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Pine Tar Finally Catches up to Pineda 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Dino, Gerry & Kirk evaluate the newest contender for dumbest athlete.

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I think John Sterling didn't say it was me and you any and it -- and you can out last night you know what I truly wish that I were Smart enough. Creative enough to grew up with some sort of a regional to take some sort of fresh concept some sort of creative response and commentary about Michael Pineda. I can't promote within the other than out of a -- I -- I got I got an idiot I innings and he equally among the -- all the India captain of the all 88 team starting pitcher ace of the staff of the all -- team. But is my pinkie he was a cry for help you know it was a cry for knows he needs help us. You know like we're gonna hand in and he took that when he checked himself in he took that the woman that -- like the mother the clumps -- -- he knew that was a cry for help and immediately that intervention mention that help be needed some purchasing these. Seven time drug drivers quiet and they drive fast -- the -- in the -- couples the moment they said you got me on drugs they want to be -- want to locked up it's like going to get a little -- who wanted to help so she she took an actor husband yes yes it went next door and a cry for help try to chop down their front door right in the next -- then went. Back the home and and paid that a racist thing on our foundation. At the same moment. And I think that's not as scary odds in that town. The front rugs and a -- has eves ago we asked if that was as prom date first one university witnesses maybe this is one of -- girl for a when they finally forced her into the cruiser on the -- of the courthouse she was getting. On her attorney. And they did a lousy job had to honor her -- a problem that. But that's the only explanation I can come up with. NATO wants to be suspend the it's this wrong in his personal. It's a cry for help integrate I think we should. Offers to -- sympathy here to help which offer. Therapy not not punishment pipes are intervention yes I don't think we truly open our hearts to him you. When no -- it's going to go to provide love. It if that's true -- means they just developing mind it is not clearly clearly not develop peers are all given the take and isn't about a ways English is great. That's true that's something else who -- that is -- and how to Wear a hat. -- -- -- -- Doctor in New York that crowd right here right awarded -- can't grow a beard project and we like ten games for the pine tar and two more for the hat. It's Paula does I think it here's where the story gets advance what is Girardi in and Rothschild and and and for that matter CC sabathia Derek Jeter what they do witness never talked to him since he can't do it never looked at him. The first time we didn't say -- can't do that and urged the chance to disguise they once in the generation army I mean just unbelievably stupid. Yes I mean these are just some guys will just stupid. What we see Manny Ramirez right they said it was you can't do this anymore. And then went -- that the jury sent the message and with George may have sound like he checked him or was aware that he was clean in the first. Gave up a couple of runs it went back up the second when he got the glob what is. He did not happen on. When the game started and I guess from what I understand -- a hard time gripping the ball and he put it on in the second innings. Obviously that's a problem Morgan have to deal with the consequences and Michael's gonna have to deal with that we'll get through. Places could do think that if you're going to do this you could put it where much -- and it is aware. There are high definition cameras. On the networks the broadcast baseball. Just real easy to put it on the palm of your wild and yes right I think all of our weird to have all these next pitchers this doesn't happen had to put your hat your belt right. It does -- -- a Republican got stuck -- At the beginning on his -- in the Red Sox were willing to give them some ideas you know John Farrell everybody's -- awards it was like. How did do well. Why didn't -- -- -- Soon. Did what and sabathia tell me how to do I'm telling them to think these guys probably just assume that he knew these places to do it it probably said listen next time just don't beat. And then -- -- the first inning he went in the figure he's not going to be dom and he and smeared overs neck. And no one saw him between that where he was when he put that on either with the club boasts of the tunnel. And and the and the mound Nolan saw him -- catcher in the CM is what's let's assume that somebody did wouldn't say something. That's my question I mean it's I mean the -- organization. Has to share responsibility. Calm because that to a spoke to. Right -- -- if they didn't know they share the blame I guess I can come from for personal accountability on this one I mean this is -- -- just gonna look for different writers Aaron disqualify as Larry Rothschild throwing -- under the bus. Well there's so obviously surprised but. In I'm not sure that he understood the implications and I think it was more. And his mind that he needed to -- to baseball whatever he had to do. You know I don't know if you thought to be an understanding you know it. It was there was one of those things that I'm not sure he understood. What -- is or even though I had told them. What could happen. Boy. Gets ignoring that guy. Except in talks like that that. But you're right maybe they told him -- -- -- Girardi told them it sabathia maybe agent maybe his mother maybe everyone told them. And he misunderstood. But it was a wink wink thing -- they didn't do anything last time what what's that but it's only -- arrived from a spaceship and start pitching in the major leagues this year -- Tanaka -- he's pitched. In the major leagues he is -- better pictures he knows. With these guys do right I mean well not really because think of this he did last time it was caught on camera -- saw right. And there are no consequences. We thought the wink wink thing was never ending that it was all always -- the elect. You can't step out of the batter's box you can you have to pitch and 25 seconds and there was another rule that they ignored -- without making cents. It solves that Africa now have our answer now says I'm so sad. -- -- said I didn't hit anyone. -- -- that that's not so sticky through that's that's not the issue that it is amazing it's it's almost like you know he put it. On his middle finger and flipped it -- that the -- -- what what's the difference put it on and it was no lose. I mean it could not have been more brazen more blatant more obviously -- -- -- But it's very different kind of take what we what we hold Major League Baseball. And the unwritten rules and the written rules and enforcement and the lack of enforcement up to the bright like this morning so I I guess from -- And it -- AJ Pierzynski talked about it -- Errol talked about it two weeks ago when it was April 12. So it's okay. In everybody's mind to do it. In fact it's perfectly fine to do in fact AJ Pierzynski says I hope you do it's a -- take went on the air flap. Just don't be obvious ones like say and it's OK to go rob a bank to make sure you have 88 -- ski mask over your face now Italy now this is -- that you're doing it. This is driving in 65 and it on seven the highway it would be speed limit sixty that's the way look at its. Rule sure on the books it could be enforced but it never. Enforce or make league can be sabretech and his legal. You can't make it legal cause then it's. Is no limit then I mean can you imagine if this -- head did. You know all of his cheeks. -- and Gerard it's the kind of job. I mean they just say be be subtle it's worked for decades as though community. And that the rule I think it's rule 807. Dash before in dolby -- is outlandish wrote that he violated the that rule that secret -- they'll be applicable. When you're stupid. That you can cure stupid mean it's disguised as a result was the quote from -- Life is tough but it's over Carter it was hard but when you're stupid gesture and an aerial pics and stupid but that's and it's like Manny Ramirez with this third. In the drug test three times. And all that dumb stuff he did in the consequences aren't that great enemies can be back he's gonna make money's gonna have a good career. He's dumb as a rock. Brian Cashman after. Game I think we're all embarrassed it. You know we as a group partners this is taking place you know I think -- and -- -- -- -- that. That. Some -- to the field. With that in that position was that like baton it's just is -- bad situation and clearly forced the opponents and to do something and you know orchard they wanna do that they had no choice but to do and -- -- this -- We'll deal with the ramifications for that now. Steve Buckley tweeting less than he was there wrote about it seven -- -- between. Manager Joseph Girardi failure to take any responsibility for pertain -- getting ejected is embarrass. What does that mean nine. The manager just has to it's an obligation to take responsibility when your pitcher gets rejected what if Girardi did -- -- -- go to that any war. Went back at the pine tar and and and walked right out headed out the monologue Girardi was -- I actually very possible cure it majorities not she should he take responsibility should Girardi buck writes about is a Smart guys. Northwestern grad an engineering major and he knew. That that he could do all the -- could use all the monetary one he just couldn't be this blatant or should Terry Francona take responsibility when many you know fails a drug test. No -- if somebody does something stupid. Yeah but I know -- know Manny was -- ball but most of I don't know what nobody did but what's -- are different -- a Girardi. Made clear according -- made yet clear that he couldn't do this right right. What Moore was your understanding Girardi said to him you know yeah put the bunch and neck that's fine but of course not mean I think some of those -- -- party and my take on this is Girardi is this step because a discussion -- tan. -- child said they talked to about it Girardi I'm sure it said on what what of those classic night or or outback on April 12 and he went out dated anyway that's why. Is not taken responsibility for what the city. Well obviously we have discussions with all the pitchers and things that they're dealing I -- that's what we do so. We don't ignore situations we handle situations and something Michael chose to do. After the first inning hit a hard time gripping the baseball. Conditions are you know not conducive to gripping a baseball and you know. Unknown to us he put it on and went out there. Yelled something Michael chose to do we talked to our pitchers so -- is that thrown a young pitcher under the black hole. I'm I'd agree with you. I'm not sure what Girardi was supposed to do -- he's throwing -- under the bustle that I think sometimes you deserve to be thrown under the bus and this is one of these times you do something that dom should get called Cashman called mama. Rothschild called -- you -- Jeter said that he made some. Robertson and -- -- he just. Got here right -- -- he's a young veteran what would buck have Girardi to do or say. July afterwards and say. I'd never talk about it's my fault. We never brought it up it's probably something we should have handled it be Rothschild and I should've spoken to him about it. It's our fault he won't happen I take responsibility for their responsibility and allow. I know what what Dara Moskowitz at Susan Waldman although they want with the Yankees start doing this they want. Farrell what they want is the most unrealistic thing and I'm sure Yankee. Fans and maybe we'll hear from them and I know you know Mike in and boomer in the we'll hear from the today. They want -- to ignore it because that's what baseball guys to but it what point is it too much to ignore the pressure is then on Farrell. People I mean I know when I was sick or -- Farrell you gotta go yeah you've got even though your pitcher review of unwritten rules if the punters okay. You have no choice did for -- have a choice is no heed to what what do mouse Moskowitz and involvement talking about. Big they're fools I mean obviously they've they've been this idea that this is gonna lead to an epidemic of the Yankees chipped -- on Red Sox pitchers that's gonna happen either artists here's announce crew from the Yankees brought. Now here's John Farrell the wonder president can you do Pineda. Evidently. And here's Gerry Davis going to the amount. He looks citizen and who looks at the globe. The game. Don't worry about the Yankees. This will -- him. Every right to do that but let me tell you sort of their pitchers. Are known to use stuff and this is gonna start something that maybe John Farrell isn't gonna wanna start by the end of the year. Local school student and -- -- -- it is really your own brick and all the local announces that we've been. Critical of that's that's the that's the new low -- child that's their first reaction to this starting pitchers we're getting you know -- just wait that's a -- I was twelve company was my favorite picture I don't want to -- my glove that's tragically buckle you get your. Fat head of right and recruit he wears a hat sideways when Moskowitz goes out like wears a hat as he put on some highways. I give credit though at least when all that was happening he didn't think it was a home run. That's you know that's true yeah he -- as pride is that it is far down his neck he got the call -- And that is. Uncomfortable. It's funny we love pitch. There wasn't even the left. That's else recall right it. Know how to execute execute. That that was the call from them don't even put it speaker portrait that map to -- trying to flies sausage you have a hole. Team of interns and opponents one dumber than that and -- move forward with Brittany. This kid has meant that's kind of get the other New York calls via the TV guys reacted it's okay yeah that is comfortable this week get you instant reaction -- Anger Girardi is it. Go out there and say two to the apartment listed by the commanders can look at is not something. To its core I mean Girardi isn't gonna do that is Girardi knows who's at fault here. That he's also sure pretty aware that sabathia doesn't in most pitchers do when it's cold and shortly and he's a catcher to -- you might do it. Look at the middle -- -- there's no I love when techsters tree that's out -- three says its don't be an idiot you should not true. On gas it is one of those exceptions yet when you public. A ball bounces sounds like of all yeah. And you know and honest right and on the man yeah an honest man. The most that he is silent. And yet so agreement for area yet a media yet -- that's that's that's an idiot. -- I I was I guarantee you idiot would Dino tweeted about the -- crook I knew and I thought about that too and I went and bought the new kind of -- back it's always the same. So they'd they'd do via. He tweets about a stupid that looks as everybody knows it looks too old man. No what was that out next thing you know that will be Marion white women. Are the analysts and all idiot tweeted that it's and next thing you know John WW Miller Light him well what's that traces. Eagle from crooked hat -- and -- and an hour. Is that that person treated you looked up and -- And said that looks. But they are afraid. We've got to start before I seriously don't think it's that big the big deal that do you think it was stupid. It looks whenever I don't get stupidly so no I don't and OK silly. Pulling out of place out of place. Out of place so you put it in the same in the same stature as wearing your socks your -- high or low as an example you see the entire red sock. Where you don't see -- -- -- that -- yes I would I think this is a generational. But -- think again before the Miller. And looks that look good yankees uniform put the hat on and though. It's a bit older sister. That'd be backwards at the side as Jewish that you. It's come as a government because you know after Hewlett winner back with that. -- white equipment. It in the Bud Selig. All I'm glad I fight back. I -- gonna -- story you couldn't keep your hat to the -- -- all the way backwards all the -- front not to listen what what what -- stored that you were -- importantly it's where I was gonna say is -- it reckless in the food court we you'll India whose right there appears outlet anywhere that snazzy -- -- Yeah though he wins his last call it this rectangle that. It would equal the design that the checkered and looks of the flat across harder last thinning and falsely semi coming up and in this application. Was that like working -- Redundant it was -- a lot of shady characters -- for the -- where you provide a level of expertise and walked and it didn't have advised me I couldn't figure out what I don't. We lost about why can't give that I can simulate guy gets -- cold and I. Like to give that gig I want to focus on this. What the makeup of the radio at -- and it's the work here. -- with you guys are having second thoughts now lives on record good company it it's getting better health care. Their benefits and about the best and the -- -- -- -- -- Natick Natick Ole hole alliance to you know it's not the -- right you know attacks have been to -- close attention back as well he's settled for a while the Natick collection via. Now she's back to the -- And they get a hats and add to the extent to a woman actually met a lot of laughs you're right it is directly underneath the food court it is escalated food courts now right next Dunkin' Donuts prime real statements in the bond and fresh ones commode smells. Let's say they lost fifteen minutes. And did you sell all of those the end of the day you know at a natural way that -- the report dumpster. I may have done that with the pizza shop in their before. Compete as a sorrow. And it's just that the body by -- about -- -- Had to go -- -- how many hats do you have on the Jeep block -- -- way a couple of hundred hats you do yeah. Do you in the same one every -- is sung only fit anymore going to be head. It's steadily -- had gotten bigger. It's -- had two groups in the same place and it's. Well my here's a little longer right now -- he -- like that figurehead. Yeah IDs well in the summer. And it's using slow start to turn out that's true yeah that's through its. That doesn't affect you had actually what your troops while the it was your producers last job before here lids and they'll ultimately. Decide to come good enough he was assistant editor or manager all the scoring was all those questions in the application management team its salary is -- -- -- -- their eyes that's at. You feel crosses -- whatever it. When -- -- made the -- I didn't hesitate you know the guy -- a zero dollar desired. Almost as much as limits amateur with numbers and you know -- -- sounds pretty. Two on and he regrets he regrets that is. Knowing that he loves being here you do half of working with -- you know upturn in -- -- to get up to work can lids. But it depended on the shift that's the question the earliest. Probably the six. You do in the store opened -- -- set that place yet but there -- some issues we have to go in and released stock -- stuff like that goal so let's put Chicago only show. Dodgers since. It's a retro Dodgers Padres. How many Red Sox kept the -- Probably forty -- at a pivotal -- and that has to be the most common -- in question you got. The most common question. Without question is do -- -- -- how much do you -- -- that's. A product out there. Is an important -- fired. Now wasn't fired a close the doors open that's. -- -- It is now grow old enough to collapse them. I think what 7777937. Out Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen. Will chime in -- o'clock hour. Al Leiter from the yes network had to say about -- customers had no he does it. But about this for a second as we go to break data. Had a -- sort of obvious place on his pomp. But you understand where you thank you had upon them your -- side pocket caught back on April 12 so after -- caught after eggs exposed after eagle eyes and that is -- in my area. He decides and when to re apply it put it. In a spot you know. Lodging and didn't get the most obvious bought it before he can do corny it not like not to give -- the most obvious the easiest for the camera to catch. And a cry for help. He's done it on his forehead in -- is like across. Like. Ash Wednesday traditionally on needs therapy -- -- he needs to -- for a which is addiction. Apart to see if they had every holiday pie chart a map I thought my name means in in in Spanish I don't know it's pine tar. And made off line aid and it didn't go off all lines open topic Hewitt six point 777 -- 7937. I. Mathematically it's a must win game but it certainly is a must win gave the red wings get that -- Alan ma my predictions -- -- run on the multiple at night. Overtime. Bruins win in overtime red -- than the last gasp effort real with a tie the game at 111 in overtime. Bruins went public payment to a midnight I think the idea of this serrated and emasculated them in the previous game. Tensions are running. But back to Boston where it true. And we'll load it with the patriots schedule once again. The brilliant schedule maker has them playing Miami. The first week of the season when it's like 95 degrees -- my.

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