WEEI>On Demand>>Jack Edwards previews Red Wings and Bruins Round 1 with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

Jack Edwards previews Red Wings and Bruins Round 1 with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

We preview Red Wings-Bruins with the great Jack Edwards of NESN.

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Our -- for dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Check Edwards is brought -- you by Norfolk power equipment and 495. Chrysler Jeep Jeep Dodge Ram hello Jack. Or it's jail. I'm ready to drop the puck for crime and outlaw yeah I'm. -- up and at the bit I'm ready to deal. I I said it in earlier in the program I was telling -- Michael assist about it it's not their fault. But I'm watching the opening united Stanley Cup Playoffs last and I am trying to keep track of the Red Sox game as well I keep -- back and forth. And I'm watching the worst baseball game ever played by a man on one channel. Now watch and -- you know Tampa Bay Montreal and watch in Pittsburg in and Columbus and it's like all -- Difference between these two sports right now. Yeah absolutely it's there's nothing like playoff hockey word. You get guys who come out of nowhere and have heroic series and then disappear into the missed forever and you also have. Stars who who really are emerging and you know how about the effort of Steven Stamkos last night no little tough guy act in there as well as. Already Montreal's gotten under Tampa -- skid and is that the light -- is its only gonna get really nasty from here on out. And and I -- I'm blows out to a 30 lead in the first period against Dallas to Dell's -- close at the end -- wanted to talk about. Albeit gripping Iraq hockey playoffs is. This -- truly doesn't matter right. -- really doesn't and that's what makes it different I think in all the other professional sports yeah it's binary you're either in or you're not -- and the 82 game schedules all about proving. Your worthiness of competing for the Stanley Cup but. You know one of the things that is compelling about this Bruins team. Is they totally get that they understand that it all starts at zero that there are up against the Detroit team that has players on it that -- the way. Right that know how to get there and even though Detroit is an underdog and should be an underdog in this series. That it's a dangerous team and one would hope that the Bruins. Who have learned from a lot of past mistakes. Oh will learn if they are fortunate enough to get ahead in this series not to take their foot off the snake is they did with Toronto last year the Bruins were in control of that series and they let Toronto get pesky and youthful and opportunistic. And all of a sudden they're playing for their lives in game seven and they were lucky to get out of it. But but I I hope. That they have. They've taken that into account they're gonna Kamal Fuller -- recycled. You have been in search of information. I've been on a quest Jack appreciate quest to write a quest for people who rules today. You're over thinking this Michael this the first time I've been accused of thinking that if you're over thinking this you should not. Believe that the Detroit Red Wings are right there on the level with the Bruins can look at for people looking for comments. On the series and he does know about a guy named Craig Morgan never heard of Craig Morgan from foxsports.com. I don't know the only person. I'm not familiar with his were not familiar with -- work. Craig Morgan. Our foxsports.com writes the red wings behind coach Mike Babcock Babcock brilliant. Well probably surprise Boston just that they did last season with Anaheim and Chicago. But this is dole won the first round match up the wings. Can't win. That's a -- for. It can't win this series counting gold in both directions there. Is that -- probably saying the -- make -- -- -- but it can't be all what it what a great coaches to Gregg coaches understand their personal so well that they put them in positions to succeed. Wore the maximum number of times that they can in a game and in this series and Mike Babcock gonna do that but if you look at the Bruins. And you know. Hockey does not necessarily lend itself to statistics but if you look at an 82 game season and you look at. A whole bunch of players -- plus minus is so bloated in the plus side. You start to see a pattern there like you know say. I think it's seven Bruins in the top fifteen in the National Hockey League. In plus minus and that includes all of their top six forwards and Johnny boy it shock and -- is also in the top 25 what that tells you is that the Bruins. Bring a weight to bear. On their opponents that you know. I'm not exactly ripped -- you know we've all spent time in the weight room. At some point in our lives and when beepers and what are. -- I know you're still -- yet. But but when you get to a certain number of reps. You begin to experience failure and that's what the problems do they keep bringing that same amount of weight. And at some point unless unless Jimmy Howard just becomes Tim Thomas and channels 2011. You would think that Detroit is not available at the waited at certain point. So that we -- do you bring up Jimmy Howard and he struggled a bit that night. Friend in hockey -- Dale Arnold told me. Off Mike that he thinks it's it's got as much to do with the on Detroit defense yes does -- yeah and you know that the longer you look at. And then it's not take anything away from the mark ten Brodeur is to the world of the great year Tuukka Rask -- had but but a lot of goaltending is based on system play and personal. You know is it any surprise that as John Sebastien Giguere had some great years with Anaheim will Scott near Myer was playing 27 and a half minutes -- I. Absolutely shouldn't be because you know there was a guy who understood the system. But his coaching staff wanted him to play an -- -- -- to the nth degree as -- does in front of of raskin did you know that. We we won't know how good Zdeno Chara was until what happens the Boston. Or what has happened to Detroit without Lidstrom happens the Boston you know went went all the sudden that gigantic. Pillar that's been holding up the defense so reliable. Those so reliably for the last. Is not there and and that's when we'll get a full appreciation. Rugged charge and a guy that got back to back goaltenders. -- -- a trophy yes exactly and you know it to the captain Bob lessons at soup because. Here's a guy who's a goalie consultant for the Boston Bruins who doesn't get a whole lot of credit but if you look at Tim Thomas before lessons and after lessons. You see a guy who became so efficient with that athletic ability. You see into -- raskin guy who very rarely kicks a rebound into a bad spot as he once did. You see Chad Johnson even during the season becoming a much more effective goalie. As things -- doesn't try to change the way goalies play into one form he takes what they have any makes them better and he's done now. Tuukka -- I don't one of the things that people of concentrated on when they talk about it efficiency in the bruins' game is his lack of team speed which by the way I think is overstated all's right yeah I I think they're wrong. But they talk about all while how or the Bruins gonna keep up with a team like Detroit -- what they're gonna do I think they're gonna win pose their physical well on a team like Detroit. And they just Wear you down there and by the time you get 234 games into the series. If they get home I gotta go back up there against that again tonight. Yeah on one of the guys are really looking forward to seeing how he plays in the playoffs for the first time is Carl Soderbergh a guy who. Has shown that he can be physically not like blue teacher regularly doesn't lay people out but he makes effective contact he's got explosive skating speed. And he's a gamer. He's a guy who has risen to the occasion he played well in Sweden. When games were really big games and and when seasons were on the line and he's a guy who's really come into his own especially in the second half of the season for the Bruins and give -- was joking with me the other -- let's give -- a sweet. It is that where you miss the Quaid in Feinberg. On them -- Quite -- pretty feel quite out yet but we were talking about Seidenberg for -- got here. We're talking about a guy who had surgery in January. It's April it can't it can't hack it -- not play an all star power play in April or may kid not happened it's impossible. Take -- -- I don't completely. Doctor Jack I'll peace prize replaceable on the plan okay you bought privately by looking out. Yeah I will well depending on how far they get I won't be surprised yeah because I don't think. He's putting himself through what he's putting himself through right now. Get ready for training camp in September as any athlete would as any athlete would you know yet have a ticket that can. As as Tuukka Rask himself it was was talking yesterday. Don't ever take it for granted that you're always gonna have a chance with a team that has. Almost all the elements you know there's a little bit of lack of depth at forward for the Bruins you wish there were a little more. Veteran experience in the playoffs at the but you know you can live with with what they got on the maybe there a little thin up front. But. That said this is a team that has. Just about every -- to make. A deep run in and win the cup and Seidenberg wants to be part of that and good for him but we are talking about a teller tendons splice ACL reconstruct Michael edit the -- just. Just got our our. And it doesn't ever happen -- think like you said Wayne -- didn't Chris Versteeg. Have an ACL blowout last year and was playing in five months. I you know I I mean it was five months -- ahead -- Seidenberg. If char as one anchor Seidenberg the other like you even risk that's why we've been talking about. Yeah well the bronze do you have. And extremely conservative medical staff and that's good. That is it yet because there that it got a lot of money invested in these guys exactly in the and there are also -- -- there are knocking take the players work for you know they're gonna look this can't what his numbers aren't. And see if he really is fit and if he can take contact and don't forget you know. Is -- anybody any word yet and and you wanted him the other thing right because the injury happened when Corey Conficker whose. At about 180 on the lighter side of most players in the league. Well directly across straighten the leg that had caught in a -- Behind the Bruins goal it was a freakish fall but you've got to look out for the possibility. That something similar to that is gonna happen. On the repaired knee and you don't put a guy's career out there even a few -- few games away from winning the Stanley Cup the only way Seidenberg places -- the medical staff says. He is 100%. And OK why I say I agree that adamantly contact I I just you know. I'm very doubtful that that's gonna happen but it does great here's -- he's a great guy and he's working his tail off. I'm sure the correct answer is. All of the above where many of the above but for the sake of this discussion he had to pick one person. Who -- surprise you or stepped up in the absence of Seidenberg. As it did Johnny boy -- We were just talking about him off the airman is Kevin -- Kevin -- and -- -- I'll tell you the truth. I didn't know who Kevin Millar was when training camp began. Are -- Comcast yeah. I reference price jump -- rose ceremony you know from -- -- and I did not go with a guy was when training camp began that's saying something that you didn't -- it within about four days you can -- by the way -- Julian was talking about it. This guy is somebody ought to watched because they had their eye on a month. Make in the the team not a camp yeah exactly exactly he was one of the very last cuts in fact he might have been the last cut. Go down to Providence and then he had the nine game thing. Right where they set -- down after nine because if he'd stayed for ten their gonna have to send through waivers and somebody -- like he does not make its way and and did they then sign into the extension or did he come up and then they sun came up and then nice yeah and -- sign the extension but. But that's how goodies I mean the -- gone from from most people not knowing who years to. Wow you know we've got another McQuay here and and a guy who might -- himself up higher in the lineup and know how solid Seidenberg is physically and how he hits and -- and finally Kevin -- nowhere near Dennis Seidenberg size it but he hits like that. He gets guys and you hear it I mean are on the fifth floor -- on the ninth floor you hearing. And it's like totally different than I'm not saying everybody in the NHL and it's hard and and the Bruins have a bunch of guys. What he's a guy who just seems to have that. How factor when he -- -- yeah and and what's gonna be interesting is how he. Manages the other side of his game which is something that Montreal actually exploited this year. Which used to take the space at the Bruins do you view on the perimeter which is Claude Julien system protect the house -- his own into the middle. And and prevent more dangerous chances. But Detroit in Montreal who could be. The two matchups in a role for the Bruins to get out of the division. Will take that two on one out of the corner or take that too long -- off the half sport and try to act security against. A single defenseman and and that's what -- got to prove that he can stop against Detroit because. I'm sure they've seen plenty of video and and there are gonna try it once or twice. I read so much about it too late you have to -- to a player to make it. With Claude -- we know the players have commented on that weren't able Europe were unwilling to do that. How does that how much do you think it sets Austin apart from the rest. There -- a couple of guys in Anaheim who have a lot of that element in their Kaman and Ryan gets off his. Certainly a candidate for the Hart trophy as league MVP because of his willingness to do that kind of dirty work. But it is -- defining character. Characteristic of this Boston Bruins team and when they put the -- on David -- sweater at the beginning of the season. Part of that was recognition that he has been an unstoppable force into the last three playoff seasons the guy has led. The NHL playoffs in scoring two of the last three seasons as a short list of people who've done that. And most of them have plaques in Toronto and you know I'm not saying that right now David creatures all sampler -- I'm saying is what he has done already is remarkable. But they acknowledged -- tough he has and he he might be the most underrated top player on the Boston Bruins his. Ever since Mike Richards broke. Great she's wrist and the whole series against Philadelphia they have added. -- she's been targeted on the ice every single game he's been targeted but doesn't necessarily mean you guys take a run at him but. They are finishing their checks on David -- he's had to display incredible toughness and to be able to pair crate G Bergeron two guys who totally get it. The -- 200 feet. Is is a one to -- combination I don't know -- any other NHL team can whip out to 200 foot centers that are that quality. Think about this one when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup three years ago. That the common refrain in these parts not that I was with you with time I heard a lot was they can't win the Stanley Cup with a power play as bad as. You can't beat this battle on the power play and win a Stanley Cup and they did. They go into these playoffs with the third best power play in the National Hockey League with a team defense that that is justice doubt. With a four blinded it's just as deep and well balanced. And the third best power play in eight best best penalty kill on the national hockey yeah. If only the Bruins could just -- on the power play him ballpark that's that's a fair -- it's it's unbelievable how how this team which. Dives probably less than any other team in the NHL and by the way Detroit doesn't dive neither is Babcock wouldn't stand for that kind of shenanigans but the Bruins. Went on the power play only 230 times. In 82 games. 230 partner and dead last in the league once again. And you know it's interesting to note that Detroit. Was on the penalty kill the fourth most of any team in the league 295. Times the thought I was gonna get -- here and soul soul you know. Will the Bruins get on the power play more often because. They have shown that they know how to work it now and it's Steve first they have two different looks. Both units can score. And when their fielded. It's it's a beautiful thing to watch because even if they don't score it usually gives their attack a lot of juice and rhythm even coming out of an unsuccessful are. Guards got an idea you know -- sort of talked plenty of hockey review today and throughout the post season. But you are music out now are that you can really break down some music you. All of there's a college -- -- news ecology consult the ball forward yeah he wants to get his. Music you want and -- I have no idea where Jack Stanton -- know -- Jack cast as an AC DC where he stands and Rage Against The Machine in the winter prairie. By the way the one guy from 603. I can get rest of the number but I won't who has probably tried to single handedly Shanghai the latest news ecology. We stopped counting after the first one just to say I myself a bunch I don't like the effort like time after he's got blisters on his fingers he energy that's the guy who really cares about music and which appear on music is what it. It's a Pat Metheny actually. I jazz fusion -- -- yeah he's he's today Iran and -- just an. -- irony -- epic genius composer guitarist. Amazing. Amazing just an expert now yeah. Yeah I think he was teaching honest to goodness I think -- teaching there when we sixteen year people. -- just one of these super genius Donald's you know what Jackson music has come about to break right guys we got to find some that tolerance to it 617779793. Local girl I don't know where he's from here -- and that's about it for like. Yeah bogeys on at the orpheum a couple of years ago he's always around all time reach 6177797937. If you want to talk about Stanley Cup Playoffs in the Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings Jack Edwards is here. I'm Jacqui McMullen is here as well this hour is sponsored by ARS restoration specialist. If you're a commercial project manager or have great sales relationships skills. -- just adding to the ARS team just a phenomenal company. Visit ARS serve dot com for a RS career opportunity also look at just -- more thing what -- -- all we are almost forgot. I can forget five minutes away. -- five minutes away. From tickets to Red Sox yankees tickets. We're excited much support to him we we need to. Take all this time of preparation and rest and try to make it an event which. Boston Bruins rumbling left wing Milan Lucic each talking about the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Before we get to your calls about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It's free ticket Thursday -- in ninth caller right now it's 6179310937. Win two tickets to see the Sox game April 24 against the Yankees. And free parking courtesy of the Prudential Center garage plus if you're a WEEI clubhouse insider you'll win a tour of the Red Sox radio network broadcast both. Call 6179310937. Right now. Brought to you by Geico town fair tire and your home for Boston baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI. Callers are all lined up they wanna talk Stanley Cup Playoffs with Jack and Jackie in Michael and maybe even me if they're stuck with that precedent plane go to Europe first this hour on Sports Radio dale and Holley. -- now. Jack Jack -- big cultural works it is too -- up. And say there that you -- heritage that's what does that. There aren't concerned that the broad. You know win -- -- this play up to I'm now overall. Mom also keep it. And display and the reason why it took display it has in the past. East -- -- of the plate. Well he played well it has seen struggle. He struggled blip it there was collapses yet struggled much. You know it was. Older. Players out here east. Extraction -- Mom -- -- -- continued on the road -- picked up if you eat some decent. Oh era. -- -- Absolutely and we changed the world -- -- this -- well he's the only two will stop it will be nine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now fair points. And Newble led to that that when Tuukka Rask. Is perceived as not playing well it's usually because people made some bad decisions and given up. The puck in a bad part the ice are allowed an odd man rush. You know Nebraska is as had a season in which he has not had. A lot of cold spells. But. He did have 126. Of October through the fifth in November he went four straight games without. Reaching the level -- reached in the first. Eight games CV six out of his first AD allow one on -- he set the bar pretty high for the rest of the year. And then he kind of went up and down a little bit. Until Seidenberg got hurt and then the wheels fell off the wagon for the whole team and nine and Rask save percentage. Dive down to a bowl games yeah yeah well as it we know he he went through that's lower yeah actually got pulled out of four four games in the span of when is it probably about this sixteen or seventeen there and you know you have to wonder is is the whole thing falling apart but that's when Claude Julien and his staff coached up these young defenseman. And said OK you know what this is how organ player without Seidenberg and the power play. With outside I mean the penalty kill apartment without Seidenberg. Was somewhere in the low eighties and and if you look at the rankings of the team. In this league or for a whole season that whatever they were about 82% it'd be about seventeen. So not a really great penalty kill since Seidenberg went down. It's gonna be really important that the Bruins keep it five on five against the red wings because the red wings are not only a super talented team that everybody talks about. But the red wings do that thing the brick talks about all the time during our place. They battle for the pox -- hard. When they are on the power play in all the -- that tends to get overlooked because of their shiny skills but they can get dirty. Along the boards you know not dirty like dirty play but they'll get their noses all filthy to win. Puck back at two quick questions for you guys won with -- do you think he's gonna investment. Yeah should Ali and I certainly should. Is it always ends like no doubt he's got for while lucky should about a finalists last year and they gave the third spot to Hendrick Lundqvist and they shouldn't have. He will positively be a finalist this year in my opinion it comes down to him or semi and our alarm off. I would vote for -- And in so we talked about this last week I think -- DJ being regale you felt like. One thing that could be used against -- is the excellent performance as you pointed out. Earlier. Of Chad Johnson. Delicate -- numbers in a -- while I while rival for took -- for the best and it anybody can play goal that ties him battle up and hating on and pack of I got impeccable but sterling -- -- really impressive record. Well as lawyers on here and I got this file open when I have seen as -- I've known Jack which is a long time. This thing that is never cease to amaze me is his color coding system used to be on paper with pencils right color -- I mean -- but now he's got electronic until the color -- says yes so here's this man is prepay. Here -- the opponents that Chad Johnson is faced this year buffalo the islanders Columbus Carolina Columbus. Toronto Edmonton Vancouver buffalo. Ottawa law. Were at the 28 of December he hasn't faced a team that made the playoffs yet. LA Dallas bull -- LA again islanders Montreal -- Edmonton Ottawa buffalo Florida Florida Carolina New Jersey. Colorado. Washington didn't make it Toronto Winnipeg New Jersey okay. Take a -- That was a chosen schedule and I it's great that Chad Johnson played extremely well. Chad Johnson was not facing the iron and if he did not play very well and at one point in the season he was not playing that well. They were not averse to looking at other sources of goaltending -- you know -- Chad Johnson had a phenomenal finish to the season. And I'm not taking anything away from his in season improvement. But to hold Johnson's. Statistical season against Rask is set out. -- -- it has starred in not doing homework which you've done that was one of I think another thing. As a few calls lined up 61777979. Deeply shocked our calls find out they're screwed it up once you know what it is screwed up again. There's so much anticipation. Excitement for the playoff series. First round tomorrow Bruins red -- red wings it's 530 -- A lot of calls from port deal. Don't means the final segment of the show all went -- yeah that we could it if these calls keep coming week good. Young ban candy the feel of the world famous flight route you know I -- it's got a phone call the other day. Thirty for thirty. Went to a thirty for thirty. On the world things like. Assistant at in -- council passed as were lying in every market. I -- I. And let's be honest I've told them back from what what do I gotta say I'm the only thing I right back out the door and I have not careful yours though. I got to fight this is the possibility. Dunes just say mats on the -- you're next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. Yeah they don't Ariel. Great. Yeah -- prudent and I'm also realistic one as far as the way it is come out of the gate the last three years and erode it struggled very mightily Republicans are looking for a little solace -- a little. Comfort -- you guys about why they're gonna be different this secret. It's because they're so thoroughly unimpressed with themselves -- really. Are not thinking -- anything special they know that they've got to bring. Full energy to every single shift from the drop of the -- starting tomorrow night at 730. You look at the maturity of this team and how guys like Bergeron and Chara and -- she. All truly yet it. And they keep that team on. On point and -- and 01. I would be very surprised if the Bruins have anything resembling a flat game in the opening round this year. -- -- such a great point that I think sometimes people miss about the way this team is constructed and I'll just use this as the most obvious obvious example. Alexander Ovechkin leads the National Hockey League with fifty goals. Dazzling gulf war. He's a minus 35 -- the Bruins wouldn't want him on the -- right they don't want a player like that as great as he is offensively any list. Phil -- and and again org or Tyler Sagan. What they want our guys who are just -- committed to the play in their own and as they are to be offensive and edit got a team full of clothes. And their and their deep through four lines they are not worried about sending up their fourth line. Their third line Chris Kelly probably won't play tomorrow night those lies just in pork is apparently gonna get the slot on the left wing and he is a pretty good and he's been pretty good without coastline and he's one of the guys you want an -- well I think I Bautista got to note that third line yeah. With the with the way sort of Bergen Ericsson are playing are going up against the other team's Detroit's third defense pair right. And this is up up up and inexperienced shallow defense corps for the red wings to begin with Soderbergh and -- could eat that defense -- -- -- yeah. Yeah and don't under rate the the secondary motivation for Soderbergh who was snubbed by the Swedish national hockey federation at the Olympics. As retribution for coming. To Boston last spring in not playing in the world's is we Newsweek yes for a -- -- rice wheat -- and and they held it against them. They snub them from the Olympic team. Well you know -- he who laughs last right. The it's it's funny that's the thing to do Helen that's a Mondale was convinced of the seven game series and you weren't sure they were gonna win in seven now twenty minutes -- six and commenced. Drew went to far right. 040. Right you're an object cock I got a second part you're just like I'm listening dale has. Effectively. What troubles I have this argument. A little bit so I'm curious about. The defense and it is young but it's been fun to watch the -- crew was a revelation last year. Had a little bit of a dipped earlier now is really just come on but Yeltsin is one of the most about it and I know he's had a great year to. And I -- you know I keep hearing well maybe we pair him with -- Lot of pressure on the and a guy that from the beginning we -- waiting to be the next great thing and appears to be ready to be yet but just. This is a big states. Yeah it it is big stage just seven playoff games last year -- for Doug Hamilton. What he's done better in the last three or four weeks. Is shown that he's willing to eat the puck in the defensive zone if there isn't help. Just -- on the boards don't lose it. Just hang in there I wish she'd teach it to Bart cows like -- right wait for help yeah well you know -- cal he's a different player relies on his skating and sometimes a little bit too much comes off the boards at the -- he gets caught right -- he tries to make a pass that. It's a little too hopeful and and can turn over in battery is but but -- -- has become acutely aware of of what's most important and that is. Not to help the red wings or any opponent have a good offensive opportunity because he made a mental mistake it's so much. About thinking the game every moment of every shift. You know what the smartest thing Doug Hamilton did this -- -- Attack -- paired with Zdeno -- That's funny I have a look like you're really good you are -- it just get paired with Zdeno -- and I'm -- you just looked like -- A little bettering your own man yeah actually Jolie finally just. Stop any time there's a draft prospect he plays the use 66 or taller can we just stop saying the project him as another Zdeno Chara and -- facilitator -- the guy nah it's never gonna happen like an -- toward a unique. Player this is a unique player and and you know it is funny because he got scratched in Winnipeg as you know an intentional rest day and they pretty much had a chain into the -- It probably worked out reportedly -- as well as governor. But but I am I had a totally by chance conversation with him. And and one of the things that excited him most about this season was they gave him a task he had never had in his hockey life. Which was to be that one man on the power play. And he didn't find out about it until training camp we said yes well they told me in my exit interview last spring he said. You know I show opened September delegates get -- that. -- colonies like. -- second -- all these things my go to the end boards are what are important developing two on ones and make the short pass and run and tipping the puck instead of shooting the puck. But but that -- get yes and it read the thing that he loves to do most which is proved that he can work harder than any. -- and that sets the tone for the whole Jack Edwards is in the house Jackie McMullen is in the house it's dale and Holley tomorrow. Will be broadcasting live from west in Johnny's down their by the garden just before game one. DJ mean will be our third man and -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- the islanders Columbus Carolina Columbus. Toronto Edmonton Vancouver buffalo. Ottawa on LA Dallas LA again islanders Montreal Edmonton Ottawa buffalo Florida Florida Carolina New Jersey. Colorado. Washington Toronto Winnipeg New Jersey object -- I know whether all this. Anyway. Exactly. And -- Jackie knew where I was the only girl lives well not a party -- -- -- to from the 33 minutes to do well done. Dexter another techsters says please please please. Ask Jack when he thought of buffalo goon Jon Scott getting drop by islanders Justin Johnson the other night. It was a pretty good pop right to the Chia yacht and and maybe maybe that will be the swan song for John's got it. Certainly should be a guy who can't play. And he seems to be a reasonably operate individual off the ice Billy knows him better than I do says he has actually about very respectable good guy and it's great that he got some huge paychecks but cannot play and the game is so speed oriented now and and you've got to have players who can play. He gets exposed every time he's on the ice and if he's out there to punch somebody mean you know. Silly as he did was with Shawn Thornton. Then okayed and he served its purpose but yeah it's you know it's like the Gene Wilder line right you know -- In blazing saddles the kid shot here right in the bleep. There's there's always somebody's trying to be the fastest gun in the west as my buddy Tom -- once that's not about Jon Scott and about a player like -- got. -- -- dirty trick when they drop the puck and pick -- that it is not not necessarily his strength there Bryan's up and Psycho hey Brian I don't. Think that I don't know ranks up. So prominent of them that knew it -- amount of the greatly expand complete well called nordic and doing it on the the series but it's come down to. The third period. All the -- appears -- have that -- set the reveling -- -- stake sale it's only the third. They're always Jack armed for bear would you have for you on this one I know exactly where -- going on as what this is not going to be good news for you Bryant -- go to third period goal differential which is one of my favorites that's especially in the Claude Julien Bruins through as we're talking earlier about lifting the weight and at a certain point you hit failure. Boston is ranked number one in the league in third period goal differential at plus 48 the next team on the list is Saint Louis at plus 25. So in other words there is as big a space between one and two as there is between two and let me look it up. Thirteen. Okay well so and oh by the way Detroit's third period goal differential. Is ranked 26 in the league at minus eighteen soul. If become Ireland Brian well I -- -- how they went -- -- how does straight win this series. It's it's gonna come there to -- -- Taliban and I think it's if you -- into that game you know it's said that. A little knob and it seems that it won't go to their four game sweep or -- gay but you know last year they they -- against -- Anaheim and they gave Chicago -- run for the money itself. Right if it makes -- feel better I'm I'm might be the lone voice saying NIC don't six or seven and I just say that because I think Mike Babcock is at the very top of the game and Claude Julien occupies -- I'd say -- I think they're equal and this is this is what you know it's like Quenneville and Julian in the Stanley Cup final these are two brilliant coaches these teams play the right way hockey is going to be the ultimate winner here. And and I. My guess is that Babcock is gonna put enough players in enough positions. To excel enough times that the Bruins are gonna have a hard time getting through this without Detroit winning at least two games. The caller Brian said that the key is Jimmy Howard and by the way I I like and respect Jimmy Howard's game a lot University of Maine -- -- outlets covered that national jets at the united. He's had a very off year this year and I don't think it's his fault I think it is the youth and inexperience of the defense -- in front of him right people talked about the Bruins defense -- in that regard. What do all these young defenseman on the Bruins got Stanley Cup playoff experience a year ago in the Detroit is very inexperienced. Very very green on the Blue Line and hit. What do you what do you call those little four frame animations on the Internet man I don't know what they're called but I. But shifts shifts Afghan all right well here. It's there's there's one of those that's out there. Of Nicklaus John person who's a pretty tough not you know for Chicago -- real good top four defenseman. And and plays a pretty rough and tough game it's from the Stanley Cup final I believe it's game two. Lucic dumps the puck into the corner and Lucic is bearing down on John person who has a reputation of being in a pretty reasonably tough guy. Joseph person just toss is the puck out like he's getting sick on his sixteenth beer in an hour. And he spreads out of the frame just like -- told me not to play on the tracks and here comes train number seventeenth. That's what the Detroit defensemen are going to experience and they're gonna get it from the other side from gamblers while. And -- you know we saw a couple of shifts late in the year. We started to trachsel time this year the pros have the puck in the attacking zone for a minute and 4211. Stretch in one other games the last three weeks of the season and giveaways on the ice for the entire ship that's like -- ships that are growing throughout about four hits and it looked like he could've stayed out there are a little bit longer. When the Bruins get that going it's not torture chamber proposing defensemen and they may just not have an answer for that is there anybody comparable -- it got through. Mean in the weeks Bergeron Bergeron is that what it is -- but but different because Datsyuk it's old crafty he's and it's not say that that Bergeron is in crafting his -- government's -- -- talent it's great that he -- this year. But dot suit is one of those guys that he does stuff. When he stick handling that he he sort of invents seems like you know worm holes in the universe like -- was that there are second all the sudden the pucks on somebody's stick and he's eight feet from the open side of the goal is he's. He's a magical player offensively who really is conscientious defense -- amazing that he and Ovechkin. -- come from the same hockey culture. Well you stay warm holes in the universe that's got to be. The song that has been so public apartment yeah sounds like Iran not to let it doesn't get quicker and we. Jack in the educate the guys that got they have no idea Pat Metheny is that it'll it'll get. Well educated me that they thought they -- -- -- what he's good looking into -- the thing about cavities he got to listen to his music like at least three times is the first time an eagle -- just the bulletin noise -- -- into higher priority -- you're still not -- Condoleezza. No -- like it doesn't it doesn't. Are probably okay life that. -- -- -- is wonderful avenue lenient -- thanks vacuum visit with a -- you know pac funds always fun avenue in here is ultimately will be in here next though Obama and hopefully we'll see -- tomorrow on sale tomorrow night and can't wait and come on down and in essence set -- On the are well on my -- -- the girl -- Lincoln it's it's it's that's -- work with pleasure I don't know it's Jack it's a great view -- these -- believe -- I don't call what I do work over there and I -- has more -- not exactly when -- west -- -- tomorrow -- -- Michael by there we don't I start can I go by there TJ -- will be there is as our our cohost and and will be a lot of hockey talk tomorrow here on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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