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Bruins-Canadiens set to face-off starting Thursday: Preview and Analysis

Apr 30, 2014|

We talk about the Bruins and Habs, and how this series might play out.

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Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI broadcasting live from Fenway Park arts center field studios. But I got hockey on my mind I have to admit we're here do not one not two but game sevens in the National Hockey League tonight. First time since 2003 that the NHL is at three or more game sevens in the same night. To limit after limit on emotional involvement in in game sevens can really be emotionally. Involved in three separate game. Thankfully they're not all the same time I mean you can pretty much it will first when you can see almost all of it and you kind of shift over you can catch most of one in three. Second one and you gotta kinda shuffled around a little bit but. I can't wait I it's it I love game sevens in any sport -- -- a Major League Baseball. NBA NHL any game seven. Andy went home fast sport game seven that's -- that's the that's -- good -- on hockey up -- much quality. There seems to be more of an emotional attachment -- in the NBA not that they are not emotionally attached to winning game seven. But it. It doesn't get appreciable more physical does it. Yeah had a great game set yet but not -- not the president agree -- as horrible as I look at all baseball. Where every -- sit there your -- you know I mean how many games Evans in the NBA if you watch where. And how many of them go -- alarm. Want him just figured -- I'm thinking of you off the top man at the last moments on. The last one that we were all really involved and I think you're out there yet. -- account -- -- and the lakers Celtics yet. I was actually at the game when -- -- -- that. Hunter's answer. Sorry I was not there and I was not there -- a conference room I was actually in LA. But. You know that game. It came seven. I don't care what sport it is whether it's game seven in hockey whether it's game seven in the NBA. Whether it's the World Cup final at the last game. It it is -- on everything everything is heightened everything seems bigger than it actually. I don't wait to see the three tonight but I really can't wait for tomorrow. This is I saw a great stat yesterday. If you talk about Bruins Canadians playoff matchups there have been three more of those lifetime. And Celtics lakers and Red Sox yankees combined. Playoff matchups in in their history. And and you you know you you put a number on it and the way that's the way the new playoffs system is in the NHL. Chances are you gonna play him every year anyway I mean in its has seem that way lately anyway but going forward he's gonna play the more. And it is the ultimate. Emotional match up for hockey fan and Boston beat the teams hate the most. It's the team that you with the players who -- the most like you -- Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup final. He responded again and he's somebody needs somebody to hate you play the red wings in the first round your respective yet think they play the game the right way. Don't think anybody on the on the Canadian plays the game right there. About it tell you say if the team that they hate the most and it's even close. I'm in second place the paint points. It's not too distant second at nightclubs it was real nature it's not -- an editor I -- in real hatred and it and it and it. Spanned generations it's not just your age range whatever your age ranges. I get your age range hates the the Canadians and -- the previous one and the one before that. And those who are no longer with -- they hated the Canadians do they have the success. Against the Canadians that you've had recently. But it just goes back to -- absolutely it is there isn't. If -- If -- a nice thing you can say about the Montreal Canadians if your broad street. Have you here you are a tried and true you're really -- it and you love the game of hockey but you love the Bruins warn anybody else. You say anything nice about Montreal now no now -- nothing nice about it is say I have a fear of this of fear of that but you don't -- man. You know I really respect. The way they do fill in the blank. It's what are rivalry should be eight. It's exactly what you want an end you know even -- -- it's hard -- guess there's not the same -- not there anymore. Celtics lakers it's not even close to being the same as it used to. You know back in the magic and Larry days. But Bruins Canadians has has with stood the test of time even when they were kicking your grass all those years you hated them. Under cloud Julian I think the Bruins won three of the last four playoff meetings against the Canadians he still -- them. Claude Julien said when he was -- really hated the Bruins. -- he's with the Bruins in a Montreal. It's it is I I heard Chris and -- on this morning on with DNC talking about -- he played on both sides. Of this Bruins Canadians match not a lot of guys have played on both sides and he said you know everybody hates everybody. It's exactly what you want as a fan you -- that building tomorrow night and you know it's like there will be blood. And I don't -- fighting because nobody fights in the playoffs anymore. But they're there's going to be cheep shots there's going to be hits there's going to be you know people are going to be -- and then flop and then this year it's great. Nigel I don't know if you guys. -- heard me talk -- my mood during the cross I heard them. Most -- -- that was heard -- heard him earlier thanks a lot tailor appreciates humor but I heard them and they were talking about. How be a surprise. If that if the Bruins. Lost this series it is not going to be easy and I said to them you're right here half for. I don't think he's going to be easy at all I expect the long series but I wouldn't be surprised that the Bruins don't win this theory on those I agree with everything -- -- -- -- better team they're a team that they're supposed to give you look at him last year so. Go to game six. In the in this Stanley Cup final. And -- the president's trophy winners even if you don't think that's a big deal. They have been considered one of the best teams in hockey most of the season. So if there if their year end around to I think there will be disappointing and surprising to a lot of people. There was a yeah piece on -- and dot com today in which ray Bork was quoted as saying. That if you embellish -- play for the sake of getting called he's all right with. That however is not the same as died. And I think that Bruins fans think that members of the Montreal Canadians and especially. That he just dies he flops. That's not the same as embellish a call for the sake of getting a call. Which even Bork said you know -- I understand that everybody does. Bruins fans think that the Montreal Canadians don't play the game and that's what -- stance thing. Blackhawks in the final they play the game moderately you know they play straight up honest. There was no hatred there was no no passion you wanted to win but it wasn't the same Bruins fans don't think the Canadians play the game the right. What to Montreal fans think of the growing budget thugs and drugs yes of course of course the Bruins are gonna do this that's just the typical Boston way of approaching the situation so. It's it's really. In addition everything else we've -- About the historical hatred between Boston Montreal on how. We hate them and they -- us another layer to it is. It's a contrast of styles. And be one thing to. Hate somebody and they can't play like you'd see you hate them but you have to respect them because they build -- they built their team. The same way you do they look for the same kind of players that you do. That's happened here click on its opposites that Iraq can be more different. Correct me from -- No like I do think they look for different types although interestingly enough. Over the last couple of years the Canadians have decided you know what. Asses kicked by this team that we got to get a little time we got to find him a little prouder to be because we can't compete with that now they did get a little. Heavier little tougher. Russia importance phrase was that a little more sandpaper in their game and that's fine. They still over the course of seven game series in my opinion. Can't withstand the physical pressure. But the Bruins will put on them bring up an interesting discussion of united and it many times whether it's texting lower urges in here's the difference between embellishment and I've. What's the difference to me there's there's a huge difference and and let's go back to the last series the play where. Brad marsh and got tripped up as funny and the soccer players after the you'll want to help corporate what what it's why we've had such a good discussion about race. Look in and Bret marsh and got tripped up there was no argument about the fact that he got tripped and that call two minutes for trip. He stayed on the ice extra time. May be to try to say hey you know maybe that was a major maybe that wasn't minor maybe that was a major. But there was contact made -- there was no question about it bankrupt. To me that embellishing not -- Diving is you know I get somewhere in the general vicinity -- you you don't talk -- debt -- lied -- to -- and might collapse or fly in all over the place. I think that their guys on the Canadian to do that yes flop and I think our Bruins players that embellish absolutely. OK but if there's a big difference from evident -- guys are doing that -- flopping. Like that the only way you're rewarded is. If an official buys. So I I know. I know that that's put a lot of that's putting a lot of pressure on the officials. But what they have to call me if it fits that -- they can call it in called I think I let the colts in the books -- even better to do that. Just don't go. -- really just fall and flail all around the -- And let somebody a pitcher that's an aide fired judged that coming up in the it create. In an advantage for the opposition like I'm gonna fall sports -- -- and keep going. You know if the officials don't have to don't even have to acknowledge. The other part that I think Bruins fans sense about the Canadians is that they go and it's a funny -- excuse me get just as you said. It happened there's a soccer game on over your shoulder and shows that you were -- those funeral Michaels John Mitchell that tells -- percent Politico Madrid -- James music -- and there's -- -- -- -- that's my man my man here who's 26. John Terry that's -- I don't doubt knock. -- -- -- All. All -- have strength -- Get out Tami Taylor you have to admit that the -- I've Michael the last time you ran six miles nine humans because I. Last start or have I ever. Would because I registered. Every -- it's let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rivalries. -- -- the day it's the true rivalry right now I cover sport Major League soccer. Where people are describing rivalries he can't manufacture rivalry. The biggest thing about the Bruins Canadians to me that I've noticed since living here since 2002. It actually has. Nothing to do with the players. In the Jersey. It's just that's exactly the two jerseys. If all the votes were played for the Bruins and you got a bunch of people through on the Canadian Jersey naturally. Hate hate them right that's a real rival. You know it doesn't matter about the quote the quality of player doesn't matter that maybe. -- -- -- -- is that diver whatever that is that's fine there's going to be another defenseman. That comes into the Montreal Canadians that -- York -- -- and the other thing that happens and it happened people will remember the last meeting between these two teams here and where there were six power play tries for the Canadians. Because they goaded guys like -- teach in March and taking -- emotional penalties. And -- -- really go to okay mentality he gets the first shot at them and teach lead sheets comes back adamant. -- like John Terry yeah you know fly around and all my lag until you've really deep down have a problem with that that -- -- Want the bull by the its -- but that's not on -- seat to me that's not honorable that and and this is back to the flopping and embellish things. Flopping is not honorable embellishing is part of the game I understand. Right flopping aching and and look I hate to say this it's the it's the latest issue I have with your sports complex guys who -- back. I think that is that that that fake all like. You know and then when we get the ball and becomes what is. It but it -- issue bonds sole purpose is to get Lucic in March and out of their game mentally get involved emotionally. I don't know if I have a problem with that you have at W the other two players then. To stay composed and how would say to -- that the game in the referees that have I have to bring this into the point a game you talked about the six power play that was a nice car for an example maybe on my part but. It is don't let it -- that's fine but that that that game the -- talking about the Bruins -- game where woods was one zip or is gonna close it was -- -- very close game. And I think it's gotten to the point now because of that game it is in now to start to be overstated. About the Bruins keeping their composure. Even in that game. I still didn't think that was the story of the game nodded -- in the story. The the Canadian now one thing they had on that night it's not gonna happen at any time in this series unless. The Bruins totally go off line in game at a game to wanted to put up -- a total of nine or ten goals over two games. You have a backup goaltender. There that night. And the story of the game I don't think what's composure it was the backup who look like. Michael he played three of the four games against the Bruins this year -- it the irony curious. Kerry price the all world goalie the Canadian goalie in the gold medal game in the Olympics. Only played one game against the Bruins this year. They actually thought Peter -- I was better against the against the Bruins and good numbers and now there is -- chance. That they're going to play Peter Bo died tomorrow night I mean can you imagine what would happen in Montreal if they trotted out Peter who die instead of Carey Price. But during the regular season that kind of a -- like in a better chance to win. We'll find out of people -- wanna talk about this game I will tell you that there has been no official announcement here. Although there are some members of the Red Sox media saying. That an official announcement of a postponement opponent to be coming up. Any time now John Farrell certainly sounded like a guy who thought that that was. A pretty good possibility but as of this moment somebody just came by the window and gesture as of this exact moment. We have not been told the game has been postponed. The minute we -- will tell you but let's get to the call -- 6177797937. The idea AT&T -- minus 37937. It's Bruins and Canadians and -- maybe. Maybe the Canadian fans who were out there both of them. Will wanna call and in and explain to me that that the Bruins are just sat. As the Montreal Canadians. Good luck convincing him that but but will find out 6177797937. Dale and Holley and Taylor Twellman -- at Fenway Sports Radio WE yeah. And I do I if you -- them the same question I'm sure they do the same answer -- if they hate us and it was just natural for for me you know being here for seven years now and and being a part of you know this organization. But he just naturally there for her to hate the Montreal Canadians and the battles that we've had with them over the last couple years. You know has definitely you know. They beat you hey you hate them and I think you know this being the first time medium outside the first round I think -- that we're gonna go up -- another level. Smeal college -- earlier today talking about the first round meeting against the Montreal Canadians begins tomorrow night. At the TD garden. I I'll tell you this technically at this point. That's the only game that's been announced. Technically. We know the game two was on Saturday. And we are almost positive that it's Saturday afternoon. But John Shannon from sports -- up in Toronto said that there was some metric where it was possible that could play at Saturday night but probably not. I don't pay more money. NBC and the solar BC did it but hockey night in what he -- the other. It's the end of the Hockey Night in Canada via. Suits this season's over hockey nine candidates out CBC is out it's -- takes over. You know starting next year estimated that task group occupying ground. Because I can promise document candidate desperately wants. The game on Saturday night at 8 o'clock if -- -- have it. Now again in July contract right ultra have a contract sells through the through the end of the play at the honor the contract. And they will even at this point. But we'll see what other folks think about the match up 6177797937. -- Kristin playing -- Europe first on bail him out. And that the best I agree with you. Absolutely. I didn't literally just got -- -- whipped try to lighten -- Montreal and obviously could not repeat 99% of the words on there. But let's see who was -- and -- it but he's a couple things and actually really got my attention. He said. -- -- -- -- -- -- But I can't speak to -- and for reasons. You don't have agents are but he said the reason why the Blackhawks beat the Bruins was because they took out or shark. And he said. But they didn't do anything I mean that -- -- that he was part but they didn't go take it out that's sort. I agree but but the point is that mentality -- the most ever. I'm eager to what anyone College Hockey Canada -- terrible is. -- outburst on goes the Bruins. And they police I'm taking him out and they believe that that's key to winning the series against the -- And quite frankly I can't disagree but from. I just -- it until. I just think that it that -- affect it in -- that ardent -- out there -- I don't think that's an update. Let me ask you let me ask both you guys this Christian -- Let's say let's say the Canadians take out Patrice Bergeron. But Zdeno Chara. And friends -- dominant theories. From a defensive standpoint so if you have. Chara and friends and Doug Hamilton. And and Johnny boy -- all having great defensive series. And no Bergeron. -- impact -- is gonna happen Canadians -- right. Doesn't look like you get into the better now start the -- these other guys coming up and make them a better. But some I think Bergeron is a heart old. But -- but -- what with the Canadians do have men and I'll use your phrase Chris for this for lack of better term what they did it take him out I mean if you're talking about. Or. Open. Out at Iowa and yet that's not not we haven't reasonable conversation now in this different okay. It matchup. But something now if they smash him over the back in the that's not happening hockey program and -- It's my passion over the back of the head that something. Back alleys. I thought to actually talking about. Twelve -- -- -- -- go here in new soccer -- -- -- we're talking about marking the main. Right right that's what I thought I accurate about it. Yet but I think it's a golf at all not only a golf -- dollars alone and yours okay. But that. -- -- a point that my point if you have. If you have. Chara at the top of his game. And then and the defensive -- even with outside Denver. Everybody's at the top of their game that means. You probably gonna have your best and you're likely doesn't know award winner at the top of his game two so yeah picking out Bergeron. And expecting that's going to be the key to winning the series and really add up to me. Look at. I don't first thought that anybody who would do -- could do it but second ball I may not like the Montreal Canadians and their style of play. I don't think they do that night and I don't think they gold you know it's and got back and hadn't taken out of the game that. I I don't respect a lot of the way the Canadians play the game but that's part act I don't think you don't have that anymore. Mean that's fifty years ago stuff. Mean can -- if you if you wanna talk about Marty McSorley or Todd Bertuzzi right two incidents in the last twenty years. That's sort of thing doesn't happen and and I'm not worried about that sort of thing going on. -- -- -- on opposite. Years ago but at least twenty years ago and it's a different game and even if you say it's a part of the game now. It wouldn't be a part of the game in the post season now. Now not as blatant now if he's now he's talking about just flat out. I'm gonna make sure this guy does not play in the series. So we just take him out of the entire series and he's not a factor. There we're gonna win the game well you're probably not gonna do that either. While it's not when the game when this series by taking Emma met this hour. I am worries perhaps. Obama. About the Bruins Canadian series the Canadians speaking Bergeron out is not one problem. Even on the radar they're they're more likely act like Bergeron shot them with -- done money. All eyes all my -- type of thing that I meant that them. 61777979376. Home Monday a mile delay. Our bodies and vineyard Bobby Knight. So Bobby. I go ahead Bob what's up there. I got it done are we under show big stand on Q Grady got back together and done. I wanted to call -- about the attack when he got talked about earlier yeah. I'm if you want to hear that some really good equity got to put it onto us to stand at Georgia and go to way up. The -- and -- in which the net. Double a affiliate and it. I heard some guys there I wish edit it recorder. You know ample paper or -- -- they were you get approach here obviously. At all. Larry I don't lady. And a double play baseball game in Georgia. Yeah yeah Atlanta Georgia the so they and it stand that there that are. -- -- -- -- Why would -- why would there be more creative hecklers in Savannah than there would be any place else. Well guys I -- just give you -- example. You know. Again it's today it's one more I -- used cyclops. And which I can remember a more of them. -- to -- effect after -- Don't want -- he's stupid stories. -- A -- on. Q so rescuers how how -- I don't I put in time card to get the last few minutes in my life. Right. And I put it that either well I'm glad -- were in that direction -- that directly hey listen I appreciate the effort but again that's bad -- -- Yeah by the hard to believe it. It could be. Q is it becomes harder and another reminder records in the marketers. If that -- and -- and that is -- that the best tackling in the world best tackling ever. You just heard some 6177797937. Telephone sort of -- -- -- would have been heckling you a couple of days ago because you happen to do you you're going on and on about a guy and that -- guy that's woman must know. You're going on and on about Hudson already -- rested then I you have. Yes see he's probably got a doctorate Yemeni -- Hudson -- -- that's I'm sure he's not a heckler but he's a. -- I hate to. Not that I did not -- black knights this is a flash of July exploration. And I tip my hat to the Genesis of this school it Barack. That guy. He's got a heckler but he's he's a creative -- got to give me some stories about this guy what do you know he calls games completely naked. I only wish I just I wish I beat you elicited that sound clip that you -- -- coming -- Where you're at ground and I -- I would. No bluntly absolutely will I sit Nokia he -- -- it's. Unpleasant past. Guess it's just as well already did get my hands to that's because it would have taken it off to his wrist. I wouldn't. Wouldn't put it past -- -- US and Mac guy and you think yes yeah. He probably does rockets are ready Hudson's coach in DC united and the soccer fans that are listening to the ship -- appreciate disturbed for the game. He decides to Hackl. One Taylor Twellman in the New England Revolution I think is the head coach -- DC united DC he's tackling you yankees says in the papers that all he does is score goals. He's a poacher. And so. Needless to say that -- scored seven goals against DC united and at the end of the year it's -- right. All due to score goals he just hurts but just love that he was -- you yeah. Is that why would you do what I just them I asked him to be talking you know I've seen him now. So why would you tackle as a head coach why would you tackle the other team's goal score would you do. He was a good thing I regret that what you like. When he's not doing and this is it any given some more stuff to be tomorrow when he -- wars there what's it like when he's not doing this. Is -- -- Is -- the quiet. Now if you think someone like -- on this stage since you know it's. Pablo. Beckman faction. Of fitness but talk get into the body Blanton couldn't take over the responsibility of New -- still doesn't Jenks didn't have. Except I just theory don't hints. -- You know he heckled Taylor -- earlier I still love all right now now. It can't be this spontaneous. That I have read some of the stuff is gotta be -- to people all of that are written down off. Well it's human rights all the step down before the game. She's not at the game by the way I don't know if he -- it begins when a bullet hitting. The yes I did not think about. These things happen sent the. -- they actually Yogi Bear Thursday in. Did you know alternative. Bio who say where it is not that necessarily break and on the Bentley. He's made it borrows it is clearly borrows. From a number of sources he's the masters Yogi Berra -- to all. But he's calling all the games awful -- yes. And -- that cranked out. Yeah I tried it one time the year I did -- so yeah yeah I would off -- -- an -- monitor road game. And I can't do it signals studio off and get all cranked up and yell and scream. Currently has fourteen Pepsi's. A day I would -- and. Well I'm not at an auto guys 100% he had not -- there is that if he's not there and getting that excited I don't care if I admirer I don't care for you write it down because he's got to create something. He's got to come up with some type of energy and he's doing good it's been -- with you guys -- Comcast. Writing council and -- and it was broadcasting -- one what you guys told me not to do. Be organic be yourself you -- free you know an aspirin originating with and I thought maybe mentally alert from this guy. Guys great. He had down now I don't know that we got some news on the threats -- -- And -- may have heard more there than I have. I'm just sit down here at the ballpark but I believe. It's. Trickling in now but the game has been called the plan is for who tomorrow. Restored for official word this week. Rumors were doing -- I. Yeah I see -- Peter Abraham is innocent until weeding out that the the game here and no official announcement yet but this. Look I'm telling you right now the weather forecast we looked at the one that John Ferrell looked at all said the same thing beginning at about 6 o'clock chance of rain is a 100%. -- the Yankee's game at Yankee Stadium has been postponed for awhile now the mariner players were all told -- the ball park is gonna play in this game. And that's what's headed in this direction in after last night's game in the last things whether. Little snippy here last night -- is that so I would say she appears at clubs. Now I think at the does that Rockies 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. Dale and holly and Taylor and rate cuts and Sports Radio W media. Just to reiterate her Red Sox fans or wondering whether or not they should hop in the car and -- and where and I. There is as of this moment no official word from the Red Sox. I'd seen official words from other teams. The ball memorial to postpone their game due to rain. But there has been no official word here. It would appear. -- that you know they're gonna rain this thing out. And I know Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe tweeted out that. And the working plan apparently is play two tomorrow. But as of this moment the Red Sox have not officially told us that the game -- off. But they may I got a feeling it they don't do it -- seconds yeah I have a feeling. That it's and it's certainly. Hidden in that direction as we said now Baltimore's postponed the Yankees are postponed all that stuff is headed up the East Coast. I don't think it's gonna get appreciable he better round here. I know whether tomorrow's supposed to be pretty good so if you were gonna play a date night doubleheader. Tomorrow. You you've got a chance in the entire thing. So who makes it. But no official word here. And we'll let you know anything if anything else happens what Tommy Watson night that now -- three hockey games so you gotta watch -- you know watch them all well god yeah. Your life is it which is there one Rangers flyers and yet. I won't watch Minnesota Colorado. Why not and -- and asked me to question knowledge out escorts and interior of phones that you're here. I don't really cure -- Minnesota Colorado LA San Jose fairly New York. Read up my Alley is are are any of these teams. -- would well let's focus on the Eastern Conference respect that we know we look at in this series. Montreal. Boston of course all -- -- It's Philadelphia for example the Rangers. Are those teams legitimate. Threats to the Bruins and -- the beginning of the playoffs we thought that the Bruins were the clear favorite in the east -- followed by Pittsburgh. And then everybody else. Is there anything that you've seen from Philadelphia or or the Rangers. To make you believe that they're legit. And it's -- -- -- last year. Dispatched in five games they seemed totally. Just out of it for most of that series last year -- don't get the cost. That it cost towards his job but. Are they that much different this year. No. You know they they made the big trade at the trading deadline got -- sent away from Tampa Bay. He probably has performed a little less than people were hoping foreign or expecting. If you were Rangers fan. May have had an opportunity to end the series in Philadelphia the other today and kind of fell down on that opportunity. Philip delta yesterday was -- Philadelphia forced to game seven and you've got two teams who played last night in Philly. Game seven tonight New York. Is there an advantage no -- you know free either team. You would think that Lundqvist would be the advantage for the Rangers but he can play that way that yesterday. I mean he even looked like to superior goaltender like I think you yesterday. So but so you don't think either one of these teams is the is that threat. To the Bruins so you're talking about Toepfer. If if the penguins the penguins play Philadelphia penguins play the Rangers. It should be relatively easy for the -- -- I think the penguins will probably win although I don't penguins are dominant either just because of goaltending. I think Marc-Andre -- scared the hell out of everybody I think. I mean if your Pittsburgh thing in the and you want to really tightening on the whole action now. Yet so three so three game sevens though it's it's pretty incredible Michael audience at a -- into -- into the playoffs there's only two teams for the Bruins those were about Canadians because of the emotion behind it the robbery. And the penguins. No word about what any Eastern Conference in these two Western Conference. That's different it's different. I think it's different you're happier buoyed by the way that you boys. The blues. First oh what a great logos and great nicknames and all sports so given that I can't please drill -- us going to cancel and on and on and on and we're talking about the blues who haven't I. And at first they win the first two games this area did -- -- last year against Palin did a -- or what happened. And they are loaded. -- -- -- Wise her up there with anybody we talk about goaltending with the with the penguins and -- Ryan Miller was fine in the saint Louis blues on the -- Bagram. I know they went around got to be traded -- a lot to get a agent I. But -- -- with the play up to it in the -- else noticed this point he was disappointing to point out he was disappointing. The last three weeks of the regular season leading the playoffs if -- get one more point they don't have to place Chicago in the first round. And rogue known I was at one more point and they don't make of what black hawk yeah. But they weren't thinking that went up to -- and now we have the same thing -- -- -- -- about how to avoid them. I think they hit from Seabrook on packets was a little -- it -- the wind out of their sales a little bit he missed in game three game for them. Than nasty. I don't blame back -- -- -- and nobody out but that was that was brutal they've never noticed. -- -- I've put them. In top seven organizations. In the NHL they're pretty good. Top ten maybe and anything -- -- -- -- of that big trophy at the end of the year should have a camera to keep it to chuck asset. And that's and I've never won the cup now but at least at least they can say they are major part of when I think of the saint Louis blues I do think though. The final. Stanley Cup yet. Mother's Day. Audio our Mother's Day in 1970. I think of that yet -- part of it. You don't think that's great that now every time somebody thinks of Bobby or. One of them in the statute in that part -- don't ask your answer yes. I don't actually wearing any things that the New England Revolution -- every member that you guys where the -- -- over Evelyn Scott if you got the Buffalo Bills of the you're looking like they're well you leave this Saint Louis leads. -- a hobby or remembered for losing in the apartment you know sometimes I'll be done sometimes I think a lot of it I don't remember the losers are foreign or -- -- that almost funny is that there at the niceties Taylor communities. Go ahead. Foreign land airplanes every hour. At the board not for fun or more for like I explored I was quoted at first -- -- back. You're screwed it up now 6177797937. With telephone number yes in fact for a -- coming up next. As we broadcast live from Fenway Park where there will likely not be baseball here just the Red -- and senator officially. ESPN has said tonight's games postponed. But the Red Sox haven't said tonight's game -- postponed soon as we hear will let you know the Sports Radio WE.

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