WEEI>On Demand>>Turning point! Game three will go a long way towards deciding the victor in Bruins-Habs

Turning point! Game three will go a long way towards deciding the victor in Bruins-Habs

May 6, 2014|

We discuss the B's and the big tilt in Canada tonight.

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What you did there at the remixed. It right there gonna fix that that works actually worked with that song it actually does I. And it just worked up just for us right like drop it and -- with the -- Nothing wrong. The script I hope we don't get that tonight at all because they don't play when the Bruins score the only player on the Canadian score I don't wanna hear any of that stuff tonight. It'll be loud it'll be rowdy. It'll be a little over the top and that's exactly the way we like it. In three Stanley Cup second round series between the Bruins in the Canadians tonight at the Bell -- as a whole lot of lying going on in this series I don't care a whole lot of line I want the lie. To continue because if they believe it. If the Canadians believe. That the Bruins are talking trash about them has written a Montreal gazette -- article Montreal gazette. Said the Canadians are ignoring the trash talking coming out of Boston. -- crew can. Doug Hamilton talking trash. -- -- example. Really what they say well you know Doug Hamilton said the -- that the beating Carey Price as the -- figured out your price. Not what he says that's. And it is not the guy named Connor McCann. A a TS and radio host out of Montreal yep he's the guy who said that the media in the press box Saturday at the garden was standing and cheering. When Riley Smith put the Bruins ahead maybe somebody did -- get called on. And it became well there was one blonde girl who was standing and cheering many called on again and it was okay are admitting nobody was actually standing and cheering. As a blonde girl standing and -- should not an immediate. And now and not on the enough in the press box seat I mean it is not beyond the Montreal media to make stuff up and -- It makes it more fun no -- like it was a bad thing -- I can't bring a lie on lie about Doug Hamilton lie about -- crew fine. -- -- an interest in the shelled parent is upset. That Terry Terry Terry and that Terry. But there's no mistaking them bronze gold for the Lamotte reports very thin sounding is there's not as good -- let's hear it. I'm sure you. Not quite. That's I don't. And -- and that's real that's real. Now that's a goal like that he's upset. With wheat -- How he thinks it won't be trying to get into our heads they are actually getting into your head if -- she's a union -- already there. Right so this is what the playoffs should be game three we have finally. Well we're we're out of the were or out of early rounds. I have this is a fight malware and we're not round eight round nine. A cup first couple rounds of the fight I just cannot dance around a little bit -- -- what do you got what he got what he got here we are. My yeah my nest and -- hasn't raised that he likes the use on the telecast from times. Which is don't poke the bear. I feeling that the Canadian to poke in the -- I I get the feeling that the the Montreal media is desperately. Trying everything they can try. It to help the Canadians. That we got to help them get by these mastered Bruins we got to do everything we can do. I think what they're doing misspoke in the air. And I may be wrong about this but I don't think so. I think they're not like how it comes out. I mean -- has been more direct then I remember him in recent memory. We show Terry and fired back -- quote came back out today defending his guys saying you know will be nice if they actually reported what was said. Doug Hamilton talking about butterfly goaltenders. And talking about how. Butterfly goaltenders could uncover the bottom half of the net if you're going to score against them at least the top half of the -- -- and that's what they were able to do -- on Saturday. Said nothing about solving Carey Price that was strictly manufactured. By the Montreal media -- up. -- is -- -- -- and they they took advantage third Pierre McGuire talking about this earlier. He said. You know Doug Hamilton didn't mean anything by a black. You know it's it's it's a neo fight -- in -- -- neo fight but it's true. It's true for four juries can't moments about the his comment. Butterfly goaltenders got a -- sure it's it's a true statement but -- that. These things happen in the playoffs if you say something in the playoffs and you have the best intentions. It will get twisted and maps can happen you've seen it happen in a number of sports remember. You know you know or five years ago. When the Celtics were playing the lakers in the finals. And Paul Gasol was asked about Kevin Garnett house Kevin Garnett different while you know it gave a great scouting report on. Kevin Garnett got it and spent as much time Maclean he's more of a jump shooters on and on. And he is giving an honest answer promised basketball assessment of Kevin Garnett. It was turned around and published all right Kevin Garnett that's what happens when games are important. If the media doesn't do it. The players will I don't mind coaches and players -- play their game I'm I'm. It's probably too strong a term mechanic with -- that I'm offended when members of the media take up the console on the part of the team's. Win when the Montreal gazette flat out lies about what is being said when a radio host on the Canadian broadcast. Flat out lies about cheering in the press box. And doesn't admit that he lied about it mentally it's called on it and then you know has the kind of you know -- delete the tweet tuck my tail between my legs. I'll just say -- hope nobody says anything in my audience back called on pandering to them big time. I got your back don't you worry Canadians fans -- -- guy. You don't think it's of the you're mad mildly entertained by -- usually -- our. And it can't be ended by your friend did and -- -- -- at it I sprained and it spread the playing the -- work hard and sticking up for the for the the guys who Wear the home jerseys I'd damn job. I don't take and don't walk in my side of history to lead and yet -- don't let anybody else. IMF with their meals now. -- -- -- IIE but in all seriousness I love everything about it we said yesterday when we shall Terry and fired back -- -- Julie and pass. It ought. You said they they poke the bear maybe they did maybe and but the bettors bet. The reason. You you know you may be right they won't like what they're getting tonight is because. Of the Bruins under -- in game three is the stat is. Fourteen and 112 straight wins. And you know what that is in my opinion. It's similar to like bill Belichick's record in the second game against a team in a season. Really good coaches. They get a big global Kanye regularly Intel -- -- little information they know how to use it how to how to make the best of it. You get to game three of a series Claude -- got a couple of games worth of tape to look at now a couple of games worth the scouting reports to look at. And even a team like Montreal legacy. You don't X number of times during the regular season. Playoffs are different to play different -- -- got a chance to see this team for a couple of games now I'm ready for game three. Game three is he he has owned game three during the course of his Bruins coaching career. What do you that he'll be able to take advantage of that maybe the Bruins haven't taken advantage of in the first two games or maybe if I mean that's simple maybe it's just that. OK I know what they're gonna do it will just continue doing what we've done in the first two games in the third period. If that's where they've that's where they've tended to to make their money. Especially -- in the last game as a dramatic example of it where you just go crazy in the third period but you know about the game one. A couple of times apartment while Montreal was gonna be able to -- the thing away and they couldn't and went to double overtime what do you think he's going to be able to do. What what what he be able to exploit in this game during. I think that wolf first of all you -- try to stay out of the penalty box more on that later on as the show goes on because as a some folks in the media have discovered a website that those of us in the National Hockey League you've been using for years -- what just. There are numbers there are Hartnell -- -- -- right now my point you know about this a long ago have discovered it lately and that's fine I mean that's it that's fine. There are hard numbers to look at with certain officials back in the day before you know web sites -- and you know electronic monitoring of this stuff. Guys like -- Emmerich taught me way back when we used to keep detailed records of every official in the American hockey. And not just you know how the bro how the Mariners did against this official at home and on the road what they call. You know this official as much more likely to call holding penalties so the coach would say got to watch that he's gonna call this guy's more likely to call. Just stick infractions. So you you got to be concerned about that thing scouting of officials has been going on. As long as there's been officials and and two teams on the ice yes there there are a couple of web sites out there that'll tell you. How this guy does for the home team -- that guy does against the road team. How how this team fares when this guys calling the games and what's more likely to -- what's it less likely to call. All those numbers will tell you that if you're Bruins fans might -- be scared to death. It means anything -- what did you say that just I I think we over rate -- overstate these things are really deal now is it likely. That an official. In a building like the belts that are can be intimidated into calling a penalty in favor of the home team it's likely. But that officials from -- South Boston. Press release from south boss right one of the two officials along with Tim peel who'll work the 22 -- reads -- work tonight's game. Do like think that that Chris Rooney or Tim -- going to tonight's game at the belts and with a preconceived notion of which team is gonna win. And which team is gonna -- please come. That's the NBA I think I NHL. NBA -- -- stop not the NHL. -- man. -- -- -- argue against it but you know the evidence is overwhelming. Over over many many years but in the case of -- A guy who grew up here. It is it is going to be in Montreal. So the Montreal mystique. Can't let that get to them. Because if you look at. Well I'm not going to be that guy I know people expect me to do this but I want. And then. He's from Boston. So of course the Montreal. Saw him and it's already written -- grew up you know. It is certainly got -- -- sweater hanging his claws are dumb bird at the hallway I interplay with the Brothers and Brothers play Brothers for hours and hours. I imagine that he was bought large imagine that he was -- -- a product. So. Kind of look at it from -- probably going to be the most objective. Most of most objective guy out there. Well you'd like to think that if if you're forget about your Bruins and your hockey fan. You'd like to think what everybody objectivity is what to look and or everybody is expecting him to go one way or the other show. He probably would do this call it straight. Hope I'm hoping does now. It does bring about a question. And it's a question that has bothered me for years and -- I don't know the answer that's why I'm asking it. I John -- across from ESP and it's a big hockey guy will join us later on the program renteria and last 32 on and ask him the same question. Why is their only one arena. And one team in the National Hockey League in which there is a perceived bias by the officials. Nobody talks about the Maple Leafs. And the Air Canada -- nobody talks about the Edmonton Oilers and and Rexall Place in -- nobody talks about any other team in the league. Getting a perceived bump from the officials or any other arena in the late on happened at TD garden you don't hear that narrative. Why is there such talk about. Playing at the Bell -- and playing against the Kennedy. Well I think oh a couple of things. Toronto easy answer. Let's turn to run to win the cup. Hundred years ago and it's -- so -- it all out there are other where other green is where they don't suck out today and did this narrative never -- it's a Toronto hasn't won in a long time. Made some steps last year regressed this year. Look at Edmonton great history incredible history but they're terrible. And terrible and the year after year. So they're not even in the conversation. It doesn't affect teams Montreal. The Montreal wins the cup every year but. The most decorated history of anybody in the National Hockey League got passionate fans they got a large building it is well designed. I can understand why people think you you will. You can see ghost in Montreal because so many things are going on -- Why does nobody brings it up if you're playing if you're playing the Blackhawks in Chicago and the Minnesota while playing the Blackhawks are few the Bruins playing the Blackhawks. In the Stanley Cup final. Never came up the money. Never came up Michael has -- money if you're playing the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Nobody talks about the mystique of playing against all the you know the first penalty calls gonna go against if your planet -- the square garden dysfunctional money. Into a new money a dysfunctional whatever the RI I don't hear why it happens but that's the narrative about this team this city you -- the ring. The question do you buy it you buy this something is happening in -- You buy that the officials are. Undertake is this too much. The officials are so intimidated that they can't do the job that -- that -- -- it's the only explanation I have. The intimidation factor. In other Arenas in the NHL two or other you know tough places to play if you're visiting team. I don't know what it is I I mean actually don't know. Ron Maclean who co host coach's corner with Don cherry. Couple weeks ago. During the the Montreal Tampa -- series brought up the fact that they shouldn't have French Canadian -- res. Working games in Montreal because as it turned out the final game of the series the game in which the Canadian swept Tampa Bay out of the playoffs. You know penalties called the whole game and all of a sudden two and a half minutes left in the game penalty call against Tampa Bay what's Montreal sports on the power play when the game by angle. Mean if you just look at the at the bare facts. The heck is going on here and he brought up. He didn't suggest that there was any skullduggery going Johnny didn't suggest that any officials were on the take. He just sent from -- optics point of view -- of people that narrative to -- talk about. Take it out of the equation don't use French Canadian rapper he's in Montreal. -- nearly got fired. -- Why can't I mean that's silly that the -- fire for stating his opinion now when when when I first heard the story. I thought it made sense and a caller last week who says. How that would be a bad idea and an attempt to agree -- on second spot on -- -- -- -- so on second thought I agree with the caller last week. Because you got a league. You can't. You can't send a message to the public yet we have French Canadian officials. And they can't be trusted in Montreal. You of -- essentially and we've hired some people who can't be trusted in certain situations I think this is bad for an NHL. You'll hired the guy. You think he's a good official -- -- let him do his job whether he's doing his job in Boston. Montreal LA said Wednesday. I mean that's just the way you have to play. Well it's an interesting point because in the NBA. With David -- few years ago when there was -- and I -- -- I don't think it was. It was Joey Crawford but he was somebody else who was having a real problem with one team. And Joey and and and use them as more and it was noted that -- -- -- -- probably what it will end and it was one of the -- where where everybody saint of course and consent it was only in the cars I tried to be tried to challenge Tim Duncan two fighters -- And you're saying come on it's the playoffs why would you even bring that up just don't just don't send Joey somewhere else. Don't send me in the San Antonio working game of course David -- sentiment a San Antonio at work again as we were talking about me office we're talking about another story. Everyone forgot about -- But you know what it's almost as -- and and I remember we were talking about it at the time and it's and it's almost as though David Stern. It was you know sticking up both middle fingers. An umbrella of the NBA they screw you guys that I honestly of course that's what. It's dumb business. It it I'm not saying don't let Joseph Crawford worked games just white tweak people why push -- and people. They are -- I think that's different in this situation. You're not doing sleeping -- the NHL isn't doing anything wrong by having a French Canadians work. Montreal Canadians. -- -- -- -- If they're doing anything wrong if -- if you feel like they can't handle -- then they shouldn't be working for the league at all. The -- should not hard. It'll be interesting to see what happens tonight -- one of the two robberies is from South Boston Massachusetts air the other referee is from Toronto Ontario Canada. -- French Canadian officials for tonight's game but it's not a deciding game. That's the other part of the narrative and a lot of that by the way it was perpetuated Byron Erickson and Harry sinden swore up and down that if you played in Montreal against the Canadians they organ in the first power play try every single night. I gotta admit it's sort of felt that 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. -- -- Patriots football weekly will join us in studio at 3 o'clock will -- some draft preview and some other stuff with Andy on my buddy Jon butcher grants from ESPN. One of the only hockey people on ESPN will join us at 430 so we got a lot of stuff to get to we'll get to -- you dale and Holley Sports Radio WB. Good thing they look vigorous Francois -- our own would not have been a popular choice for the temple lightning. In that game it was almost like they were responding to John Cooper's cavalier way he said they would like a do over. Are you saying the French referee had so -- why would you attempting would you go off and that was it yeah that's. -- -- Smart relieved because I know yes it's well it's it's you know what like I just think it's it's a it's a tough thing to say I. Like I've heard it I've heard those accusations I've heard things like that before. I just think. To to label all of the referees that way it is really unfair. Well you know when can drivers report on the monster blue regal explosion on Prince Edward Island that was ultimately what he said the temperature ratchets up so high in the playoffs be careful what you wish for when you. Don't even present that possibility and it's it's worth thinking so you're saying -- should never be a French refereeing mark in Quebec just this time. Just after what is happening gained through what Dave Jackson they are -- -- they are rescheduling -- I think -- is working with a look at that respect -- hits. You know it's pro hockey and you gonna say there above that in the -- and. I was Ron Maclean. Back on April 22 27 somewhere around there. 22. After the Montreal Canadians completed the four game sweep of the Tampa Bay Lightning and there were there was controversy at the end of game theory. And that's why he even brought it up okay game -- Going to be in Montreal. In the party had controversy about the officiating in game three don't even give them something to latch onto. -- -- -- -- -- still -- -- more I think about it look if you got a problem in your -- you addressed a problem if not be secure. And people can talk all they want. I think the people in the game no. At the coaches would know. If if the refereeing is doing the job or not -- mean the coaches and players know who's fair and who's not but Michael I'll go back to my question to you and everybody else out there. Why is this the only team and the only city in the National Hockey League where this question is even that got the most hardware we got the most part where -- got the most history. As they've got the the -- I noticed in most expressive. Fan base. And when you're when you're at the top you have a lot of people. Watching you you know a lot of people hitting on you want people cheering you this -- a lot of activity around the Montreal Canadians but. If if if Montreal had one. Their first round series and we're playing Tampa. Talk about right now nothing John Cooper nothing. He or Montreal comes to town especially in Boston you're playing the Montreal Canadians you've got some some bug I love it. And it and it's like that that they they are that team. So everybody 6177797937. Let's get the -- to you guys matching Connecticut and Mitch. Hey guys I don't I met -- A pipe that you don't. -- but what David Ortiz. You mentioned about the media is driving. That the discussion about it special and not us. In the NHL you you're the media. It always drive in this today. They'll achieve their -- a -- seven game series. The better team play harder and smarter. Is gonna win and as opposed to what officials are playing or are appreciated game. And one particular game. Usually I'd agree with the I I think -- that that's the beauty of a seven game series is that generally speaking the better teams gonna winning a seven game series. If however. You know officiating it if if the difference in the series comes down -- one game and one goal and one play. That's what makes people Morris. But I I understand that but I just don't think that a you can. Still aren't in aren't about. The official senate and that the percentage of penalties at home team and a -- team in a meeting date they. He picked on where -- -- one that they shouldn't have. Pruitt just got to play Smart and hard and not -- stupid penalties and that they should work out and well. And but see that's where the -- and I agree with everything you're saying that but that's where the question comes for -- Because -- didn't think they took all of the quote on quote stupid penalties that the officials assigned to them on Saturday. He thought that there were a couple of calls in there that weren't quite right. And it's why he brought up you know we had to fight through some crap here. He was talking partly about the way the Canadians played but it is also talking about the officiating. But that was in his barn two's I know -- counselor and raise a little nervous about cold up there and seeing what happens. Do I think that. And adding that brings up a great point don't you believe that in a seven game series usually the better team smells that car that's right. It it's it's it's pretty unusual and even in the NHL I know that you have 82 beating one sometimes but. Generally speaking if you winning seven game series you're a better team and that's they're usually. -- better team -- economy at the right time getting hot at the right time the other team may have some injuries arms. Whatever you match up well in and you're able to. Get a couple of bounces and it goes a waiting game -- Not a letter but most the time your most of the time that the team perceived to be better going into the series. Most of the time a team. A text to brings up an interesting point may be valid point too by the way. That isn't that what what might set about the Montreal Canadians in the perception of the Canadian yep isn't that the way basketball fans always felt about self of course. Back -- winning back America. It was the same thing -- give Pat Riley was convinced that read our back was met with the showers and you know -- -- -- off court stuff but people early on court. That you know and get the calls in and -- work the officials. I was off court or off court stuff and on court they believe it was a dead spot now and the parquet in the of the celtics' new. How to avoid it and other teams -- weird things happen to them on the court and yes the if they got the they got all the calls and they got everything. Kind of laid out for them because read our back was it to an intimidating the entire -- So that kind of place and to your point about it just because they were really good they got that reputation. Because the Canadians used to be really really good they have this I think I think that stuff does factor and. I mean you're going to. You know it obviously was not the case this year with the Celtics. There is that 2013. Fourteen Boston Celtics there's no and intimidation. When the Celtics are good. -- went to the garden and you look up. Here hero on the opposing team. And going through the National Anthem and this happened lookup is a few flags up there and multi. 596061. And against a particular can't let you preach anti war. I mean just see our what -- what an -- -- -- -- when an eighty on ninety's as a break but don't 2008. A lot of banners a lot of history you heard about the parquet. You see all these these legends just kind of floating around Tommy hides in. He played and he coached and he's doing the games and it's all witnessed all this history. -- gives you say with the Yankees. Same with Montreal. I hate to give him credit -- with the lakers. Go out there I think these. Iconic France is there a football team to the people feel that way about patriots. Based on their record based you know one you know would help I mean an ideal date damn don't rightly think of the tuck rule. And -- all while there they got the break there helps. The patriot. They should they just change their mentality you patriots and stop being offended. I spy gate and think of it as an advantage it's my opinion and opinion of almost everybody in the world but the play was a fumble. Now think of -- spy game. Because now we're always argue when it first happened. Everybody has come out to Woodward. It. They didn't just get used cameras and the guy who had a a microphone -- -- would turn up at at. If they -- all let's go well I guess I'll go work out there's that there's a definite trap door to attract ordinary in the field kind of opened up what are our players disappeared. I mean on and on and on the mythology. Kind of helps you and -- so with the Montreal. Knock it down. If you appear the Canadians. You don't -- put other teams duties in a short Claude Julian and everything's going to be on opened up. I want his imagination kind of plays tricks on -- executives that that works in the home -- event. -- adds up in Maine he -- -- next on Salem Ali. You know Ali I'll -- -- guys are well thanks Hillary. Are you man you wouldn't -- little Canadian stand in media. Asks that you -- and the Internet like -- -- Oh how we are -- Oh wait point regard Canadian Spanish or -- Championship winning team there is no denying that they got the most -- in the NHL. When abroad while our incomes stagnant -- that is quite like to see -- are a little. However. He only grandchild I had ever heard and -- north American sports. That would entitle -- out. To wait for the Canadians. Just because they originate. Some of the older woman about guys like you -- worried shark. We're never entered in the standard and children in order team with even. Given the opportunity. For an account Boston or Rangers or Chicago. Would treat chairman durable and Montreal. And I don't know how can you even -- at all and and special treatment in a league what are you you were some banners up there I mean global cup I -- a -- and. I don't know. Now I I looked at you understand the point that back before there was a a centralized -- right and you had the territorial advantage and if you were eight. A good young French Canadian. Hockey player you played for the Montreal Canadians. Unless they didn't watch it. You know and and you can go play for Toronto or Boston or or the Rangers or somebody -- -- -- out will -- and and they had that right back Dan. Now they were also really good at what they did they didn't have an advantage from a player perspective and they did you you can't even dispute that. What they were also really good you know and you know there were guys run and a team -- kind of knew what they were doing a little bit yeah I mean it's like when -- was run. Let's say everything you could say the same thing yeah all remain the other great. Great organizations. In the Graco -- great coaches. And GM's. They just figure it out and you look at the Yankees back and today they have the Kansas City eighties he needs somebody comes go to. I'm a treat the Kansas City pays like my farm team -- and get this guy or went up page. More than anybody else can't get more money than everybody else. And you know read with. With -- Bill Russell making the trade went to put himself in position to give Bill Russell. Redwood Larry Bird a year before he could an hour before redwood Golden State make -- -- trail them and picking up Kevin McHale and Robert Parish and. I -- texture though does remind me that thank god. The Montreal Canadians were so full of themselves back in those days. But they didn't he wanted to take a look at the young sixteen year old kid playing in parry sound Ontario. No thank you I can't be bothered even another coach begged the Canadians you gotta come sea biscuit he got I know I got here you -- -- cannot organize. Name -- and French Canadian we're -- now -- at. And the Bruins swooped in and stole Robert Gordon or from them so I like the fact that they were so full of themselves back. In that one case. He said it was Robaire holding their best -- -- the odds I -- everything 6177797937. With telephone number. AT&T text line -- 37937. John -- across from ESPN joins us at 430 here on Sports Radio WE yeah. To touch on in French -- just speak to some of the comments coming at a Boston you know Carey Price they've figured him out attack which -- about the officiating. And that being sort of part of a shot G. Where do you all remember last year. Suffice to kind of wait and do remember that -- more than anybody else. -- you were teammates from the same common when do you want to Stanley Cup Playoffs the final timing. And then the Chicago Blackhawks and talking remote caller Crawford. X and that's part of third of the way that they're thinking you know they tried to. I put pressure on anything regarding the immediate suspension would slow to try to do you know he's not happy -- all of that that crap. -- -- goaltenders in this -- so you know always oh weaknesses. Got to -- goaltenders in -- here in this series. So. Goals scored both sides so I think. The stuff that's been written as this again that our -- so that that people are trying to created but there. You know what we're gonna terms or -- you -- -- hear the real problem is that when these reasons. They're here we're we're we're not expecting these prisoners from the -- listeners. And I hate him sound sexist here and it's only because -- a female was asking question but other people in the Montreal gazette and other places of Britain it. The Bruins nobody on the Bruins. Ever wrapped their mile around the phrase we figured Carey Price out nobody said that. No one. And Doug Hamilton who's getting clobbered up there forest. Simply said butterfly goaltenders -- on on the ice off the lower half of the net and leave the top half of the net open. To -- things and spiky just speak to some of the comments coming at a Boston you know Carey Price they've figured him. No -- They realize that they never set apps are right Doug don't let don't let facts get in the way of a good question today builds character. Builds character the only thing she didn't do was say. Does the Bruins say they figured out our Kerry price that's the only thing that was missing from that question. -- are we gonna accept it and I'm saying that about RS coach. Come on now. Mike's up New Hampshire and Mike I don't. -- dig it out but it might. I dealt I just gotta say you're like my second favorite -- play by play guy at all time don't take offense because -- -- behind Fred Cusick. You know there is no offense being behind Fred producer believe it. They're the best and and -- unpaid rent that -- either. But it is nice to have somebody on there who they would hit hockey spewed in ultimately didn't want to know sorely lacking. I don't think I agree that it now except that now how to -- -- hauled in the home all talk about Claude and not. And the crap the the Bruins put -- put it. -- how many how many bench -- it used -- call this season or in the play for that matter or verbal abuse Soviet social. I actually went back through my scorecards because I I I've I was asking the exact same question I -- none in the playoffs. Certainly none in the Bruins games other than the one I've I've watched almost every game. And I haven't seen one called the Bruins were not called for a bench minor for unsportsmanlike conduct this year the only bench miners they were called forward to many -- on the ice. Yes and I can't remember the last time I saw that penalty called. In my life not to mention the the note shall work to every -- that it called in the playoffs so far it's been a the guy who did you this showering at the penalty and he alone I've never seen it in even up situation. In the split up. I mean it's not called Lofton during the regular season but but it is called against Los Angeles and San Jose and it was just the offending party that was sent to the pot. -- I but I should also say Mike and I truly believe this. I don't think that that that the officiating has been biased against the Bruins in this series so far. I think the officiating in the National Hockey League which normally I think is the best. Of the four major pro sport nothing good has not been -- -- Eliza I don't know I don't know if it's the pressure of the moment. I mean the size and speed shouldn't be a lot different I don't think the speed of the game is appreciative league different than it is in the regular season it's certainly more intense and I I grant you that. But I don't think that the that the Canadians player's skate faster than they do when the regular season. So like I don't know what it is I don't know fits that it's the enormity of the moment that's getting to guys or are in a trying so hard to be so fine. But officiating in the NHL in the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far this year has been sub par. I think everybody would agree with that outside of Montreal outside of Boston now. While Mike our previous caller mentioned broadcasters told not to take offense that your his second effort Fred Cusick all right at it pretty good. Like who I'm telling. -- free time. Every time. Our camera. My wife. Dale at at at at at at now. That's our deal that's what -- sound. Well just like it that nowhere near as good I'll say this. I learned the game from him for a year. Coming out of college and coming into the American hockey late but I certainly made no attempt to mimic is why is it that -- saw. I am I mean -- our voices happen to be somewhat similar. But it's not like there was any intent on my part to be like doctor Emmerich is you know I was figured. He -- one knows so I can imagine that young Dale Arnold with the with a notebook in hand and -- like primitive recording device is going around with dark and caring docs luggage. We wanted to do -- gimme gimme today's girl similar to that off. You know he taught me more than it it wasn't so much on the air. He taught me preparation more than anything else and and it's the thing that Mike Emmerich is probably best out of anybody I've ever seen. He's the most prepared broadcaster I've ever Suharto that of the fluid that explained that the folks who's who don't understand how it plays into a hockey. Well and all you have to do is listen to home where he can talk about. You know was someone's soul you know played as junior hockey with -- self. Where they you know they they got beaten in a memorial cup in seven games in you know in 1985 I. He has his knowledge is voluminous as preparation is unparalleled. And there is nobody on the ice that he doesn't know something about. Beyond goals assists points penalty minutes. He knows something. Beyond that about every single person who's in that game is that every single night so now he's -- some of these guys. Our our our versatile guy is all over you put on a basketball game five football game as some guys wanna be that. Doctor -- Is it just hockey is that that's that's what he or some other things especially in the Olympics he's -- weird things like water polo one. And things like that in the summer Olympic Games. But but by his own admission. It's the one thing that he's that stat and he's really good that it. And I I think he's good -- the I think it's baffled me in several people asked this question on now on Twitter all the time. Everybody's asked me one Bruins fans hate -- so much. And I can't figure it out because Pierre sounds like the Bruins are his favorite team. I mean I am not. The last two games I've been in the arena working I don't hear. The telecast so -- will ask you about Pierre hitting all growing not all the time really and and I hear all the time one at a Bruins fans hate Pierre McGuire so much. And I don't know what it is meanings. I hear him on with -- -- -- -- inflict very nice guy saw it seems like he loves every team in the league. Yeah well right there you know he's talking to the coaches hey are you know line. Well good luck tonight the what are they doing out there -- -- Like everybody what you know what it is saved neutral local fans always think that national announcer take their team. Because national announcers don't go over the top about their team the way the local guys to. Mean Jack Edwards when when the Bruins score a goal. His inflection is going to be much more or over the top and -- -- exits it just fits yeah. Because Mike Emmerich isn't just broadcasting to the Boston half of the audience is also broadcasting. Inheritance. Do not -- -- broadcasting to both teams audiences. Jack is primarily broadcasting to the Bruins audience. And it's the part that sometimes fans just misunderstand. We -- all the time but Tim McCarver. Him. Covering the reds right in light the read it and like a car remember that was that was that was. As the other issues there is other issues there -- not to. Carver on the reds are -- -- currency used to always that. Doc cat is that long before I -- -- talk about nine dollars -- -- -- reference to Madonna. Idol is John McDermott. -- -- vacation I heard about it in the two days. Of vacation who's doing the show -- Don are so unassuming and I don't short torso and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- says that. He can't watch the Red Sox because it's like. Watching someone who stole -- immediate cause he's in DL -- for a talented on -- calendar of guidance now they wanted to eat cheaper in the teaching me well next on totaled four. Look as I've said before and I probably of the worst voice in the history of a sports announcing which can only play the instrument god gave. It's not like you can fix that it's not like you can you know make that different Donna -- solos voice is what it is and if it sounds like John McDonough Soviet. My voice is what it is if it sounds like Mike -- ricks there's not that either of us can do about that. My camera Yahoo! my I don't know Mike -- is are anxious that -- you out right away -- 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. Any heart patriots football weekly will join us he'll be here for about three hours -- -- will add some patriots draft stuff into the mix and job -- -- across our body. Who loves the NHL more than anybody else there at the SP and will join us at 430. -- Montreal again. The streets. And why it's.

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