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Harry Reid wants the Redskins to change their name 5-1-14

May 1, 2014|

The guys discussed Harry Reid's comments on the senate floor regarding the Redskins.

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All star team of pandering people people who say -- topic of -- really believe it up as a passionate about it because it looks good publicly. They seem like the bigger person if they say these. Certain things are politicians. Eligible for this as the definition a politician. And yes yes fortunately that is summer's credit Brothers. They're champions. It's like we Selig when you see Menino that relies so canonized. Saint now but. We in the Vatican is yet he's been there oh win -- when he would much in the new prime Britain and the goalies transvestites and as a steals from balls hanging around him and it's a it's a wonderful family event and to say. When he gets home and ships that go and then it that was wife at a -- he says god these people knots. So yes by definition politicians pander every time they open there miles right. Yeah we now and so yeah debt avatar I think is a guy who does a lot of that old old old old old. -- a no comment there I think total -- I think yes PNC. Heavily pandering network. Quite often. And I think they're forced to future. That forced to pander because you're not the hero -- -- right now as Jason whitlock has found a dozen times what politicians go beyond a shadow of doubt never let an opportunity. To shine a positive light on yourself. Go by two after four days of discussion. About racial discrimination and racism on the left coast and his name shall not be set for four hours all the amenities and did slip Wednesday and say DS's name calling apps. Which -- the slave and slave. Harry Reid the senate majority leader since 2007. Senior senator from Nevada. Seized saw and sees an opportunity to say. I gotta get me some of that. Right it's gotta get me some Zaragoza real Adam silver -- for himself or you know -- really big pandering in this very reminds me of Peter King -- jump in the latest stop trying it's. And he Hampshire is you said five years ago this issue meant nothing to think now he's leading the charge to. To bow these are people who don't care about it I mean you think Peter King privately he goes home -- -- he's having a spaghetti worries about -- about the native Americans out in New Mexico Italy makes his heart heavy but we also don't care. You know they don't care as well nobody carried out in his effort much rich white guys this is a great exit the best example you're -- find these of people that have had this gamer does and -- whole line right. Peter kings of Britain the term redskin for thirty yeah. -- guarantee you that at some point in his career as the senior senator from Nevada. And being in Washington DC he introduced some bill or or or some sort of proclamation. Although when many suitable to honor the Redskins team Morse at the but yesterday sees an opportunity to look. Bigger and holier than now this is -- senate majority leader. Striking up the band for something that really is an injustice in this country. The president yesterday. All America watched. -- commissioner Adam stole. And the National Basketball Association acted just like punishing. Donald Sterling -- harmful. Racist. -- I along with most all of America. Applaud these -- work. Swiftly moving just about bakery. -- -- Commissioner silver and in the leadership that set the standard. For -- professional sports organizations should act in the face of racism. I wonder -- that impression. Of the leadership of the National Football League the NFL. Money making machine. -- I think taken notice and these decisive action. How long -- that they'll continue to do nothing zero. As one that -- bears mean Netflix so much pain native Americans. -- -- until Warner Daniels fire. Trying to hide behind tradition tradition. Has recess. In refusing to change in the -- the team. -- president traditional what tradition a tradition of racism. All the main -- -- like. Mr. Snyder. Knows that in sports and wanna tradition matters swimming. Slight urged -- yes I do what's morally right and remove this degrading term normally might change his team's name. It's been done before right here in Washington case. Seventeen years ago. Washington bullets. Who related hold a wonderful man at present so all the gun violence murders taking place in case here. What do you do you voluntarily decided that name Washington bullets wasn't god. Had changed his thing he didn't want his team to be associated with the bullets. So he changed the names organization Washington bullets Washington Wizards -- the wizards is a good name. Don't you think that unless I can come up with a name. He should be easy. Which he had he could. Invite the chance plans to choose a man. You can ask high school kids come up with a -- anything make -- -- but were exceptionally do better in the Washington. Team mean I have now. But since Snyder fails to showing any leadership. National Football League should take an assist from the -- can pick up the slack. For far too long NFL has been sitting on his hands doing nothing on entire population Americans has been denigrated. Slicing commissioner Roger Goodell. I believe Roger -- a good man. It is time for this good man. Remove this hateful term premier -- look at polling NBA's example I really believe bigotry and racism. NBA's example so -- example get rid of apps yes should lead to changing any nickname well because it's inflicted so much pain and it is a degrading term by the way just decide that it was public. And -- is -- that's why that native American person was crying in commercial. All of us out of the wrote a garbage when I was in colonial was the Redskins. -- starred in the Washington football team need to go on name yes yes to be got a dollar others it's elegant and easy move on on my part I generally take a stand well. But I'm reluctant to get really passionately involved in this unlike Harry Reid. And and others if I don't have a dog in this fight but a lot of native American vacation did know. Could you rat's ass about Washington football team Mitchell go. Unnamed but is there a hue and cry across this great land all of a sudden other than the posters like Peter king and Harry Reid and Bill Simmons. Think I will look better but I say the term Redskins which has been used since 1933 is that right 1933. Is something that I can no longer allowed to come out of my mouth because it is so painful to so many people. I would ask people on reservations across the country some rams are real problems with -- listeners high ranking. Senator from about who's gonna do something for you guys yesterday if you like debate yet you get it taken -- really the football team to change their name. The American uses power which engineers football team. The -- thing for native Americans probably. This is just again this is a bunch of rich and powerful white guys nobody else cares about this and spend about an end to try to. Waited with -- the owner of the clippers yeah he's got a La clippers. Is ludicrous because. What an I agree with that the person says and -- is the definition of racism. The guy who honestly believes the keys appear correct yet to whoever took Elgin Baylor piece of period -- Magic Johnson. Matt Kemp because he's white and they're not mean that is the definition -- that is a modern day -- modern day plantation owner. This name Redskins been around forever -- and -- Native Americans have heard of a million times Peter -- -- Nicholson's averted and it never bothered them until it became fashionable right. If people agree at the polls we have guys like I don't support it does not work -- how to pull from for. We have native Americans it's overwhelmed -- that -- -- 71%. Oppose a name change. 18% support a name change and 11% are undecided. So by a seven to two margin greater than a seven to march he broke okay witness with a big voice -- deeper -- -- Harry Reid. Bill Simmons. Peter Peter King -- at all -- -- football talk what a brilliant already the big big names of the big names all right Peter King. Is website refused to used the term right right has this as does grant. They refuse to -- the word right Simmons -- news. So which is reasonably go back to the archives years and years and years ago everything Peter king and that Bill Simmons is written they have never written the word Redskins is a -- Kelly he has -- intelligent offense of five years ago and not it was an -- never crossed as mild language changes I'm OK with that their words I mean on the -- -- paper a hundred years ago you don't write today. But that's because groups were -- this group the group that -- that that this matters to yes. So far as not to bulk up and as a major -- Snyder wants to change the name you know what I don't care about that either I honestly don't think it's that big deal and found Daniel Snyder. And he's already dug in his heels he can't change in rice is when that happened I would look at it as a marketing opportunity -- I'm a changed name to the wizards write an element and have a whole new logo new uniform and I'm gonna -- because everyone has got all the old fashioned Redskins out. Is gonna want to risk his stuff for their very passionate fan base could make a fortune changing the name and win big point and it's. He's spending a fortune and I know this sounds like improbably as a form of pandering on Snyder's standpoint but he said the name's gonna stay the same because they have been. Beloved and and not denigrating and not painful anybody since 1933 they are the Redskins but. This debate has made it clear in my mind that there are native Americans in this country to your point -- Who have issues. Who have things that they need fixed education access to education alcoholism on the reservations all those kinds of things he's spending millions of dollars and I understand is that PR component to -- shore. But it -- those people on the reservation would I'd rather have. -- Daniel Snyder spend ten million dollars. On making you know improving schools and the -- reservation and teachers and alcohol treatment and those kinds of things as opposed to. All you got your way now they're going to be the Washington wizard. I don't have a lot of experience reservations. Trip across country few times you go through New Mexico especially you go by a march and things don't like they're going so well there and I suspect. If the Redskins change your name to the Washington whatever. Which would change and would will be appropriate name Tom -- -- it's hard to find a name doesn't offend some. Finds it barracuda is if word got through that reservation where people really -- they celebrate with a B and there are there any cool names left. -- Los Angeles San Jose Sharks came along camp when and why won't -- -- the team the sharks can kind of cool logo sounds cool we can have them jaws music boom boom boom boom. And finally San Jose -- it however many years ago right other Nicole and left we left for these we have names like eat. And magic and elders signal sent in this Cingular name as sock renters into Boston initialed tomorrow would mean I'd like -- cannons. Which is the across Austin it's kind of cool logo in -- -- and to me that is it's a violent war like while UMass was pressured to UMass -- no problem with this was the Redmond. And I think that's a stupid name as a sportswriter. And I have to cover high schools took Sperry was the red -- but it -- women the red gals I -- -- gals -- -- a thousand times that I've read yells as often as beacon that Redskins yeah offend me every time not cause it's racist as stupid. -- someone as a nickname they think is stupid animal for change like. UMass that change from red get a Redman to minutemen. And about a year later it was a protest because -- that man was a violent well in that violent people now they killed. Whenever they killed when the British. Killed innocent I don't want it but -- at the -- low likened bellicose like that part of logo was a gun right with people who were offended by that. I'm offended dissent Stanford was the red what was -- for the red on them. At the Redmond know that with the a cardinal -- -- now that the cardinals Cingular. Cardinals part richest just in red dumbest thing you -- -- to change -- name is in the history. You picked cardinal it's about why why would you -- I don't know -- nickname. -- team changed it because it's offensive when you come up with some cool. Here is the bigger point the the point that is just drenched in reality a few months ago a firm by the name of let me get this right. GF -- poll takers. Did a poll. Among native Americans -- survey that attempted to assassinate americans' opinions on the matter. Found that nearly 90%. Did not have a problem nor did they find the term redskin. Offensive. My guess -- he went through the senate 90% of the senate people would say the senators would say they're offended by it. 90% of the people this is supposed to be painful for don't find it offensive and don't mind that it whatsoever. Giving Kerry Reid is lost the second of sleep over the the name Redskins now justice and he's the only is the biggest Andrew is racist I don't champion. One of the most corrupt members. In -- of the of the senate I mean he. He is a disgrace and it's kind of -- feel. I'm comfortable just given on this kind of platform he turned out he didn't say anything genuine anything sincere. Ever will be returning campaign contribution from Snyder today he got big check. Of course no chance -- show. He's on good morning. Morning guys it just wanted to say I'm RC Maryland resident now with a you can take a poll people living down here -- hundred to one people would rather change the name from the wizards to something else from the rent skis yeah. That's just the worst -- ever in you know the other thing on the name I don't remember you know after that. Captain phillips' story came out anyone try to rush to change the Pittsburgh -- name you know and there's so ridiculous because that people get behind him you know what what. They just drive me crazy absolutely creepy and not everyone can be the patriot I understand but that. You know that it to change he's made I just think -- way overblown and optical -- stepped up their platforms wants to expect. What are the terms are capable it is slippery slope it's it's it's over -- but I think it applies in this case Morrissey and on the AT&T text line if you start with this if you try to find any little named as expensive you can stay within the realm. -- Indian references like chip laws are seminoles are any of that. What about. -- hunt family be next in the cross hairs because their team is called the chiefs of the of the -- -- to state. Be in the cross hairs because he owns the warriors over the Blackhawks. Lockup what anyway she's got the coolest logo but it's an Indian guy yeah now what about I'm of the fighting this as a Defense Department needs to change the name of those helicopters from Apache helicopters denigrating the Cleveland Indians of an -- Ops chief Yahoo! is probably the -- ago yes is that is similar to black face -- us that's absolutely wrong but I think the Blackhawks what was the coolest thing in the world. And they've done these stores before the -- the actual Seminole tribe yes and the fighting sue their altered. I mean. Fighting -- and fighting Irish what's the difference on. Mean arsenal protected clashed in the Irish logo is more demeaning than in the Irish and this is like a chief -- -- -- say -- caricature or. On using fallen back on stereotypes he does not -- lucky leprechaun doing flips them and I meant every time you some Irish like emergency mean tears just two years he -- it. Jill good morning Martin a guy who read it he really concerned about the native American -- -- is that whoever. He worked out -- -- -- to -- sentence about the systematic genocide and the young American Indian the -- The congress to set up the deal they systematically trying to eliminate. Indians from the culture. Area. They -- to lump. They ask you I'm from Oakland they are and where they come from it they're related to -- at this Internet reservation. They have to -- that resignation presser remarked I'm every year they lose their status and American Indian. And -- really get on that -- didn't stop Liz Warren she got -- calculation like what a year and a half ago I wasn't sure what to charge us that's a good she'd. I know -- discussions discussing native American issues is -- from DC hit too close to home and now she's from Oklahoma she's that your -- proud. Cherokee from the Oklahoma tribe yet it your call -- and field yes or no quick nominal and he'll go. It. Yes. -- -- I agree which in Britain voted for -- it's very upsetting to be an Italian walk into -- cut the currency Kenny Perry. Twelve -- they break out. It has sent out seems appropriate due to a I hate when you just it can't openness and there are bigger issues I don't know what they. It's for -- the Americans for every but yeah Harry Reid the president of the sent. It's -- -- -- you know it's a word. It's just send ads and negative connotation I only set I can make some points out like you mentioned earlier. Rolling Stone guy and I love the fact that anybody -- on defendant offended. By these terms sexual preference it's to me listen. I vote for gamers connect elegant I want to merit all the time three I -- I -- -- -- marry gay person myself it just this year so open minded right. But that's what you prefer sexually. -- -- -- saying much you want but what you say I liked the term sexual orientation batter -- would that OK but actually get offended someone just said -- after my mother in all our. You know used the and Terry press -- steady -- says you can control yourself. I prefer -- -- over Vanilla I'd prefer stick over lobster I prefer there. Women over men or men or women but they are the reason they're fed to put that many hands right about this it's doesn't you could. You can't help if you perverse that I'm worn out I'm worn by Portman I mean duplicate furloughs to I don't keeper for the company's sexually of men and women. -- a preference right. Yes ritual born with that preference we're fighting over the were preference than what preference -- right. And it's funny I guess yes and -- only -- get worse just brace yourself because it's only gonna get here's what you need to know is that right about going after Richard Devoe and see Charlie -- -- do you think he's alone he wants to he wants the commissioner to turn his guns. On Richard. But the boasts. He says the boy the police. Owner of the Orlando Magic because he's against gay marriage he once he doesn't -- and with. Tips he wants to one of her owner operators like equate that with -- apps here's the analysts don't think you know. Like a lot of people especially people the sports world he's amiss in issues of gender sexual Simmons a few weekly few weeks later and podcast which you discussed Michael Sam. Simmons used the offensive phrase sexual preference not -- hostility towards stand. Well. No big stoke clinic please I'm bored I'm I'm for change. And we can be real about -- -- mean nobody is offended by the term sexual preference. Know people may say they are. Not a single person is open and 90% of native Americans aren't offended by the redskin name as it applies. The football in real fights out there they're honest to -- fights mall mall for sexual preference and Redskins no more your phone calls when we come back Larry Lucchino joins -- -- 45 of the front office.

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