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The Bruins lose to Montreal in double overtime

May 2, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Bruins double overtime loss.

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I think my math is correct was out of math major factors that but I think it's correct. There is a possibility. That the Bruins will play twenty more games if they go to game seven of the Stanley Cup final -- believe that's true. I guarantee you this this I don't -- to be true there won't be a more frustrating game for the Bruins in the next twenties. Then there was last night and there might not be one more maddening for the fan base to watch price outplayed Rask. Did we not think -- Bennett was gonna go the other way. And Pete -- who bought a ball New. York. Knows as the second best player on the ice last night encouraged or despair. By game one -- -- -- that. This is just him number one here you don't get frustrated after one game. Reminder when your team played tonight. You know we had lots of chances sure we fell behind two nothing but. You know we showed some resiliency in this came back and I thought we carried due to play for the most part and obviously that first OT period -- I the only thing is we got to find a way to -- that was. Those great opportunities that we had to get one that's probably where you know there's some regrets they're not bearing -- census. So I ask my two partners actions semi professional radio partners the same question are you encouraged or discouraged and before they answer. Even mind that Jerry picked the Bruins and -- picked the Canadians or you encouraged or discouraged. Her that it happens that while I encouraged meeting one like that upon what you saw a lot of tonight as well. The Bruins fan upon a Bruins fan or a member of the -- yeah yes of bombs they think about Mike. From wave in the pop -- of course and it's -- is there another way to look at it that your team was dominant. Joseph is right given credit. Oftentimes coach latch on some -- -- we do enough neutral or take the body. Once if he saw that may be -- when did see the game maybe some people would go to bed if you watched the game you know one team is superior to the correct. Last night it was the case clearly 9858. Shots shots spread that felt worse than. -- nine and 98 Shannon has had a C four minutes -- -- the shots. There was a shot from an 84 minutes eighty IB fifty from Wheeler. No I know you want to read it read in -- hurry overwhelm the Canadians that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- attempt giants clearly one team was better than the other end and like we said during the two currencies like called it right on the nose as it is always that chance. The Bruins could lose because what. It's hockey. Lost last night because hockey. When that happens which could play but it but the place at seven game series. I don't think the inferior team generally wins a best of -- -- experts yesterday when I said tell me something fresh new -- unsaid about the -- and one as the -- number let me finish one thing. Said. -- goaltender stimulus -- was -- was you say he's actually going to stand on its head and never heard that expression. -- percent yet but but what do you oppression -- like right it was great last elect to think we don't laps in the cliches as much. As much as some people duke has. For the next day and a half. And thank god it's 1230 tomorrow. Because like I can't -- that sat out. Because will only get whatever it is one news cycle of cliches just right we've heard water meaningless pointless analysis. And I'll pick it by 1230 tomorrow -- ESPN's gonna mention -- -- -- and another after another 36 hours a pick and it will match in this game you tweeted out next and that's what time they -- Themselves from the -- yeah -- yet no I don't it was six minutes to five. That was an hour long broadcast yet he has BS radio. I'd and next half hour litigated in half an hour I did not change the station. I did not go listen to read is the mother ship or or did Schwartzman. I'd listen the -- and that was that idea never mentioned that game. And light green appear to class and ask ourselves -- big games smoltz. Entertaining games that it was on believe we have details -- -- riveting it was great entertainment. They didn't mention now. Is what we're missing Tuesday. A bad guy in you know we mentioned drama yet. It was -- unbelievably good game with very little drama. There was no diving there was no -- Bites which surprised but. Really -- takeaways from this perk your turn I take awaited price is. If he plays like this in the series they have a chance if he doesn't they have -- it's amended that no chance I would double that -- -- Jenny was great I went in picking. Montreal okay. After a one game one that the less confident OPEC ministers and adults and four hours outset you know it was a big the Canadians but the worst Teamsters and the -- but their best of your -- up possible point maybe maybe the -- Kelsey -- I think don't you think the bruins' style. Lends itself to a good hard long series yet if it -- 67. And there are still on the on the there on the forwards and you know boy chuck and Kevin -- -- and mills played. Now six games in the post season -- on the east as the pocket he just hits everything that moves. And that's the style and and as opposed to you know the speed and skill that that. Pounding -- -- work your six or seven games isn't gonna just get. Incredibly tiring to play this team and a they had their chances there -- -- wasted chances we'll get into but if you put. You mean medical average NHL goalie Jimmy Howard Jimmy Howard in the last night the Bruins -- so that is seven to two -- I mean -- -- course is set list price and I don't -- couple goals by but I can also great last. He was so great are here's a weird question for you set aside the play that we saw last night from -- set aside to -- we saw from Christ's last night I ask you this. Which is more likely. Last night was evidence of the Bruins. Playing their best game of the series or the Canadians playing the worst game. Of their series I know it's sounds weird because you wouldn't say Duke Team won might have played the worst game of their series it would normally said the team that locks. Might have played the best game of the series but it kind of looks like that in some weird kind of perverse way it does not. It felt like action and 626 right exact and maybe that's in the protect you know what maybe 90% that's enough. Mean I wouldn't say the best game them and I do think you know -- Given those same opportunities he scores right now we play well last -- at least he was active remember the Bruins get Bergeron I think he's back for game missed the game last. I keep plays Tony says. Patrice Bergeron did you notice that my best player I don't wish to -- -- I it was a cheap shot hard hockey it was a broad -- -- picture and he went and kept the guys in the years those clean up and others interfere it's. That's the only panel that I've -- probably it's it's like a typical hip -- looks like a panel what about crate -- stick in his -- that -- lies on Gallagher. But that was -- Heidi. The -- -- -- figuring that was. Oh dollars a feisty Gallagher is he's -- he almost feels -- should be pro so tough. Now the great but IA if that word. From -- about my god or any any. They knew that your drama the drama -- -- The other problem works one way and that was a cheap shot but he got called for it was -- got away correct. It is amazing. That we watched. Double overtime and we're not sitting here talking about. Cheap shots embellishment drama. The meat soup on your qualities -- flopped totally baseless. Were they off 3040 times -- could sit and watch it change and goalies aside or prices side. There's no debate even on -- the best player on the eyes -- in -- there Amber's who banned by public enemy number just that pat was the best player to go to Purnell. And -- Karl soup and and you can hate him all you want but -- every single person in the garden lastly -- -- given the choice to pick one player. And Adam to your team I mean almost if could -- am wholly. When you to exit greatness -- Yahoo!'s current. Mean he's just any place he played this company ships don't look how many -- he played played more minutes than anybody in the in its mind and -- -- shift in -- is notes -- for defense and I got to play that figures apparently 3031 minutes than three minutes and 49 seconds around that -- you're correct. 45. She. And Chara played 42 but he superhuman. And I don't know but it's like homeless on but doesn't that still a bounce in in -- and step -- the -- the game at the end of double what. Possibly give you more energy in a competitive situation win win an entire building. Hates your guts I mean he has -- in Boston likes early -- -- today is hated Los Angeles across across the league but to shut them up. The first the last -- right in the Bruins are discouraged by this. You lost because of three guys named Purnell Kerry and Francis whose first amber. Personnel frank Kerry Carl Francis is less than believe -- in the grants Estes and -- it's just -- you you -- -- you Francis Purnell a deal. Touch my stuff. -- We talked the last other their goals that Rask will never give up will he give up those goals but that he is my question. When you watch the replay don't you always as CDC I mean appear as the Portugal so did he see. The Bork eagle -- side. When the last time someone went five -- that same with the women though. Someone went five -- with no obstruction in no nobody in front of metal. Is that on it was strange I was trade that was a Jimmy Howard Greg Cole yeah that's a soft team -- on that you have. An easy time Colin Billick that. -- -- -- -- If he didn't see them as you saw the last -- he said he sought the advocates -- -- -- -- sucks. Well we said worse than that I don't give him credit he's right by his standard that's. Yeah bully you know. Easily cutesy games are played with the of the goal and he just wasn't good enough in -- good enough to win when you give up that. Uncle -- legal right to the viable. I Rask and it took awhile calmed down I -- it took the water bottle broke it up after I think the second goal but after the game in the locker room storming up and down slamming doors. Finally met the media. There's a long time since -- -- as hard on yourself. How long it's going. Well. You suck you suck at it. Can't say it's playoffs tomorrow. Yeah I mean we practice. That Yeltsin was. Oh well I don't reporter and they would never do -- -- a lot. It's after midnight tomorrow is Saturday. It's Finland do they speak English and them. Yeah that is first language. No -- that finish finish isn't very good in English measles Pedro -- -- you know glib and as a wise -- Quick brat like that better Marin practice runs with Tim Thomas a little tantrums orbit a little feisty. -- it's Obama come on its opener price -- asking. I give Julian credit US the question he made it clear his answer the question is he's very urged. And if again if this were one game at football you know. You're gone if this were basketball. It's the bruins' win the better team over ago when -- they would buy one. If this I guess you could say in baseball same thing things happen a pitcher you know we have bounces but against seven games these things even out the the Bruins -- the superior team how often does this year's team. Whose best of seven years in -- Not often but can you -- but the top ahead. It obviously happens occasionally mean price can be crazy over successive game maker -- seared through which in -- -- -- that could happen it's like when you face a pitcher facing guys three times and her size -- -- -- aggregate job right exactly that no one's today and what you depressed price and you said it. What you get -- price. Where and how can you tell me that Canadians are a match and even match a better team that you really good the power play again the price of the degree. Again they do that they win tomorrow. They win tomorrow that's different and went on to win 52 biofuels like that -- feel it's done their job yet. Is -- prices gonna have such a come down that he is gonna let five goals in cannot wait yes or no. Quick national don't think about this too much of the Bruins in the rest of the series whether those four or seven. With 51 more shots on reprise. I think you know now that's law that's a lot of shots excellently and it's also in double -- -- fifteen improvement over that. So with a thirty sick or does go to Vegas they're going to be 707 -- all seven games going overtime pay you -- unsure whether going to be double or triple there's the -- game multiple multiple multiple overtime yeah. And I think the Bruins are gonna win one Moshood which could hit the Red Bull is is this just you know what overtime. Tomorrow's game and in two overtimes in game three and and three overtimes told us why don't root for that -- that it's not. A shootout -- in the great the you don't have the reliance silly yes. Rate the plates like gimmick. -- home and by the way to break the plates. I'm pretty sure assume ban would be damn good at that if that were the details so we Johnny rockets. He would break into the net in the bar the boards and everything but when you when you hit posts. And you have bad bounces and -- go across the crease. Even if you're frost it is so you have to say we had our opportunities and we're gonna continue to have opportunities as where bad. So you agree with me that there will be in the next twenty games that they play twenty games a more frustrating game for the Bruins. Last night I don't think there can be -- yeah I think it's signed ought to tell I think it's frustrating but it's easy to rationalize his game one. Annual played them so severely you can live it was game 45 when you're down 32 after the it's frustrating to checkered past check outs and overtime. Be a top shop on fourteen to six Soderbergh easy chance -- cheat Hamilton Lucci each martian Smith. All of that was just in the overtime right when you the shots period to period. Mean if you won 33 certainly jumps out you at the end but in every single period. Thirteen to ten bruins' ninth -- seven. Bruins fourteen to six bruins' first overtime fourteen to six Bruins but in overtime or won on trio. 133 total victory you might. Be frustrated but in in your heart you know you're better so you take the -- with as much confidence tomorrow she did yesterday and even go enough in the Montreal with its hard as hell to play there. And whenever you -- than there with compass knowing your better yet culprits in your teammates and you don't think Rask was so bad that they start wondering about now now. Wasn't that panel that is what they they never gave me the camera shot of little Chad Johnson to deceive the grainy Internet soccer that's sort of but you do think that mu guy is never gonna simulate that nobody you'll never he. He beat the Bruins three times. Shares are correct. It was to a notes too bright bright -- more impressed you know months you'll let -- -- he's a damn good back up illiteracy of now -- Price on the way now here's Daniel -- today after the game talking about recovering from this game emotionally emotionally how long does it take to flush down the cost us. And I mean not. You know the -- this time and eight -- -- -- -- processor you know but. It's morals and -- begin at -- game Saturday so. We have to be prepared and ready to go. It should be about three or four Beers yeah -- -- although it's like -- So late if you think you're gonna go just go out on an -- would you couldn't do you -- you mean in there. That's definitely. Appear that all three of four Beers involved an end but. Not tonight in normally and I did security come in the -- is adamant the on the town. That's a weird start time for playoff games and a very strange talking about brand and I -- -- -- -- it was somebody on. I think obvious yet. -- -- open yes and they don't even knows of no I think I think they gave up Barry -- like thirty seconds they did and Melrose -- -- quick Barry got a second. Can't talk critical abroad took a -- Africa could it. Those or whoever it was made some kind of case that the 1230 start. Because the Canadians are early guys really favors the bros and I did not I was wondering he set a strong -- we get that practice I was wondered who would favored connected there on the -- and intense and time zone yeah yeah area. The amendment lie you can drive and and they play the same amount -- -- a French Canadian body clock works -- I believe like central standard time as the French people there too easy. What is getting his -- true. It's if you believe that's true why am I am part -- and say yes that's right you can maybe you could say after they released here yeah sure it debentures at a habit -- gets -- -- because -- -- I was certain about. If this was going to be close hard fought game and it was that Rask will be better the price that was going to be drama we all agreed early it was a rhetorical question will be drumming yes. And I guess if you say Sudan's. There's no it was and you'd say that's kinda drama prom ish but there was. Is there -- cheap shot -- no no bad call it art or negative and positive drama. And the positive drama there wasn't much negative the positive drama is the ebbs and flows -- -- down two nothing in the resiliency to the Bruins combat that's a good resiliency of the Canadiens a -- You think. It's a conflict in the Bruins went before and that will be nothing that no part just to torture us that it did shift at the place is great -- I was gonna ask you to watch the Canadians disappear as I was convinced that 21. The bros gonna win easily you're really canvas produces and -- not be you know little home or stooge was a better I think people who certain what's in this game. In the you know Nebraska yet. We think in the Bruins were gonna win because they're better. And again if you were best of five you were real little. When you tell me other than price standing on his head -- key. What what makes you think your team can win but not like take out last night's game I can only think -- instantly agree game and he did they can only better. In you wake up sore Elway capsule right. And you can faced these guys can't Indian boy check Miller in China aren't these kinds of ammonia and Datsyuk on -- knew he was very physical on him now. Beyond him in general physical team right he's great he's not some people's -- last he's great and you know even even the penalty got. When he threw what's displaced of the war. Was that it was a war was -- interference behind the yeah yeah those -- in front of the net profit the rent that room to the ground right album amazing strong man. He's one of those as he grew up in the united state and yet you went in the NFL yeah. Now Armstrong. Of the group for I don't know if you know. I don't know but I belies the weight room you know and -- you think of how strong you know the guys he's -- around make a funny year winds only touches of default now. -- -- -- Although he did what he wants to possibly fall down but what do you make some -- -- is very skilled guest from what he flopped on all -- that generally low in the they're -- a one point -- hear the next 36 I think what if he did but I do think that a lot of the you know golden the only black and golden girls out -- -- -- little fan boys. Are gonna have trouble. -- today coming your team was far superior -- some bad breaks it's hockey. They're goalie is hot but what are you whining that I saw little pitching after the game on Twitter about the call against Murkowski did all the laughs it's clear ought to feel ridiculous saying the same thing is that I have no complaints. Whatsoever about either one of those late calls can't they were both penalty -- I think of the lead fan boy for the the call that right it was textbook cold wasn't it no brainer. -- I didn't see the that the first trip which was also play correctly. I -- Gallagher. First trip the first penalty of the game. Our house on ramps and what to work out and I meant it via when he got the first in the lesser penalty. We didn't see a replay evicted when. Can't wait and -- I figured you know the dive that's all you look for now. NASA and which is a great television network yesterday in great Kirk. Would have given a six replays of that right yes and and it had a penalty was said if you know. Sure isn't diving embellishing a big part of this drama we never saw -- was a last night we never saw out of the Barco ski whether the trip on who velvety trip. Forget but they said like he cut to break and they came back it was a power play music -- was that legit but beyond that did you have any qualms with the appreciate you know achieving zero gravity on all the issues. We know how things that you know buffalo and calls I get involved here -- replay technical Alcoa Canadians. Embellish all but the Bruins abolished that much at all you know last just a hockey. And did we see. Each Alonso shot at the end of regulation on Rask. Time goes on its unsportsmanlike right. I didn't see that we see that again yet replaying that thin martian crust chicks costing the Bruins are right I put them on the four on four situation against the fast team. Sounds like a pretty stupid move or martians are artists who received no I concede to -- -- own network would have shown -- sixty tonight NC a stick around for the Adobe Milbury Keith Jones whatever I did deliberately concentrated -- -- that legalese and rightly I think it is we -- -- so you have a chance that a power play in overtime -- blows -- by cross chickens somebody. And I guess if you're at the games are part of your home glued to TV sets most important time. NBC television network or whatever it's called didn't show -- -- better in game two. Like -- will be there yes Willie B I don't know -- it was chaotic right fine line in those hockey and Peter was fine I mean I I like -- casino -- Boston Common Montreal Morales. Stick cut what do home likes to -- home I don't know they just treat him well if that he's. Two dozen -- his name when he interviews and in the I think it's because it like smut Maloney so much is that -- other nice to copyright -- -- up awesome. Yes I shot or a shot like tickling during the game that could maybe it's Gordon he's friends with somebody you can laugh about it candies according what are you laughing. Where's he from when does he live view for Tillman Malone that religiously here. It's spent some time here right does he have a home America's -- he's -- hometown it could be. It is usually mainly like I got less players all love hockey guys do it but he definitely likes the bees he likes you know a lot of the guys on the -- And if the Canadian star belching he will be the first column. -- notice as we go to break the last two words in every interview. That. -- Julien does either with Pierre or between periods after the game -- Jameer at all. Last two were always. You know you never forget you never says then and that's where there's -- you know these friends -- McGwire you know that -- should be the -- the year on -- problem that he never says name all the players say he has name. Julian does not. Out here hates that. And if it had a delegates -- harper 677779837. Fault lines open I guess we've decided that you were encouraged not discouraged by game one. Even though the Bruins lost lines are open talk although on a march in sports and then now -- they showed the -- cutting the -- Up his ankles are are the opposite coming up later when we get to that. Bruins Canadian series but first. Ignorance in this the papal office ankles I have a question it's a procedural question about the Bristol county house of corrections. Something I thought was true apparently is not and of course it deals with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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