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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Letterman out, Colbert in 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Kirk Minihane looks at all the latest news from around the globe. Including Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman, The Rock and Roll HOF induction and Draft Day hitting the box office.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible am by precision that this equipment. Shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment would start in late night television where. A successor David Letterman was named to be next year 2015. And it is Steven -- there to watch a little late that TV less than I did not I did not W golf. Was Karsums hilarious. Their Charles -- -- not I -- the I -- the Dick Cavett Show there was got I was actually a very good Magic Johnson -- I don't care what you guys what if at some point they'll have to cancel -- match up to Jerusalem preteen years ago loyal audience it does it's a good audience here at the tropical -- is why it's gonna fail problem Kobe sucks. That we got stuck. But here's the tropical -- I think and I'll take bets. Undergoing 24 months wanna go over under I'm going under here's why I thought a lot. Point four months yet for the big investment guy at all that the beauty and gas and right way to get you. -- -- -- -- On this Comedy Central show the right to ship positive people who were plotting this they aware this that he plays a character I think so. They must watch the show right though they don't they just assume. -- -- -- Jets to its network that must -- it. So they say it's great great choice but is -- the characters -- school there statement. I won't be doing and you showed characters who were all looking forward. To find out how much of him was me at least I'm looking forward to you hand the reins of this show us this iconic -- on that -- it's. To a guy who is Paul Rubens. He's not -- we heard these Paul Reuben see Greg is a new host Paul Rubens didn't do stupid football right you don't know. But he refused every top quality that's not a look into that they'll dictate what's going on it's it's character. -- -- can't do that. What they did it was CBS news there and it could press on this and that's why they didn't they didn't think what's gonna look like three years now four years now five years now. They did it to win today. And it's why it's gonna be I think he spectacular for. Maybe the real difficult there is a funny guy I I don't know but the point -- these guys don't know that we know he aced out. Who do what he's got out of Asia over the speed if he's afraid -- talked about it. The guy that does the 1230 show that Craig Ferguson that passed him over who have never seen you receive a second that show no life no. And the Craig Kilborn. I don't know who's an old school and then -- sit and wait. And he disappeared movies. Be that it is the end is and that happens these guys in the UK did you must -- just podcast I didn't origin Paul -- -- doing this. They -- him to do something -- not -- harmony -- do it in with Peter masturbating right that's right yeah that's a pretty funny vital legal. I think that's I think it is -- -- -- characters on TV and you can expect the guys -- -- like How I Met Your Mother. To that and then irons good talk show host yeah he's made a name for self. For pushing the edges of political satire at times and raging voices on the right with his rendering of conservative position that he doesn't pleasing bubbling sort of conservative at all conservatives hate them which means half the couple more than -- two thirds of the country hates him before you beat it that's the thing. How does that play against us have -- a play Wisconsin how does that play in the in the fight I don't fight overseas but not well I'm going under. Under under -- under under -- eighteen months overrun. About that. -- contract with the odd -- three or five to your question yes it's for fox five you might survive a team Rush Limbaugh says that CBS is declared war on the heartland of America that -- -- -- -- -- but I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The NTSB has responded by saying the official who confirmed it. Was -- summer intern. Timmy had two jobs. Get coffee and confirmed the names of pilots and airline disaster. Folks I don't I do not care who confirmed these names. It is wrong. I mean we 20. Bank may now hole. This is it Korean airline those are Chinese and. -- -- -- -- The on airlines and asks. And announced today that it will sue KT VU. Per broadcasting. The names saying they damage the airline's reputation. These two names damaged -- on his sterling reputation. -- they world leader in almost landing plan. I go under eighteen months yeah -- great team go under under -- yeah that's that's that's not -- -- piece -- good if he turns his real personality. Is like the most boring bland minicamp well like you pop up a British act which should real personalities like I don't know so. Putting an a hole. What -- so backstabbing weasel and I think it might be a good show I would guess is good point we're just real personalities like. Jon Lester. Move. -- Davis love the third. Of one to twelve months that would be a good Retief who see her achieve -- -- -- It was exactly midnight when Joan -- walked on stage with the surviving members of -- bombing to port to the opening chords of smells like teen spirit last night. And tonight the rock and roll hall of fame pretty civil might not a lot of fireworks just about perform. But they they did go and simply bills that they did that -- introduce the -- suspected what's like this guy Greg. The night that kids -- the rock and roll hall of fame. I. This is a profound moment for all of us. Who are humbled. Firms if we gave us the chance to do what we love doing. You know maybe they'll face -- it they were not -- I saw them assess the target this -- we have from last night's rock and roll it. Hall of fame induction ceremony. HT -- sausage. Bruce Springsteen play with two members of the Mets hat -- -- it -- the -- Street -- introduce these repairs a great speech a -- this morning I welled up I'll admit it. Play with two of the founding members for the first time onstage in forty years -- -- -- -- you read it oh -- -- knowledge of the shell Ford -- We. It's not great. Element it's not great sausages busy they'll surely go up you know 515%. From the coach. Rolled in here I mean you know you have one god -- job well is to get it just gets out you know my what I last orders -- for two hours ago. Two and a half hours ago two and a half hours ago I asked just the south he's running just absolutely has no I don't. It's awesome job I don't wanna get on his ass about this but just -- kiss to YouTube search to -- himself -- Celtic great probably not but doing a segment connect. That's out from Iraq are all famous so fast I didn't clip from an intro to ought to do this and I get some random just got I'm guessing that's not the one whose machines that we. Gene Simmons and that's it right is that right at it is that writes it looked -- Let me just -- aren't you glad he doesn't like shots I think he's you know he's he's. Auditioning for he wants to get. -- into right he has -- cost to quit. Lot of that yeah it's a classic -- -- never before -- -- -- reading of -- -- Are priceless you know white sausage failed. In today's inside stupid -- what was left between your desk and what -- desk in a bag. Yesterday when you walked out of the office last bowel movement. Ha ha -- that were to egg -- muffins left in the bag that neither one of you they are long gone. The popular -- is doing the best I've seen this is no substitute certain things that are important to Madden. And -- you know you can nobody is so low maintenance -- yeah you really value our principles are among men. Let me just say that. I know sausages don't cycle and they're now some time to check you want to use and -- you think is a gossip he's written KG he's written Nazi says he hates this he says he hates that he gets -- that's records and -- -- like each other. Yes I've noticed a disconnect there -- between the producers that's going on right now sausage just focus in do your job the -- invited to this -- I know he's mad at the two. -- for not being invited he hates you know that is true. It's different than all the other produce exactly and a so I draft at some type of hope much Iraq are red rock. Thirty minutes rocker hall of fame stuff this morning 4 -- but who cares about not to pay for what did Bruce and the boys do -- reform -- -- what they did -- reshuffle. They do. Did you -- those. It's -- place to curricula. -- -- -- -- -- Don't be don't be bitter right shot nobody wants to hear from art you know you look at the occupation the press buttons and can get -- -- Final story is like -- draft -- opens today. Kevin Costner movie is giving you history but critics. Terrible reviews should have had steam -- yeah supporting act if you development costs goes to show on CBS face out the movie play. Our clocks but I thought overall community must happen -- -- Maybe five minutes and then you can finally got on -- online -- trading. Two thumbs up. But really comes unrealistic that visits a -- money bull but that seems to be. Our really really -- plus I'm gonna give of the possibilities -- -- you're going no matter if you don't -- like you're gonna say you like it's it's it's it's failure waiting to -- picked Cleveland Browns right. Yeah but that for the Cleveland Indians and major promise the NFL cooperate with this move which means that the balls Andrea Rich license in mobile these other dietary aide rejected lasers -- -- Which I think. Don't use these guys are. Hyper and the guys oranges now make -- You sort of TPC even though oddly orange spray tanning spray tan. Who last connect a month before the draft for -- Getting get sound -- for the hall of fame it's that's true or phone -- DNC broadcasting live from foxwoods resort and casino. 61777979837. Years. A lower -- from Gloucester on the phone. We'll talk to him but he was -- -- -- -- down the balls which are the for frank we get back.

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