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Full Count Podcast: Jonny Gomes on Red Sox, Reds and learning leadership

May 5, 2014|

Jonny Gomes joined WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia to talk about his current team (the Red Sox), one of his former teams (the Reds) and some of the lessons he's learned along the way.

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Here with Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes Johnny obviously were part of a World Series championship team last year. But three years before that you -- with the reds helped them to the division title their first playoff appearance in fifteen years. As we'll start where it with that ballclub when you thought that that team had something special. You know kind of you know I didn't have the full season 2009 got called out and -- a whole lot of talent you know. Throughout a whole lot of young talent. And again appreciate young talent you know with the with the fact that there's there's going to be scouting report out there you know for the young talent. You know you talk to guys you know -- -- about don't know quite young but you know young in the -- -- -- Jay Bruce's. Your -- at the time. You know -- and again Paul garnish. Critical to establishing a -- still but under the radar proved he was. To tell what was there. We just need to you know put in between Lawrence and. You're somebody who is always been brought a new organization with a reputation of character in the clubhouse. First of all when does that begin in a particular season windows when does a team built its Carrick. They're. Well pitchers I mean you know it's got to start spring training and discuss -- early spring training. You know. I guess you know similar to billion -- you know look more like a hotel or building you know I mean the foundation is sure rupture is so important. Need to see a building where you know beautiful paint job gorgeous windows the big deal at the top -- golf fancy and it just -- from inside. You know I'd rather be in a building where -- strong foundation show inside. And so we get over there you know in Dusty Baker did a heck of -- job. By allowing us you know to do that allowed us to you know when the clubhouse that would mean Iran. You know prices in there too you know I mean he's been there for awhile and they did a heck of a job you know deputy staff although it is young might leak out to an old you know Cordero and Bronson -- So everything was there you know outside lines don't -- -- in between it's. How do you gauge it how do you gauge you know how to you know deal with the Brandon Phillips or Joey -- words shapers. Guys that as you said they weren't necessarily young but they were trying to learn how to win how do you gauge. Or how did you gauge working with those guys. We know they got to turn. You know you know teammate gone into like a brotherly bond you know you really got to turn into a family atmosphere. Those are people you're comfortable. Struggling you know obviously the -- things you know it's a results driven industry but you know the game of baseball so many struggles. To where you -- be comfortable in your environment when you are shortly. And when you do see someone struggling you'll be shoulder to cry you know -- -- you wanna be the guy who's gonna you know drive the bus for a little bit until they get back. As we didn't we pick each other up. Enjoy it -- struggle just ten that's for sure when in -- -- -- NDP. But you know there's a lot of you know role players around you know that -- for the job. In. -- grant you know wasn't the best playoff run but you know I'm deathly proud legacy that we -- in Cincinnati baseball -- back on the map. You were with obviously the rays before that and went to the World Series and 2008 and then since then you've been with the Oakland days they had a terrific run in 2012. And then last year pretty much goes without saying one of the best of the best single turn around in Major League history season to season. What is it about. Winning baseball that you've embraced -- you've noticed what are some of the elements that that that he noticed in the clubhouse. Yeah I've been fortunate you know be surrounded by some great managers. Eleven in the resonate opposite you know I mean I got Lou Piniella Joseph Maddon Dusty Baker Davey Johnson -- now that in general there are. With that you know comes all the individual you know organizations. -- right navigate the youngest organization baseball Tampa Bay Devil Rays to the oldest organization Cincinnati Reds and you know. I've seen and I've seen what works and I've seen what doesn't work and you know flied out you know that historically terrible seasons we've had historically. Hide your race historically low you know batting averages and I've seen what worked you know last year was the big turnaround. But you know also -- worst person 2008 you know with the race. And from breaking it all down. There's so many ways to lose this game cannot pitch you cannot -- -- you can make air if you file cannot be good enough no team chemistry. Mean there's thousands of way to lose but when you break a winning there's only a few things you have to do you know there's only a couple things you have to do you can name all one hand. And all of -- do you do things consistently. And ride the peaks you know the peaks more than you know the -- And you know -- can happen so when when you you know see those those little things that takes to win you know it can become contagious. How much does last year help you with perspective when when your ball club this year is and not have certainly I think you you would agree has not played its best baseball yet. How does last year help in that in terms of that perspective. Yes I mean you know health is huge issue you know that's when the way you can lead to you know is you know not had your health. But you know what the way you can win as well you know have your role players step it up you know when they're number's called to a cover for some of that health. One game under 500 you know and you know you know early name right here that that that's perfect you know if you didn't. You can see the top you know there there ain't no reason to panic I mean you know we're within you know one series of taking over first place. No word about that right now you know just. You know he's finding our identity and again you know build it. Building that that -- foundation a base that we need for September and October. Teams talk about one game maybe being a flash point or turning point. Of -- season turning things in the right direction. Can one at bat like Saturday's Grand Slam for you against so Clinton helped turn things around to get you headed in the right direction if that's a better way of saying it. I wish but unfortunately no I mean. You know you can hit a Grand Slam and we're on cloud nine you know -- -- that you punch out on three pitches and it's back to reality you know. So that that's another thing you know the long season you know you can't ride the highs and care at -- you know use. He's got to keep it you know right around neutral you know don't get to hide if we don't get too low. You know. How's it being finished the season right now succeed that's it would be very happy you know so we got some work to do as a team individually. You know candidate -- walk out here you know I'm excited we're looking into. How much are you looking forward to -- an open Joey shapers Brandon Phillips say eight and a lot of the guys who do remember from 2010. On Tuesday before the series starts. Yeah I'm really excited you know as she pricing for graduate annual income manager. And you know -- talk to you know some of those guys and Jay Bruce you know I mean you run those numbers man is that this guy's. He's doing it and you know I was caught myself being so hard on. For you know asking the driving on the runs and played gold glove defense and hit thirty homers and then you know I did check check myself and look at his first to you and the kids so young you know. You know George Ronald Reagan you know all those guys Todd Frazier you know who came into his own. Chris -- he's still there you know I mean I was area's first call mystery who hasn't been down since that's pretty cool. NBA internationally you know I haven't seen in awhile so you know -- definitely -- a few -- right Jonny Gomes Red Sox outfielder thank you very much for the time text.

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