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Should Bruins fans be wary of the Red Wings? And why? 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

We discuss the Bruins first round matchup vs the Red Wings, and why many national folks think this series could be the one to watch for an early round upset.

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We have been mentioned this yet and it's almost 5 o'clock I forgot to have forgotten that tonight is that night. The fun to parents. Not only not only does the fun begin tonight but you know -- really fell apart here where. And we tickets to game one we're giving away tickets went -- Up 530 or so 530 given my thirty day one to game one to twelve game one Friday and we aren't -- Bruins at the garden and I've been remiss in in Africa tell you guys. And -- get out. That -- and now arguably. That's so. It's a good question and I'd like to throw it out to listeners on Twitter. May first I would of lived in Boston longer than any city of my life does that mean. I'm now Bruins fan over blues. You've got to make your choice here well. Obama got a tough one for me having it is is a tough on because a lot of my life in Saint Louis I was too young we weren't going to lose games that we went with Adam Oates. You know Brad hall the Brendan Shanahan days and then I was gone I was gone at age sixteen knows that plane and seventeen excuse me Germany went to college and I've been here so the majority of the hockey games of my life. If not 85% of Boston Bruins game while seeing the big picture question a lot under the tender right -- -- you come on now that's a tough big picture big picture question. But it's not put up for the playoffs right now. It's going to be. You may not have to make a decision. For Eric and you may not -- go may June because you look at their first round -- the Western Conference matchups. Are ridiculous I hate the Detroit red going so I am a Bruins fan does like if you steal the the blues are playing in the first Strobl. Blackhawks. Blackhawks first round and and and the blues have been struggle lane residence and doesn't require Joan Hamilton. They lost six in a row they've been outscored. 22 out of five I think over the course of the six game losing streak and they were shut out three of the five or some like that. Ryan Miller their big acquisition -- trade deadline and it goaltender that I think is a great goaltender. Good right now -- and if you think about it out west I talked -- this about this with John Shannon of sports at the other night up in Toronto. You have three legitimate. Stanley Cup contenders. Were all going to be gone the first round right. I mean they have to be gone in the first round. So let me ask you -- -- so going limping into the playoffs the way the -- -- was -- you're not concerned at all that. The Boston Bruins are a little and gone and the plants. A totally different in him because because they had nothing to play for the blues did. The blues were trying to win the division and get home like that you have it was Andrea Hewitt says that the Bruins had nothing. I especially once they clinched. Ball once they clinched the east that was all they cared about the kind of backed into the president's trophy thing -- really didn't. If they got a that's great if they didn't that was fine they really wanted top spot in the east once they -- that. They haven't played -- their complete lineup for the last nine games. Nine games in a -- the Bruins have gone without what you would consider. Their entire line. Both because of injury in some cases or resting guys in other cases they've gone nine consecutive games without a whole the whole. -- in place would I be at an end DL you know this I'm not much of a gambler. And open. I I've noticed I gave -- the over under it don't matter to revert over editors of this. Just curious. -- to share our audience. -- -- -- -- -- -- What I'd be foolish to say that Dennis Seidenberg won't play at all in the post he's not gonna you'd be foolish to -- redo. That's my opinion that's all I got here now I know inside scoops sit diamond that he. There won't play in the fact well it output despite -- let's assume that the Bruins progressed beyond the first round second round and then I would say that you'd be foolish to say he's not gonna play in the policies you think Dennis Seidenberg didn't. I can see a story that is going to be out for the postseason and a I know James -- don't switch it up -- the third day in a row but he went out skated. Before the team pressed and ready for next year -- yeah ice out there he's up there Boston it to get ready for next September in training camp. I don't think he's got as an athlete except that he has staff contacted some jerk you're absolutely. No doubt about. But he -- Netscape and if -- if he's. He's skating for a reason exactly. He's not out there just to get us get a stadium. Now. I mean he he finishes his rehab but he doesn't need to skate now what -- Netscape when the season's over no one knows and none of us are talking about it so that it goes under the rug. He skate grind out a test that. He has to have contact the -- dale I think he's gotten passed that test that point and I think I think all put it to you this way. He works out. Like a guy who thinks he's gonna play I thought -- Thorpe last night on Comcast have to from a mistaken when he was talking about it. Didn't really answer the question that those aren't there. And Angela you may not be he may not I think his plan is. He's. Given -- ago wants to apply button and what would that be something if they -- Kindle lineup. We're we're late for music college -- we're gonna do that next hour. Because we kept talking and and I -- we don't know what -- -- is what we do that -- 6177797937. It's dale and Holley antibody Taylor Twellman Sports Radio WEEI. And I know that that Michael's been a little bit nervous about it tail and little nervous because you know the Detroit Red Wings have made the playoffs 23 straight years and of great historic. One of the best franchise in sports and I've agreed I'm not quite as nervous about it is my body here why. The Bruins are better team. In virtually every category. And and we rent for the numbers yesterday I want more people that. They're better five on five they're better. Scoring their battery in goals against they're veteran power play they're better and penalty kill. On their goaltending is better. So you know concerned that of the three of the four games deterred beat Boston now. As a -- looked at me and I'd rather they have won three of the way games. Are the Bruins 1141. Detroit 116 to one and then the other two games Detroit won three detail. You know one of those points -- types of games. No it it doesn't three reasons why I'm with him. That I think the Bruins beat the red wings in I don't think it's seven games here's one depth I think the depth is very good and -- strong third line to. Three which is number one for me because the last. Three playoff runs they haven't had a power play. How often when you're watching in the playoffs the Bruins -- get a powerfully like actually just go back to five on five it's just declined the penalty whatever it is we'll know what can we hold that later. Now they've got a power. And I think that -- best in the NHL going into the yes it dale I think that is finally now something. That for a lot of Bruins fans you always win and that was the Achilles heel where you kind of negated that part. I just find -- -- I think their season I think they're experienced. A loved their depth but for me it's a power play there. They're clearly the better team I think Mike Babcock. Gave you a glimpse. I'll break -- -- by a great deal of what basically psychological game plan is at the very least. The red wings he said the other day he said we've done them before. We've been the -- where the where the favorite with the number one team. Taking on a team that is not supposed to win we're supposed to win this thing. It's it's -- we just have to you. Now. Develop the mentality that we have nothing to lose all the pressure is on them. That's part of it and the other psychological game -- I'll ask the psychological and the second thing is. They are fast. And the -- -- -- -- -- April just a liberal -- slow you know I don't know much about warn anybody. But they're faster. The red wings the only way they can beat the -- Is -- they are able to out skate them and used their speed to their prayers and I think that's what they're gonna try to do it now will they be able to. -- discipline discipline enough and consistent enough. To have their speed pay off for them against the Bruins and then here's the other -- separate reasons why you're not nervous about it -- it is the third reason. Got great coaching we know. -- -- What is Jimmie how words. What what is his level in the post season what is he got to come to the table and present. Jimmy Howard gets -- Okay it doesn't match all those other stats. This is whether it -- the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Are great. The final stats don't matter. When you get to a seven games here. Against the team that -- better and it's replaced have played teams they've been the better team. And there there have been times they've they've lost that -- I think -- you know there is the classic cliche in hockey about the hot goaltender and and it's true hot goaltender can steal a series can lead a team to Stanley Cup championship. -- I don't think they'll that a hot goaltender necessarily. Turns around season's full of of effort. Jimmy Howard has played an entire season for the Detroit Red Wings. He's been up and down there he's been count I'm -- and a big part of that I'm not blaming Jimmy Howard by the way. A big part of that is the fact that the Detroit Red Wings. Have a very young and inexperienced defense -- and and people talk about the inexperience on the bruins' defense. That the Bruins are actually much more experienced. Specially Stanley Cup experience and the Detroit Red Wings are. That's been the prob that's been the Achilles heel for the red wings this entire season. And I don't see that that Zetterberg is not healthy right. He's not gonna play at the start of the series they've held out hope maybe later on in the series he said the fact that. They got a couple of extra days this week you know might help him. Get back before the series is over but I'm not sure that that's going to be the case I don't know he's he's definitely an up and plays two games here this. So. I I just I just think that in in every category that I look at. I can't come up with with a you know you do the little check mark -- yeah I can't come up with a check mark for the red wings. Not not a single one. It's funny -- is I needed. I mean people just to calm me down as you know my my my hockey hockey god is is Bob McKenzie. And the guy Bob McKenzie and then and then the guy who sits at the right -- of father's dairy drink it SO. Look at those guys just looking around for somebody to say probably -- not this is not gonna happen. I did -- well one guy. The some -- on the corner myself not accurate report -- -- the election hockey analyst who says. This is a series. That frankly the red wings can not win. Not -- -- a lot of people say -- the Bruins the Bruins to win this series. Theological crowds at the -- that red wings cannot there was no way they can win this series. I don't go that far I mean -- -- mean of course of course they -- But as I said if you do the little check marks and every box. I did at this morning hey I -- it in the only one U I'm might give. And I am and I probably wouldn't but because I'd I -- it's even coaching is coaching I think it's even adding Babcock is great coach. I think Claude Julian is a great coach with a much better reputation. Outside of New England that would then then within. He's considered one of the best coaches in the league every place but here. I don't quite get that but that's no I believe that you believe that yes I don't know about -- do you believe that on average. The Bruins fans don't think close to -- of course they do. Of course it is not all likely start taking calls here and -- from from people all day when I can't vote what color represented what would they rappers I don't know I I I don't know the 5% down maybe. 5% of that the fan base there's no way. If you if you're Bruins fan you've been watching this team. That you think that close and a great coach now what happens with all great coaches probably happen -- Babcock in Detroit. This doesn't happen -- here you watch a team. The entire year and see some things that you don't like your critical of your ticket would you should pretty. Repaying the money form you invest the time the energy and your team you see some things you don't like -- some things disagree with. You should you should. I think it went -- way of saying -- Michael is he doesn't get enough credit in New England that he does and others I think -- but I but I I don't I don't believe you know not I'll give you common criticism. He couldn't get the best out of Phil Kessel and Tyler Sagan and they had to move them out of town because Claudette. I'm I'm giving you what they're saying army. Because -- didn't want to that does the dazzling young player with the offensive skills he wanted everybody to play defense. Mean I've heard that a lot in this -- Soviet. Yeah I have by then -- that to be true but it's the one so it's again I don't know if that's true -- you look at this team. Don't have anybody in the top twenty top 25 and scoring in the what third in the league in scoring. Say yes it's taken scored 37. I'm talking up for the -- nine -- -- -- -- -- -- history's mysteries and -- Great. How is that okay and so what -- So when I'm seen as you can still criticized the system but you can't criticize what I got relatively OK so -- He's 37 goals is he he scored 37 goals. Duke and free up. You can you can free up. Patrice Boris are you give free up. David great to have -- play somewhere else. In their offensive production will go up. So. If you have -- the fact that he doesn't have me top twenty or top 25 scored doesn't mean he doesn't like school hours. No as you point out -- the third highest scoring team in the National Hockey League last year they were first or second in the NHL in scoring it is -- it is a misconception. Perpetrated by people who don't know hockey to be honest with -- Who got other agendas the third and Erica it is the right and all I don't know. Yeah. I feel so make it right now perpetrated by people who have other agendas. Who say you know -- wants to win every game 00. They are consistently one of the highest scoring teams in the league the differences. -- also requires that his team be responsible defense of that they come back and work in an event. It is time to beat -- -- his players beat two way players. Exactly does he want problem. Some noncallable well because I think. Was -- -- it because if it was if it was some of armed and Tyler's Aegon is entry level while Tyler -- -- -- for different -- I don't think it's quote unquote that type of player I think -- thing mistreated because of that team and no I completely I'm not that -- -- saying quote -- that type -- player. The sniper Apple's -- flat out that but I'm gonna go back to my guy -- he JK. -- I didn't realize that I may have believed. That whole narrative about a cold Julian you know they'll want it and once scorers in. He's the kind of stifle the office of creativity of these guys except that couldn't believe I still can't believe it. They wanted to back. They want they got they want it Cassel had a combat so you would think that all he didn't want that -- -- -- he didn't want to count again. Well or at least as general manager and the same thing with the same thing -- they -- point. -- -- Everything was -- They -- about their. I've got a two way player -- just the prolific score and we got it cover -- even if I'll let you put on him I think it would have been far. Under Reagan at the Tyler's second thing is that's where the naysayers in this -- Will say while that's the problem -- like oh that's fine if there in the bottom half. Of the NHL's score -- they're top what are they third. They're third in the league in scoring not only that Saudi credits Baltic road and not not only that but I think and I didn't look here today but my memory as. I think four of the top five plus minus players in the NHL Michaels that but he made some our Bruins. It's it's guys like Bergeron and crate G envoy chuck and you know day. Guys who were on the ice for a lot more goals for the goals against which is exactly that the -- the centerpiece of closed system is. You've got to be responsible defensively and then turned defense and also. Michael recoverable full circle this is Saint Louis while it's not being. -- at all. They'll criticize people. They have nice but it's not stopping you disagree -- you said that he said in New England. He's more like outside a new England and he has that's that's that's to you think that's true I think -- the outside in -- -- yes. Liked him as a black -- -- US and LA kings in Jose sharks US. Hockey towns in Kipling arms and -- CNB file my point good teams if you brought -- -- its positive. I think at best and it's probably -- but that but when advocates positive here I think for many people not enough is enough as it should write poems. It's one of those things where I mean -- Belichick as the example. Is not the best coach in the National Football League and yet there folks around here who can't stand him. -- is -- so by the way it's it's a gambling thing. It's apparently been through a war and our budget today for votes expert Mike let me bring in. While that term repeat but it's not about -- and I thought I like you're you're you're headed sweatshirt and I'm like Bill Belichick actually -- When and it got an Internet I'm --

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