run up there I like safari Jenkins. It's like safari and Jenkins but you know the key thing -- it was going to be he needs to work really hard if he's got a body type that could get out of control. If you -- saying if you legalize. Yes he needs to have discipline in terms of diet work out because he's -- guy where he's gonna be great he needs to be quick. And if he puts the weight on it won't lose got to lose quick. He's the true well one thing he does about him and who would it become Biden said he put a lot of way to last year -- -- played only 280 last year. And we're wondering why he looks at quicken 2012 -- -- slow 2013 -- are. And he had an answer for. So it -- if he's playing at that to sixty wait. We think he has more than enough quickest out. Understand what I'm so I'm talking about a guy who we want to reach the high part of the ceiling. That you can be pretty good tight ends in a lot of different ways and he's a good blocker so this -- can and it just beat them all our. But if you get now when we talk about tight -- defensive -- we're talking about Jimmy Graham we're talking about Antonio Gates talked about. You know Tony Gonzales -- so you know we're talking -- we need ten touchdowns we need 800 yards we -- seventy catches you know. So for him to be that type of player. Or you know to regret -- can slip on tribute type of player he needs to be. I think a little bit later because in 2012 we like to release -- line of scrimmage a lot. And this kid has ball skills to the big -- big chance to bolster his original -- But that's not enough. To be repaired because they need we need the red -- Bonser and we need to we need you to be active between one. Texans catches and yards after share. Yet so that's pathetic so for safari Jenkins. A lot of upside. Obviously I think the team he goes to is going to be important. But. He's definitely a guy we like in terms of upside for fantasy. Anyone else in the top ten that you've got listed here that's worth a last look before a final slots. Yeah I think pretty much all those guys in the top -- -- were talking about. You know the care. The kid I would wanna talk about the most NC for door with particular real solid all around guy I didn't Nicholas is a guy who's definitely gonna get trapped. It's fairly I'd like some little -- think he's closer to being -- an idea I think it'll little more of a project. But the -- -- complex he's already a good blocker on Blake and insecure I would bring them. At a Cincinnati I like Blake and and he's absolutely projection he does not have a lot of field time -- a lot of film on them. -- At Columbine the kids just went. And he indicated that was stock last year behind a good tight it. Tried to tell you who went to a the chiefs. So you know he he was sort of being held down by another player he got a chance last year and he did some good things and we want to -- blocks piece of really good blocker. And advocate for and it's generally believe that export to 47 reinforce what little package sir. 6993. Com. It's ludicrous it is. You wanna talk about now. We just said. That. The local book the most frequent I was a little bit of a problem you wanna talk about a guy to be patriot around six or seven beliefs and it could be a -- right. Like that's the guy that in that in the one other guy I think you have to talk about. It's called wireless. I don't Oregon yeah he's a physical freak he's got all kind of athletic upside. But he's amassed so that rap sheet. More than a bit. -- did the guy who quit the team during the season and added trigger rest after that -- So I think it's just you know he's he's one of these guys Reese's own worst enemy than the one -- I'd like to -- -- Doug Duncan had a Dixie state. First of all it is great that he did Dixie state -- Joseph -- and that's perfectly wonderful that's perfect. But he's also very extinction it. I would have upper body strength and he makes a ton of these actions that are impressive so do you think I would sort of got our -- on. Wish we had more film on them. And the film that we do that he's playing against terrible competition but he's an interest in player. -- -- -- -- great great stuff I mean that's that's what you get your take on and off after the Super Bowl and you got you know. Three plus months of scouting reports therefrom. Quarterbacks and running backs in the podcast out. Recorded earlier for the NFL draft this one here receivers and tight ends -- mean thirty receiving scouting reports pretty impressive. Ten tight ends it's all there at -- -- afford to take. Like I reports of the patients. -- you want to -- and actually work yeah we'll have a couple more to work done. And the work's done in the knowledge is there. And it's it's drafting guys enjoy it and we hope that. Well -- everything that podcast is going to be I mean that I -- it's fun but for me and I know for utility the next. Couple podcasts or were really get out front at -- and over these guys are yeah a little there aren't a lot of talk about NFL quarterbacks prone to these guys and what offense there and at what depth chart who has a chance to actually start them. This stuff to me this stuff really gets -- week. Exactly so sit back enjoy it crack a beer if you need do if you do get wants me and I as a bush they're great sponsor. And not as always our podcast here. At WEI has brought to you by our friends at Mohegan Sun. A world that played it and great to us enjoy it sit back enjoy the draft Steve thanks so much for all the effort all the work that you try and it's been great. You and I will be doing a lot of tweeting yes we welts iRobot iRobot tonight Nat wrote upon exercise as our guys get taken will be -- the scouting reports and enjoy. My fingers are ready to go on -- well -- Boston College we'll see what happens. If you were to go to their TP thanks to repeat it tonight.

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