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Fauria's Facts: Do you sleep naked? With Socks on? 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

Christian Fauria tells us the percentage of Americans that sleep naked and those that sleep with their socks on.

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Butler not -- seven WE EIMR. -- looking for a -- forays vaccine because Fauria. I say it's annoying but he does always have like a random. Something ought to fine becomes an every morning so that is something. -- always good but it's something conversation. Text or suggested this bill admitted before racetrack here. You guys gonna play yap but didn't spot kick your -- lives on outrage -- it's. That's what it says right there it was the other way around industry and -- -- bit. We could've done yap about what patriots quarterback and a first round but I can dress or agreement. All for -- from forays backs out there today not to get too personal. You talk -- you would want to do that. A lot names of girls -- plus it would look like don't tell me your name not a good person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes there I disagree about the couple times. Whatever reason why stay in a hotel. And becomes like naked time I don't know why adult allocation. Goes to. Hotel vacations the sketch -- that need out of life. I'll look at the change machine exactly. What finishing at that now crevasses open adapt what it just passed and out most of the diocese hotels theaters hotels and out there are some really wanted to jump out. Burned to death that -- Ben Allen made no threats I tried not. I would tell me I do I don't ever open Monday through. Sunday down -- seven days a week naked sleepers that is because your wife doesn't watches sleep naked. Part of the just part of the marriage or part of the contract -- you cannot sleep naked yet that is a fact like -- as does justly make it. -- -- -- Occasionally it's not. OG we as a Alex -- it -- you might aid summertime it happens more it's not it's not a wintertime I'm not like right now I need the big comforter. The jam is deposited the fan on the what he's got the couple white noise there. Some -- I'm Anita weird setup but no not every night you every night ever make a sleeper -- shocked the soccer -- you're surprised. Easy exports at a it. So might look at the question of what percent of Americans do you think let's go. And I bare bones guys that make it -- So it's an American -- we got to get the big amount I don't. I'd say less than 10% less all of that -- huge. I guess earlier about 30%. Yet. -- article is all percent. At that Americans now. -- think about it. I don't think most people in their self conscious about their body immunity to their uptight about it you'd like their PGA's. There's a lot of people most people. And other one is that what percent of Americans -- Wear socks. To Wear socks Tibetan -- socks the answer should be zero point zero it's higher than you why would you Wear socks to bed and more. -- a lot of yap all like unveiled to beat -- cold it'll like their feet to be colts don't know where sock it garlic. Any of these and these victorious seeker bed bath would be honorary these -- Max Mark Reynolds -- some things double -- it costs to yours yeah it is based on her her -- big comfy socks. They're like Annika -- spot colors. Now you -- -- that I have seen them yes I don't like them I'll get beat by percent of Americans Wear socks -- Bennett yeah holy crap I would. I would say our -- all percent. NASA -- I don't see what I'll listen to just make it been more socks and that's native and some geeky stuff I guess maybe. Gotta pay extra for that. In most of its power -- it better to be naked in Wear socks Joey use Sox got a -- absolutely not so. How -- we 55% and I think UB a 0% in his room. Real quick quickly AT&T text -- 379837. Yasser notice -- the bed just like get an idea of our audience is this year the three last year zero. We have we have three other people in the control room -- they don't Wear socks but -- that's over six Fauria all that hallway all man. It correctly -- this -- you always done it is Joey all man technically. I don't think of metro guide I have though is how well we passed. I need to -- act I don't believe the 55% of Americans it's got to be mostly women. -- -- -- -- -- frequent talks on merits that's just the raiders like theater and it's like we take you through the -- No it doesn't bother me but I always thought it was late. Just cold feet you know in my don't want her feet touching me in the middle of the night kind of -- -- freeze my butt off my wife does the the public sees an electric Christmas time surely Christmas -- -- Belichick has led the big. What -- suck you're talking about you that's what she does -- think about that's our. A half my household does I some guys -- the mind that it. They're basically goats go to bed and closed at fox on that long he's a long pants but -- -- there a T shirt. And who knows who also whatever reason I don't I -- gonna pay money for sheets. And comforter is like if you -- out what air flowing through the bad hit and everything that's what I want I I believe this I improve the scientific about it you Wear -- a bit more likely that -- I've always believe that's that's what the -- -- showed it -- if if you are the mood. Like it did in the mood does catch the right I'd say it like 2 AM in the morning. Taken anything -- -- All right adding. To the spam easy easy access I would never guess 55% and other forays facts the audio was how long do you think. A baseball. Last public pitches you think what's on the average how many pitches before baseball Major League Baseball is on the game. How many how many -- how many -- I literally never thought about this before this is why I'm out watching the games like crazy MI -- you'll likely begin to ball you know every other guys but there's -- number two -- eight -- I guess earlier fourteen. Potato it's seven -- they're. Pretty good. Caught a foul balls Sega foul balls getting a new ball seven pitches seven pitches yeah. Full and that's like after 6177797937. Lot of women text in -- do work Sox. I don't know what that's not once I have thought Scott. We were noting that one -- I don't I don't one now. I AT&T Tex lines socks you know -- today at 379837. Adult leader for 25% to -- I do believe an hour ago we -- the topic of the show about the sport of baseball why. I'm more kids going away from baseball games going too long and you guys were and still are a lot of the talk about it and I promise you write your phone calls and -- radio WB yeah.

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