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Reflecting on the One-Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Steve Lyons reflect back on the event last year, and the good that has taken place since then as Boston came together.

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We will never be the same. We we are stronger than -- We have been tested and tested again. But we face these shirts with a new understanding of our strength. We have survived the Dark -- to face the future with hope and confidence. In the joy in the morning. We can believe his mind and didn't. As Lindsay did as crystal did as Sean did as so many Bostonians do we can believe that anything is possible. And then we worked out -- out to prove it. Was at Walsh speaking earlier today at the Hynes convention center at feet moving remarkable I don't know who put it together for the city of Boston. Whoever did get deserves a raise as far as I'm concerned it was perfect pitch perfect in every way. Closed out whether a remarkable number with a full chorus in the Boston Pops I it was it was spectacular. Yeah -- I've always said you know this you played here and Michael you've you've lived here a long time I've lived here a long time. This is the biggest. Little town and oversee our absolute everybody knows everybody or or you know somebody who knows somebody right and what it meant was that what happened a year ago today. There is not a single person in the sound of our voice. Who doesn't have some connection to what happened. You know Matt Chatham or or you know the Richard family. Or you knew Sean call -- family or in in my case. One of my friends. Is on the MIT police force and she worked with Sean calling every single person. In the sound of our voice. Had some connection with somebody who was involved with what happened a year ago everyone. They eat you know you talk about being a small town and it is that and related a little bit to be in and I -- Eugene Oregon you know it's not really a small town but it. People with a guy you're on the stakes in others -- smaller towns and now where. Some people just never ever leave because they're never gonna get outside their comfort circle other people can't wait to get out. This is an area of the country where people don't leave because they don't want to leave they wanna stay here. So very few people leave their roots here in new England and I think that's why. There's so many intertwining. Of families and you know when you listen to a guy like -- adamant and historian and what he did on that day. It's so inspiring to hear all these different stories and of course leave it to me -- you know little bit about me that I kind of pick weird little things out there but what I find. Most amazing about that story is that Heather actually does a prosthetic leg were -- a high heel honey that's also knows like right here so great that secret you know. -- is gonna -- morning on one of the new shows I I think it was on Good Morning America she has four. -- prosthetic -- she has one for when she she's like surface -- boarding and they shorter on board with their prosthetic leg. And she has won as he said for everyday use and one that she can run a little bit. And they actually showed her high oil high heel like and the high heel is built into the into on of the prosthetic leg and that's a fourth. Of for prospective I don't know what he's probably only woman in the world's complaining about. That's not complaining about -- and ideals and as David -- and -- -- -- it's a kind of a story -- -- is like Aaron is her name -- yes she's running. The -- do you have any idea how difficult it is to run a marathon. And I see I live I Matt Meyer neighbors and I seen her out -- -- in my neighborhood -- and she's try to get herself ready for this. All America honors that are out there can call in and tell me that I'm absolutely wrong if they believe it but I think. It's far less an athletic event it's a mind over matter event. He could go on run I can go out run -- you know I do my knees my knees start to kill me and that doesn't mean that those. You know the runners -- don't -- their idea board can't do I can't tell myself -- to keep Golan. 26 miles I mean. That is you willing yourself to keep going when every fiber of your body tells you that you don't want to. And think of all the people that are there are running this year they're doing it because of what happened last year. And it aaron's case the same situation as a sudden he decided to two weeks before you do it used to blunt trained to build yourself up to it. And my hat's off because I'd literal I could not run a marathon and I see people do and I'm like oh my god it's amazing. 26 point two point did you know you are unemployed or you didn't get through the 26 threats not yet point but I think it's a -- actually think it's both. I don't mind over matter of it and if you don't billable miles yeah -- I think there are a lot of of their a lot of merit daughters out there who were doing it in the run in new York and in Chicago and Boston they are marathon. And they're very good that. Within the elite you see the use the very good -- -- that you that you and it's not him. Aperture -- who's -- executive adding that. You look at the elite runners. It's incredible look at those times to think about the times on every line I think that's -- it's amazing. That's kind of my point though because I -- I know a ton of athletes that could never run a marathon blowouts he's animals for myself make better -- athletes. I'm the least athletic ex athlete in history of the world but could never run a marathon. But you won't find someone who isn't mentally strong. That camera one. Because you have to be can't do it if you're not. Well it was one of those things where every single one of us was attached to some. We all knew somebody or or we had a friend who was and and the other part of this is that anybody who's lived here and you guys have lived here long enough. Every single one of us have been at that finish line for marathon before yes every one of us -- and right there. I've been on that bridge over the the marathon finishing line calling the finish of a race at times I've I've stood right there. Where -- Richard was standing I stood right there and we ball every single one of us have been there. And that's why it it hit home for all of us. As one of those things if you come here. To be an athlete you know most guys when you think today -- at the -- my -- of the organic. -- Maloney who's actually from the area and actually played here for the Red -- it doesn't happen very often the rest of the athletes that come to this town are outsiders to begin with yet to learn the city to understand. What's important to the people that live here. And patriots day. Was a huge -- seriously if you became a member of the Red Sox. They got to remember that at 11 o'clock starts it. Yeah it's a -- a tough one for guys thought -- my favorite holiday but you learn right away what it means to not only its you know people go the Red Sox game and and they go down the finish line or. Although it. You know thousands and thousands of marathon. Admirers that come out and watch the runners or participate. In a Boston Marathon let's face it there are too many marathons across the country or anywhere in the world really. Better too much bigger than Boston so it it is an elite marathon. And it means something on that date for so many different reasons that you better learn that as an athlete missed -- The entire city in the entire state will take part in a moment of silence at 249 today. That's the time the first bomb went off we will participate in that is everybody in the city of Boston will be. We will later on the program talk with Dave able he broke the remarkable two part story in the Boston Globe by the way congratulations to the global again. Winning a Pulitzer Prize for their breaking news and it was all about their coverage of them of the marathon bombing a year ago. Dave able join us to talk about the Richard Stanley a little bit later on its dale and Holley Steve lines here as well Sports Radio W media. Coming up that. 249 the entire city. And the entire statement -- a fair chunk of the country. Will take part mania a moment of silence. In memory and in tribute to the victims of the marathon bombing a year ago it is chest. Pouring -- Some money folks under umbrellas down there in Copley Square right now are right at the finish line. Ronan Tynan is is singing down their right now and just as as we've been looking at crowd shots we've seen Carlos -- Redondo standing there. We've seen the Richard Stanley Jane is not there but. Bill and his wife and and Henry you're there there bill underneath here and we've seen you know so many others. Frankly it's kind of hard to tell who everybody is because they're all bundled up so much. -- it it is just pouring rain out. And and and is that almost. Like ironically perfect semi tongue -- about a town of banded together and and and is continuing to overcome such a nasty tragedy and and they will stand there in the rain as long as it takes because that's what they do. There you think about and you know sister's we come up on this moment of silence and and a couple of minutes less than a minute or less than two minutes actually. It knows where we. Just how how life changed. Last year. I have at 249. Sitting here doing the show. And I think it was -- who said. You know there was something at the Boston Marathon there was an explosion but are you hear a lot. Of people talk about it and they say. Well my first thought was -- gas explosion. -- my first thought was you know something something went wrong here fireworks here from knucklehead if something. And that was that was my thought immediately to explosions at the Boston Marathon what does that mean. But he would never it is so we never crossed your mind. At this time what you were taken this time last you about America. It was so. One of those you'll always remember moments there you know you'll always remember. What happened on 9/11 where you were and what you were doing in what you were thinking and what you were feeling you'll always remember. What happened a year ago. At 249. April 15 2013. In the city of Boston. And right now the entire city is getting ready to stand by the entire state is getting ready to stand by and much of the nation is getting ready to stand by as we all pay tribute. -- this moment of silence. Or sneeze. You moves. Okay. Gone it's good to all homes. The news. It's. Who want so you're. -- Yeah. I. As inspiring as I've ever heard the National Anthem that was two days after I was on Wednesday. April 17 2013. The Boston Bruins were playing host of the Buffalo Sabres it was the first athletic event in the city of Boston after the events of Monday. And Iran court who is a legend in these parts began the singing of the National Anthem. But you guys finished it and it was unbelievable. There was perfect it was perfect. And download the Bruins was that planned the planet that waited they tell -- -- I -- -- -- someone -- I don't know who. But Renee has talked about it and said someone. In the Bruins organization. Suggested. That he. TV term radio term lay out did they know that they would get that kind of response from the crowd in order for him to do that though. I think they had a pretty good idea I mean emotions in this city were still. At a fever pitch at a boiling point have to remember the the ultimate capture. Didn't happen until Friday. I mean there was still things happening in this city. Nobody knew where the bombers were. Member they shut down the entire city of Boston was it Thursday or Friday whatever it was. Literally shut down a city Friday shelter in place and you know that it might just stay home. And with what was happening at that point. I think they have a pretty good idea what the reaction would say. But what what I don't think. The players understood was how they were in Korea. Shawn Thornton said. I don't think I got the tears out of my eyes to lead in the first period. Guys were on the ice said it was Seoul hall hard. Tenet to just go out and do what you had to do. When the Bruins came on the ice. For pregame warmup they -- the caps. It whether helmets they were caps of Boston Police Boston fire brand EM TP all of blows and you know I I know that you talked about that moment there was that for you the most the touching moments. That was an inspirational for you Michael. Are so many of them I think. -- always thought with all respect to this through the teams in town. But it is still goes back to use some of things that they Chatham was talking about it just. Everyday people. Doing I was just inspired by that it was inspired by. Not just -- men and Andrew Z but he hear about the first responders and hearing about. The police officers. And didn't have it adds that I mean that in view of the I don't want to diminish. Know what happened at the Bruins game -- David Ortiz did but it moments that just had to stick with me and that I that I've thought about. Several times over the last year. It's thinking about. The Richards family its thinking about what happened in Watertown imagine. Just imagine. On -- Thursday night in the dark. If they're coming action. -- somebody told me. I can remember who was talking to someone at Fenway Park. And they -- top -- one of the Watertown police officers there took a lot of times. When you are going in when you're going to Sydney. And their kids -- weapons. They will once you approached him as a police officer. They won't they won't retreat more often than not they will retreat they will back down in this case. We're coming captain there -- there was no background they're throwing they have got they have weapons. They are they are attacking. The officers and for the officers. To keep peace in the neighborhood. To. Apprehend one of them. And then then surround the area and eventually get the other one to me -- that's something that I've thought about. Dozens of times in the last year. And I think everybody in their lifetime goes through. Some moments like that obviously. That they're no fun the lived through there's there's -- -- -- the it's not only can be. -- some inspiring things for real life that you can take out of and I think obviously me not being here I think. You know on 9/11 and in the playoffs -- and you know when the country itself was and one of the most tumultuous times. In recent memory when President Bush walked out throughout first it's Yankee Stadium I was pretty powerful I was there for that. He also. If you can. -- can draw moments like that and as we said this is of the one year anniversary. Should be you know hoping to celebrate the healing in and moving forward. But at Texas does that picture of Martin richer with the peace poster is a gift. It was it's inspiring and heartbreaking I think you can say that about a lot of things. Here today on the one year anniversary. So heartbreaking moments inspiring moments a lot of a lot of that is encapsulated in that two part series that that -- referenced that that. David -- the Boston Globe wrote and he he's gonna join us today in so many questions for him and let my number one question is. We spent six months I think with the family. Putting that story together. What what they think of it. That's what I know what what is a family think of that story. You know do they get the they get the inspiration. From it that has some of us got. Was it too difficult. For them to -- to have their lives. Put out there like and they're very private private family and you could tell from the story that. You know that was one of the things -- Richard -- was fiercely. Protective. As anybody would be -- fiercely protective of his family's privacy. You know they're they're they're a lot of time -- I can tell you this from writing a story about somebody like. You'll sit down -- money in and talk and they'll be very open and talk with you. In a share so many things. Anderson different. When you see it in -- it's just something. It's something different when it's out there -- -- yeah yeah I said that. Yeah I -- that's all true but when you see it all out there. For the public to consume. If it's a different feeling. Well I. I I agree and I am curious my guess is that they probably are OK with that because it's. It's so heartfelt and then and Timmy so. So it's speaks so well of them as a family assets as a positive piece of it as an -- -- you know what Gillick -- The Jersey that's hanging in the wind up. On the picture. He gamble Boston boy plays the Phoenix Coyotes. Their first game after the bombing. He wore a number rate -- Richard Jersey for warm up. But the Phoenix Coyotes game he wanted to Wear it for the game the National Hockey League wouldn't want them. But he -- for warmup. And and the entire teams signed it and they sent it to bill Anthony's -- and the family. And when the globe brand that the piece on line that was the picture they showed the Jersey hanging in the front when. Now the Phoenix coyote teachers as somebody faces. To this threat -- they went through and I think the return -- it was a reluctant face of it so I think they had to be very very careful with. How that articles written and how it was handled and how they perceived and you know I think. And I think that they really understand that moving forward further for the foundation that they've created and everything that it's really important for them to. And it was the scene in the streets of Watertown. Friday night. After the capture. And all of the people lining the streets of Watertown. Singing the National Anthem applauding high five -- policeman. Hands outside of cars and ambulances police cars and ambulances. High five thing the citizens who just lying. The streets of Watertown. That was the that the second one for me that I will remember forever. We will -- course of the day talk about this and give you the opportunity as well -- lot. We'll throw some other things in as the day goes on we will talk to David -- Who wrote the remarkable piece in the Boston Globe about the Richard Stanley will get all of that will get to your calls as well it's -- holly Steve Lyons here as well Sports Radio WB yeah. Bill and we work and we love and we raise our kids to do the same. And we come together to celebrate life and a walk our cities and cheer for our teams. When the Sox. And Celtics and patriots are Bruins are -- Okay. Yeah. Champions and the it's. This Red Sox team helping him guy wants to. Banner in the marathon -- inning. -- -- -- -- -- -- six months later it's. My name and -- a good thing. The 100. I don't care what you literally engineers -- cost -- in her native of Massachusetts. And the president's -- here. Last April he brought down the house. And we're remembering one year ago today in and doing that with you. The connection of the professional teams to what happened and all three of the teams who were in action. In the immediate aftermath all took part in this the Celtics did as well. The Bruins did it we talked about the National Anthem at the garden the red the Red Sox. Carried it through the entire summer the patriots. Did something once -- seasons started there's that iconic picture of on marathon survivors standing on the sidelines at Gillette Stadium wearing their patriots jerseys many of them on crutches still. Many of them had not yet even been fitted for prosthetics at that point but there was that great picture of all of them standing on the sidelines the New England Revolution to the same thing. Know dale you said earlier in in Steve you're asked a question okay what what we're -- some of them more inspirational. Moments inspirational stories. It's another when I think we've we've we covered a bit and and we miss that we missed a lot of them we can't possibly know all of -- -- and I think you guys have your own -- moments of inspiration from things that we don't know about. But here's something that we all know. -- one fund. Yeah I think you imagine out of nowhere to how how quickly. How quickly it happened you know how was named. It was just it it wasn't like a marketing campaign or anything it was. They were talking a lot of people in the city were talking with the mayor mayor was talking with. Police chief. FBI you know so many so many people involved with trying to figure out what was happening in the city and how to. How to move forward. We're trying to figure out -- well how how do we help people. And said he said adding -- me knows that in conversation and have one fund. For everybody. And became the ones. That's what it is and still going strong and doing great things first survivors that a you think about the amount of the amount of money raised. In the short time. To help you mean to help people who were. Who out of sorts had nothing a lot of had nothing. That's incredible and that that's it that's there's a lot about the community where. Let's give you the opportunity to join us as well at 6177797937. -- the AT&T text line is 37937. So many of you found out already and we've been happy to have those as part of what we've been doing here. 6177797937. Dan it's in Watertown -- and Europe first on dale and -- He has -- and again. -- in the area thank you I appreciate that like I actually got on that you that day we are all locked down you and what again -- -- yet but. It would not let that of course I'll never forget -- 13145. When the gunshots went off you know I was laid -- -- my girl she -- there firecrackers but it. But the gunshots. Are -- just aren't scared me I don't go to sleep I couldn't sleep at night or thirty hit the -- You know at the guy comes Theodore. And assist you so so real. Eating there and and no you couldn't leave your house because. I could just keep you right here and where I would live in right doctor Charles River. I mean these guys they wanted to know have you seen any vehicle after the water at any rate down. And yes it's at nickel -- all the holes all day -- -- welcome. Acute described as really being in the in the middle whole -- it accurately and a year. It is hard to believe and it it has seemed to have gone by in a flash here but but. It was such and it's funny they're people who will criticize -- anything and everything. And there were people who criticized the city of Boston for closing things down for the body and how much money it cost the city businesses. You know restaurants again how much money you cost the city. You got to remember at that point they didn't know what they were up against nobody knew what they were up against yet. It was a desperate measure the time and the times called -- I mean they did what they had to do in order to catch these guys and -- figured if they didn't. More bad stuff was gonna happen and they certainly have plans for more bad stuff and and they -- all that by making. You know. A bold decision that worked out well -- and I think that you know part of what we are -- matters is the -- sports that it takes that kind of bring people. Back together not always that it is certainly is professional sports is an outlet for people who. You know they're trying to get away from just they're dated days struggles of of everyday life. Go to the ballpark -- unknown team how some fun you know passing game down -- -- kids have a hot -- That's that's what it's always been about and I think it's as you mentioned the Bruins and then the Red Sox for the whole summer. What do you know how do you start to heal without that outlet. Yeah I am adding that the role of sports teams. Pro sports teams is very important. In in and a lot of it in a lot of ways when you think about it obviously it's an outlet it's a diversion for people. But then in some cases. This is this is clearly not the majority not for the majority of people but in some cases. How what sports team responds to something. We'll tell you the seriousness of -- bear some folks just say aren't -- this is happening in town -- give an example. America. The Celtics had a game their record last year was 41 and forty. Why did they wire they're missing a game. Because. They had a game scheduled at the Indiana Pacers. Pacers were in town. -- game. That game we're scheduled for Tuesday. Because the Bruins had a game Marathon Monday that they called off right they were in the building Monday and I didn't and they signal go home. -- pacers aren't out. NBA says we understand. Celtics. Do not play this game and you talk about money. Now they would have it would have been very. Self serving. For them to release any information about it but it does do. The basic map. And you know like the the standard what the standard. I I guess that the word would be that what you -- and forward your average game without. What they did was give up a million dollars. That game. Cost -- a million dollars so. So the messages. I don't care -- our business I don't care. It has more this is more important then Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacers on a Tuesday our city is more important. And what the Bruins did -- I mean it was. Audible if I remember right and I remember. The Ottawa Senators said look. No questions asked welcome back when every tell us to come back and we don't care what it cost you know we understand completely. You just tell us wanna come back and welcome back. I'm pretty sure it was auto that was supposed to be here that Monday night. And we were in the building. The NASA and crew was setting up that set that you saw on the into the building -- set it up and take it down every game. Some the crew was in their set up the cameras -- -- we knew what it happened at that point spot 3 o'clock they were all of the building. And the players started arriving probably around four. And the players. Were privately saying. We can't play game. And we we we cannot play. You there's no way we can even go out and perform this can't happen. And it didn't take long after that where the players were all told he would just go home now we're we're out. And it's same thing you know the Thursday night. So affairs and I would -- our previous caller was referring to -- Watertown. That Thursday night where. The the bombers. Wearing Cambridge. That they killed. John collier. And then they'd -- took a they took a graduate student on -- chase he was able to escape on that night. And they're looking form and there's a shoot -- in Watertown. The Red Sox are are getting back in town. Getting back in town from Cleveland there's spanning the entire. Night in morning. In their clubhouse. Watching TV. The clubhouse with 33 o'clock in the morning 330. And then the next day they're shelter in place they weren't sure I think they called the game around 2 o'clock 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Because what you do. We can't have people going to we -- -- light on the ordering him more square right thing shelter in place. And you remember win. When they made the announcement and most of -- driver 530. Maybe even a closer to fix -- okay. If it's. You can go outside. But they had caught right. It was like this feeling our pain. -- give them got away there than an hour later. I remember leaving the building there's helicopter. And history and we went five minutes away. Fibers of what what you've been listened in an area what does a five minutes away from weirder where they captured them. Just about five minutes in Providence so going outside and -- the helicopter thought -- Outside the building. And that's when they got the break but I like that when I look what I thought about it when it happened. This is I think doing this -- trying to smoke amount. I think but they weren't there legitimately. Said okay. Our work is our work is done and done for the day but -- we're not gonna keep you inside in the longer. There were there were somebody. Iconic photographs. From that week. That we can remember the one at the finish line with a gentleman bill if big if -- I think it's I pronounce it was on the ground -- runner -- been knocked down up and the three Boston Police officers surrounding him one with his gun drawn. But the iconic photograph for me I'll remember forever. It was during -- and shelter in place. In Watertown. And there was on a young woman with a family. And she said in my kids are here -- yeah I need milk. And there was a police officer and they show him he's got all of his stuff on -- up a vest on he's up a swat gear on. And he's carrying two gallons of milk up to this woman's front door. Then there's the picture of him. Bringing milk to her house delivering milk in the middle of this search. Where these terrorists and you know this woman needed -- defeat her children and -- that that police officer major she had no. And the picture of him carrying these two gallons of milk Gupta were front door. They live with me forever. Top ranking -- next on Sports Radio stale on how. The moment. I just wanna say. And I just can't believe what I've been sent to the radio and -- TP. It estimated that a very very excited -- -- to those group that got killed. Most of my life I've been done many good things apparent that I -- warm. Of Russia won't just basically the -- Hollywood -- shoulder still incorporated. And I sort of my neck reject and promote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I told my son when -- shortage. Richard -- who might -- jacket because I want to Richard. -- up -- trying to box. Thanks for our frank. Wherever that frank coming down had a that are so last year remember pranks on that and I can feel the emotion and everybody in this down obviously -- that -- there and you're talking about would do with this -- you know sports really gets it wrong when they when they decide there's a really fine balance. Between whether you obviously there's there's an obvious that we say. We are not playing this game we may not be playing tomorrow the next day but there is a point in time where the games have to come back because. You know the city almost everybody realized that they needed -- he remembered you know. Jack Buck in in in Saint Louis after 9/11 when he said it's time for baseball to be back. And he was right during that time but there's a reservists a specific time period in you don't know what it's going to be become feel it. And then you know when it's time to come back and the people need. And it sports rarely gets that wrong. You think you kind of think of a time. And I wasn't a wasn't around for this you know people still talk about it that that tells you what the debate is and in rages on. More than fifty years later -- When when president Kennedy was -- want to assassinated in 1963. The NFL played out. And it and that's the one universal time you'll civil war we shouldn't have done it but that's really the only time the -- -- of yeah and the aftermath of 9/11 they did closed down in the NFL. And you and everybody who lives in these parts will remember the patriots first game after 9/11. Was at home against the New York Jets. Joseph Andrews he played for the patriots. Was of an offensive lineman on the team had three Brothers who were New York firefighters. Who were all involved all there thank god survived. And Joseph led the patriots onto the field holding that flag and his Brothers. Helped lead the patriots out onto the field as well that was another one of those goose -- moments when when pro sports. Helped he. George Bush throwing that that strike and a Yankee Stadium. Did you know and at a time where he was most vulnerable. To anything else happening to -- -- any other time during his presidency. Now I was at that game and now was as yesterday I mean you you've shaken almost. I came out -- confidence can be and threw a strike like you said it was it was pretty awesome to watch the great back story was when now. Jeter said to him before hand you better practice. Because you've got to throw strikes here tonight any daddy went down I was down the batting down the batting cages are practicing warming up because Jeter told him. You gotta throw strike here tonight and you know we Alltel will he tell anyone that comes out to throw we everyone tells on the exact same thing. And sometimes they don't quite get it. And it's always aim high. You don't do the Tennessee is a bounce bounce it out throw the ball all over the guy's head that -- -- looking because a lot of times you won't get it there. If you -- over his head you'll be fine. Ranks on the -- on hey frank. Hey guys I edit what -- you. Bring references somebody that was the big contributor to the other one fund that. Not many people are talking about today and net -- law and live nation and the concert that they put on last year. And the airports that they made that raised in excess of 2.3 million. I'll -- the one fun. And helped her raise. Roughly a 100000066. Million dollars and -- hundred days. In Iran and there's not a credit given -- him and his organization in the charitable and that -- like. In that and I do think it's important that it it is that now. The one year anniversary of all of those because that brought a lot of joy to people. 20008. Was all up minutes and it was a trip for caught in the news bite on that date group. A host of different sources including the -- and strong all of which. Richard wacko about Barack Obama's inaugural poet -- Was commissioned to write for the for the event and all the proceeds. Go to one. I know last year it may have been some criticism -- the morning show. You know not about being done by. Let. Nation well now the criticism though to be fair it was just that they thought it should have been shown on on local television. Element that that we all should now but I I don't wanna I don't wanna get -- I mean I'd I just don't wanna. Go too far into it that was what the criticism wise frankly I was one of those people wanted to see two and couldn't be there. They were out of -- right after the fact app and it is quite awhile after the fact I think -- remembers him on channel five -- It just took awhile to get there there was there was some criticism also. Of Dane Cook. What was that what was the controversy there with -- that they black -- is set because it was new materials and I want to be out of here and yet. Yeah that was a little tone deaf to wasn't there a little 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. Dale Arnold Michael -- better -- stale and holly. Our third guy and as Steve -- formerly of the Red Sox here on Sports Radio WE yeah. But who ever did this obviously did not know about the people of Boston. Because nothing these terrorists do was gonna shake them. Repeats at Boston was founded by the pilgrims. People so tough but above all -- damn song. Is the court. All other the American revolution is that it was donated 86 you're losing streak but it. Don't look Big Dig construction project the backed up traffic for sixteen years -- It's just getting home and home. Bands aren't tough. It's our hometown of Aerosmith who in their fifth decade are still going strong. Even Steven Tyler looks fantastic. Four a 73 year old woman. Here's what these cowards really don't get. They attacked the Boston Marathon. An event celebrating people who run 26 miles on their day off until there and the polls are wrong work on. In Boston since eight. Team 97. And do know how tough you have to be to run and it will belong corsets. And one bombs went off. -- long runners who after finishing a marathon kept running for another two miles to the hospital to donate blood. Okay. Yeah. -- actually tried to make light bad for the people of Boston but all they can ever do. -- show just how good those people are. Stephen cold air -- I think he was the first guy actually laughed. After the events. Ami could not help but laugh. As he talked about it. He was the first guy who who actually tried to get a smile on your face it immediately after that what happened a year ago and 6177797937. Rogers integrity and hey Roger right. Go to -- I don't think -- I wanted to -- brought -- some moderate today but I'm far I duplicate a one quick and it something personal. You know how when your kid and you're sick. And any family member and more and try to comfort you and you know. Earlier -- church retreat but it is your mom that comes over that's what you want that's the extra -- -- your mom's team. And when there's an out and -- The marathon bombing -- new town shooting. -- for me when I turn on the radio afterwards. I remember distinctly this last year there at one Ortiz that was. Extra comfort in a boat all the other radio -- And that was dale Dale Arnold. You know I distinctly remember. Hearing you after the event and its banking lobbyists. This is the tone of voice that I want -- here after -- I just want to let you know I know the dollar appropriate time to bring it up and today but wanted to mention a thank you. And I read on the Internet. A lot of people I'm sure reading all these stories and -- something I knew I shouldn't have done. I read the posts or comments from people who read the article. And now is a me how many comments that were about. Things like. All only four people died -- a dozen or so endured a worse and you know back car accident are a bus crash get over it already. And I was just shocked them like how. You people -- not Janet I mean it's not a buyout. That death poll or the number of injured -- you know how to play. You expressed that the difference between you know a few random people banging inaction and and and something like that. He terrorist acts that separates that then. I just. Right unfortunately you know what you have to you have to come to the realization and it took me a long long time to get there. There are people out there who just will not something you'll never get it they -- -- -- and I think his his words it Roger's words were. Exactly true I mean he's done about the demonstrate an accident. Which happens at random and an intentional act of terror I mean. -- he can understand the difference between those two things it's you know you just the limit out there and start somewhere does. Doesn't make any sense -- it he's not gonna build to get through to everybody all the time. Yeah it is it's it's interesting. I remember that last year Bill Maher. When that boy did he I can just drop and I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe he was taking a similar tack that on -- -- -- people don't we use that do you use that analogy he says it's -- at a car accident accidents. You just said it. This was not an accident. This was something that somebody planned to do this get into -- fender Bender and had -- I much more -- nobody nobody is trying to do that it says today you'd thought they are on that they would write hey you know you brought -- right away they thought they had the right away it was an accident that's one thing. When you sit there and you plan an attack. And YouTube coordinated with your with your brother. And try to have -- your plans for more from more damage that's not a bad I don't see how you can make that connection. I'll marks in Providence mark you. I do well that particular call sure -- what you lot echo of what -- -- -- earlier about the toll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm commemoration you know rated at 249 on -- -- here and I would. Thank -- outlook and -- that the -- -- the bombing and -- and we were lucky not to be all oil in the kind of all happened but. Literally just like we we did it and you know I'm running again this year and in that immediate feeling after that finishing last year. That that the group right and I said well we're back next -- no matter what we got to act it would -- do we can do. Com. Two children now in and really hard put in the work emotion coming back out the beat you guys think that he commemoration. When your anniversary. And -- the only. That we -- Literally -- at the time and you know over the weeks and months that -- upon it sort of went away. It it it it and -- and -- which was muted. Out right -- -- -- and -- certainly I should call -- commemoration. Thinking about the victim. Thinking about the -- -- ever happened. But what can -- Monday in a week and opt in and can we chill and I know what's gonna be 22 while chill. Spirit resolve it the great to -- in my whole life in so proud and never been on that. An entity and certainly I don't ever been robbed and and come Monday Tuesday night that would go into -- -- Thank you for the call mark appreciate money's going to be in an amazing day it will and it was it was set earlier by one of the techsters. Maybe as a slight admonishment Obama ticket. And and make a positive about it. Attacks it was right there were times. In the past. Five years ten years. You come to Sports Radio. On Marathon Monday. And there will be some remark. I snide remark about the marathon. I was in -- it's an inconvenience it's not really need it and true athletic events mean it that that's that's a little but but but that's governor Brodeur said you are saying it is it is -- you're. In. Law you know yeah I had no idea exactly underdogs absolutely -- -- odd event and -- past ten years ago. There are times. On this -- that you know people haven't always said kind things about America -- the great thing. I will never happen. Never happen again that's fair you'll always you'll look at the marathon. As something else you look at the marathon and realize. That it's much more if you didn't appreciated before he probably appreciated a lot more. There and there was today and and I was involved -- that there was a day in Boston where you would literally do play by play of the -- now and as I said I've I've been on that's tough I've been on the lead truck I've been at the starting line I've been on that bridge crossed the finish line. And it was years ago. And as the years went on radio coverage of the marathon became less and less. The one thing and look I'm sorry but this is the truth. You can't exactly breakdown in the marathon on sports talk radio and have anybody listening to you can't talk about the you know this Kenya and in and what hurt time is. Madrid and I doubt those red bias let's have a very correct. You can't do it and have a mainstream audience as you'd like people say it's all the time about what pick your sport. Every can't really breakdowns Dockery really -- breakdown this ash again. If those or two it can do it there will if if you're really into NASCAR your rent to golf. You're in the hockey basketball. You can break it down to levels that. That may have mainstream audience is doctor -- and that's -- law that that's that's the right anybody can do it. But maybe not for a mass audience. And I agree with one thing you said you'll never hear people mocked the marathon on on sports talk radio or any other radio ever again. I am so interested in seeing the reactions that people have at the finish line just like the caller right there is talking about you know he easily -- to do it again. I'm not even sure he knows how he'll react when he finishes again this year and I think there's gonna be such a wide range of emotions. -- from tears of joys and I think it's gonna be an unbelievable finish. 6177797937. As the telephone number it's dale and -- And Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. And we've just got to let no one -- -- explosions. Near the finish line Boston Marathon yeah. OK okay. Okay. And Barbara. -- It's not issue. It's not a -- commercially. As the story about a city. You can spill directness. He. And then. Times get to. We don't slow -- down to. The audio is good but video is even better the filmmaker is named JJ Miller. And it is area a YouTube piece entitled simply we will run. And I mean sort of get a sense just listening to what it's like but there if you see at all with the video as well. It is says it is chilling. And an inspiring at same time it's -- it is both of those things. And and that's what that's what we're gonna do Monday we will run. And it will -- there will never be more interest. In a Boston Marathon on the what you what you're gonna see on Monday the eyes of the world will be on the Boston Marathon. More than they have ever been ever in the past. Maybe even ever in the future but this year who it's going to be something. -- Matt Chatham on earlier in Chatham was talking about. The running in the marathon how his wife there's. Got to run and who she got to run -- -- rabbit has been given permission. By by the the Boston athletic association. To meet Matt's wife Erin as she makes the turn on off of Hereford. And run the last bit. Wither on. One offer for prosthetic legs I don't know which one of the four I don't know I he I don't think it's gonna go to my appeal when she has won the chicken run on. That's so good -- is such a great idea. The last time Dallas tried it was like that that girl it's red state that she won -- America right it was a -- Rosie is somebody. Go a long time ago that's going to be a completely different thing you know. He I think people would wanna be at the finish line just to see that I think that's going to be amazing. If you don't deserve feeling and I don't get this feeling and I think there should be an underlying current of it. Any apprehension. Of anybody running you know I thought there are going to be more I'm sure and hence the MAB as we get closer to Monday in there will be more but I'll tell you. I thought that that you know we're never gonna approached Marathon Monday the same way that our our lives had been on all probably changed. And I get the sense it's not that I I think I was wrong that's the strength that's the strength of city standards. Welcome back our I think there would be some reservations. Are probably could be some reservations I think that's okay that's that's human nature to normal. And we know there's some sick people in the world. So what you what you think about is. So one trying to do something else. A copycat copycat crimes so to speak. I can see that being written in the back of some mind. Even the caller that we had who ran the marathon last year. Knowing what he saw no there was zero apprehension in on -- he you know -- daddy they decided right then and there they were coming back I think that's it's a beautiful thing. But if it does seen other. Should be just a little bit. Safety was just you know pay attention keep your eyes open. 6177797937. -- able from the block from the Boston global join us after the top of the hour if you haven't yet I recommend you go on line. Boston.com it's there the two part piece. Started Sunday. About the the Richard Stanley bill Richard Denise Richards. Jane Henry the surviving Richard family and -- their son three year old son who was one of the four victims. Of the marathon bombings beautiful overall -- And it's tough it's really tough to read. Especially. Parts doing you know and talking about yeah -- got the prayer Saint Francis. Oh that was shot. I was really difficult to to get through that part you have read it. I don't want to. Give you all the details. Read. Read -- I think I think it is a mastery. Patrick on the cellphone Patrick you're next on dale and -- And or call -- Got her permanent -- and Harlem aren't you got should. Yeah we've -- -- more. On him at all. He didn't know as they -- -- all the promise all of whom are spot and it includes what can. Handled it with class and dignity. Yeah it's almost like a moment I'll someone's got to end it. On sports spotlight. -- all like you're about what you popped all along really well. Dot com more popular chocolate. While there -- that anything can handle them well. And -- actually removed and it. -- No more 9/11 happened how well crops are -- -- -- for fox. Real state are not. Operable. -- people aren't around more details. -- -- a -- ultimately that's what I. Want to rally where else. While -- and I know that nationally. And that there's some small amount of resentment I think about Boston. And the whole Boston's strong notion and and I know nationally. That's Erica enough for Boston already you know first -- all they're sick of the success of the Boston sports teams in general over the last ten years and lets everybody -- -- get. And secondly -- -- -- c'mon enough about Boston and especially. Last summer when you know let's be honest the Red Sox came out of nowhere. And won the World Series in the aftermath of what happened here last April 15. And people were like are you kidding me Boston again. Deal with -- America. If you know I like that I like to call his philosophy there who worry said that. Sports is basically the perfect ending to a moment of silence. Started but he wasn't asking like as good -- written really well sir and. Was very well done David -- Superb writer for the Boston Globe. Will join us after the top of the hour 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. You're living proof that America can never never never be defeated. You are the proof of that assertion. So much as we take you through which you never never has given up and all the other survivors -- are not here. Not even those tough days and Carolina hospital but I remember and look ministers to -- the same -- I don't know how I can do this anymore. I don't want to do this anymore. I'm wondering how much more can take. But you must have the courage you've got up and you kept going and you brought an awful lot of other people with you. As you walked on I'm not trust any clay. And you're here. Here on turn. And -- he knew it. That was vice president Joseph Biden speaking earlier today at nine convention center. Paid tribute to the survivors and honor the victims. Of the marathon bombing here today self serving this may be on one with your connection. Com and eight totaled. Remarkable job meeting just the exact right. The things that we played coming breaks then the top -- -- all of it is -- -- Oh. Having. Program. Note not waiting for a via a -- that it was that was. And now it's it there was nothing following that. And forums are. -- -- arc this. Are there to -- that music -- and where. Null. 67797937. Number number of people that -- that this thing work read this article boston.com. You can you can find it is the first piece -- Sunday. Second piece ran yesterday and and I promise you this. The second -- a lot harder. Well I I just -- -- hard to say that it's a -- felt welcome -- I thought -- were difficult at times and as it. There're a number of emotion that is as David labels that we talk with a few minutes ago. Both parents have great senses of humor and you can see guys in there may have some there's some great moments of levity. They are they say that they seem like folks that. Just one thing. Salt to the best of your pencils and that's who they were -- four to an hour starts a year of excellent leadership from the parents. Tennis sets the tone for being able to handle a situation like this and actually moving forward and in just -- actually becoming better people than they were absolutely so. Don't see that the story if there's no question. So really there's a particularly tough moments and -- both parts that I can see you know David -- said they're saying. I had access and tears right now as I can understand why. If they are if it is a story. I think is necessary to read. You'll -- You're correct and and the pressure on him to get it right. -- to do it right. I think would be enormous FT spent that much time and understanding the importance of of of what that family means to this city and across the country but certainly right here in Boston. And by the way you say if Dave's right and if bill hasn't ready yet. I don't blame. They lived it he. Dave believes David -- believes that Denise has read it. He's been kind of given the impression that she has credit but the bill has. Don't -- Heck I wasn't emotionally invested beyond care for my fellow man. And it was hard for me eatery. I can't even imagine. Being in bill Richards Richards position. And reading through that. I can see where he'd be one. Just skip fell open yet because it's it's a it's a recap. Of of the last year the last year in print. It's one thing they have that. Don't have those selective. Memories. They're they're tough moments. In your head in your hearts. But to see it right there but it pages and newspaper around this year of anybody's life yes stuff. A our friend of the show points out that Boston Globe dot com and boston.com. Aren't the same thing under -- at Boston Globe and Boston Globe dot com Boston is where the article Boston Globe dot com. All four Richard family finding strength. NC. Two part two part series. -- and what was on Sunday. Second part yesterday. -- -- and -- hagel I don't think they're doing great it was and what a bunch of guys that split second -- that you today's show. Also believed buried Wallin -- for me -- recently Spencer thank you will cheer myself. And I know these people went through. What ends up with it. I have seen them from Kabul hospital. It set up and what they need to who'll -- volatile lies and the people bought. They got on you know there really Chinese people but yet go. -- a long time ago. Rebels started in the it will bought the weight. Of the world incorporated. The these. You know bought what -- you view of the world. Such as those people. We were Little League who made it you don't met with losses. And that's what bought some people. Guarantee that we had -- the world. Light it up next or five months let you read about that it has gotten. So it was a you know we got robbed or you don't mess with us well bless you the only -- people. Overwhelmed by what. Thank you 00 that's very nice of you thank you very much speedy recovery to Billiton -- spending the time in the them in the wheelchair movies over and around again. Chris in -- they'll say Chris your next Sunday Elena holly. Hey guys. Just an incredible story until into the I'm can be the patriot him being a cancer survivor. Having his Brothers -- 9/11. Being there right at the finish line with Matt Chatham being able to help save people's -- that the marathon. I just think you know in God's mind I just think he took him to do more and he's done more and that man has got a lifetime. Of heroics that he's done and you know what. That's just a fantastic story hope someone says that some day and what a great patriots and not to be corny about that. No they -- there's no reason to be corny about your right Joseph and -- both those of the work that they're doing with the Andrews he foundation and and helping other people who were fighting cancer. Not as Joseph did successfully -- I'm happy to say there are remarkable family and it was just one of those weird. Quirks of fate that put both Joseph Andrews he and Matt Chatham and others representing the -- he foundation right there are and where the the first bomb went off. We Chatham said something earlier and we we didn't follow up on it because. Well I don't know I don't know why we can follow up about it but it was maybe since you make the right. The right moment to give answers and to this discussion but when he served his wife told -- go back. He wanted to run out into the street to help us go back -- and hope someone means that he you know he. He he locked eyes. And in for some reason. He picked her up and other people. Other people saw her in Dayton. Other people who she notes. Even now he said you know she still sees some of those people. Who who didn't helper -- that is how does that -- don't really -- that's what I was asking who you know it's a mad because. I've certainly never been put in the situation anywhere near that I don't know that many of -- have and I I wonder. How you'd react you know there's no question that some people were so scared that they the world turned and ran and then end. -- saw things happening in front of them that they probably couldn't comprehend red hot moment -- I was so afraid and scared. You know couldn't bear to reached down and help all they wanted to do was get out there and save their own skin which it. Could certainly be a natural reaction for a lot of people that's like -- Ask Matt about and that I really don't think he could answer because deal you don't know what -- I think -- I don't think yeah I tried to ask him to related athletically almost like you did you know was a gain time all of a sudden did that click -- he -- I'd. I did what I had to do because. -- to do. -- nothing similar but you know kind of related athletically and I don't think he really did. I think he just reacted in a way that you hold many people deal do and certainly on that day so many did. You know you'd think. There you'd like to think you would do that and that situation. What about the people who who who -- I mean if you if you think about. And I don't know what it was maybe it was a shock on the part of some folks received is that. The year and I'm shocked I'm scared of -- -- -- but if you look at someone and and they are. In any dire situation and you run away and neighbors don't know what -- did you survive and it is Arab. How do you feel about that something that just that haunt you that there's. Oh -- if it isn't tough to have to live with yourself knowing that that situation you. Know -- Hold up the people that did help as heroes. Don't necessarily. I don't know that -- feel. Ill will towards someone who didn't but the people who did -- those are the ones he called it and say this was special act of kindness. Well -- end of the of the footage from the the finish off in the immediate aftermath of the bomb going off. And you've seen the people running towards. The blast site towards it. Now and there was a bunch of five and I I don't know if they were national garter or sold your regular soldiers there were there were some soldiers in uniform. We're trying to rip that barricade down and you see them -- try to take that thing down so that people king -- Mary and help. The folks on the sidewalk at the medical people work in the street try to get. Onto the sidewalk in those barricades were in the way. And the soldiers try to rip the barricades down so that the medical people who were running towards. The blast site. We're going to help now they have no idea if this is the only bomb that's gonna go -- -- in fact you probably. Have a pretty good idea it's not the only bomb that's gonna go off. Now Michael I don't. I'm not sure how I'd react I I really believe I would be so scared that I wouldn't know what to do. And it certainly never been in a medical situation like many of those four. I'm -- to -- no medical experience -- -- you know trying to figure out how to help anyway they could. I think it must your face that situation counting game has to really look in the mirror and say how what would we -- -- pure iron. And it's it's it's amazing to me that. You know just to bring it back to the to the Richard Emery. Where they're they're at at the the finish line. And -- the bombs go off. In the end and go Richard hasn't you know ball bearing. In his sleigh. And hit his wife. And something's wrong with her high in his in his daughter is it is in trouble. -- somethings that -- leg. And then -- is there. Is instinct. To make sure okay where it is worse fairly where's everybody. Now they're going to different directions order different hospitals he's calling his wife and they're having a conversation about what to do even when they're in pain. It's just I'm amazed by it there when you. When when you're when you're up against it new or you are not life threatening situation sparking don't know what's gonna happen here to elect threatening situation. You're thinking about other people. I there are a lot of people like got up there and I don't want to just focus on the story the story that -- I'm told is amazing. Or some people look to weigh in and ended their own things but I think they were in the minority right there are a bunch of people. Oh win against there. What you would think their instincts would be -- and figures to run away if they -- support. And they help people instinctively took it to great story. 6177797937. Is the telephone number if you'd like to join us the AT&T text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve Lyons here on Sports Radio W media. I'm glad to have this tragedy behind us and the next marathon ahead of us. And I and get glad especially this year in the timeless triumph. Of our community's response to this crisis. Because as I see -- Boston strong is about the triumph. Of community itself. I was Governor Deval Patrick speaking today at the special ceremonies the Hynes convention center and I just could not agree with the governor more. I prefer to look forward. In the aftermath a year later and and talk about as he said triumph that it is probably the key word here that I mean listening to the of the survivors. Who spoke yen and Vice President Biden was just glowing about their words and how strong they weren't. What it was like listening to them. This city and and this area is stronger than it's ever and I think. It's -- I know what's tried I know what's it's a cliche it it became a a T shirt a phrase and all that stuff but Boston is really strong. Thankfully. I don't know if the cliche though. Isn't. You know how to I don't vote that. So it's it's it's it's it's something that means something to different people. I don't Boston strong periods he uses. There's one thing and bots are stronger Steve is something else. -- it has meaning. I -- we know some cliches exist for a reason right on cliches are there because there are actually true. But a cliche becomes a gift that point -- it loses its meaning and I think it still has tremendous meaning there. You. Year later there's there's there's no court. A rookie turner Mike and Mike and Mike on -- -- there there are other important things her nose was beautiful and LL OCK us -- if you notice first. I think it was kind of like when you guys are talking about before how at some point in time over a period of a lot of years the marathon itself. Took a backseat to what the meaning of the marathon used to mean and you know you are gonna feel right now saw it in the first year of of the bombing of the marathon in the Boston strong in the situation but. One years down the road. Will Boston strong mean the same thing and that means right now now. Don't they don't well. He is certainly will some people and a look at 9/11. When that happens and they started planned. God bless America in the seventh inning of every baseball game. As time went on teams started to drop and I wanna say that maybe the the Los Angeles does does the team that still do acknowledges that they still do it here to do -- actually. I don't do it every game anymore to. I think just unless America in the seventh inning I I think it is holidays and -- right here and also do you know that just the importance that the flag took on all of us again after nine elevenths. It's kinda. Taken a backseat again so everything fades. As snuff and stating about what's going on here today and on the one year anniversary yet that's for sure Tim's on the cell phone Tim you're next. -- -- -- it's well thanks very. I only got two quick point about about what happened last year on the source of law I just wanna commend you guys in and everybody is WEEI on the incredible job you do. I got you through and I got would you choose to be liar. And I got -- he's in the event occurred last year today and I think as well as we turn to -- sports -- We turn to you guys as well I called an incredible job of post at Gerard and I appreciate it thank you that's very nice. -- that -- I just wanna say next Monday my sister will be running interests -- in our Boston Marathon are and I will be there staring at one sharing her on the order everybody out on it. I'll be there. One of the proudest Boston's sports fans and one of the prouder ever than to be there at that moment is going to be incredible and I can't wait was last year her first. I know last year you cannot run last year thank you -- You afford that was our first year we were standing right there and I'm -- before. I'm -- Generally only we had a a math major apparently who earlier was saying -- on their millions of people have no connection to what happened yesterday. You know you're overstating -- everybody. Everybody in the sound of my voice has some connection you know someone who was running. Or you know somebody who was there to see the end of the race. Or you had some connection with one of the victims or you know somebody who helped one of the victims. You gotta stretch it out little bit everybody in this commonwealth. Had so they knew somebody or or they were friends with someone who knew somebody there was you know it's that six degrees of separation thing. We were all involved in -- in one way shape reform we weren't they are now. Sarah -- about David labels involvement. We had a money's talk about the story that he wrote so he is there working on a documentary on someone else. Eddy almost that he didn't get almost didn't get to finish by had to talk his way to the finish line didn't have the right credential learning to use a camera learning. Learning about. Documentaries. And he winds up seeing it what he saw on what we all heard about what we're talking about right now which leads to. The story that he wrote the two part story that he wrote on this amazing -- That way and even for this last caller that called its that is going to be standing at that at that line cheering on his sister for the second time. You know this kid grew up -- her dolls across to the hallway and and and just slap on the back and ahead anytime we want to buy you know little sibling rivalry in everything. And then you see the way sports in general brings people together and then certainly this event. I think as he said will be the other will be. More proud than he's ever been of her when he's at the finish line this time waiting for to cross and tomatoes those heard the stories that just bring everybody together. Scott in Manchester Connecticut he's got. A guy are you doing or are you. Good Iran last year was fortunate to finish atom bombs -- actually pulling back torque maps on February when I heard the explosions and. At that point hadn't gotten in touch with. -- that I had come up to -- -- from from Connecticut but before getting to that I just wanted to reiterate with the last scholarship. I'm having ran last year. I I couldn't. I couldn't look at pictures of what happened afterwards or or watch news coverage and the only coverage I was able to get worse column from you guys and now some some of these guys that were -- so lesser -- -- I just want to reiterate some of the runners were only able to get news from from radio because we couldn't watch any other out -- Because the motions and you know I don't think. Anyone can thank you that's enough for what provided last year not only on an after race stable now that that that fateful day on Friday when. When you know the chase and capture took place so you know although there may not be many runners completed last year's race circuit and complete calling him. I mean you guys are you never know what -- its nose at one able to get their news anywhere else silent aren't Q. It's very nice to -- to say that I I I also remember vividly the stories in the immediate aftermath. Of people who took runners -- Saw people on the streets of Boston and I -- -- -- my house. You know and people couldn't get to hotels they couldn't I mean the city was just. Just come Bobby elation. And people going down on the streets and bosses here c'mon you come to my place you can sit here you get somebody gets -- to drink warm up it would every need and and those are our heroes just as much to me I mean people who who opened their homes to strangers and said let me help. Let me just do what I can do them to make your life -- here with what's -- On owning your -- that's compassion that you don't. Associate with these coasts you know I think that you -- Boston's strong thing comes out of you know in the toughness of this city. Being on the West Coast for as long as I have been. -- -- there's you guys out there on the West Coast is so laid back you just so you know I don't care of them it's about and that's kinda true. But the people on the West Coast would say of easterners. You on the East Coast is that you live life too hard you're too harsh with people you don't. Stop and smell the roses the winters are too long you just you mad and everybody all the time. That's compassion is what you're talking about right there and that's shines through. Regardless of how rough it is it's tough love -- There's a lot of it is but now I'm not. That's not tough love that is that that is the -- the compassionate you hope to get from somewhere from anywhere. You know it's it's in their way to relate to I can -- as relates to -- Textures within about use of it sounds like a very intelligent. Saying Bobby Valentine a. That's you know that's the second time after all riled a lot of -- -- -- animal that's so did anything like adults are donating like myself right now my voice is shot as it sounds like Bobby Valentine about all the BS so a couple of took comes back to -- that they were Boston's people think it is. People are currently -- people are for they -- guarded and initially. And you know like the house. Gimmicks. So. If you can prove that it's not about. A little is that some circus act. And there are some sincerity. Then I think you see the real. That you -- -- Job Bobby ahead I don't. And I and program absolutely experience that my first -- in town here I mean. He knows got to get it was a very good player I would go over four never got booed because they saw an effort that's they wanted out of all their athletes here -- an effort no love you. That's -- this hour brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. It's dale and Holley. How to lie about exactly the slow ballads on his own time line the line Sports Radio WEEI. It doesn't save us. It's -- fast. It. Is. David Ortiz last year when the Red Sox return to Fenway Park course everybody knows they've played at Fenway Park this morning. Marathon Monday. 11 o'clock start they'll be their next Monday eleven in. And they were. Literally on the -- on their way to the airport thing when the when the bombing took place at 249 including Cleveland. I don't get Cleveland. I think they were finishing up the game. Finish that game -- the post game interviews. And they were. I think before they left. The park for the buses to go to the airport. Word authorities targeted -- view Fenway Park what happens. It throws 11 o'clock game. The game was over about an apt to three aria that little five. It was just over three hours. -- one. How many I didn't remember how many people remember that I did not you don't united -- about it played that typically Tampa but he beat Tampa. And they start to hear about it in Cleveland. It's amazing you tell us the career this. If you played on the you didn't play quite play on the 25 guys 25 -- Red Sox. But. Ryder Cup I thought I was over done it ever got. I was actually forty man roster compared report guys that care. They -- in Cleveland I think they had. When he three year 2524. When our guys out there. Together. Trying to figure out what we're gonna do we have to do something. Prayers that. Have. Pretty much the higher team going up dinner. Yeah I've I've heard the stories of the most recently of the night I think have been fortunate to be around a few teams like that. Obviously I think a lot of people now know that for the last nine years -- welcome -- the Dodgers the dodger ballclub of last season was amazingly together. And that was hard to do because you know there's some guys that were on that team the don't have the reputations of being guys that would. You along with everyone else and out of -- beer yet and yet he's definitely a and then. And then nine and one guy from Florida and so then winning team here that's all I heard and I and I spent a lot of time -- Jonny Gomes I a political throw -- him in the off season. And you know that giants of the very interesting -- it's not tuna and a and a character. And he descent to a man this is the best team anyone you -- choose the best in at the ever played on. As far as guys that just all get along usually it's two or three guys they'll go to dinner over there four or five guys you see him every day at -- those of the guys hang together. You know the everyday players are -- with the pitchers really doesn't get them -- much in common. I mean this Red Sox team from last season and moving into this year there's not a whole lot has changed as far as the teammates are considered. These guys get along they love being around each other -- -- to each other's company and now after the world championship they have a bond that. And and certainly based on. What happened last year a year ago today abundant and nobody's ever gonna penetrate and some that the deal will always have together. You know it gives you saw what you first saw that -- strong. And you saw that 617. Jersey there is -- out in Cleveland. From our first thought big that's perfect. Whoever came up with that that is that that is exactly the right touch was so will little Brooks and Johnny go Jonny -- yeah -- Major League Baseball allow the Red Sox to put the B. Would be strong monitors he's allowed them to Wear the the Boston. Jersey's David Ortiz referred to when he was given a speech is famous speech now -- a lot of things happened quickly. Didn't and it. Let there there are lower level when you know with the Red Sox did that's -- lower level. When you compare it to what was happening at the finish line in real time there are some people who didn't have a lot of time. To make decisions they make quick decisions and they were the right decisions. But it's amazing how. Is it that just trickled down. To everybody else there are some people -- listen really generous gracious thoughtful things. There and people may not remember. The the Marathon Monday game and and I didn't remember -- told me Michael that they want. Everybody remembers the first game back chair that was the famous David Ortiz this is hardly been city. As you said the the uniforms were changed to say Boston on the front. They remember that Daniel -- a three run home run. They remember. Probably remember. On announced unknown. Neil Diamond shows up that the ball park that day. Heard about what was going on -- and caught the red eyes flew to Boston took a cab went to Fenway Park. And I won't say so you know I'm on and -- and I -- -- -- and didn't literally knock on the door but showed up at that at the front desk there. And said you'll meet this -- Carolina live that. They had no idea he was coming right any -- he he felt compelled to be a part of it is to beam you know part of what was happening in Boston. But when you talked about the six degrees of separation and everybody knows someone that was touched by it. I'm not an LA but I do the year I got to figure out how to seriously do the Red Sox fantasy camp every -- -- baseball fantasy camp it's not actually the one. That's sanctioned by the Red Sox it's technically called the Boston. Sports advancers can't spell out the door for twenty years and the same guys go down there. And I got a picture that day on patriots day from a group of five guys that always go to the Red Sox fancy camp. And they all got together and went to game and then I started getting text from home pay after the game we went down we want all wanted to go down the finish line and you can't believe what's going on here. And it was you know that's when. I think maybe. On the West Coast I may have gotten us a heads up maybe before a lot of other people that -- some really bad is happening here. And then the rest of the world was glued to their TVs and and those certainly those guys' lives have been changed for the -- their -- because of that event. And you know as you talked about just people that you know that were involved. A a text her principal appoint I've never once thought. And it going back to that Marathon Monday. Said Andrew Bailey blew the -- Mike Napoli ended up winning it with a wall ball double I remember right in the bottom of the ninth. But the texture says Andrew Bailey blowing that saved in -- that several friends of mine were still three blocks away from the finish line. When the bombs went off. I'm sure they weren't the only ones saved by the blown save I mean you think about that. Because in and does it I don't really over. Everybody you know OK let's go to the -- which so many people in Boston do attract gay man's c'mon let's go to the finish line and cheer the runners on. Because he blows the save disk this guy says three of my friends are several of my friends were still three blocks away. I tell you and also what also helps some people. After that game. If you remember this the Red Sox had a area. Is it wasn't a promotion but after the game. They allowed. Parents and children if you wanted to go on the field on the basis Jason yeah you can do that after -- games to think about it. There -- some people. Who. Spent. 45 minute -- 2530. Minutes. Of who once -- certainly no longer to get that if you. That's a long line of those kids that wanna run the bases and takes you forever I actually get. -- so now it is a game over add these roughly two and after two. Then you start clearing the ball park around 245 to 4245. That that delayed some people's well. Caroline's and and overtake Carolina Hawaii. What's going on Caroline. Sure. I. Are you don't find gray area. Pet. -- -- -- on the air here share what's going on how to. Well. I -- registered nurse. I work a little journal and I market -- fox island last year I was -- hear about on. Out so you were right there when it all happen. I lose three blocks away. I was on the medical leaking -- when I first heard it. I you know maybe construction. And then but I kept stealing that -- -- don't like that apply and I had this gut feeling and it might be better. I -- two blocks away where you can see it because I was down oil and to the right and I'm not adjacent -- like being that happened. And we run -- of squeaking through right on the street at the end but in the marathon and our job where you have people you know stay out of the streets keep moving in outlook for people who looked like they. -- there on bring in medical parents and what our job became. One as he cleared streets and ambulances and and then like one of our leader slipped on Twitter and that actually -- on how we're going on he saw the picture of explosions. And I remember thinking -- like. I'm -- partner and I'm cleaning streak right now like what am I doing and our -- an accident that earlier that day and we -- started running local parent where it was pure chaos there. I imagine it was beyond what year. Normally having to deal -- that's for -- and -- was he -- he -- -- those people running towards another -- the -- who said what Mike -- here -- I -- -- help I got a goal yet there's there's so many stories out there and to me either so interesting here around -- -- really gets tired of of of hearing the stories -- What -- we look at there the Richard's family and we think of their fate. And use I think I step away from that especially after reading this article play. David -- that. It was them because they're sure they aren't shining example of how to move forward from it. As other people have said my friends missed it by a few minutes I got -- we just left. Those are the stories of fate that other people have this year and there's so many of them on either side of the coin if I was just. Down the road you know could have been worse for me or I was with someone that was right there and got injured and sometimes you wonder why -- By assists and you know the stories on each side of that -- there are amazing to listen to. 6177797937. Jamie some cell -- hey Jamie -- next on dale and -- There looked on -- I -- up. And third quarter comment on I don't at the dog cart out of -- with a -- but I that would you know spot and strong will eventually fade away. A -- -- around a lot longer bought them out sort of deal. Bought it pretty Burton that in America we look back and I district not pretty much. I can't I can't tell you another -- -- -- -- -- you see people aren't out of equities or felt decried what he thought that but he -- in the city. I don't totally different animal house I've been in the military at this yeah that was Oklahoma basic training. I -- -- comment on it from the block anybody because I left them with an accent I loved it would not always gonna believe people bought into the office. You know sort is that that the public library in the way we do say. You know the part about after nine elevenths people to get. Not so much in Boston I mean it's article about the American flag after the tragic that not what the firefighters are one and bought it -- the -- so. -- -- on it yet wherever it is going to be a forever -- I don't under it would wreck on the came from black. I wanted to put a rebuttal that. I thank you I I've I appreciate called Jamie I I do think. -- other cities in America are certainly strong as well don't misunderstand the point here. People of New York are remarkably strong in the aftermath of what happened 9/11 and the stories. Are are still legendary of what those people went through and how they help people and and the things they did. And and other cities that have had to deal with tragedies have you know found a way to get through them in and help out as well. The aftermath of the new town tragedy -- and what that's that little town in Connecticut went through. You know it's it's like that we started the show by saying and I know some of you have joined a slate they really did. Picked the wrong cities -- league -- they really did. I mean we all know what the attitude of people in this city is all really now you wanna do that's. One now. There and I and I hope -- you know people are looking editors. In other than the comet that's that the last caller was great. I don't think people are saying Boston's strong and turning it into an athletic event that we are. Better than. Any other city in North America and I don't think it's. It shouldn't be interpreted that way and people are interpreted that way just I mean that's the wrong approach. -- when he said. It's from -- -- tremendous pride in the in the in this city there are a lot of people who. Grew up here and there are folks grew up here. And grandparents grew up here -- great grandparents grew up here and there's just there's just a tremendous. Investment. In this city I think that's where it comes from I don't think it's. It is bracket apology or anything like that we're trying to seed Boston -- somebody. I keeps in Bedford -- I don't. Hey guys are you very well what they don't want it to welcome Steve. -- -- -- -- job if you haven't had much many of it is due to soaring at today it was a conversation with the bombing. But I think I am I. I'm really glad you're here and I hope it's not dated date. But. Maybe Michael's on the cause that and now. -- -- Always I think maybe. Manage our delayed the way he churns through partners I'll be gone tomorrow and. -- A but. You've been away for awhile you know on the a lot of really good Levy when he played here. And how would you say Boston is different now than in the times we knew you. Com. We all as far as the organization there at the Red Sox or the town itself. Scheme at around the south side you know I don't get many of them along the eldest this trip that the talent has changed all that much of it every city -- after a number of years I have been gone for awhile back. The organization itself the Red Sox organization. Brought itself into the 21 century mean when I played here. Did you got to the big leagues on your own that kind of stuff and the new ownership here brought three World Series titles and ten years they've made the fans. I'd give -- an opportunity to not only enjoy the game but in Julie what's going on around the game. It made Fenway Park ten times nicer place to visit and be apart of it's it's night and day as far as that's concerned that the city itself for this you know. He received balls that I don't think it's changed all that much there's still. Ridiculous passion about what goes on here not only sports wise that that last caller Jamie how. You know I I think that I think he brought a certain intensity that. I felt. As my comment was at. As time goes on that intensity. Has its ebbs and flows right now you're seeing the intensity of a Boston strong but you may never see -- again. It's not always going to be at this level and I think Jamie was ago yes it is. I mention to Dick accepted that but I certainly allow it. I love his intensity about talking about entered the traditions that but the city has and and they hold on them tightly and I loved that. -- a text to put it perfectly. Says it's not the were better than other cities because we're not it's that were better than any terrorists. Homegrown or otherwise I mean that's what the Boston -- -- about it I like your city stronger than the New York or Philly or any other city. Current Netherlands as Boston's strong it's not a competition it's an affirmation. There and you would hope that if anything like this happened in any other city that that city would find the strength. To band together and do what happened here that beat you don't know and you hope you never find out. Boy that's for sure outdoor use it in the city hasn't changed a special city hasn't gentlemen. And all your way around anything. I didn't I never knew my way around overstock. Here for -- different time I was -- -- -- -- -- I had young kids I lived on the suburbs it was weird you know. I was talking to people not that I. Okay later this way the very first game I ever saw at Fenway Park I played. The very first Major League Baseball game I ever saw. I've played -- off a half and if not mean what -- bipartisan and never what was I never hear I never even got a chance to go see another Major League Baseball growing up I grew up. Growth and organize southern 1979 all star game was the only game I saw enemies of the park before I showed up and was playing in Boston. I wish I had small kids I -- I bought a house in -- I went from my home to the ballpark and basically went back I didn't really get a chance. To explore the city. While some than that it would really like to do this time it's no city better than I did. And I never went to the front office I didn't even know what the front offices look like. I figured like if I was sitting in in -- garments office that I was in trouble and I don't wanna do that so I stayed away from there. So I wanna take the opportunity to explore the ballpark to -- and see things that I never saw before and see the renovations that have been made in. I'm just really kind of immerse myself a little better this time around the and 1024 year old kid trying to let's keep -- keep myself in the big lakes. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Question for you it. You because you have. Some Verizon things will be changed. We come out. -- -- -- We don't back down. New York I had. -- there will always be like yeah. But there will always be people like who wants right not CDs. -- -- -- An -- through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Never will. Because not all of us live in Boston. That's another YouTube video calls Boston stronger. I love those there we told -- -- earlier called we will run on YouTube now has called Boston's stronger edit and he has. What a great job in that sound like candy. It -- sort of sound like -- but it wasn't an Alice you know I know you've been complementing -- all day long as well why she -- because. Of the ins and outs in the music he's playing as -- on on on Cuban I think. One of the reasons ways completely on top of his game its because he announced they seventies Disco music. In and out of breaks all day which we're all grateful yet no -- I -- on a lot of people and allowed to these peoples and you did not -- ideas about the Disco music Mondale got a letter to people we also know you're I -- do you even -- your head a couple times. That's hard to do now. Bodily Steve lines as yours so a lot of people think you please tell us who's on the on the radio Steve line up Bobby Valentine that's not Bobby and Christian warrior a lot of stories here and in some I'm sure are are just rumors deep but you know one guy's -- BS and not knowing. Your way around Boston beat -- and here's a bartender daisies that you certainly you -- I didn't find out when. Is it physical you are a lot of lead in this town does not know day. He's looking forward to decent Q -- street. And get out during that. Did you take a cab to -- and -- -- -- Steve and -- Steve -- and dropped its parent. Times have you heard that. In your life every damn -- everyday and about it brings that up every day -- -- Fine if you're like I don't mind me asking we've been friends a long time now. The hell -- you think clearly nothing but. I needed to date for a so so what exactly. Went through your mind at the moment. You said -- just drop the. You know. I won't bore you with the long details -- told the story a million times it. I was I was trying to avoid a tag at first peso slid headfirst into first had -- the ball. And there was a play and I believe that I was out but they called me safe so. Cecil Fielder and I believe in Evans was the umpire. We're arguing and Dan Petrie was the pitcher. That was covering the bag and argue and add some choice words to say to each other. And I was standing right there in the dirt runner all on the inside your pants and generally happens is. If you slide in a big league game you're either say if you're out of your value go down into the dugout steps to take a few steps down the dugout. You -- passed -- to get the dirt out because it's all done is cited as doesn't feel that great well while they were arguing and literally just kind of forgot that I was still standing on the field. And and yanked him down. I'm amazed that the people that actually thought that I did it on purpose for whatever reason that would limit how else would Japan's -- down around your ankle on and I'm like tiger I landed or did it you know for work is exposure at all I think yeah get a that you get out of the marketing genius and endorsements giving endorsements out of now. Now -- -- -- but people still terrible year I got a lot of money those. Via a lot of people talked about a lot of people tell me that they were asked the game. -- That was ninety it was in 1990 and on -- which -- for the White Sox at that time and we were in Detroit. There were these other folks who think you were at Fenway yet when it is -- -- already -- Boston fans -- they'll say I was decade and knows awesome. And I guess. I play along and that's like a guy that was done -- of positive in who we think it in clearly not. You must brain toys that you were drinking games which don't members are they have for it yet I hit for the cycle and I play. No one remembers Aniston. You know he got to be remembered for some. That's not that's not the classic moment that I like to be remembered for people do remember well and other techsters saying they remember you. The show are you a -- the voice yeah yeah MLB -- -- -- I'm now one of the analysts on that for the video game went on what was a working like heroes and there isn't anything yet that. A quick -- five hours six hours as you do and how do you know what how does that work I would never come -- Plain about it because it's you know it's it's a nice -- -- you know they did pay you located do it. But it is it's a tedious brutal day. Usually. The studios are in San Diego used to be a lot easier for me to get there. And I would drive down to four to five hours stay overnight do four -- five hours the next inning go back home. And it's -- ballots forty hours. And it's. So it's not be on the on the Iraqi on the -- how to simulate is not a simulated game. Assure a video game or dumps it to you're watching -- watching the yeah I'm watching nothing -- so you're watching them they're just telling you programmers. -- Whatever I say a into the correct situation when it comes up okay that's and that's why you pretty much have to say almost any situation just talking -- -- composite tired -- about a game down. And it's script they have a script what was he thinking manor yes. It's what it's like there has particular seat to -- that read again but make it's sad if I remember correctly you were kind of an awesome ranking IQ I keep handy sometimes you know I get a little critical of their because -- -- -- to be that way it would actually doing a game but. What they would give me a line to say and sometimes it's not just -- sometimes it would literally be like a paragraph. And for -- to get through a paragraph one time -- did you know that doesn't work out to but I kind of prided myself on given them more options I was in the data came in read the line. Wow he really took nice cut at that one and then move on to the next one. I would say well it's a guy have become a balance and then I'd say I've. Man -- -- attack what ever I just give like five or six options instead of in a let them. And and pick you pick what -- like -- won that it works and then be funny I'd swear on one time and then look at him to -- the European tents and we don't laugh and move on but. It's it's it's tedious and kind of drooling but you know -- -- complain about getting paid to do some like that I would just be an idiot affected. Our our -- in the Madden games now in the early Madden games. -- that played all that much trauma oh you better again alternate energy MLB play you know play he does fourteen -- -- check that out -- you -- -- she didn't give him compliment got a I've a feeling Andy's gonna -- got some audio from this let's -- in those battles early Madden games you would know. And in the madness that they're helping with this is it used to be replay. We got a point when you can challenge -- play. And so we -- a challenge of playing and they would go before they go to that would this video that went through something like. Well I don't know what this -- -- they -- -- now and that was an obvious from might have. I miss it challenged with. I'll let you know -- is they will cheat sheet. That that you use screwed up this is very important that I told you before -- -- you remember and Steve that -- I used to you know gamble on Tuesday. On Mike. On the video and -- you to stop -- the problem is that I had act. -- I graduated -- different types of that I had done a different video game years ago they went out of business does it and pay their bills. Com. Blood there was a period of time where if you left the game. Idle for like a minute effort to minutes of the reason. No -- so that they would ask me to record a few things like -- connected to a quick story about something and at that limited Candice -- story that I can think of that it wanted to also excellent. I just turn the Mike on out. I'll figure something. And so I just said. To you go to make a sandwich right now back here played -- Score 62 looks. You know it's not stupid like that secure him that indicated just let it sit and never allow leads you had to go take of the you know he went to the bathroom and actually you know. I -- and now -- -- really don't know what. I -- the only thing they wish they could have done a little bit differently is to win this thing in front of their home crowd but you know it. I don't think anyone's complaining about them right now. They are very deserving world championship club and congratulations. To the entire organization. Felicity you. Well known as we don't actually say who was so he can't be technically beauty and although I know that a good -- Yeah. I I know that there's some good Boston stuff because. As you record throughout the year. There's only so much you can do because you don't have final numbers or anything like that game comes out like march April whatever. And so everything is over by the time I did some of my last recordings so yes there's there's some definite. Boston world champions to congratulations the Red Sox and would agree here -- all that kind of stuff. Had the chance that you know felon for several years when when Dave O'Brien would be away doing ESPN's up. And you know how at the beginning of the show they run some play by play cliffs. Somebody told me one of the play by play clips they used was mine which is ironic considering you know Joker stately old as the voice of the Red Sox now and a lot. But I don't have the game so -- I call somebody not sure it was nothing but somebody told me that. On the 20121. And you hear me at the beginning Irish government on the little like trying to get paid off the beltway kind of you know I think that that it will ship -- sailed for royalty check or something. Could -- I mean Evernote that worker not but 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. It's dale and holly. And state lines Sports Radio WE yeah.

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