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Adam Schefter on the pre draft rumors 5-6-14

May 6, 2014|

Adam Schefter of ESPN joined the show to discuss the NFL draft.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline as we approach. The big day out there are probably just get -- -- show after at a aria. John Kerry Kirk -- what we're doing very well how are you good. The great Atlantic Division title are allowed just a video of this meet in person like should be spectacular with a lot of intrigue you ought to spend it. Particular. Well -- draft that they. The top of the drag these unpredictable to spend more time whatever attracted to unpredictable yeah but the fact of the matter is we don't even know particularly the top of the draft is doing right now. Does that make or does it make more sense for them to trade or to keep it grabbed -- I guess it depends what they can get for right. Number one get that -- they're trying to Musharraf and everybody. Think -- -- -- county and then eight I'm not invent it yet I'm just telling -- I'm not convinced. They're going urgent that we -- -- just yet they -- ultimately. They got a lot of insight into him. There and strength and conditioning coach to push -- recognition coach at South Carolina and he certainly. He doesn't I'm very well they're new quality control coach. All of which you didn't unleash. Keep at it like -- -- so I don't know about him. Quite a lot and I think you didn't read them. Accurately. And they don't come and show which ravaged. I don't operate I want to show how warm. I think particularly the leaderboard going back to shake. Worry that they -- -- have a shot at getting a lot like a colonial -- -- a general trend that like upper 200 they can go back check. Actually Atlanta and still come away with one of the upper arm that they really like. Pay out of -- asking the same question I asked Todd -- share the other day and what is worse in your mind perhaps more importantly what is worse in NFL executives and owners and general managers and coaches mind. Not picking a guy who turns out to be a bonafide -- in and year out superstar in the NFL passing on a -- so to speak. Or picking a guy because you need a quarterback and he turns out to be a bust but just a jag just another guy. What's worse for an organization. I think when you -- quarterback. And scheduled Gary just it would like to check back in target information. I'm against teams match up great players who happens every year every key impact keeps. Particularly the quarterback position right you cannot compete at a high level mostly you just cannot do any good -- -- -- perished. And the players -- directly after them. Over the last decade and -- -- we -- -- picture JaMarcus Russell domestic approach. Calvin injunction in -- and took Michael to extinguish. Interest -- and Andy Pettitte and -- it in Washington the kind of hectic down watchers. Were the only non political established. An enormous number of black players that potential hole and -- and that are covered as an organization but does not recovered. Because every child quarterback should do that it was important position in sports and if you don't have that you don't have any. -- the latest juicy rumor Adam is Saint Louis make a big move he -- trading Sam Bradford and drafting journeyman Zell. You wanna shoot that down for us or -- Religion -- fuel. I think spoke to bury people -- organization you can say what you want about -- when he -- -- -- it happened. I know a lot of people Graham's organization over the appropriate time and they told me flat out they have not spoken to a single -- about camera. Now under W to believe we want. I give them the benefit -- -- Israel shall he organization. And there probably any other Indian. Entered in the notion of trading Sam Bradford at this time now let me also touched. I don't think it's feasible. That he could wind up this thing to -- -- fortunate. If they don't match. -- -- It would go ahead and explore trading -- -- back -- at -- I'd like your location that. I believe they haven't done that and I think there's only I I would create division. Of the fact that -- camp application. If you can prompt on -- variation limits right with the ranch. And an inch TV station that basically the grant told them that it would be sure that they're not. At any trade discussions regarding Iraq right now now you have -- to make people. Expect church in your credibility -- clip actually percent. In the works if I want that just enjoy it actually. -- to -- anything up there I know. What are they but the patriots and I know it's impossible predict what they're gonna do the draft they do -- every year no one expects if you had to guess -- gonna move up and move bounding in the state and what are they gonna do when -- APEC. Only they know right now and I think they've got a -- but I wish that they would like to. It got down like 8:8 o'clock -- and children patients bloodshed and I don't know that there's going to be a tight end the match. Addiction -- them I wouldn't be surprised at they went. Which in Rancho right I was available to them that -- militia that is normal -- -- And so you know if -- or otherwise attend -- you -- like you to do. To become a little -- we get the issue right now at my migrant traffic cited that even broke record that I don't want to argue I'm never make them. And then there's a group are Irish. Just inject into open would be to them. I think that you could get a vacation tomorrow package -- -- maybe. The dereliction it's not the guy's name. That that could be an option later but they're just religion to be secret and distract them admitted to come back because it -- The draft does not -- -- and. At a might know your all three blackbirds are ringing off the hook so we'll get shot of this out of here on this when do you think. The crop of quarterbacks in this draft compels the patriots at some point to possibly identified Tom -- eventual successor. With distress. That's what question and again we -- -- other -- -- and actually each and Johnny Lindell will not make it now. And it didn't go so -- that which is pure chance that I think it would be at the picture -- I don't think you just. Pick a quarterback that quarterback I don't think it is a crater Garnett should look like an area about the fact they'd -- -- but it's all these quarterback. I think it's true and really yeah last year this year or next -- regard bishop Tom Brady it. If there's a quarterback. That you -- high grade on when your -- And he's the best player on the border to better reflect about where their border strikes ground. You're -- can carry it. Regardless of the target at least 372717. It was a matter my opening day different this year I know that you actually getting cancer. All these career and -- you're keeping you all you can we wish Chester. Good luck trying to really force it happened because -- you're that guy that you're high crude -- which is Barack. In around and around you know around -- and -- we approach the English quarterback McNabb here in the country you can. I don't think they're going to a draft. They can now -- next year we got our -- Irish actor Tom -- haven't just acted. Does Michael Sam get drafted. Question are also that you won't get trapped. I think you'll beat -- exploration and I don't -- the bush broke into seventeen which we're told me why. They wouldn't trapped him and good -- -- -- do you -- -- maturity date they originally at -- -- and -- -- -- reissued. Or he made it public declaration. Yeah I think it becomes only god extranet it would surprise if you're under par persuaded him. You don't -- rookie Jake either irreverent. It's got later on you know about everybody. Like Kim took clamoring for a while we -- that at a at a certain. At -- thanks for a few minutes on the very very busy week to blackberries right you haven't gone to the iPhone and Blackberry I got a -- -- -- like I -- and are just some advice from your friend -- keep them charged okay. -- it I didn't need it -- W. I I had a contract that would do that might like I. An open and I'm really blew -- sort of followed shortly -- PDA. Our data we beloved we'll be watching starting Thursday thanks for the time. Adams after -- Kelly on the AT&T hot.

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