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Danny Picard recaps the first two Bruins-Habs games 5-4-14

May 4, 2014|

Danny Picard reviews the first two games of the series and looks forward to game 3 in Montreal

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Our series tied at one. I'd order Montreal. And you know the clock now is going to be about. The directs. And hall of the officials. When you go to Montreal may -- day. They they favor. The Canadians. I had. I had -- island on my podcasts subscribed on dissent on iTunes finally had a moment podcast. This week and we talked about that and you know I asked them a ball and market -- violent like the Canadians also played for the Bruins but. He is a Montreal Canadian even always a local guy he is a Montreal Canadians won a -- -- -- played a ninety into them I mean he is -- Montreal Canadian and July I get where people say well he's he's biased but. You know he was in that rivalry right Andes -- and he's seen both sides of it. And he says not the fact that the wraps. Favoured Montreal he says it's BS. That's -- he told -- he Sereno a little bit more colorful fashion. And put it. It that would be the storyline here is this series goes the Montreal. You look at game two I wish they just let him play. Because what they get caught up in his cabinet try to make make up calls. But that's a yeah and I get caught up -- it right away from the get go. The -- -- penalty. Was. You know when you watch it real time is that you guys battle and in the Cologne. It's a replay of -- from a different angle with -- ours is glove comes off and he just tries to rip the guy's helmet off. That is about as dumb penalty as you could possibly. You could cost -- your team in that spot. With that type of play in the corner c'mon it's got to be -- bottom that get thrown -- lineup. Back into the playoff lineup could be given Bob Toski a game two here. You have to be -- -- that. Well on top of that penalty. Dad's situation but the Bruins are trying to kill option. Of shark could have just lifted that puck off the -- got out of the zone. It could do it they kept it and -- and pay and and Thomas manic redirected his first of his two. Sort of re direction goals in this game. And the Canadians to -- 31 lead to get the third period late. You get that you know you throw pucks at the net if you the Bruins and work. You were thrown at them that dug deep throat at the -- Patrice Bergeron throw at them. And then Reilly's smack and then get the the and the Bruins complete that comeback in never say -- -- If they didn't come back and win that game you obviously we'd only be down to all but I think -- get a lot of people. Even if the people who high on the Bruins team attitude you know a lot of people saying that it -- not going to be able to come back from this with two games in Montreal now. I don't think I would have been managers yet because you go into game three and I would still give the Bruins a good chance. They keep pucks on Carey Price and as we start the enact game in game 20. If you can put the pucks on the net something they weren't doing. Enough of in game one even though they did. At 51 shots on goal -- an -- at seventy shots uncle now. The reports that they missed open it open -- a open net in game one. And I thought game 12 -- fight it from the -- from the very beginning from the get go to -- fight game. At all. Game -- you put yourself in some bad spots. Brad marsh and made an awful mistake to get over the red by -- and especially if you're at the end of a shift. That was the most frustrating thing. On top of bazaars penalty in that game on the tube with the Bruins say they keep a keep doing. Shawn Thornton. Gets that did negation ban goes lower after he shoots it in the you don't like to see that. I got the official always doll idea not that he'd become back in again. What he did he fired up this team. You know I don't have fought wanna and I know there are some people that might not wanna see that line out of the ice and a big spot -- close playoff game. But as I mentioned all the time one thing you can never say about Claude -- you can never say he doesn't trust every guy in a -- It's all -- we tell what it's called the bruins' way I. But the patriots and his style everything that they directly Belichick does we called the patriot way. It's the bruins' way you play with every single player that's on that bench even in big spots. And to -- it -- for one -- important has put some good shots on net. And they abandoned an exciting line in these playoffs they have. But I didn't think he was gonna return to that game but when he does you can tell I -- -- a fourth -- -- but he is the hot soul of this team there's. -- -- based on you know toughness. Oh lead. Bergeron right -- to not -- But. You know Sean Orton and it and just good. The mentality that he has to stick up for all the guys on a team that's his job -- opiates sticking up for everybody. And when he loses. You know he goes don't like that and if -- -- that you. At least and even if your enemy you watching that I did not think he was gonna retire when he did that fired them up. And you know liberal it's not a putting pucks on net and put on that and it can happen. And -- and they finished comeback and now instead of having that down -- conversation going in Montreal. This series is over. Not on -- series tied -- one and I got to stick to my prediction at the Bruins are gonna win this. In six games. And I think they're gonna split there Montreal and -- epic comeback win. I game five but the garden next next Saturday and that I think they go back to Montreal -- games six and move on to a -- Pittsburgh and New York. Ranges -- penguins. I don't know hi can put your money on Marc-Andre Fleury. But. Certainly he has shown signs that. He can step up at a big spot in the big game he did that against Columbus that's why Pittsburgh is in his second round. I I still think Pittsburgh is -- I still think they gonna beat the Rangers and I still think it's gonna be -- Pittsburgh in eastern conference -- 6177797983761777. On 7937. -- Josh. Is Dominic cape what's up Josh. Oh hey Josh what's going on. Gore on Monday and -- -- got a couple are rude comment -- all hang out. But likely set -- -- it up -- if -- good a product but we're in that would have been miserable lot. I got a couple million dollar estate and want to start off. Tore recruit. Is -- in the -- predator and anything like unbelievable mean. -- he -- taxes like stick stick -- -- -- that perhaps there. -- front on a bit offensive defenseman I mean that's one that's what he brings at a table -- -- -- move that puck up the ice. And you know he's got to try to met that home run play every once in awhile but. Iraqis get mistakes with those guys did make mistakes do it because that's what they do they risk those big offensive plays those big passes. And our crew guys made his his mistakes in these playoffs but. IE if he you know I know we've had this conversation with people -- -- -- -- I feel much more comfortable with the -- -- groups stick and I Dubai counts. He karma that you garage are broad goal of the hawking -- -- -- he just EP -- others don't see. I don't know I don't explain it not -- what what -- Don't you say all these cheap shot penalty if I don't agree with them -- early count it up like that getting out yet you partly Montreal. What did. You think it's anything to say -- but the Bruins beat the Montreal in the first period and I think he's got a gap now. I think they're not -- it to argue against dole and I don't know how to handle it. I'd the last ten minute -- period didn't even though. Montreal and more bitter blow to ask the court and we -- big topic they gave up. I think and and and Josh likes to call I think that. I think that the Bruins wore them don't you -- and I think they've got to continue to Wear them down an and one that I've always said about the bruins' physical reality. In a seven game series. Is I said it's about Detroit to. Is that -- you finish a couple big hits in the first period of game 10 game two. You know the guy did you -- it is got to remember that. Maybe game for game five he sees you common he's saying all I remember the big hit that I took in game one. The practicality doesn't necessarily have to pay off in that in that specific moment that you. You finishing checks and you make big hits in that specific game. It can pay off a couple OK game's on the series it can pay off what you just said two periods -- which are right I think there's an aspect that. The Bruins physically where in this Canadian -- down. But also an acute stress of this with the Bruins team is that. And we did -- Detroit the Detroit series do we matched up the physical Bruins against this skill. Speed and that's -- and we said technicality burst speed. What's gonna win got a lot of people will say that physicality will for the reasons that you just pointed out Josh. Which as you win the team down and and you get the Canadians stand around again. And -- eat they don't play that type -- hockey they don't like playing that type hockey they hate land that type hockey. We -- foods a calorie -- speech -- and -- that but I think the biggest differences on top of that. Is that what you get into those moments in which -- -- to Cali. Rather it's whether it's from a previous game or period. What pays off for the Bruins team is that when that stuff starts to work in your favor and you weren T down. The Bruins have the skill. And the speed and the for the mess. To be able soon. To be able to take that and turn it into offense. You know the idea that the Bruins only the big bad physical Bruins of old is bad ideas is completely wrong. All of that this speed or this skill can't match up to. Montreal's. Dad is just that notion is outrageous. I look at the Bruins team and I think one thing they don't get what they get all the credit in the world than it is Cali but they don't get enough credit. For dean. I think the offensive powerhouse that they are. You mentioned group. This great story too by the way because this is the second straight playoff that that this kid is just showing us that. I mean he's got a -- step and that he spots and you know -- Anna Hamilton. I I do love what I've seen from these guys in these big spots. What they provide offense. This bruins' offense doesn't get enough credit as a whole as a team. For the its speed and this -- they don't. And I mean I'm still waiting for David -- she can break out. I mean how scary is that. Yeah all Montreal and game one they -- -- little bit I still think that Montreal was trying to do. And I don't agree would have -- Canadians fan or five was a Montreal player for that matter I think what that a coach. Was trying to do did was try to mess with the Bruins match up with Chara. -- epic god and the Bruins have the last change. You know char is going to be on the ice from bandits on the ice they put panic on an on line. And basically they try to catch the Bruins. Even with -- -- -- coming judgment jars not there or still their top line. What the other two players if they try to get that line in the eyes which are in the bench. I I think they may be over and over thinking it a little bit. Because you don't lose that match up when he was just got play if you Montreal and in game on the to panic that's more playing time. And it got a couple big power play goals but the electoral still lost to visit dig up it's a player because of Bruins skill. Get the job done it's got a couple balls on the public. Beta and -- the Bruins they went to my opinion. One of the best plays in the world is David crate GE is not complain is best hockey I've seen him play all. All up at a hockey he's been playing in these playoffs are just waiting for him to break out. And maybe it's maybe you should be a little scared of another team around the league to go to the Bruins -- still women and -- she is not has not been at his best. Great she's got his best lines at its best and Lucic is moving his legs and it and again what is one of battles along the boards. And just set him up with that wrist shot that snapshot. That is his that is aligned that brings everything to the table. Musicality. Speed. Skill finance. And the Bruins don't get enough credit. For. Having those qualities speed skill -- and we keep given all the praise to Montreal. Those qualities -- we were given to Detroit having a -- we don't give the Bruins. So to go along with a visit Cali. You can be physical all you want but. If you don't if you don't have anything to sort of when that's work and true. Add on that. Out to finish offensively once you -- physical and once those big hits. I'll pay an awfully if you don't have the skill all the offense to be able to it to finish after that yuck don't use the locker went. The Bruins have that and that's why the visit -- ultimately works -- as you get that third period. You throw pucks on net and also. You know this -- you know being the president of the president's trophy for a reason in the best team in hockey. Toughest team in the league the play against the offensively but on top of that they have. An offense that still doesn't get the credit. It deserves. 6177797983761777. On seven. 937. I know this is Red Sox review. We did not hear a couple hours since this Red Sox game and so we just does so accurate such calls. If you have them and you have a reaction to. Today's loss to Oakland -- the series overall. If you have any thoughts on what you saw what you want a seam movement forward based on what you saw with this Red Sox team always hope. Red Sox review remixed and given you some Bruins Canadians as well but his game number three -- won't be until Tuesday night. But I'm jacked up for annoy everybody else's jacked up for. And I I guess I want to -- I wanna get your vibe and how you feel about the Bruins team through two games epic come back again to. Even the series at one what do you -- I -- feel about the broomstick. Feeling good now. Ortiz still are concerned based nominated the first two periods played out. In game two.

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