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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the Celtics, 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan talks some Celtics with Mut and Merloni as the season is winding down and the team is positioned to have a high draft pick.

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Some Celtics issues to gain too as well Jack McMullen obvious PM boston.com joins when Jackie joins us. She's of course brought to you by toy go to a Nashua commonwealth mortgage and by town fair tire Jackie joins us here on the eighteenth the outline. Good afternoon Jackie how Oreo. Gentlemen and we don't know where to go get there Red Sox and yankees first of all what nineteen games this year bolted into the bottom of the division let's get this thing going Jack. Exactly well it's -- weird right now Mariano that's just the weird thing to me he just such as staples and you know just it's such a symbol of their great excellent it's weird. And then of course Robert -- on the DL -- Yeah and and we were where there's talk of what Jacoby Ellsbury and the fact that he's over there now raced -- to a good start and he's batting third Jackie and it's still seems. But nobody embossed and cares that he left. You don't go to. An awful lot Lou because. -- and I remember things that the time and I think even you and I talked about this. That they didn't date to me -- I feel anyway people underestimated. How valuable he was he's not the obviously stars like some of the bigger personalities like Pedroia or big poppy but my goodness. He stole bases he played great center field he hit did you know he hit hit some of the most timely hits. In the postseason. And he was the quiet guy that went about and did his business. Any every team should want Jacoby out you know I'm not quarreling at all. At all with the Red Sox not signing that price tag is too high I get that. But highly doubt it the silly for anybody to suggest. That this team wasn't gonna miss Jacoby Ellsbury that's that's particular. Yes and I think you know missing him obvious -- leadoff spot I thought. The fact that he'd left I think a lot of people looked at like you said the money right to a player well that's -- -- much money we're. Kept secret like that -- you easily we are talking a year ago that not only that he was gonna leave but we all know we weren't going to wait. So that's why. Yet but it will say before that I think it's also emotional attachment I think the -- and basic unit mediating the noticed -- based thing you know especially don't really know someone -- me. You know Johnny Damon you know you throw like he was one of you. -- -- that you never had that feel actually left you like that didn't get the norm anyway. Right -- that a good point very good point I will say this in his defense. Having been around him and the team and and you guys know this I think to. That he was. Much more involved which the Red Sox seem -- particularly last year that people have any idea just because he didn't come out. They talk to us and I wouldn't either because we all everybody -- same question are you gonna stay in -- you can stay in ago. And the -- -- had a lot of friends in that in the clubhouse. And I think people really rallied around him and I think some of the other. Personalities from the past to believe that clubhouse before Jacoby Ellsbury can keep the feel comfortable with who he wanted to be. And so I think he was a lot more popular with his teammates and people understand. -- The emotion in the money like you said seeing Jackie Bradley junior last year fans they divorce himself from a year ago and it just sort of they -- they -- not only -- he was not gonna be back I think that's the feeling. The question becomes the Jon Lester is that gonna happen this year Jack yep you heard. John Henry all of us said Friday at a certain levels we can't go to right when it comes to extending a pitcher seemingly saying we're not giving him. A Max Scherzer deal should the Red Sox in the scherzer deal and how do you -- that it this year going for Jon Lester. No absolutely not again I -- -- it John Leicester -- I'll understand it completely. And -- good he would last year and he was untouchable in the World Series he's going to be -- I'm not mistaken 31 years old. And you can't even when the Dodgers -- -- on that read it you'll contract. Yeah he kind at least part he could say well he's 24 years old right. So I looked at Lester no I think it will ever take away from the two world you know the two World Series performances that he had here at the Boston Red Sox uniform. I think he's really redeemed himself in terms of all the other stuff that happened. During those dark days system unnamed chicken and -- all of that great for him. But I wouldn't give them more than four years I wouldn't give him five years and I sure as heck wouldn't get the money Pataki what we saw with Kershaw how one. Little things. Can change the Atlantic on I think -- has not gonna get better I think he will. But don't -- without their eight for quite awhile -- 24 years of Egypt can't gamble on pitchers long term it doesn't make any sense to do that. -- -- the Red Sox here this four and five start I think maybe not playing Chris baseball you are extremely level headed you don't get over emotional and all those -- anything that would concern you first nine. Well I think it's the general idea. Lou how hard it is to repeat it it's still hard and when you look back. On last year. Everything went right there if I'm mistaken I don't believe they were ever under 500. They've really -- withstood all the injuries to the closers very early on. But beyond that they really didn't have to weather any storm. And it seems to me like all the storm gave themselves up here for the month of April. And they're having to deal with some injuries right away and some lineup changes and and they're not hitting cell. I just don't think it I am not pressing the panic button by any stretch could they have pitching particularly when it fortieth. But I'd buckle we need to find out -- we need to find out. I literally tore up off the weekend it's one thing I came out and I I was sort of reaction about weird when Lou was saying you know I'm not you're not emotional reaction were staring at me. When he said heck is Luke knows I'm a little reactionary I'm carries when -- They do that much so don't don't take any Gupta on that the UK that's how you feed your family -- of. You made the point about repeating OK we should -- for the year. But why is it's still part of baseball Jackie repeat in the NBA had repeat champion heat of one to Google for three year. That you had the NFL yet the patriots went back to back you with the red base why you are back in 99. Define repeat champions of the Yankees removal what to. Three in a row why do not think that. So easy I think easy answer. At least I think -- First of all UK basketball but only five players on the court at one time for someone like Michael Jordan can literally dominate this game for as long as he's out there. In football I think quarterbacks dominate the game but it Tom Brady and I'm not saying that the rest of the guys didn't help them win those Super Bowls of course they did. Let it even your most dominant player in baseball. Only goes to bat. If he's lucky four times in the game maybe five. And and in -- and if you don't hit the ball anywhere near him in the outfield can't dominate defensively so you most dominant players tend to be pitchers right. And they only pitch every 45 days so there's your answer. Object enters switching gears here in the the Celtics last night I. I take you with all the losses like pain. I can't remember how many losses have happened like this right the competitive lineup. Up by six up by eight whatever it is in the fall into -- you know you're just hand things over. Left and right it's amazing that the how where they are let you know I think we all agree it's it's not a bad thing competitive loss. Yeah and you know it's -- I'm not of the mind. Wishing for a team to lose for better lot of position I just watched games just to watch them. But I I left I would probably the first family -- -- What do you do they. All come all the hard neither game you wanted -- to -- in their do you -- you do it. And but that I think the frustrating part is I'm Bret Stephens. Would be how lost that game the the minute it started to be at three point contest between Jared Salinger and Kyle Korver. -- -- -- And you know to leave Korver open not once but twice senior transition -- I think there is no excuse for that. That's not well you know what we're not talented enough. That you know what we don't care enough and we're not getting where we're supposed to be. The altitude different thing watching the game last I watched because Danny Ainge threw in the color commentary and I am pretty good my my my new list of a favorite. People -- the Gorman this year it's Jackie McMullen number one. And how to put Danny that Danny is number two Danny -- last that I thought Jackie. What was very honest he talked a lot about Jeff Green in the broadcast talked about Sandra talked about a limit what it. Would you think of ages honesty. Doing that game last night with Gorman aggressor. It's my it's my favorite part about Danny Ainge and anyone that spends anytime with -- knows this is how he would that was no act. This retaliated when you talk to them off the record on the record when he was a player when he was -- coach. And now that he's in the front office. He has opinions and he's not afraid to express them and they get in trouble sometimes. And he doesn't care he believes what he believes it's refreshing it's always been refreshing. And it was last night. Entertaining the one I liked best was the one when he chastised. Avery Bradley for. You know sort what -- -- stroll in the park taking that ball to the basket and got caught from behind by Jeff -- That he was that was a great. And a very telling -- and I loved that he was willing to take on the players because. You know what I'm sure that that Brad Stevens the same to have Bradley in the locker room. Ridiculous but the east because Miami Heat the nets now I think what to two out of three from these guys don't look at the Eastern Conference and you think -- Paul Pierce KG just that veteran leadership battle Miami for so long. He's getting -- doing what they're doing here down the stretch. Is there's something that's what I mean that other nets maybe their biggest challengers so Indiana. But you know the -- I believe that weapon this year -- -- -- -- that swept the home I don't think they know they lost to Orlando last night which is beautiful but it'll right. Yeah they're in there there's so little lackeys in net I don't think the net compete at the Miami Heat a seven game series in spite of that small sample site. But I am confused about the Indiana Pacers. And you know I did talk to Larry -- about last week. And and actually someone else in the front -- more recently than that. And I think this move was a good one what Frank -- did I'm sitting in both starters and he probably will get kinda think I don't know we'll see what Adam Paul Adam silver. Would take he had -- but those guys did look fatigued David West particular with the heart solidarity to -- looks run down. He played and played Georgia and western Hibbert and those guys a lot of minutes -- minutes. Now if you're old police say what's the big deal you know bird McHale parish state to play big minutes. That it didn't matter but I do think the world a little different now conditioning to little different traveled a little different. So. I think they did the right thing there but at the one I'm just. Baffled by is Hibbert. Hibbert has got something to say about everybody you know he's taken some thinly veiled shots at at Stevenson Lance Stephenson who. You know is a little bit of a loose -- we all know that. Hibbert -- and it looked into the air. You are seven feet tall and you can rebound the ball I think he had six rebounds over the last two or three games. He had one -- were at no point in no rebound. It's their defense is why they have a chance. And their defense has broken down and it has begun the breaking down process with Roy Hibbert he's not doing his job. You mentioned talking to Larry last week and do you think there's any truth the Bob Kravitz has come early this week that. Vocal out Larry Bird coaches his team during the post season if things don't regret it. Absolutely not I don't think it's gonna happen I can I can I don't think that'll happen that'll declaring he'll do that I think bird told all of them are frustrated. But I can't I just can't see that happen panel that can happen. A giggle more coaching question mortgage out will coach cal beat coached in the lakers next year. My goodness did you watch the final game the as -- UConn grad yes and I love every second of that not fouling by cal part about Oden and Arnold and Gary. Is one of the best recruiters are all time he'll go down in history is one of the greatest recruited an all time. But I don't think he'll go down at all time is one of the greatest in game coaches of all time. If he's Smart and stay right where he would or take another glamorous college job. I don't see that happening but make no sense to me. -- great stuff is always enjoy Sox yanks this weekend we'll talk and I -- well thank you Jack I don't joining us here on the eighteenth the outline when Jackie joins -- she's brought to you. By our friends at Toyota of Nashua commonwealth mortgage. And by town fair tire look at there's no way to. It can't be overstated that was a great loss for the Celtics last night a great loss.

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