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Brad Faxon on the Masters 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Brad Faxon joined the show to preview the Masters.

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-- -- some masters Thursday it all begins this morning the first tee time is something like 745. Look at that and -- joining us on the AT&T hotline. Golfing pal Brad Faxon but it applauding Israeli late this morning Brad that would happen and Pilates class was the late. I haven't quite made it a pullout he gets done now no overslept I had some funny happened last night I guess I can tell you. My phone rang at 2:50 in the morning and the guy that took my car out of from ballet when I came back from dinner as I decided to return that 2:50 in the morning. I guess he wasn't an employee. -- -- they they had him and then in the lobby they wanted to make sure right now I didn't wanna come down and medium. He was what wasn't returning my car. Also you left her car and staggered home to the hotel. Well I don't know if you ballet that the guy just took off -- that some guy took my current and in return visit to assist in the ex captain in the lobby -- wanted to meet him. The first Tuesday. It was that it did he look like John Daly I mean I didn't go down to -- at the that was at 2:50 this morning yeah there are about goalies in order to -- on Saturday. Paid to think. At Jack Nicholas and Arnie Palmer. Hey Gary -- gets I think they do I think he's a little too. Vim and -- from them. You know he's upbeat. -- its feet. I really like Gary -- -- played at CVS charity classic we -- partners on time he's been so nice to meet throughout my career but. I guess get a Saudi interview yesterday did you hear about yeah Isiah -- on the on the green and then there was no end -- this story. Yeah I don't understand that but I think he probably got there early this football this morning for their conduct which is -- minutes. Yes 745 is the first group on August -- on the TO probably exactly in a few minutes. We will get two picks and favors all that sort of stuff what you start when people aren't gonna win. 24. Masters rookies this year much -- that's a record or not. If not as pretty close so at least 24 guys will win the masters to 241 time players at Augusta National. Why is that what what do they not know about the masters playing at the first time. But it's incredible. Incredible record a great question too because of the history that matters other than obviously the first -- -- the second year and in 19343544. Players that haven't. Plated the record and and the only time. There's been -- first Time Warner is is tight in the united front you go to we don't know. And everybody trying to figure that out and I made a bullet that like we do with Brandel Chamblee another Golf Channel analyst and I look. The first timers against the field that 11 road win -- and then I know that aggressive but I also think it's the best crop. Of young players and everybody talks about the experience and knowledge to -- have to play Augusta national and and we all know that the first timers -- Prime prime veterans who play the golf course trying to get. Prepared to play. You know some of the holes to the hole locations where you're gonna have to leave here. Ball that it -- even have a chance to make a putt here and to avoid disaster but you know. I think we -- seeing the history of golf since tiger you know burst onto the united 121 years old when that all of a sudden. There are a lot of great young players you know Jordan speak. Who's twenty years old is ranked thirteenth in the world and is a legitimate. Contender even though he never played a tournament here. But I think that the maturity level of the younger guys. Is. It's it's no word and a and I think at some of these guys are definitely gonna have a chance to win Columbia. It would Patrick read you one of those put -- putting his money where his mouth this you know. I'm not so sure at all. The guy like Patrick reed I think that. You it's a little bit -- -- those things early on but remember Tiger Woods did that to be -- he came on. And he kept telling players you know I won without my A game and Norbert Davis Love. And I the parents that now with tiger back in ninety definitely you know -- it's unbelievable that you can win these tournaments. You know when you're not hitting it well you're not putting your best and it's remarkable that data which I'm gonna have a lot of friends. If you keep beat everybody's butt and then. You know -- you don't have your a game -- and Patrick reed and look at what top five players in the world he did that at 31 Israel. But he beneath one in -- he's backed up -- -- play but. You know I think you -- think that and keep that internally and and then you know just go ahead let your clubs do the talking. I think only three guys won back to back it doesn't happen often as you know fax is Adam -- a possibility did you see him. Defending his title here. I can I think he's he's. First of all he's an amazing player you know he's got. Everything going well he he's got what the world thinks the best looking swing investigate fundamental that's hard when you watch him to break. Anything down is going to play ball and we need that power does is playing -- line -- the golf -- look. Like you wanted to beat its textbook stuff you know and when tiger came on he was working with Butch Harmon then there was young -- got -- -- -- Well he'd he'd -- in Tiger -- and he kind of improved since the look but when the power displaying their reliability and dependability and under pressure where. Packers on the opposite direction -- that. And and Adam did a remarkable interview yesterday he. All right he would go depressingly and he talked about how much this event is meant to -- -- his career. You know his dad was with him. He get to play this weekend as you know depending -- to get to play with -- get to produce father who was the golf professional. And had never played here before and most of us know now it's Sunday it was good drive chip and putt event. For all the kids are cross country and -- go in and out -- and I I just don't beat. Many -- -- any changes to that stuff that -- that he's gonna learn more from watching these kids about playing the game then they're similar from him. Well watched Dustin Johnson play when he's when he's playing well he's one of those guys you think you know he should win every week you know -- number one player in the world he makes it look. Really easy and we played bad that round last week and withdrew in Houston. I mean is -- guy now he's had some major flame out seizing guy now you look at the facts it is aging say it's time. Absolutely. It in Kirk we were two and it shows the Golf Channel show. That is not that. Golfer left with a driving into the beautiful but I can't for the primaries that part of the practice area. South fax sorry. Put down what we in the in the background last night of the show is on from seven -- 930 there were two players. On the practice area at 745 what we're talking in one of with a Ernie Els and the other one was just -- -- Ernie. Was with his -- just hit that shot -- the practice the print and on the far right and decided he was Dustin Johnson. Note last week in Houston don't know withdrew after shooting effort on AB I believe. You know he's -- it student Butch Harmon and you know. I think a lot of times in golf you know you can be too Smart to think about. Too much and you know it's a mind getting your way and then you can be the opposite ends of the spectrum where sometimes you don't know enough. And and it can hurt you and I put. You know -- and that's side and he you know he didn't pick up all the young Katie -- -- the best player as -- juniors to college where he got better. Later so maturity -- you know I think that's where he needs to grow and you know he he had a chance to win the US open he's got. Eight years of the US open bacon you know it. Cubic quadruple bogey on the second hole he messed up the PGA get Smart camera Whistling Straits with that -- penalty. About it. -- for the second time on an eighteen but. I mean these guys brother now -- for was ever caddied form in the masters and whichever was mistakenly -- had the other night just saying you know what this kid he needs to get a spark yet he needs you know. The start playing well now. -- facts Chamblee obviously is gonna take your lunch money with that idiotic bet -- of the 24 amateurs and he has the rest of the field let's go the other way and not Amber's. Our first -- first time that would be about. To take about not about I have another one for. I will give you the top six favorites and I'll take the field. You can have Adam Scott Rory McIlroy Phil Mickelson Jason Day Sergio and -- couture. Think everybody from Dustin Johnson when he won two to all the way down the Larry Myers -- 5001. You what the top six I'll take the rest of the field. Well you're -- that for all the listeners know that that's a pretty good bet you know it's it's. I'm very often to the one of the favorites not -- masters. And you mention if everybody's gonna have a -- and have to -- Five or ten players everybody's gonna have those guys you just pick him if it has been. A really difficult but I picked a really squad masters try and figure out because you know. All of those players although you they could be favorites could also miss -- cut you know it's not like anyone have dominated the big game though the last 45 months Europe are breaking through other than you know you look at Patrick read the papers while the kid really got a -- But either you have to pick him first I regret. But you know. I it's hard for me to believe that Adams got to worry. Macaroni and not going to be there Sunday afternoon. I give -- pick then your. -- -- unafraid to boldly go give us somebody don't welcome Rory McIlroy give -- somebody else. Well it -- -- Expect that. -- that wins backs I think at some point oh and -- I think he can you know he he is short game is. Or he needs to kick them in and have that really helped him to win bottom. Good young players that is that what school University of Georgia won a couple times but in the overlapping even in Paris English. And immediately got one of the best look at golf swing I've ever seen nobody Serbia but he was used on the Georgia team with. With the Russell Henley. Believe perhaps agree actually with our bet he would have been transferred to Augusta State to do so they they have a good -- of you know they have a good -- young players the majority Geithner really -- they get excited to play here but. Of course they've been debt and they've played the course before and you know that's the other thing I didn't say about the first timers -- Most of them. Get the golf course. You know before Monday didn't like practice and they've been here they've seen it on television all Ireland Spain they know the holes and I don't think the young guys are intimidated these would be and it's it's really the result -- that the tiger factor pattern imprimatur early and beat. These exit or England area. Would you be shocked if one of these fifty or older guys wins this eventually mean it seems like it's going to happen yet Jimenez you have Freddie Freddie have as it is gonna break through one of these years. Well the you know the only guy and no disrespect the -- only guy it is in the fifty plus category I think that could have a tip -- -- You know given that he's content and if you -- -- he's never finished any of that'll beat him doing it fifteen years old and you know Mark O'Meara and Crenshaw and Larry my eyes I I just don't think guys -- long enough to play well here and you have to look at. The history of the winners of last. Ten years -- the course delinquent over -- 400 yards. Only whites that have golfers one that are that are not the top sporting and driving distance and and Zach Johnson who you know I liked that got -- chance he is he the sort of bitter that I would give the most to win. Who's sort candidate is his recent plate too he's been in the capitalized on a few times. I like Camelot but no you know. Think the other thing and I kind of learn from looking -- just -- -- and Brandel Chamblee to -- the first round really important here you know everybody does you don't. You know the back nine starts the masters on Sunday and but. There's been no winners which shot over 74 of the last thirty years so -- you got that first round. It's hard when mr. Effects what big name star is playing like crap at the moment and has no chance between the -- us. Before we get support us a big name star that you might normally pick and you know name out of a -- named the two off off the roster so yeah he's always in their -- played like crap right now. -- to go to Google and I'll tell you who. I really like this guy but to keep struggling to make surprised that Lee Westwood. Westwood did it left his longtime coach Peter Caroline. The -- well last year he went to Sean Foley tigers pitcher Justin Rose the teacher. And it didn't work -- -- Lee Westwood had -- interest in looking please note that -- funny look at things got a very bad left on an impact this is -- body drops a lot of the doubt and he's always been. Incredibly consistent ball striker you know hit the ball long enough stayed the ball hit a lot of fairways it's long. It's been the ball I mean it to stop all the greens but he he went back now to Peter -- disciple this guy. Particularly. Mark Bradley Mark Taylor -- in the mark on the range with a Leo and I don't want to hit ball please it sideways on the driving range and deal. Duval has yet but I think Lee Westwood struggled this game. And he's always been successful and probably hit and that could only chip and putt but you know I'd be surprised to keep playing great. All right we end with this and what conversation Brad Faxon be without a Johnny Miller question. At bay hill are -- east tournament. Adam Scott on the seventeenth fairway but in the sixteenth fairway shooting to be number one in the world and Johnny Miller actually said. This is quite possibly the biggest swing the most important swing of Adam Scott's career not correct we have a wrong a guy named Adam Scott. Had a couple big swings last year this time to win the masters is being number one in the world even temporarily. That big of a deal when you won the masters by comparison Johnny said quite possibly this is the biggest swing of Adam Scott's career. But that's what makes everybody you -- -- -- Tony Miller you know but but -- that -- You know there's no way Adam Scott was taken about that -- he could match yeah absolutely no and they in this accident. That topic came up in his press conference this week about what would it mean to be number one and he said look. Because I got a lot of things to worry about this week and if I win the -- you know if he wins this term I think if he finishes. Third a -- better he moves to number one and you know tiger's not in the field. Could give to make a good chance to do this but. You know I even -- OB a great result a -- play well but on trying to do was play well this week so. You know Johnny Miller like make things sound dramatic via and -- there was no way that possible supporters waved -- record certainly I think at that. Putt he made an eighteen to go ahead against Cabrera and shutting it into the pantry in the play out could have been a better swimming. That -- is laughable really. Our backs enjoy your week and some bad news chance of rain today is zero chance of rain tomorrow zero chance of rain Saturday zero chance of rain for Sunday's final round. Zero have a good time we'll talk Monday morning shall we. He got thirty seconds or one -- bet yes OK it elicited but the key times of the masters. Unlike the PGA tour all off the first the first 1745. I think it's Tim Clark and Stewart Cink -- minutes. Three that was what we can't quit three and their parents it's groupings. It so the last group go to 145. Phil Mickelson who's one of the last groups. Loved the late tee times they've got to because number one it's not a cold it's not as wet with a ball rolls. And he believes that the wind dies down later in the day at Augusta. Make the swirling winds around amen corner you know 111213. And make those holes easier to play so. The later tee times are usually the the best time to play according to Phil and one of the interesting things about the masters and how many people think about. -- Mickelson won 48 with Ernie Els and Justin Rose buddy to play 1030 on Friday right and thirty -- it and -- -- 45 artifacts -- -- we -- we'll talk on Monday. Brad Faxon and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline lectured. Paris and yet he was less is just that he's been preparing this leather what is usually go I would ask the -- of irony that -- Nazi Donnelly. And and that is very good player. He's not win you know slightly on the -- Harris English. Is gonna win. Yeah we should do a bottom of the barrel crap -- All the guys who were 5000 to one we each pick one that probably missed the cut but essentially it's a little score before the mate the cut. Sandy Lyle Ben Crenshaw Craig Stadler Ian Woosnam Larry Myers. Critics -- -- You what sure. And a couple of years yeah. And excel are still moving around Hebrew -- the point that is the other team plays its outlook take a break abbreviated headlines next.

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