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Kevin Millar, MLB Network 4-25-13

Apr 25, 2014|

Kevin Millar of the MLB Network joins the show to discuss the Sox early defensive struggles, the change of the transfer rule, and the Pineda pine tar incident.

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Well they took three weeks to be fixed in Kevlar joins -- here but on the AT&T hotline -- do the same sort of bus celebratory jumping jacks for the baseball. Apparently called back to their old rules of the catches that catch no matter to drop it or not. Thought it was obvious from -- -- -- it's like the obvious thing it's secure it's not that we're worried about all dropping Bobble. It's it's it's the right little. Give credit to him I'll read it to at least make this change during the seat and in the market April we can move forward now we've all plays that happened we know what average -- -- -- -- -- players -- wherever. This is the right thing to do. There's -- another one coming America heard the collision rule it and Brenda wade should be honored at their leaning towards this is just as long as the base -- doesn't doesn't. Deviate mail from home -- actually create the contact. Everything else -- could go back to normal. That's -- one out like -- I don't like the whole -- -- sort of -- changed. The transfer rules this was an odd scene. That that extra plate the plate -- change baseball so to me that's the one I don't like. In general on -- used to that picture have regular lying to their patron he can't bury him at you have to look at the late game so. I don't know what you're gonna do their character brought back a hole that hole like me. It's just in my opinion. Its district again. Well it's they made real work on that the Red Sox Kevin quite frankly and you were there for at least one of the games. They a lot of things to work on a very sloppy series against the Yankees two of the three games just -- Like it came out of sorts and it's curious what you thought watching them play they'll look -- -- from your vantage point looked us these last three. If you look like they have a lack of identity right now my. They're not they're not very fast they're not very athletic. First the third. You know you drop from Napoli to go to poppy technology whoever you want AJ Pierzynski. The moral of the story is is that. He just missing that that athleticism you know and Daniel were -- on Jackie Bradley junior he loved the -- throws fields and -- -- you wanna see him play every day. You know victory a -- that will actually help. But the moral of this whole story producers that real athletic club you know that almost -- -- when you're not hit homers and drive the ball degree Muster. It makes you look a little bit sluggish now I'd like to say it again eager to get here and it's. We are really early in the season the Yankees. Right now look like beer -- at a Red Sox no doubt the need to knock it looked like the real fielder operas like the real deal. You also all upset they're Red Sox now like -- -- said there -- days finally get the chance to break. Or how big guys if you want to break camp what you get Victoria come back yet the meadowbrook come back. You know I love this Kid Rock but he'll debate they've just got to get figure out this hole lead out situation in Indian and -- and what -- -- -- out. Yellow liberal to come back tonight it and offensively he's getting going there before he got hurt so. You got your left studying film Bogart's in middle Brooks and although drew was still out there but is that ship sailed a year in your mind is this these two guys you run with. Any active music to -- banner space program and he played -- position. He's still young still him -- stakes are still mingle you know he effectively get secret. That this is a skeptic right -- real hard worker Brian Butterfield state on the third base coach and they'll go to. You know so I don't think that's the problem will be the problem is is that we got -- -- felt very. They didn't know would replace to a you know I'm gonna go back to real quick we have Jerry game and tremendous lead -- Their place we're Coco Crisp tremendously -- -- they replaced Politico we are very dramatically other else says it's like well. You know so I think that's just when you -- -- very plight. And and how hot -- he has in the 35 -- several installed base and he's gonna bring. Value at this. Or -- it stopped it at 56 people governors to lead the big. It's a vigorous in the defense right now I would point out I agree -- April not know it's kind of steam out. They leave baseball owner runs they played such a clean branded defense last year they now seventeen on earn most in baseball. They have three different outings by other pitchers that are fewer than three innings that's the most in baseball and five hours last night was the first since the 2001 team that a Mike Lansing. At shortstop Kevin. Are you -- the point where you would if you were the Red Sox front office are you asking about -- hundred that it is his name come up to Kelvin and help. This defense out would you go that far. Now doormat the point where I'm looking on the Internet figured out is -- up in -- out there. There's huge Internet -- a good -- you Google league hitters out of the -- Yeah Google Italy -- that we speak right now what that. -- you know I will say. They -- watching Red Sox. Being around the guys the same group of guys. -- problem Lackey performer certain nights he heat outlook that get -- for the -- and apply to our conversation but I probably. Earl ray brought about in the cholera like -- or pop -- is gonna pitch better. Lester pitched well enough to win and you know I mean they're OK they're the same guy -- -- compete in all ballpark every night. Egypt and get it going offensively what they are called apple it makes it look all that we're ever out of minus -- being run differential. And -- in Ottawa community with a minus side I think -- at our worst in baseball whatever albeit a lot. So that's what they got a clean up you know exactly appropriate out. -- getting mr. Pineda and squandered like your opinion it was it. Was it easy -- product game that he is he gonna get suspended because he used buying tires a pitcher or sisters because he was just an idiot and so blatant about. Well I mean here and think it feel the same idea it was the right thing I've ever you know -- -- the -- -- With the same paper of the pocket you know like of -- But it's illegal things do. Did doctor baseball we know pitcher do it that's OK. I don't know what connection. You -- you need globs apply -- -- -- baseball -- you are sick remember to start before it looked like he ate chocolate cake. All -- number you know I'd like you're -- of part of pampered at what could possibly do so much and then that's a better and I. I'm like what is going like it was completely -- -- make it back not elect are pretty -- But that's where I'll like not mention that all you need to have that why -- -- that last line to our question hope we ask you this year you know I am Lewis ever a lot of hitters say Kevin that I. I don't mind the guy music -- that gives pitchers a better grip and I know the have better control on unless like it again one of the night before in my lower back. You followed that category say you're OK with guys is it because you want the -- that better grip birth because you know your pitchers. Are you isn't something you don't wanna go back and forth and have to have the manager checking everybody can you think everybody is out the usual soap on their their body somewhere. Could be a lot I mean -- I don't care because -- -- -- -- the -- at all. That makes the Robert backed him loose in the air that all -- tacky and -- stuff so the clintons they want it -- what was our Tuesday amount of our drivers -- ran. It's having on his -- the you can put on your wrist on the pop vocal premiere. OK you need a corrupt it's 35 degree I get it. Thought about the worst -- got drills and and in the -- But it's just it's part of baseball I don't care what when you have -- your place in the issue laughed like what is going yeah it'll probably it will be yet. Today it was embarrassing at the -- and a lot of people been saying. Last -- four hours that is gonna come back invite John Ferrell I I I don't I think all of baseball -- on John for I think all of baseball looks at Pineda and say. Idiot I don't think -- change a rule I I don't think it's a bite John Ferrell because. He had to go head to do it John -- doesn't go -- the eighty. Right Pete so you can you can tackle attempt and then we're all pop culture mustard or about thirteen and try to help. I don't -- that got cut. Moral of the story of John Farrell doesn't call it what in the what else but general elect John you -- to go I don't care where color or Lester Buchholz or lack either. I don't care -- who usually. This guy's got to -- her back while watching lap. Yeah -- just it was so blatant and I am curious do you put any of the blame Kevin. On the yankees' coaching staff you know I just can't believe he was a lot to go up there are no this kid is dumb and he didn't understand it but I also. I'm surprised he was allowed to go up there I agree with Cashman it was embarrassing for everybody involved did you put any blame on the coaching staff for let that happen. First thing I thought it was -- no friends. He's somebody had to see this on his neck you'd be like -- -- was taken mount much at pocono earlier absolutely. I'll meet you have to see. Now they don't what -- sought. It's it's called particulate look at percent say that Lana. This is not just some -- and it's not -- Period and I like that because it takes the opera that's right it -- -- utilization. But it was embarrassing thing and it and it ultimately nobody saw OK I'd get it -- it's somebody saw it's sailing and yet no friends because that was just a brick and not try to wreck waiting to happen and obviously Latin what -- -- hitter John Earl had to do you wanna do what he had to do. -- actually had through forced to say as we did let me ask but this -- elites talking about the Yankees sit in their first place at thirteen and nine Red Sox -- last place three and half games out. Well it's April 25 at three to have games I played awful lot of things get a clean up but. Know what really running away with us that meet the Yankees basically are where they are now because at an opera. Say in baseball you're right there's nobody right away Detroit hasn't -- They haven't played well the twins are two gains over 500 that that Bennett met circuit it'll probably get beat the cardinals are uniformly cardinal haven't hit. There's a lot of great things -- are just play well now that's okay that's my point it. April it's forty degrees out it's 37 figuring out it's not -- water and that offense hasn't played well yet but that's okay. I'm not I'm not I'm not worry I'll be worried you come talk to me. And you know -- -- still playing that like. 500 ball -- were react then you start -- but I'd say no big deal because nobody's going -- that the worst protest that might slow start he got eight sums up. But you know look at a lot of good -- and Arnold the tiger's reps not exempt putting area. -- John this is your boy Rosa wake. I caught him basically. Fall asleep at Fenway sit next year the night he was you on like crazy man is he okay. -- in the tickets he complained about we legal. OK and on a cellphone into our daily between -- -- -- -- looking at -- like I got -- Schultz show tickets put your -- -- let's watch the game not help. You've got to have the ball flight -- some saw as -- at the Joker who looked like it like game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was why are usually lead -- because. Usually these sex teen and tween and taking pictures and humid down that part it that was a great great integrate -- dot dot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Point your point not to give baseball -- you. Need to retaliate -- older I. And. You're lucky the other day that the FCC wasn't watchman -- tees were on we talked to those two holy crap that's. Those guys he gets in trouble great stuff Kevin appreciate the time we'll talk too soon. Export I thought Kevin Millar who joins us he's human MLB's intentional talking he's brought to you by our friends at air rest restoration specials and by -- spoke up so he's not.

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