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What do you do with a problem like John Lackey's contract?

Apr 8, 2014|

What a difference a couple of years makes. What was once considered one of the worst contracts in baseball may be the best when John Lackey's deal goes from 15 mil to right around half a mil. Should the Sox keep Lackey at half a million or discard the deal in good faith in an attempt to re-up him for a longer term deal here in Boston. We discuss.

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Our number -- dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI I must say. Thornton has touched off a particularly amusing thread of text messages on the AT&T tax line at 37937. Dexter says Ted Williams has a tunnel -- Ortiz has a sandwich. Is it to him could skip went. -- it's the in studio recital casting from McLean Hospital after his involuntary commitment arising from his incoherent babbling in general incoherent. Wow. Wow what what has poppy done for us lately -- Yeah right if I have to die on the hill of defending David Ortiz promoting him like I guess they didn't would be a better verbiage. Arm I willed himself. Because again. 86 years without a championship. He hits town. His second year they win one week he's directly responsible for it. And adds two more. At some point what's it gonna take for us to put him over the top as he does he have to play for seventeen years and at 400 -- these things or we can just accept the fact. That he is the best winner in the history of this range. You can change it now and aren't changed I'd say all these things I'm I'm I'm Bonnie Schneider always say -- great winner here is called a great post season player he is. Is he the best player to ever play for the -- for a fact she's not. It was no shame that's been around for a organization's been around for a long time and you had some tremendous players. And Boston. He's one album but he's not the best. Dexter says forgot how dale was old enough to seat Ted Williams play it was corporate Babe Ruth to. Op what an old enough for George but the text says he's Ortiz is the greatest hitter in a Red Sox uniform hands down -- need to read no ifs ands or -- or book. Educate yourself. With with all due respect I party -- I get in the top 3 am kind of leaving pitchers out when -- do that. And I'm leaving out Babe Ruth because let's be honest he became Babe Ruth as a member of the Yankees not the Red Sox. So my top three Red Sox players of all time would be Ted Williams. And and you get Yancey and David Ortiz you put him in whatever order you want. I probably would probably would say Ortiz and rice -- right now I wouldn't. The jurors over up the three I made by name my top three those would be my top. But that would clearly be number one with all respect to -- over there. -- did after during the break when European Cup which the results back. All right since two fast. You know that we have that kind of technology very very shy bladder -- you get a shot right -- it I could -- a breathalyzer I don't think that -- that. I I I know that in some of the techsters are saying come on he's a DH. TH DH while as far as I know that's the will position in baseball. Mean that he does what they ask him to do which is play designated hitter. And and I I do agree with Jerry let's not crazy about Ted williams' defense of exploits because based on what I've read. Yeah it was the time that he spent while it was ugly outfield working on his swing -- for his chance to hit. And and if they had DH he probably would have been one. And then may be played like another five years -- absolutely absolutely and they he was there you know he wanted to be recognized -- the greatest hitter. And mission accomplished. But we weren't talking about. Gold glove left fielder -- Williams and that's not what about but the numbers are staggering news that -- you don't need the numbers recited -- I won't. And I won't do it free it's just I I told them like I've I spent my my misspent youth poring over them -- -- -- of got a page of the they response cycle PD a dog -- from from look at them over there -- -- -- always was woody -- was to me I -- Sunday at 344 career batting average and the government for 82 Cooper here on base. PS -- -- career 11610 and -- As -- this super vivid fifth. It's 1116 raises OP SO if you walk or hit a career or if -- watch them you actually. -- knocked him down. You know because the average more than like obese. And it in his career for every time money -- -- career home runs Michael. And I comedy career runs batted in Michael. 1830. Actually won one time and they -- what a cool kid I was I'm I I sat down when I'm extrapolating all he's -- -- beat. Inter collegiate all his numbers from. His war years just to try to estimate what -- what it would have been he would have yes he would have gotten 700 homers and you know we -- a soccer rockets that would lift the mobile fourteen shy of of the record so we would have. All the record yet I would. I would rather. All of a guide its -- David Ortiz his career. As a me then. In table everything straight regular Hampshire would -- believe I don't know all the there's a crack pipe references are not bigoted get a hold drinking caused up. Actually -- -- -- understand what you're saying that the gift to -- at three -- you got three rings -- -- -- but it's two different conversation. I think for the Red Sox having this conversation before about the Bruins. Different context clearly about the Bruins. How would change. The organization. Just overnight whether it was. Jeremy Jacobs saying. Our this is not working. I'm gonna go without -- -- rally and I'm gonna bring and Cam -- and one step out of the way that we see what decades -- because the model that I had in place was not given me. Consistent. We only real opportunities for championship. Like one. Same thing with the with the Red Sox we know their history. They need to and they have the man that they've they've embraced that they should and can't run away from a history was shameful in a lot of ways they have an opportunity to get some. Great players and I don't know. Cultural the stories are they could have had -- I'm able to -- that they can add Jacki Annika had Willie Mays and make it -- all he's got the same time. I don't know. But there's no question. That they had a problem. -- -- black players. And how much later than other teams in baseball. Another team debate posted OK this is fine what we're gonna do this and and not necessarily because were altruistic we're gonna do because. How they're talented and we wanna win the Red Sox were very late that party. But the organization over the years even when they had debt. That nasty part of their history out of their system over the years it finally. Figured it out. -- What you're talking about which at Williams Ted Williams a part of an organization hadn't figured it out altogether. In David Ortiz. Is he in some ways the product of an organization that didn't figure. I I will say this about Ortiz and I'd look artist and I think he's the second best player in Red Sox history. Maybe third depending on where you want yes but I will say this without David Ortiz I don't think you have a single World Series championship here. I think you're still looking for world sear program positively. And and and I -- and I -- and I say that with with were spread with respect and admiration. And and during the time when people were and you know it was like in the offseason before the Red Sox given the extension get out of here. Just give him I'm so sick and David Ortiz whining about his contract I want him gone and I'm thinking OK -- gonna replace him with. Without Ortiz. You don't have a single World Series title. I guess fair mr. I think of him trying to. Trying to you know and knock knock what you stand down and really can't know if if in 2003. If Jeremy Giambi had had. Got the job is it from number they'll both -- and at the same time and Ortiz just how would hit them arm if Giambi had gotten hot and take that job I agree with you we're we're around. Ninety however many years and -- 95 years without a title. Or even if they've figured it out even if they've figured it out let's say there's no David Ortiz and they and they look at Giambi in the -- he's no good either. And they brought and that it won the bidding war with the Yankees for Mark Teixeira. So Mark Teixeira is or is it is a member of the Red Sox not the Yankees. Or a legitimate Adrian Gonzales to me that if they've got him earlier. I still I think your your statement is is pretty accurate because it's not just that. Day they could have had a good player in that position has some good players there are a lot of good players. Major League Baseball who don't perform to those levels in the postseason and they're very. Blair on that stage exactly right you get two players on the Red Sox roster who's gained gets him up in the post season one -- Ortiz there's absolutely no doubt about that. The other one and I know this frustrates people as well as Lester. He's a better post season pitcher that he is regular season pitcher he just -- To his credit by the way and again I say that would admiration Ortiz. Ramps up his game in the postseason Lester is another guy who does -- Yeah Lester does Curt Schilling didn't. Accelerate a terribly out there are -- -- about shelling. In you know coming here and in 2004. Killing comes here in 04 you don't have David Ortiz I think you're right -- doubt doubt doubt Ortiz. Wolf world seven. 2013. Not bad. In an if you take last October and you take it. You know at bat by at that inning by inning Ortiz who was doing it when virtually nobody else on the team was it. Receipt was that the Detroit series may do it like the rest of the line up was hit in the low two hundreds. In Ortiz it to my knowledge I don't think he ever come meted out. I mean -- -- but I don't I don't remember him ever make in and out -- -- -- go to Detroit series it was not I don't think he was great. In the dip in the Detroit series -- Louis blues is. Yet yet I 80 I -- -- white artists and Lois it was yeah. You're right I don't think he did make out against the cardinals at least didn't seem like they couldn't figure out a way to get him in my opinion don't -- I don't know I mean don't pitched to me if I thought I -- argue that into him and understand. And for all the -- out there who keeps wanting to say -- put three rings on a steroid user and I know that there are people out there. Wanna keep going back to that I understand fine. His name appeared on that list. He's never flunked a drug test that we know of that was administered. That that that the list that he was on was before there was a drug testing policy in Major League Baseball they were trying to get a sample. Of what percentage of people and if we got was certain percentage than they were gonna implement further testing down the -- his name appeared on that list. And not a single thing sense that list a white. -- can't run away from it it is name is on the list. Sammy Sosa's name was on there you know a lot of a lot of stars in baseball appeared on that list. Stage. -- remember when when the story came out Ortiz at him and find out if it's true and what it was when I tested for when he came back that yes it is true. I am on there and I'm still trying to figure out what attest deposit for one thing. Vitamins and supplements that people and people in the and in the audience -- -- producer and background saying -- last year you know for a lot of folks like on -- Vitamins we understand so he asked that's something that's going to be part of the story. And he can't ignore that but the here's the other thing. You'll -- to the list. They're the reason we only know select names on. Because it was it was leaked out. By in -- is one person there are many people. I mean dozens of people who would have knowledge of the list and who was on it. But nobody actually said to reporters. -- every name on it. Here's every name here's a document. They would there -- select names. That the reporters were then taken and they are in a manner marriage is on there David Ortiz and the reason is. I think in some cases. They wanna you -- that the reporters wanted to pound of flesh. It what is it interesting to you when when Jeremy Giambi met Jason and Jeremy Giambi came around -- They -- took steroids were like go away. Care yet -- takes a more you -- adequately care and Kerry are -- did better on I don't want somebody that -- much else about two Brothers do steroids with their broker or you don't wanna talk about a it would wanna talk. David Ortiz. Manny Ramirez Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire. -- -- we want we want those names. And I think. For him he's got to wonder. What that that. Is that why the New York Times well with the story because it was just a big name or more personal was it. Somebody. Wanted him to look bad luck I mean can't make excuses for -- -- But if you wanna give it the dynamics of -- -- certain names are public. We know certain names on the list and why we don't know what others mean I think that's an interest in discussion to. -- might might point about you know he's never flunked a drug test. Other at the end of the first name that less than it was on texture says neither did Barry Bonds you apologist jackass. No I don't think they wrote game of shadows about David Ortiz either there's a little more involved here with Barry Bonds and the information to all out their forties or I promise you can read it if you want to work they be your case get somebody to read Italian. There's a there's more stuff -- here. On Barry Bonds if you wanna read. If I'm -- just the weight of his head alone might -- -- literally you can't have a an intelligent rational discussion with anybody that doesn't. Include them except in the Barry Bonds used you know me and that positive test -- a positive test there's no there's no denying. Are thrown eleven here today Roger Jenkins heated or Sri. I mean in text and Dallas it's yours does that kinda tree and you guys to get rid of those types line. If I were you by the way I would turn my head away from the hat for this I would have -- my eyes afire Oreo. -- it all there is a expression by a a comic Chris Hardwicke who -- a lot of TV shows he says they read what people say about you on the Internet is kind of like cutting yourself. You know it's just a former self abuse and did nothing good can come out of it in now but believe me I've I've survived worse the only the only way. The only way that he can take control of of this story. If even cares about and I know you talk to rob Bradford last year or -- it. About not knowing what he tested positive forties trying to find out there are only they're the only way to take control. Is there come out and say exactly. What needed. Like exactly what he did. Or. Arts or am I guess it's the same things got really two options is one way. -- look at this Aussie offseason. 2002 rose unemployed. The Minnesota Twins moved on from even though I had an 8390 PS think about that wouldn't happen they spent 8390 -- relief. -- I was unemployed and needed a job and I did some things that I probably should've done but we didn't have a testing policy in baseball but I could get away with that I didn't get -- You can tell that story that's what the story is or. You bust your -- you find out. You find out exactly what it. You find out elect I did some research I got. I got a private investigator on it. In this is what I've -- And here's my story and I'm gonna tell you everything. And I swear to you I'm tested seven times a year now. And on I'm not doing anything but I did something at that time this is what it was. No -- began to panic move that's it that's exactly Andy Petit wrote the book on. In fact I think India is still sitting their taking questions at that press conference should I mean it was at some point somebody in yankees PR at Malibu hook. Put around his neck and and hauled off stage because he was gonna stay there until nobody had anything left ask -- -- matter how long Pataki was gonna sit there. And he still wants -- and you say I have answered all the questions you know what what 41 enemy and and eventually right people gonna run out of them it's it isn't always been my beef with Clemens. As as a a shameless partisan. Boston fan boy might be put them isn't that he used steroids is that. He didn't use them when he was here first of all you -- trip at the back as last four years series forty and 39 we could've used the Toronto Roger Clements. But you know we when he went to back to back pitching triple crowns I would have enjoyed that but. My major before them is that he's just so indignant about it you know to me like rather than just come clean like -- Late -- and it did just say I was the best pitcher in baseball. Then I got passed by guys like -- or inferior to me and I was losing games the guys who were using so yes I used I did not use steroids. Human growth hormone and I've never done so. Liar -- does anyone believe that. Now this seagate that's republic Ryan -- It's not that he used because at the go home runs you was it wore off of guys who are also using. You know aggravate everybody in line up was probably use it every team has had someone who's gotten caught so I think you know text him well you know Ortiz as a user. You can't make that argument anymore it's not 2004 win with only caught A-Rod with caught. Tons of people. -- I just give Bryant Bryant had just come clean instead of trying to destroy other people's lives. In you know. Which is named Lance Armstrong like fashion bright that he doesn't get booed on opening day we just sort of say right the -- -- -- let's turn the page. You're so sanctimonious about it coastal righteous. -- very very good it was a good performance his original performer that when he came out and said hey let's send. I would not do this is about my integrity and questioning it on and on that -- -- Wow that is really seeing. We should know about rushing to judgment he was very convincing. Last year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs Gregory Campbell may have may have adopted the phrase blood and guts as his own. There's a new player in the National Hockey League who has usurped it. And from this day forward will be known as blood guts. I'll tell you about him that 6177797937. Its telephone number the AT&T text line as. 37937. It's dale and -- and Jerry -- Sports Radio WE yeah. By the way I still like rare earth just on the record I'm OK with it. Fourth and final hour dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. I feel compelled to say this fourth and final hour today. Of the -- in a program on Sports Radio WEEI we had a discussion yesterday and -- and curious to get your take on this Michael and I have this. This agreement I don't think it's too strong to say that. We are talking about John Lackey this was prior to his nice performance last night seven innings helped the Red Sox win 521. I made the point that if John Lackey goes out there and has a pretty good year this year. You know like we sought the end of last year in you know like he started so far this year sixteen and seven for the sake of our arguments or some like that ERA. 32. Which of which who was last year Reich a commensurate to something like that. That it was my opinion that the Red Sox would not then make John Lackey play next year for 500000 dollars. Which they can do they have a contract that says that's what they go in for next year. -- it was my opinion that what they would then it was opera I'm an extension. And make it two years at. Sixteen million. So that he would pick pick up fairly hefty pay cut actually from -- is right now. But would make like eight million a year for each of the next two years your thoughts on whether they would do that. I don't see them doing it as much as by the letter of the contract they can't bush. I don't know when they have ever shown a proclivity for playing super hard ball with with anybody and. And you know you talk about how popular he is in the in in the locker room you know it at some point even though you have though. The legal right to do this it's kind of one of those deals with someone's close to -- incentive. So -- so -- -- -- bench him you know I mean just to save yourself a few bucks and I think. You know -- you're gonna have 24 other guys in the locker room. Debt -- are gonna revolt about this assuming everything we hear about lackeys. Is true so. Arm granted he kind of always him owes them for his his down years by. You know eliminating pitched a year with a arm hanging by the threat of right and missed a year because he had -- -- that's that's what I was gonna say I and I end. I'm now over that grudge because you realize yeah he was going up your take on the ball when he probably should not have been. So Tom I had to say there's not a chance on God's green earth yankees pitcher and for a Major League team at this stage of his career for half a million dollars a year. You guys think it was eight a bad contract. -- -- contract was. Was not negotiated in good faith. It was unfair to either party -- not -- both sign it positively OK so it's a fair contract. And in right now than the Red Sox have the bit. The Red Sox -- aren't as strong position with this country. And they're gonna use there perhaps that we got to use -- there's no question and it's like anything else in baseball we talk about. A guy who. I mean he -- hit 400 in the month of April any minute now 187 in the month of September. In the 187 is not quite who he is -- 400 not quite who he is at all washes out -- me. -- pretty much. Gift to his level throughout the season the same thing with this contract you know when the -- after paying job Lackey. A fifteen point two million dollars in 2012. It probably felt like. I you know went. Repair and prepare for a guide to the travel. That ought to be a good teammate but but I don't think for a guy who got hurt playing Oregon -- -- -- -- realistic and that's the as the nice rational approach. But you don't think over. Over few drinks. Some Red Sox owners were executive -- Point two million dollars for lots when they were paying Dustin Pedroia to sit on the sidelines could get hurt in San Francisco. They know but that's the cost of doing it like it it's what happened that liked him they like this guy -- -- this guy a lot of executives and owners like him. As much as -- -- his his teammates did ended. But eighteen to thirteen point two million dollars because these are right but as though you're paying guy who's not doing anything for the time oh. When you have an opportunity to pay a productive player 500000. Dollars. Do something great for you. -- 3637. Years old paramedic contract pick and why did the Red Sox give David Ortiz contract extension -- to deal with the contract was up because they didn't have to leverage. The -- witnessing how he performed this year right. At the quote the great Jerry toward retirement the best and yeah Boston Red Sox play the best player ever see you say it often enough that becomes fact. There are valid and accepted by everyone that sounded more importantly it would fail like the fourth or fifth time. But you know get prepared John Lackey and David -- I know and I'm not comparing the month saying that they don't they had every right. To do that Ted -- to say you know what let's just see how you perform it will -- in September. October will just make sure I could have done that and infect many fans in these parts wanted to do just that -- John Henry who do things for David Ortiz and it would do for Linda may come. The a kid -- -- you read it it's that the analogy doesn't work I think. John Lackey knows this all business this is good business. I let's say for the sake of our discussion now that Lackey puts together back to back years that are somewhere in the vicinity of sixteen and seven okay. What he did last year -- to know so far this year looks very good and he puts together back to back years and the Red Sox have the contractual right. To make him play next year for 500000 dollars and date they take advantage of the leverage that they have Michael and they do just that. What's that how's that gonna read to the to the next freeagent wants to come negotiated deal here. The next -- who who negotiates a deal with the Red Sox look to John Lackey. Who had made a maximum an Anaheim. At ten million dollars at the most money made for the Anaheim angels. When he turned 31 the Boston Red Sox awarded him with a contract paid him eighteen point seven million dollars in the first year. And they paid every single cent of his contract. He won a World Series. They did not listen to the noise when people said get this guy out of town. They negotiated a contract in good faith and he collected every dollar that was owed to him. Yes free agents will look at the Red Sox and say this is a good place to go I would get paid. Is it worth it to them though. To stave off the the money or it's like it instead of 500000. You know a fair market deal from -- fair quote would be like twelve is that the you do you think it's worth. Save that extra money for it that's all we'll edit it in in -- are really wanna negotiate. I wanted to go are you guys are so nice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Buy a used car not believe this is generous but. Eight -- out yet where are the Ed psych like Artie was the pitcher and it's that the deal that he won thirty games. One that took place. -- he we get a bonus. And he won 29 with like three weeks to go in the season and they shot him when he went for the outages at. Nine games does not thirty. And it would be just shut it -- I went to the bottom just in the money that UC. I think you've got -- so much ill will toward. Black from the team at all it's worth eleven from. Don't maybe maybe I would agree with you guys John Lackey were. 29 or thirty years though. And he's got to be with the Red Sox for a long time he's a part of your your future he's a part of your core. And you wanna take care of this guy going -- -- That's not the case. He he's kind of -- 36 next year in -- reality -- 36 in October and you think you've got some guys coming up through the system. Who will. Replaced Lackey who who'll replace his production. And be cheaper in the first couple years. -- cheaper than 500000 dollars even cheaper. You take the savings for lacking go rotten and you went in pro other well park to low ball obviously the discussion that we. Began here was predicated on this -- as good pitcher he has good and you know it was good pitcher last year and we are predicated this on he's a good pitcher this year. Do you because you have the hammer Michael is -- And I remember Brian -- talking about this one time in contract negotiations he said that that the whole -- of a negotiation is if I have a hammer. I'm gonna use her because if you have the hammer you're you're you're gonna use it on me. He said I don't want now here's the key -- Michael he also said contrary to what fans think. We don't want players -- to unfair contracts. I don't wanna pay a guy two dollars because I can. He said because then -- got an unhappy player I've got an unhappy locker room he he -- I wanna pay a guy fairly I don't want to overpay him. I also don't -- under pay. All of us would agree that if the Red Sox paid John Lackey 500000 dollars for next year they would be under paying him by -- lot. Well that's why I asked you guys at the beginning and you both said yes. Passed in the beginning if he signed a U -- and knows that these out of that contract with the -- So is it fair I think our -- right that a fair contract if it has a fair country so that's a fair contract I don't what do. I've ever wanna -- about. You know disgruntled. And power plays in the club house. What we sat down together we we came up but the framework of a contract. And it says it right there club option at minimum for 2015. If this pitcher misses significant time. In 2010 to 2014. Due to an elbow injury you know what they did it did their homework. They were Smart. They said. This is something. That may happen the only reason we're giving this this picture. You know one of the contract -- 31 for the Red -- the only reason. Where we're giving him in five year contract. With an option for a six. It's because we gotta have some language in there to protect. Ourselves a -- -- let me ask -- question is it fair to say that -- John Lackey had shut himself down the year that he was pitching with his arm -- -- I've -- That it gets a lot. My elbow hurts not gonna American I'm just gonna do tests. That it's possibly could've avoided Tommy John surgery could've. Avoided missing an entire season because of that now he he's the one who kept taking the ball and going out there as we ultimately learned when he probably should have gone out there. I think it is if he said his elbow or not I think this is gonna happen think it probably happened not I don't know. Maybe in June July. If he if he went to -- -- elbow hurts. That's gonna lead to further investigation. And that will lead to probably the diagnosis that he eventually got. That's that I would. Look you may be right he may be he may be very happy with -- -- -- this contract I agreed to no problem at all that's what -- that's -- we said will do -- him away we go. And if if that happens he will overtake Gregory Campbell as my most favorite -- at at at at what our real marriage got John Lackey you'd think about the collateral damage though he's gonna pick up a lot Hewitt in -- At 500000 dollar story now everybody suffers any man's -- The thing that people got to stop doing here in this Dexter says they paid him to do nothing in 2012. He didn't do anything in 2012 because he had surgery because he got hurt pitching for your team. So stop with this so so when the patriots didn't -- Rob Gronkowski. Perhaps a football season last year. That should somehow be his fault right. He got hurt playing for your team. It if I can speak on the behalf of the fans a little bit the vox pop realize if you will -- IE. It was hard to get old for the anger towards John Lackey he I really are now looking at a hair and large part it was unfair and kind of irrational like. He -- it it took him. Three full years before Davis even an inkling of the good impression. Of this he seemed like. He was dog and it didn't care. The one year that he did pitch like you said when he should've been take the ball was statistically the worst season by his starting pitcher in the history of the -- ball. For a guy that a lot of us we events and likewise. I don't pay this guy this much money like in my life when news with you know -- I never once remember. Look candidacy a weekend series in -- -- a Lackey on Saturday that's going to be a tough and he was just give me kind of up. A a -- three and above average pitcher in European east tight money. Arm in it it was a bad impression that I -- October I think finally. Like you know form and you saw that the applause -- got an opening day it was ponderous self. I'm not alone in -- Clearly this -- still not able Politico -- on the self. On Bryant are guys I don't -- I mean I think what you leveraged buy one pact -- or not going to its next year -- -- -- not -- -- -- The -- it would have to open it I thought our next. -- -- -- -- -- We got the Christian and he paid no you know me I'm really would -- to deport me back I regret but that's -- Why is it foolish to it was only because foolish to sign a contract. A contract -- played the candidate -- took the risk that it happened but -- be -- it would be stupid -- become back page are without power. How that's about NFL contract either amusing however those guys -- so our contract our. An NFL wouldn't just cut your ass tomorrow numbers -- a Major League Baseball in BA. NHL these are all guaranteed contracts. So you know what you signed for is is what you're gonna get it's not one of those they will you restructures police find the contract -- that language in it. Hello Michael problem it to the end of the -- -- -- million dollar drop -- and -- all that. Beckham iPod without doubt anybody with an -- on it -- -- about it. Proposition we got our act and not let the right to retire for a year ago. -- -- I'd appreciate all of the final word Amanda got -- Wheldon got the walk golfers edit after you retire -- -- -- that might. But you can't get Brett back baseball the pregame show -- coming up next. It's -- hall of Famer. Jokester actually own -- eight. Well this rob Bradford. And Gerri good to see banks that have -- guy's a monster at Fenway. All right now enjoy the game open season will be here. Will be here tomorrow on Sports Radio in Somalia tomorrow tomorrow with god and got another baseball game -- -- going to be here right yes. We want to get out now relief.

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