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Red Sox get their first win at Fenway

Apr 8, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Sox win last night over the Rangers at Fenway.

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I'll let you decide this morning what peaks your interest. What floats your boat what reassured bell what turns you -- what makes you voiced. Wouldn't be championships and chaos in stores. Coach cal to coach in cal -- market in about. Poppy ruining the fun for all future visitors to the White House. Been the real old mayor of Boston's middle name is Americo. Or my plot to use the bar of soap. A plastic chair and scalding liquid to kill -- to hand at solve all -- the very near future I'll go back to wrestle mania and. Share -- Barroso opens all the little water conflicts Compton. Bumps. Big John stud would do out of Pedro mart Rollins they did that's our last night I don't know that they did -- firing at us last night we may live updates all of this. Lump audiences stores from 1 AM. These guys have been going nuts. It is since 1 AM. This morning right at midnight it's not 6 -- up that we need to live updates from stores we -- you know the cars are still burning. If -- arrests total was thirty. At 130 at least thirty yet they -- state we that was campus deeply touched on priority right. That's four hours ago -- half came tonight to that's a good point well you know what the -- -- and keep -- and fires burn right up until game time. Mean this dislike anyone -- basketball team scores more points -- -- team in your school got a -- stuffed apps look and I you've beaten part of the process you -- -- after you've beaten the punch of the argue recruitment and I was gonna say it's a saving of the year. This RA Derek yet who took a lot of grief on on on the station -- on Twitter and on the Internet this -- the gallery that as. The kids on his war to behave. Is absolutely right I mean I know that. That's not cool to say saying -- -- to -- for -- idiots. Don't get in trouble busted just because the guys with the right jerseys. Wanna basketball game they didn't listen of course that -- in the campus to the ground as we speak. It would -- set -- it's a little stiff augmented with -- and -- data a little so he's a kid to be the bad guy old school. You know back but that's OK he's actually right. Right that where your kid would you be ashamed to would you be -- don't want my kids were if he was my kids are it's a good that's the senate senate -- now he knows what he's talking rallies that he's an old soul I -- -- these divergent -- whatever it might not be. A lot of fun. I NRA wants -- And mine was in the student loan to -- and all drinking heavily and he you that the window the IRA Iran Romo for a like projecting. Objects of the window my wife says that's better than doing on the New York the clean that up like Sharif Fordham next room over it was a phone sex. -- real sex she was. -- 33 at 250. -- it would not legitimize -- yet grateful -- averaged about that you are now valued at your right route right what did it turn you on expenditure. You've seen news is that it got even eclectic tastes that's true which yet that's true but this guy Derrick is. Democracies -- opened the market -- but he is this market right now Derek begin. These tonight's -- tonight I can terrorize us -- Derek but Derek I mean they're not sit in the jail cell of stores right now we see no it. Eric I like the fact that Derek and it's his little missive with the -- threat there's a veiled threat there. No matter what the basketball team does tonight. It'll be your are a -- another month that's like I will -- -- I got thirty days to get you now I RE Kent State. Who had a British accent and loved getting on the public address system and using large. Words like purse patients and things like that. And and the funniest. There for two with a four years I was there but he liked it on the on the pure self talk rector of voice and British accent. India over the speakers and the funniest one liner ever was on a Saturday night the loudspeaker and said. -- -- well who opted to advocates in the out of there will be. A I don't know if it didn't he was threatening to decide who opted to different sort of any witnesses and I don't know what you've done but it really Delgado. At first thing in his long -- the portrait -- the -- at last here's what Derek says there are rate in emailed all the key on this. Pieces. Please go to gamble and -- game I'll go read up on what's the game. -- midnight quiet hours that it. And I think that the yeah. So responsibly go nuts elsewhere a -- duty tonight it's gonna be stressful so please don't push it. On our floor there going to be a lot of mares and police around. North -- that's all -- wasn't an hour away I'll personally stay away from it tonight in the and remember. The only reason you care but the game is eight because -- wearing UConn uniforms or be. You won an excuse to go why health coaches right yes he says if it's the first one you're cheering for laundry. Yeah site so I get excited if you want but it's nothing worth getting in trouble for. Say that if you're a parent yes please say how -- and don't get a rest and Burt and gets down to your team -- the flip over cars. Right well we don't lol yeah. Yeah we saw the I think -- -- as pictures -- of love thirty didn't -- cart which report there a bit smashing the I I don't I read pleaded that Bleacher Report to do they're flip over cars as a big fire. You think that's out now leaving Derek won the day and -- that we needed update -- call the police call a local radio station called the TV stations we get an update. That's what we're here for live news right weighted list of Fisher coming up a lot of video. -- student waited in line. Four hours to get a seat inside the arena not in theory in doubts the -- in stores to watch on a large movie screen. Hundreds more were turned away. The final -- -- seconds ticked off the clock in taxes they pushed their way onto the floor turning it into a giant mosh pit. As their belief became re. After the victory the student went outside onto the plaza parade dance party in the rain. Now the -- higher ups but if we -- DJ. Plays the music they don't just burn off some energy by dancing so they hired a DJ. They burned off some energy by dancing and burned off some cars burned off some fireworks and burned off some windows as well. And in the most revealing. Most educational most shocking statement I've ever heard from a University of Connecticut spokesman Bob green said a lot of what's happening. Is alcohol related I agree -- bell. Mean look at this video parts to -- has this smash the current one galaxy has sledge. The other guy throws. Like -- On the outlook -- smash -- it's just this trash in mattresses. Coffee tables you know room up and down on the street. Mean they they -- all they did not heed to Ericsson is Eric is trying to finish Jane -- has room got a middle. America. He's voting up -- it's. Latest whatever accounting one O one -- I probably upperclassmen account and 301. And prepared for -- a month away at least once it start it in print make fun among if you want but these idiots Taj and this kind of video that's what they're dumber than that these are dumber. In the punks at Kent State who -- the ROTC building. To a video division now well. It's gonna smash earlier artists at that point from there were no video available I know you're drunk and you're still open and you go to UConn but. Has a cell phone camera up and you as you'd pick and sledgehammer to a car. But you think he -- upon bar stool that just now -- genetic connection yes well no big deal. Because -- drop down the question remains today as his bid for ever when we talk about these things the morning after. Exactly what is the thrill about taking a -- it from your rule. -- coffee table from your room and throwing it against somebody else's room are some real strength but how exactly does that. Enhance your advocating doesn't that sound like on normal rush that smashing a car cell. Like ten dollars. Tickets to go pick him or Carter raise money for charity yes what they -- somebody's not it is not a lot of old avatar is nobody in this -- he could struggle at times -- you were smashed the car nobody does look likes -- and exhilarating thing to do a lot of mentality oh yeah and the mass psychosis no question and called brutal -- -- people lose their minds they get in mobs and they don't think of the consequences. Absolutely right I mean I I think I understand thrilled but I I think. These are Skype call but students who knows there are consequences. They know like that the of the Vancouver riots in new entity -- -- did any of that couple -- they run video yes -- how do you like that part. You know what is it they say they think protection. And anonymity -- in the dollars yes right it was 101000 or whatever gamble holds. 151000 kids at. Rush out into the plaza they think they can do anything because they're not -- spot -- in this product right now right yeah -- guests but in this day and age when it's happened over and over again it's not new. These whole iPhone thing. New anymore they're always there. I don't think I don't think they care that's the thing I just don't think they care of people they -- -- that they know arrested but they know is no -- I think. You get kicked out of school some of those has picked -- thirty -- kicked out of school well some well handful. And maybe -- don't care real falcon out anyway in it's it's the way it works these -- -- -- Saint Patrick's Day thing yeah. The blog writing whatever go Blarney stone at at at Amherst. There are certain people they don't care they don't care what happened during the Jessica's wanna go to jail long -- that they don't have to watch the women's game that's a good question yeah it'll probably be on in if it's the local stores at store level on because. God knows you know this too -- that -- real excited about the double header. I'm sorry I was -- for UConn I'm happy they -- that was. Clear and they were underdogs because of the crowd you know you felt like the right that's one reason these idiots went nuts -- they felt like. Cinderella whole world -- root for -- And and and -- you can't -- if it before duke. All the students would call dead debris on first class flights to Dallas -- they wouldn't care at a price that all -- and it's way down there or didn't you know rooms to foresees in short. It's UConn there's it's working class people it that they can't go to Dallas for game so they go to gamble in the pretend. The percentage. Of sociology. 11 in the joint lecture hall of like 400 kids. Will be in attendance this morning. It -- Derrick will be what court they're front row yes yeah it's a good court you know stats say it tops fifty yeah that's over under fifty go under its holiday. It's a holiday in the health care -- -- -- you get the excuse of the girls came out and watch the throughput and sleep off to land in the girls went slightly right again and deprive -- have to Leo smashed cars again that's my -- treatment -- I thought that you -- the mortgage yeah actually the girl if you don't. Burn cars tonight's tax payers something -- Discriminating right. More except isn't it hard the -- you know honoring him. And as hard I mean I don't know much fat muffin whoever name is -- name. It's a lot more likable than you know I am really hate each of Libya to pick sides. Unusual act that every one of his opponents and there seems to be a great relations -- that pat summit -- this guy cal cal struck out. Who would you -- you guys were fortunate in the gonna watch and be glued to. What -- root for the game because can be beautiful XP yeah corporal Derek so I'm rooting. I'm Derek and I think Derrick is on again tonight -- should be your TV guide -- on the cover in this and find Eric shouldn't make Erica. Hero for the day yet they're gonna wait and the mystics and just enjoy this classes. After class and never missed -- will be juniors -- mr. -- -- of the classes but I don't tell it and -- -- -- -- we diverted for -- McGraw -- you fullest of Spencer DeVon -- in particular as I've I like cal -- a -- I retrieve a yeah. I'm economic -- yet beautiful acres now he's going lakers points can be tough media were root for the lakers. -- I rooted for UConn because it's hard to kill -- can act like one out -- I don't dislike him. But the whole crowd was from Kentucky. You've got to better story it's like it's at W comic or you know it's a hundred concerts fourth title right that's exactly always Kevin Pauley said after the write him. Somebody told me we -- Cinderella smiles but no we UConn I mean this is this is what we do. We've we've born for this song we bring it to two to cut down nets Hamanaka told do we know chasing championships Simpson's face and us. OK -- I championships. Question for you who has more national collegiate basketball championships. Of course duke UConn. -- the same right thing goodness they're not a decision look on four with a -- very good. -- is more you -- obviously. Can -- Kentucky Indiana and Kentucky there's another one. Was it like ball -- back in the cans -- days and we Mario will be moved over a bit of Caroline I tell him. Kansas North Carolina. Chemical did an amazing job Soviets are raised a multi year deal chip -- the lakers. Should head coach of a college basketball team. Say we are our own for this and not we born for this helped recruit and that recognize that that makes -- -- we want more guidance notes we are born for the skip Derek. I'm Derek Lowe would Derek says they're elaborate camera on your credit -- I have directed not Cinderella but they weren't eligible last year as most amazing fact noise I'd learned in the last day or two about this is. UConn obviously first team since whatever 1965. To not win the tournament not win their conference and when national title. They lost to Louisville three times including once by thirty and a boards -- I play Louisville just lost to Kentucky. It's just weird and you know why you know why these things are so weird and unpredictable because as cal Perry -- -- points ago. It's their kids they're eighteen the you know you don't know how to approach will affect them obviously didn't help detect the last what. -- did you have for lumpy. About two and a half minutes I want an update I want an update -- live -- to ride you wanna live -- to talk to Matt McFarland from WFSB in Hartford is live in -- Matt it's -- -- -- and cartel -- -- work -- very well what's out what's the label land down there -- the smoke cleared up the arrest in May it is a quiet or watched. It is pretty quiet right now it's pretty wet is what it is there are you so much pretty heavy rain right now so most of the revelers. Insider thing go earlier this -- but few stragglers like you're there booked -- for the most part. Pretty quiet -- totally different scene. Late last night and early early this morning they say about it about 101000 students. Inside gable pavilion watching the game what it ended the celebration began off what -- outside. Student union they had indeed it is at a party or shoot off fireworks. For the most part you can that is students were pretty -- -- but they did at about thirty arrests. Mostly for -- you know interfering with officers -- -- they that they made it to rest once you're in Europe and inciting a riot. The minor property damage they said the biggest issue was that -- to double light pole and smashed a window. So thirty -- what we're hearing right now -- because -- that number could go a lot but once everybody has been processed but. If they saying big picture that there are thousands outside the sensible part. You can behave as well we can. What was the worst thing you saw. The war they -- so I would probably. But collapses shattered window and a lot of -- this morning. Actually the point saw a lot of the silly I mean it's true sort of pick up trash cleanup industry out there. I think -- -- -- -- received this morning whether you're ready to do this all over -- -- -- the -- yeah outplay their big into the. Who's making all the arrests is these stores PD or the stadium. Yeah typically you've -- police and then also last night they had a state police on campus. Helping that you couple as well. Any any pepper spray or Billy clubs or anything any of that. Pain that is not that that I am aware of now. So they with the women win tonight I guess if they lose tonight they're gonna do this all again after the game they're gonna do the same stuff and roll over cars smashed windows. Flat they're -- -- -- watch party work what happens is over they can be seen but they can't walk out. Heavy police presence out here as well so hopefully we'll beat you -- Is McFarland WFSB. In Hartford Matt thanks for the update we appreciate your time this morning. Now I don't believe he's the number as if it was thirty or thirty want them. The video we're just didn't the other bar stool and Portland post it was at 2 AM. The video of them destroyed in the scarred in a sledgehammer. Two the key -- who does that he can clearly see who is Anna this has to be. The investigation tells anyone notices is the in the -- and yeah he's gonna keep that school perished in the new car. It looks like a little -- in their car and Erica and you think is the conflict on the porch watching often. I guess I would do the same thing in nineteen usable watch has been drunk IR. Yes I was nineteen I was I would. But never crossed my mind what would you watch I guess I guess it would you call the cops call the cops that we will -- and not think it was wrong. I would think this is and it's stupid and but he isn't aren't these guys gonna wake up on the cell with a lot of regrets coming you know I don't know that -- that school that works but. I got an arrest has got Saddam and guys I was epic -- that was a mob mentality he gave bar stool into -- mentality aside are the people who do this who takes sledge hammers and and dressers in -- -- cars smashed cars. The angry drunks as -- -- nice friendly happy -- yeah yeah yeah I write a lot of video and happy drunks and usually that the the girls with the logo painted on the -- is. And they haven't blast as they should you write this the dividing line and angry drunks and also the minute with some people just air. Q what the consequence that guys like video right and they don't ever. Plan to graduate like get a job and I don't think being kicked out they don't think about stuff like that word about the new speaking about cars being overturned the new -- and going around the country. Smart cars have been heard about this yeah sure -- stand by our cars on their hind legs when I don't you sick -- them and it's wonder if you could do it. Smart -- so people couldn't -- to bring it takes two or three people -- seen the video that -- -- -- other highlights of when there's this rectum or anything -- and -- shirts bumper to look it's Marcos in the highways that it's the most insane thing you've ever seen the -- go -- -- I would guess yeah really dangerous and I have a friend that his daughter has 102 letters and so she doesn't use them well right. I'll never ever ever the kids get mostly -- I go on the I would -- for a motorcycle race motorcycles going to be more -- crowd at nothing. But the Smart Car on the highway politics as one texting truck. Give you boom when knowledge did -- -- yours match that is that the most -- -- misnomer you are huge Smart Car if you. It's it's Smart and seem like she which -- known and then used that took part Friday night. Get a load on with it as they say while dropping that will be the designated Smart card or four when -- moment you gotta find it you can -- -- -- just to it yeah this is the ought to -- thing to do it about pork chop right that's true. -- will put the car up and movements -- green light stuff on fire department absolutely indoors or out whatever we smashed some windows. How it's gonna get wild will be security I -- at the Celtics going nine if they win Allen park and oh yes and no exit date to the masters so much Keegan Bradley shoot 680 -- -- session got -- -- the place eagle fifteen that's got to let you do would be -- we are at high -- bowling -- -- -- guilty and that's right now Malaysia that's what you're going to be handled well you battery. AP's too heavy too big wolf that we can we -- -- will all take turns weren't KP. He. I meet with AT&T. U I yeah I just don't see it being fit the -- assignment now is again Derek Derek we got as -- the RD -- -- Our -- big fans were not allowed to -- it would run jump and here tomorrow and excitement askew was killed them. It was beyond that -- Arrogant -- -- be he wins I was team with the national I didn't do much celebrating last night was Anchorage brokered it is either one of these terrible or say what cut a break tonight X minerals -- Roommates he's blossomed in between you know like between -- you know stuff like this team. Understands that we you know we did some we -- -- we don't -- that started it's a 140 characters can't do this just just not that he did he didn't. -- will it stand to what it would be another scandal when they have to and so are the record your -- -- care. Now minutes but. Do you think all these guys are going to school this week absolutely yes sure is that a strong distributed. I had 61777. -- 7937. We are attempting to get -- the our coach cal to coach in cal. Poppy ruining the fun -- for when you get invited -- the Red Sox. Up the real mayor of Boston's middle name is Americo. And not my plot to use a bar -- scolding liquid and a plastic chair a murder Kirk minicamp at some point in the very near. Yeah there's a good idea to take -- Marco will drive it down on the ball and knocked the pins over does it on video. A bitches bar stool of -- that sure what do you think of -- that we that we know -- who -- -- time -- a Smart Car would probably like it. Maybe maybe the pins would really damage they may be totally confident that an epic collapse we'll be right back we've we've all of this home we -- it. To to to cut down nets.

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