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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Title Town Edition - 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around the most recent runs to championships in Boston, and misnomers like Title Town for Green Bay or Hockey Town for Detroit.

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It's edited for four -- four. And coming. Yeah. Yeah and. Stan deals were back and they are now. Not yet. Florida or brought to my AT&T AT&T covers. More than 99% of all Americans rethink possible in the debate Michael before -- -- It's dirty water. It's -- about dirty dirty water. But certainly it was a birdie birdie. I'm -- went with -- little autos voted early in the fourth ghost and dirty water all that's at 33 birthday. Thirty women to measure. You know. There have -- -- the -- Like about -- -- about that. We are right. Sorry Green Bay were talking about the real title but all. The question number one over the last fifteen years. Each of our Boston teams won their respective championship. Ali championships are memorable in their own way thank god but here you this rich championship run was beaten most. Improbable. -- the problem is actually very good question it's a great question of the comes out of -- it. Art to me it comes down to the the first one in the most recent. I think I hate it when he gets it right. Lot of nobody affidavit evidence if there a couple of other there's one more topic and forget about the look at the Bruins the days the first Red Sox won. You know four was coming off a year which it proven they were team capable of winning the World Series were not report managerial move. They would have maybe gone on to. To -- like they played for tomorrow are playoff and World Series -- -- they win it but probably play in the head but who knows what happened -- -- Nazis and they were in World Series Albert team. The next and the added two key players that people can actually put two and two together but there are 33 that's why -- got to. We got -- three. Adult Levitt -- lost they lost. They -- excellent we say that because Patrice Bergeron got a concussion in the second round. Against the flyers the Bruins looked up and that was that we have trouble because that moment. It looked like it -- now you're ALCS you're out. Three -- -- -- three to the -- -- got below it out if it's bad. I don't know that they'll let us put one of the great gamblers -- There were off -- I I don't know -- after Portland and he could come at them with who was it actually low. A. It's that first patriots super wal. I mean that was the one and I remember vividly Stan they're going to -- -- believe they actually did it because it double faults with the up rights I still didn't believe it was actually happen. It just it came out of nowhere in fact there are those conspiracy theorists out there. Who say that in the aftermath of nine elevenths the NFL wanted to team called the patriots. To win a Super Bowl you go back to the tuck rule the probability. Of having that go your way. That was the one those fault that they got to get the Red Sox have to go to Kevin Youkilis and bring him back so all. Got to go with them let's go -- that's still my favorite. Chip shipments now and it's like not much you. Think -- -- when they were suites. Remember they just sat there your lap and they were traceable to build those the patriots the country after all -- everybody that's. And Tom Brady. On the Tom Brady before or Gisele and Tom Brady before Richard pointed if everything that was Bill Belichick might work for -- -- -- that Bill Belichick before the -- That was Bill Belichick before spike that was the patriots. That the country. Because you're allowed to have you know -- so that the war all right Andy. -- Yes we are Michael the 2003 Red Sox disappointed. The 2010 Celtics got injured at the worst possible time. 2004 Bruins loaded up and a bounce in the first round in the 2007 patriots failed to complete the undefeated season. Which team. Had the most disappointing failure. Heidi -- -- west you know what well. The biggest -- of the biggest. Choke job was host. It's at your back to David Tyree are all against Albany but here's what's left unanswered -- -- answer. It Celtics. I don't play well they blow the in the fourth quarter. Cadets that. But they go back to LA they're up three games to do. Going back -- all you gotta do is -- -- eight and just we did. As bad as they were the fourth quarter of game seven. Big show what it thinks. Kendrick Perkins got -- right what's the talk about that -- -- excel at it with the lakers. On top of that you know imagine imagine -- -- this can't happen. But it 2007 the patriots lose -- to the giants with somebody that you just have to -- did you directly on what your rivals. It looms that. It would. Hurt -- you say that I I -- western -- Mike Richter. Well you know I I have to put up an argument though and I note that it probably -- it's -- to remind people what happens in real foresees it. With that Bruins -- -- crop comes on the rookie. -- Of the best players week. The biggest thing was finally the spent some money here Jacobson like. Whoever you want. Michael goes out he gets. Gets out there -- Michael there. Spectacular. In the playoffs. The first round second that's. That these expectations were so high that things were -- looking for them. Well there are at it. Three greens. The 2001 patriots started the dominance the 2004 Red Sox reversed the curse. The Bruins and Celtics raised banners after decades long championship droughts. Which championship. Was the most satisfying. 86 years. Custody. I mean. I think Michael's dozens of never -- we all thought we gonna -- or entirely like I did not seem right. I mean we we -- legitimately believe like people maybe 567 years younger than me probably they going out occurs that it -- I actually believed that I think that we all did the Red Sox as a matter of fact they were never going to win the World Series. It's kind of tough to beat we're. I mean you figure out how long it was what it -- it was satisfying and it it had an impact. Beyond sports there are people. Who would benefit as an athletic event they were just happy that the Red Sox beat the Yankees. I talk New Yorkers. Some people who really were booed by -- world emotional they thought about not just the Red Sox it's not about. Your parents to grant to an outraged then -- they finally did it. Yeah dad at all like I it was it into the Red Sox -- this would have -- so -- he didn't seem. Get it that way and it was much it was much greater than Red Sox -- in the world here. Would put it this way when the patriots in the Super Bowl -- big game that was on you know go to your friend's house watching. -- the next day at school after the Red Sox won the World Series. That -- your friends who do watch the game whose house. Everybody watched it there they want to watch that game with their data with their mom because they were -- -- go to Red Sox game with them and that they had heard that belief. That wasn't at the -- and parents like just aptly enough to watch the game I probably. It could get -- They. Actually I -- I I didn't want to with my parents I did watch it with my friends and we got bottles of champagne we didn't and open up a -- -- -- If you think about this through. Go back to 86. When it. There's only people who have stories though that sure maybe you were that he would or -- that -- -- people who said. It woke up your kids -- India that hey look you see it right in front of the TV the Red Sox -- about what the World Series. So got to go back to -- out I can't go back to bed now. So it was or ever again think about how long that -- that space. All right -- Feel. Question number four and two part question first DJ 24 year old girl from last week if I go to the bar today can get a drink with. It's more afterward that there. That'll that'll certainly. Relevant. Yeah rob Bradford probably has the right time right now we're at it record it. -- -- Time now for the eighteenth -- question of the day Detroit let's refer to themselves as hockey town that -- Remain as one professional sports team if they call themselves title town to another meant. Danica Patrick is a good driver -- any at all. Tucker is this stupid sport. Met tension attractive but I have -- what is the one -- -- -- like I bunker right now. Also felt safer for -- you at least that all these teams specifically the Bruins to get to the kings as well. Like -- defense of hockey all the care vote is defense it's actually a puck possession it. And close says that any opportunity get when you ask about. They'll be of great defensive team like yours howdy do this night that -- they were third in the league in scoring where it worked great -- so that's that's one that -- -- -- -- -- Let it -- -- book another -- here at this is not just for what city but I'll I'll pick a city and it made that represented an entirely. We always hear that Boston. Has sparked. Sports man. Add in Saint Louis nationally baseball they have sports sports. People picketed the next step they say it was a magical man they say National League fans are smarter than apparently made it because of the doubles which right at the strategy. At all well. I watched like but. He's pitching David Ortiz if I hit 688 the world they're right. I did hear a lot of spark conversation. Coming from Saint Louis during the World Series I think it's all bogus. I think that this hold National League. They are -- a different -- the other guys did you ever seen and I our children differently either but they're different that we are. I -- think I hate hearing that well -- and I'll take them at one step further the idea that. That Boston sports fans are smarter than all the other sports fans and America are -- insert any city -- -- that. I don't I don't buy it at all I think that there are incredibly Smart sports fans of Boston. There are some of the people called us earlier today. Right -- I made if there are there's that dichotomy in every city in America there are great sports -- Well I'll say north American -- up Montreal they're great sports fans and every other city. But there there are no smarter sports fans in boss -- okay. Maybe it's not a part of which -- ordered this year where it to wit. Or that anybody really that we are for it -- -- people make all back sad outlook that's what it's what habit it's what I thought. I think that's possible. It's it's for being advocate that's all about. Sports. All the time. I do agree that that's the difference here is that it matters more to more people. And in others it's but I but I agree with your point that your -- Smart and really dumb fans. If anything for example. Experience are always -- or grow in Europe and the thing you sort -- all you see them. What do you like about them. They can't explain the sale he cherry picks this elegantly let's play you know things like that so I think that. You'll find who did that anywhere that that definitely. It does seem that Boston fans -- picked -- person on everyone got a good yeah. And and he becomes the target. I mean he's the guy Stephen Drew was the -- last year for the Red Sox and he was the guy that -- that they decided no matter what you did it wasn't going to be good enough. The Bruins I can remember back Damon outfield was the guy why there have been guys that -- -- -- -- it. That are the guys who maybe didn't deserve it in some cases there's always a dynamic team you know that because the senate appointment is the definitive one. -- sports. But the way it is terrific. -- that -- it. Go about to hear that yet here we narrowed down the go to. With literally accurate that home run oh we go all right -- J. D. Drew. -- occasionally but I will -- like John -- Yeah John Lackey was punching bag and maybe deservedly so for awhile. And then it was likely he pitched all year with -- arm hangs by a thread. All right you know it. They're there occasionally guys who are in that image. Butler or retroactively it can change every now is that if you -- if I writes although Bergeron. Get a response -- say in hindsight that marked an appointment that was so that when the point was here -- talk about that a real foresees that. It ended in a one goal game against Montreal over the winter trying to come back in the point I think in his last trip to the Bruins take the penalty but. He mentor Patrice Bergeron -- 6177797. ID 37 as the telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. We're broadcasting live from west and Johnny's Portland street right down the street from the garden. Will eat until 6 o'clock on down have somebody -- to drink get ready for the game it's the Bruins at the Detroit Red Wings. We are taking your calls it 6177797937. If Dele Ali DJP Sports Radio WE yeah.

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