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DJ Bean is joined by Sean Gentille of the Sporting News as they break down whether the Penguins are an actual threat to the Bruins and take an in-depth look at the awards, including Tyler Seguin's Hart candidacy.

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Oh million rush. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. -- -- F sought to change your mind I would hit the ground running welcome to the latest edition. Of odd man rush on W -- dot com. I am DJ being joining me this week is a very Smart and very funny man he is the national hockey greater. For the sporting news it has -- gentility Sean thanks for joining me. That's -- the pot men now. Eric sakic late PG anymore it would be you know a man. Usually these podcasts start -- with somebody reacting to the fact that the name of the podcast -- bearish. Rucinsky -- I have like a 45 minute discussion on the first -- episode of odd man rush about how we thought that people had exhausted. All of the crappy hockey ponds and that somehow -- -- should never have been taken. Yeah I I feel it. Feel -- you guys it's due to like -- diligent and make sure that. Picture that you're not turned out some territory. -- through all the girl I mean via their -- So Sean you are positioned in. In Pittsburg Pennsylvania so a lot of what we're gonna talk about I'm sure is going to be. How there having couple silly rounds before the Bruins and penguins meet in the Eastern Conference finals. But I mean there are things we can get to as well but the mean for now right now in Pittsburgh in Boston some pretty crazy things are happening. On their blue lines Dennis Seidenberg yesterday stated which is the most absurd thing ever heard in my life. One thing maybe more certain that those the fact that Chris -- is able to return from a stroke and -- in the back of the penguins lineup. Yes it is it was still a little bit surprised to. To to get news this morning this year let them make -- roster announcement that you know I think everybody. Ought to act coming is there which shocked about it. Team when he cleared. To practice initially with which with a -- weeks ago. I I mean I cannot speculate he personally really that I IE. The surprise factor -- was a lot more. And without point -- You know whenever they initially set out that it's 668. -- I'm trying to turn reevaluated. At reevaluation. You know -- critic played by an -- or delete. More -- -- than anybody else's site. You know. There is always view option at this it happen sooner or later. And it it it was a little sooner and affecting people anticipated may be what it also you know tracking toward -- Going -- going forward into the post season mean that the the penguins had their ups and down the season but but having retained in the lineup. Just given the offense that he'll provide and really mean does the penguins team that still is. Still kind of house and -- gutsy stuff at face after. These -- -- finals last season I mean just what does this do from a hadn't been mean whether you wanna say a hockey boost morale booster otherwise. I think there are going to be real benefit to government and our team you know I think. That degree is is up near the case. -- Alex liked it should not necessarily a 100% -- -- integrator in terms of you know what to expect from them forward you know you're not. Which you call completely symptom free and sent it used to having. -- you're -- -- this issue which it and that's something that you know could pop up why I except manageable thing it's not. You know an indicator in how stroke but it also. You know something. Potentially could pop up in what he'd spent the last couple weeks doing. In the main goal and getting out there. Skating in battle a country that would make sure that. You know he stopped to -- to eat at one point recent. You can pop -- I don't think it. And then you have other -- conditioning -- That's I don't think they're necessarily. Expecting and the comment in an ideal world beater. You know right away -- use year's whipping. Up he'd. Copper for garlic knots Berry who you know college girl and it's not not most mobile back. At this point there are certain structure that occurred in particular. Is pretty pretty serious astronauts. I think it does make them better he's he certainly -- good player but I but they're also. In other needs to -- -- it is it. If -- apparently bet there need to be you know sort of some sort out and you know they are Allah sure. How -- the bank the penguins better positioned just this season to prevent. What happened last season. I don't know that they are right I don't I don't I don't think that I write in any sort of you know any sort of improvement it a bit wary. It over the course you are not. Really tangible in any way you can you can take -- until we used different. You know maybe your actual are actually but it in goal you know there's not -- Andy Reid stated that the public better is that there's no Oprah. Knew it you know how they struggled how to edit to blank team which is which -- -- huge YouTube and -- right. Ordered any yet you you -- you mentioned that and I mean it's funny that going into this post season. The Bruins and never third line last season and that was the big issue and they -- Tyler Sagan. On their third line in the the post season when one has -- -- saw he wasn't doing anything the penguins literally literally had more offense and they knew to do with. Ends and they failed. And snow is the teams and to the post season the penguins as you said have generally been the two line team. And are trying to find offensive depth where right now the Bruins have maybe one of the better third lines. In the league I mean how how how king and the penguins match up well not cents. You know later -- strength even if you are all if you have. You know -- case optimum kind of line after that they're still you know. Middle of the act maybe a little bit above that term in -- holding the puck it at even strength. After an injury factor maybe aren't playing you know the last election strength their their somewhere or some -- look -- but it there it you know. You operate -- against -- Injury that they dealt with in in the guys acquired trait that one you know there is. In the guy extra that a potentially. You know contribute its third block out what it comes to -- -- in -- -- You know that that that airs you know reality is another another issue entirely that would it would market now. You saw Brent Sutter played I accuse you -- Open it more kind of like option style players play well I shudder at sort uprooted. Over the last couple want it not capable. Elevating -- in. It's public or flat period -- an expectant. You know actor turned and it departed players what you also capable if she had. You know a play like. Decent -- draft guidance range to cut a hole is now onsite -- you know which if you move forward. Age you may need need need a eight terrible at least step backward or they played well -- and it's Al Gore. You know they'd -- played Marseille got -- on anchor -- or something like that it happens you know potential elements about half -- -- -- -- actually turned in reality it is a whole other question. You know entirely in and we are you know UB united on a street lack chairman -- side that. I'll support. Right immediately I think it would people kind of felt today but really sleeps on anything with the Bruins because. There -- other differentials so insane they're gonna win the presidents' trophy which. I mean which people don't really care about and -- done that king of not caring about the presence trophy. But I still I think it's super impressive that a team that really doesn't even come close to giving a -- the you can a (%expletive) about. About the regular season is able to do it with resting players -- but I think what people kind of might be missing without the Bruins is. Offensively they're gonna match -- super well with pretty much anyone they play in the Eastern Conference because -- Ericsson four. As underwhelming statistically as it's been and I know that he probably passes the eye test more than he passes this the statistical. Tests this season. I think that with three good lines -- with as the three of good lines as they have that I don't think anyone really matches up well in the Eastern Conference with them. Offensively so I guess my question to you is. Do you think that there is anyone aside from the penguins who -- isn't really any good in the Eastern Conference and beaten TV did either of these teams are for -- -- I think the answer is unequivocally no maybe Montreal may be. I I think a -- acting as a pretty clear number one spot in -- and number two which you know trawler rather. Other issues that and. I don't know I. -- in such. It's such that all these other teams that are. OK that Ottawa where another lake lake that the Rangers that there are really good. I want I've -- it out out penalties and in -- battery in it. In Kabul profile better at talking about it and Andre Agassi's back and I like the waiter. Gathered in in some respect in part if you look achievement -- market on. You know we -- active thunderbird and gotten virtual halt our lineup I know a lot of that and. Pretty insane and -- -- but you know they've -- it's not a lot I I think reverend Eric. In other track to beat Pittsburgh church matchup. In our acting and you're set on her -- -- Arnold at the Egypt and -- that a lot of. Lot of happy in teams that are allotted one and other acting you know that those are all settled in state well. At creek property to -- them to. The idea I want Montreal to make it a deep run just because I think they're fun team. To watch a big -- Carey Price and I think that at some points the Canadians. One of these years whether it's 3456. Years down the road the Canadians -- the very least -- around the cup on on the insane play. Of Carey Price just because he runs so hard and cold but. I mean I think that I'm still waiting for them to have a really good shutdown pairing to go with the goaltending because as much as we talked about how. A goaltending can when you it's a Stanley Cup it's also -- mean look at to arouse glossed. Last post season he was very good he was excellent T -- -- -- negative three Eagles the penguins. But did that series was just as much about today you know Chara and Dennis Seidenberg as it was about himself I mean I'm. I'm optimistic with the Canadians but not until they really have the -- shut down. Pairing do you have a vote for the for the NHL awards. -- -- -- -- -- Tactics. I added I -- my finger got at that point and it you know not clarified that was. Certain certain member of the -- -- -- its advisory board but yeah I do. I -- do the exact same thing there are dark chapter head is a writer who. There is a mutual disdain between the two of us and yeah so but they were cutting the the but it's. I was like go just who just lost his though deny the guys reached at two a higher ranking member. And yeah. I expected eclectic cast and turn you on a political. Thank you could -- yeah -- yeah it was very quick sting out. Of -- voted. The exact I didn't I didn't expand on any other -- though the subject all. I actually I was kind of elaborate I -- I said. IEA email the person and said. Page just got the email about you cutting down photos of people lower talking about the it used to be used to cost you 35 dollars to be able to vote for the Hart trophy 25 dollars for dues for the PH WA. And ten dollars to make a website that says I swear to god I covered hockey dot com so who's really really really easy to to get. A vote for these things and some people take their vote seriously. Some people maybe don't some viewers want to vote to me it's a it's a super cool thing to have a vote. But. I thought it was ridiculous so as we need as every year as -- preview these awards and say who's gonna win the Hart who's gonna win this it's like. Half it is who should it and it's like half of it is you're just guessing because god knows what's going through people's minds. And and so anyway Nemo was sent out yesterday. That -- -- downs as the saying this should be said keep this -- -- but I could pick. It's -- basically -- we're cutting down the the voters 250 only 150 people have votes. And we vote for -- heart that he the -- -- the Norris lady did pretty much every thing that you've heard of except for the except for the does not. And so I -- I what's that. All right Jack Adams that's right. And I feared that I had lost -- I think as did a lot of people and somehow. Somehow I kept mine and I love that because I try to. -- some zany votes out there -- EI Wentz I went quick with my number one. Vote in in 2012 for heart and I I was so proud of myself. Yeah I mean like -- Western Atlantic example I have in India. You know had a really -- numbers do homework -- can't had a chat about I came into it with. You know maybe epic and keep notion -- you have an idea that appear to vote for an up after. You know it -- looking -- stuff really really do my homework I I -- according Chara hurt. For -- and I did not. You're what I UN I went char one. So you must've been you must've been rather. Rather alone. Yet but it pales. They're out there were guys that lab number one on the other -- with. You know I just say. I don't cyclic should be and a little bit better here or -- -- wouldn't quite I wouldn't quite ion computer age. And -- -- were in charge opposite numbers where for a lecture all the other. Although it stopped to look I I think he added you know how ironic it. I haven't wanted to ask and go out on that she's -- -- you know like it's Saturday and haven't totally. You know committed to to take an afternoon and in looking at all the. That's just part of the season by the way. I loved that dog -- it usually takes today like if usually if if with the ECB -- it off days -- getting. Good amount of days during the season where you can just take today off you go to like a coffee shop it is scone city dislike all day. -- stones crunching them or -- I don't know. I remember me in me Katie Baker works on our ballots and it is and I'm a leader. Ejected like. Obsession over. Over over different out and really I mean like it's -- it's ironic given what happened but what. Controversial or people vote in a -- and -- -- -- at least. First of all -- Oh at -- stuff that happened. Mean baker early age are you know paranoid about about making and it clicked. At that -- guard against. Do anything. Economic contributed to out of that in making their now thirteen it is tradition and -- walker that that happened. Yeah I mean did their origin -- mean there is always to some totally nut bars votes that it to a there like the deal. I didn't have many amicable dealings with Tyler Sagan I actually think that -- Become a much nicer in friendly person since he's gone to Dallas. But my really my -- the amicable. Conversations. With him especially the last couple years. Or what I would tell him how many silky votes he got because like people look at plus minus. And they don't think. Oh that's. Super duper talented one way player who's playing a Patrice Bergeron line has a very high plus minus. -- be there did you work or not in a strict. You know unbelievable answer -- to react to it that -- on I have. Right yeah like Jordan grounds there like two games this season a -- -- like a plus forty years something like to sit here on the Bruins -- They'd be just give you some big they give you a plus twenty had started something. And but. But yachts like that that you mention that though because on the same way with kind of hunkering down and really try to make sure I don't make an ass of myself with. -- -- you that we electronic games we via a couple other stuff but it's. You know it's it's you want -- I think you need China. You try to capture in there you know inform yourself as much as much possibly make it yet it's yours it's. Now it's it's it's yours and there's -- -- There are easily at least it's -- -- -- and it is reelect outcome. Not it's not our country numbers -- or reading things are not the way to Cheshire. Yeah I'm trying to think of who actually what four golfers Norris last germ breed a creature Chara just like -- pretty much automatically gets a top three vote from me. Every year because I still think like whether or not he's. The quote unquote best defenseman in the NHL he is unequivocally the most difficult in the N dot defenseman DHL. To play against and Sudan and to me and I didn't make this joke at the time. And I'm dearly dearly regretting that I think he got Mumford and sons to. Which is a Mumford and sons have like a good album. And it didn't get much recognition -- wise I don't think and they came -- the exact same album was actually worse the next. I'll bet on the island it's. Equipment isn't it if you don't a huge occasionally go to my site shortly. You know deserving to be on the ballot like now I didn't talk about what side that I could easily. You know captured act but not I I I -- opted. You know you better these that she work there it's not an adult you know. All our conflicts of Oxford and what ship which -- it yet other elected. It'll start speaking at a -- point last year. You know it Nady hit a little bit you know. That they're gonna be on the ballot but what I'm playing quite much wasn't sure and -- you let -- -- again. You know it has been a competition -- -- based here before so he is elected during. You know -- stood. A ton more points than you do in the previous human notes that up -- Yeah I mean I I say this all the time not too. Like not to toot my own Horner I think most things I -- -- to my own orbit this isn't one of them. The year that Erik Karlsson won the Norris I didn't. I didn't vote forum and I didn't even consider giving him a top five vote. And I was -- I was one of only two people who who voted. It didn't vote for him at all which just blew my mind because as I said super duper easy to get votes. Six. Hundred ish Brothers problem -- people but like. An insane enough number of people. -- all agreed that yes this person is the best batsman and what I wanted to happen this season. Was -- wanted tore recruit to score electronics our goals in for Zdeno chart out the best season of his career just so we could expose what. Idiots there are in the world because I'm sure -- crew would have won the -- in that case. And yet so in that's part of the Internet and think they're. And without you know but it their property I wouldn't put it went I think I put -- much like as a that there are. There are -- -- -- it's pure defense and at one that's. You know. If you ask them on the block and -- there needs to be. Appreciate that and at any cake and I'm like yeah right. But I a you know just because. You know you can add a few more points consider. It close. And yeah it's it's like -- I I don't I don't remember how far -- a portrait but what impact on. And I and I would imagine that you know offer for a lot of people that turned out to be the tiebreak. It's weird situation. Ultra super duper predictable and probably gonna come -- and that there. Right I mean at night and that this isn't to say that I like thought Carlson sucked I think that. That that was so that was the senior that I went quick one for heart I'm pretty -- right Blake. Carlson I think I -- I forget who his second I was at the year at the mall in one. A site I think exciting by top three was quick mall in and then Carlson -- does he was more deserving of the heart then. Then of the of -- artist so -- It's a it's it's it's an argument he eat he got a -- Obviously -- the analog prayer for the -- I -- I was having a conversation with the Jack Edwards about. Just about this whole thing. The same situation it was the day that the F finalists came out to and who is in Toronto last year. And Charl was in a finalist and everyone was furious that he wasn't and so naturally the Carlson thing came up because Jack and I can talk about that all day because we like the kings of the take that Norris away club and I mentioned like that the common argument that everyone says of light. At that yeah they should make an award called the Bobby your award. And I thought Jack was gonna murder me because he thought in his -- the barrio. Picture you'd take your picture is an implication that popular with -- -- a one dimensional. The national player but our guys guys -- units. -- -- Ready guy I mean it's jet -- that you would be appropriate to have an award that says this person. That plays a -- defense of position did very well offensively. So awards -- mean I. Because of what I said before I can't say so do you think Charles gonna win this year because -- to cities into these idiots are at you and me included. Are going to settle on char Scott McLaughlin who Louise like. I pump this guy's tires all the time he writes for us and he's -- these. As good as there is a wrote a really good detailed. Numbers drew been. Preview I guess of the EU Norris and determined that. The charge should definitely be -- Duncan Keith but. I don't know the -- will win just because people look at guys like I mean I think that -- these awards. Are in attempt to bring up though and those who been Mumford and sons argument I think that a lot of times especially doubt Patrice Bergeron its first silky was case of voters eventually decided this person hasn't won this award yet they should probably win one at some point so it's give to this person so. With that being said and who knows what happens whether goes to Shea -- somebody else. You had you -- not and I entered pretty good chance it. That would occur when you're in -- at -- Hard. As -- sure that the but. I mean. Here you're hooked up up about art is that. You know arts. Regardless. The metrics that are the factors you used to. You know kind of -- -- change readiness if there are a lot of guys you get you can argue -- ice child prodigy that there -- content. Garrett mark dirt in on really. Playing this year in market were classic. And there's a lot of a lot of really good. Mutter really get you -- by the -- they're -- -- just a matter of. You know being intellectually honest and being able to the stranger chili's chili's is at least at least erratically. And I you know I think you're gonna -- I eat a lot of gains aren't a lot of different Alex what. For the most part. You know it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty -- Where do you fall on the Hart trophies because this is like this season. Is like might dream as far as voting goes like I loved one there. Our monkey -- is that can be thrown in the the system if you will I think there's so many different places. People. People can go with a heart I know that trees burst rounds a guy who's picked up a lot of steam. But it's. All to mean I again I haven't done my final sit down for hours and look at everything. By the numbers Patrice Bergeron should not have a chance at the heart but I think that there's kind of a perfect storm of advanced stats nerds and people wanting to go against traditional stats. That I think that some of these voters. The EU. I'll say B Ryan Lambert's of the world will look gets a 102 point spurt Sidney Crosby. And think how can be poke holes -- it. And I don't know Ryan Lambert I -- I decided I hated him along time ago and we mutual just hatred thing going on. But I think it's good that there are people Scott McLaughlin another one of them. That -- that our -- kind of willing to look beyond the point totals. But the last time the last sixteen times a a forward won the -- they were top three -- goals -- points and I still think that with the advancements in with the addition of the nerds to the club. I don't think that. I don't think there's enough to overcome that what do you think. No I I guess they don't actually too few. Factor actually have cash used is solidly pro -- -- a real struggle. I until I mean and like I said it's indeed. I I I ordered her drug last year and I am you know vote forming and I read that moment he charities near and homer in the Olympics are put together though he's. They're they're they're really -- week you know it's chipped it back up I think once people. You know start looking into the what -- pack up and he's played against in the percentage of. You know that the percentage of the points he's now Ballmer that. You know his you know I want five numbers person that direction that team in -- I think here at LE. Age. Pretty solid collision. You know of it being a template and now that -- -- -- most point -- you know. Fifteen or whatever and that being but there's also certainly a pretty up. A pretty convincing. Staff -- Argument. You know -- -- and it would award is not likely I just thought. I. I looked at vote against my I'll I was. So that that's that's where I stand the idea. I'll I would look to be able to find somebody who is truly more deserving of the award. And one way or another but I am not she still. I you know I fully anticipate on and being you know on autopilot out -- -- -- -- actually file. Will I mean would you consider a guy like Bergeron in say your. I mean even top folic for troopers on the only part votes I think is a real feather. In his cap because. We don't know how good he can be often sleep because you'll never as long as he live show us because in order to be great offensive players you have that a player you have to cut some corners. And he'd he'd just won't do it and I think that that's part of it is like the Derek Jeter is -- Patrice Bergeron but I also think it in the long run. That cost him. Things like the Hart trophy in serious consideration for that so for him to hit thirty goals which she probably will -- got 29 now. And for him to say finish in the top five to three in our voting I think is just a no -- accomplishment considering. I said the top three thing about goals and in points he's probably not going to be top 25 and either. I told them I'm a mechanic and absolutely not I -- is how much and a member of the cheaper drugs and -- about an -- -- insider member. You know went out freshman college huge feud -- And in in in any penalty. You know I -- I've been I've been on board and -- millionaires. I love on. And he -- Hewitt obviously I'd seen it myself he went last year I don't think it's. Particularly quotes I think she is actually believe it or not I. I I'm not sure and do -- I vote this year what. They're really compelling case in his Project Hope are used. He's been really really hurt in its free ink. Now with the garlic. Bergeron who you know I I don't know if you meet certain item -- pencil -- on our ballot at the beginning of every. Yeah but there's and there are that they -- compelling argument made that. Make it -- Coke or and how to beat them out he's a pretty a pretty strong number Q. -- lower sane about the awards just a few minutes ago where so much of the voting is people decide. Await co Qatar has among the cell -- are right it's given this guy and I think that. There's I think there's a better chance of that upset happening than people think because. So because you look at Bergeron and the offensive season he's had the offense of second half he's had a mean he should sue Brad -- for having such a crappy start to the season because maybe. Because they -- it who were it not for that rough start to end the time it took -- want to get comfortable Louis Erickson -- Who knows maybe Bergeron has 3540. Calls or something like that but I mean many people consider. Him to be such a slam dunk for the -- enemy not I'm with -- I'm gonna go Bergeron with -- with my first vote but. A lot of people are thinking cope -- Yes and I and I and I mean it's incomplete -- Atlanta. A guy reason I mean that the the plus minus he has that Steve Conroy The -- was blowing this up you today for him to have the the plus minus he has which. I wanna say it's like plus 27 post when he 29 something. On that team that generates absolutely no offense is just I mean that silky written all over. Absolutely and in you know if you take next the next step and look at marketers look at engaged in the shot numbered in the he'd gotten -- In he's comparable to urge honored -- -- -- it's certainly pretty courts I think that that -- you know make. You know -- that -- -- you aren't here it is not. And it -- it at this point for me it's it's it's it's up one you know I in maybe our patients -- -- out -- and act and -- was. So what are -- typical -- but. -- and it says it's it's going to be interest and like for Ella but it's everybody's got sort of preconceived notions about you know that they believe he has great at. An -- -- -- at the forward Eric. A potential MVP candidate is just a matter of. You know recognize and -- in you know voting in a way it's the channel actually honest and now and already you YouTube product and. Oh well we hope that everybody can act like exit last year was your kind of looked at about -- -- -- Another another heart candidate and I I. Haven't done -- number crunching everything yet but I mean he's definitely were in -- console my top five right now and I think it's for good reason I think he's gonna get a good amount of votes. Is Tyler god damn Sagan which it is is hilarious and its own way but I mean he is. I mean do do you agree he's pretty deserving considering he's gotten that team into the playoff picture -- gets them into the playoffs. And I mean he's sitting right now is were courting this he's sitting third in league. In points in yes hasn't the -- they play the Patrice Bergeron is but he was never supposed to be Patrice Bergeron right now he's doing. What's he was supposed to do in his NHL career and I mean he is. Will he lead this team -- was Stanley Cup. I don't know how my guests there would be never but for what he's done this season I mean as far as most valuable player goes he's the straw that -- the during in the house. He actually used in guided. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he's not he's not just that it's here at as much much like on the Oxford and and. In a lot different ways -- shouldn't really be -- -- valid point. Your encouragement. Too much at ease and you know who you know -- a guy at that point you know you -- -- -- writing artists and get them next court perhaps you know in new at our -- -- reverse the season ticket holders by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you think you gallery guide Q you know last year you you. And it even. With and that you know are under -- in or whatever he's not there injury here in -- manage you know -- for ballot question. Greens that it expert market people. You know they're they're not quite it is deeply. In the running and up an actual senator there are openings on the -- there are opening. He organic thing you know beyond young crowd being in you know it's like -- really. Basic and look at -- act like get -- it going to be a lot of damage in both I think in and then in the top five. And I'm excited directors and or should it is a lot of I'm a -- You know interest -- kind of quietly and even in Beijing certainly strictly at the top and -- -- the mean this is gonna be that as you said judged to be a smattering of names in the area I'm I'm looking forward deceit to going to the bottom of the of the list when all the votes come out the vote for -- to come out like -- just this I mean. A lot of people I'm sure gonna have Ben Bishop in there and their top five and I think that's warranted I think they're like there -- there are a lot of interesting names that are gonna come up in is you said Sagan should. Absolutely you'd be one of them I cringe as I say that because like I AM. I'm either brainwashed by the Bruins or whatever but. I mean I believe that the Bruins are better off with there kinds of scores which means power forwards. Good guys with good sticks guys who are afraid to have the puck on their stick guys like Louis Ericsson. Over a guy you like Tyler Sagan -- teller Sagan is in his natural habitat and I mean. This has been as cliche as it is pretty much a win win for both of those teams because I don't know if the stars make the playoffs this season if the stock with the status quo. I don't know I I think I think Hagan and I admit that nobody. Any extra sort of surged why it's. Jamie and planks under which. Is appreciated you know at that decades at great support he has your. Of course it would do I just import the parent -- and bear market so it's it's true he plays like little bit more. There are typically. You know Canadian game -- you are are more -- in persons are all. In that. You know sort of. -- stratosphere in terms of sheer physical ability in you know Pino would go -- -- picked up speed to ditches are not like -- truck. And in player -- he was playing out its mission center so you you know you are shaken. You know you you brought in shot work this is an active player in our early yet obviously there or purported incident it. All all all all well Erica in what inning you had you -- routine didn't have any. -- didn't have any talks -- the -- out and play this year. You know Q you guys have been to eighteen you know some pretty aren't. Up a creek aren't cops excite I'm a -- to without arms -- depressed -- Which saying is done it for the time being. You know I think it's a cycle -- an advocate I gathered some gutters out opposite players and their their their top six players. The role they admit that need to be audited and you know expects that's where is straight out and garlic and you know it is there's not I I don't that the way to grow -- years and I am begin debate play I don't think he's quite -- whipped in and yet it'd a win win situation on super impressed by that by a year each obviously the the Bruins. You know -- anywhere where there that look in their pockets -- him. Wool wrap up with this. Jarome Iginla has -- common question people ask tonight I guess I am asking you here is. Why Jarome Iginla has been so much better with the Bruins then he was the penguins there's talk about how he was used on the wrong wing in the post season. But I think the people forget was -- Jarome Iginla jumped into the penguins lineup and was actually pretty good down the stretch like I'm not imagine that he was actually pretty good player for them. And are you surprised though to see that at age 36 turning 37. That he's still a quote unquote dominant power forward. I'm not surprised to see them. I. They knew what they're doing that and it's acquired and it is muted you know that the couple aren't and it's in the let it. Ignorant that we. And they knew that there wouldn't you know end game he'll ironically it moved from left and right whenever. Whenever department of acquired him. -- their their part from start so there was you know and eat it. Breaking out on the right side and you know. Was it that that decision and and not -- up for the checkered and plan on all right you certainly debatable what. I I I I start it you know like -- had scored a billion -- I'm on the right side of the last few years. You know than an expected you know. Everything I don't think I eat out quite so I'm not surprised to see him you don't look more like and so you know I got to. I would I would say that in a word about it and of course scrapers you'd hear. You know yet keep the heat produced in you know from from point important and -- -- like. You know he didn't quite in book later on in life -- in part that was because you're playing on armor on -- you know correction I'd. -- part of it you know it. In my view it it she leaves you on the -- -- -- I didn't I I -- you have an -- -- surprises -- -- impact. What you know if you -- -- after -- import. You know in the spring if you aren't score. You know it would Everton increase our goal -- are are -- and what -- I would get users to comment on a call people. Yeah he's been he's it indeed a pre treatment has been pretty pretty extinct. Yeah I mean I think that it's weird to think adding that he automatically. Is now kind of a part of that that Bruins aging core as you think of like the window that they have with. With Chara to win over many more Stanley cups I think that for what again was done and assuming that that they're able to resigning him which -- either side would be crazy for that not happen. I think that he's now kind of in that window of you -- really good situation with a lot of really good players and you just routed out as long mr. McGinn -- and and does it you know Chara can go -- and off with that though because you mentioned James Neal I -- lot of weird interactions with Jim -- James Neal and from talking to different people I've got the sense that that is not my fault. -- -- how much better has your life been since the asking -- thing right. How -- that is that was the funniest thing ever seen in my life into before you the answer I'll explain the penguins that a thing. On Twitter. Where you could ask James -- questions with hash tag ask Neil. And every single question that was about his style of play and to whether or not he -- rocket noises when he lost to students himself. At players. I mean I guess that you were both very Twitter centric people and that was one of the best things are seen happen. Up so it I IQ and that knowing knowing. I actual fact it's it's -- -- in pollutants and activists. Not a great direction and I think there's only one. You know what real outcome of that act I I don't think anybody should and should and all of that sparked by I know I don't needles. There are and I think -- Certainly is aware of what happened in you know. They elect which came and she's on some pretty pretty pretty garbage and. You know. What whatever reputation hasn't -- -- in the larger and larger community I think it's it's is it generally are. Now I can only imagine with that will happen if the Bruins didn't like hash tag asked Brad thing your. I mean the. -- director at Eric I think that that are just. You know for whatever reason -- to -- -- not -- not particularly. Energy guy Marcia hamburger or garlic you know where Ernie or player like that it is. Gotten disciplined forward dirty plays over over the course the -- you know you know that there's. You know outside opinion -- guys and you know you have to you have to account for them and I don't think the the penguins -- -- team. Quite quick to edit it out and an -- and they read up on. Possible this is a lot of fun Sean thanks for thanks for Dennis meant. All right that's shunted -- of the sporting news this has been a blast tune in next time department rush whenever that is we do one of these votes. Once they're 34. And a half months so we'll talk to you guys in the post season.

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