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Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics Owner: Reflects on the Boston Marathon tragedy 4-15-4

Apr 15, 2014|

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to discuss and reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombings a year later.

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Last year were prospect joined at the day after the bombings and a talked about a much stronger boss would come back the following year this will be sent to us. Much about a year ago. Somebody said yesterday commentators said -- accurately that it's such it -- it is the most positive day. And emotional repertory day almost too good except for parades for sports team. I was Connecticut and Boston or anywhere else and it's been completely. Attack but I'm confident that it will come back -- even more positive celebration next -- America -- the way we move forward in Boston. -- he's actually right feels like that's we're heading towards on Monday and the principal owner of the cellblock -- prospect joins us here. On the program wickets Michael -- a Christian Fauria today our U. Guys are here you know and such that it last year approach shot from the bombing that I didn't remember in an interview by democratic came out and -- it -- sense. You're great. We came on he told the talk is about the potential. For postponing of the game against Indiana and in as a guy grew up here what the marathon men and I -- here that back now I I I -- got to tell you I feel like you're on a percent right I wasn't sure that. At the marathon this year would have the same feeling I wasn't sure how we feel coming off the the attack but it was six days to go I think this is a I think it's a bigger event than ever what we're heading to on Monday they -- you are a 100% right when he joined us last year. Well thanks I'll take it 11 and one -- -- and all year put out exit at her. You feel that way do you feel the same feeling for the Marathon Monday. Are much bigger I actually wish I was running at a run or not just I kinda retired the last it was pretty tough on me to physically years ago so. But I am supporting a bunch -- obviously we've got to Celtics team shamrock foundation trafficking commercial staff employees and -- -- here as a team which I'm chairman -- Perkins -- -- and schools were flying so. -- got about a 150 people running I'm really really sad part here. You know lick your Boston Celtics were really that that last team to kind of have that home game you know. To water although it's and m.'s one -- -- -- point six that is the playoff game against the knicks almost what twelve days. Later wrote eleven days later in the eight member of that but those days were like leading up to it and how you want it to present that the work you guys put -- the put on that display. Yeah I couldn't believe how much I learned in those days. And the -- and strong idea and the one funky month so fortunately that was just brilliant people -- that. -- but I learned the stories of people we actually knew in the bombing including micro owner Bob Epstein is Stanley and granddaughter were right in the last. I learned that immediately and get interest on trying to talk about it and they kept private for awhile because they just wanted to. Try to battle but they're now they're reasonable. -- stepping strong front which is just wonder what the principal Brigham. But I actually had close friends and partners in the in the last I had. Great turned the water complete department went up. Making their heroic stand -- Alamo and eat and cutting down the the one alleged bomber and captured the other at their own risk their lives and then. Turned out -- neutral -- into the emergency room dark receive picked on his personal so. All of us in Boston connected that -- were also close to people who were right there we -- ourselves so it is it became even more personal update. Knew when he came down to cancel in the game against the pacers but was that a on the take you guys to come to that decision. That was an easy decision and it was I was on the phone with David Stern and we made their decision and 35 seconds. Group atlas it is just what we had to do in and we didn't want a player then and couldn't imagine playing it and believe it was totally -- Stratton and probably would suggest that we consider to order a 100% unanimous or unanimous decision. -- I'm curious coming off of that event and at the -- every sporting event here in Boston. How if at all of your security. Protocols change -- is it a lot different say this year for the final game Wednesday. That it was maybe before the marathon bombings last year. I -- -- we've worked closely with -- folks who operate the garden other partners and we've worked closely with them and really a one. Back -- nine elevenths but it's gotten better every year. In the various ways we surveil the crowd and checked into over around the arena that people in her. It's been pretty high alert over there for many years so I wouldn't say it's dramatically different we change things around these things definitely weak at best buy canned -- We viewed this review every one of our chances we want to be the safest place in the world that day and and we're we're trying our counter. -- good relationship with the other teams in the stadiums wondering did it. The data that kind of bring you close to the other teams that just -- that all the sports teams in the city kind of got together to help. -- we have a great relationship together can consider it should mean a great relationship and eastern programs Christian. As well in your hand and you guys know that that that the wave of war -- art to the teams are together in -- doesn't happen in any other not even close. It to Cleveland Browns ever won everything anything they'd never incorrect Indian. Cavaliers to operate right. Meanwhile barely heard opening day or Red Sox in the they would our 2000 actual see Leon go out -- -- mean that's just. The Red Sox are over and above the patriots are phenomenal the -- have been great we worked together it is the it's it's not like anywhere in the world like. So what would you -- -- today what's what's your schedule like today. -- That and I'm not doing anything that I'm related but I am actually about to let them and we -- meeting all the political -- over everything is -- building new courtside club in the arena this summer we are. Selling tickets we are -- public over later watched them. You know K pursuit -- -- with any. And Brett and that's kind of that's kind of what you do when you're when these teams just whatever. You want there's always something to do something positive. I hit it I -- another old -- playoff basketball this year is tomorrow's though the wrap it up I know it's a tribute to that the fans it's it's a I thank you the fans for of the entire season will -- help XP do anything in in the pre game to remember the victims there won't be. A playoff game next week with a -- pre game tomorrow that will tie into. The events of a year ago today. You know we're we're pretty cognizant of the anniversary and all that we're also trying to move or trying to focus on this you're trying to focus on. You know what were proud -- we actually gives the Red Auerbach award that's an award I. And I came up where they're that we created a few years -- to honor the memory of red. And to give it to the person who ST emphasize. What it means to be at -- that's the wording. And so that's a lot of fun to think about that every year and decide who gets to get that. And why incredibly -- -- a worthy recipient source -- recipient -- here's a look toward giving your natural. Tomorrow with the game there's a lot of things going on to game -- one of my favorite. Into the yard I normally like today and continue in the playoffs but that didn't happen this year. You always -- question but that did this season itself is kind of a confusing year for the Celtics fans don't physical they are you guys did a great job attendance and the effort was always there with this team you look at the record right now but. A sick infusing his fans that they'd look at the draft and they want you guys get back on top quick and if -- can -- high pick helps. What how much of a struggle was that you -- watching this team. Seeing the effort coming on -- you know basically the wrong and sometimes in the fourth quarters. Knowing it there's a lot of potential here coming out of the of the draft as well. I think this year could have been a lot lot tougher for everybody concerned and -- factors that made it better from the enormous challenge in anybody you're selling tickets -- -- -- -- -- I'm just to tell you about it. Is it a few things happen and meet the cure a lot better than the current one is we are able to hire -- too is we're able to. I'm really turn the page I didn't want to turn contagious early through with doctor do wanna turn the page with KG and Paul. By having said that it all those critics and even the right to swap computers on the road which could be valuable. Need to get all that. And to have Brad and he would not come what you do work out rates. And then to have slowly and Olympic. And others developed and played pretty well when I look back at your question coupons on the relentless. Optimistic they'll try to be realistic try to be pragmatic. I try to just Q what's my partners and I need to do to get respect to being contenders I think we take a couple of those steps this year we're getting going. More that you put it's pretty part of the year in the big scheme of things I think. -- we say your real listed did you ever sit back and say well. The higher the pick the better I mean yes I think a lot of the Celtics fans kind of thought as far as looking at this season. That's funny I I don't. I mean some of the best players in NBA history including our finals MVP you know he's strapped to what -- Altars so. You know -- Buick what every once heard -- -- and agree they're great players aren't necessarily drafted number one. You know you can't worry about it it's a lottery ball I was down in the lottery from one year 07. And we got the worst -- picked because it got and were given our position and then turned into the next year we are very -- So I don't know I I haven't let myself worry too much doctor. You know Strickland won the last couple games because. You know that's that's where we got -- place so that. Well you said there's positives from me the positive is that now coming off the year you guys gonna have a lottery pick you just mentioned you were there and 07. Ping pong balls didn't going away -- Celtics fans need to know wick who are we sending it over the Celtics sending. To the lottery -- Manuel may twentieth glorious sending who has got the good luck who's gonna bring home a number Olympic. Actually one of the topics for the meeting that I'm going to call -- what you guys all. Until I can get to that meeting I was able to tell you won't I won't know these much effort mentally. Well -- -- -- all yup obligates you but but want to put his -- his name in the in this I'll listen I'm Ali UConn a lot UConn just on the national championship -- -- -- might go out and I don't. It -- in alternate at the end Gilbert offered a cute side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean these are people bum note and puberty is really got this email your text you seriously and say hey my sons and good luck I've got -- digits I've got the -- or an alum but I I think they're at an undisclosed location nice. Are trying to get that out you enjoy the enjoy the meeting where we take appreciate taken a few minutes on this day and now we'll talk decent. Our -- -- -- thank you with prospect joining -- -- of the -- -- -- this on the eighteenth the outline.

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