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The Bradfo Show: WEEI.com NFL writer Chris Price tells us what's what when it comes to NFL Draft

May 7, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by WEEI.com NFL writer Chris Price to talk about which players we should be keeping an eye on as the NFL Draft approaches, and why they are the ones who should garner all the attention. Yes, it's once again time to talk about those three-cone drills.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of the -- -- Squad today has always Biden distinctive clothing. And hope doing little insurance through the finest institutions you'll ever find. And speaking of some of the finest institutions. There's no -- institution and -- patriots beat it RO Chris price. Press welcome. -- has either built or -- institution -- vehicle. Now now you use your supersede the NFL draft before we get the NFL draft. Did you see the movie draft -- -- I've -- -- to ask you this you see draft day. You know I have not. -- And Falwell. Ably and friends of all get into. You know -- it would be bold move become without you everyone feels the need to talk view about the baseball. And get a little insight into what the world would like. I've I've had a bunch of people questioned me now about. The relationship between critically -- it Kevin Costner. -- how apologist look like Jennifer Jennifer. Her dad that's the problem and hear about the that's problem number one -- colleges would never looked like Jennifer Garner and number two. -- -- spoiler alert Kevin Costner would never have a chance with Jennifer Garner. I don't think having it realistically yeah I you know maybe if maybe if she was not a famous actress but. It and any other thing is if you watch it although I call another spoiler alert for those going out to see draft day although I would imagine -- cusp of dvd release right now. But it's they they show whether GMs -- representing GMs of different teams and they show the Jacksonville GM and basically. The Jacksonville GM as the one. Who is Kevin Costner's. Ultimately rips off. And he's assists wedding masks like these young kid really go get that young kid -- is just hiring Jackson really doesn't know what he's doing. Like c'mon I mean GM's third GM they've big get to that point by being relevant or half intelligent. Yeah -- you know way it is it's it's great he talked about that in oh. Opposed -- -- you know that it it's becoming a younger -- did you know we saw that debate -- you receive -- interpret all but I. But that GM. Believe it is probably get increasingly eager to copied it to -- You know that they're not aired yet in Jacksonville -- yeah -- notebook. Well they got the guy who's GO owns a team needs from mom -- -- yes John yes. If it they've got a bit the other thing that they have to is the -- defensive coordinator in Seattle yeah he's arguably got a couple of the gold galleries is that the former Seahawks situated governor. Like it says they're not. You know Goodwin with suitable here but -- there -- her direction will be. -- you ever go there. They're looking better and or who. Some of the youngest GM's test off the top -- ahead -- me because that remember remember what Theo Epstein retired here was. Twenty years old almost 29 is such a big deal Jon Daniels and Texas is -- And in those guys and early thirties. We're you know that this is what it's like you're difference. You're you're getting guys who were in their thirties barrel in. In here so I mean that's considered a little bit younger I don't -- heard it in Seattle as a younger guy. Britain did it there's no I mean there's no like guys they're between these kind of VoS. You know John Dingell I did it -- great note here you know -- that direction they've gotten younger and younger but. Usually is it's kind of a gradual -- Dad in his dad's it's. It is and we'll take a while I think that I don't wanna say it's more old school but you have baseball embrace this -- analytic staying in order and and and those people pushing matter are really embracing it early on with the younger people so it's an interesting maybe it's an interesting conversation for an entirely different. Conversation. Oh. By IA you're you're you're bin. Diving into this NFL draft things for months and I find this whole thing fascinating and this is my new thing Chris our Mulligan -- do things on this broadcast that interest me. So I'm drawing a line drive -- and this and trust me it's not just because the NFL draft is coming up. But I understand that you are an expert at something that interest me and I wanna go before we get to the mock draft which you have up on W I dot com. I wanna go back to the -- line and I wanna go back to. Exactly how that process works and how you saw this whole thing unfold. You get to Indianapolis with the come -- and you see these guys. From that time until the NFL draft. What is the process I know it's kind of a general statement but what is the process I mean how does how does how to -- jump -- jumped out of the draft off for those two months. Well a lot of it is getting -- Really picture or erode the I think it is -- who this individual is because that boy. You really don't know they are individual. Go BR players and we all seen -- -- or Soviet beard though -- bridge water locked in the we saw them perform. On the field but. These guys see these personal guys these coaches these out you really have an acute to sit down and talk with that kind of get a sense of where there interact. In get a sense of whether. They port of port authority of football if it'd be that's where you start to dual mock draft during your. -- once. The column by an immunity to ought to have been they need to achieve its secret -- encourage you to put the individual workouts. That's where you see guys rise and fall. Throughout the pre draft process but the -- by itself. Is really the first tree is the guy yet. True ought to prospects the best example that it relates the patriots the best example like you view. You created in 2000 knowing where. Big new look -- sure they could circle mister a you look after target individual as a prospect elective. True C contributor view. The collaborators were injured and you're absolutely not apart. He had a -- said we're ready to get a weir wrote for -- with your ridiculous -- what is the -- that we need. So that's the case of a guy we people over the patriots with a radiator. Could virtually I know some other guys who they light. But they're keeping to you to view had become a cool oh yeah. I'd be the third quarter direction that you -- particular conflict that's where all starts. -- it -- written evaluation process. Who blew you away this draft who was the start of another draft to the comment who was the star of this come by not and I'm not talking about. The bigger names but it was air guy one guy that was the Mike -- mullah -- -- that I don't know when big win this is. We reached a limit on reference saying stars at the com by and as the Mike when mullah. But who is the Michael of this year. I go area or not you hear a real you if you look at it and that's clearly a game running the forty a guy that big. Flooding that quickly in moving that fast is just from a purely. You know shorts and -- -- perspective. Was absolutely -- blow a guy that they should be allowed. The other guy who really stood out for me if there were questions about his consistency you college. But it true or just a purely physical standpoint. Is open invention with a wide receiver out of or ST. Yeah who you have going to the Eagles Myanmar. Yeah I just I expected there were questions about consistency in drops in whether it was fair accurate at all and not let it. This guy is essentially a new putter and -- can count on each it was true that he -- 65. You just -- six by -- widgets and apps currently we. With a guy who I was absolutely amazed. If there -- Two other guys it -- -- -- really from a physical perspective. Just like. Just jumped off could be you know. Recalled. Yeah IE low that this is -- three -- time a year. It is that it is with -- all all all preface -- by saying that. They don't soared since these units see the other BYU. Who. Not by any stretch of the tragedy -- -- go to beautiful Easter that you you know -- people sick but he effort not little Rico. You think he would who is really Smart got a lot of all of is is is is absolutely top sales. He -- -- -- here's reverend Peter -- yeah sure. Kind of -- safety who he read it or not that you're not a starter Barry needs but as a guy could provide depth in the secondary is well a special values. Is another guy who I just it was blown away by really impressed by. I think it's -- the thirteenth pick out. But Detrick that I think acutely. A lot of what the patriots ticket you know look like a genius there we go babysitter so we can destroyer law only word you want Josh Boyce. Yeah every sport where you are and it'd still don't know -- -- going to be you know because the injuries in the -- that the struggled with the playbook cluster I don't know. -- -- Going to be. It doesn't matter -- -- you predicted that are you you thought that he might -- attitude out there he did solid back at our story. Exactly exactly what that that fit into -- in the after the Olympics when we regard -- the recorder wrote this it's up there I wrote this Beckett they're where it listed the top fifteen guys. He -- the who finished do predicted that the doctor Peter Rico become yeah aired. District held I -- the same -- last year history tells us that the patriots are gonna take at least one of the guys -- that'll. Last year it took three of the top. Of Logan prior. Well -- electric. Outboard. -- though those three guys were the top -- article for your. So I think what you look at it Alex soared in the figured. You've finished -- shall lose by brutal in the Rico this year. At the -- barring any music community if you're the guy the other physical has been I think really. Did well -- look in the record what's -- historical -- is a wide receiver out fallibility and Kevin Norwood OK. Dick recruited at a local -- time is probably a secondary or third big guy. High character guy dependable. Architecture billiard ball as a rookie but he's going to be it would be good depth is going to be that locker -- guard against covered from. The big secret program you -- these great narcotic or what kind of particular dispute -- -- So let me ask you this team in at least point out -- of correctly predicted some of the patriots picks in recent years. Why you have received at argument argument and statement -- -- a disaster that before we went on there but but -- you that your blighted beat by the three Tocqueville talked. So what you have this character. Defense of Lyman from Minnesota why do you have them go in the pages -- number two point nine. Well I think the peace stick to clear and I think you -- a couple other questions and the -- but. I think that the -- need to start thinking about the post principle for parity defected to. Re -- -- rhetoric heard I think that it activity you now. -- go to richer. By you. Have Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly on the other side thirty I think you need to start waiting for that Souter wrote later I think every car that -- Investigated in the first group. Unity sort of like -- talking about you know the -- -- without loads of work that this does Gilbert so it -- and that the Christian or not part of a -- and talking about your league level you sort of like you need to. Start thinking about oppose it there -- Eight we that the guy who I think would fit -- basically the legal system there's some question about -- insisted. Whether or not he's taken place all over the course of his career but you're -- going to a networking where -- -- to work to build telecheck. I think he's agreed to -- He's played multiple schemes or over the course of his college career he showed himself to be -- penetrating these kids have learned that -- it'll ever tackled a lot larger but he could also hold up the point of attack that the extra aggregates are not gonna put him. You know you're in a position where you're sixty right now but this is the guy who is 66 to read seen our carnival -- see. Or -- party. -- feet -- perfect -- that to keep the coat. He wrote in that role you work without telling you worked since wolf for at least keep the cup is that. Your defense of labored in -- of that it will work. Sort of like in the major community. While you talk about the the need for wall of the drafting for need and you just referenced one position another one potentially could be tied down. So I know they bring in Dustin Keller and and take a look at him but do you think they're gonna drafted tight end here because the uncertainty with Murkowski. And if they do horse from the guys that they might be targeting. I do -- regular it is critical for what variable to get a greater somewhere in the second round. Whether it laurel -- to that. I. Oh forget Chris not a group of people for Decker accounts -- second round pick right. Amid this this is remarkable that you have that guy and I understand. -- players are picked all over the draft but. But I think that's what people forget about all while you get a tight in the second round you don't expect much roll. It worked out pretty well that about it but at the same time. There's a reason why they got him there. And some of that has come back to bite him right. Exactly yeah I knew there we believe -- -- in the second round because the back the accusation that. The collegiate but yet you can gather. That's pretty good draft for -- if you could yet. -- -- -- -- the possibility ought to super rejected it out of Washington. Outright Nicklaus out of Notre Dame -- -- doorway. It really interesting guy out of Iowa for a couple of re not the least of which is that. Either way it is what the exit coaches that I later murdered at old Libre air is so there is direct connection there dark. Also the doorway. One of your ability to -- coaches used to be the patriots their coach. Of the runs. Yeah it is so that they have that connection -- so you're talk about a guy who. Go with the patriots system a little bit. You'd have to think Fedora which would be at least -- radar but it is that you're a look at the big question. Actually situated. Is. Get out of ordered all wireless. Who had some really serious red flag. Collegiate. -- -- In the in. The thought process that the -- really -- question -- -- -- that whether it up the picture picture that a -- with the red flagged for a story you know that -- think. That they were a year where career Gergen as well as but it didn't hurt. You know this post murdered in -- world to the patriots take a chicken and a guy like that even though you may have a kind of skill set that would suggest that he could exceed the levels so there's a lot of good questions. About the -- their position but yeah I do think they're good at that because I -- -- -- that second day whether it's secular dirt road picked. -- I think that's a fastening position for them because I as you point out they can go either way in. Hum and -- last question is really probably has nothing to do the patriots because they won't be. In this stratosphere of the draft by little hole in your gut -- you think is gonna go number one. And I let me ask you this let me ask -- who's gonna go number one and who's going to be the top quarterback taken by who. I think double what is it going to be clearly. I think Claudia -- could be. Truly great. -- -- -- the president. For a couple of reason not believe it which. You're gonna put a lot of people are so worried with JJ -- get a big that is that the report that could be up. The culprit supporters -- critics yeah. You know even if cloudy you're not the guy bit you know we -- and he could be. A boy Chris liked it you you're I think that this is becoming the growing theme of this traffic clown he's gonna go to number one and we understand why. He is even though the had the kind of the they'll policy lackadaisical year last year. But let me ask you this before you get to the who's going to be the first quarterback. That one play against Michigan that one play. It how much money does that make him and did it or Midas. I understand it's you have an entire -- mate but that Clinton cloudy on on a level. That I think that's there every once it okay this guys up here athletically in everyone's out here are Midas they can too much that one point. Don't know it it's not so much in terms of draft stock. But if you're. Are. Affiliated with the W what you affiliate out there could point out decorated it in it out of the triple. In Britain that edge to the steel. You know I that we don't know what is an app cloud over the course of his career but that what are -- -- They're pretty you can you know slap operator you could it look out what are the associate with that occurred at about -- your current -- -- out. Yeah I -- is is there. Oh status I think again I think he actually get it if he gets -- Eastern team be used to coaching step that it place there -- With a team that Kuroda. I think you. You could view very very good putter over the course I do with the debt which it would you consider the fact that you'll be edit the support GGY. I think -- increases history. To be a true we. Yes it does that doesn't hurt who's -- the first quarterback two hours ago. You -- It's it's clear it's right writing that the mock draft a couple of days ago out there. 12 on the program navigate this. I think I think to be I think you're. It's been well I think their -- they'll go. You do you have men's outgoing number four to the Cleveland brown. The broad yet you know what you it's in debt Italy right now -- -- just do -- died if it don't go way back. Process -- Well for really cool a bit -- at least -- starter -- -- process. -- Belichick guy who really between me. But the ground what are the most compelling team Kuwait would be -- practically an article -- really you're being -- -- themselves though. If they could get a quarterback when you're the first brokered they have their pick they acquired a couple of years ago or last year problem could be a couple of so like I think that they might feel that they could get a quarterback a leader in the first and I don't think the political operative though would pick. I think that the Smart pick by the I think ultimately it's sort of beat the Cleveland up its tablet strategy and outlook really you're trusting careers. I think the best assessment that I heard about it. What it's it's really a company where you are considered Doug Flutie. He's going to be a lot of a lot -- him overboard -- your portal. Port open as they also -- -- ultimately -- to release their pick and you have to event number eight the vikings. Yeah it is it is very big and click portal will probably have a really good -- but I think that Selig appeared -- though is that what's great epic. In which particularly weird though you have achieved to -- -- a truly special player yeah. So. We have all of your fix all your predictions on the mock draft right now on W dot -- going to be fun week right this is. It has been a fun couple months and you've been right in the middle of it but this is one. Everyone jumps and men and the predictions are flying at you like draft day you like well I eat crap today marks. I do like elect draft weaker there or later -- it would be -- few weeks there's a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- Have led into the process that usually. I really like that it's really important billing processes if they think that we try to lose sight of the fact it is free agency. It's excellent at a freaknik two weeks have occurred -- -- controversies -- It real penalties are about guys like to grow Revis and Wes Welker to keep illegal that it is -- Far more enjoyable part of the building process a little bit more corporate. In its queries he would go -- war. I think there's a little more to it vigorous. Are you it's -- -- week of his buddies they've been a movie about a minute it seemed like it seemed like a stretch but I -- the movie I was fairly entertaining as. Somewhat under realistic that you make a movie because draft day and I'm sure it's it's great publicity for the NFL -- It shortly will be about -- you don't know or or the MLB draft this well. Although I you I guess of the trouble with a curve was cut of that but not really analysis beauty more realistic than nest. How's the -- half marathon training going. Court could I I do I opted while the other ice at mile road -- good go to actually outlaw over the last year up also repeat while good for you how do you do it. Eating your eating you're exercising. I'll put that vote in you know -- it got away from the third -- Google you don't put this off so it's time as well struggle with right now by. Good fields away which half marathon is. Is it important punch -- first nice. That it that you. Or counties. -- you know the old the old Turkey courier and one inaugural world holding. Yeah -- he'll do great if you got -- that believe me you can do right now he did -- you do right now. Sure you're definitely daddy it's clear this draft stuff will be even better Chris thanks for joining us corporate.

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