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WEEI WrestleCast: Wrestlemania 30 recap

Apr 11, 2014|

Scott and Ben recap WrestleMania 30 and talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

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And. Welcome into another edition of VW -- -- look at Diane -- through the golf along side event kitchen. And we are coming off of wrestle mania in the raw following wrestle mania but I guess right off the top we'll obviously had a topic that was. Perry has definitely shocking in the way just count happens Tuesday night the passing of the ultimate warrior. You know we talked on the show and -- more of a new school type of guy. I wasn't really watching when them warrior was in the Davida you have not that it was without long. I know he -- come back in 96 and back -- go very well showed up and of these W. But I would assume you've been. Can speak a little bit more about the ultimate warrior and now what he meant only -- Very much remember. Wrestle mania. -- 66708. And all of them as a nine. So I I remember as many as six in Toronto over Hogan and I was a huge Hogan ten I didn't like the ultimate warrior as a kid says Hogan says -- -- -- -- obviously beat him as we don't know if they're really made me not like him and then EB macho man and put much -- quote. Retirement. So -- like I hate this guy and nothing he's terrible. But he certainly had a following the edit them between me and a fresh injury there holding our you're worried guy and obviously this real little kids. And like kindergarten first grade. The Euro or word on your Hogan guy. And I never really liked warrior didn't really care from when he returned -- 96 -- didn't care for his run -- Every CW's guardian column runs nine only time -- DA -- and but. Looking at it. He had a ton of fans. And when you look back now on his hall of fame speech and especially his speech on raw like he's giving his eulogy it's now when he was coming out on rock. A who's walking on the ramp. He looked terrible he could barely walk he looked awful. He was blown up within two minutes of being in the ring chicken on the ropes. Now -- and I thought at that time of Jesus -- in bad shape he figured -- abuse over the years -- which of audience. In the turns but. Now would hand them that he's died you go. There at least my thought process was OK he had some kind of deficit of heart disease that. Is time was limited no matter what. Obviously this is shocking that it happened so quickly. But I have feeling -- such bad blood between the parties the McMahon party in the -- your party for years and years and years. That may be a health issue discovered last year. Is what the catalyst for all of this was him coming back him signing new deal him being in the game he had a feature member of the of the W to be. Two -- fourteen video game out controversial. Being added quote highlight of hall of fame. Coming out on raw. It leads me to believe yeah -- she knew that his time was coming to an end and because of it. As -- the police spokesman Flagstaff for Scottsdale said. A catastrophic. Health issue. -- -- -- -- -- You'll probably find something out in the future if you know when you said -- -- York that thought process seems to make sense does. If you really think about the relationship that he had with McMahon and Debbie -- US and last night before -- I found that self destruction of built in order dvd I watched it. Because I was I never seen it and that's one of the things he mentioned that it was hurtful -- lot of lies and I watched it. I mean it was all the things that I heard. Try to read and I don't wonder which parts aren't though lies and it's just. It suppress it seems like that relationship was definitely broken. Opt for good so. You might you know there might be something to the idea that maybe he was. You know -- law already. I if not it's just real strange set of circumstances and I even tweeted this Sunday the BV -- -- cast count. Just. The fact that it happened Tuesday night. Our batters Saturday Sunday. Monday. I was taken in my head -- if I mean this is just and this is going this is you know. This is really matter but no one affect hall of fame. Boom. And I -- mean not to -- not to say -- wrestle mania is bigger than light period and some with life but that would of this whole weekend would have been. When I first heard about it the first thought. That popped in my head is. She's like community had this heart attack on Monday night. Backstage -- raw. -- could have been saved. Not necessarily known -- you know if it was a heart disease Arianna America's and it's a for a long time he -- died regards but. Having Lawler had -- had a heart attack in the saved his life when in any other circumstances. He should have been dead right. There was medical personal five feet away. And it didn't happen that raw maybe -- a conservative right you know. I don't know how long he was -- incapacitated in Arizona for him when he got to but I mean what they are saying is that it seems as if there was no. No saving potentially when you have any you know. -- -- -- please. Catastrophic catastrophic. And I know that on now CNN last night Nancy Grace to. No that's of the violent and loss thing happened she was all about her agenda in she brought she brought guests on by and let them speak. She's horrible percent of GDP on last night I got to watch that -- tweets about the same apparently the same thing -- GDP just didn't get anything in. -- she pretty much. Apparently set was. Steroids pills there's wrestling -- -- does a -- out of a guy. Now she's not right she's not totally off you know the truth I mean. Most likely is gonna be some connection between past. Abuse of drugs and does this mean to acted as -- no you don't. Art -- you can get heart problems out but. I mean it's it's hard not to put -- into the other. But now the question is how long he's been clean for outline things like that that's -- you wonder casino we know Eddie Guerrero. It was so sad because you know that he would. Got his whole life together usable when it was sober for a -- it Lyle nose is too late it is too much effect you know up on shore will start coming out. The next days and weeks in there will be. If it's gonna be on CNN it will be negative towards wrestling and it's going to be on Fox News and be negative towards -- it's gonna be on the news will be negative towards wrestling matches but just the way it is so. Justices go back side I was a big -- at the time when he was making. Making his initial run with the WWF. -- Was he captured reverent attention I didn't -- -- like him but is entrances ranks the orange chicken -- ropes it was. There's -- to breathtaking to see whose -- is no one else does anything like that data and only one that brought the energy and he brought the house down every time. They sort of credit his music by Jim Johnson of course the guru debit -- be read music as being like the first -- song that really. Obviously real American worked for all in all real Americans -- was Dallas and Jim -- -- and that was used before old news. Apparent at right and so. His music award is is it was the first time it really know captured. And and is not a totally true because you know DB Osce had his music major tried getting my point is like wow it really when it in the first couple cords hit. They knew who was not nowadays it's when you hear the initial song you know it is -- discount that and it fit his character running tailoring in. Taking the ropes and. Although the real I'd say the real godfathers of entrance music are the reports. -- originally coming out to revert by Adam. And it -- And they were the first ones -- really -- piper. Would come out playing the bag pipes. If you keep going back. Gorgeous George at a point used music arm. But real American took over and then that. When you hear that ultimate warrior -- knew exactly who was and then they've ripped off his theme song for the rockers which is almost like tyrannical and a but also order was fascinating character in the have to go I'm never actually watched the self destruction of the order dvd. I've heard all about it and never watch tonight I will at some point go back by its. It was weird because they a lot of interviews with. The main people that -- had cuts from moral Lawler. Edge a lot of that he was there are as many as six Jericho. Events odds DB Osce a lot. -- -- -- -- gap and by the way it's cut up I mean. Kazan also a lot of these interviews they use the -- this dvd produced in 2005. A lot the same interviews. Are used now recently. Night in the new in the new but taking out like for the hall of fame that they took out quotes and different things could mean. Natalie they sat -- Chris Jericho says. All right ash -- -- -- minorities say I think his answer the questions honestly and -- things that Jericho said you know. As the ring -- -- thirty tired and marriage saying it was in the best in the race so I think they are getting honestly know. Real points out of at a discount at picking and choosing what that fit the narrative of the dvd now down. Doesn't it's not true. It is but I guess it's it's stopping and now they have a new dvd of and apparently coming out really soon leaders to missy but the differences. But it's. I'm conflicted about it because it's it's -- need it seems like everything that they said about him was. True almost. I think Gillis I think there are being honest with how they perceived as the events have unfolded in the early ninety's. I don't they don't have a reason to lie now they don't if people listening don't know exactly. The circumstances. Summer slam 91. He was an attack match -- in verses slaughter and cheek with that non a team like -- -- Iraq. And he'd shown up the building -- that he would wrestle unless he got. Now been -- give. Somebody get out of number they said an extra 500000 dollars slowed to be to be released the hold out chain between rights and a guy and warrior. And he wanted he wanted the same as the old one or more -- it and but I guess in -- it's also much wanting the money but it was the idea of if you don't give it a money right now not to go out for the main event of a paper view. And that's where are apparently have been going on for a while before that disorder is always studied. Refused to do it unless he got on the same amount of that night's draw as Hogan. As every other house -- drop as Hogan merchandise. Percentages Hogan he wanted everything to be the same as Hogan because he thought he was as big as Hogan. Reality is even at that time. You weren't even close. Because Hogan. Was a mainstream. Star yet Hogan was going on all the talk shows regularly Hogan's. In movies. At that point Hogan that we had been cranking out like four movies. They're garbage put their movies on the last and their big mainstream movies. Big budget studio movies. He wasn't even close to being on the same level as Hogan but he thought he was and he wanted it. I don't begrudge him for trying to earn every last dollar -- So when end up happening at this is all I'm also apparently allegedly -- mean in my state definitely happened for schori that they say it did. Vince agreed. Warrior one out have a match and after the match -- in essence fired him but still -- but also it says in this dvd. -- he's -- I still held out words are still paid him. He fired a missile pay an extra money Vince does that yeah. And then apparently now and warrior was back. Iris was back at wrestle mania next year -- do you notice lower when he came back a day and they they chronicled as he cut his hair. He had been working out as much why you think you had been working -- as much. What was going on in the WWF at that time with Vincent man. Steroid the steroids again. And that's and right and so he was smaller and his -- to simulate that had the warrior logo painted on it and it had muscles hated. And then leave it at that run only lasted about six months and then he got. Like go again because the apparently failed drug test. I. I think a lot of it's convenient I think you sent home because. He when you look at his body at that time you look like a prime example of the Jews monkey. Hogan didn't. Hogan was big and huge in muscular. But he wasn't so defined an -- Everett Scott Steiner veins popping everywhere that Hogan -- that warrior did. Descent of home get off get off of this (%expletive) And you get clean -- normal relatively normal looking embodied in the terms in the world wrestling. But. It's a sad no matter what you look at that -- Warner's career and legacy was what it was it wasn't nearly as big as he likes to think it was. He's weighed down on the list of all time greats as far as I'm concerned -- weighed down. But despite they feel about impersonator of his accomplishments in the -- it is sad when someone loses their life and you know two young daughters and wife. That's a tough assignment that he sought Saturday. To Estes is out. So willow will move on now to wrestle mania. In the fall -- from raw and everything ants ran off the bat I meet some I had someone -- decorate on Twitter it would give the greater wrestle mania this past week I said. People immediately enough -- -- deep plus what do it was a very good grade and right and without without analyzing. In the top fives wrestle -- is. Six you know in that range -- topic and you make of without a doubt top ten. It makes it targets top five in some I mean I've I've I've seen some say nodal point they're putting it behind three and seventeen and that's it and that it's it was an end. That's I can believe that it was that it was good on. It didn't have money the extra you know celebrity filler which amazingly I saw people complaining about. I was actually kind of happy with the O'Connell and -- concerts. -- Kid Rock three song medley. Well I I like how they handle that too which was okay. -- two bands here they'll play live. Yeah that was part of that. Think that's a live entrance music that was cool I -- problem that is a little weird -- -- are underestimating -- I look forward to the little -- you know last year they had. Living color play cult of personality for CM punk. But you know one insist it's those little things -- -- the best moment of the night was even a match. The open it was the open. News Hogan in the ring which is fun because canceling sobered I was good NN you know I I'm I'm wondering and a woman I don't know if -- got to -- On the WW FE network I didn't I did not as that he's at WW FT. He recognized it right it was really jacked up like he was -- thought -- -- so you can just so he's pretty damned nervous too which is weird for Hogan. Intense things over Dohmann. And then the crowd sergeant super realistic figure out who has -- started smiling anyone bitten them. Obviously -- out and kind of -- balls and then brought comes down Boston balls it was really cool to see three of them in the ring together even now. We've obviously seen rock and a sizzling received nominations of them -- we've -- nominations and author of maneuvering at the same time go back and forth and Hogan as Hulk Hogan not Hollywood Hogan -- it was a pretty special moment it was fun whose interest in their -- drinking -- it was cool it was it was going to be hard to top that. Yes but. That being said. The rest the way the rest of the show when I mean you followed that up with the Daniel Bryan triple H match great. S best overall match tonight very strange entrants from Tripoli which I -- I was pretty cool. It was just weird it gives -- had a -- he's had that's true it was just gives it is very drawn out I don't like drawn out really long entrances like the whites is about as much as I can stand from a long entrance. The late stolen I can almost I can under I can -- like it should be long and obnoxious he's the guy running the companies -- shouldn't be a fair enough that I can point you put this whole thing together that first match is great. I mean very good. -- -- little things like Stephanie is facial expressions throughout the match little things that she said like. At one point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the way she said it and then the the good part about it king elect a minute later. -- says he was evidence and. It is and I hear. -- -- changed his voice student to match him. And that is fantastic match predictable offense and the wave but. Eight it stayed clean it stayed just you know pretty much a straight matched it to religion good do. Yeah I mean again I don't know I'm not really wrestled sentence what artists. I am I literally I mean. Acting goes I think his last match was April or may Boca and -- But as you said I mean he. He's a ring general he's -- clash of styles to and the way the match and it was nice quick. The way Bryant wins matches with that running me is. -- I think he reversed pedigree or at least to traverse some in triple H. -- -- -- came back below me on to forget -- those fantastic match -- we both agreed that Brian was going to win but it -- great match. And you got what we kind of expected was a little bit of a beat down at the end. To further the underdog story Daniel Bryant. Fast -- the main event triple threat match. Or in the -- -- they were great. Or especially. Opponents aren't fantastic -- did in what he has been listed entities to did what he needed to do and. Now I thought the Daniel Bryan stretcher thing was a little over the top. Now looking at that because first second -- when -- might really be free hurt cuts. He -- Who was it Orton lane -- or Elaine in Australian Aaron tomorrow which by the way completely Batiste -- fault because it is taking a table out he took the monitor. Included he's supposed to take the monitoring cleared completely away it is kind of threw it on the ground. You know inside the table -- X if you remember watching him he's trying to pull off the cords again and has not only a couple of -- -- -- throw away stuff. -- you are huge front nine came home on brothel a couple of and it's a market that's and that and know that move was pretty cool -- -- Alec data as well as it's -- -- power on -- added into the visually looked cool. I -- greet him like stock. Before it looked fantastic -- just Batiste comes out you know. And landing on them that are thought it made my backers. -- again Batiste is a -- OK on in his when now. I thought it was a good match I'm you know -- new game Bryant who's going to win. I'd like to Tripoli agent and -- -- -- coming out to interfere in the match. That is Gatti that's where the excitement level really picked up in -- Adam had to referee Scott Armstrong -- he was the one. Let's fast count back game. September I think September October's -- and the ball back at the past counted in the next I -- -- so today yea gotta spaniel. And it was really confusing because it's the first time we've seen him since. Like I can't really remember. In like locals like there's a crooked -- -- released back crooked maybe he does it be just a mistake to bat and I I don't know I don't know excellent on you don't ever really meant -- literally built that -- kind of -- a lot yeah I think he's trying to really push it home but it was a good idea. It's kicked in and then it's that diving out and staff took a bomb in the net -- grab -- drink a -- not first about it through -- and -- the world on man. Can be pretty tedious and boring at times because it's all right we just throw numbers -- so we can rest which Arafat met she's gonna come in throw someone outside of the ring to them we're gonna wrestle for five minutes. It didn't get any points though when you know that Brian was the one who kept getting thrown out of the ring -- for ten attempts. I mean every single time though I kept thinking -- -- they're gonna they're gonna go with this like they might. You know run this angle he's gonna lose the title -- -- on -- -- -- Did like. The -- it. As you saw that it was a moment. Great wrestle mania moment. -- the end of the streamers coming down the best chance it was fantastic. That that is the quintessential. Wrestle mania and gain market wrestle mania and when's the last time we had one like that wrestle mania like really light that wrestle mania and off. NY triple threat around coming out that it -- and at a moment those. Kind of that unique. Yeah I mean you can look at Austin when -- of the titles not but it you know -- fourteen those days it and have the streamers and fireworks and they maybe today they went -- Michaels winning and at twelve and Iron Man match yet there's big moments but it. That -- the moment is unique in. The underdog finally overcoming because normally don't have this type of underdog where he stats -- stature compared to the -- view movies. Did you watch I'll be honest with you the divas. Tournament saying name I didn't want to I was I was watching it but I was -- I was watching him -- I was watching my Twitter a little bit more because of course that was after the streak you'll get to the street last will get lasts about tournaments. But. Writes oh. I didn't watch these match it's as dozens of what you where -- -- AJ one. It actually wasn't that bad I mean -- one -- it was in the al-Qaeda how could it be that -- -- thirteen girls during wants. They're not bad did they do a fine job but it was game two months. I'd say at the watched of the game throws in the -- a -- dressed me that's the -- at WW network as a deposit to -- -- for an hour watched him with arms and come back. Is beautiful week that if DD could of recording in the for loans watch wrestle mania for -- and watched him a bronze to take in the semi at a time nice here had to also. I was watching my girlfriends it is you had to make can't. Catch them making her watch wrestling -- -- at least -- which -- a huge fan. It's that it wants them march the match I was most excited for was brave why it. Sina and I thought that match will is in effect. I mean. It was. And the reason I say it was a record is because scenic can't play this. Yet or your job. Very -- age it was you know as weird in an inning go far enough the with the referee being is that this is a new John -- stupid like why like he's never swung a chair before at some coloring. Do we forget all about what Johnson -- was before he became supersede. Or just even in general using his chain. All of the time he's been in the hard to extreme matches before and it I like he'd just went through this series of bribe. Yeah not just now. Not that handles Nuys and it's not it's not like. I guess the Angel is that doable this is normal match note it's stupid so was it was it was weird in. It makes you think well that's why he -- lost the match he's lost the match because you know the chair back to the refereeing it's ruled he either should have lost the match in the exact to a huge set at or won the match because he went. Crazy with the chair or victories and -- cute and dignity are right he smacks him in the -- the share. But yet -- -- would have made were -- it and then -- would have got what he won an atom which is him to snap. Ain't got the victory don't you think a lot of fans who are anti -- you know ago well all right cool exactly. I thought it was -- now. As now I might think about it. I think the way it was book though was the because of what was. Can it be happening next I don't know but that and I know that it wouldn't happen and act case LLC we ordered the matches right I mean you yeah. I wasn't happy with the I didn't think it made brain -- strong they're gonna have a rematch and that's a brazen again as win is just you know it's just. But -- those cop out as a cop out BS. Oh victory and smacked of CNET pole in the old trump card saying -- I have to -- don't clean. Xena hit -- with the chair and he hit Aaron Rowand now is stupid. It was I thought was this pork in terms of how you are trying to utilize rings psychology. It didn't work -- -- -- and a. -- -- -- Whereabouts is sorrow in his his wrestle mania moment winning the battle this this is after seemingly breaking up with. Jack swagger in the pre show. It's been a surprise that sent a surprise entrant in the battle Roy had no really I did it two entrances there is -- -- -- -- Putting that aside he wins the battle royal by. Putting up big show switches parties -- it -- and it soon and thrown them over the opera it was awesome now is he's a freak. He gets his moment it looks as if he's going to be on the rise fast or too raw. I'm confused as hell. Because he's still using the real American music. He. Says I'm not as Ann Coulter guy -- -- all -- guy I loved that now. What's happening going forward is this is RO -- now this. They've they've talked about this for forever get to a time where there are no Beatty faces and are no heels is that going to be some sorrow 'cause he's an -- payment. But payment -- look at as he'll -- Babyface he just is. And so managers that you boo him when he's talking negatively about the undertaker. But it's almost like your your bully him because you like him you know joining me what you like cared so much he got to the play along if you really like the character you play so I think that's with Paul payment. So if he's working with sorrow was working as a babyface. I'll handle it cheered because he's -- He's good I don't know what they're going to be doing going for with them in -- to deceit. Eighties is RO vs Lesnar down the road and -- let's remember the last two came in guys did worked out yeah I I was I poorly done better feeling about this one. Doses -- has kind of the whole package. I hope he's building a stable. Now the -- they think they called -- alliance. No no. Knowledge is Paul -- guys -- -- gas. It's it's going to be stable casino. Giving is our team in. Leads me to believe that Brock will not be around long term for a little while -- needs. You need debt payment has something to do is captivating on TV analyst what he's saying and doing -- anti us. I I liked is our joining -- and I didn't mind him winning there and under the giant battle royal. Quotes is gonna really just got to use they have to use its move them for it can't just -- yes 62 months from now that -- the clear progression. Go I just be a champion in two -- but it needs to be. I thought that. It was a no brainer that big show is gonna win. Just because as it's kind of like a lifetime achievement. You know. Ask you -- the giants of the industry positive under the joint house -- tours and doing -- -- have to move somebody up the latter that's what they're doing which are which is better than. Tonight expected so I was happy. So you wanna get to the no let's do it against wouldn't of still being the biggest story and I have predicted it and you. You kind of settled a speculative the last you know I said no chance to do when I talk to you about it. On the that unity yeah I wrestle OK okay the Latin you are trying to do saying don't be surprised. To peace. If I remembered for I honestly do her head as -- don't remember. I thought it was so well done. So well done because nobody suspected I thought it was a 100% lock that undertaker was winning. And it was so well -- and everyone had their own little theory. I'll Brock just went into business for himself like doubted it I'm -- what does that lifted his shoulder like there. That's that's the best one Lester changed the script either the match was agree. I and a hundred -- old very very old now severely can cast and severely can which happened emitted into the match yet. Same thing that happened last year. Not an undertaker vote. Brock ranked. That he got he got in 'cause the rock. -- rock member of the rock and seen rock had a concussion almost immediately in the match. Saudis so it is the fact that there are able to get through the match is like credit to Lesnar could Lesnar apparently don't want to -- and threw it. And to get through to the end and yeah. Ending happens and that's a moment right there and you know I understand I get it people heard there are people upset -- -- -- -- -- loss is streak I thought that's what made it's a great. That's what I said I was shocked. But at the end of the day I was I was not I got -- possibly and expect to see that's the whole point is -- -- watch. For things to happen. That we don't expect usually do not expect. Because if the undertaker one then it would like ho hum big deal that is useless -- great. Just wait for next year's. And can realistically if you look at realistically. The guys are really gonna beat undertaker who with the -- easy with the guys that are believable in beating under -- rock listeners at the top analysts. And in others everyone's. Make it a big deal you know I can't believe they made undertaker lose nobody may be undertaken lose I -- the undertaker. If you lost its 'cause he wanted it to and the streak and a all reports say he one of the street and four years ago. If he had his way there would have been the shot the second shot Michaels match or -- that -- triple -- matches. -- Lesnar ME accord -- free for -- believe what was supposed to happen for years ago what he wanted to happen. Lesnar as -- do that for years ago. So the -- I mean does undertaker sees something Brock Lesnar. Amidst all the reports of them not being friendly. Damon and they might actually be pretty good friends gathered I mean there might be they might have -- may have been working on big long angle this whole time and there is the sort of the payoffs on. You know you could see. I really couldn't tell Lesnar is leaving the ring and he looked back towards the ring in people were saying oh he -- he went he went towards -- -- garlic and Al is -- I think was blinking. More Sonia but they and its people reading too much into it but -- status and what that would -- EC zero well. On but here's the question what now. But now. Now -- was that undertake his last match no I think he was I think undertaker would have been on -- it wasn't for what happened in terms of injury you -- apparently he was there but. Out guest -- fold before trying knew that undertaker. Went to the hospital room was severely can -- my thought process was like this. Stink now under vigorous -- come around. And doing retirement speech. Loudly saying retirement study could tell like angling towards Eric Darnell actually saying I'm going I'm retirement on the streets over I'm -- into -- and whatever. And staying into wraps it -- and says none and you're not done you got one more would mean. At that that made the the plan because you can have that match without the streak. Because think about it they had the match with a streak. Mean stings not -- and the undertaker streak now. So you don't need to streak get rid of that. Use it to build something else which -- and the retirement match for both it's just I mean if they bill it as last match from both guys. Is that it is that the things that something that people don't get credit for yes and I think to get excited just for the just for the visual. Demi just watching 255 year old men in the ring is not that appealing but it's. The fact it is not fifty. Fifties or. He's fifty I know he's he's a tennis like 48 of forty nines and always been nice I've never tenured yet. I think that's what's -- rampant enacting Brock is going to be challenging. -- Jones and Dan O'Brien does it makes the most sense when you have small champion like that he's got to put the underdog role the entire time. And yet they keep feeding of monsters to overcome. And Brock. And I my guesses. In the and in the meantime the next month. Bryan little pride defending in triple H. A -- teased and Courtney -- going to shield the sun out raw. That's kind of your extreme rules -- I think right there are places are overseas tax laggards in a shop that. Little things -- Some interesting stuff going forward but I think Lesnar eventually will be involved in the championship. The quite big question is how long has -- Ryan hold onto it is gonna be like Austin McMahon in which. The man you know brought in yet to love it -- in undertaker in people going after Austin. This way you look at it would triple H he goes after him can't do it Orton can't do it Batiste can't do it then maybe goes to Lesnar. Someone and how long does he hold the championship for. Or call -- It's not so much talent he holed a series of for how long is he in the main event battling for the championship that he can lose -- he went back he can lose against at least all summer slam. At least through Summers summer slams problem the odds that Dan O'Brien. Is -- championship match up next here trust me. Hesitation makes -- think not less than 50%. Now that's -- a run at all I mean and it lets be fair that's also because you don't have. Every it's in decides knowledge on -- or -- we'll -- top guys it -- be in the main event every single you know. So. That's not so much and knock it just wondering how far they gonna go with this night and I partly people go with it until -- died out which eventually mean well. It always does and now that he's a champion and you have some people turning against him because it's. Alone in his knowledge that now is the fans lovable little carried us you reach that goal and out of fans Tuesday OK now delight combine it. I don't need to be as a -- awesome work what does he won the title. And it got taken away from him unjustly and and so other -- and furious I started been done today and right now they have lieutenant reverse of it how it happened but. You know -- that's an interest in -- coming up and I'm I'm excited to see where things go. It's that it's it's the -- long road back to wrestle mania again on in it starts -- starts again so. We'll see we'll see what happens moving forward. So -- me we both given a B plus and runs in -- -- B plus -- he's payments isn't it name minus. That'll wrap up this wrestle mania recap addition of DW PEI. -- cast will be back soon to. -- ready for. Guess flirting is the spring so springtime and evident to -- it tends to be a little bit of a down period but we'll see what they do heading into the summer. I coast and kitchen I'm Scots -- the cops sounding off in thanks for listening to be the IRS cast TV guide dot cop.

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