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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Legal Eagle Edition - 04/08/14

Apr 8, 2014|

We tackle four topics all stemming from lawsuits in sports... from well-founded to the outlandish. But mostly outlandish.

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And Hollywood. You know here here's. It reminds me of me. Elena holly. The original minds of highlight. Hill Street Blues. -- I don't laugh alana I don't know I don't. Had a you know some -- -- -- -- -- away any pain or some woman from Rory or call your show. -- -- I was Casey Novak DA from this you know she's from. She's from all. She went to Arlington Catholic and I see your -- right now covered in mail. Our our -- Richard and I I. Heard a but she called and -- -- right now. Law and order Arlington Catholic but that's. -- -- care. Her name is Julianne Nicholson says Julianne Nicholson called. I was joking okay -- that was his joked yesterday. -- -- the proper Bostonians. I was joking that you know we have some relationship. And I think you're on -- -- me and well. It's because it here. What does -- -- your back on Columbia that somebody is on the radio talking about how we use today. And now she was very sweet -- was great. Oh very funny so today's theme it's probably about Julianne Nicholson -- probably -- about -- Catholic high school. It's got some of the duke law right now it's not law. Yes or or -- brought you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans with mayonnaise rethink possible. Let's kick it off. This segment brought -- help me out and make it right. As you all know now Michael Vick is a New York jet. It is expected to compete for the jets starting quarterback job. Only do that if the home of the jets' training camp won't allow him on their grounds. There's a petition on change dot org to -- and bit. From the SUNY Cortland campus. For his past involvement in dog fight. So what should the jets do about this petition. To them this. I encourage you love animals. The utopia and Mosul whatever you do whatever animal you have with the system okay -- -- brits have. You know for horse and I encouraged some there and was dealing with -- Here's what I do -- with a New York Jets would tell SUNY Cortland. See ya. All that money we pay you every year to have training camp here take it somewhere else -- grandstanding. Piece of crap move that it's not not to mention if the jets are gonna start banning everybody who's done anything like illegal or -- moral on the jets. Does that really to people stand and Iran and practices. I mean there is such a thing as as doing your time. It's serving your penance you know you'd you'd you'd committed a run out of your debt to -- starting may reduce your debt to society. And be able to move on with your life. And some grand stander at SUNY Cortland wanting to garner a little publicity for themselves. Is suggesting that I would -- Jeff I would pull up stakes and Cecile later were -- Where else I would do that because I believe in freedom of expression. I believe in all this petition got 262700. Signatures young and already on this. Immediate five. If I'm Rex Ryan. I'd say the -- -- -- I don't want to have an -- like it -- -- -- -- Michael Vick got me try to -- I don't want Michael -- to be our quarterback not coming up on -- signatures of friends and relatives geno Smith exact that you know what -- that. As -- ignored and you do your business these things go away remember when it first happened and that's what -- rash. Michael Vick was doing these things he was accused of -- killing dogs turn out to be true. The Atlanta Falcons training. They have. Flying overhead. Haven't those banners all killers and another dog killer -- -- that new team name Atlanta dog killers. Though they were able to get by that. That really you by the justice. -- Yes we are Michael jets' season ticket holder Karl -- tried suing the NFL because of the spike gate scandal saying he wanted his money back for the games he wants -- A former rams player Willie Gary tried suing the NFL also person -- spy -- And want -- each member of the 2001 rams to receive the 25000. Dollar difference. Paid out to the winners and losers of the super able. So which patriots related lawsuit was more ridiculous. -- this is this is this right your wheel house here. OK it's. Well what's what's a better choice Kate Upton or -- Monica below target but clearly aren't. Really stupid I guess I just enjoy -- -- can -- at 1881. Do you look. Either way. The patriots. One time pointed a camera at a sidelines which by the way 70000. Other people had they had a device in their pocket that could do the exact same thing. And whatever -- Ten years later -- seven years later. We were now violent lawsuits that. Rings are going to be given out -- you what I thought that's who the NFL because Eli Manning was in the -- when he threw that ball that David tag read. So that game should be played -- -- -- patriots should get the ring for that we we gives the insanity end. We need tort reform in this country just at least two suits. -- America regional governors come and go with chemical at the spike -- lawsuit as well. -- merely do you think about it this was. Because I would've won. If if the patriots had done that -- you've got a one follows me a seventy got everything that you were you got everything that you were looking. You got everything you've got I think they were caught. They were punished. By the NFL in terms of losing -- draft pick always say they lost essentially -- Logan Mankins. -- we lost his first round pick. You know 32 pick of the draft or 31 thirty it would have been 31 they lost the 31 -- in the first round. Because of their -- Organization was behind. Bill Belichick was fine -- the perceptions of having to deal was trying to get everything. Everything that you would want them to get. And the like jeopardy and you know my for the misdemeanor offense that is I don't get over it opened by the way they've -- it's. You know people have seen this video of this is that the despite the Jay -- I believe has -- -- phone and there was an article talking about the contents. 90% of it is that Campbell's point that it cheerleaders who. -- that absolutely this I will go find the correct so so where were we. Exactly what I. Miss the commissioner destroyed that he would veto it and there's a -- -- a very -- destroyed it -- -- rams' walk -- can we all remember that John Tomas he admitted that his source was incredible any level at the -- with and anyway are they that don't walk through tape exists. Get that rural candidate herald apologized to B article. -- Who have won anything since. Returned to recruit partners he treats. Factory. The Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke is suing eighteen anonymous Internet come -- for defamation of character and the commentators claimed that work at a baby out of wedlock -- now is this the worst case of -- skin in all of this. It's not -- how might that might -- much thinner than I held that is -- the list of media guises is very very good friend of yours is -- friend -- -- Has been for a long long. So I when I can't think of anybody with less thin skin and Brian Burke after a parent -- Saw that. Russian restaurant javelin will get to that articulate it like I did CNET -- I guess the first -- liking it. With all due respect my buddy Brian Burke who is -- -- trained attorney. Harvard law and everything. I would say the chances of winning -- -- it. I don't know how you would now let's just say for the sake of our argument that an article comes out about us in the in the glow. And if I was dumb enough to read the comments after the article comes out about a from the globe what I have learned to might. My dismayed and never do but it might do that and one of the Colorado comments. Dale Arnold is a rapists. While I can see where I would want to sue for defamation of character of upon that assertion by that comment. Would I ever. Pullout off how what I am well what I do well a few things first of all as I told you before reading the comments section is guilty pleasure of mine and I. About it. At all that drive -- right Michael got stuck out scripted. -- -- that's one true object that one of the the people with the defendant in the you're you're defending your -- of getting the upper east ancestors. Of that so you're going to do with the proper rest. We're very disrespectful to you -- picture -- but I think it is. It's been -- when you get into that territory -- talking about eight. It's -- war. You have others child. On the -- just have to understand. It may be defamation of character. If you're looking at these very strict definition of what that it. The wild wild west -- we haven't figured it out. If anything. -- -- if they're not journalism there and emotional and diapers. Acted as a little different on this since I come from bar -- sportswear being called a rapists that haven't acted out of wedlock is a good day for me. Look for good things are these are the absolute bottom feeders of of the world beat these. The and the power comment section is the equivalent of all homeless guy screen and cars while it goes by on the streets self. Hey I figure if I can make it through the crucible of that. I can handle anything -- trust me the furthest thing in my mind is is lawsuits just to ignore these idiots and. And let them like feed into obscurity like god intended I do wonder -- why. Why he went there because this this extensive. All I know Brian -- if he thinks he's right man. -- will you'll like YouTube that nailed to the ends of the earth because. We're just in and now. Probably just talking to each other. And they're entertaining to other they're not really expecting anybody to take it now. Brian Burke -- at it and they actually raises our profile. An expensive story unfortunately for many of those types of amateurs actors tweeters. She urges you to you've got them at full steam when you do when you point out what they've done all right at me he acknowledged what I set. They get all -- that you remember those used the shield and believe Everest they -- Your face that's right on line put their name with a picture and through my man we are in 90%. I don't know I -- I'm within the on this I can I can pretty much promise you knowing Brian Burke. If someone did try to say that -- is based what was written comments section. And I get all the way from the sentence where he'd find himself on the floor. And that there be another lawsuit would be different sort of threat. -- Time now for the AT&T question of the day last year Kobe Bryant sued his mom for selling his memorabilia. 2006. Album art student Nike and Michael Jordan because MJ it looked too much like yeah. Ended 2003 the Tribune Co. deposited 301000. Dollars into the wrong mark countries account. And in turn sued him to get the money back. Which lawsuit was the most ridiculous you can text your answer today AT&T text like 37937. -- MJ or cubs. Close -- not a close. It's the engine heat and dirt -- you are okay. But -- you know commit a lot of things in common you know. He's dark skinned and I'm -- stared at his ball and I'll baldor nobody else in the country would prefer that all pilot and -- that part out. He's 66 and I'm 59. Why -- Bieber at an event today if you if you don't let lets you look just like Michael Jordan. It would just like a -- track. How dare he not get -- got a daughter nodding Michael you have to change your luck because it's making it tough for me I sort of like we've made easier. By looking like Michael Jordan I'm sure he would they would cash in on the eve of the confusion. That -- Michael Jordan relatives was at a restaurant or at a club c'mon man. A month and a recently Justin Timberlake a look at like me I mean to end all be entirely -- ticket might talent and give it my -- so that -- LP violent moment. Dexter says we techsters in Twitter followers cut -- back for you Michael don't look at gift horse in the mouth. This -- -- -- perk for president but I don't know what any of that stuff means. Idea I think that that the MG once. It's easily did you guys ever been in the situation. Ever. On 300000 dollars. Need more than you were supposed to ever get a check for 300 dollars and five. For 5000. Ever had any money. Accident wouldn't change it reported -- Well what has that app adds that a little bit so what do you don't have to I've I've said I think gaming too much money you didn't yeah. Yeah yeah I mean because you've got to figure this is just somebody working a registered you know I mean this isn't like a a a major corporation this isn't some. And I'm really throw and McDonald's -- air right that's going to be the court and it's probably going to be shy at the end when the when they -- out in and and it's hard as -- free ten bucks as much as the next guy -- you know that's also educate your mother's voice in it head on a couple of things you should give that money. I've never gotten -- and that situation I think most people accurate but. You hear people finding. Was it was it it was at the homeless guy Ted Williams would come back to west the big duplicates the second Ted Williams conversation today but -- -- different. We found all that money. And and gave it back do you think you have the ability if you for and 20000 dollars you leave really brightened today. -- you walk out of here and McCain and I showed those guys. Don't -- have a show of emotion and degree. You -- combined. 20000 dollars. Okay is the is an ID with it like I know exactly who know lots of a writer and a round almost paperback a ceiling. Even if there is an idea I think I would want to say is what what I want and what I wonder if I with a personal lapses money. And I would conclude I want to be taught a lesson to be more you know I. Kind of pocketed and a buys -- some some serious lag would you get it back to. Amicus what do you do you'd keep you take a -- did it when it's a money. Who's I would like to. -- probably going to be real with the guys I would want to take a really wanna take -- but I would be. Very self conscious about somebody some guy with a camera some attitudes are sorry we don't instead you know we're all this and they go to paper something pop. We found it there's a secret code on the money we were looking for you how dare you take about two guys and be banned. The guys make a lot of money anyway stuff so you don't need. But we -- would you if you found 20000 dollars would -- be here. No ID cards of -- I'm taking. A massive -- it's -- unite with the pick Hillary it's three homeless children and and you be taken it anyway right they get ninety. Texas is now -- twenty -- by means a default. You know. Don't review from -- we -- opportunities. I. Well I'll let you get department the most grammys for them apart there was an effect that would.

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