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The Bruins win in OT and take 3-1 series lead

Apr 25, 2014|

Dino, Gerry and Kirk discuss the Bruins big win in Game 4 in Detroit. The Bruins were able to pull out the win even with Brad Marchand missing the net...twice.

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Dennis and Callahan great facility. That's been -- for the wrist shot that. G suit brought. It's taken a three game. It's John Dennis for your shot I'm just trying to. Against economies -- good men it runs right by. Who can make battling so we're fortunate goal fortunate bounce number one but. But seems to be -- Gerry Callahan playing ground ball left side of the diamond back into my Robertson throws then -- -- and -- -- and a Red Sox get home tonight fourteen to five the final score and -- -- ahead. Well here at that point anytime minutes into the position we're in a moment. I'm not big on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm not sure but I think. It is entirely possible that last night we watched two teams. Get their hearts cut out of this serrated. This evolved dare I say a mass circulated now be event. At Fenway Park government called the Benton at Fenway Park was beyond hideous. The drama in Detroit was impressive. For what it's worth the Sox have a 139. Games to play to repair the damage the red wings probably just one but I will say this in a positive note. The WB yeah -- promotions department has paid cards ready to go to David says -- -- give you marshy. As a profession is bishop Cephalon more than spurs won but you know you can't do their votes in -- Who are too much who sick with the -- stay positive them. Where you get an excellent. Sorry if they can really do now is try to bared down and some of wide open net did -- take area. I think that you refuse to save. Audiences gave. Political. The -- -- -- sleep good tonight. What. If not for again. -- would gotten less sleep -- we got. If -- sept okay yeah well let's second of the first night I never got a great look at that first one there was one replayed it yeah yeah second home was. Unbelievable how mr. Lee was point shaven and accuse. Keep which it I was trying to create we all like long. Game sevens Wii like game sevens and answers tells -- he was open he give Detroit some life here but even with that best effort from Brad motion. Detroit -- just rules over. -- move on now community to play the Canadians -- deficit to another game yeah you gotta do it yeah pretend that it's got a lot of fight in them and they. Go but it Zetterberg. Came out. I believe. Off his death bed right yes you -- of his death bed. He was saving some children in the fire and -- before -- Pulitzer burns on his arms. That he donated a kidney to import and then. And then the to the ice it was just one of the most incredible performer to reversing a -- A -- for royalist -- it's almost courageous is this Dustin Pedroia when he scored -- zone way in his own way yeah. I mean honestly that they should just move on public image in the bet you. If you took eighteen vote in the Red Wings' dressing room last night they say right. We've passed on the trip to Boston -- -- back yet go to Boston and her to pass this kick -- and fly home and it's not like baseball or even you know basketball it hurts to play the Boston -- and it hurts to play them. Four times five times in its gonna hurt tomorrow to come here and play again they gonna get pounded. It is -- against bullies and has been through the whole series it's been. How many how many players looked and we need to twelve -- who that was a minute periods would you give including Georgia -- I would give them to. Give -- one and game more than last last night but there's appeared to give second period in two and -- and OK you are yours such cynic you know -- to just get on board here that's nine and change against three in overtime dominance by the Bruins that period should -- -- -- -- -- -- all you need to know there in overtime. Backs against the wall yeah at a home last game at the Joseph last game of the that they know that this is their only chance and they come out and just -- -- -- but by the broad twelve to three shots hit it wasn't and wasn't in the shots it was just so. One sided -- The rink was tilted as they say yeah out Phil did to a via. With the red wings in them back up goalie and by the way -- find there starting goalie they look like under his bed Detroit River. He jumped in and all men and women in that area as area. As a humane thing and black bear fan I'm ashamed to black mayors. -- -- And then Jimmy Howard Howard. -- we -- stuff showed up last night. Yeah pretty good flu -- -- -- to be able as anyone believe know now as a footnote don't know who believe that I mean the red wings fans do they're proud they're very very proud older one and I -- -- quite original six -- almost almost should be original seven. The original twelve original twelve what led the team led the league in good spots left that's true -- in gold anomaly that every goalie nearly half cops try to do -- is someone's job to date of Mike talk Jimmy Howard off the ledge or is he done. That these points he's all done. I think Babcock although I think you'll probably Babcock had with the goal that's and if you get that goal as well if if when I was name -- Muslim -- post also. Good stuff Gustafson. And marsh and could hit an open net. Yeah it's not an overtime if not not even close he was better than -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess I -- if you -- soft goals. There have been men by the Detroit Red -- zero. The best player on the ice is Tuukka -- The best player on either team I'm -- the -- -- who best player. Is to -- and second that splitter is well. That's who got -- And the next ten a Bruins after the blast it go and speak last last unless -- The last them a little pointless Quarshie abode Zdeno Chara can I vote for him and then he actually made the best play of the game when he fell down that was the best player of the game just fell down and the -- says you know and -- Bertuzzi yeah yeah as a makeup call accord and -- -- -- Jack was right the right there in that case and you know. -- -- No question the call like that that he -- question call you'd fearing -- -- fall pleaded not legit penalty right know. Now they scored a goal off write an article it was crucial. But honestly if they played fifty times -- the red wings went out with took place this way right. One Memphis that two of three common rite six it says for once here's the part when one of sixers right but before but they. They scored two goals right. -- four goals. Portals and board games give me getting him -- it close to like -- I I wanna play my lateral it to I want to get -- right -- amateur against the math right really cared about her character that this was a skilled fast team. And as. Puck possession puck directed -- him and they have one goal target speed to the neutral so you guys agree or disagree best player on the -- And Ireland took. -- arrest has been MVP this year MVP yes console life. -- -- Well as a calves and when -- -- -- -- -- when Conn Smyth. -- give them every truly an abatement -- lady Betty lady bing in the masters and -- like ten -- is not black compete with a stick. But the -- already got a good shot and last night when there -- down a little shot from there but -- Tim Thomas tells it like Wayne -- on people with known as Kris it's an issue but it. It in and they know they can't get a soft volley all know he's pretty good player he is a good luck Cornel -- so yes it is -- -- an English. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Matching their intensity but his teammates and -- and it's it's. It's unfair mean it really is and took a play better last night that he did in the goal game -- shut them out. And there -- some critical. The best -- very -- the best right overtime yeah applicator dip. The best her arrest had the series was the first period last night yet given the goal -- brightly Jaffe said all that could have easily been three yes absolutely actually in -- a war it's over in Israel and for them they go into the -- traffic mode in in it's hard to come back. The the the only chance the Bruins had was to keep that tool right and they did because it. Number forty or the court and got two of the question my thought was whoever scores nexus in the -- trick was up three nothing and nowhere is that it's not -- this and that to the Bruins score it's 21 yeah we're a group scored. You could feel it is just watch -- Joseph Louis in this game the Bruins do win by. It was almost too early in the period didn't want to be a little bit leaders of the middle -- back up the third and continue that but they kept the momentum anyway -- than what you just the second period it hurts to play the Bruins and it gets tougher as the game goes on I think Babcock said something along those lines. Yeah I said they got better as the game went on it's kind of what they do and Detroit knows it. You have to -- gets a 21 Detroit knows this and the tickets to -- too it's like I mean I don't know -- bother playing in the overtime it was it was a formality right yeah Babcock after the game. Let's just turn around -- could've could've been up. Mora for one of what we work now and they stuck with that and then I thought as the game went on we had more holes and us defensively and and then. I mean you got to give the -- critically I'd like gave us a chance. To hang around hang around in the third and an overtime. When the game was tilted. And we were able to do anything with a faceoff circle kill listening is alive there. Nor our kids in the Sheehan and being -- you only get eaten up in that area a little bit and they end up with a puck a lot -- -- diesel encouraged too much. The goal gave message that he -- his -- I think yeah yeah yeah. -- the three stars of the game. -- -- -- I think that -- the only other shot that was definitely just look at the ship the three stars of the game. No no I haven't actually on the scale of that -- and I like to do you do three stars of the game. I guess I'll Rask got the draft that would be incorrect I want the -- not one of the -- tough let's. It just like the same guy who does the official scoring and Red Sox came the woman who Derek Jeter a Buck Showalter from and it takes -- -- He is not one of your three stars of the game so Stevie Wonder -- it's a motel -- quite right wonder. It's. This one red wings to Bruins. Our core apple corn hole is not one of the -- this could be my last one Rask. A corner almost not exist coral and beyond that again law you're number one star of the game that was a magnificent yeah find out who sat -- And ignore the rest poll the boot from the point of the progress in the when he gave up from what the first one. You know how I know why I don't think that's the slightest bit soft because I never -- thing. Should replace Richard go Bertuzzi progress seventeen guys in front of home and it goes through all of them and it ends up in the net you say at. If anyone thinks rest should get a piece of that. Didn't watch it did watch the replay which yesterday prior to the game. Somebody on Detroit's at any. Pot he sneeze he stops that's a great observation is exactly right many puppies as he stops and doesn't it give his team confidence I -- -- know we've seen before was so Tim Thomas -- -- grass before. But don't you get to play -- more competent to -- Doug Hamilton knowing. If you make -- -- little mistake you have to take a chance we could -- -- -- to jump into the play right you don't have to worry about you know Marc-Andre if we're behind you you have. Who correctly given to guys. The only guests. And we just talked to close were Walken in the studio. -- -- Merger Patrice Bergeron. If guys can say can't say -- And of course there -- Be careful and he's a great great player great to play earlier but this -- -- opens he has -- -- -- get nominated for the cell peace and but there was a movement I've seen around him for him for MVP and -- pro right. I -- -- you put him in yet that discussions in the cross via. You beat the best player in the league and go long stretches where you don't. Make -- play. I think that -- it is the best. Skater the best and -- -- would like he's Jerry his his his offense is -- -- of 2% of the value -- brings he's great and he gets back on defense but. Is that a definition of an MVP with the face off -- Great face of -- great great player great defense -- him repeat like the best player in the league Mena and chipped it -- smack him I think -- in the war rebels all around player. He's made that these the next level below them the right problem would be wrestlers he's the number freestyle number two star -- about that -- And I have no problem that he's really really well he's really really good but they don't have they have like one or two of those guys. The Bruins have three lines if he didn't play great game I know not only is not exist that knows some I was actually thinking the second -- I don't know guy he's already done more. Yes or you've got the Bruins than it did for the penguins in the postseason last year right and to get the sense that he's he's trying to make up for that make up forty -- last year's post season. Was an embarrassment for the -- I'm sure it's a low point in his career and it may chose to go there so they have the best chance to win. And it did they didn't win and he didn't help. And now he's on that theme again with the best chance to win we'll go to that -- regular season sort of made up for that yeah yeah no it did not -- else does a great regular season player I mean that's look at his wrecked his career numbers. Great regular season play but never in. He's never had this chance and dominant team this -- right now's the chance to win if it if if it's all about winning here you go Iggy. This to get it done a button again public goal last night you can listen now along strict enough. No but it but it don't you think when you want to ruin this posting this really good -- in the other than opera house on important. And it -- couple of the moments maybe Gregory Campbell that the the first three lines. Kind of just all blend together it's true that is a great time for a team when you're not sure it's not like you know it's Crosby's line. You know he's not sure what lines open mail to withdraw right right you don't feel -- -- you don't feel it although -- probably better out there -- just hang on. Witness in on the the the stars get arrest. -- not that kind of dynamic with this team which is. If the formula isn't for formula for success when you roll a minute -- they roll four lines out there but. Portland is a little. -- let's just hang on and get through this shift and so again it was the first -- the game yeah according to whoever mixed this list. You wonder -- as for star of the game period that in the game. Do you -- you know. We'll head and we -- shift I thought we had. You know a little bit -- -- time there are some plays some locations. Possible corner battles and stuff and we I encouragement and ice pass over I think it was going to be over to Doug. And I was just gonna lose -- guardian and about trying to battling I was one of their guys. But you're shot I was just trying to go get a stick on ticket and then. They run right by losing -- guys have battling so. Pretty fortunate goal fortunate bounce an ugly one but. That seems to be a lot of those Arnold didn't even know what it felt great as a team. Because it was tough game you know they played well enough plummeted but we start with -- and I thought from the third period. Honor you know we we we started getting better and and getting more consistent chances and nice Italian restaurants. I will say this as I'm watching that overtime and as the ice was tilted in the bruins' favor and one shot after another shot after another shot. In the sense oftentimes it generally not generally it oftentimes goes the other way. You can out to the other team with twelve to three and get an ugly win like the Bruins and the getting right to win to get. Yeah yet the rest factor is big on copyrights can dominate from one -- keeping the right to keep scores of games over that did not tiger wants a cut to one. After -- goal which is waiting for how the brewers when not if they were out there and it might you might lose. Google we don't lose Ceres and -- eagle in this series was never. Competitive are you called it saying would be an overtime -- was in the open. I thought we usually when we get a prediction wanted to remove the and only fair when we get our predictions -- -- -- on a roll right now and I'll come together for you. And now anomaly that say Bruins at five and I was right. Use that overtime last -- overtime to reject two would win Boston -- as an American would you did you know what went before Tony rivers convinced yes it's weird it's gonna happen and we talked about it's weird. Maybe even an American winning and he said he can only be a woman says yes man right amid a male American couldn't win that a woman among female American could. Even Tony resistance that come. 39 years -- What -- that an American -- -- was he like thirtieth he was 21 family first or second. He he was right to a minimum of the day just a passenger -- it's the right -- He helped them over the line and got a bigger picture. We help the go little right. Yes -- shouldn't be able to that run by the way trying to set people straight again you're on top I tried to set people straight they did not carry mobile line and everyone's running with historic -- over the line is the week of Callahan. You've ever look at that we looked refreshed you oh he's -- got -- point all of our retouched it's all come together after. Feel like. It will would Mikey says a blocked punt. With your face fifty pounds of mashed Hamburg or whatever that all my keys Mikey -- action Victor. Our old friend. Who's when he is there room looks like blocked punt. -- credits grants community. Army and oil went to bed late when he -- gonna wake up should -- certain level of alarm clock in this -- like you have some sleep and on the would try basking in your glow and I. Associate with a prediction efforts Jerry. Admitting it can't handle someone else's I don't care just a matter to me. It's -- -- you are so right. Those tomorrow blowout at the garden. I don't know I'm over on policy doesn't risque blog don't -- is a good chip to the -- table of bad at all. No it'll be. 221 I was 631 escort -- -- on the -- it and that's it. Revenues of social fight in the first period. Well but the second in the -- the dominated this every game the secrets. Rebels have I told you they would understand and I I policy here -- whatever the notion that. That would and Detroit they're not your typical late seed they can skate they got speed. I -- negates beat you on that a lot of right they did that mean its commitment to pick the Bruins in six games like that the government's -- -- up at the -- -- -- -- you talk about the Bruins in the -- when we moved -- from -- I'm on rumors that. I would say that we. Probably could -- who. Good lord it over the telephone or third quarter point to the Dominican government to justify it. -- for arsenic. A for yes them for its fine right there refreshed -- the go to work for resident our absolutely. 6177 -- 790 threesome it was difficult to really dump all over the red wings when we when we come back. Have to turn our attention to and we can pick out any word you like starting with hideous. Of events at Fenway Park now with a 139 games to go I'm not suggesting that their hearts are completely cut out. But did they look like they wanted to be anywhere near Fenway Park last night and why enough. Errors should stop stops. And not allow that on my show -- five errors. There was seven errors at least by Mike ultimate victory while pitchers and a passed ball. I would say that's accurate yet but this nonsense that to a five errors when because Derek Jeter hit a routine ground at -- gold. And they called it -- -- -- And I do I do I do Jeter made an error the night before a ball went right through his legs. We -- sent a -- -- rules that would pine tar the rule that allows that to be a great man I don't have anything against Derek Jeter. He did not get a hit when he hit a ground ball to Brock -- Brock called booted. Ann and Jerry in and on to say anything of that no big deal yes it is that's not right -- -- wasn't -- hip surgery and herald that wasn't hit just like the night before when AJ Pierzynski hit a routine ground ball went between Jeter's legs. That was not a hit OK we're keeping -- scored you do you know seven Aaron -- right which what they change was it was -- -- brought. And they called -- a yeah and right imagery than they change it to there and a look at that and immediately see that was request -- yet. Who here. It but to Bruntlett at that matters. That -- -- Jeter they called an error on bogus it was a rocket arm and right here is hand. And I'm a pilot that was right -- but it was they -- what. Was that -- he knows about movies not. I'll say what he's not as I've got -- does -- that -- -- -- easier or more difficult than Jeter's ground ball to Brock called. All -- -- much and I mean -- but it depends who hit an -- play of course legitimate the play. I'm but it depends who hit the looked -- jeetz. That's a pit. -- -- like I doubt he saved. Rocks and now the third base I guess. That that brief moment where -- one of Ross to catch because presents he's been shaky defensively that's over that has passed we picked the wrong guy catch fourth. -- class Ross was awful you know last night was. Finally at low the low point John -- -- last we have many low points really yet and a this is it for the first time he -- management team. It is not good does that mean hoping good nog is that this is not a good baseball. Let's off all his talk refutes it on 777979837. Bruins on the table Red Sox on the table. I think we should come up with -- as many words that begin with G. Describe last night's Red Sox when we come back.

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