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Jason Whitlock on Donald Sterling 4-30-14

Apr 30, 2014|

Jason Whitlock of ESPN joined the show to give his thoughts on the Donald Sterling situation.

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-- a fascinating piece on espn.com. By Jason whitlock the headline is culture clash believe he has get our zeal to appear righteous or courageous or free of bigotry. -- ratings pleasing mob hell bent on revenge. Turned Donald T sterling a victim of privacy invasion and white supremacy from villain to martyr Jason joins us on the yeah AT&T -- the morning Jason how are you. Thanks for coming -- I'm asking the same question I asked Stephen A yesterday on the year when you write something like this that seems to some people a stance that appears to be in conflict what black Americans might say or think. Let's blow back. From the African American community Jason when you take this kind of counterpoint. Well it in this to him I know because. I don't think my point is counter. I think it's looking further down the line. The mob did ram. Donald's or out of bass won't look you. -- Donald Sterling. Political on the table and address the culture. That he felt. And put pressure on him. To -- races in me I think addressing their coaches that I think a lot of people say. Doesn't exist. -- Donald earlier has those weeks. I think that was important and all of opportunity. I do think that he's dangerous precedent has is that by taking this -- private conversations. In using it to run him out of that well I think that is dangerous. Slippery slope and I think -- for obvious. They would say that's something that could blow that confirmed all of us would have taken private. We're all people explicitly feel like we've been hurt in a relationship. -- -- at any time -- -- we can all say stupid things they have in private in the heat of the moment. That it broadcast to the world would make us all look very stupid it. I I don't disagree that there is. A privacy issue here and as a private tape in their and is a slippery slope and other owners. We're going to be nervous when they see there. When they vote to remove this guy or what choice did silver have in your mind -- what could he have done differently. Well I. The I think it. He he could do. I disagree. With removing the guy for life because -- this is a very complicated issue with. I look at Donald -- more objectively and I think more fairly good mold. The -- eighty years old. He has all of and down the best that he is he has. -- -- -- general manager of the I think is maybe -- SC coach. In the NBA. Doc Rivers. Who is African American he's basically put in charge of his organization. And it has paid the highest level and that he he's got a team with -- all of the biggest stars and Blake Griffin in the Olympics because are so. This guy has called ignoring his seat dealing with his organization there in perhaps would be an offensive. And hit the ball from that to. With a good product on the court. That is more affairs. To African Americans. And he's clearly. -- a few things that have pleased the lawsuit was in double ACP. About the -- to give -- to. Although I just just brought him but he's an award he just real ultimate check you know that Jews. Live which is saying it AM you know there's something negative about in the late BP. And there's that threat the same calls as the Donald Sterling we'll talk about the NAACP. Has been affected by public. Listen I just when I hear Donald Sterling yeah I hit the bigotry ignorance. But. My father is of that generation. And as he would like. To have -- kept -- that he was it was no billionaire like Donald Sterling but in the neighborhood -- in the group that he railway that he did pretty well. And I'd just I'm not sure they would early. Is all that much different than what I -- -- from my father and his friends and so. I don't agree -- is that -- or this quote all at or -- that's what I just don't think he's lol. And I don't think that it means that somehow he must be removed from society in the -- -- so. I think would -- perhaps. Not give him the right kind of beta band of five years but I would've tried to put some system simply. To help Donald early in the Clinton organization people -- even further in the rose. Related to diversity and opportunities for African American. Rather than just removing him from society particularly and this was really have created a private conversations. Broadcast publicly but he of the in the usable against him. Debbie you know it's bigger than that chase and you're you're in LA right -- out. Did you know what kind of -- If you know what kind of slum lord he was what kind of know the body of work did you know this history and -- You have all the history and I wrote it but. I don't think his mentality. Is all that you -- Everything if he's talking about the president was under from his peer group and B. Hoaxes -- he lives there that we all live it is and so. He he's been busted and improbable. And clearly should've been dealt with all of goal by David Stern and his -- And I think it's very enlightened that he wasn't that they protected him -- he became the longest tenured owner and so -- I think it's just singling him out and everywhere in particular they're go to Baghdad and now the rest of us are. At LA beating the parliament -- For people to look they -- by and visit. Writes this in races and if a lot of it's a lonely because if we really opened our eyes to what he said it would be put on the table forces -- -- -- all the boy agreement. I don't think -- so great. Jason -- I would you agree that a large component of the angry agenda fueled mob. Was comprised of African Americans. I -- -- It looked comprised of the mainstream media. And inflamed trapped in the Americas the deal. And yes unless -- on this -- and why there was a mile -- there was just so emotional reaction. I this think there was an opportunity take a step back and take a course -- approach to what we should do with our anchor. But less -- that there's a reason for African Americans to be -- there appears somewhat of this panel well who is making money. With the lead that 775%. Afterward players. For him to hold these kinds of values feel it would be expressive. Two have blacks have meant the world. I get the anger about -- why the mile gap -- But but cooler it is -- And more strategic approach for the sake. I think yesterday finally put the incident any -- left that David Serbs agree commissioner in the NBA I mean you know he's gotten -- at the right time with bird in the Johnson had Jordan. And the -- stuff in the idea that he enabled the -- Jason for years and years and years gave him Chris Paul handed him Chris Paul. I feel like Adam silver ended the -- met yesterday. I think you're right I did you listen Donald Sterling automate close to a billion dollars Lebanese forces built this city. And he held detained for more than thirty years. The real Biggest Loser all of this is David Stern's reputation. And I think if people really look. And what he'd be in his leadership. A complete total bully. We'll play a lot of what you see over Twitter and commentary. From the play years. Is. They hate -- David. And Adams over this quarter but went right. All -- -- you know he's on our side we respect. Where there was very little respect for Davis. Yeah I think the gazans. Do you five it was there'll. You know this is going to be good -- -- -- that in new stores they edit. A wiretap in -- hotel room last night. And it is going to be good. And on theirs then. What is but he wouldn't -- was caught on his -- taken pictures whitlock. -- -- -- Tickets and rob I just I just all alone or -- it somewhat police she looks like you're kind of girl. -- -- I'd like me but people. It's -- danger you know that it is dangerous eye opener all time Jason. Jason whitlock thanks for taking some time and advancing discussion with -- that it we appreciate it I pick you Jason whitlock espn.com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He thinks outside the box. And he thinks like Google degenerate in knowing. That he writes about like strippers -- not yet born at pull off Indonesia open heart and he doesn't care what you think it's again. It's a gift to get to neutral yes a lot but it's a gift that more people. Admit it has that. There is always bounced around so much as he burns to -- goes somewhere -- he's -- and he rose does -- I'll apologize to get a job. And he makes a lot of money -- has a good time. Don't agree with this particular piece and he's written before much like Stephen -- take yesterday is -- stance that appears in conflict. With what would be his major African American constituency would like to hear him. Say yeah or read what he really doesn't get his line you know -- -- it's -- when I'm -- whitlock whitlock writes for espn.com. 92% the people who read white. -- true I mean you know being conservative. In 9% but he doesn't infuriated Cilic in some guys he he he thinks things out he doesn't -- you know -- bomb tossed bombs are adequate to about 677 so -- 7937. Fault lines are filled will talk with you we'll talk about an hour from now with -- island. The bruising Canadians get ready to go tomorrow night.

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