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Headlines Headlines Headlines: Aaron Hernandez in more trouble 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Aaron Hernandez getting in more jailhouse trouble.

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He Regina thing we scratch your head in his is that there. Off. East to scratch it off now it is an honor of you can build -- wrong. -- are likely to complain about not a yes no I will say that would hurt that are out I will get headlines brought -- I'd try to persevere you can't get hit. Candlestick and I -- I now and I throwing on secretary since you did Abbott actually hurt you either love. This new anti texting commercial with the three kids in the car and he gets crushed and -- -- in the albeit it is a great commercial I want every kid -- one in home won't just don't care they want it absolutely want what do -- where they're happy -- they do the crossword puzzles so smile. She looks or fall runs outside and trucks coming through images rushes them. AT&T showed a version of that 810 minute version of that Braintree highs yesterday. And Sean -- were. They -- for 16100. Student assembly. And Braintree high among all the eastern mass schools signed the most pledges not to text and drive so congratulations to Braintree guys' goal we had a good time down there Sean did some hockey -- -- I'm going all vigilant the -- on -- -- Bronson -- I'm guilty based people or six people doing an -- on site point that the -- like drive and cut them off run some of a -- -- that Iran into a -- and dad tells until almost got smoked myself walking little jog outside the foxwoods. The date was unbelievable in this stops like that commercial. Animal and the stops and so I think I can walk in this cars come into the stops and I stopped. Because I see she's not looking at me she goes right past me and for the stopped and she had a cigarette left hand. With a hand on the wheel and looking and -- phone with it and and I smack her window. She jokes and I go for. Keep Cohen chief turns -- had my way she's got splashed in the hornet -- I probably saved her life yeah number bureau. -- -- Instead of your life if you took -- singer to structure almost killed me because -- was important -- -- picked up this special one way or the other she's going out early and probably action driving back from Fox's it and I. I would sub -- car swerved over a little bit. Little bit against what their minds over it looked over and there it was just. Every day you see these idiots these morons and they don't kill themselves that's fine collect these -- about what you gonna kill some -- -- minute -- right. -- sexting is fun drive right. Or no doubt about it that we can't wait to go away completely whole brain is culturally it's listen when you talked yet they had in him. Girls from you know I mean -- in your baby's eighteenth summaries. Summary eighteen. Again seniors so this EP IE is right there they do. What you stock. -- I've brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. Drop the pros do precision fitness equipment DMZ is all over this autumn they got somebody in -- it is but they get somebody talks early to share -- out of -- -- now they're back debit. Yesterday. Aaron and is being investigated for allegedly threatening to shoot and kill a guard -- personal count I -- -- imagine that happening here. The one of the NFL stars fellow inmates says it just ain't true teams. Has learned investigators recently met with an -- inmate was locked up near Hernandez. The discussing 2013 is that before between the tide and in the correctional officer. The question and investigators asked -- Fernandez had threatened to kill the guard who blew the whistle on -- is trying to do what would you think. Trying to read a book though we get more food there you go Dino -- least trying to score extra food -- -- inside the -- -- we -- it as a dummy. But he's no -- this isn't a bad idea. The ex inmate told investigators Hernandez was noticeably losing weight with CNET. In jail would run various schemes to get extra food like putting insect on half eaten -- -- -- complain to officials would get a fresh apples -- arts networks once well yeah that's -- exit -- claimed Aaron pulled the scheme. One too many times to stop the officers who put an end to the extra food. Where he gets changed by the patriot way would get an insect. Crawl around yourself. Which ushered into the food on the Internet when we win again EC rock crawl around so that insects and yourself sure and that's like that we didn't have sex with the words acts. In jail -- -- -- good points apart app and I want some extra protein -- -- protein in the cockroach in those magnets for those. In sex -- can -- that are -- now wears a push -- Turks -- and so the guys all around. And others others like him in. Some way in Maine somewhere that make sense. So sex Internet to -- don't have any television. Right get books and -- that crop on the shoulder and if you -- -- world it among. The questions investigators asked the X immediate Aaron ever saying to the effect of when he got out of jail he's in the Hildegard of -- Also on though Aaron ever made and it was like a machine gun round to regard the ex inmate was adamant Hernandez never threatening -- that we did claimed -- called the guy pitch during the -- -- And as it was written up over the incident teams he has placed multiple calls to Bristol county jail which were going to do is well. To find it -- -- stand with the investigation so far no word back then for Aaron and there's some troubles continue. For this here's one. The members distribute via Phoenix mom who had a kid on the roof of the car for twelve miles of how does it so happens that choose high. -- what the court. How -- you think she'd go along with sent would you give somebody that was -- concert it was -- it was a dog like her dog Mitt Romney and Romney yeah. Odd jobs not pictured are unbelievable the it was okay for twelve miles of the -- -- the roof of the car. The car seats strapped in fairness. Probably has been key and -- happy. No time no jail time probation to 21 years old only since a sixteen years of probation. I've been guilty of child abuse and do you life for just nineteen years old Georgia friends Phoenix home to smoke marijuana after getting upset her boyfriend been busted for do you -- On going to leave she placed in a two month old baby on the roof of the car she then drove twelve miles home before realizing the baby was inside the vehicle and he taught. Mention was discovered by -- -- -- -- and the roof yeah areas and a alive and well. A desperate you don't have to go retrace your steps to find them. As annoying it's a match feeling the putting your stomach really Walton dropped the car or don't -- -- copies little cheesy. Your coach and I just don't Nabil paranoid and well see the good position going four miles an hour that's -- so that's executed -- I was a possible he would follow up on one very slowly. Don't we take turns we have a big on twelve miles an -- against her past and those things are -- by -- it fat kid. It was humongous it proves grass -- and things like a little roof rack in the BBC was against the -- bracket didn't let slip back into it yet. I feel like it. I guess I read these stories are big surprise I should probably go to jail front maybe six months if you do that may be. Usually she's learned her lesson she's still smoking dope boys to see your Sierra court pictures way different -- -- -- of course she looks like you know Eleanor Roosevelt court but on the positive that you like it pitched that would that they didn't do. Shall custody -- -- autopsy results for the ultimate warrior DO RO music. Com. Old age was not that -- novel laid down now died of cardiovascular disease he had severe heart damage now I don't know how one gets that. Shouldn't bring that up I was just getting past the this is hit it. Heart attack her heart -- yet. It happens it happens you know after decades of steroid abuse certainly a 354 years old yet. That's the finding there was no foul play they said well -- -- -- massive heart and this is theme song you're playing sausage. Yes this is the warriors music. -- what they do Burma this face painted. Like that's who would that make up -- to be put a finger on his arms when they bury them. I don't know probably. Are you okay you you -- I'm talking about what. They'll they'll check they'll feel OK but it fails okay polish -- Yeah I think he's orchestra died of I saw some stories of the day they said this. At seven over 100 professional wrestlers in the man's watch who died under the age of I think it. I did anyone ever lived past 55 elegy to -- the fact -- -- like ninety. -- -- -- it and if you've crossed the hope that pixel that didn't. We are were we told wire service like lobster fishermen and coal miners were the most dangerous jobs in the world shouldn't professional -- wrestlers -- Conversation not a good life yet Agassi that's dangerously interject here SC I think that's crap. I don't believe that. The ultimate warrior. Dead at fifty force there's headlights you know brought to you by AT&T are right stuff -- lines opened 61777. -- 79837. It is one year later we see your caller we won't get to you shop by but the they would it was a -- Braintree high school yesterday. We'll join us not to -- Bruins Red Wings' playoff action Friday night.

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