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Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast #3

Apr 11, 2014|

It’s been a busy week across the NFL & with the College Football Draft Hopefuls so Jim Hackett & Pete Davidson plowed through as much as you can handle, including news about The Jets & their interest in Chris Johnson, the LSU Pro Day, rumors and news surrounding free agents & recent signings like Santonio Holmes, DeSean Jackson & Nate Burleson. Then it’s all about the 2014 Rookie Wide Receiver class that just continues to grow and impress. There’s a lot here to keep you informed as the offseason heats up and the draft approaches. Get ready!

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to the third off seasons Tennessee football podcasted WEEI dot com. I'm here talking to the chief writer. And content provider Pete Davidson for rural -- dot com. And that we're here with a big big agenda of football offseason news in all of it is presented this week. As every week by our friends out of Mohegan Sun saying a load of Pete Davidson everybody might -- eight. Did you do it up and do well there is no. I'm I'm good I'm good we -- agenda we have our agenda and we are makes it sound so nefarious this. -- yeah but we are prepared as people as -- dark it's it's it's clinical. -- -- universe have been following. -- wrote a bond in that Radovan hacksaw would you be yours truly believe they would know. That one a week of news since we last did on in the studio and talking fantasy football NFL news I mean. It's up to keep track of it all the there's been a lot in. Crazy yeah like it's like Newman took -- felt that the male would never -- -- and you know you -- You've caught up in in the bar -- -- your brakes that publishers clearing out that it's elevated status and I felt like I mean you're you're in what should be the deep dark part of the off season. And it you're you're cranking out multiple articles that they crazy. And what's hard is you know like Newman at the post office we don't work when it rains. So we how do we I do think it is we have all this news to catch up on I don't work and she knows when the power goes out which happens a lot more typical was. Richard does it used yeah -- does -- speaking of you and your Europe. Working abode in beautiful New York wearing -- Red Sox aren't yup in the crow's nest. There is what do we start with. Your your green little friends out there in New Jersey. And talking enemies is that. And that really is dissidents -- I know what that's like in the end. Let's cycle to Rick Horowitz. I guess. You don't get recently haven't I didn't consult -- about thirteen years. Do you work around the Celtics are -- now right you've got so many other good things going on its. In Thailand and probably New York, New York everybody wants to complain but you can't pick one thing to complain about everything at the same. I forgot it in his for the Celtics are doing exactly what everyone wants to do which is blue state -- -- 101 of my favorite jet fans friends since it is it is it is Montrae is just makes sense. This and and I think I can hope I've got you have ordered into such a great life and if you by the jets. It makes sense to just request for them to the accident and but that's that's what the Celtics are -- and that's what do note and I think for a fan base that helps you know. -- does located -- in rebuilding mode. They're gonna go they're gonna bring it down gonna build a back up you know what you're getting. Yeah -- know they've got a couple pieces that. You know pull an Al survey click -- -- not Mike -- You know and went -- -- -- -- -- Rondo and and Bradley tend you know for example a little bit lame when when we need them to which has already and doctor -- past his prime at this point exactly. Exactly all right so speaking of making sense of the jets making any sense and doesn't make any sense of the actors Johnson and as Chris Johnson and -- anywhere anytime soon. The jets the jets are making sense I I think they deserve credit for making sense I think as usual the jets get a little bit. Confused when it comes to spreading the message yeah. You know I'm not sure if they're you know I want you know let me part of it is they're trying to keep some some stuff that thousands be a little bit you know. Less flamboyant which is probably not a bad idea. I mean the jets were fairly predictable I think undertaken about you know there's a guy out there you can spend money on the -- it and do it yeah. And now they're doing it I think to a point where you could almost targeted -- and it will fall. I think I think we mentioned this the last -- thing I think just as they did -- the jets had now with the jets is. Have to look at the draft. It might be time to kill. And yeah yeah they've got they've got time you know I mean that's right. And thinly -- -- you might have to tip -- have a little bit and but -- applauded the problem -- and that I think I'm hoping I hate it affair and sports what I seem if you go back to the topic a little bit. I see them starting a long term. -- yeah it can be a little frustrating. In the beginning process of those long built -- see that you don't like. And if you wanna speak up about it -- didn't know be patient you don't play out in the I'm not I'm not a big fancy things don't like having to wait this year -- actually complain about it. Yeah and it's also a divisive to succeed the second and just to make the analogy to its. What you are seeing it with the jets the jets fans think with the Celtics is like early on you see enough talent there liking what. Maybe maybe need to get these guys so. -- and understanding young ones how to win and then you get a middle draft pick it's as big a draft then then this out of losing and then the bandwagon just -- it's like OK just lose out lose out. -- a -- simple -- I mean it's really easy to say OK here are twelve roster spot you can play around with a couple more but you know just for a number we got about twelve guys here we got a coach. We got a GM. Yeah pretty much gonna focus your ire. -- those people. You know football team gosh you're looking at fifty plus guys you. You've gotten going in motion and you've got all of this huge coaching staff that are offensive system the defense of systems special these -- Yeah RT you've got a crazy owner you know it's good. There's so many different things. To try to evaluate so many moving parts. So it's easy you know -- we're rebuilding. And everything concerns get lost in the in in that subterfuge if you look so I think back to be frustrating for football and nobody especially when we get into our forty. But I don't wanna hear about three and four year plants could hit it. Yeah I don't know that I have three different theater club -- and let's check that the video little physical you know let's get -- -- like that like the Brady window clock ticking. Now I think -- you know I mean -- candidate that's certainly obviously. Patriot fans are feeling good -- a great decade but nobody wants it to end the wrong way right. So the next couple years are key and I I think the Revis signing have to on some level be factored into that. Reality no doubt that. -- -- -- -- -- Storage site. On a question and I yeah I agree it. Now one look at -- we yum we teased at the top -- handles given to you again at roared Von and that sort of on -- But I'm bringing it up not -- not -- not only to selflessly you know self promote shamelessly but. But I'm bringing it up because apparently underneath and hit attack that. But with Chris Johnson going to go into potentially over the jets I saw someone. Replied to you on Twitter. Saying that they thought Chris Johnson be backing up Chris Ivory and I'm -- locked. What we did that come from and you quickly responded in and out and let them know what's what's it brought. How well you look it's gonna happen. The project site if the jets signed Chris Johnson. The odds -- Chris -- having more touches at the end of the year to meet -- 10%. And 10% might be generous quite honestly it's because even if the jets are inclined to give ivory a bigger role. I don't think they will be I think once those two players -- camp's side by side doing the things that they do well. The jets are gonna come to a very quick realization if they didn't going in you know with the deal was. We did well this guy can play third down this guy can't this guy can catch this guy can't have that aspects of content and they're both good. Runners on first and second bounce so. You know my guess would be ivory will get the bigger role on early downs but you won't own it. You won't own it people who -- first and second down he might get possessions to the war in something like that. But in passing situations the teams -- to vitriol third down. And an obviously I think the jets are opponents specifically the patriots -- -- -- -- -- Just some games you'll be a bigger part of -- -- I think you know at the end of the day Johnson's. Eighteen touch guy hit the -- like a fourteen touched. Courthouses in them in the mix third CJ and how has it been like you know. Verses of the potential suitors avarice of the jets from a Tennessee impacts them. Points you know he well could CJ goes X-Factor mixture is how we could obviously you would decide to you I think that's the reason everybody's focused on the jets. Which again I think goes to did. It's almost certainly disingenuous thing I think so many people -- down on Chris Johnson. And I think it's psychological. -- is sort of reality based it's Chris Johnson the guy who's -- a lot of people down. Sure you know a lot of -- -- jobs in the last five or six years. For five years whatever. Has been basically disappointed and they've always thought maybe the this guy could be the best back I'm getting and attend a meeting at seven agreement for 1213 1415 like last year. I'm thinking maybe I can get the best guy I would suspect. And you never have had happened yet happened and yet no no you -- -- Chris Johnson now -- players. -- -- you were hoping he might go nuts and he did so I think there is that factor nobody who's been looking to look Smart. I'm Chris Johnson has looked Smart our first child and I mean I well actually. What we might be one of the very few places that look Smart and Christiane last year. You right on the money I mean I don't know if you see your moment so let's get sometimes like I haven't got to play out and we know they were like don't draft of turns warm up there about 45 weeks and you know that was perfect are important to eight weeks yet to schedule and we tend. Yes he did you know that it that there's the tricky part is timing it right legitimate battle royal moment right and those points last year where you could get him almost for free you. There were people like I need to get this guy out of my face I don't wanna look at the -- thanks. You know and that's when -- trade for a player like Chris Johnson. I mean. You know they think the key thing for Johnson is finding a place sure don't get the -- you know I mean it's not Johnson's fault that running back -- seemingly deep position in the NFL right now. Right in this lovely in the slot backs them out of the draft to. No I mean every teenager had a sign for starting running back. It's a low number you know. And a lot of a lot of the teams sort of clean you know the giants have announced that Wilson probably is going to be -- this year personnel the giants' backfield isn't as wide open. As it might have been. And I don't -- chances of being in New York giant kind of player now -- Tom Coughlin bashing -- -- I do the. Mr. between the tag is too. -- dug in his ways I think -- -- taxable. I don't want runners who follow the play who always get positive yardage they're not looking for guys who are picking and choose Ian Johnson and that way yeah he's not perfect -- has lost. And and conflict as a very short. Kemper leash amount of patience would go to call for guys to. You know. Now he can -- hope it away from the -- a -- -- plug you know after one fumble or you know. When I got maybe getting in the -- -- Johnson is not on our own coma formed by the occasional ball fly out but he's not a guys can put on the carpet over and over again. And he's an underrated player in a lot of ways to pass protections pretty good. Yeah I just as though is -- as a reference because in the last few years cops once patient's level but back. A little faster CP he killed me yeah on. It but yeah I -- it would Johnson I mean look media Atlanta could be a spot from. Make -- Stephen Jackson's column. Yeah I mean Jackson and there's really nobody else there at this point that I thought they could push Johnson -- I -- in an offense like that. He he could do a lot of damage north of Atlanta have any money. I don't think so you don't have a you know they don't have money to throw -- running backs right now. They can get one pretty cheap in the draft which again. Goes to the problem you know there's a lot of -- already in the NFL and there's another ten to fifteen good backs on the way. So Johnson doesn't have much to. You know he doesn't have much of a leg to stand under terms demanding 67 million dollars -- are gonna get it. I mean upon him I'm happy to get accurate that the you know three to four -- one year prove it kind of deal. You know and that's yeah that's that's a joke for the GOP can go out and re establish yourself as something special. Yeah may be able to contract years that we see and -- all the time. And maybe you know what it's the jets needed to say hey you know what it is six for next year you know whatever. Right now if you're back with talent and the markets saying they don't have any money feel I think you've got to take one year deal I think. Initiative Chris Johnson and your guy you fancy yourself it's expensive back. And and that by the way before we need to get off the topic but with a one thing I think the jets deserve credit not. You know people -- kill them again because they're not giving you know jumping into the Johnson think that's what role in this condemn them that's how you can get a deal because you wanna be the team that breaks the bad news. Right you wanna be the first or second in the caucus -- Come in with a number -- like really that it's yeah. Better to not be that team yeah we look forward to fifteen that comes in and you have a real number and it's better than the other teams that -- precondition now that. Reality and then you can come in and and get a deal. And and the thing is you don't -- sign the player so on short terms that you're signing of very discouraged upset player you motivated to ride you wanna play physical all these guys like me the most coveted recruit California assure -- you -- -- the jets -- -- give myself. A contract picture you wanna you wanna create that kind of five so I think in that sense maybe that doing the right thing. And by the way it's totally possible the jets are gonna find them and are not that interest and I think it wouldn't shock me. Yeah it's interesting as they did this and speaking of the justices on noise coming out of there but. They did make a little bit of noise and the patriots did do and there are a lot of teams I'm just gonna break off that topic at the the Ellis you know pro day. -- yes and so a lot of news on that. They do all throughout the week you what's interest in the guy could just up. And it's kind of like connect the dots here it's really hard to do -- -- -- just a segment of the patriots for a minute but down you know you heard about the the the visit. That at Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny football had with the patriots and now the doubt and LSU and I'm wondering you -- with -- Matt -- and I'm wondering. If how high on the priority list com. The succession plan to Brady is and is this quarterback class so good. That did that Belichick's almost like you know what if I can just grab the right guy at the right guys they can sit for a few years and Lauren this is the time to do it -- rights. There is any doubt they'd love to -- quarterback I think the trick is not using premium picked to do it right since they had some other needs -- -- take care of -- try to won a Super Bowl this year next ethics here. So you know men -- be perfect that they can get him he's a big pocket passer like Brady's that's pretty bright kid with a really big garment and and and you know he's. When we watch so we're pretty impressed with and so he'd be. I think he'd probably be. A step up from Ryan mallet who I also think of the dose of -- yeah so you yet met burger for the patriots I think make perfect sense. He's a guy you're gonna need to protect maybe even more than Brady believe it or not. At least let he's -- in the end it and. I'm sure I'd get a fresh face she yelled that that's that's really the story out of the LSU Prodi though the fact that met -- did all the drills. And then he claimed that he will not need populist so that's. -- look for me if I'm getting Internet murder I'm trying to draft -- I almost almost. CD sales positive note obviously now. But I also liked the idea of getting rookie quarterback where there's going to be no pressure to play him many -- going to be as a classic example the guy to be benefited. By holding a clipboard learning system coming in at the right time so it took me -- -- to be -- perfect got the patriots. Don't -- the -- what -- the second round pick a quarterback this year and the and so you know to the page it's going to be in the third or fourth. I don't know probably not. -- could she get in the third -- I can raffle or does he go that -- -- now. -- apple could go anywhere from late first forced it really depends on what teams think I mean I'd definitely. You know. I've I've watched a lot of film should should come by and I'm I plan -- watching even more over the next month grapple with a guy. The more I watched the more I like him -- He does have some stuff I think he's the clean up and he does have culture shock issues because he's coming from very small program. So you know. You know friction with the jets should take drop below -- you know he'll come and indeed adjustment if you -- -- but doesn't have the by the same token. Gina Smith has already proven you to complete sixteen games in the NFL. Get beat up. Stand up and do it again. You know that right now you know. -- come from the same program that -- came from and Romo had he had a lot of developing to do but he ended up being a heck of a product. Everybody are so let's see that kind of player. Amid a Parcells liking Romo before anyone knew it was. Yeah I think it -- Corrado could end up being a similar kind of player. Although nobody knew it well wouldn't have our fans back -- Parcells -- them because you didn't have the NFL draft community like this one that. Where every come -- a college. Prospect perhaps there's a -- you know it's crazy. It is. I came -- -- good but I mean there's just so much more information gets flooded -- -- to -- and -- you know there's more -- -- that went on any Beckham junior obviously. Has been named wanna talk about I think everyone including us you know he was our first. Our quarterback we did this year for scouting reports we look back and junior yet but Landry it's pick. It's funny I was talking about -- having a bad crude opposite they're going to be reinforced by the eight. But also with. Yeah we always see he -- yet the bad. I'm -- local what you had -- -- had a brutal. Columbine I mean you know just got it's really did become I was so bad the numbers don't matter. Let's put it that way don't you jump when you when your verticals like 29 or thirty that they couldn't demise will be wants. You know I think which are running force 74 noble yeah I mean it's just he was just incredibly slow. Now there are rumors that he was -- banged up. To -- than. It makes sense you look at the numbers the numbers were so low you injured go to war was wrong with -- yeah so maybe you could try out this combo nobility and become buying. Dell -- the guy we loved last year watching the games watched a lot of LSU. I don't coach and I both thought he was big time. Now the more film we watched the world we said you know what he doesn't have much separation he's making catch after Patrick guys hanging on them you would bodies flying around them. But he he definitely does you know -- slow footed -- He's not fast player that would when you come behind when you combine that with being you know to put judicial or under and be final evidence. You know now what what -- you hanging your hat on physically yeah that's the thing for a guy like Landry now. And people toughness there's the world iced it if he catches the ball toward anybody in the draft wouldn't like when when I heard yesterday at Ford drops is pro -- at the whatever I needed if you're worried about landry's hands you have a watches tape yeah. You don't know what darn thing -- and yet it's not exactly catch anything yet they're acting on the on the news of the day that they hurt. -- identity of a bad pro day I don't know maybe did you know maybe I was nervous but I've seen the guy played for -- 100000 screaming fans and make. Eye popping -- -- I am not worried about. Jars and that's good student and so so I'd you know I think -- irony that Landry is why everybody's talking about a -- protest I think afford fight it was huge for him. Because now he's speed is not it's now that's not a good time but if that's scary time -- not Michael all -- leagues since. When what you call last year we were very concerned about -- and oh yeah because she came in and -- and you know can she was. Did not have good film that he was easier -- he was -- hurts ray came has come by and heard. Then you know guided Chelsea gets a chance to play it oh my gosh that's the key now and we saw yeah. In -- little -- that he was made us what an impact I was phenomenal so you know it's it's. You know Landry. You know after the -- developing -- who were were heightened when it comes to guys who we -- on film. But then they come in and their numbers -- bad you don't want to do some work we're -- to State's overall injury Smart I think before fighting it. Actually gives him on balance a good pro -- Because you know you're talking about you know over attempt the second -- Yeah and -- get in the NFL scouts. Are watching you all that film and seeing him live -- and they're looking at it the same way you -- and just -- -- is looking at the stats. Right well it what I mean of the blame injuries you its way to the guy we're you can choose to look at. You throughout the glass yeah you know if you wanna sit there and you can rightfully say. Doesn't have a lot of criticism the foot speed but for the Taliban to gain separation against NFL NFL corners. But almost -- -- are gonna be that way either going to be. You know there's going to be contact -- not -- make -- displaced. I could see that that's a reasonable things. To -- he looks like a very nice possession -- the next level I don't see him being any kind of game breaker whatever you wanna say it was in college but I really do think. He thought Keenan Allen. You know when she announced pick. He's got fifteen -- side advantages slopes. When he can when he when he gets down at the end of his -- step you can see you corners. They're consider. You know Landry doesn't have the ability that. You know out of box you out physically the way a guy like -- -- Interest LL let's let's Oakland club received just this is a weird story it would Carlos you. -- he had Ellison coming out from our issue yet but it is that it's just that the -- like ducks opened through Google news -- -- About a it would make a good patriot yeah. You know to be a nice it's also -- creative -- epic has paved the Brady is very comfortable throwing in the small windows or with the timing is correct. The -- -- agreed that for the state level data given to them. That's a good comparison these acts and loved it you know it's -- funny how he just. Like evaporated. In the left New England up you don't hear much about it. Now that together that hip injury like you those debilitating thing that really was it destructive. And it's all because he was a -- where once he's not a 100% physically didn't have a lot and you have a right. And being taken out of the patriot system obviously it was a problem. Casilla pipes like a linebacker he did so I bet you did different yet. Submitted on the receiver subject to stick to justice can stick with the efforts that. Kelvin Benjamin like lol it's blowing off work out some -- -- my read that correctly. Well Benjamin this is you know there's it's rumors you know and now the rumor was. I was I saw the -- go by yesterday when. Gil -- sent it out. And you know Gil -- not exactly rumors started. Criminal it -- -- got. It's I mean I talked with -- to become I'm for a while he doesn't strike he did not strike me at all it's kind of guy who would just send out a tweet just to sort of causes stir drive. Did it it just didn't doesn't seem to fit so -- I tend to give the tweet credibility. I think whatever happened probably did happen now in fairness to Benjamin. We don't know what was you know it's it's it's it's it's sort of Mickey said she said kind of a thing yeah. I mean we don't know what the deal was with the team we don't know what he promised we don't know where you're supposed to be when he was supposed to be their stuff but essentially he would make an appointment to work out with a NFL head -- and said he didn't feel very well he -- off yeah you know they'll market. Sometimes. You you've got a guy -- officer called in sick a lot. Yeah optimistic and in the states right now -- -- -- how look how the time back I called in sick she's like yeah. But after I called in sick. He's at the Bruins -- notice that they don't know where I'm very -- -- he's -- US to finish the godfather trilogy medication we've hey I got to the. I gotta I gotta be careful because I know he listens sometimes there's a guy historical. Calls me at like 830 before 830 meeting. Like I was like 829. And he's like duties -- come before me and -- when we're IU is like some anti. Never made it home like a guy I'll figure something about it at 930 seconds to figure out. And I think what you -- making Kelvin Benjamin look good right now arm. I mean that if this thing with him I think it's. You know you have that thing last week went offered to -- from Clemson Brandon Thomas -- -- deposition Elena private workout for the saints EU. I'm sure his agent gotten some criticism. For letting him do the private workout but one thing you're seeing with these elongated draft season this extremely lengthy distance between the come -- and in the draft -- All of a sudden. Teams have more time and requesting all the struggle work -- and I once I didn't want anonymous scout was quoted saying there's no way I'd let my guys do that. I mean. You could mean what do they get hurt -- you know putting them through you know work. So you know this is this is oh my god you know one of the downside -- this long draft times that. You know these guys the -- standard used to -- to -- -- physical guys going to come by and take the -- that's what they are right now you've got like ten weeks or whatever between the two things. And changer say that we wanna get another chemical. What did change the -- the push up to the man. I honestly I don't know I think it's some kind of a you know I don't know exactly I knew at one point it was some kind of scheduling snafus. I'd just. I'd I'd I'd I'd busy myself with the reality -- -- -- the politics and the answer but I don't know that it's something that's gonna stay this way it would shock if you go back April and the people's better quit trying to -- Although this year I'm not complaining about the extra scouting time because some days because there are so many receivers it's ridiculous and I've already watched fifty receivers and so I have more watch. You know at one point you and I are -- this is gonna be the receiver shall cover all the receivers to show we'll go to some breaking the receivers. I need to watch all of them before I can effectively -- the and I've done more secure work already this year that I did last year. And attacking the waters it will work last year yeah so it's that they just I mean you know I keep thinking what would have to get worse but I keep. Diving in the -- when these guys like. What. Lasted it was -- Paterson Kenny stills Keenan Allen. -- means a lot of -- -- was pretty decent receiver Clinton and it's nothing compared to this year it's quite packed and it's ridiculous. Anyway so you know. It's it's a bad story for Benjamin because. I mean if you earned it well you earned it but if he didn't you know if this was one of those things where he actually. I -- hey maybe he really has food poisoning right now as possible because of who it is not fair to just as you know but he broken appointments so you know. Unfortunately I think it's going to be a negative shot against them and it's perceptions reality -- Yeah but you know what depending on when he comes out and what team he goes on again. That that could -- could turn into a positive so someone to watch. Played well but the problem is it's just the wrong story for this player and I mean if you know if if I -- Beckham misses a meeting -- it's food poisoning. Won't get about -- not denizens. You know believe this kid. You know given given that you know if you watch this tape you worry about effort snapped he snapped and keep a guy who matured late in his career. You don't wanna hear you what any inkling of a step back to maturity for a guy like Benjamin's or it would result. Yet that debt debt and that does cause some -- that there. I'm actually what's what's it just what Martha on on receivers go to the draft. You know it is. A lot of teams in need have a lot of things at the top of the draft. Quarterback receiver -- offensive line pass rusher all that. -- -- this week that Sammy Watkins the lions are interested in he's that he's the top guy at the at the receiver classmen right. Well they lose -- that. Receiver class and look I think odds are not. I think the -- that it's in -- it is not going to be the best receiver in this class that here's why I say it because there are 25 good receiving prospect -- -- -- And if you beat the odds are only the field. Our pick between -- I think -- on Saturday should say the odds are in the favor of the field because there's so many good received. Or let's like Tiger Woods against the field in the masters in those -- play exactly yet. Exactly so you know I really do think there's an excellent chance that one of these other guys end up being amazing because there's that many of the problem now is. If I'm playing the odds is what -- the best yeah I think. It's it's if you offered me one receiver in this draft class and only one. Yeah I'd -- like. You would build the lines could become. Very how many alike. French total receivers have they drafted since the about that when when Madeleine was on in the show and they gave it hit the jackpot mega -- -- Calling their receivers French. Government bush Cheney on -- -- let me tell us a tax. -- totals at constant who. Are published in their defense they did get mega trunk they did that all of -- -- if they threw a wide net and caught one big fish. They are of their receivers like calling -- the trading up for Sammy Watkins I don't think so. I -- does have the potential to work. Yeah to -- I mean you know it is. If if if if they do that and everything else works and you end up with a really stellar offense. They do you have enough high end defensive talent where -- the defensive coordinator can put everything together. I mean I I can sort of see what they're going forward. And -- your grill bridge the gap. But I I I I think. -- again you know you're competing it seems like Seattle. And it is Detroit thinks of bridging the gap and having an elite number one receivers the key to their long term success and I think they need to look at the last five years and really haven't had much access to. Sting you census instead that's another person that you're looking to keep going here right. On and so you know meg trying to as the best receiver in football he is not a loser he's a guy -- police on a losing team. You know he's Ernie banks of receivers -- yet and so. And you know you bring it to miraculous nobody can match up with their skill guys. Yes Stafford to have these guys for sure right. But here's the question can anybody hurling match up at the -- now. Not really do you make it to give out -- do tickets for the game you know from from really good to absurd or whatever you wanna call it but ludicrous delete. You had definitely gone to -- Attempt. But I you know do you help yourself more by attacking your key weaknesses and been done by strengthening strength yeah. I think in most cases you do and I think that's just common sense. The parent top spot you know they're they're like the old jets where they're cynical and you know we need finally hit a home run. You know I don't know what the value of the gonna get it done for us exits to the right so I mean if I'm them. I'm looking to add on are on the front Ford defensive player yeah. I think he really could use of open their secondary or an airline backing -- a real athlete who can clean up. Some of the things about troubling creates. Yeah may be in a ball block. You know but. Yeah I think it is a -- in the kicking the guy I mean who are the Detroit -- -- -- they're extremely disruptive up front. But all but you'll see quarterbacks running away from the defensive lineman who often need a guy -- can chasing down because state before quarterbacks a lot else you can catch guys in fairly good athletic guy yeah. Urban project as a reward dynamic in the -- guys in terms of like closing speed. But it's a similar setup and by the way the jets they did the same thing and if the jets could find a Clay Matthews in this draft EU. Hope good looks Gorbachev's -- -- that right now but I don't think they will conclude because. It would it would level jump that'll -- Just. Well -- Jack well you know let's just always just talk about the lines a little bit it to figure that. Former lion Nate Burleson. Signed with the browns right -- so and the browns are there are perennial lot dog on the east podcasts are. We're gonna talk about the -- -- learn about -- for -- yeah yes the -- thing I think of the story with the browns. Douglas. Well a lot and yet but what I wanna thank you. You know I mean what what -- the browns thinking essentially their strategy seems to have been. We can't negotiate with this guy. So we're gonna let someone else negotiate the contract and then we'll just match it. Doesn't work. It's it's it's it's not I'm maybe I'm wrong minister releasing what that was the approach like we've got a lot going on new coordinator new defense coordinator to head coach -- -- like about our front office. You know which won't let somebody we're gonna transition Mac he gets this number if somebody wants to match for the we'll just let them sign him for -- and well here's what that here's -- here's what the approach got you got you a contract. You'll like it. Where you could have structured it yourself right so it was structured against your best interest intentionally instead of for the yeah not good. Additionally you got your fan base are upset. Call in this country look at these kind of another team. Browns fans I love ya. But. Really I mean -- could. If you really beautifully in the best serve football for looking around going I might not wanna spend the rest -- -- seriously can't believe your preconceived template Aleks Maric. Armed and real real Cleveland Browns schism we've you know that are from there the -- it. Global completely agree with you there then I don't. I got a little -- -- fans Heatley it's just the way it goes -- -- -- when you lose a major part of your team. Generally the -- fans -- psychologically not rationally right. They try to make things okay for them emotionally so Revis to -- that is now of greedy malcontent. That's true if you ask if you also if you talk to rational just had. Mr. that I ever saw but did talk to 60% of jets fans. Greedy malcontent better without you that you're getting here and if you send and by the way good talks -- upset about Jacoby -- Census looked in the mirror and a lot of parents that's ultimately it. But I look at it for luckily for the Red Sox fans I think given a little bit more of an argument you can make to make yourself feel good you know I only play a 130 games -- our country -- crazy -- and both of those things are true. But -- rejection and OK you can you can you can blame it on will be what happened last year the Revis but I think how the jets and not blame the judge what happened this year. Not salute you had an -- that's so I. You know -- I don't -- Revis because to me if you're the best at what you do there should should not have to fight for your money. So the jets messed up and doing -- as rivas and now. The world keeps -- -- taken -- that very. He's really a Twitter restriction and -- To. When you have and an end to your point out what Naples and you know that's an underrated signings. There he's he's been a good fantasy where sneaky one. Does that make up for the Mac debacle obviously put -- important what could be a Mac debacle and I'm against packet thing for a second let's say the browns match. Brent Kendall -- It it's still -- even when you match you've got a guy coming back who doesn't want to not good. It's like when baseball player goes to arbitration it's that's just. Don't want that you just signed -- contractor you could have done it yourself so even if this works out. Putting up a little air quotes well yeah it's not it's it's it was a bad -- -- Now the -- thing like you shedding the guys put offensive numbers in the past two most two most people play and keep you are scoring leagues these days on when you look at -- Cameron dominating. And again and you know occupying safeties and you look at look at Josh Gordon is a mandatory double team yeah. Also there's gonna have a situation similar to what he's been playing in the last couple years we've got mega -- but this time there might be more talent around the star player. On if he gets a good quarterback knows how to get on the football. -- he can be a nice little. You know PPR guy sits intervention from and there are a bye week kind of got that could happen -- -- significant value this year and you know twelve -- -- He's a guy in three to four weeks stretches. You you'll like -- when you look at your roster see him as like your fourth or fifth receiver. And nobody can give you. Wide receiver to production per a stretch of like three or four. Hasn't -- he constantly -- he's been banged up the last couple years back it is inconsistent certain teams. You know approach the lions in certain ways so when you -- there's you know just selling out to take away meg trying to get guys liberals and could post some nice numbers. So yeah he's one of those guys sorts. It's usually situation -- But to me in Indian Cleveland that this situation could talk a lot in -- they pick up another receiver in the draft. That -- broke into a starter forceful but if he's starting opposite Gordon -- -- you write it into the yards after the catch player and you're talking about you know. The salukis are going to be people out so. I don't think -- need to do a much better for himself output it that way and I think fair if you like she could have relevance at times. Interest. Com other news across the weekly -- Italian food fashion and yeah I'm not -- the Dennis -- -- morning. By the way if Sammy Watkins does go to the alliance yeah. Matt Stafford saw it goes to the roof. And out of that -- -- truly trichet that -- -- the -- America paid Sammy bush. Troy -- and he's got four is a red zone weapon. Yeah gonna be a monster for. -- great I would agree. This just in the -- league. This morning and Dennis -- eventually were talking about. Other Colin cap for next thing. If any will the new information there are any that. Really I mean in my my initial take on that is that it's nothing. I mean maybe not nothing I mean maybe something happened who knows but I mean they're not -- there's no charge. It doesn't sound like any specific charges of being even brought. Tell that they're investigating more than anything. So I think that's one of those things it's out there keep an eye on it if it ends up being -- You know predicted more store put Roethlisberger saying it could be huge story right but it doesn't have that feel just yet. Look at. -- wanted to touch on that yeah couple other little pebble science's -- -- I made a little like note to myself in terms of the headline I would speed up go I will -- faster -- your delight in town. I don't I -- the co worker Michael Holley invented lightning round it's a lot -- I just gets it took a quick kick out of at the hazards of the news earlier in the week that Santonio Holmes as I wanna sign after the draft. Is that your choice. Does -- -- the benefits it's obviously gonna wait until after the draft pick is next in right is that it's a police athletic league and that's likely going to one of those like. You know Broadway shows and France. And saying I want to concede so it is just the right supermodel night but it's something that might take tonight. It's sort of a Kardashian and it's -- good. Santonio -- -- and click just like it sounded particularly in and he'll be lucky to get any kind of hobbled some say it again on a good on the ailing kids. Yeah really -- -- and as an epic history yet that that that's what's happening. You know and now. We should probably talk briefly about the papers receivers but -- I'd tell you what Santonio Holmes -- he sparked a cup for the Panthers. Particularly the bit to keep waiting. So I could Chris Johnson yeah. Let him feel what it's like to have no backing to have no team. He's the kind of -- sort of needs to feel the repercussions of this action right. Yeah is right now he -- for the first time a long time he doesn't have a paycheck coming. You need that attention comes the bad guy. He's been a bad check. He he hasn't worked very hard having bracket you're -- apple -- and hard about anybody to say anything good about and don't. -- -- is a jerk and Pittsburgh. -- -- -- -- -- -- Again the jets got a preferred frantic should've known something was up and a lot of people said that the time that's that is projected just. He got a for the fifth written for the short term and then not given the fifteen they'll they -- far right but date that once that -- -- went to get a good year for the big empathy and knowledge. Anyway now all would guarantee water under the bridge at this point what. Almost but what can we forget is why you got fifty million in the first place why you put up big numbers in Pittsburgh at first but why he helped -- win the Super -- he's. Do you guys gonna tell explosive right so for. Notable -- -- injury were not sure how much of that explosion is still there didn't see a lot of the with the jets but we did see a pretty good receiver last year when he was so. So. For a team -- Carolina. You know -- I'm like wait a little bit longer but I think -- some shopping list yes. That a big deficits are used to go down there -- to -- -- Ron Rivera in the GM and you have to convince him he's not. Going to be a problem right. -- my take is if you don't approve the contract you've got a good situation to not give him. A multitude -- right -- bad idea is a one year and you know if the receiver classes so deep coming out of college that. If they get a bad feel when they're got a bottom is that if and when they need and they can punt. Yes and and keep you know as bad -- people need to relax a dependence receivers I understand especially devastation -- going -- -- blank. But you know like this times today that cuts -- -- -- -- I understand your point you look at you do look at the depth chart right now it's scary it is no doubt. But -- is a good player country is a good player -- king has some talent. There are some things there. All structural how bad their receivers were last year it's not like they're taking the strength to turn into weakness. It's a weakness that right now is still we. Castings that it was downing Ted -- emerged and on offense on and nowhere. Well a lot of interaction tell you something right you know the fact detective is getting snaps your offense says something and it did the did you get credit but. Armed so you know there -- a lot like the jets centers you can -- if you want but it's probably a better idea to see what they do in the draft because they may come out with -- fevers. And that they -- all of a sudden have a receiving -- we're like hey they've got two great. Veterans -- Cotchery you know glue guys and guys and our ability exciting young athletic guys you know -- look pretty good in the months. So I think people should at least wait before they can. -- it ignited in OTAs yet. Yet through the position of the traffic signal came ready receivers in the very typical for 2013 and they -- pointed criticism so but. Got away. And it will only get back to more receivers on the playground. On a hop on a lot of we talk a little bit about DeSean Jackson last week I said that he should have gone to the -- kiss in the arena league which congratulations. It gets on the rock -- fame by the oil dropped that it. But now that he's landed. Now he's landed at the Washington Redskins. Might just for whatever reason though like but I like RG three what is that we make of that situation there now -- -- History yeah. It's a -- -- type offense is way up. Hasn't I think -- I mean I think it's. I think that the coaching coordinator changes this huge positive for -- -- -- -- -- -- further -- we -- from -- the more we can really -- sort of plain -- day. That chant -- registry were not. Marriage made have now it did so I think. That was the kind of thing where I don't know of pushing -- its fault RG three's fault maybe nobody's fault. But it is probably the kind of thing that when you're too long. They -- -- properly at the end of that playoff run and everybody was pointing fingers to the publisher bought that thing up then. Yeah I spoke about the Boston fans are recognized this one it's like when the Bruins at pat burns is a coach and they drafted Joseph Thornton's. Who ends up being one of the greatest scorers in the NHL in his career but under burns he was like mucking and grinding in the corner not his game. No I think it's it's definitely of a bad fit but but but since he's an engine bringing gruden who I mean I don't know I love Jay gruden but he's pretty good offensive mind. -- -- bring enough for a first offense they added Andre Roberts which is an underrated signings 101000 and then DeSean Jackson now again that you've got three. Three guys who -- slot -- So they're a little bit they have too much one thing and not enough. You know size on the outside there is an issue but that but by the same token a lot of talent so clearly they're gonna spread things out. They're gonna move people around they'll probably share a lot of the positions. And then I think. And I wanted to do very well I think this is the key. You know he's going to be. Great at it that I'm talk addressing now the key for fairness is going to be -- put points if he can't run. Anywhere near what he did his rookie year he's popped up quarterback medium level. And he might run a little more Tuesday we named the people aren't say don't you know and not on your right just basic and -- one factor to. It was a receive his just -- now they're all slackers and and it just seems like Alfred Morris could be a little bit antiquated now and often self. And I think even more so now right. It's a may be that causes maybe they put in place formed -- you know him in but his health. It's just a question of risk -- and how much they will expose who likes you know an -- I don't know that steps. That's what I wanna see immediate peace if it's a pass first and they're trying to protect our long term investment RG three which. You could argue is reasonable thing to do that there are essentially if they're like we're gonna try to win a Super Bowl this year and progress until -- we're gonna let him play. Then I think she could be looking at a monster year for. Progressing in the -- anchor and I think you give him credit tightening its because we understand Griffin insisted to keep his world right now with without a highly functional RG three's gonna fail. Many may not get another -- so. Whether he wants to or not whether he's happy about it he's definitely making the effort. To take care Griffin to keep Chris and happy to run an offense that that Chris and I -- you know can can deal with it. And you like gruden at the Columbine right. I thought I thought you know like I can't seem pretty matter of fact I guess I think he knew this is shot and he. He can do it is way. And in -- -- when we need to get up vistas were not doing lightning round -- much like -- But -- don't forget about Jordan reed and Washington because with all these midget plaza Hillary is going to be looking really good in the red zone next year -- -- -- between twenty to Jordan reed if he stays healthy doesn't have from the concussion problems. He could -- he can put up. Really nice them. Now what do physical freaky -- and I would definitely let's. I -- for -- yes. The guy's been trending down you know since the last summer and into the season -- Foster had surgery this week. Six. Asphalt. Never practiced what you gonna talk about last year so now I think that is the running game and you know he's in the little more focused Foster is back surgery so it was minor. Yeah microscopic Lombard dissect. To me whatever that is but it's it sounds like he's pretty much on the good side of it now it's his job underground. Was brought in but he's handcuffs back up. If he takes the -- table and and that's going to be the Texans you know but what we don't know is. You know what the running game gonna look like under O'Brien that we don't know with the passing it to. Absolutely absolutely all right more right. We saw lightning arguments and bill O'Brien and that's about what I want to come and yet. The other guys are actually some wanna talk I don't actually know Brian and -- -- -- -- -- matter if. Are still those guys last week and I think I think it's it's funny sometimes just say things that you you expect to get back to the topic we never get back at the right. You know I -- -- but I think there might be able to think that the I think Billy O'Brien the bad coach I don't I just don't know these good coach yet. -- is set at last week's Internet. It's industry's ever I think these are guys were if you just go by what you've seen of their coaching they have a good shot. But I was a little concerned with how old. Overwhelmed they've seen you know -- O'Brien seemed to look at guys who. He can get ready yet he seemed like I was who felt. But he did in the stressed that he was in a long time -- it almost felt like that the mistake the prior mistakes of the Texans. He took ownership of them which you could make so it is a good thing. But it is like you could sort of tell there was things going on he wasn't particularly happy about -- explode like it's his angst. You know there I think. Or maybe it's better than ever watched the movie miracle. Sure about the wacky uncle oh yeah it would take it to a deadly game you know and Brooks. Patrick system Brooks. And -- a goaltender. Yeah yeah he says under here he is know what to do. I -- get to know until I can right now protections might be sort of in that situation and they've got the number one pick any don't know what to do. And I think maybe I'm not saying that -- -- of stupid. -- got a tough decision and depending on which would you go organization takes a major step in one direction. Or another right and and and that's what I I was getting from him at at that I think to -- by which is big do you really. Don't know what to do because it's a hard decision and these kids are making it easier but I didn't come to become -- and wowed everybody -- his maturity EU. You know it's an intuitive because of the come by the -- you know and I don't know what he said in his interview and you know so. There are a tough spot that in Houston and an end it you know maybe you O'Brien may be the reason I can that you concede yanks is because. He's leaning away from -- And he knows that that's risky. Yeah you gotta trust you guys don't. Always hard to do and it's also too this is that this is it can be wrong in these few bad bad memory but. I don't remember NFL draft where it was such. Cloud of smoke and question about them one thinks Kennedy is getting really interest it's almost worth waiting until May as the drama to -- -- yet to one. It is it is going to be very dramatic to -- Yeah others there's Spanish there's no doubt about it this. -- if they don't let's say. The sometimes a draft doesn't always go your way as we know his musical -- let's say they passed an -- with clown -- -- and it's just a fear vastly fears defense but their child is gone in what's it don't really just the draft hasn't fallen away -- the can't get. A quarterback that they like later in the draft. Who's out there in the NFL. Nobody -- you know. If that the case in which -- And and I. You could do worse there's worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL locate decent and taking them. You know it's what guys in that section they're sitting there that this they're in between. Because they're sitting there going OK we we need to be aware of these quarterbacks have taken a one. And we generally take around two but they do the -- none of these guys are going to be there when we come up next we're gonna have to go to the second level you go to the second level. That was these -- a little like. But they might not be ready. So you know do we want to. You know you can keep them mentally -- -- that's another thing -- -- by the way to the people of Alabama State. I wanna apologize for calling you Georgia's -- -- -- old man -- badly I'd like to apologize for the men feeling that a particular earthquake. It's it's it's I can't help but I didn't cave -- -- about five cuts yeah you did the -- I need to make -- -- to juggle football and just make this yet. Like it's like Don Imus can't say regularly and I can either I'm. The folks devastated by the cruel saw that I can't say George statement podcasts this week in my defense. We got to write in the article it's true. It's that it gets it helps. And you got to you know speaking of that there's a little bit more news around league that's a lightning and very slow yeah outlining his -- let's get. But you've got a couple things I mean. Active content. Coming out like wildfire what what isn't slow as the content coming out of wrote about dot com right now. But upcoming article soon about just you just. Talked to -- you know what before we before we get what's coming up real quick yeah which is really quick -- -- -- the bills -- -- to trade for Mike Williams. I don't know what the bills are thinking there they did. It's the opposite traffic for a guy is probably getting it cut at some point it has deep into deep draft if you want to receiver built -- with a six front would've done better in this. Some good receivers they're young right. You've got a team full of young fast talented receivers couldn't bring in Mike attitude problem Williams as I did an hour and I don't get that or maybe someone out there really knows him well I. I don't know but that would that is ahead stretcher and an and while we're on the topic of the bills would send out a I get well wish for Jim Kelly at all. Just completed. It's first try to chemo therapy yeah I'm actually back in 2000 and I think what he's one of the nicest. Pro athletes. I come across that medical. That is a dinner takes a damn good quarterback twosome here. A great quarterback if there was -- so much for the you know I. He is open for some good news for the for the -- and I'd like to. And I appreciate that that this dwelled on and yeah I would open for the best there for sure as ever absolutely I think that's universally. Being rooted for and supported so. He -- if if you get it if he gets really good karma for fighting the good fight he's going to be in great shape because just unbelievably tough and an impressive display obviously cancer doesn't discriminate as we know he's out indefinitely or about way down and all right -- side. Triple bonus Goodell not good to ride the lightning let's keep on lightning tough little soreness. Well have a conduit left mr. time men 1010. Minutes OK let's. We see. Have we talked to go to. What they want things. I think this is a draft election -- traits. Lots of patriots fans -- they can't throw that in. People watched the draft pick in this thing about these -- -- we go on and on about the -- the receiver I'm sure there's people out there. We're sitting here in about our deepest receiver classes it's just reality and it's truly -- tourist -- it's it's ridiculous and yeah they're gonna be more than fifteen shipping group in the under the look -- I can. I can -- out of -- that's going to be the case Tom. But you did -- -- about the receivers and because there are so many and because there are so many different types sizes slot guys inside outside. I don't think you're gonna see when this team when this draft moves into like the second half right. You get into like the middle of fourth round maybe the fifth I think -- -- see the top I think utility trade Connecticut if you a lot of teams go hey you know -- there's three guys we like. And we will definitely gonna get to a camp but one of these guys fit. You know I -- keep your your standards -- -- when there's so much good stuff out there right so I think it is it is -- you know we give up our seventh such move up seven right now. Yeah instead of staying in a tear right. Layers since I was there to make our team well I think you're gonna see those kinds of trade replicate what rather than wait. And just take the best it would get to a political move for this guy who we think is the perfect fit said that you may you may see some of those trades again. When he gets to the point of the draft where a seventh or sixth round pick won't move you up a couple spots. Legitimacy to any I I think it is eighteen being extremely tight fisted when it. Third fourth and different sects I think it is I think that this picture dated gold industry after the NFL those without there. But you will get to a point where it starts to draw up a little bit. People look at it but said the front -- or whatever. And I think you'll see a couple move ups that you might not normally -- and I think you can obviously have some QB or cloudy -- early. So you've got you know maybe that that's the way around treating it doesn't excite people -- -- you can have multiple treatment -- inside the top prospects -- is any question about that. Elites it's easy -- any great TV it's going to be a very very. Foreign draft for people enjoy watching the draft of the pageant question. And let's until we talked model of the last week is like another in the skill positions and really the skill positions in the modern NFL right now -- receiver and quarterback. You know it just loaded with them it's refund wrap there which are really soak it in and enjoy. It is it is it really is. 01 more lightning story -- -- a -- on any problem. I hear a lot of people talk about any dog in the -- -- Jackson's future actions a run based on first play caller. You know so that I've heard. A couple a couple. -- Voices calling for a drop in salt production just based on throwing fewer passes. Really it even without receivers Tivoli. That's that's that they carry that big you know it it -- while that is possible you know you throw -- -- production that. If that makes sense. I mean I don't Kurt and I are currently -- project all over the top twelve fantasy guy but I do predict and to be good. 60 better -- it has been in a lot of ways to have got to loosen up the secondary when you're running and running well to loosen up things downfield. It's gonna give -- cleaner -- and you know. He wasn't he wasn't valuable to this -- in April 1 -- He was valuable to you -- these valuable because he has as weapons he had an has an embarrassing -- weaponry it back. Goodness you know great receivers -- tight ends. Right so maybe the passing yards come down the tech maybe come down to -- text but I think thank -- touchdown to gonna go up and it's quite possible interceptions two of them. So we'll -- what that's worth. Don't need to do something is there -- -- -- and dumb when they make -- Are we at all having said all of that the fundamentals. I draft court. Yeah yeah it's -- got an Andy Dalton for it and you know I'm not but yeah I just don't think pure passes necessarily makes him. 00 weaker quarterback probably makes better. Yeah I think the I think the we see enough evidence there is -- -- that yeah. For sure. That these you know these. He's a really good back up there for a mediocre starter. Pilots to a real lightning round on some of the oh much does it go but -- that this is actually perfect there are some. There's some sleeper receivers and some new people that are featured on the Audubon dot com. Right now and that are coming. Let's let's just kind of cracked down -- All excited like -- -- gotta be gotta talk about the guy just posted yeah and I apologize but still editing that article for sometimes -- before we had it since it was that. But did not bad figure. The folks would rather read the approach either videos and have a typo and had a way to have a -- particularly -- -- -- doesn't -- episode -- -- -- -- But this kid today this kid from Wake Forest Michael camp and now the our man uniform player. I mean these you know these guys were I I sort of -- because chart I've been trying to get that anymore motor awards. Could you were given out through -- receivership but I had to get another one out Campanella and plays hard every play that he is like. -- -- welcome -- and potential little like that I want to com welcome and sisters. Are. They're woke broker broker and -- something like that he's he's as if everything is. It's almost you almost don't -- position this week because this kid as abilities. Yeah in the slot Welker doesn't have to. You know this cute I want XP he -- -- -- you know he he ran out. -- -- -- -- Elements got that at least at some speed to respond to an opponent got speed I tried Protestant Welker and I did that I that some saying -- more on the animal does he can -- well -- split him out. Live at the potential 39 inches well. You know I mean he did you know he read -- do you have for force sixty bench pressed twenty I mean. He's an all having his agility drills were outstanding -- could -- -- -- -- 192 parents. Crusade thanks -- one union reps of what weight. Twenty reps be reps so I mean you know -- -- for receiver you're usually looking at -- between twelve and sixteen ounce while they're failures here tickets up upwards of sixteen I think is pretty good this kid under 200 pounds so you know you're talking about a guy with strength. So we could have some of -- defeat -- champions got quickness and he's got long speech. So I mean this the kind of guy we're having a team like the saints. To do a lot with him and I kind of brings it up a lot to do well she was but you know. This is and this is a very exciting player. Unfortunately. As we often find there is downside. Yes a lot of injuries unfortunately he has had is an ankle problems that he had a tolerable so you. Yeah it's not exactly what you wanna hear on the upside. Don't have a lot of talk about concussions I had no confirmed concussions -- and that's what fighting hard to believe but the you know. And as -- at -- as we're concerned about the concussions we don't have anything to be concerned about there. With Kevin Darryl supported. He's definitely a guy I think patriot fans it's if this guy still around in the 67 round -- -- the patriots -- So he's definitely a guy I think to know about the new englanders. The guy we did yesterday the guy I like a lot. -- -- -- -- Okay yeah I'm glad you said his name is I was I was gonna say in one -- What's funny I actually I felt that I sort of in front of his name in the article but -- It's been apart for being no fun to say. Don't look at for that doesn't like the new blood and you look good. But when you watch this film you expect that. Quincy impresses you know he's he's he's a guy where I think just the fact that he played at Nebraska. I think was a big problem for him yeah I mean scored twelve touchdowns this year on the touchdown that's that's still a Nebraska record. I do appreciate it paktia lineup there's an -- mr. touchdown I think he says he's now. Folks who put this for the -- where if you put him in -- real offense not you know Nebraska offense where. -- toll from the article to see. They stay ran 584 times last year through at least seventy. She's down to control touchdowns of that offense. I would I'd wait three different quarterbacks in our offense -- over Roger attempts none of the net over a 1340. You're talking about a offense without a quarterback that runs a lot more than -- passes this guy to just twelve touchdowns so -- he. Conference that -- defenses. You know I do not love playing it takes little by any means so. But it definitely had an impressive seniors seasons. And the guy -- reminds me of -- I know I'm not alone on this side and read a lot of consequence because just not a lot out there. It hasn't been made it's going to be made the airport -- Paris Johnson that's held the comparison mr. He's he plays like older people looks a little like old -- built without. Whatever and then putting it up big strong burly dude but he runs fast. I mean he ran a 44 become bought while. You know I mean for guys 200 point five pounds in the six to two run of four or five times. Any bench nineteen he's such strong -- any blocks like. Nobody's business so he's not doing Nebraska. Yes I mean he's the kind of kid at least he's gonna come in with a sort of a blue collar mentality. Meanwhile he's got. All kinds of skill and ability and I mean everything I read it read simply get taken in the sixth or seventh round. -- mean not a problem drafted for anybody believe it's -- its seventh round. I'll -- -- that's a you've got to watch the essence of -- and good I would put up are in the Wednesday Josh -- and a quick all of midsize -- he's another guy. Well I think he could make an inch and patriot if you can play inside and outside and he is running back skills to. So yes so there's and again these are guys were down the chain in this draft is not a big names in these guys comply. Yet this isn't Sammy Watkins and O'Dell Beckham junior. Absolutely right Lankford -- asleep Brad put up. Couple days ago he's -- kid no one's talking about right Lankford. Third -- for the cardinals in the ninety's is. That was -- relentless and by the way thank you for saying that because I didn't want to the first tropical rain like this podcast at. Athletic guy that we didn't detail blast podcast the united talked much about but Cody Latimer and Indiana -- elaborate a good player. I actually saw and I think which ESPN. One of the US index now has to go in the first round it would have been Election Day some. Of course addiction makes a and -- up and against them personally but he makes some very. Odd calls which -- mark he's actually going to Chip Kelly. I made that if he's right up to like -- but I've -- -- don't strike me in the -- killers you. Lima does what it's like to -- going to Chip Kelly I don't know about -- -- achieved. And are we at a time. However approaching -- so I think our -- hit those guys so let me as one to kind of give you an opportunity to trip to. -- Either way all the guys we just talked about if if people want it more info on any of these guys -- all they've all been written up fully and brutal month so you've got. All kinds of Cody Latimer film and and come by data in my opinion done and it's all there -- go to wrote about if you if you want more. Yeah on the scouting reports live in this in the section called the road of on their all in there. Yet I heard that that's what they're indexed we keep an index -- -- -- can sort of it's one stop shopping if you will -- and and we try to that the way we're trying to set these things up this year we've done it this way in the past or try to get a little more in depth. I know we're trying to -- up so people can -- -- get what they want if you wanna start the players yourself we're trying to give you all the raw data and significant. Film you can really try to evaluate yourself and we -- to get your take on the player to do so which we try to make it you know. Set up so people like to do their own scouting it's all in one place for people who just want to know hey how good you think these guys are -- -- effort. That's great that's great what's coming down the like I was sort of on -- Gosh it's just you know I think we've got I would assume authority got like 38 scouting reports out -- that's. And Evan we've got to at least another 20/20 530 common. And ought to go through I know we're gonna do. And I know there's going to be more but. You know QBs we still aboard rules met burger. Which area and -- -- upload it fails that's dot com and on the -- he exited. You have to do drivers went through just talked about this kid that we like -- -- its second or via an -- Brandon Coleman collectors Jeremy gallon from Michigan's solvent patent from Florida. And and that's just that we got to at least another ten receivers coming after that tool running backs bishops saying to -- dean Kerry Andre Williams from BC. Given it comes from organs from Johnson from -- -- And that could definitely -- -- goes after that like -- Damian Williams George Atkinson mr. from Cumberland -- parents -- is a real -- Have been tight end Jordan -- at some cost as far as Jenkins street Nicholas this -- Joseph -- don't entrance exit stage. And I always had trouble discussed in the -- liar a lot from Oregon who's got all kinds of off field problems lose but he ultimately a lot of talent. So yeah we've got a full -- wrote -- that's just what we're getting to. There's already I mean if you start reading our scouting reports and read all of them you're he'll be -- that night. So let's -- it yeah a lot of ways to enhance your knowledge heading into the Tennessee football draft season. And heading into the NFL Jesse really enjoying gets on -- continent. An -- obviously you and I are going to be next couple weeks for -- to do more these podcasts. And at some point we're gonna do -- receiver. Excuse before position rundown. But you know doing it now would be premature considering -- comeback in two weeks -- -- you know we wanna move this -- because we're still watching -- Right so some basis in his what you need to do is it is if you have a Twitter account. Follow Pete at at roto bond you can follow me I'll reach we'd send us an original nuggets of a once in awhile -- wrote a bond hacksaw. -- Out at about seven so what will will tees will be mobile will send the links out of a scouting report as Pete doesn't nasty edits them as they go up on the site. You get on there or just go to Audubon dot com the something their new every day and it's. Stay up subsite yet but in addition to that we're also opt in some trouble sometime the next week or so we're gonna update all the pre come by scouting reports. I didn't get to the bottom of men's doubles could be -- there have become and so we are gonna include. The combined events approach -- data humanism and some new film so we we will touch up some of those early scouting reports as well. -- and so it's all their Audubon dot com keep checking it out and then. As -- said earlier we're gonna do podcasts every week and give his much detail on these scouting reports and in the news or on the NFL as it comes. Also what what's very important as these kind of reports it's it there's video when there. There's insight on the film that Pete breaks down magazine chancellor look at yourself so it's really great stuff and it it's it's everything gonna need to get prepared for the NFL draft and most importantly. If you're listening to the Tennessee football podcast. On WEEI dot com brought to you by Mohegan Sun you're just a -- Tennessee football. Draft so. Get ready for that and dumb one attack our friends at Mohegan Sun for teeing this up for another conversation we will talk to you next week in joy and check out. All the data that you can possibly get on -- dot com. XT. RA actually --

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