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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Discuss the Possibility of the Sox Signing Lester to a Contract Extension

Apr 13, 2014|

With reports coming out on the supposed offer from the Sox to Jon Lester, fans are left wondering if the Sox under value Lester or are they simply starting negotiations? Butch and Buck give their thoughts on what Jon is truly worth and if they believe he will stay in Boston.

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We have to look at it. With throughout Latin and you know look clear as -- as we've -- and -- -- respect the process some. We lost so -- to be here. We will work as hard and try to make that work. But there's things that you know. Other teams might do that we disruptive and are we had a good relationship with -- of the supplements so this will -- -- we're gonna keep work oh this will keep we're gonna keep work and when there's a desire on both side grim development check. Expand -- did on Thursday -- Dennis and Callahan talking about it Jon Lester. Contract situation rob Bradford on WEEI dot com reports that according to a Major League source the Red -- most recent offer. To Jon Lester was for four years seven million and an extension. A foxsports.com. Was first report that offer suggesting the money would be between seventy. And eighty million according to -- article on WEEI dot com per the source at this point there are no plans to rekindle talks. Regarding a new deal during the current season Lester is in the option year of what had been a five year. Thirty million dollar deal he's being paid thirteen million -- this all fourteen. Season Doug is in Woburn wants talk about Jon Lester a contract extension. I don't think god those numbers are exactly -- should be force is -- -- 31 he's -- it up to 35. Perfect. -- not perfect hole. The red dot OK great now what Jon Lester. And don't let the time -- Well hello all I -- emotion get into it I'm just asking you if you're not at issue are fewer Jon Lester. These four years seventy million perfect for you. I'm asking you what. After we -- shouldn't -- he can hold on this kitten was Harry you're avoiding the questions that 470 million. Yes conveniently you don't want to answer the question that immediately -- hand -- -- agency. I'm just asking you if you were Jon Lester used the word perfect for the Red Sox if you want Jon Lester what will be perfect for you. I'd I'd go to OK great now we know we got our answer is talk that. Particularly -- he's never won a Cy Young. The -- get that you know on the level of personal. Or are burrowing under etc. About Zack Greinke or Max Scherzer. You better pitcher than either one of those guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you know your baseball fan would you rather have Max Scherzer. Or Zack Greinke or Jon -- Are they on the same boat. On the field I would rather have. What. Until last. OK I. Well so you're John -- I don't jot note you -- considered already go to free agency and you went out because if -- Jon Lester and you think you're better than those two. Those two got between a 140 -- 150 million dollars and 24 million dollars a year so if you're Jon Lester you're gonna take a four year extension. What's perfect for the Red Sox -- -- what's foreign to seventy. Wars is like eight HTT 1718 million dollars a year. You're gonna take seven and a half million dollars a year or less in for last year's been two guys think you're better. What if you would hear about all that when he hit pretty big hometown discount did not. Ford is definitely dog is on target top hats -- huge hometown discount -- enormously what is illegal but. Well I think. A -- what are you weigh in on this and on those numbers anatomy you understand illogical all that. When you and Doug at such a good thing going and it wanna interrupt so and into the -- in which show debuts next Sunday morning maybe double -- in the -- anyway. Hard. To opt in opt opt opt out. If you are listening you get you get that Doug Doug as always -- you've made wonderful points and but I agree with witch's point is that you're looking at it from the perspective of the Red Sox enough from the perspective. Of Jon Lester and if I'm Jon Lester -- loses this hometown discount thing he keeps talking about. Does it mean he's going to play in the cheap it means that he will take fewer dollars to to stay in Boston that's the way -- I think he's using me and doing so great disservice not -- and gore previews Shakur was. -- know there's no that's not true either because it is it. The this and the further we get into the season. The more likely it is he we'll go to free agency because it lessens the chance they get a career ending injury to follow that our court so the reason the reason. You sign now. This peace of mind well. Now Arafat and our own little world is what that. Political elect of the red dot. Well in the -- if he signs now the whole the whole premise of signing in the spring. Would mean that he could pitch this season without worrying about finances because he has a long term deal in the on the books. But if he's going at this thing's gonna drag on. And all of a sudden we're at the all star break he's saying or what's to gain what would peace of mind when he between half months. I'll play this -- a go to free agency -- guaranteed to get more money. I still think he's gonna stay here call me crazy. Our act no I think he's gone I and I tell it it sure didn't used to but at this point. For -- as we get that we say yes but why did you wanna guy funny guy going through what he's just accept your contract. -- because they're hard to find what they did because they're hard to think they did Cyprus -- too long term deal. And that would force I don't know if you'll start -- -- that got him on the cheap -- look at the guides -- Indian Seattle got. -- you want it both ways dark. I don't know I don't know. I don't that the for the record out individual or expansion coming into what you'd expect and I'm sure it's elegant in politics into a -- that by -- agency and they were. And you hit the rescue -- have. But a -- and give it up outside of that -- the flip side of the argument of the site. You call -- fan favorites I called him guys to a comfortable the Boston baseball experience guys who can play in Boston. Too often in the past they've they've gone out and sign guys Gonzales was at with the trade tactically but things than they cited an extension. While we logo Edgar Renteria and guys they signed you brought to Boston. Assuming or believing that they could handle the Boston baseball experience when in reality they got here and they were blinded by the lights of the big city. They date that the fan expectations than media presence that readiness of the ballpark effect that you can't go anywhere in the city. Without being recognized your -- Kevin -- only god. And that's the way it is in Boston some guys can't handle that. Other guys not only embrace it. But they they just. They get -- up Mike Napoli hit lobs playing for the Red Sox right around insured -- all that. David Ritchie loves Boston. Dustin Pedroia and the indications we get based on the comments he made both baseball writers' dinner in began its spring training. When he -- distance himself those comments Jon Lester appears to be a guy who understands the Boston baseball experience. In that no one it would be great the ending in a plane to Boston but when you get older and your production goes down as it should it when they get older. -- picked -- the manner -- Yeah but isn't. Evil women is -- -- -- -- -- Pedroia and -- and different categories and and even Napoli Ortiz. I mean you you talk about aging superstars these guys and their primary. So so. When you said peace of mind he's at peace of mind for who. I would say that there is some peace of mind that if the Red Sox were gonna commit more money than they were comfortable -- Jon Lester. What they are going to get as a guy was demonstrated that he can perform in Boston and perform at the highest level he has two -- to prove it. While he may not be the ace in the American League -- in baseball he's the ace of the staff. And by the way he's not 3536. Now he will be at the end of the deal. And Pedroia by the way. Signed an eight year extension for a 110 million it averages thirteen and a half million the bucks point compare that Robinson could no starting this year. Until 2021. So you didn't buy something. You what guys who can perform lead lead you to a championship in their in the prime of their career. It is -- the prime of his career point 37 at all. All book but to be surprised right now look at the blockage when -- you wanna play the hard line you wanna Lester -- Great let him -- is Henry Owens automatically erase. -- I played I only if we hit one it just the money -- I would. You ain't getting it for years. -- get in the four years seventy million. I think it's which -- -- good work. Again I think it's -- promise that leg which. If you want part of it was I became Barca McCaw founder and a lot -- you guys had a good angle. That you guys do you disagree that it's not going to sign him but I thought you -- Doug had them Golan that it wanted to. -- -- -- I got his numbers for next week's. If you talk I don't know -- you -- went dry clouds moving gets a sponsor it's all and brought to you by. Biggest issue is the 3637. Well what about 30313233. And 34 bark at the work for -- argument I know the book but if you're the Red Sox is that which are paying for. You -- for some certainty and again the thing with Lester that you can't avoid. It's the hardest commodity to get -- fine. Do we remember seek. I don't look at the bad season like people always look at the at least -- being a brutal signing. For the patriots. Okay. He he turned out to be not so that. But I also know that 2007 he gave them a pretty good season it was probably your best player in the super ball. If you look back at that game. I'm gonna play your role completely different sport completely defined -- an important thing is that when. When I look at a guy's contract I don't look at the two with three or whatever number years at the back in the habit when nature takes its course. And whatever else happens the guide as to put up the them specially based. What I do look at is did you give my team a chance to win a championship to an end to that degree of Thomas did. Perry doesn't make the catch and then -- becomes a key player aren't Super Bowl when he championship team so so. I like the guy but he was a while both goodbye see you later but I don't think that was his big -- as people. How does -- factor in TU with guys like Pedroia and lasted that they've been there done that and down in Boston. When it comes to contracts is that a factor for you if you were venture that would that be a factor -- What Jon Lester didn't last year's post season immediately be going to -- -- -- it it's to post seasons and he seems to be a guy. Who enjoys the big stage want to me it would be because trying to find it if you don't have it. Trying to find a guy that -- perform in Boston which is real zero point -- he brought -- good examples of guys that they assumed -- and didn't directory and many others. And then tried finding I was gonna raise his game to a certain level when the chips are on the line. And become a post season I'm looking up Pedro Martinez here and you up Boston after that obviously after the World Series championship team in 04 because of power exposed -- -- The ago and four years at the Mets fifteen and 898315. And six and if the Red Sox had given him four years. They would not them who knows what would have happened had he been pitching in Boston during those four years but the way I see it. Is. Fifteen and 89 and 8315 with a but the but the fun of this argument -- it's only puts up those same numbers -- sign for years that the Red Sox while you -- take the fifteen and eight no five. And clearly they'd they'd just barely made the playoffs -- 05. And they didn't have enough starting pitching they had to start not common in game one of the division series and he got hammered against the White Sox so so maybe take the fifteen and eight. And you -- the 05 Red Sox in May be they win the World Series. What I'm saying is. -- I'll take that the one pretty good you know five and 82 point eight to twelve to seventeen innings only 159 hits. The won loss record fifteen it is good but not like like 43 and four -- had back in the day what I'm saying is. I would have taken those numbers with Pedro if the -- looked at one another -- When you have taken a four years in the numbers that go along with the whole body the gap to. I don't want you to have what would you look back on the red would you said today the Red Sox on that deal instead of the match that would have been -- goods yet. It. Look at the Bible book with -- it's it's this the way to quantify because we're it would reading a timeline to make the point. What other -- is one way to quantify it where they spent the money elsewhere and the argument against myself playing you now would be that they spent on back. And Lackey stat guys like that balloting -- out in Mac comment. -- immediately felt that we get take a break. Two hours down a couple more hours to go on a sports Sunday at Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns stick around.

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