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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Turnaround Edition - 5-5-14

May 5, 2014|

We tackle four topics about turnarounds in Boston sports

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And Hollywood. Enough men on -- and -- yeah and never summoned. I mean I like where you're going -- you have vowed to worship on Afghanistan. Oh my god. I mean I just -- just event that we we are talking to turn around Philly dot com. It's part of her song that you're who. An old school -- fifth. Like what virgin has been and it doesn't matter decides horrible. It's about turnaround it's time. Is there any dignity and nobody thought anything I -- this affinity that life. Anything I can deal now. Currently nine. You could -- the sponsor of mine who I thought he was gonna say. Our -- government -- and responsibly are still rusty I hate about you AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better -- did it -- it took off. -- And he said hi -- I'm Paul what are we doing the user that there really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saturday the Bruins come to the complete drastic turnaround by dominating Canadians in the third period. The Bruins are mired in a funk before they turn around their franchise a couple of years ago what was the biggest moment for the Bruins organization in turning around their. Fortunes. Even though they did not get the best deal. I think you go all the way back to Joseph Orton at some point in time you say to yourself. It's not working with this guy we need to move on we need to completely rebuilt to me that was the start. Now I'm not go over Atlanta do better than what they did this that's been out there I dislike repeated and because it was the previous administration was a different -- -- -- When they traded Joseph Thornton faith became the first team and north American sports history. To trade a player in season who've -- became the MVP of easily. It has never happened before -- terrific -- -- -- in the became immediately look at let me ask us. Do you think had they kept Joseph Orton they would've won a Stanley Cup it what is keeping yes I do you don't. That that's bigger move -- -- and the bigger blue. Was hiring a guy named Peter Michael surely hope Michaels and of itself. Beat crucial route it will because you're about to adopt it right now Peter surely taking over the franchise. So the succeeds. Michael -- that whole Michael Connell Harrison and an era was over. He brought in close -- at Dave Lewis along the way but he brought in -- he brought in Zdeno Chara who brought him Marc Savard. He started making moves he had a vision for the kind of team and organization anyone that was the turnaround -- I would say off the ice I agree with you completely on the ice I go back to one game. Enough. Bruins Montreal Canadians 2011. Lose the first two games at home. This is after they had them beaten by the Philadelphia Flyers -- definitely in the series lose the three nothing lead in game seven lose the series. Now the next year playing in Montreal Canadians they dropped the first two games here at home. They go to the belts that are trailing two games to none. Trouble win game three in Montreal. Beat in the -- but climb. And from that point on they've been one of the dominant team espionage. -- take that one game off vice. If it's an element. By the way I can't find future -- actual middleman for him and that. But I area through like yeah well -- there's one person on Yahoo! answers which is always accurate -- -- Wilson but who knows what's. Be cool -- will sincerely Karl. And it's several other Texas wants cam was that was the single most important one Jessica what is -- and and it was a huge part in changing the image of the franchise. Your rights to rally was the guy who began. Yes we are Michael the Red Sox fell into the doldrums a couple of years ago. Sox made a couple of moves to turn around the organization there's a big trade and a new higher. But what was the one move they keep the socks from last to first. Curt Schilling. Thanksgiving weekend. Arizona. An audio -- other little about the newest one but it does provide their laughter back at last to first -- about the last last year's team. Go from twelve to thirteenth last year. If that's the case. I don't think it's anything the Red Sox did I think it's something the LA Dodgers franchise it. Selling the team to Magic Johnson. Which then in turn have -- over -- Josh Beckett and covered all those guys you -- Crawford that change your organization. Well I would have to say was that trades they made a victory. Forward manager. It would have to be John -- and they'd blow they fired a manager and they've they've fired what was very accurate that our mind because. I. -- -- so -- I would've gone with resigning David Ortiz. I would have gone with you know one of the free agent signings that they've made for every opportunity. That Ortiz had last year talk about the difference between the twelve 2012 Red Sox and thirteen Red Sox. He kept talking about the manager to manager the manager -- guess -- we're both right. The one who got away the what it was pushed away and the one who was traded for. Three. -- Celtics needed drastic turn around right now to put them back where fans expect him to beaten who could be that player on draft night that could help them to turn it around. Lotteries make 21 right. Well they. A lot yes yeah a lot of risks -- Johnny yup that's where you gotta start. Got to win the lottery well I think he's -- we're not allowed Steve Pagliuca you listen and everything Baltimore on Iraq down. -- you -- have a top three. I believe anything outside of the top three it may be hard to find a guy who could turn this thing I. I think if it's outside the top three that guy is not a draft pick I think he's traded. If it if they get 456. Of the got picked is gone similar to what they do -- no wait Blu-ray Allen and Jeff Green. Now -- if I'm not mistaken. Grew up in the Jersey New York areas that are. -- so the like a lot of our bags histories of with a joke and all that I don't know the lotteries and orchestra Jersey New York area can. Talked to some people and aggravate -- -- -- -- Atari volleyball also there's someone out freeze and Obama will have to get. You have to get -- -- -- god allows that definitely was the guy. I'm gonna tell you forgot one thing. Is -- park that's why haven't if this is my bank my favorite player in college basketball but the guy who really I think they need. Is Joseph Allen believes that's my god I felt really -- ingredients they need a senator and it didn't get a legitimate back then scary you know -- just. A senator who's got tremendous upside. -- Jeanne a legitimate seven footer. In the east obviously these -- problems in the NBA rarely you know one of those guys. -- got to feel what those guys to complain that a tremendous advantages they -- if you watch him this year and you -- you realize. This game for forty years type guy who does this this in this and has these kind of skills only played for four. Years and the other thing about the back. I just happen at the end of the regular seasons. Like there's a long history and blow was I wrong. About dumb GR soldiers back a year ago I thought oh boy of these -- -- back and -- attacks are carried out 21 years old and he was just find this year. The -- then wait before you give us four. A Dextre came up with a suggestion of a song we couldn't -- just. Instead of that song that we did play Oregon -- galaxy policy -- sounds. -- -- -- All of -- There's a reason they never. Probably -- nine -- go ahead best. Time now. They AT&T question of the day the New England Patriots have been contenders for over a decade. Now global what was sort of your what are the exit -- I -- -- little bird yeah no -- won't look there are gonna win the Super Bowl despite that you want it to -- Will -- -- With the draft coming up this weekend the pats need to make -- move to we continued their run as serious contenders so. What should the -- do to keep themselves. As contenders. Nothing happened to Tom Brady and made. Try to get him to hit the red pants and the full water cooler and active make sure he's happy and healthy all of it like -- parents. Now I actually like the red pants in the all that I had to go with the. You know like you know like I don't know what was that like like addresses have money money -- left Welker -- the best part of already -- where hundreds. But those are viewed in -- story Wes Welker. Wins I guess on California. It's available California across California chrome how much could you won by the way it was the prohibitive favorite right -- he's put you down or Michael Moses benefit of course you're right you because he's got a problem. What we've put down 101000 dollars he still make him. A decent amount of money that's been part of the money is given away about a dollar if it does make a lot of credit if we hit some twelve to one shot that a lot of money given away somebody else's money a hundred dollars through the hundred dollar bills that something went through something. Tells me if you -- jewels. Probably had something to do. Yeah I did have those photographs at the sunglasses on -- -- money so who knows he was only officer is at his right elbow as answer he got a high profile money away now so. I would say I know they've picked up Will Smith the other Will Smith today but. It's got to be a defensive lineman either defensive and our defensive tackle. They're thin at defensive end and then at defensive tackle they've. I think they just put. If I'm not mistaken I think they put another yet another incident -- just -- dollars. It'll support -- and I. Just hope and so I think they need to protect themselves at the end and interior line. Yeah I'm with you offensive and defensive line is not sexy. It's not what makes people happy you know they wanna see a wide receiver. Maybe they wanna see -- tight end. But this is a team that has been a consistent contender. For a championship for ten years they don't need a big turnaround here they -- needed it Boston Celtics rebuild. They need to just you know plug in place and some pieces here I'd be fine put another guard. They're the first front is the most important thing you we need out of his team going for the next two or three years in jail to set up for your dog keep Tom Brady standing up didn't stand up. That's fine. I'm William and all of that that's for a sport today let's give back your call 6177797937. AT&T text line is 37937.

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