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When will the NHL have enough of Matt Cooke shortening/ending other players careers

Apr 22, 2014|

Matt Cooke strikes again, this time in Colorado. When will the league put an end to this headhunter's antics? We discuss.

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You don't want to at the start time and a to be an excuse. But it was encouraging the last couple starts that he was coming off of I felt like there was every reason to think that there would be as good stuff for the trend he was showing -- pick up from last couple but. Just that the lack of finish to a stuff was the difference. John -- talking about Clay Buchholz and his performance yesterday. Sometime this afternoon. Matt Cooke of the Minnesota Wild will get an in person hearing. He's been invited notice the quotation fingers invited. To New York for an in person hearing with -- national like lately comment I'm gonna academic -- Actually you know what's funny -- -- -- -- -- decline in -- you can decline in person hearing you can say now just on the phone. But once they've extended the in person hearing it gives them the the of the ability under the CPA to suspend you for more than five games over the if they want yes but it like normally if they said look it upon hearing that means you know you you can't get more than five games but once they invite you in saying no. They can still give you more than pocket what he's an idiot if it goes. Let's just wants to go -- you're gonna try and and maybe Matt Cooke actually thinks he can come up with a defense for what he did. I don't think he can but he he has basically ended the playoffs season for Tyson -- With yet another career threatening type of -- and I know we here in Boston always go back to the Marc Savard hit with Matt -- and properly so. Fact of the matter is he has done this sort of thing for about three years he tried to clean up exact person Mario LeMieux set to look we can't defend the stuff anymore you gotta stop. Yes what let us -- with the trophies yet for. In hockey for. On -- in an end he was he was a candidate for this the master to he a candidate for the plug INN and the Pittsburgh writers nominated but three years ago it was just. The most absurd thing I've ever change his image to get it oh. I gut player I don't know not you don't like he's -- a good play it's got to Michael he's a marginal player in the national hockey on today's great player. -- is an all star player but if he couldn't play. Mario LeMieux and others. Would not continually. Be apologist form. He has some ability maybe maybe not enough ability to justify. All the drama. That he brings to an organization but you have to give the guy some credit. You know he's he's -- -- would you call him an above average player is in a. No average no comment on other matters are literally not know I would call image below average hockey player I I think he's a he's a marginal hockey player in the national hockey. I what it's like why people keep iron. He had he had a couple of years in Pittsburgh where he was in double digits in goals. You know a nineteen year a fifteen year a thirteen year he's never scored more than 38 points and a season. In the National Hockey League. He's out he's a marginal player who always played on that edge provocative well and in the the equivalent case here is a guy like Brad marsh land. Except marsh and the -- much much better player. Then Matt -- he has and marsh and it's always teetered on that that. Precipice you know going too far and and he's been suspended for the past and -- to its credit. -- kind of got grass by the lapel spikes both his coach Claude Julien and his own father and they said cut the crap here. Play the game the right way play on the edge but don't do that stuff or any stop don't. Matt Cooke tried and for about three years eating gets suspended while he's about it sucked pretty good. I've seen everything guest from from six games to 25 games I've literally seen that kind of range. My guess is somewhere around ten to twelve. And I think that's what he's gonna get it's woody dancer. You're allowed to read this text amounts are. That adamant that it doesn't make you laugh. -- -- an editor Erica I'm starting up star navy last I would like to share everything with you guys we have that kind of relationship that's one thing it can't. You can't mention that. I've had a lot of people on Twitter over the last eighteen hours or so a bunch of people here on the text machine already say you got to ban him for life well I don't think they can. I don't think under the terms of the of the CPA that they have any provision allows them to say. Matt -- you can't play here anymore you got ago you just debts that you got -- clearly why not I just on what looked you don't have to sign him but I don't think they can ban. In other words -- team just -- I I got no place. Form I you know I appreciate you very much phenomena prisoners did not appreciate it I used it. But I don't think that's at the leak cannot ban and they don't have the right. I mean god forbid short of him taken stick to somebody and ending their career in that regard. I don't think they have anywhere they can -- Mean they've had these egregious stick infractions in the past Bertuzzi and guys like that may have an even they haven't been kicked them out of the league for life. He's gonna get sucked pretty yet. Ever but Bertuzzi. I mean Bertuzzi had the -- the terrible incident. But was there a pattern was there. A pattern like the risk for cook for Bertuzzi. -- -- all right no there wasn't out now you'll you'll admit Bertuzzi was a very good excellent player he's not healthy scratch for the Detroit Red Wings by the way. Hasn't played neither the first two games probably won't play tonight. He's just he's just -- don't have any -- he doesn't know he was a very very good when I think about it I mean that happen. Incident happened to your opportunity now for -- -- 3830 now and now right. He's probably -- -- -- but yeah I'm sure it I'm sure he has somewhere in that ball out of the keys as -- -- Alfredsson but. He's up there and -- forgotten Alfredsson about forty point one. And speaking of hockey gods because of hockey in the red wings. Later in the show you have to stay tuned for the poetry of my man Mike Babcock. The public might just loved this guy Mike Babcock could be oh sorry when this series is over win or lose you're just going to be despondent that Mike Babcock got poetry slam the two guys here that. A little later and also. We're gonna solve this and about the final two today in -- ecology. Of our final four get down to our final two. Final four participants. Rage Against The Machine. Living color. Drop kick Murphy's and get it. Who did it down one of those final two will be our new our new -- treatment and that is -- -- You know I don't -- -- -- it's a good call by UND but see that's pretty darn good but Babcock. Is the anti mad. Joseph Maddon has been in a bar fight like Mike Babcock can alike guarantee Mike Babcock -- Anybody running -- last night -- Let it speak at a started -- let this man a hockey game when he'll be in a bar fights. This -- he's won the last people on American arm -- It goes into place -- -- -- -- A our school our red wings fan has texted me on the AT&T text line dale. Is Lucci to dirty player spend the fact that he's now hit three different players in the -- I wanna hear it out. Op while I only know -- too painful to even bring it up. And I'm sorry no I don't equate them even a little. Did any of the three players that that Milan -- -- were words where they out of line up for any length of time. Tyson -- soccer play the rest of the playoffs this is probably a 68 week. Thing for him he's going to be done Marc Savard tried to play after the Matt Cooke hit but in a fact Matt Cooke's hit ended Marc -- career. Sorry Milan which he didn't end anybody's career didn't put anybody's. Ability to procreate in jeopardy now but I know of no way man. I'm not try to justify what he did and saying -- hit you can't eat. Quite the two -- his his body of work. Is now on -- on par with. With -- as far as being a dirty player although pretty nasty place. Yes it was dumb it was it. I heard LB talking about this earlier to -- month alone and obese probably played on manage himself few times hockey players guys who played the game. Found what -- who cheats did a music. Universally Mike Milbury on on the NBC telecast the other -- -- can I laugh about this now. Jeremy Roenick said the same thing. Guys who have played the game found what -- cheats did amusing people who don't play the game group never played the game including -- In -- goal like god what has he done here. They're saying. That's the sort of thing happens in playoff games all the time that sort of thing a -- check -- unfortunately from line you know he didn't there's cameras everywhere. And you know he got cotton and he admits it was stupid now if if you try to somehow equate what -- -- did. With Matt -- sticking out his -- going neon meet with Tyson Barry last night and ending his playoff here sorry I'm not with young now. Detectives go to capture another. Texas this -- who YouTube too it's playing back to back it is that what we thought we call it. -- tag -- -- 6177797937. As the telephone number a Charlie Norwood Europe first on dale and Holley. I don't -- you. 890 got it back in the thank you don't admit like you guys I have a Bulgarian crew that worked in a -- fortieth but. That I would like Malawi this review -- I agree with the call -- These guys on the that'll. But like I would I would disagree with this element caller. When we heavily touted you great you know I'll agree with -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- held. It out Detroit outplayed them in the second period what do you think Iowa. I don't know. What I have what it would. How -- tell me how -- tell me how the game went which team was clearly the better team in the game. I thought the rule and -- playing them all time but he's in debt and I said I was saying -- there and I -- standing is like I equate dog keeper. Right in is an Negroponte applaud. But I I was slightly game and I'm going cut them are not the Nintendo is -- sit back like oh Montreal. It's simply not yell at -- earned. And I can't stand saying because my my my 2000 let me I mean on call him an embarrassing again. But it took my big -- in our party. And he brought in and around our R&R. Girl Romney in the you know this didn't -- What's your what's your point all but what's your point overall Charlie are you worried about the Bruins were neck and yes I know I'd be a week we've gone over that what -- but what's your overall point are you worried about them. It's not it's -- to -- eight. Friday yeah. -- they can't do that they've got to go out all of gardens all armed and keep it shouldn't you know. And and I I I just think we talked about this -- yesterday. Which is closer to the real Bruins team when you -- Friday. With a when you saw Sunday. Because to me it's not even a question I watched this team play 82 games this year. That team I saw Sunday was a lot closer to what I watched all season long -- the team I watched Friday. Again not an excuse just -- statement of fact Friday was the first game they've played in almost three weeks that meant anything. And it took a while the cranked back up again. It's gonna is that a concern that it took him a lot of current backup an entire game no because I saw them. You know come out Sunday and just looked like a completely different unit I would expect you'll see them come out pretty similarly tonight. I think you'll see a team that will content sees this game by the throat and shake. Because they know that if they play that way. Detroit's got no answers. Be curious to see how Detroit placed -- Text about -- we want to introduce Antonio Cromartie and -- on the epidemic from excellence and. Proverb I don't know I don't article party I just my my point was I don't think that Milan Lucic each. As has caused any of these guys to not be able to get any children in oh I know I stop wait and -- and I now. We are we're a month did at the new gig in -- back on panic take a break. Right at 61777979370. AT&T text line 37937. Dale and -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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