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With Donald Sterling controversy, NBA facing it's worst PR Nightmare

Apr 28, 2014|

We discuss the news of the weekend, the racist remarks made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and the ripples its sent throughout the NBA, sports in general and society as a whole.

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-- collapse and -- -- -- -- skewed withdrew and we had to ask when you when you team in the office an hour so ago first thing we -- what you you lived in ally. -- you know Donald Sterling at all. I knew of no no we didn't then we out of the lead dog too hard obviously wouldn't know but the depth. His racism. We -- -- a lousy owner. And for years and years and years allowing has -- been for years and spend money didn't want the team get better I think big big got better by accident really. And it with the state. Of the lakers out there right now they're poised really pounds. And kind of take LA over the lakers are any better any time soon and right now the better shows the clippers and then this. Probably -- -- -- better show is right and if I'm a comparison there's -- -- the fight there there is eight show going on yeah lakers their show with what waiting for the lottery see where -- where they pick up an ill fated attempt that it is June oh yeah little late show that's got to elect a but you know. You said it about. Donald Sterling the owner. I covered the NBA for for many years it was like it was a running joke. Made the clippers to clippers jokes now. Until this came out clippers jokes were -- Can't joke about the clippers anymore Mikey Mikey used to be able to do. I always thought he was by far. The worst owner in sports. The worst on our sport in a close second place well -- well. Bidwill and Arizona he was way behind as well how way behind all you beltway behind me behind him but you know they. Nothing but before they before the not -- -- -- -- a tangent here but before Arizona went to the Super -- they've that they've lost to the Steelers. Mean if you look at their whole history in Saint Louis and in Arizona as far as being competitive. It was frightening and he gainers on the highest ticket prices in the game in the worst place to play terrible -- Donald Sterling. You would almost. You almost have to try it really -- it's you'd have to try to be that bad you couldn't be that bad. And and actually try to be competitive. Duplicate that the laundry list. Players that have gone through their good players bad players. In different players tons of lottery picks. Terrible drought damaged is awful on and on no. Don't know that his bad ownership. Was it could be trumped by something else. And the irony here is he -- and I agree that worst owner in sports. A Neanderthal apparently. And yet he took a twelve point seven million dollar investment that has turned it into probably close to half a billion dollars article done. The bad owner he was saying -- -- it was a real estate magnate he he turned he turned lawyer money and a huge. Real estate holdings. All throughout Los Angeles. He he can make money given that I'll I'll I'll say that stepped on people all like oh god that's the thing. There's a there's a piece I was telling these guys about it Peter Keating road apiece in ESPN magazine. June 1 2009. And I spent about an hour this morning reading through it twice. And I'm thinking. With all due respect why is this different. I mean reach that peace and the stuff that's in there is worse than what this girl's talking about what she taped. And but but I guess there's a different menu had a great point in the office about this why this is a bigger deal for people. And getting more reaction than the stop and that ESPN the magazine piece which is all -- to meet him what he said. Well I think part of it is. It's the jumping from -- so some people just don't wanna jump outside of the sports section. -- an assist to big to be blunt about it. Reading about depositions. Reading about lawsuits. Apartment you know apartment tenants who say he's the worst landlord they've ever come across and you know doing things like receiving -- -- check. But not cashing it and then telling a cannon ball and he did today on not fixing. I'd just basic things and apartment. Read about the one woman who had things floating around her apartment. Because it was it was flooded and nobody came to fix it. And she had all sorts of physical issues and that Donald Sterling. And let it reasons yeah eventually left is because she -- to guide Donald Sterling allegedly said to one of his supervisors. She won those black people -- that this whole thing didn't wanna ripped through a black folks and -- repute. Mexican Americans. He had a certain won every leniency yet they want -- certain image at a certain image of people. That he that he wanted to. Being in his places. But I think it's just this is a story. That didn't take much digging. I can you wanna read about depositions you wanna read about lawsuits. You you actually have to pick up the paper you have to. Outgoing from the sports page and go through the the serious business away from the toy department to the serious business partner. Of the newspaper or any any way you consume news in this case. It's just tailor made -- a user from link this with salacious. Comments right there are. -- -- -- -- It is it is an older rich man with a with a young younger. Mistress. Talking about race in America wow. Could you not -- not congress -- easier to process to play as it was listen it's so easy and and and Steven are you live in LA for for many years how many years or fifteen years. There are things I'm aware of this this story would. Qualifies things I'm aware of the things that don't understand. Get to the racial aspect of it. Donald Sterling has barely. -- -- very -- we're talking about a girlfriend. And his wife apparently it's like oh yeah that's that's the mistress. All out Leo it's good LA -- -- -- for fifty years the money thing it's got just aren't pleased I mean you know funny yeah. They did a riddle wiping out the Payer and -- -- -- a secret. How did you compensate -- buried for fifty plus years with a straight race isn't that I don't know if Larry doesn't. It has a beauty rarely knowledge as I mean it's it's it's a paper thing. Mean just the mistress was completely out open the white completely knows about the -- the so -- Whole lawsuit Suez. I mean street that is also the cousin because the comments. Are so outlandish. Ed -- so shocking. That a part of it that kind of gets glossed over your your bare -- -- years and his mistress was talking I don't callers callers -- his girlfriend but he -- girlfriend. The irony of sterling news it is of little side section of this whole story that kills me. Here's a guy who is clearly racist there's no defending this man. I mean these peace -- As far as that is concerned and yet. The biggest the biggest stories that were here right now is that he really hates black people and Mexican people. His girlfriend Hezbollah did and I kept. And -- and he's involved and is made millions and millions of dollars. In an industry. That is African American right. 85% of its -- team is African American as Charles Barkley said last night let's make no mistake this is a black -- It uses it's an African American and here's where. He owns that team in the NBA and he's a racist. To say those balls strangely well. Yes and -- Yes -- no because. To to go back many years. Go back many years their -- there have been many cases of those who. Folks who who despise. Despise black people. Slave -- despise. All sorts of black people but -- black women. And that makes sense to them. It made money off the off the backs of black people but didn't like him. And in there -- build build your build your house. Bill this where you take care of your kids but I'm not point to appreciate you because. I hate you. So this has been happening for years and years Donald Sterling is the that the 21 century version of that a lot of I don't like black folks from Mexican folks but mostly with her younger woman LC with him. No I don't necessarily want to wanna see black people. Outside of the arena. But as old school ownership but I know how to make money and if I'm gonna make money. In this league that I'm not gonna have a team full of twelve white guys. So I understand it's a necessary evil and his it's a necessary evil to have have black players on the team but outside of that now. Noninterest. That is feel like a home fall bombing a gay bar. -- -- seriously. He owns an NBA franchise and Geddes a racist. Now but here's the part that people aren't -- like. He's been a racist for thirty years and people who've worked for have known it for thirty years and Doc Rivers who I loved his coach the Celtics knew what when he signed the contract to go to work forum. Doc knew what he was dealing -- -- any signed it anyway. As the check we'll cash in a freeagent that -- They knew what they would sign an extension there is no new new this year. This stuff -- and out there I mean I can promise even if they didn't take the trouble to go back in Google and read people talk people say stuff it's the same way. Athletes had a certain perception about the city of Boston and the racial history of the city of Boston for years and years and it didn't go back and research. They're friends told ought to go there they don't like black people that well but. And that wasn't necessarily. I think in some cases you should research if you hear things if you hear things. On that could be true may not be true. But it but it but it was our elected to -- -- the black candidate and -- down through history that we're very much love. Right now I think you gotta you gotta documented -- -- -- charge up there's got to be document now. For. -- -- day you stop with Doc Rivers but I think it's larger -- -- I just I didn't let up with -- -- started well OK but I don't know I would start there. Because. NAACP finally decided to take with this lifetime achievement award for it are given in to an articulate -- what they -- you want to others -- there was one in. 2009 impact. Bobby is yet another war this is going to be a second thought as I taught children like it's exactly yeah. So. NAACP in Los Angeles. Out there much longer than than Doc Rivers have been out there and Doc Rivers play for the clippers played. When sterling was the owner a lot of guys and it'll leak. Have played for for sterling and never said anything about his racism. Phase of bad owner why didn't say what they say anything well of what we get to -- The NAACP. Apparently doesn't think he's a racist. In a particular racist they're saying might -- -- races but he's given us money but his check cash I don't know that's it but. Look at them. You look at. That current commissioner in the league. Look at the previous conditionally if you if what you say -- -- people have known flat out -- and say definitively emphatically. That Donald Sterling has been a racist for thirty years. Well Donald started. About like the mayor David Stern. With the commissioner for thirty years. Upper -- know it. What it may have about why why should be an owner's home. Well here's the in and look at the same reason I think he's going to be the owner next week and now I -- get a year. Unfortunately in this regard it's still America. He has every right to say what he wants especially by the way in the privacy of his own home. He wasn't speaking at the NCAA convention near or event when he said these things he was in his own house with. His mistress bimbo Barrymore put whatever label you want you know and and was secretly recorded. So that's beside the point. I don't think you can make himself or what you can do is put enough financial pressure on him that he's gonna have to sell what you learned today with CarMax pulling their money. -- urgent Atlantic pulled their ads -- state farm is saying well we're gonna take a look at this if enough advertisers do that. Denny -- he's gonna have to say like I gotta get out. Same thing happened with George Sheehan in in Charlotte. Right well he says it's America but this is. This is an exclusive club in America that is slightly different so I don't think it's it's not like we're talking about. In a private company that's not affiliated with it. Putting -- other companies. This is they had they have decide the NBA bylaws. They have they have decided. To join forces. And so -- controversial things happen. In their business there they have the ability to handle it a little differently. Than your average private enterprise. Haven't been -- yet if I don't think that you just don't let the NFL wanted to Al Davis gone from their league for years and years and years. Not for races -- I'm not saying that but for other issues they wanted him gone. Couldn't figure they did let. For an MBA if there's Arabs it's a different it's a different -- will. Say this that the fascinating part to me about -- here. We're all on the same page here if it is a it is going to be tricky situation. For the NBA. Did hit. Donald Sterling out. His own business and and and cost him money for something you're right the -- that happened in his house is going to be very tricky situation. That's a fascinating part to me I think we got to figure out awaited deal on how we gonna do that they'll figure out away. You wrestled his own business away from him and his family. Like if I'm Donald sterling and -- -- About -- My loyal wife for penalties -- are more got a beautiful relationship Kelly and I Shelley. Shelly loves the clippers. It does love the campers how about my. How about the -- that -- knowingly -- do you wanna know how to granola. Her statement that he came out their please still support the team -- the support Donald. But please support the global there was that there was a story out of LA today. She flew back on the charter from from Sampson is that it shouldn't be wearing a cross and -- back on the team charter with the team better view the mistress that way. Mr. there. Notably cell and the texture says dale he knew it was being recorded yes they recorded a lot of these things he didn't know was going to be sold the TMC. He thought they were recording things as they had done in the past so that he could remember the things that they were talking about. They have this whole system she was his -- of the quotation fingers here is archive list. They would record these things that she can go back at Sonoma this is what you said to do Donald this. -- with corporate -- bailed does that limit yourself now. Attorneys cite a senile old man -- not with us you know. No he's not all I think you know I'm not I don't don't don't let them up at all and don't let them off the Hulk took in Saudi racist NBC not now not senile -- you know about. I -- see now why island Arianna -- according to have real well out of recordings made a view an NC implant back through normally says. No he's not -- we we just talked about how this guy on and on knows how to make money I thought he was very clear. It was very clear what he was saying she couldn't understand he couldn't understand her. If -- thought she was looney tunes were saying output you're you're racist and you're discriminatory no peace and this is the culture. It's the way the world if it does not gonna change this is what I want he knew exactly what he won he did not want her around black folks. It was very clear now it's -- -- and probable that totally maintenance program and under -- games that tells me something that. He knew he was being recorded. And talked. Was not normal for him -- -- his money. His lifestyle. Has allowed him to do pretty much whatever he wants. So. He's being sued for this you know unfair business practices. Unfair housing practices. You have to pay 4000005000006. Million dollars fine but -- pay a million dollars here find it's not gonna really it's not gonna come into his. It's not gonna cut into his personal wealth we'll say it's all right I love hanging out with the with a beautiful people Los Angeles. Are probably four million dollars here five million dollars here. That means I just can't buy a house to Maryland -- -- well may be aware a couple of. And it is your house Carey grant users are all those couple side issues here the goal -- witness that are clearly less sex in an album more controversial obviously. I mean it and you hit on a little bit their -- out. What about your privacy what about up privacy in your own home -- try to defend this guy at all but. Would be pretty ugly if there was a microphone hang in and everyone of our bedrooms and the other thing. When you look at the -- who only has an in my health -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would not any laws would be quiet if I knew what was there yeah exactly and that did the mistress here with a with only have the offer her first name. I ask the question. We know sterling in this case and clearly for most of his life -- an ugly man racist. Who the worst person. Her he has. Well I noticed I don't I don't I understand I -- there's there's there's issues that building that's a bad thing yeah -- he is signing all -- I was a really nasty things -- -- cycle please she's a gold -- yeah sorry that's bad that's not as bad as being a racist it's not SEC's if he's -- out of her way to a pretty much ruin someone's life whether he's out raise us and he has tons of people out there that that. To have opinions. That are are races that. And everybody there has. Got power he's got power and it's outside of being on a sports owner is the guy is considered the beginning. There's a sick woman in his in his apartments. And he says. Well I don't wanna deal in Asian and she wanted to -- wanted to supervisors at what you want you to fix this fix that for that someone do that to subject a bit. He picked the bet. -- Restaurant that's a nasty evil person -- while they found each other but I to answer your question -- who's worked -- thank -- Yeah I'm with the diabetes works she's not she's I have my Christmas card list leader. But he's worse will take a break -- talk hockey with we know that the Bruins have -- how many games to detect. When effort it took about five games five M hmm. Five I have to admit I got one are wrong I didn't think they were going to lose the first game and then when the next four. But it ought to be five and and clubbed a little testy after game five. And like all you folks out there were -- I don't know how the Bruins are gonna keep up with this team. Outlook that the speed the speed relative they don't like that yellow testy about that. We'll talk Bruins and Montreal Canadians 'cause that kicks up well probably sometime around June. When thereabouts it's dale and Holley and the -- Sports Radio W yeah. We certainly have not forgotten about the Bruins and Montreal Canadians in the Bruins beating the Detroit Red Wings. We'll get to that just few minutes as well it's a dive right into the phone calls for -- -- 617779. 393766177779793. Dozen others in the right ordered a leader. AT&T -- plan. 37937. David's on the -- Europe first on dale and -- Hello David. Try -- Korea. They don't -- the -- -- -- welcome all of you. Michael keep on Iran. It. -- -- -- and a basketball match. It just a little you agree that you got to Indy girl what the money. You got a horrible and our. Money he got into the -- that were used in. Only. And first shot or she ordered. -- What to do bring up the point about you know money being the root of all evil and they always say follow the money and and I. I do think your unfortunately correct except what's MBAs excuse. They have -- I thought it was MBA excuse just because they don't want the hassle. In the same way that the NFL got sick of being dragged into court by Al Davis and end the NBA. I've been reading about their bylaws which are supposedly secret that our secret. And that you know date yet it is not believed that they can force him to sell although I did ask you didn't say force -- stepping in to sell the cavaliers well. -- stepping in was. I remembered the good thing that jumps out at me about Ted -- stepping in words before Donald Sterling was the worst over sports there was testimony was there. At that stepping in as the reason. You have. We had a few things. -- -- Was able to abide draft picks from the NBA because -- stepping in to trade them all the way as a rule the league now. Excuse me it's catch Richard your first round picks -- back to back years at the -- stepped in ruled that something he did he traded away picks that became. Change where the Magic Johnson. -- -- -- -- A lot of a lot of terrible things so I think. With head I think had wanted to sell. That wanted to sell. And the only way not to go back to him lieutenant Wilde but I think the only way they got Gordon gun as a buyer would insure him. If he was gonna have -- first round picks because the organization was -- -- of assets. -- a long time of their own and a I I and I'm gonna have to Bakken and read more into it about whether or not that made step -- and seller. Or he wanted to sell but my mind memory wise there was an example I mentioned George -- in in Charlotte. And you know him divesting himself of the franchise was that the -- by NBA. Applying subtle pressure hate short time -- get out now time ago let's go let's -- and and the on this whole idea here where supposedly. Magic interested in putting together a group to buy it. Well magic's two constituencies. So he's out. Right I got to sell in no way no way Donald gonna sell him on the and and Matt Kemp he's out he doesn't have any chance to -- his team. He feels bad for clippers players now I just you know I I think that that -- this outrageous and there's no question about that in in. We all agree with this is but as a reaction. He is the reaction exactly what we hope that would be is it more lasts. I mean as we -- as the last caller just said is there's a certain responsibility. To the NBA that they've known about a guy like sterling for his entire life. Is there. -- you know that you brought up Doc Rivers in -- sterling knew exactly was getting into when he went there still to the paycheck. There are guys that have signed extensions. I think Griffin has one of them with -- -- -- Chris ball -- -- -- elsewhere. Didn't hung around now exactly it is that -- fourteen consign -- for more money than somebody else can't also announced money. Money well money is cool you to be a racist if you pay anymore -- says it's like applying -- issue. You can do it just don't. Order for takes that and don't know what there is something to that this guy's a racist ones he's a quiet racists don't don't let anybody know all you know will put up there. But I I do hesitate. I don't hesitate to say everybody knew he was he racist. I hesitate to say that not felt like bail anybody out all the AL OK out of Baylor -- So viewers -- -- -- get there and not try to play devil's advocate here but -- suit. Somebody says. Dale Arnold as a race. Let's say. Not. Wear the black. In a black guy and even edit and they were the affiliate in Adobe's equipment but about a radio no pictures. Let's say let's say that it is better. Think some black -- some black -- corporate on the radio synergy and third. Race. And it went to court. And you were not. That the case was dismissed. And knows settle -- that certificate to settle at the upper Artest missed it he's like our our case is settled more money. Do you are you comfortable. Are you comfortable of people saying why you went to court any settle. So he's a racist. If can can we say that -- the Fed definitively. The problem Michael is -- -- -- -- preponderance of evidence here you know a bit and I mentioned the Elgin Baylor lawsuit because that was the most famous they're -- others. There have been others allow alleging. Racial issues and and look Donald Sterling give him credit he's got a playbook and he's sticking to him. I am off get a general what -- I got one point nine billion -- like -- Graham. And and that's what he does these things when they finally get to that stage Pamela. Think this is there's no debate here. There's no debate with with the recording that we heard. The original recording in the extra five or six minutes the -- and came up with yesterday. If you listen to the recording errors. You're trying to think of what contacts with that the matter. Is it's flat out it is clear. When you when you're struggling. Who knows why use that these that'll be considered guilty. These settle because she can be settled because you don't want the headaches that are certain other things that you wanna protect too much information that's coming out. It is it taking too much time. If there is there's at least some. No pun intended there at least some gray area involved when most of it's easier costs it's less expensive in this case there's no gray area. But everybody saying now all we know all. It comes office. -- We all knew this adamant. If you all knew about it. If you're in the NBA he knew about it you should have done something about it. If you're writer for the LA times. ESPN Los Angeles and -- about it he should've kept digging to come up with the the the that that definitive article. If you don't know about it you just step back. And you explain yourself. Well because I think is what we said before what grounds deal what what legal grounds as the NBA enough. It's not illegal to be erased a tough it is illegal to discriminate based on race and he has done that and and and all these things have disappeared price cases -- -- disappeared. When he bought them off. But up one other issue and it's delicate again as well and it's aids has to do with aids and not in the way he brought it up before us as far as being senile. Racism. Discrimination hate it and many many many times is based in ignorance and just. You European raised a certain way I was raised in an Ara. When. It was a look data's the waiters looked out right now is the oldest owners in the game and I would say probably sat in his racist ways. And in a way that. A new generation of people younger ownership people that are more educated now and educated are not as ignorant. To racism today as they were fifty years ago forty years ago 2010 years ago. Three days ago the racist past do you buy every day of your life. But it's is it not better today. Then it was. Forty years ago when sterling was seen in forming his impressive not trying to defend a guy but I say it was one of the what do techsters here says something about. Jockey when he on the Red Sox in his reluctance to sign any black players yeah. You know a different era different time not Tryon the defending that awful there with a sterling hit it -- you know I'm SanDisk I was raised an error and error when. In a bit racist no big yard yawkey yawkey. Four for many years that. Not not a but I'm gonna hold out will be the last one on the block out to immigrate to -- sterling he didn't hitting go that route but it but it did it out today about hockey he'd get. Frost here's my counter to that Psycho. He appears. It appears of people who grew up with him at that same time. So when I hear people say what he's an old man she's an old woman that's the way west that's the way it that's the way it was forced them. But that would assume that everybody they grew up where it has the same views and I guarantee you. There's somebody. 8081 years old in Los Angeles. Who grew up in the same neighborhood as Donald Sterling who does not have the same. Views and not as the same views on things go well but -- but. But does -- you frolic -- -- -- -- up and he grew up in an era where where race was. -- that that's the way it was. There are some people who grew up in that era. And that's the way it was. And they were able to. See that they were living and at the time they were living. With a -- and conditions that did not make him comfortable they were they they were living at a time where people had used that they did not it's in -- time today and people still. Have the same prejudice. So what's excuse then there's not that now they don't that's no excuse for that right you're right. Sick at this and this is. Just a little. A pet peeve I used to have. Talked to people about it great writers. An -- complain about a great writer who had some views that just drove me crazy William Faulkner. Upper professor given to an argument with a professor eight. Well that was his time. He was he was just he was reflect views. That the -- time. And he's great. Greatness. Great greatness is you were able to. You are able to have the wisdom and foresight you're beyond your time that you're truly great. On the next level don't tell me that you were distracting your times. Lot of people. They knew it that's how they wanna deliver live their lives I think at the -- -- My dad if if he were alive today it would probably be in this age range to. And and if I say he grew up in a different era and yet he did it was different -- What that meant in his life was that that people like Michael Michael worked called negroes. Or they were colored people boat that was the extent of of the change in his time was was the appellation -- on people. It didn't mean it was racist statement that was how he referred to people we're doing certain. Groups I NN and on not. But Saddam Hussein and the different -- he grew up and add more to do with the title. A -- of it didn't have to but it was -- -- you'll -- not everybody was raised that way -- he he's clearly a product of how he was raised. And and you cannot deny that a guy what is -- 81 years old. Didn't see and live through a time in this country when racism was. Ten times worse than it is right now. And sought and lived it and may be embraced it. And ask -- that's it that's right but here we are what this guy he you know you can talk to you bloom in your face in it in the face that. It was a different -- different time some people don't wake up. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. Dale and Holley. And Steve lines Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. This telephone number. I've just been told mere seconds ago by young -- seconds that both for the week is over yes we will on this very program. Dale and -- program will be giving away tickets for both game one and game two Bruins Canadians. Some that picked when and when the games are yet. But sometime this week. Stay tuned right here to dale and -- we will be giving away. Tickets for both game one and game two Bruins Canadian stars were nice people we're nice people that would do nice things for people we try to at least we try. Back to the calls -- Orlando's in Boston Harrell and -- what relish or -- I don't know what's going on. -- say not everybody can be like yeah. You know I'm not every but am -- white people yellow people everybody I'm fine. But -- -- why couldn't everybody be like that we're concerned that's right or not. But they couldn't -- -- -- -- but my question is. What is the beautiful woman. To -- an ugly battle right now. Answer your questions and just. Answer your question or attack model and -- and that's it. Better question than that in the past you know exactly what about you what my action it was just no prize either. And looked at. It either. -- let's I don't exactly stop women on the street either we're not we're not here to judge what matters less than 888 Orlando -- Orlando the guy is -- the guy. The guy bought the clippers. For twelve million dollars. And whether he decides to sell the clippers on his own where the NBA forces have to sell the clippers. He's got to get a lot more than twelve million dollars for the clippers so. That the point is. -- -- -- Usually -- get whatever he wants. What -- -- -- thank the commission is gonna do about this great question and that's the great question. And then what I really wanted to know it wouldn't do I out of what I think will happen tomorrow. They're gonna have a a news conference at 11 AM Pacific time tomorrow. I think what will happen is that they will announce that he's been suspended. Indefinitely pending the rest of the investigation. That. You know he was allowed beat the game yesterday and he's going to be allowed to be at any of the other games. Until they complete the investigation. They've got to get all their ducks in a row. So that. They can they can make the legal case 'cause they'll probably fighting court. When they suspend him for a year which is what I think they'll Altman. Yeah I mean you have to look at it and you. Now getting giving the team away from him is going to be very complicated. Or for the NBA to pull off for -- -- -- -- yeah and he's got his buddy David Stern to blame. For this for this situation because the stern. If if for all those who grew. About Donald Sterling well David Stern would be at the top the list. And stern for years and years did nothing and there was no rebuke there was no. Censure of Donald Sterling was just okay you're in court -- you know when your team this and this about your continued on your team. So -- over is gonna have to figure out not just this problem. But it probably decades of problems. David Stern never dealt -- but in terms of suspending him after the complicated part because they just look at it this way. You're representing a leak. -- it did this or those wanna go at the legalese. Aspect of it for suspension it does it's not even relevant. It marked as Mark Cuban do anything illegal. When he says. The referee suck. Anything illegal not at all. So in fact you could make an argument he's exercising his free speech rights yet. In that industry and that business they have decided we're not gonna do it that way easily find him 500000 dollars because. That's -- we want to do owner of the -- Mickey Ericsson didn't do anything illegal. When he tweeted about the NBA lockout. But they had decided. We're not gonna talk about the -- -- we're not gonna have a -- and he tweeted about again our 100000 dollar fine so let's look at an awful like like racism is OK with them. If you're talking about that but there are -- saying is legally there may not be as much they can do but this might sound he's legally they -- let them get they find him. Without any kind of legal legal repercussions trying to yes and and they -- spend them yet yes and -- -- get that for. Now very difficult and that's not the same as saying racism okay. It's just -- knowledge that there are certain -- -- -- -- of yours that I probably thinking that they get and they can try their hardest at. Make it difficult on and try to force -- think that they can take it away from -- -- what I think would be interest thing. And I I heard Mike McCann talking about this this morning he's -- on the outstanding -- really really good and the question was asked what if they boycott the game tomorrow. And they had evidently talked about not playing yesterday. I'll Wednesday what do they do assailant would not play. And Mike pointed out that the NBA contract requires that if your player you have to play the game and they could technically be in violation of that but. There are civil rights laws in this country which would probably supersedes the player's contract. Which would allow them to protest racial issues by by saying you know what when -- a plan. Now what kind of pressure would be brought to bear then you've already got sponsors who today already have said were out. CarMax and Virgin Atlantic have already pulled out State Farm Insurance is looking at it. You -- sponsors who pullout. As at some point does Donald Sterling say look I I can afford to keep this thing. With what's going on -- he would would it have to be it would have to be more personal though I mean if you make at. Like he did a general races many many general racist statements. Could his team then say oh you know. Half of this record of us are African Americans so we find that -- them we're not apply what he would literally up to come out say. I hate most of the black players on my team my particular team when he got to show racial tendencies towards a sports people personally in order part of its it's about the boycott you know I've poker players that -- up plan because he hates assault. You know if it's a general statements and -- a racist you know on it as we've said we kind of have figured that he is and has been for a long time. It is that different then pointing. A finger writing you and saying I don't like you because you're an African American and and then you have a leg to stand on sick and I put up for you tonight. Yeah I think he he he pretty much rated general. They may he may be easy I gotta tell it that way right now audobin what would who would have been worse if he had said I don't like him except for. This guy has got a psychiatrist Paul Manning got great commercial now we're big does have the right way I don't consider him like the other. -- another area where I was disappointed in -- yesterday I'd like with the clippers did. I liked the symbolic gesture of taking a warmup jerseys often leaving -- at center court. And then the shirts that they had underneath turning them inside out -- couldn't hear you couldn't read clippers on. Ask -- about a post game -- -- what too crazy about that. While I doc doctor what -- you -- want to get better but. Well wait a minute not. I think in this that says this is why. This is where Donald Sterling as his back to that particular. He can't race aspect out of it with sterling. But these are the types of things. This is why such a terrible owner well he always thought I know I'm not under no it's not because he always finds a way. To just get in the way. Of any type of progress if you go back with the players. Who have played for him in the coaches who have -- for at least some of them have some peace at some pretty good players. -- have been -- had some hit a hall of fame coach in Larry Brown who -- form he's an idiot beyond. Beyond the racial and so forth have gotten -- and -- about it. Gotta man up here but it's not about -- -- idiot you know it's not it's not adopted it just got no it don't cause disappoint now now. It's not in this case. This is not on doctors on Donald Sterling dale. Don't know about -- -- players for not -- the players it is an honest. Disagreement even have to agree with everything that they've done sterling has created a situation that I know that situation. Where they have to talk about the appropriate way. To deal with eight races. With. The owner of the team is the last thing you wanna be thinking about before you play playoff game so what it is about that at all. -- disagrees with what the players -- How would that kissing up to Donald you know. I do what you are still what you don't do Michael is say I was disappointed in what they did you say. The players didn't put a tough position here and I support them that's what you say. Know if there is for disagreement. Even if given that that that the enemy the villain is Donald Sterling. It doesn't mean that you have to sign off but everything that the players do it but I had to guess. I would say Doc Rivers is looking at -- saying our. We -- we talked about this before we talk about a for 45 minutes on Saturday we had a meeting we decided that we're going to be one voice. We were gonna approaches and a approach it. Uniformly and then gonna give back to the business. Of playing basketball for each other and I think. Status probably that probably was another. That was a sign that they weren't necessarily focused on the business and. I don't think they could. I mean just because doc said they should be. It is dark saying well bottom that your point was OK without our 45 minute meeting time to get back to the business at hand I think that's easier said than done. I think that these proud man said that hell is going on here. Eyewitness Jersey with this name on the front of it its -- -- -- guy -- you know what I'm gonna turn it inside out for. I thought it was great what they did and -- should have supported them for what they did he shouldn't have disagreed. He has and how can you say. You shouldn't disagree I don't have to say this I know we're late but I I have to get this up. You don't. In in these in these cases. When something happens if that was one of the most polarizing topics in America if not the most polarizing topic in America. And I can imagine I don't can be any of those guys. And the clippers don't MB doc from being in the situation. Because what happens. When you are -- a black person in America. And you are dealing with -- racial situation. Everybody around you. Has different views. On what you should do. Everybody is is making your choices for you everybody's telling you what the right thing has to do. And and it's like five or 6 different things I am sure some people are telling and were telling -- and telling Chris Paul you know what I wouldn't play. Or somebody -- you gotta have a new got to take the Mike after the game and save this. Or should -- the game. Or you should do that everybody has the right answer. And if there is no easy way of dealing with -- but there was no. Michael those twelve guys agreed on something. Those twelve guys said we have to do some we have to make it clear. How we feel and they didn't disrupt the game they didn't take the microphone they they did a symbolic gesture which frankly I applauded when they did it. And and they were unified they weren't five different things let's do this let's do that they got together and said this is what we're gonna deal. And did it as a group idol I applaud them for it he should have applauded him for. He may not have agreed with them. He may not have agreed with the way he thinks he supposed to say I agree with that -- didn't know what he should have said is I support my team of course he supports it but that's not what -- six trip to disappoint what do you think Doc Rivers doesn't support opinion. But he doesn't support a steaming mad at there. Not mattered -- he does it matter epic final was disappointed at what they did because he probably feels there's a different way of doing it. There is there -- is no easy answer there is no template for how to deal with a racist. This time last week only was thinking about what is. Trying to win a championship that's what they were all thinking about -- out there putting the situation. By somebody who signs your checks. And they don't really that there is no there -- no. How to manual for this. But I gotta go by what's in your heart you talk about people that are tell on them all different things that they should do they just stand up for themselves and do what they think is right. Dale and -- and Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Yes we will in fact. Talk Bruins in Canadians and Bruins beating the Detroit Red Wings and all of that stuff before we're done here we will. Talk about doctor Jack. As part of our four of four coming up an hour from now but the biggest story that. Everybody's talking about not just sports story. It will be a news story I was telling Michael earlier today it won't lead. The NBC nightly news tonight because the incredible devastation. In the midwest Canon will lead to the newscasts but it will be in the in the top half of the newscast tonight the old Donald Sterling saga and what's going on with the clippers it'll be on your NBC nightly news tonight. It well it I will I wanted to throw this out there and can any of us answer this question. Confidently. And honestly. In the affirmative. Have you ever have you ever. Worked. For someone. Who worked with someone. We you know has some issues. And and and there may be as sexist racist a whatever it is. There are stupid but you know you you work for their work with them and you've contained you know what there issues are. You continued to. Collect paychecks from them. You continue to protect them. Even in a way that that you don't think of it as protection. Which are not making a ruckus. I I can honestly say I haven't I don't I don't I think I think we've all been in situations where we think of it today. You know I could've gotten more maybe -- had some I could've done something. But it's it's easy it's easy this day. To Blake Griffin to Chris Paul to -- Doc Rivers. How could. Package do I would never do. Are we sure. Sure. And and it is in its money on both sides we talked about Donald sterling and what he did like -- need have a lawsuit or someone would. Throw some in his face about racism about the his situation with all the realistic beyond and Dennis. Discrimination. He'd buy an off. He'd pay it off he'd settle him down -- money. Same situation with us like what you're trying to bring up with weaker than does he sign an extension. Big money from a guy knows probably isn't the best guy in sports but. -- -- isolate arsenic or elsewhere I get paid. So money on both sides. Sometimes I think Ken trump trump that's that's the outward in. Mask the racism like sort of -- say much about it because I can either pay our way out of it all right you get paid because of it. Yeah I don't see only hang out with them you know what I would mean -- -- -- -- them on and on and make it -- it was one of those things. Would Donald Sterling. Where he was a guy when he wasn't around things were good. I guess people think of that the look at the clippers now the clippers aren't good now because of Donald -- Almost I might -- audio hits his history his history suggests it. Anything that good everything good that happens in the organization. Happens because somebody else. Somebody else -- steering the ship somebody else has decided. Almost by accident. To be good somebody with somebody was allowed to have some authority that may be Donald Sterling not even aware of when that those guys think about their team before this -- thought about the clippers. Chris Paul thought about the clippers he thought about Doc Rivers who we recruited. That's where I mean that's he recruited him Chris Paul got Vinny. Vinny don't agro and a lot of jokes out there when that have been -- reward -- for for Donald -- but it. They got Chris Paul got Vinny don't make her out he got. Doc Rivers and Chris Paul is the reason. That Blake Griffin is there Griffin and -- And and Paul. All the reasons that you know Danny Granger wanted to go there and off the bench and like big baby wanted to go there I think those guys think of the organization where they did. Before this they thought of the clippers as theirs and now this is a sobering. Sobering reality. This is not your team. Which you know my disappointment here is in dock and -- might freely admit. Don't think doc could that is choice allot five or six different teams he wanted to coach. EE positively would have been higher by network you want to take a year -- new TV. And coming back here and then and can you hear could've stayed here. Do you think that the knicks would like to have Doc Rivers as their new coach -- -- -- SPS aren't -- was the best team to takeover effort Doc Rivers for the chance to its market. Clippers on corporate best team to take over for his future is an NBA coach to get back in a playoff to give back and a into a prominent situation and -- And and it sounds. You know contrary to what I've said over the last hour fifteen minutes here and as you were just talking there about the guys in who recruited. I can't really think of a player who ever signs of the teams in baseball because the older. -- go there because the owner's brother because of who managed the team who's the GM what situation they might be it. I think they do -- they were -- I do and I were guys who signed with the Yankees because of Steinbrenner. Back I -- a sty these are guys who sign of the cowboys because of Jerry Jones I don't think so I think baseline because of his money a lot of course money -- -- about. 'cause of him they they now I think Jerry Jones thought it was him I think and I think what Jerry Jones thinks it's him as Steinbrenner thought it was him say hey you're -- New York. You spend money yes you're in the mix because we wanna get paid. But I don't think I don't think those guys go there for the owner but the you you mentioned -- And wanted to go their -- my Doc Rivers head coach of the clippers and he's got a management position there. It's also got a management position as so I just. Have a feeling though that combination of of jobs would have been offered to him and other places I don't know -- know that that part was not going to be offered to them here. I I agree -- changed our place so it was going to be offered to at a Brooklyn was interest -- at the time. Before they hired Jason Kidd and that was going to be available to him abruptly got a general manager. I was going to be available to him and a and a bunch other places are many coaches in the league. Who have the setup that the Doc Rivers has right now Johns on the cellphone page on -- next on Daylon -- All those. You know that conversation about like you know are -- beaten up on doctor -- beaten up on back at exactly that problem as well let's keep our eye on who the giant deep it's. It sterling. I don't think so you know nobody is taking at a morning and that like you know -- glaring that but once you know there is no. Not known at anymore. And how eight point a couple of minutes ago like you know you're lucky -- you have a had to work with somebody who. It's challenging that would sort of the rate that guy like oh my god -- I didn't get a couple Beers and and Serbia and our -- and I. I've worked for challenging people. And not work for some challenging people but it had nothing as far as I noted do with racial issues there or -- bigotry I don't -- old knows. Outside of the basketball issue where assembly sports to go there isn't racism. -- you -- that -- do white people like you know what's what's troubling to me what the deal breaker how to light how to -- people like. You know objective by women and talking about women horrific way at what point like -- my wife yeah I know we need a pair built but I don't split. I mean that the perimeter that's what my point is like you can't from outside you can't judge like -- or the players. Eight in Connecticut and -- are the players are signing with a -- -- Can -- -- every owner in the NBA why they -- it came -- and having to do business with this guy -- it's well known that he's that terrible. Well executed because they only have to work within three current year. Exhibit that moment where it went with and they don't work for Donald Sterling there -- they're in a league did he owns that team and the players and doc work for Donald there -- but. But jet to John's point all the what are owner saying right now the guys who were speaking here saying. This is not what the NBA represents. This is there's no place in the MBA. For this on Iran they're saying the same things now. That that got people outside of the NBA they're saying I think John's point is loving if if they knew it before they decided to work with them without saying anything. They were. They didn't necessarily endorse. What he was doing but nor did they bring it to the -- And I think Johnny's pretty good point too -- goal where there's not racism it's everywhere but I think. In this country the way it's way it is right now there's plenty of races out there. It did better keep their opinions to themselves because once it becomes public you have Donald Sterling situation I mean you know. It's like you said before he's had issues before. Not everybody knew about it once it was easy to find -- on audiotape and it's out there for god and everybody -- bank has got as the worst attitude. In the world right now. And you know it's like going to ought to -- I don't know if if they could have handled it different way you know talking about the inside out Jersey. You know maybe. Who were during her conversations. They decided to reduce something and only one person was gonna speak. You know maybe it would put the benefit of hindsight. That the best way to handle it it's just it's for let everybody speak in speak honestly. You know if you don't if you'll. If you're not comfortable with the silent protest. Maybe gay guys had different ideas what to do this don't do that. Why not just have everybody after the everybody's available after practice on Saturday in San Francisco. Everybody everybody -- you talk with you say whatever you wanna say Florida was -- worth of our idol. They they agreed. On Saturday wouldn't -- they weren't muzzled they agreed to not speak right. I'm saying if instead of the team agreeing not to speak or have one guy that would be Doc Rivers speak for them. May be a better way to handle it short of saying I wanted to do something bad to Donald Sterling. They open a new camp were -- afraid of what some guys have -- enable a better way to do it it's just to speak honestly about how you feel about it. And I'm sure to come using. Situation. Where there. Doc Rivers knows. -- fifty years old. -- 5051 years ago. I'm sure look at this what. Or it could look at it this. -- This is the owner of the team. Is saying that he doesn't like. Black black people. Then wanna be around black people not publicly and wanna be around just don't bring them to my game's at presently put most of my players most of -- players have. In the owner of the team is gonna feel this way. Whether we have the silent protest. Whether we have ten guys speak -- Korea whether we have two guys speak weathered no one speaks. He's gonna feel this way. We got to play basketball or not made the decision comes down to this we're gonna play basketball or not. Gonna play basketball and focus on basketball. Maybe widow wanna do this protest before the game. Will say what we need to stay on Saturday about Donald Sterling how we feel about the situation out there. Everybody know I'm gonna tell you I don't like it I think it's despicable I think if this gusting. It's awful event on Sunday. If you decide to play. My eyes -- my eyes are focused on getting this third win in putting the Golden State Warriors in a pretty perilous position. Well the simple fact that you are a professional they'd do it requires you played a game but the Dayton. But they I don't think you saw the first half a game they weren't they weren't focused in the first and I'm not sure that if they I'm sure the focus might be a little bit of a struggle. It's got a lot their play that's look at vessels all about what. And Philadelphia are said to Jackie Robinson let's go back to win win win it was. Ugliness all the crazy all is not as strong as Jackie Robinson aren't many guys in the world who are adult site but but that's so that he played again and he went and played. This this isn't an instance where -- all your team came out so it's -- really really stupid things. Keeps you from playing the game. It's connected to some but not if you could get a lot of contractor what I usually -- play don't play the game you're paid to play and played -- it like your -- to do that. I always think the more than venting understand that the the first level venting had to happen behind closed doors had to. And I'm surprised the meeting was only 45 minutes. Surprising go longer. Left the first level and our world and do what the media we're gonna say our guys that's what we're not gonna say. Don't threaten Donald Sterling don't say. I'm not here next year or anything like that but you don't listen you if you'll. Which just Atlantans say it would really well. Short of short of a threat to our sort of short notice it short of criminal activity -- -- -- -- but these guys have done interviews. Throughout their careers. Both these guys are pretty adapted. Okay how it's got to be spot in the media I'm not trying to -- have been trusted to keep it great emotions and you have great latitude. They have great latitude. In this situation. Even -- Cynical media members if they say something that's not quite polished I think. The media members would understand. You don't have to. You don't necessarily have to keep your raw emotions. In check. You know -- you don't have to you have to be perfect. But it there's a way of playing this game there's a way of playing the game with some with -- more focused or sharper poker spoke with -- yesterday. Maybe the only way to pull off. What the talk about it on Saturday the day before the game did it out. Say what you feel and then you have the separation Sunday. Now you can focus on. Play it again playing the game. They didn't do that. Again I think it's easier said than done or maybe it would work of course I I don't think it would tarnish their focus for yesterday I was telling. Look if you. -- -- -- black in America chances are if you -- in this category god bless -- black in America you have dealt with. Some form of racism on the job. You probably -- And you have a decision -- -- -- have a decision to make you have to either go to Q do you gotta keep going gonna go for. And do the job or you gotta do something else. I think what Doc Rivers. And I -- which we get to know which called. I'm guessing he didn't like it because. There was a job to do. And we've we've seen a lot of people we've seen a lot of people. In May and at worst situations. In the clippers are dealing with right now. Do the job. When the racism was overwhelming. And constant and on their backs and on their shoulders in the did it -- Doc Rivers old school guys saying. Yes this protest is that this protest is all right. Which you've got a job to do in the protest right -- at this time of the game tells me that you're not focused on the job but you have to. I I don't know. Obviously what what do you organizational one year as a player a thousand years ago and you know clearly there's. You know things that happened. But. You know I don't know what they could have been. In the past. I know now that there's seems to be true. That they can do so now and so on that word about the pass -- more about now. And now we have a bit. I think. This is going to be held the right word -- really have a lot of very. In adamantly. And I think it needs to be on the right way I don't even know what to right where you. I have a large. But I don't know. Share the lunch dock. That is -- Doc Rivers who held a conference call with the media just within the last hour. Talking about the situation with his team owner I will also tell you. TMC who initially released the first bit of audio that we heard dad's been then picked up on and had more. According to TM ZV. Study on -- -- I guess the v.'s -- on -- has more than 100 hours. Of additional tapes should. If that's true. I don't know what she asked Donald Sterling four and my guess is she asked him for some than at some point. He should he shouldn't have broken from his own playbook he -- paid the girl. Because now it's a -- to get real bad for him. If she's got a hundred hours of this and they start combing through TMC gets -- dad's been gets it may start combing through minute by minute hour by hour. You think there's not going to be more stuff as embarrassing hundred hours you know hundred hours. Yet be a lot to be a lot -- names. All over names down. If you're. If your clippers player -- clippers. Executive. You want all the information. You wanna know where your mansion in there probably right. Are -- member he says he would care. When he was tighter you can sleep well you associate just don't bring around me don't bring into the game that was just a little. -- -- kind of dropped that suit and I was like opposites like a thirteen fourteen minute window. Thirteen fourteen minutes out of 100 hours the weird thing is always wanted what -- all the -- so that he could remember what he said. Why would you remember -- techsters. Brings up the great point V for vendetta I might be what it's been our -- you know and I don't know that you we really haven't dedicated time effort. Ers he is a piece of garbage now want. Gold digger you know you talk about white -- Payer I'm sure he's hater -- lot over the period of time. But they've been hanging around together -- -- -- the big payday and that makes her scum of the earth as far as not to answer. Well if you look at it you look at his history he's had them in different these mistresses in the past. His whole thing with them was. I'll give -- an expense account. And you know an exchange for. You know taking Jeremy. And you know you know it didn't Jeremy -- so he she probably had the expense account. The Donald Sterling expense account but that wasn't enough to get belies. -- still not enough -- want to take it to another level. Do yourself a favor -- you guys you guys already done it yourself favor Google Peter Keating. Donald sterling and just read the -- Just read -- -- it'll take a while there's a lot of stuff in there. The fact that Donald Sterling is is the scum of the earth isn't exactly news here not exactly unknown here. But it's sure a bigger deal now been apparently it's been in the last thirty years Deans in Providence Nadine hi you don't. Good guys I don't. They didn't Donald Sterling is it clearly each company needs to be punished. And what better way to punish him. Then I mean he darted a lot of damage is -- because. Nobody clearly got a lot of common place for him and guide their projects that are part article one early sign out why can't the NBA in -- like an ethics laws. That says players shouldn't have applied for just -- a player does something bad they commit murder rate for some you know the older game. No bid contract so portable. The NBA -- all the players' -- ability to nullify their contract go play elsewhere. It -- would be devalued nobody would come to the games. Make dot honor his contract because I think Barack knew what he was getting it -- he left the Celtics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we -- OK so Obama. Do you have a problem with -- pretty have a problem problem -- Donald Sterling. Donald Sterling a big problem with him I'm just saying that almighty wanna punish doc. I think -- let the Celtics I kinda shaky terms because if you wanna Cotillard. You want to I want you want him to pay for you want him to pay for leaving the Celtics like I used at all. Let me stay there -- honor his contract but the players shouldn't have to because -- -- no pride on that -- circuit and Q so what happened to his team. It all the players left and nobody wanted to come he'd be forced to sell or reduced value and in the NBA and everybody wants to punishes and get them out of the NBA. No idea Eric thanks for the cause but my problem with this is that -- you're dealing with all of a grown men. I -- coaching six straight basketball team so give doc Doc Rivers credit for knowing about Donald Sterling. What you don't give Chris Paul. Credit for knowing about Donald Sterling was -- -- who knew exactly who who knows who's played for him. More recently in the last you know two or three years -- on -- Blake Griffin credit. For knowing about sterling you make them free agents and not hot they had the opportunity to leave but the first year the first your head coach asked to -- In there with them. Well I'll select when he said you know when a when a player just some wrong -- nullified the contract was the last player contract in any sport ever so. Not a -- Nullified is if -- -- a player's contract nullified on morals clause or on because they did something wrong. Now older now have -- the only things it's even comparable and it doesn't happen often enough -- my opinion is the NCAA releasing players. From their from their scholarship commitments. Ask -- that Lara won the last player contract that was nullified there. Not to remember in the NBA it was vin baker. -- -- Because of drinking the -- -- the I'll dol -- -- right alcoholic up and he violated the the clause in his contract and they were able to. -- -- -- -- Reggie Lewis -- and they made the Celtics carry that that's salary cap it. I mean you wanna talk about ridiculous and it's a man that die. And they were on the hook for his salary cap numbers are builds on the cellphone Heytvelt. Yeah you -- sprayed area. Pretty good I get a cup what they won't buy it today the board isn't that a public Allison Buick -- about this character and his school from whatever. But you know what I'm really -- -- about -- The play is they're gonna supplement that we're -- so well. What the boards in Vegas to. -- -- that the -- it would all. Whether this guy doing what we're seeing the blow it into the -- of the impact Elway. And he called -- the boards of bigots -- -- maybe mortgage. Against as he made. I think two you know you -- -- -- says that he coached. And they know a lot of it and -- right you know I. All of all the reasons you're right I mean -- all due respect bill for all the reasons to worry about this. The gambling line in Vegas is fairly low on my highest priority job a little tougher but bottom line this I don't know -- On him from the athlete's point of view there are upset about this this is a big hit to take it's another thing that they have to deal with. I'd guess way in May be dated look on that focus in the first half of the game. When the whistle blows it's time to go play -- basketball what they did it's what they're supposed to do he got more stuff go on on the back of their mind now. Then they should have to worry about. But they go play basketball because that's what they deal it's not going to be to be a little bit harder for them to do it second abuse not catastrophic. Roxy is in Fall River hey Roxy I don't. I -- earlier -- A quarter got to dock with his arm I -- -- actually count the -- you know that he must go on. But if you might actually basically all it out anyway she performed you computer in your city recently and to a guy -- -- today only because and it will institutionalized. It's it's not that easy to point out. You know back in the day you know you you committed basically to that you would obviously that. Today it's just not -- Kohlberg and I you know black you know I know that -- under impacts on a black woman I know he gets -- and arm to a hot and then if you do cremate the race card in and all that type -- all the type of things. Split that -- that I definitely don't do not being that you could care what the guys they are Jack and Robert what they what they would let the guys it's a totally different blogging. Totally different. And without Internet yet keep telling you all the guys yet he left a lot but are you making any kind comparison -- to get face formerly in the. I think you're probably right and I I mean I haven't heard anybody trying him and I ever -- try to make that comparison. Com. Look racism whether it's over Covert is just as bad back that make an argument it's worse when it's over you know -- comment from. I -- you know that'll lead at least I know he's a racer thing necessarily I thoroughly is this intimate affairs and I don't deal. 6177797937. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio WEEI. All of that black people in the future. I'm kidding me people have a great day. You see him -- glad he didn't want. It's -- couldn't you just keep. -- -- -- -- -- -- campaign Magic Johnson why I can't imagine it may look okay to tighten rules. Q Larry -- or any timing is not there. I don't know if it got worse off because there's more applaud them being I just don't know is I guess the residents of that question. They're like a bit earlier and I don't blame on one way or the other and I can't you know they do so much easier to approach this sort of know what your kids. -- -- but they've ever got to have a focused but this would help or. And so we're trying to make the best of. Doc Rivers during his conference call today he said a couple of other things. He was asked does he believe. Sterling said the things and believes those things stocks and I don't know one way or the other but yeah I believe he said those things. Even on one Indian and when to say as far sterling believing those things -- her -- heard woody said. And I usually go with what people's. And the other thing is -- Donald Sterling. I saw the. The statement from the clippers president on Saturday. Kind of trying to go on the other direction sending him saying you know hey this is that that tape was altered and mr. sterling doesn't believe those things once again. He's the president of the clippers. I'm guessing the president of the clippers even for a historically cheap organization like the clippers probably a nice six figure salary. He's he's. Probably a Smart person he knows that with Donald Sterling what he writes that released because what. We gotta say are phony baloney -- it'll actually examined so. I -- I'm I'm not going to be. There's something to be -- -- due process I mean obviously dolls -- a stand around and try to businesses altered here remain out of had been meet the -- you know and in the NBA I would even -- court to do not -- -- -- don't you know they got a standard process find out for sure it was cool. I say it's due process. Like we are we are eager to prove. Mister mister sterling innocent okay fine -- you you have to say that but. Okay -- says the tape has been altered I'm not it sure. You know this woman you know she's trying to get us for one point eight million dollars. Does going above and beyond to say they know him and this is a fake. I think. It like a back right now cause I think everybody who wins. Part of the relief knows that was Donald Sterling that's why I think it's very easy to tell people what they should do. In their situations. Well we all have maybe not -- Donald Sterling. In our lives we've all had situations. What we could've done something warm we could have done something more job -- thumping war. In our in our personal lives or we didn't. Step up the way we could have. -- -- oracle in this case did you not to do. I wouldn't say it's like a -- enough -- -- if not being clear to me giving me and treated differently. I'm not gonna judge people for. For working at a place. Where the owner is a racist. I'm not gonna judge you for that I don't know what your situation it. So here LeBron James say. He can't thing. The most powerful player and leak. He can't today. Well. On Iraq and platform would be a boycott -- do that LeBron James you can say that -- that there are Miami. What a lot of guys in 08 and maybe Chris -- can say it. Can Blake Griffin and Blake Griffin care and Jamal Crawford. Jan. And Danny Granger can JJ Redick -- got to get the same -- Turkoglu -- married or get the same gig somewhere else the same money somewhere else. The most players do that when they go to look for a new team. -- that they re search the owner. Most players do. Yes and now it doesn't tell you probably hurts the owner and acute care less as the is long as. That the check cast as but once again it comes back to my point before. And it is an economic situation to set. Up more money it and then anybody else the world yet he can do some things you can do and say some things one. LeBron James in decades but -- don't certainly brought to it but. Does does the money make it look as them is just because you get -- does that make it okay. The money probably doesn't make it okay the money is. If if he is not if the guy is not around you probably say can tolerate it. I can tolerate. This situation until I get myself into a better situation. And that may be. I'm gonna collect every every cent available to me. And then I'll I'll have the power to walk away and do whatever wanna do in life I don't have to deal with other Donald Sterling of the work. And so to that same guy be front and center in the protest. Yes. Yet regardless of Canada double a little or no because because Donald Sterling has said something he still that would fit. So if if you had to. If you had to say -- I'm not gonna protest any help I'm not gonna protest anything. Anything reprehensible. Because. Somewhere in my past. I may have done I could've done more or I'm not gonna protest the the terrible words of the owner because I'm an employee here. Go to saint. Because I'm an employee here I can't protest from somebody is an idiot. I work for the -- therefore I can't say anything. Now not necessarily I'm just I'm I'm. Saying you're saying it's located about. I'm saying that I'm not I'm not gonna judge someone for situation. I don't know what their situation is and -- an -- and I'm not this is more of a real life thing and not necessarily an NBA I think I'm I'm outside of the MBA. There are people listening to us right now who worked with people were able. They work with them they work for them -- to look over the dog or not I'm not not -- you're right over your right that shot you can land as you may know something about the person that you work for. It's got a mortgage. Got a kid in college. Got a kid's got -- college in a couple of years. Your a couple of paychecks away from being in a really rough situation. Is so you grin and bear. Right so that's sort of that's -- -- it was an economic situation in many many cases money. Will trump the whole old -- really matter up at you know he's Miami sol what I'm saying is that. Can you walked both sides that line can I say you know what I need this skiing and I think that guy's a jerk and I knew is a jerk when -- took the -- and I kind of laid low -- that. But now can -- be front and center on the protests. When that guy does do exactly what he's doing is gonna do anyway I think there -- differences though if you look if you get drafted by the clippers -- -- a lot of choice you get traded to the clippers and have a lot of choice. If you re sign with the clippers you now Null. We are onerous you you you -- they're already you know there have been some things going on and you elected to stay there my guess is because they can pay you more money and anybody else -- Or my guess is they didn't know while -- -- I don't know might make it while. They weren't it would be Hartford Griffin and Paul not -- now that act my guess is they weren't as uniformed. As we'd all like to -- Like I don't think -- Davis at some point you know they're around to play well in a pick up game it you know in the summer. Out LA and he says I can tell you because I I heard Baron Davis talking about this guy. You'll -- ever said anything to Blake reporter Chris Paul or somebody. Mike it's it it it's almost impossible for me to believe that if they played forum. That they didn't know something about what was going. But yet. That's my my issue is everybody's saying that they knew. So where -- -- outraged before I'm I'm either either you weren't informed. And you were blind sided by this bank it is so if you did know what are you blind side. I'm -- they're blind sided give it didn't know what they could have known with Google. What they could have known. What some research but they're not researchers are they are they're professional basketball players or maybe they want to be researchers made it one and all that much either. Either you didn't know in your blind sided. Or you did now he said I'll take the money. When I think he's probably more likely but we will do for a fourth top will pay our our our own homage to doctor Jack Ramsay. And we'll talks Bruins hockey with -- Bruins Canadians the Bruins series that they just completed with the Detroit Red Wings. It's dale and holly and Steve cycle -- Sports Radio WEE.

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