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Mut, Lou, and Christian Fauria open the show with a Game 3 Preview, 5-6-14

May 6, 2014|

Claude Julien and Michel Therrien have traded barbs through the media and it's officially a series. Tied 1-1, both teams head to Montreal, and both teams think the OTHER guys are getting all the calls. Mut, Lou, and Christian re-visit how they initially thought the Canadiens would have fared in this series, and look to tonight's game at the Bell Centre.

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Are here we go it's game three Bruins and Canadians tonight finally Butler -- 937 WEEI Christian Fauria. Is it a house 6177797937. A phone over the AT&T to excellent at 379 B 37. You guys are both very surprised that. Corporate hand won't get to sports at some point -- and the guys are both very surprised listening people who live and across over. Many it Kirk's -- he's -- -- -- sit back in the office of -- The minute hand at night is occasionally sat down the row is responsible you guys -- -- the air foray off the year if you guys don't police -- We let -- at all. City down a -- -- -- sure. I just don't there's -- there's there's only one time I told this story. Before we came -- I don't know my talent now I you can't let us say this -- if you are if you're eating if you're eating anything -- thoughts on. Let's take a little bit of maybe a breather -- political -- outlets or what what reason would you -- -- So recruits like -- through what reason would you say about your completely hung over. Except one time -- We take you take a drug test or embassy before the season during the season were not according to some of the NFL draft these yeah noted that it affects get a ticket idea and they tell you not PP. Before this test to become knocking me to -- for Terry -- well you know you're drinking all day so -- -- UPD a little crazy out you -- test is coming you know what's coming the next -- Sure enough. I get -- while 3130 in the morning I go to -- a comeback should up like hourly and it was a knock at my door pay. Drug -- got to come out obviously I can't go I just went so you're not allowed to leave. Until you pee in the cup they make secure the sample that put a little box in the shipment to wherever they ship to. He tried everything firstly you run the faucet or the water cadres and error thing out water. Now whatever is going ipad's look Niagara Falls out water flushed out. It marked and obviously so now loosening of the okay practices starting meetings are gonna go I haven't eaten yet I'm late. I can't have -- -- -- -- -- go about -- so sure enough. I get a an idea of one on one the other guys and he gives dad illicit. Off the -- is either candidate but they're the Bible it says listen to act like -- the good number to sit down like an eagle on number two. And that you automatically. Go to the bathroom also in a Mike you're right I can't if you go to number two you automatically are are not one but just on this clean up to us for purpose there -- So -- but at the same time that guy who's doing the test has to sit. In that stall with you he has to make -- -- -- but it makes CNET messing around up. Not hiding out with Nader an editor I guess because it's very you know you don't know nothing it got a different. You're and it is yours looser on my -- well of course I mean as luck would have for him it just happened to be one of the Sebelius. Experiences of that -- -- of that my time doing number two. And that guy had to sit there. The whole bit the source or not I fill the cup up past the buyer and yet it's a better way to meet at 18. So he could come and take the sample. They put tape over the sample to put -- in the box and they symbolic that is that is my my. My sitting down this guys sit there like -- not a bad -- -- close was he doing in the stall with -- listen they're not does that lock up all right so those so there was doors open. Standing at the door. He's in he's like he's he's like our knees and I. Well you know -- I added this ocean rig to the Olympics what are. If it was I mean the guy I was it is as -- he was like he could believe what you're seeing out like listen. You want to -- or -- me he's like. Yeah so -- -- does not get paid enough whenever the guy gets paid take your sample that day -- -- stand there watch you. Optical about them to go the bathroom now doesn't get paid and now people are taxed again -- different reasons why they have sat down one is that the there is a science component to this sometimes you get Angela -- and there's a science portion to where you'd need to sit down because you might. It might be sprayed everywhere based on science yet okay that's one here's another one recently happened. -- with my son is easier than him walking over on gold about the movies in the bath from. It's seven walked over put his hand into the stream of a standing up at a urinal. I sat down and just to be easier he would not able to get himself involved now than ever and -- just happened within this market and hope I don't ask you know there's like I think there's I easily as I am here Alice gets when he gets a little older than new union Cuba races. No sorry I -- -- area but I'll be just a I don't have that don't wanna go make a -- -- and cross mysteries why not debt it would be bad. It's races ago. And. You guys think -- don't you believe many hand. You've only got on that well I -- outside to -- his -- to and I went to eating good to know what's eating chicken wings with a knife and -- which you know. What would you would you Cutler would -- pizza. Suggest you do -- pizza -- pizzas too hot out -- -- -- start an analog melt the -- ever Wear low cut occasionally the first by the -- off while but the thing -- on the pick it up and I want cools down. And it's legal for the rest under the first -- for a very patient base at all very I don't. I zero I need this now now I have no patience what so -- -- person usually cutting their pizza is yet to be five years or younger. Then you Kutcher beats you can't cut the first one and I want. Cutting your pits because that is still so hot you're picking it up one it's I don't hear you let -- -- -- leading -- just like alleged murder case -- the practice and get its hands dirty. I don't know what it is now there's little hands there and every a full piece of -- like cut applicants it the first bite occasionally done. And first couple bites may be if it's really -- jury and wings just Dubai and the fact that you're gonna -- dirty that's just -- not -- -- it -- just -- you know against the white is. It is up BCS I'm gonna enjoy these 678. Wings whatever I'm gonna do right now. I'm at the end of critically on the -- is that each one now the Ivan back -- that's right we don't I don't waste our time. So good -- Greg -- you know when I'm done -- our look at it all over yeah -- And in just face it this deal with it's it's okay media were all there. Eagle replaced she's indicted question -- he's got a hold himself makes fun of on CN going to be me that's me I LB their someday whatever it is what is real. Wings pizza -- would you cut a burger. Would you like Hollywood kind of like apple cutting and a half for a -- yet to perhaps cutting corners -- it gets it yet that it's all it'd be a cut nets like man sized. Food is something that I -- months. On the cutting. Well you eat a burger like I mean it's it's that same thing with the wings like you just by need to get dirty catch up Manny is whatever. Whatever you -- -- -- just a way to do it occasionally cut and it happened at a restaurant make sure it's called minute -- on that. My cut a -- now -- -- like you're out of there if it's there's like an actual if it's considerably restaurant. I'm not buying it burger at a rest for a lot like a drive through McDonald's part TT five guys. Yeah in and out. You're at the 99 look at one of the big bird -- nine ranch a health and -- learning a lot about us today in the first minutes this year we will talk Bruins right now. As we get set for this game I will tell if throughout the course of the show this is not the -- I -- sports stupidity. At least once an hour I have four different stories sports stupidity the we have to talk about. And one relates to -- the -- talked about a drug tests in the NFL you've got to explain to me but I had the biggest story tonight obviously is game three. Other Bruins Canadians and I heard many -- this and I felt this way. The minute became 11. I feel like tonight's game is more important for Montreal than it is the Bruins -- there's a chance the Bruins could lose this game tonight game three in Montreal. And still win this series as someone who thinks Montreal can win anyway it was getting yelled at before game once -- -- you're an -- there a better team. And told -- scared about dropping -- went seven games. It much girl loses tonight. I give them very little to no shot to win this year OK well let's look -- whatever that they lose tonight. When game four. The most difference. Because that it tonight would be a tipping point in terms of the way this series has gone through 41 game at home Bruins take home ice back. Forcing Montreal when three of the next portion they lose tonight. That would be 88 topical this law she I always have a problem. We look at like seven game series and say you know this the most important game. This the most important game must win -- we've gone this many times I was felt the only must win is what if you pollution global. That's it in my book yeah because. I don't think at least the right way to think about that most of them do it's not a seven game series it's 71 game Syrian that's the only way you can look at it. You can't sit there -- the office. Well we can't win -- when a seven game series if we don't win game three of course can -- documented of course you can point. Mean Montreal -- is split right if they lose game two and -- win game three game four rather the combat the Boston to a two hour premiere of restarting -- anybody can win. -- you lasts another two game -- played are -- low will you how worried were you about more natural to begin. Ireland is how weren't worried and I was about let's work but -- less now yours say -- me. Security now -- two game -- played. The brewers are clearly in my mind the better team. Clearly better team five on five for -- opponent even when he might -- the -- and yet even that it's like they did it's they did the brewers at such a good job. All the power play against the red wings. Yes they can't let those guys are Markoff they can't -- C band -- they can't let those guys get out there -- at a disadvantage and that's where their killer but. -- -- Even if I'm a hockey mom Bruin I'd listen guys we see everything they can do and -- it's all on the table we know exactly what they can do we know how to beat them. We know that we've. -- -- a couple times service say they laid a couple of and a couple times. They played better in game two but they lost we play better in game one but but they that may be docile. It now everything's on the table now so. There should be any surprises. You you know what you shouldn't do what should he should be doing a -- as stupid penalties it's only gonna hurt you but at some point. They're gonna have a penalty the key is just to get that PK just to stop -- wants get some confidence. And then if you wanna go back to your mentality of playing being physical not -- about you know penalty. -- I I I agree if you read a Montreal and in some of their own the newspapers blogs review want. It's the -- -- played awful they feel like they're young they're lucky to come back here you know one -- one game played well at all there's another level. And I don't know that's just because they're ruins they swept Tampa Bay in fort Nelson and so you expect to see that style of play even though. 304 games -- one goal games against the backup goalie that is in any good. If they of this false sense of security think they're better than they are because of that. But three I'd look at this and and the Bruins I don't think. You know it stretches that they've they've lost -- mind they have not played well but they're good enough to come racquetball 33 periods to one win the game the other one to force overtime. If they get what they are not only killing machines. It figured out a way to defend PK sue -- and you don't take these stupid penalties. It's associate both states. Neither claims there have been playing. Their best there I mean listen take away a third period game to ten minutes a ten minutes left a Cape May some great shots I got a lucky couple times. Whatever doesn't matter but they're not in a plane they have not put together a great game yet. Amid their help is that it there's pieces of of that kind of fly do you go okay. But even even playing as bad as they have and with the couple times in game one and having in -- sit there going you're mad at yourself because. Should be to an all right now who taught. I think in this game I think they flat out come out to us just like they did on game two here at three. I mean they are -- of there's no time there is no space that they are tacky just like they did. In game two in the third period because if you hear what's coming out locker rom. If the question is why -- so good the third terrible -- listen there's no excuse we should not be waiting till third appear we should put the same energy same temple game want I mean in period one period to. The questions that come out slow again at some point that will bite them in the series it hasn't -- -- sloppy game one L add people you know they dominated was there beard or. But talk afterwards -- I disagree with that. Hockey game to the -- Christians right there was a thirty minute stretch beginning of the second period to the ten minute mark in the third period with a basic disappeared. Are prices really go but it took them until shall important came back to the bench and whenever sparked them sparked them but the reason I can tell this is an important game and and bowl teams are starting tenth. Feel I know the imports in this game. Is because both coaches you -- -- locker Christian. All coaches are now taken the media it started after game two this was Claude Julien talking about what he saw on the ice in that game. You know start -- the third got that. -- -- power play goal but you know the way we just battled back through I felt a lot of crap that we put up with today I was pretty. Pretty indicative of what our team's all about it just shows that you focus on the things we need to focus on. You know there's -- There's this is a pretty good team that can accomplish. Sigh what he meant by crap. I've made besides and one's -- -- died there start the game. We decide what we thought old -- by crap was a bad officiating was my guess would be that. We -- you mentioned yet that penalty in the third there's my guess is that its problems are right. That there wasn't matching running back it was just as Eros the death penalty in that it's -- -- anything for that felt that should have been one and one. Atlas and they they think that. And what it calls. Not necessarily agree that we normally -- sit here and his degree with everything but I'm looking at this that's it populate the Bruins Healy yeah I had no Canadians they do this figure that I don't necessarily agree. With -- -- -- -- that is the Pentagon is -- but he feels that a once again my Joes get away with things. Adding Montreal now guys recognizes this is Michelle -- in the head coach for Montreal is the second stint. In Montreal after Claudette -- crap comment. Terry came right back yesterday in his press conference at the media prior to game three and talked about the Bruins Al the Bruins feel. About all of the media and about the calls again here in the series. We will remember flashier. And suffice to kind of wait and do remember Russia more than anybody else. Did -- what can you make some dissent common when do you want to Stanley Cup Playoffs the final timing. And then the Chicago Blackhawks and talking remote -- Crawford. X and that's part of third of the way that are thinking you know they tried to. I put pressure on anything regarding the -- the same thing with low in -- you know he's not happy with all of that that crap. Wrong with him Clemson but Detroit to -- influence. For weeks that's just -- would -- that's not gonna change the best way. And -- to do things but for us you know without paying attention to the -- and honestly when we brought to you on the what you try to do but it doesn't affect us. I think he's cute he's he's. He's a -- clearing his throat really have you know what we have going on there -- to get a breather prod me it is yes sleep apnea where the receipt and put on as a -- And are they could vote put -- -- that -- -- -- We have got to located student -- this is -- -- hard by them to do it and are hundreds. We have a breathing again we have them -- -- anywhere coming to cut that acquittal of equipment won't hear that almost almost bought. He had no this is I just find hysterical right before the series started love it. We -- reading. You know Montreal like articles talking about -- -- go to the Bruins. And we got to deal with these guys complaining and whining about calls and and now they do their fair share of flopping in the just. It was almost it sounds like the same as a it's tough to watch cable watch anymore yes Bruins in Montreal illegal at the floppy -- in watching it. That both sides have similar means a one and if right to it though turning into a week fights it was -- have a joint center say. Yeah I'm sick and tired and get all the calls in the they erect received blows up Montreal -- Eric -- and others what they do they try to influence referees and always that of that crap. -- -- It is still a big drag on cigarettes through his throat. It's the. I don't know I -- I could even make that's not doing or more time I have no idea on what I think. I kidding but I don't -- -- YouTube and could you do it again. I don't know that's as close as I've heard this -- smoker. Have no idea they'll they'll smoke and -- and I I don't know what's the verdict Canada Montreal. And Asia and ugly over there. Believable but that's it it's Tuesday announced in fun I'll look about you called it it I just love it it's great for the series. It's a best of five and now both coaches for whatever reason feel like they can win this thing. Through the media and I think they do because they recognize. That one you go to Montreal. But it's statistically but just from a peripheral -- fans think. They influence the games they're the Montreal fans think they -- a certain way they get a call its fans I know get those calls today they'll -- Harry sinden. Death taxes -- power play. In Montreal goes the Canadians. And so fans think that and so then that that the coach to start thinking about also it gave little dig to go. -- after the game. -- -- news this timeout they're winning. It was like early you know everyone at every -- again this time out as an icing and I think guys were on the ice for a long time to use this time out winning. -- -- code references Indio I don't I don't just gonna waste my time outs you know just real quick scan -- up -- Connecticut -- it could have -- -- Kabila moment the last ten minutes. When the when the Bruins went nuts against the Canadians the department nice to have a timeout but in use it. Is that this it again right this is why. Playoff hockey is great because even if even if there's already some hatred before the puck is dropping game one. By the time the second third fourth game rolled around I mean it is at all time high -- bought one game Ilya. He says looking yap all he wants but -- -- -- not pissed that when he did that day be ignorant to -- to get the Plame against -- would builds in the NHL the bill. No I didn't believe -- I I was who I was the guy who bothers to many games I -- why I didn't like seven games is too many was too long. Breakdown -- five I don't I don't wanna see seven games. But yeah I just sits -- I do the same waited about the NBA just too many games. Law the seven games he had that I said I got a belt and I blood -- just wants one like -- are we doing just want to get it right wants it to -- -- don't want to play on Sundays just like -- how we -- all figure. -- Why we are being asked are we entity risks don't drug test have to try to just have to sit out it's funny when I told us write a budget text from my friends. So in really really did you really just tell that story about it I did and I typically you know the -- and I told Jews much more graphic is a lot -- oh. Vista this or not -- this is so premiums if we -- is -- -- Boehner announced he was told that it's as I did you don't need to get done. -- -- get -- infield. Texas suggests that. Perry and sounded like Florio providing his urine sample back in the Beckett didn't know it was -- Try to push it out -- that. So that's a restart today with this is I -- shareware restarted Bruins Canadiens game three your thoughts on this game tonight 61777979837. Is your phone number the AT&T text line. Is 3793. Civil get to all your phone calls coming up you chance when a thousand dollars and eleven Pierre McGuire at 11 o'clock. We'll talk NFL draft next hour as well your calls next Bruins and Canadian Sports Radio WE.

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